Harry Arthur McArdie

Dallas Morning News
February 18, 1908
page 2

San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 17 - Harry Arthur McArdie, widely known in Texas as a painter of historic pictures relating to early times in Texas, died at his home in this city Sunday night. His most famous pictures are "The Battle of San Jacinto" and "The Dawn of the Alamo." Two others of his paintings hang in the Senate chamber at Austin alongside of the two first mentioned. They are "Stephen F. Austin's Colony" and "The Log Cabin." His first famous painting was "Lee in the Wilderness," which was destroyed when the old Texas Capitol burned several years ago.

Mr. McArdie was 72 years of age at the time of his death. He was born in Ireland. He came to the United States when a boy. In 1860 he entered the Confederate army, but saw little actual service, being employed in designing boats for the navy. Mr. McArdie came to Texas forty years ago and settled at Independence, Washington County. It was then he took up the work of painting historic Texas pictures.

He is survived by five children. They are W. A., P. H., Miss Marie, P. M. and Fuskin McArdie. P. H. McArdie resides in Houston and Fuskin McArdie is in Washington, where he is a private secretary to Congressman Burleson.