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November 2000 - July 2001

Allie HENNEN COUCH died on February 5, 1976 in Bexar County, Texas. I was wondering if anyone could look up her obituary for me. I live in Louisiana and am working on the HENNEN family line. I would be forever grateful and if I can ever return the favor here in Louisiana just let me know. Thanks.... . Dorothy R. Taylor

I have rescued an old photograph of H. W. KOENIGSBERG taken at the Barr Studio in San Antonio, Texas. The photo was likely taken in the 1880's and Mr. KOENIGSBERG appears to be in his 40's or 50's at the time it was taken. I believe this is a photo of Harris W. KOENIGSBERG who was a tailer, saloon keeper, and merchant in San Antonio during the 1800's. I believe he had a son named Simon KOENIGSBERG who was also active in the tailoring business. In addition to his name someone has written on the reverse of the photograph, "Return to Mrs. Sol DALKOWITZ, 103 Devine Road". I am not aware of the relationship between these two families, however, I believe that Sol KALKOWITZ died in 1962 in Texas. I would like to find his family so that the photograph can be returned to its rightful place, however, to date I have been unable to locate any relatives. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks... ...Shelley Cardiel

I am trying to find where my uncle passed away. My last recollection of him was that he was in a home there in San Antonio. He was a deaf mute and was put into the home. He was born December 4, 1887 and we think he passed away in 1962. We are working on our family tree and need to find Leroy CLAY HOPE. Hope you can help. Thanks! Vergie Carlson

Ruth Cleveland VANMETER COOMBE was born in Burleson County, Texas on January 7, 1892. Parents were William P. VANMETER (1829-1899) and wife Lee Ann VANMETER (1850-1925). Ruth was married to William E. COOMBE and lived in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas from the 1920's through at least the early 1940's. Where did Ruth and William marry? Are the COOMBES buried in San Antonio? Did they have children? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks. Pauline Reynolds

I am searching for Hubert Wayne GLENN. He lived in Bexar County in the early 1960's. If anyone knows of him, please contact me. Thanks.. Jlwb802

Is there anywhere an obituary from 1969 can be obtained? I have called the San Antonio Express Newspaper and the Genealogical and Historical Society and still have no place to turn to find the obituary that I am searching for. I need the obituary of Leonard BAUGH, born October 24, 1891, died March, 1969 (I do not have the exact date of death, only month and year). He died in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. If anyone can offer any suggestions or help, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you... Phyllis Baugh Snow

I am looking for relatives of Horst BLUM who died in Bexar County in 1976. Sophia

Moseley Fitch, E. Pearl H., William A. and Charles Moseley SHERFESEE all lived in San Antonio, Texas approximately 1905-1920's. William A. SHERFESEE was born @Physicians and Surgeons Hospital on Oct. 25, 1913. Charles Mosely SHERFESEE was also born in San Antonio approx 5 years earlier. Unknown if in same hospital. If you can give me any information it would be appreciated.. Thank you. Jean McCluskey

I am looking for anyone related to Gerald STUDDARD. He was born March 4, 1931 and died December, 1979. He has a twin brother; Derald. Please contact me as his daughter is looking for any living relatives. Thanks.... Barbara Griffin

I am searching for relatives with the last name FOUGA. Ysabel Anglea FOUGA married Tomas Pellegrin about 1865-6. They had three daughters and a son. Anglea Pellegrin FOUGA, Ramona Pellegrin FOUGA, Rosalia Pellegrin FOUGA and Jose Pellegrin FOUGA. Rosalia Pellegrin ended up in San Antonio. She married Benjamin Y. Garcia. Her sister Angela was also in San Antonio and she married a J.J. Olsen. The news I hear is that FOUGA came from near Bordeaux, France. Julie Hetland

I am looking for information on Leroy C. MANBECK, born Feb. 6, 1889, Hummelstown, Dauphin Co. PA. He lived in San Antonio between the 1920's and 1950's . His social security application is dated Oct. 23, 1944 and at the time of the application, was unemployed. He married Pauline Lange when he was in his 50's. What was his occupation after applying for his social security card? If anyone has any information, or would like to exchange information on the MANBECK family, please contact me. Thanks. Sharon Freeman

I am seeking information on: 1) Fred William HUNT, born Feb, 1887 died May 15, 1969 in San Antonio, Tx. Fred married Retha Brister of Stockdale, Texas about 1911, children; Norvell born about Feb. 1912, Oscar born March 29, 1914, died Sept. 1964. 2) Jacob "Jake" HUNT Sept. 16, 1890 died May 8, 1954. buried in Oakley Cemetery, Bexar County. Married Minnie BROWN about 1914 Texas buried Oakley Cemetery, children: Gilbert Eugene born Oct. 12, 1918 Floresville, Wilson, Texas. 3) Lem "Lembo" HUNT born Feb. 19, 1895 died Feb. 5, 1982, buried Fairview Cemetery, Wilson County, Lem was a Private in WW1 . 4) Sam HUNT born about 1898 in Fairview, Wilson County, Tx. All born in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas. They are the sons of John Welsey HUNT and Lucy STEVENS. John Wesley HUNT is my Grandfather by his second marriage to Pearl Paine of Star, Mills County, Texas. Thanks. Duane Windsor

Claude V. BIRKHEAD and Lilliam Alice GUESSAZ. All I know of them at this time is that they were the parents of Mary ann and Betty Jane BIRKHEAD, both born circa 1924. Mary Ann was my maternal Aunt, married in 1942 to Leon DOTSON, the brother of my mother, Mary Rosaline DOTSON NESTLER. family lore is that Mary Ann BIRKHEAD'S family participated in the "last stand" at the Alamo and that a family name is on the Alamo wall; I want to find out who that person was. Thanks..... Lori Sorrells

Juan or Gertrudes or Petra or Damacio Jimenes (Ximenes); 1836-1840. Damacio may have fought at the Alamo. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Linda Corder

I am looking for any information on William Moore, died June 28, 1883 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Terry L. Moore

Looking for information on the surname Tezel or Tetzel. My grandmother was Amalia Tezel.. Thanks. T

Looking for information on Anselmo Macias. I know he was married briefly to Manuela Torres in 1924; they divorced in 1925. Any info please e-mail me. Jeelga

I am searching for information on an ancestor by the name of Thomas Gamble Hay who died in Bexar County, Texas in 1918. I know he had at least 3 children by the names of James, Dorothy & Fredericka all born before 1908. I would appreciate hearing from and sharing information with anyone searching this Hay line. Thanks.... Leigh Hay-LeBlanc

Looking for William (Will) Nichols, born March 21, 1878 to the parents of James Marion Nichols and Mary Marshall. Will's parents were on the Burnet County, Tx. census in 1880 then in 1900 and after lived in Leon County, Tx. Will Nichols married a woman by the name of Lottie. No maiden name known. They adopted a daughter and had twin boys. One of the boys might have been called Marty. Will and Lottie Nichols lived either in San Antonio or in the area. Lottie died first and then Will is said to have died late 1930s or early 1940s and buried in San Antonio. He was related to the William Rowland Nichols line that was one of the early families to settle in Kerr County, Texas. Would appreciate any information on Nichols families in Bexar County, Texas in the early 1900s. ...Billie Nichols-Bennett

While surfing through, I came across a Frank Guinup that passed away Jan. 1, 1966 in Bexar County. Since we share the same last name and we are doing family research, I was wondering if there was some kind soul out there that could tell me a little more about him.... Our ancestry comes mainly from upstate New York. I would appreciate any info one may have on Frank Guinup. I tried to bring him up on the S.S.D.I. so that I might send for his SSI death record, but apparently he either did not file or was too old to file. Thanks for any help. Millie Guinup

I am researching the Lindley surname. William Uriah Lindley married to Maggie E. Galbreath in the late 1920s early 1930s in San Antonio, Tx. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dgo

Family of William Franklin Hale and Lavinia P. Douglas lived in San Antonio in the early 20th century. Their children married and had families of their own in Bexar County, Texas. I have knowledge of descendants. Dave Hoffman

I am looking for an old friend that I went to school with in San Antonio. I have lost contact with her and would like to locate her again. Marcella Collier Brinkman. Father was Aaron Collier and mother was Merle. Siblings: Mark, Lisa, Kim. We lived on Buckboard Lane. Marcy would be about 42-43. She eventually ended up in Shorewood , Illinois near Chicago as I believe her mother remarried and move there. Marcy married a Brinkman and the last I knew, she had two daughters. I believe she may be divorced and may have moved back to Texas. It's been 30 years since I have seen her and about 7 years since we have lost contact with each other. I would just like to find her again so that we might be able to write and catch up. Denise (Rogers) Darting

The lady I am looking for is Bertha R. Day. She died December 21, 1972. I was hoping her obituary would tell me who her husband was; but it didn't. It just said she had lived in San Antonio for 40 years. Maybe she is buried next to her husband or other family members? If someone could check this out or help me with this, I'd be so grateful. I live in eastern Oregon. Thanks... Sue

My wofe is researching her Biggs line. Wh have a letter from the Southwest Insane Asylum that relate that her GGF Joe C. Biggs had been admitted there, but was being released and they required family to come get him. He passed away 9-9-1922 before anyone ( family lived in Anson, Jones County, Texas - north of Abilene) could come and get him. Our question is this.... what cemetery would have been used in this situation in 1922. I know the Asylum has gone through several politically correct name changes since then, but would they (being a state agency) have records back that far and in 1922 would a death certificate have been filed with the state or county. Thanks for help.... Mark Myers

I am searching for my grandfather Robert Benton Rogers' family. Bent born 1869 in Brownwood, Texas. His father was Robert Rogers who was a blacksmith with one bad leg. I do not know Bent's mother's name. Appreciate any help. Helen Rogers Pilcher

I am seeking information on a Gustavus A. (Gustavis) Walker. He moved to Texas from Marshall County, Ky circa 1893. He died in 1950 in San Antonio. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. J.L. Walker

I found your site while searching for a lady whose Untold story may be of some interest to your people. My name is Wm. S. Birdwell, jr, I live outside Whitefish, MT; however, I once knew San Antonio and and Bexar County fairly well. When I first lived in Alamo Heights, (with a lawyer named Andrew Dilworth, and attended Draughn's Business College), there were but half a million people or so in San Antonio. When I returned to live in apx. 1965 there must have been 750K. I worked for A Carrier Refrigeration Maintenance Co.Tatum, and maintained many of the buildings such as the DRT Library at the Alamo, and other buildings on Houston street. In doing my work, I spent much of my time on the roofs of these buildings; which brings me to a human-interest story about a young Chinese child who lived with his family, LITERALLY, in a chicken coop, behind an old grocery store, at or near Five Points. During WW2, the Chinese, like other Orientals, were not always accepted in San Antonio culture. This family was no exception. UNTIL a gracious school teacher discovered this family. As told to me by this child's wife, in 1967, this teacher took the child under her wing. She helped him learn to read, and do his numbers. In the process, she learned that here was a brilliant boy; and wondered about the other members of his family. She made him a real member of her class; then saw him through high school, and helped him get an appointment at the U of T-Austin where he graduated with honors and moved on to medical school. This would be enough to make her a heroine; but the story doesn't end here. By happenstance, I found a billfold on one of these roofs. How it got there is anyone's guess; but in that billfold were credit cards, and other ID, including the owner's name and phone number. I called the number to inform him that I had found his billfold. He was not home, but his wife answered the phone. She told me that her husband had already obtained new Id and cancelled the cards and drivers license. However, she would like my name and phone number so her husband could call and thank me. When I told her that my name my name was William S. Birdwell, she became excited, and asked where I was from. Big Spring, Howard co., TX I told her. Now, she was overjoyed. She asked that I stay by the phone, while she called a "DEAR FRIEND" and had her call me. When the phone rang, the caller identified herself as Johnanna, Birdwell, (McGee, I believe). She told me she was one of several daughters of the former Sheriff of Howard County (1890s), my home. We talked at length about my home town and how it was her father, John Dekalb Birdwell,who named the city, and built the first buildings there. when the T&P railroad came to town. It was also her father who was instrumental in getting my grandfather, George Washington "Eyebrows" Birdwell, no known relation, to settle in Big Spring. When the conversation ended, I was so proud to have been able to actually talk to this lady, I forgot her name. Only this past week, a dear friend sent me a copy of a letter, written by this ladies mother, in which she tells the story of their lives. Also in the letter was the name of the heroine of whom write; JOHNANNA, Birdwell. Who had married "Mac" McGee, then divorced him. I don't know when she divorced "MAC", so I am unsure whether she ever remarried. But, the Chinese lady called me back a few minutes later, to tell me how this lady and her husband had taken this little boy from a chicken coop,and made him into one of San Antonio's respected doctors. How she and her husband became a pillar of the "CHINESE COMMUNITY!" in Bexar County; and would literally remove all the furnishings from their little home on EVERY Chinese holiday, in order to make room for "The Chinese Community" to celebrate. There is more, but, if you have read this far, you understand why I am in search of information concerning this HEROINE! Please, if you can, would you see that this letter reaches someone who can give me an update on JOHNANNA, BIRDWELL, (McGee?). I spoke to her in 1967, she died in 1971? Thank you for reading this and for any help you might render. Wm. S. Birdwell, Jr; 4870 Hwy. 93 S. 29 Whitefish, MT 59937 (I lost e-mail address. signed : Robert Garcia).

Would like to find information on Robert King Huitt b. 1879 (Hughitt or Hewitt) who owned a furniture store "King Furniture" in San Antonio. He had a son, Oral Robert Huitt b. cc. 1919. Robert King Huitt could have dropped his last name and went by Robert King. Thanks... Shelley Cain Way

Seeking descendants of Jennie T. (Kerr) and Patrick V. Maher. Jen was born June 1881 in Marion Co., W.V. and died Aug. 25, 1962, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx.. Paddy was born about 1873, place unknown to me; he died Feb. 5, 1957 in San Antonio. They had at least 1 son and 2 daughters -- James T., Agnes (married name was Carreon) and another daughter (given name unknown to me) who married Harvey Jack. Jen and my paternal grandfather, Coleman Kerr, were siblings. I have much family history I would like to share with Jen and Paddy's descendants. Thanks...... Gaylene Kerr Banister

I am looking for any information on the Southwestern Insane Asylum that was supposed to have been in Bexar County in 1900. Any information about it or the location of patient's records from that year will be appreciated. DKam

I have just come across a William Albert Hodgen, b. 7-16-1924 & d. 9-16-1997. He lived in Bexar County, Tx. and was buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. My maiden name is Hodgen and I would like to find out who this man was. I found that his social security card was issued in Ill. before 1951 and I am also an Illinois Hodgen and would like to find out where he came from before coming to Bexar County, Tx. Any relatives in Bexar County? Thanks........ P.J. Hodgen-Hansen

Today, I found an obituary for Christian Fettkenheuer, died June 15, 1979 in Bexar County. I would like to find more information on this person and his family. My Fettkenheuers came to Iowa in 1881. They were from around Western Naugard County, Pommern. Thanks..... Ted Fettkenheuer

I am looking for information on Charles Lewis Estill, born about 1835, married to Martha Leonard Ray, possibly in Mississippi. Children included Mildred, b. 1872, and Clark , both born in Mississippi. They, or at least Martha Ray Estill and the children lived in San Antonio, Bexar Co. about 1906 and as late as 1930 something. Need death dates, burial places, marriage information on Mildred, plus any children she might have had. Can anyone help with this? Martha Ray was a cousin of my great-grandfather, John E. Barlow, and I 'd love to fill in information on this family. Thanks.... Susan Guthrie

I am searching for Istre or East descendants. Will gladly share info I have gathered since 1974. Thanks.... Alvenia

Seeking information on C.E. or E.C. Javins & Grace McPherson Javins. They lived in San Antonio 1911 until 1916. They had a daughter Grace Marie who died April 9, 1912 in San Antonio and was buried from Riebe Chapel and interred at Mission Burial Park. Can anyone help me with this family or at least give me some info as to how I could find burial & interment records. Thank you... Jackie Hart Stegeman

THOMAS MADDISON8 CASEY (ROBERT PINKNEY7, ELLISON6, ROBERT5, WILLIAM4, JESSE3, ABNER2, JOHN1) was born 1883, and died June.1940 in San Antonio, Texas. He married BELLE. She died January.1972 in San Antonio, Texas. Children of THOMAS CASEY and BELLE are: i. RALPH9 CASEY. Notes for RALPH CASEY: Information from Hazel Casey Barmore. Ralph Casey was taken hostage during WWII in the Phillipines and never herd from again. He had a wife and one child , lived in San Antonio, Texas. Robert Casey was shot down over Germany during WWII. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..... SCREED

I am tracing the surname Appleby.  My g-grandfather was Arthur E. Appleby  and he married (date ?) a lady named "Tillie" in the early 1880's.  He is found in the Bexar County city directories between 1888-1895.  They had a daughter Helen, and a son named John and possibly another son named Harry.  Arthur eventually settled in Birmingham, AL. and married again.. Thanks for any help.Shirley Miles

I am searching for genealogy information for John Peeler.  He was a Marine during World War II, stationed on the Island of Guam for a while.  Of Irish descent, Protestant faith.  Born in 1923 or earlier.  He was from San Antonio, Texas.  Any info would be appreciated. Grace Rosier

I am searching for info on Reese Wilson, born about 1850 in Alabama.  He is reported to have lived in Bexar County around 1900.  Thanks for any help. B. Davis

I am looking for information on a Reese Bradford that lived in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas in 1948.  That is where his sisters obit has him listed as living.  His sister was Emma (Emmer) Miller.  If you have anything on this man or any of his family please let me know.  I know his sister was born in Georgia in 1868.  Thanks for any help. Crista

I searching for any descendants of Paul Blankenbeker born Nov. 4, 1893 and died in San Antonio, Bexar County, Tx. in Feb. 1972.  And what cemetery is he buried in?  Thanks for any help.  Donna

Will share old photo of Grace Little Hicks, as a child taken in San Antonio, Texas.  Found photo in a Portland, Oregon antique shop.  Please contact me.   Thanks....  Penny Stewart

I am looking for information on Conrad Wenzel who served in the Civil War.  Thanks for any help.   Cheryl Wenzel

Looking for any information on the Maverick Hotel that was located at 326 E. Houston Street in San Antonio.  My g-grandfather, William Marion Kyser worked at the saloon  there in 1894.  Is the building still there?  Where wuld any records from the hotel now be kept?  Thanks for any info.    Vicki Belinoski

I'm seeking photo-copies or transcription of obits for John H. Scheuing, died Oct. 30, 1965 and obit for George W. Scheuing, date of death is unknown.  Both are of Bexar County.  Also seeking any other information on the Scheuing families of Bexar County, Tx.  Any help is welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks for your time..   Jim Embrich

I have been told that my ancestor James Randolph was a teacher in San Antonio.  He was born in Casey Co, Ky. about 1884, son of Susannah and John W. Randollph.  Family lost touch with him.  My mother state he left between 1915 and 1920 for Texas.  Married and had children there.  She was told at about age 5 (1926) that family was told he was ill and needed money.  That's the last her father heard of his brother.  I have since gotten some leads that he taught Spanish in San Antonio H.S. and may have been a Principal there.  Any leads on school information would be appreciated.  Alma Cundiff Jeffs

I am researching the surnames Padilla, Falcon, and Cervantes of Bexar County, TX.     I have most of my PADILLA line traced back to Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico; but do not know all of the extended cousin lines. My g-grandfather was Pedro Cervantes Padilla, son of Pedro Padilla and Antonia Cervantes. He had sisters who married into the Davila, Rosales, Felan, Ramirez and Throckmorton families in Bexar County, San Antonio,  TX. My great-grandfather also had brothers named Joe Padilla, Ricardo (went by Richard) Padilla, and Phillip Padilla who also married and had children in Bexar County, San Antonio,Texas.     Of the CERVANTES line I have been able to find one cousin, Marina Zamora. Her grandfather Ernesto Cervantes is my g-g-grandmother Antonia Cervantes' brother. I would like to find more familia descended from Ernesto Cervantes and Pablo Cervantes, brothers of Antonia. (There were two other brothers, Ramiro Cervantes and Manuel Cervantes, who moved to California, so I have to track their information there. I only include their names here as a reference.)    I recently came into information on my great-grandmother Delfina FALCON. Her parents were Pedro Gonzales Falcon and Elena Torres Hessbrook. She is the youngest of 12 or 13 children and she was born on April 20th, 1914, making her 86 years young today. (Yes, she is still alive as of today, Jan 18th, 2001.) Her siblings all lived, married,
and died in and around Bexar County, Texas. She was the only one to move away - to California. At present time I do not have the married names of her sisters, but here is a list of all her sibling's names: Antonia, Josefina, Salsatina (went by Tina), Guillermo (went by Willie), Apollonia, Alcadia (died at 3 y/o), Elena, Seviero (sp? - went by Charlie), Santos, Alvena, and Dorothy Falcon.  If any of these names are familiar to you, please contact me.  Thanks  Danielle Brown

I had a great-aunt and uncle who lived on Culebra St. in San Antonio while I was there in 1952 in the U.S.A.F..  They were J. Wesley and his wife Bertie Belle (Barnes) Bailey.  They had 4 grown sons:  Gerald C. Bailey (born 1898) married Blance Perrow about 1920 and they had Laura Jean Bailey, born about 1921; Eugene Marcus Bailey (born April 21, 1900) married Alma Payne about 1925 and they had Geraldine Bailey; Giles Maurice Bailey (born April 21, 1900) married Alta Mae Dietert and they had Giles Maurice Jr. and Gail Bailey; and Wilbert Wesley Bailey (born about 1906).  I have searched the online resources in vain to find out what happened to them.  I know that Giles Maurice and his wife are both buried in Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery but I can find nothing on any of the rest of them -- nor can I find any of their children.,  If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of them, I would appreciate hearing from you.    Royal L. Tinsley

Searching for any information on Gimbel in San Antonio particularly around 1870-1920.  Thanks for help.  David A. Achterberg

I am researching collateral Wolfe lines in Bexar County. Specifically Nathan F. Wolfe, his wife Mary Anis Anthis and their children, Eugene (who was a dwarf or midget), Helen, and Madge. Various documents record his middle initial differently as shown below. Nathan Wolfe was the son of Amos Wolf and Hettie Newman. He was born in Wabash County, Illinois. Amos lived and died in Milano, Milam County, Texas. It would appear Nathan and Mary were married in Illinois since their first child, Eugene was born there. Nathan and his father Amos were back and forth several times from the late 1860's to 1899, from Wabash and Lawrence County, Illinois area to the Milam County, Texas area. A sister to Nathan, Sadie Wolfe married Leander Anthis who I think is related to Nathan's wife Mary Anis Anthis but I do not know how. They had one child Henry Anthis who is buried in Milano It is reported that Madge Wolf married and lived in Cotulla. I have a
query on the LeSalle County webpage for Madge but have had no response. I do not know who she married or if they had children.

I have the following Census data on this family:
1910 Soundex
W-410 Vol. 12  ED 53  Sht. 84
County: Bexar , San Antonio
Nathan C. Wolf 38  IL
Mary A. Wolf 38 W IL
Eugene  2 6/12 S IL
Helen  1 6/12 D TX

1920 Soundex W-410 Vol. 16  ED 89 Sht. 8 Line 29
County: Bexar , San Antonio Denver Blvd 120
Nathan E. Wolfe 48  IL
M.A. Wolfe 48 W IL
Eugene  12 S IL
Helen  11 D TX
Madge  8 D TX

In the San Antonio 1891 City Directory there is the following listing: Wolfe, Nathan F., slsmn., B. Smith & Son, h 316 Blum I think this may be the Nathan I am researching.

The following names appear in the Index to Texas death records:  Wolfe, Nathan Felix-Bexar co. 4-30-1941 Wolfe, Mary Anis-Bexar co. 11-26-1938

I am not sure if the Wolfe's listed below are connected in any way to Nathan and Mary listed above.
Mary Alexandrine-Bexar co. 2-15-1931
Wolfe, Mary-Bexar co. 2-16-1927
Wolfe, Nathan F.-Bexar co. 6-15-1909 (Is this a Jr. to Nathan Felix
Wolfe, Nathan Clifford-Bexar co. 5-11-1960

One of these 2 may be the Eugene I am seeking:  Wolfe, Eugene-Bexar co. 3-7-1952  Wolf, Eugene-Bexar Co (1903-1940 index could not make out the date or
year)  Would like to find anything I can on the family on Nathan and Mary Anis Wolfe including where they are buried in Bexar County if anyone can find
them in a cemetery index.  Thanks for any help.   Lanny Ottosen

Bridges in Bexar County, Texas  Great-Aunt Laura Bridges was born November15, 1882 in San Antonio, Texas.  Her father was James Bridges and her mother was Mary Ann Gary Bridges.  I would like to know if there is a Census Record for 1880 or 1890 for this family in Bexar County.  Thank you for any information on this family.   Thank you. Kathy Torkelson

Dashiel Family - I need help in getting additional information on Petronilla AENLLE who died in Bexar County on 01-09-1996. I am trying to obtain a copy of her
death  certificate from Texas. I would like to contact any family members or descendants. I am compiling an AENLLE family tree which has many branches in
the world. If you have web access go to for contact with other  AENLLE'S.

I went to my local library (Beaumont) searching for information on Lucinda Smith who was my husband's grandmother.  In the library's book on the index to census, I found a Lucinda Smith on the 1880 census for Bexar County. Lucinda was born in 1874, both her parents were born in Mississippi, and family says her father was a preacher.  If anyone knows of this family I would appreciate hearing from you.  Also, if someone could do a lookup for me on Lucinda and who her parents were that would be great.  Thanks     Juanita J. Lewis

I am seeking information concerning Robert Jones HAYWOOD, who died in San Antonio, TX, March 18, 1948.  Newspaper article shows that he was in an
ambulance on route to Veterans Hospital, when the ambulance collided with another vehicle.  It is not know if he was already dead by the time of the accident.
The funeral home information shows that a lady by the name of Delores, was his wife, and gave the information for the funeral home forms.      I believe that Delores had some children by a previous marriage, but do not know if she had any by HAYWOOD.      HAYWOOD, is buried in Military Cemetery in San Antonio.    I wish to make contact with any of Delores' children, that might remember Robert Jones HAYWOOD.    HAYWOOD, was in the Spanish American War, and may have had a medal for his service, in addition to photos of his children by a previous marriage.  Thanks,   Sallie Cannon

I am looking for Concepcion Perez Hernadez.  She was married to Ramon Hernandez around 1860.  She died in 1932 when my wife was born.  We are trying to find who her parents were. She was related to Ignacio Perez, Governor 1822-1823.  Any info will be welcome.   Thank you, anticipada   Alvaro

I am searching for genealogy information for JOHN PEELER.  He was a Marine during World War II, stationed on the island of Guam for a while.  Of Irish  descent, protestant faith.  Born in 1923 or earlier.  He was from San Antonio, TX. Appreciate any information regarding Mr. PEELER.  .Grace Rosier

1910/1916  DORA FORD.
Grace was the only child of Lena McPherson Hart born ks 1892  she went by both Hart and McPherson prior to her marriage to Mr.Javins in 1912 a Grace Marie Javins 3 1/2 years old died,parents were E. C. & Grace i thought grace javins(mother) was the daughter of lena,but after receiving death certificate for grace marie the maiden name isn't correct.  i just can't think that there could be two grace javin's both living in san antonio about the same time.  what i am trying to do is locate my grace mcpherson javins ,her marriage to mr.javins and what happened to her after 1916  in 1948 she was living in gladewater,tx but do not know her last name at that time any suggestions or help would be much appreciated  thank you  jackie hart stegeman

I was wondering if you could help me .I need to find out some genealogy info. A Samuel & Margarita Martinez owned a bar called the Riverside Lounge in San Antonio ,Texas in 1970 . I need to find out if the had any children. Thanks in advance   Tammy

We are trying to track down the marriage of a Horace T. Sanford, born January 15, 1896, and Clara Elizabeth Hayden.  We believe Mr. Sanford's mother's maiden name was Swift. We know they were devote Catholics and had moved from San Antonio, but we don't when.  Anything you could find on any of these people would be of great help to us.  We appreciate any help you could offer.  Thank you,  Mike and Caron Wilbu

I am looking for any relative of Floyd and Minnie Wood who moved to Bexar County, Texas in 1911 or 1912 from Mississippi.  They had four children.  Their names were Emma Clyde Wood, Mary Wood, Floyd Wood and Wayne Wood.  Would appreciate any answers that I can get.   Wayne Holly

I'm seeking any info on Seth K. Lewis who died in Bexar Co. on 6-3-32.  His parents were Mary Elizabeth Boyce and L.L. Lewis.  He was the brother of Jack, Van, Damon, Ann, and Collie.  Any Info would be appreciated.  Thanks    .J. McCoy

Her name was Brenda Mae Naquin at birth, born 9-12-54, she was born at the Salvation Army Home & Hospital.  Mother's name is Henrittia , maiden name Naquin. We would really like to find her, hope you can help us.  Cynthia

Helen Elnor Francies (d.02-20-1966)  and Louis Smith Francies (b.02-22-1909, d.07-20-1968) in San Antonio, Bexar, TX.  Lived in area 1959 till deaths. This is mother and son; my father and grandmother.  Thanks....    Peggy Blondell

FOX, James E. - Searching for info on - believe he is a "missing link" in my family tree.  Burial record shows him to be buried in Cemetery in San Antonio. - Record reads: "Fox, James E. (b.12/31/1898 - d. 12/19/1953),  PVT SUPPLY CO 320 QMC U S Army.  Name is Alias Harmon Masker, Plot: S 203H  (bur.12/28/1953).  I believe this man to have been my mother's long lost brother - son of: Abram & Phoebe (DeGroat) Masker - both of them born in PA and moved to NYS early 1900's - both buried in Otsego Co., NYS. His sister, Margaret Mae (Sullivan) searched for him until her death in 1968.  Any info on him, would be deeply appreciated. Would like to locate his descendents and correspond with them if possible. Thanks    Granny Swisher

E. MURPHY, br 1853  and  gr.son John TWEEDY, age 7yr in 1900.  J. DODGE,.LANGSTON and Julia WALLIS all lived in San Antonio in 1900's.  Julia WALLIS may have moved to UTOPIA TX..  Ruth MURPHY married Jack DODGE in 1918 in  San Antonio.    Ellen MURPHY and Tom MURPHY were living on Aransas St. in 1903 and 1904 San Antonio.  Then I find Ellen living in Houston as a widow in  1903-04  with Ruth MURPHY and my dad Will MURPHY br 1886 in Corpus Christi.    No br.or  death records can be found before 1923.   Will MURPHY moved to Kansas City.  Joe  LANGSTON and  John J. MURPHY worked for the railroad.   John Murphy was killed in a railroad accident in 1899.  Again no death record,  just a long obit .  Joe LANGSTON married  Linney TWEEDY MURPHY about 1901;  family also lived in Corpus Christi in 1800's.  Any relations out there?  Eileen Kirkland

My grandmother was Antonie ACKERMANN/ACKERMAN, daughter of Joseph ACKERMANN AND Margretta/Margarithe FREY.  Antonie was born 9 February 1857 and died 11 February 1903.  She married Carl BOEHM (later known as BOEHME) on 30 January 1876.  The marriage license was issued in Bexar County, Tx. and filed there ( No. 4973).  Also on this marriage license they had Carl's name as Charles.  The marriage license was issued on Jan. 19, 1876.  Joseph ACKERMANN was born in 1826 in Germany and married Margaretta/Margarithe FREY born 1826(?) in Germany and married in Comal County, TX(?).  We think that Joseph's mother's name was Barbara.  Would love to hear from anyone who is descended from or knew this family.  Would particularly like to hear from MICHELLE who contacted me in of 1999 and was writing a report on this family.   Carrie Mae Laxton

Looking for family of Claude Rufus AWBREY, born abt 1870 in Claiborne Parish, LA, died August 15, 1939, in Bexar County, TX. Thanks.  ..Tom McDonald

I was born in San Antonio on July 10 of 1953, born to Alice Faye Sharpe/Sayre - Robert Lee Sayre.  I want to know if there is any family history.  I was born in Bexar County Baptist Memorial Hospital.  So far I do not know who my grandparents are.  Can you help
me with this search?    Donna Lee

I am looking for data on a stock issued from Bexar and Harris  Co. called "Texas Best Oil Refining Corporation"  any information you could provide on this company would be appreciated.   Wayne

I am looking for Calvin Parker.  He was born in Alabama in 1891. He moved to Brown County, Texas when he was less than 10 years old. It is believed that he married Ethel Nunnally and they moved to Bexar County, San Antonio,  sometime after that.  From his brother's obituary Ranaloph Parker, it states that Calvin lived in San Antonio, Texas.  Davis Parker and Mary Adaline Sandlin were hisparents. Brothers and sisters: Mary Ann Parker Ballinger, Sarah Parker Bussey, Ada Parker Pitcock, Martha Parker Prince, Bland Parker, Randolph Parker, Susan Parker Green Collier Silva, and Charlotte Parker Lockhart. These families are all over the state of Texas, other than Mary Ann and Blan. They remained in Alabama.  Dorothy Ballenger

Lewis W. Bryan was born May 3, 1899 and died in San Antonio, Texas July of 1977. His parents were William and Grace Bryan. I know of at least one brother Willard Jennings Bryan.  Willard married Helen Elizabeth Smith Bryan and produced three sons. William Ralph, John Allen, And Robert Lewis, my dad.  At this time I am looking for any information about Lewis, I believe he had a wife I don't know her name or of any children they might of had. I don't know when Lewis moved to San Antonio, but he came from Connecticut.    Erin Elizabeth Bryan Stringer

Seeking info on Barton GUEST who moved to Bexar Co., TX from Palo Pinto Co. TX about 1863.  I am a descendent of son James.  I have located info on son
William, daughters Josphine and Rachall.  I have been unable to locate Barton and wife Elizabeth or son John J.  Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Beard

Looking for any records or information on the above surnames.  Henry H Zuercher was born to Annie Cloud and William Zuercher, Annie was born in Bexar County in 1888, she died in 1911, shot to death by her second husband Jake P Volz (a pro baseball player).Annies mothers name was Paulin Mattki, Annie had a brother named Louis Cloud and several step brothers and sisters. I believe all of the above were born and died in Bexar County..HELP!
Jerry Johnston (grandson of Henry ZuercherFamily) . Jerry Johnston

I am seeking the names of the parents of George Edgar Martin, born 2-22-1861 in San Antonio, Texas and died 7-1-1948 in House, NM. Married Rosella Elizabeth Herring on 12-26-1884 at Alexander, TX. Herring was born 10-25-1867 in Tuscaloosa, AL and died 7-1-1948 in House, NM. It is believed
that Rocky Martin was the father--born ?, died at the age of 84 ? at Alexander, Texas. Married Mary? Would appreciate any help.  .Janean Cleveland

I am trying to find family history on my husband's side of the family.  His family surname is SALAZAR.   The following names is all I have:
1.  Bartollo SALAZAR born in Mexico
2.  Trinidad RODRIGUEZ born in Mexico (spouse of #1)
3.  Felix Rodriguez SALAZAR born 6AUG1921 in Perasol, TX, (near San Antonio ?).

I have no other information on them.  My father-in-law had always talked about his paternal family coming from Perasol, Texas near San Antonio.  I have no idea if Bexar Co., is the correct county, but I do know it is close to San Antonio.  Felix had siblings, but I only know the name of a few; 1.  Elena, 2. Diego, 3. Petra, 4. Mary (As I said I only know a few, but there are more)  Bartollo & Trinidad raised a child that was a possible cousin as their own; his name was Albert, and his wife's name was Lillie).  Felix's children are:
1.  Felix Bartollo SALAZAR b. 22JUL195?
2.  Petra "Patsy" Edna SALAZAR b. 29MAR1950
3.  Eva Ann SALAZAR b.   SEP195?
4.  Trinidad "Tina" Joy SALAZAR b. 6NOV1958
5.  Bartolo "Tolo" Fred SALAZAR b.  July 195?
6.  Terry Lee SALAZAR b.  9AUG195?
7.  Marsha Addie SALAZAR b. 11NOV1959
8.  Yuna Marie SALAZAR  b. 9OCT1957
9.  Martha SALAZAR  b. in 1960  d. in 1961 @ about 10/11 months of age.
10.  Gerald "Jerry" Frank SALAZAR b. 1MAY1954 in Alma, Gratiot Co., Michigan  (my husband)

Any help is greatly needed, wanted, and will be very much appreciated!!!     Brenda Beggs-Salazar

Looking for William Brister, Daniel Brister, Martha Brister who married  Wiley Williamson Goynes.    William Brister had the following children Yancey Goodall Brister, William Brister, Wiley F. Brister, James Brister, Susan Brister.  Daniel had  Tabitha Brister Hime, Susan Carol Brister, Daniel F. Brister,  Ted Brister, Charles Brister  . Katherine

Searching My name is Mary Esther Algueseva Zahradnick. Three years ago I attended a family reunion for Alvarado and Algueseva.Since that time I have done genealogy on Algueseba ,Juan Bautista Elguezabal and Martha Rose Knight .I am seeking information on the following:

 # 1. My great grandfather Manuel Algueseba (a.k.a Elgueseba) bought land in Boerne Texas in 1897 on Johns Rd West.It was known as Algueseba ranch. On this land was a family cemetery with several graves including one of my great grandmother Maria Tereza Guerra Menchaca Elguezabal -Algueseba who was buried in 1925 at this site. Also there, lies a headstone (shaped in a cross) with the name inscribed of Carmen Gonzales. These grave sites were seen as late as the 1970's. The information needed is what relations (ancestory) was Carmen Gonzales to the Alguesebas, the original actual burial locations of these graves, and who else may have been buried on this property and what relations/connections to the Alguesebas.

# 2. Also seeking information on my grandmother Martha Rose Knight. The only knowledge I have at this point/time is that she married my grandfather Cleto Algueseba in Boerne Texas in 1904 .They had several children born and christened at St Peters Catholic Church . They were parents to my father Sylvester William Algueseva Sr. born December 31, 1911 who died in Noverber 11, 1965 in Houston Texas.

Any information and research that can be provided will be greatly may mail or e-mail to me at the following addresses:  Mary Esther Zahradnick 11839 Parliament #2324 San Antonio Texas 78216 or    Mary Esther Zahradnick

I am trying to trace this family name  in Bexar, Milam, and Falls Counties;  cities of Cameron, Fredricksburg, Bryan, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston,  and  San Antonio.
Norine Daniel Katich

Looking for ANY information on my uncle who past away in this county  in  1968..   His name James Pearl McIntosh    was said he was police officer.... Lamble

I am seeking information on or obtain possibility to get in touch with  relatives of Virginia Hilger, born Botterud, who died in SA 5th of October  1998 at the age of 82. She was born in Superior, Wisconsin, a daughter of  Harry Botterud and Hattie Muller (Miller?). The family ties strches back to Norway from which this query comes. Any response is highly appreciated.   Svein Botterud

I'm seeking any descendants of Henry C. Huggins ( 1897 - 1966), a native of  Pike Co. Alabama, and a  resident of San Antonio for 40 + years. He is buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery..   Possibly, he may have been a member of  the San Antonio Police Dept. at one time...   Any help much  appreciated...  Bill Huggins

Looking for family of Nora Mae HAWKINS, b. 9 Dec 1872, d. 5 Jan 1929.  Nora married David RUMBLE in Iowa.  Mother and father first names are unknown; however, mother's maiden name was CROCKETT.  Mother's family was related to "Davey Crockett" family and from San Antonio area.   Thanks,  John Werner

My gg-grandfather :  THOMAS JEFFERSON O'NEAL, a/k/a T.J. O'NEILL, a/k/a  JEFF or JEFFERSON O'NEAL-O'NEILL,  In or about 1919, told daughter he was going to " Old Solider's Home" to die, .....  Family received word late 1919 or early 1920, that in fact he had died there and...   was buried in "Old Solider's Cemetery".  Could anyone help, I've been looking for him since 1980's.   Sincerely,     Patti

I am looking for any information on my father, William Hamilton Logan  (Jr.)  or  a relative (Nephew) Robert S. Logan. My Father died 3/2/56 at Rt. 7 Box 375A Cambellton Rd.. and was buried at Logan Ranch Cemetery. Do you  know  where Logan Ranch Cemetery is? Or have any other information that might help me. Newspaper said he was a Losoya Grocer? Had a wife named Norma?    Denis C. Logan

I am looking for any information from anyone who has it on persons by the name of Cleto Mora Barrera or a Blanca Palacios.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you .    Rosie

Looking for info on William S. Woods who died in Bexar Co. in 1909.   He was born in Kentucky in 1861 and later moved to Texas.   He was a photographer.  Thank you.Kimmi

I am looking for my long lost cousin Betty Jean Bonham.  Her father was an attorney like my Dad; he practiced law in San Antonio.  Betty Jean was my mother's 2nd Cousin.  She would be my Mother's age @ 78.  Had an unusual illness.  Can you help?   Hazel Meaux

I have been searching  for information on my Grandfather.  His name was Jesse James Nelson and he was born in Arizona in 1889.   I have reason to believe
that he might have come to Bexar County.  Has anyone heard of him?  Thanks   Kimberly

I am searching for information on the parents of  Thomas Jefferson Beard who was born in San Antonio 15 Feb 1856, father was Robert J. Beard and mother
was Mary Brimberry, she possibly died in child birth because father is remarried in 1860 in Arkansas.  They were possibly married in Houston or Bexar County. Her father died about 1850 in Houston Co..  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks  Nina J. Strahm

Searching for descendants of Joseph M. Toler and his wife Mary V. Yelverton who lived in San Antonio in their later years.  According to one family record, Mary Yelverton Toler died in San Antonio in 1963.  They are believed to have descendants in San Antonio or in the San Antonio area.  Any information on descendants of this family would be greatly appreciated.   Charles Caldwell

Seeking to make contact with Wm. H. CRAUSWELL, lived in Bexar Co in 1988, purpose: to exchange family genealogy info. Thanks  Bill & Emily O'Neal
73 Surrey Trail, Rome, GA 30161-5946  (706) 290-0710.   Thank you.Bill O'Neal

The first names are Jesus Vidal, Josephine Vidal, and James Edgar Mahar.  Jesus and Josephine's daughter, Victorina Vidal married James Edgar Mahar
around 1908-1910. They had a son named Theodore Napolean Mahar, (born in  1911) who then had a daughter named Betty Jean Mahar (my husband's
mother),  born in 1932.  Thanks... MacNut

There are men from Bexar and surrounding counties that served in Company K of the 2nd Texas Cav. My gg grandfather was one of them. I would like to identify as many of these men as I can. At the following web site (  you will find a roster of all men known to be in that unit. If you know any of them, then please fill out the submission form. I will receive the info. and will in turn forward a copy to the Confederate Research Center and will also post the info. on the web site for all to view. I would also be interested in copies of any Civil War photos or letters. Do not send me the origianals.   Thanks for your interest.   Texas Cavalry

I am looking for information on my ggrandfather Gottlieb EHRLER that worked as a blacksmith in Bexar County about 1880-90.  The Blacksmith Shop was across the street from the Alamo.  Are there any records available that might be a help in locating the Shop and possibility of some records or photos?   Freda

I've recently found out that I've got a brother and sister living in Texas....and the search led me to the Travis County web page....I believe  that My father, Donald Loyd HULEN, got married in Travis county. I also believe that my half-brother and sister, Donald Loyd HULEN Jr. and Angela Marie HULEN (I don't know if that's still her surname, she might have married), were born in Bexar county. I know they're twins and were born June 30, 1976. Can anyone tell me how I could be able to find them? I've been  looking for a little over a year....any help would be greatly appreciated.   Viola Knoll

I am looking for and descendents of the below relatives.  I have hit a brick wall and would appreciate any help with them!  They moved to Brownwood in the early 1890’s, and spread out from there!
Davis PARKER married Mary Adeline SANDLIN in AL (after his death she married Miles MORTON)
Their children and their spouses:
Sarah Jane PARKER married William “Wil” BUSSEY and then a WILSON
Blan PARKER married Julie ROBENSON
Mary Ann PARKER Married Dock BALLINGER
Susan Elizabeth PARKER married Thomas Jefferson GREEN, Thomas TARLTON & Hugh COLLIER
Ada PARKER married Stephen PITCOCK
Martha PARKER married James T PRINCE then Sam Houston PARKER
Charlott PARKER married RC LOCKHART
Randolph PARKER married Josie
Calvin “Cal” PARKER married Mary K

These families have been seen around Brown County, Coleman County, Jones County, Taylor County, Tarrant County, Travis County and Harris County.  If you are from one of them, please let me know!  Thanks,   Susan Stewart

I would like to submit the names of my great uncle & aunt and their children.  I have been doing genealogy research for nearly a year now, and cannot find any info on Marilee Wales.  I am hoping that she might still be alive and that we can meet.  If you know of her, or some way that I might find her, please let me know.

Victor W.B. Wales, born 12-01-1891 in Fort Apache, AZ
died, 12-20-1964 in San Antonio, TX
Buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
Wife, Zula Lee House, born 03-03-1898, Houston, TX,
died, 2-20-1975, in San Antonio, TX
Buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
Their only son was born in 1921 and was killed in Africa 11-08-1942 in the service in WWII.
They also had a daughter, Marilee Wales
Thanks for any help...... Jeanne

Looking for information about Edward MEDINA.  He married Nettie LANGDON (Melquiares LANDEU?).  He was born in Mexico in 1851 and Nettie was born
in Texas in 1863.  Their children, that I know of, were Antonio and Mariana (born 1880).  They are in San Antonio in the 1880 census.  David Smet

I am looking for any information you might have on Alvin DeForrest Meyer, who is my grandfather.   He moved to Bexar County in 1949 and was reported dead in about 1955 by a woman named Rodriguez.   My niece was doing a genealogy report and found that A. Meyer died in 1995 at the age of 92! I thought he had been dead all my life.  He worked as a pipefitter at Lackland Air Force Base.   He had a sister named Roxy Meyer whom we have lost touch with.   Mr. Meyer was born and raised in Wisconsin.   Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated since my mother is very anxious to find out the truth, as you can imagine.  Thank you and please be in touch with whatever info you might find.  Sincerely,    John Grant

I am looking for any information on John E. Trainer who died about January 26, 1924 in Bexar County. The obit states that he lived at 306 Frasch Ave.  and was a constable of Precinct No. 1. I have reason to believe he was related to my gg grandmother.  Sincerely,     Jerry Johnson

I am looking for any information concerning Isaac Dillard who lived in Bexar County prior to 1860. His wife's maiden name was Trainer. They are both buried in the Blanco County cemetery.. Jerry Johnson

I am searching for "LINDA MARIE CAILLOUETTE" Born-09-20-47.  MOTHER--MOZELL WAY,  FATHER--John Victor Calliouette.   It is important that I find her...I think she is my sister.  Thanks for any help. Deanna Green

My Sister and I are looking for any information on our Father William  Hamilton Logan, returned to Bexar County, from Florida abt 1945 or  later.  He was last  married to Norma, Died in Lasoya area March, 1956. In 1948 is listed as living at 918 W. Theo Ave and was a Airway Vacuum Cleaner Salesman.  There might be other children or step childern living in the area. Want  information for family history.  Any Information would be greatly appreciated. Dennis Logan

I am seeking information on Mary Sorensen.  She was buried at Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery next to her husband Ernest Peter Sorensen.  I have recently received information regarding Mary's interment.  The funeral home that handled her funeral was Zizick-Kearns Funeral Home in Bexar County.  I was wondering if they have an on-line address, so I may contact them.  I have no information on Mary other than her death date...and where she is buried.  Mary and Ernest Peter had no children, so I rather doubt anyone else is looking for this couple.  I am seeking this information for genealogical purposes only.  I am Ernest Peter's grand-niece.  Mary's date of burial was January 22, 1988, in section A-J, lot 749,  next to her husband in lot 748 at Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery.  I am primarily looking for information on Mary's maiden name, place of birth, who was the responsible party regarding the funeral arrangements, etc.  Thank you for any help or information you may provide. Judi Sorenson Antonson

Looking for any information re:    Bruce Clifton Campbell who was born March 23, 1928 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., to William Edward Campbell and Irma Jones. He also had a sister, Doris Anna Marguerite Campbell who was born September 2, 1929 in Bexar Co., Texas.  If you have. any information, please contact me.   Cindee Ellenbarger

Sounds impossible but I hope you can help. Here is all I know. They were my best friends at the time. we were all stationed at Fort Sam Houston, she was from Hawaii and therefore would have an Hawaiian sounding surname ,he was from West Texas and I cant remember his last name either but it was Anglo-Saxon in origin probably. Their first names were Jane & Walt, married at Chapel 3, bldg 1400 on May 6, 1960. I was their best man.  My older sister just sent me some of my old pictures that my mother had when she was alive and theirs was a part of it. Hope someone can help.   Donald Mulkey

I know this is a long shot, but there's no harm in asking! :-)  My sister-in-law is looking for a long-lost relative.  His name is Adam  Garcia,  he's probably in his 50's now, he grew up in south San Antonio (I think he might've lived off of Somerset) and he went to Harlandale High School.  He was in the Army in the early 70s.  If you know  of this person, or know of someone who does, please e-mail me!  Thanks! :-)   Marlissa Barrier