Leoncito Cemetery

Location: Southside at 8600 New Laredo Hwy

Leoncito Cemetary has been lost for many years and only a few old timers remember this place. Only about 3/4 headstones remain standing but i have not been able to get in contact with the owner. I found that an old timer was trying to locate it also and found it because he too has family buried there. He wanted to put a fence around the area because it is being leveled and used as rental property nearby for junk yards. He was willing to spend his own money for the fence and look into getting a Historical marker placed in front of the businesses on New Laredo Hwy. I already have randomly found Death records for about 20 people who are definitely buried at the Leoncito Cemetery during the 1900s. Some buried due to the Cholera epidemic. The old timer has already submitted paperwork for historical identification and location but i discovered the name has sinced been changed.It is now identified as St. Teresa Cemetary. Trying to visit the site and take current pics for our family research by the end of next week.

Do you have information on this cemetery? Please contact Jimmy if you would like to share it.

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