Scottish Rite Cathedral

Location: 308 Avenue E, San Antonio, TX

Scottish Rite Masonry in San Antonio dates to 1912, when a charter was granted by the sovereign Grand Inspector General of Texas. The organization grew slowly until World War I, when many soldiers stationed in San Antonio became members.

This site was purchased in 1919,and plans were made to erect a new temple. Construction began in 1922 on this structure. Completed two years later at a cost of $1.5 million, the Cathedral was dedicated in June 1924. It soon became the center of Masonic activities for South Texas.

Features of the five-and-one-half story classical revival temple include an imposing gable front bay, eight Corinthian fluted columns a terra cotta frieze on the primary temple building, and stepped central mass. The elaborately sculpted bronze front doors, executed over two-year period by noted artist Pompeo Coppini (1870-1957), feature figures of George Washington and Sam Houston, both members of the Masonic fraternity.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral has been a San Antonio attraction since its construction. In recent years it has become a center for the performing arts and other cultural activties. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1987