Anchor Masonic Cemetery

Location: East from downtown San Antonio on Market (one way street), under I-37 left on Hackberry and right on Commerce, right on Palmetto Street left side before Montana.

Compiled and contributed by Linda M. Lothringer as of June 7, 1999.
Thanks to M. J. Weare, Secretary, Anchor Lodge for all of his help.
This list is the tombstone and mausoleum entombment information. Double and triple stone info is noted.
There are many unmarked graves.
Row # of "000" means that this is Stranger's Row and there is no tombstone.

Layout of Anchor Masonic Cemetery.


Row # Last Name First Name DoB Dod Notes
15S Daly Jennie 1858 1894  
14N Daunis T.J. 11/30/1843 07/15/1920  
000 Davidson Francis (Mrs.)      
10N Davis Edward J. 04/28/1867 03/24/1889 son of M.E. & E.A. Davis
10N Davis Elizabeth Ann 1832 1916  
10N Davis Gertrude 12/14/1859 09/23/1860 child of EA & ME Davis
10N Davis M.E. 09/14/1796 10/02/1867  
10N Davis Margaretha 01/05/1854 10/27/1888 daughter of M.E. & E.A.Davis
10N Davis Virginia B. 04/06/1862 09/27/1869 child of EA & ME Davis
10N Davis W.Q. 07/26/1856 09/10/1917  
10N Deckert Peter William 02/23/1890 12/28/1927 Will
10N Dickey Sarah Heil 1871 1940  
12S Diener Charles E. 04/08/1855 07/05/1930  
12S Diener Delia 08/08/1862 01/11/1901 wife of C.E. Diener
04N Dierolf Charles 08/09/1886 02/21/1972  
04N Dierolf Frederick 09/17/1888 01/21/1940  
04N Dierolf Lorena T. 07/23/1890 03/02/1944  
04N Dierolf Sr. Frederick Lamar 05/20/1929 04/13/1987  
04N Dierolf-Shortridge Lauren M. 05/22/1969 01/24/1991  
16N Dillon John P. 09/26/1871 07/29/1905 double with Stella Dillon
16N Dillon Stella L. 02/28/1870 06/09/1951 double with John P. Dillon
000 Doer Heinrich     perhaps removed to the Lutheran cemetery
04N Domnau Beryl C. 08/09/1874 12/27/1905 double with Mary A. Corwin
13S Donaldson Charles A. 11/14/1857 10/07/1933  
13S Donaldson Charles Arthur 04/17/1892 07/07/1979 WW1
12S Donaldson David 11/23/1829 02/02/1908  
13S Donaldson Elizabeth E. 07/24/1862 05/12/1954  
13S Donaldson Howard A. 1864 1938 double with Luella B. Donaldson
13S Donaldson J.A. 1856 1912  
13S Donaldson Luella B. 1864 1945 double with Howard A. Donaldson
14S Dowdell Graham 1881 1934  
14S Dowdell J.T. 1838 1903  
14S Dowdell Mary A. 1855 1910  
14S Dowdell Russell Caffery 07/19/1892 05/20/1894 son of JT & MA Dowdell
09N Drew Isabell   08/12/1883 in her 35th year
01N Dugan John R. 10/05/1872 02/18/1943 double with Mary McGrain Dugan
01N Dugan Mary McGrain Dugan 01/09/1877 11/08/1961 double with John R.
05N Duggan Alston 03/23/1845 07/09/1908 double with Eliza P. Duggan
05N Duggan Alston Hardy 1897 1921 triple with Malone Duggan & Victoria Abby Hardy Duggan
05N Duggan Eliza P. 01/16/1851 11/28/1938 double with Alston Duggan
05N Duggan Malone 1868 1930 triple with Victoria Abby Hardy Duggan & Alston Hardy Duggan
05N Duggan Victoria Abby Hardy 1875 1945 triple with Malone Duggan & Alston Hardy Duggan
15M Dullnig Adele S. 07/14/1878 11/12/1965 double with Chas. A.
15M Dullnig Chas. A. 02/10/1877 03/06/1931 double with Adele S.
06N Dupuy Belle Jackson 07/24/1862 06/24/1919 double with Alton D.
07N Dupuy H.M. 11/20/1851 04/22/1914  
06N Dupuy MD Alton D. 11/08/1862 09/08/1911 double with Belle Jackson Dupuy/Woodmen of the World
07S Durham Charles F. 1865 1931 on headstone with James Stephen Venable - Mrs. J.S. Venable Nola Venable Ullie Briggs Smith