250th Anniversary of the
Founding of San Antonio

Location: Chamber of Commerce bldg. Alamo & Commerce, San Antonio, TX

San AntonioArea was first explored and named by Spaniards in 1691. Colonial settlement began here May 1-5, 1718, with founding of Franciscan Missions San Antonio De Valero (later known as "The Alamo"). In Vicinity of the mission was the presidio San Antonio De Bexar, named for one of the great heroes of Spain, the Duc De Bexar, brother of the Viceroy of New Spain.

The place was renamed San Fernando De Bexar, 1731, when it became a municipality-the first in all of Texas. But the name "San Antonio" persisted. Today it is San Antonio in the county of Bexar.

In its lifetime it has give allegiance to nine governments, and from 1772 to 1824 it served as the provincial and territorial capitol of Texas.

Hemisfair '68-a World's fair held here April 6 to October 6, 1968, on the 250th anniversary of the birth of the city of San Antonio-had as its theme "the confluence of civilizations in the Americans". It originated as a tribute to the diverse peoples who have occupied the western hemisphere from pre-Columbian times: Indians who were the first known inhabitants; proud Spanish conquerors and devout padres; the pioneering American settlers; and the immigrants from many different lands.