Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery X

Location: Harry Wurzbach Rd.

All dates of interment are after 1900 and the list is through December 31, 1997. The date of interment may not be the first time the individual was interred, so it is not necessarily close to the death date of the individual. If you are interested in more information on any individual listed, please contact the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

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Name, Date of Interment, Rank/Branch of Service, Section, Grave

XANDERS, EARNEST L, 08-29-90, SP5/USA, 8-A, 2009
XANDERS, LYLA M, 11-16-95, D/WIFE, 8-A, 2009-O
XIMENES, EDWARD T, 04-30-92, CAPT/USA, 20, 1428
XIMENEZ, BEATRICE V, 06-30-89, D/WIFE, A-J, 1254
XIMENEZ, DOLORES M, 05-16-85, D/WIFE, 2-B, 2340
XIMENEZ, HELEN S, 01-31-92, D/WIFE, 20, 1530
XIMENEZ, JOSE, 10-21-74, PVT/USA, 2-B, 2340
XIMENEZ, PEDRO R, 07-23-56, PVT/USA, A-J, 1255