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August 2001 - May 2002

I am looking for descendents of William and Emma Bigler - Emma Bean Bigler is my Grandmother's sister - Mayme Bean.  William and Emma apparently had three sons, Lee Roy, William and Edward.  The entire family is buried in the Sam Houston National Cemetary in Bexar County.   Thank you. Judy Stewart

Trying to find out about my grandfather James Powers and gransmother Annie Fitzgerald Powers. They were married in Bexar County in1886 .  They had five children.  My Father whose name was John Henry; a girl named Margaret [called Meg] and a boy named Gerald. They also had a set of twins that died at a very young age. My grandmother also died quite young, My Grandfather remarried and had more children. He died in San Antonio on March 23, 1925 after living there for  45 yrs. I would appreciate any information on this family. I would like to know where he is buried.   Have been unable to find any information on this family.If this sounds familiar to anyone please email me. Vernia Stemen

I am researching a Bexar County family who lived in and around the San Antonio area between the 1750's and 1850's. Pedro ROLEN was born in Texas around 1770, his father was Pedro ROLEN-MINON of France and his mother was Maria Antonia ECAY MUSQUIZ. Pedro ROLEN married Ana Petra de SANDOVAL before 1798, their children all born between 1798-1807 in San Antonio. Their children are Jose Francisco ROLEN m.Eugenia CASTRO; Maria Catarina ROLEN m. Jose Maria RIOS; Maria Josefa ROLEN m. unknown; Maria Trinidad Olalla Rolen m. Francisco GOMEZ; and Maria de la Acension ROLEN m. Peter ODET. I would like to correspond with any descendants of this ROLEN-MINON branch. Thank you.   Naomi Alvarez Crain

I am interested in any information pertaining to Trinidad De Los Santos Coy.  He was born on Jan. 9, 1801, died on Dec. 11, 1888.  Is buried in San Fernando Cemetery #1.  Born and died in Bexar County.  Thanks for any help. J. Gonzales

I am seeking my Bexar County "Nunnelee" cousins!  Matthew J. BASS b 1876 Al  d  1916 Bexar Co married Otilia [Egli]; Euola [BASS] b 1873 Al 2nd wife of William Rufus CAMP Sr and their children John Franklin CAMP b May 1895 Tx, William R. CAMP Jr b 1907 Tx, Patrick W. CAMP b 1908 Tx; Walter Nunnelee CAMP b Feb 1882 Tx son of William Rufus CAMP Sr and 1st wife Eula [NUNNELEE].  Matthew J. BASS and Euola [BASS] Camp were the children of Matthew Belton BASS and Susan V. [NUNNELEE] who married in  Lee Co, Alabama and died in Harris Co Tx. Matthew and Euola had a sister Erin Estelle [BASS] b Sep 1882 Al who married John Hayes and they had a brother William BASS b Jan 1893 Tx. Would appreciate any genealogical information for our family's history and be assured I will respect the privacy of all living relatives!!!      Kathye (Payne) Upham

I am looking for information about Jo Elinor French she was born in Bexar Co. in 1935, She is the daughter of William Otto French and Alice Amelia Endicott.
Any information would be appreciated. Especially her married name.    Thank you.B. Ganim

Will share early 1900's photo of Allie Martin as a young man taken in San Antonio, Tx. On the back is written that he is the president of the Dreiss Hill Glee Club. Bought photo on ebay hoping to reunite with descendants/family.      Thanks...Penny Stewart

I am looking for my biological father. His name is Ronnie Earl Ricks.  Date of Birth: 01/15/1951 in Bexar County.  He married my mother, Patricia L. Gresham, when he was 20, in Harris County on 01/21/1971.   They divorced when he was 25, in Harris County 09/07/1976.  His father's name was Terry E Ricks.  There was a Terry E. Ricks that died in Bexar county on 05/17/1973, but I'm not sure if it was the same one.Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Ronnie Griswold

I am looking for descendants of Pedro XIMENES and Crisanta GOMEZ who lived in Bexar County in 1840. Their children were Francisco (1841), Trinidad (1842), Pomposa (1843), Ursula (1844) and Jose de Jesus (1846). The children married into the RAMOS, VALDES, SANCHEZ-NAVARRO and another XIMENES family. They lived in and around Graytown and Losoya.     Naomi Alvarez Crain

Researching THOMPSON, Manuel need information about him.    He died in Bexar Co.  Need to find out details.  OLSON/OLSEN, Stella need information about her.  Was she d/o James Manuel THOMPSON?     Debbie

Robert Catterson b. March 22, 1835. d. March 30, 1914.  Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War. Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, 1872-74.
San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas, USA  Specific Interment Location: Section A Grave 176 / 177.   This is the info I find a Robert Catterson at   Is their any way I can get a copy of his Obit. My address is:  Mike Freed,  811 Buena Vista Street, Rockville, Indiana 47872   I need to found who his parents are to link to the family.   Any help would greatly helpfully.    Mike Freed

Louis Wanke is listed in the 1891 San Antonio City Directory. He is listed as a laborer residing at 814 S. Frio, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Louis Wanke and his sister, Maria (Mary) Wanke immigrated to the United States together. Their parents stayed in Germany. I am searching for his descendants hoping to find the birth and death dates of his sister, Maria (Mary) Wanke who married August Joe Mann, Sr. 31 May 1886 in Castroville, Medina County, Texas. Mary Wanke Mann is buried in the Rutledge Cemetery at Poteet, Atascosa County, Texas. Thanks for any help. Margaret Geyer Grammer

I was born on February 18, 1965, in San Antonio, Texas.  I was adopted from The Methodist Mission Home.  My mother was 18 when she gave birth.  Her father worked for the railroad.  Here mother was a dispatcher.  My birthfather didn't know of the pregnancy.  He was in the Navy. I am looking for both of my birthparents.  Karen Weik

I am interested In my g/gfather's history:  His name was Isaac Sollers, he enlisted  in the 4th U.S. CAV, on 9 Dec 1862 at Nashville, Tenn, for a period
of three years. He was discharged on 9 Dec 1865 from Troop "M" 4th U.S. Cav at San Antonio, Texas.  He reenlisted in the 4th US Cav Troop "M" on
March 19,1869 at San Antonio, Texas.  He was discharged from the 4th U.S. Cav on March 19,1869 at San Antonio, Texas and Married Laura F. Howell on July 14,1869.  Any information would be greatly appreciated, on either Sollers, Howell or the 4th US Cav.  Thank you very much..            T.D. Samples

I am searching for any information on GREGORIO HINOJOSA, also known as  G. B. HINOJOSA.  He died somewhere around 1925.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.   Steve

Looking for relatives who left Sligo, Ireland 1848 and arrived in USA, San Antonio, Texas.  They are all brothers and sisters  BELL, Joseph A b.1832,  Margaret Doyle or BELL she might have been married b.1831 and Robert Bell b.1830. They settled in San Antonio and have found them on the 1880 census all living together.  At this time Margaret had remarried to a Benjamin BOYERD (should be BOGARD) and they have two girls.  Does anyone have similarities with this family and have you any further history or information, which we can share?    Gwen Nadin

I am looking for any information on Cindarella (Cinda) Hires.  She married Louis Sandfield, and after her husband's death lived with his brother, Harry.  From my understanding, Cinda was born in Missouri and was sent to live with some older women in Bexar County after her mother's death.  These women were not relatives, so I have no information on them.  After her  marriage to Louis, they adopted a girl, I think her name is Jacqueline.  ANY information on either the Hires family, the women who took Cinda in, or the Sandfield line would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,    April

We are searching for my GGGradfather William Frank Porter B-1849  M-Agnus Freeman around 1867. We are searching for William's father George. He was supposed to have died in Bexar Co. TX around 1880 to 1884. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks     Gloria

Seeking info on family of Henry C. MOHR (a school teacher, b abt 1829 Prussia)  and his wife Maria L. ___ (b abt 1839 Baden) who were living in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas in 1880.  They had 5 children at the time, all born in Kansas:  Alma L. MOHR - 17, Anna T. MOHR - 13,  , Claire W. MOHR - 11, Ernst L. MOHR - 7, Olga M. MOHR - 6.  They are later found in Waco, McLennan Co., TX - along with my ancestor Ernst (Ernest)
Ludwig Martin MOHR and his family.  Ernst's children have similar names.  I think Henry might be a cousin from Germany.  He's not in our family records
as a brother.  Thanks for any info or advice.    Karen Mohr

I am looking for information on the LAQUE name in the San Antonio, Bexar County area.  I know that my father was born in Von Ormy, Bexar County,
Texas.  My grandfather's name was Santiago C. LAQUE, married to Virginia S. LAQUE.  I lost touch with this side of the family when my father died
and I moved to Houston.  I had been told that my grandfather started one of the first Hispanic Church of Christ in San Antonio. My father had brothers
named Daniel and Robert and sisters named Aurora and Inez (there may have been more sibings).  My grandmother may have been from Oklahoma.  I am not sure where my grandfather migrated from.   Thanks for any help.     LaQue

Trying to do family tree for my grandmother's family, from Bexar County. I have names, letters and orbitorary but coming up against blank walls.I will give you family names here maybe you can point me in right direction.  My g.grandmother : Stella Irene Fleming b 1880 d. 1971 Bexar County her maiden name was Jackson.  She is believed to married to a John Jack info.  My granmother Martha Fleming B. 09/20/1914 believed to be born in Bexar
County. d 02/08/1974 San Mateo CA  there are other names such as Thelma G Fiath , Marget Stulz , Gwen Carrico Dawson, Jack(Buddy) Fleming, Major David Fleming USAF, Charles(Sonny) Fleming,  and Betty Vasto.  These are my grandmother's brothers sisters and other family members that we have letters on.  I can not seem to find any info on these family members and I am only at beginning of search fearing it's at the end all ready.  I appreciate any assistance or advice you can give.  Thank you so much for all your time  and patience in this matter.       Sharlotte Bennett

I am looking for information on David Woodson Heard and David Woodson Heard Jr.  I have info from San Antonio City directory date 1891-1894. also request any info on Mary Bennett Heard (Altgelt)  Thank you        Bonnie Heard Morgan

I am looking for any information on Henry "Doc" Harris (born:abt 1840).  My  records show that he was buried in San Angelo, Bexar, TX. But I don't
know where. His wife was Matilda Chesney Harris (born:27 Nov 1837 died:21 Nov 1914) buried in Sand Branch Cemetery, Atascosa Co ,Texas. Any help would be appreciated.    Martin

I have been searching for my two sons, Brian and Michael for several years, with no results. The last time I knew where they were was in 1973. Brian was born Sept. 16, 1967 and Michael  was born May 7, 1970. They may be using their stepfather's name of Greenwood. Their mother's name is Pamela (Rawnsley) Greenwood. They were living in San Antonio in the 1970's. Any information about Brian or Michael would be appreciated, and I will share information on this family.    Benjamin Glenn & Ethel Hensley

Looking for my dad's cousin! His mom (Catherine V.(Grant) Gilbert's obit Cleveland, 1964 has Robert in SanAntonio area. Also sons Scott & Palmer.
Any info a help.    Harry Grant

I have the history of Thomas Harley Micklejohn, the first Street Commissioner of San Antonio.  Our family includes (in Texas), Micklejohn, Johnston, Potts - 1890's through the 30's.  Later names are Potvin, Herrera, and Burden.    R. Burden

I am looking for information on  BAKER, Millet F., 37 B Tx, Helen M., wife 40 b TX.  We have 1 man who, according to what we can find, had 2 babies, by different women in April of 1880; one by Abigail GRANVILLE YOUNG FARQUHAR named Miller Abigail Farquhar and one  by Minerva Susan SCALLORN FARQUHAR named Helen Farquhar.  The father was Wright Alford FARQUHAR b 1859 TX.   My husband's ggrandmother was Miller Abigail FARQUHAR m. James Luther BAKER thus: Miller BAKER  I think Miller was listed in a household with Helen and I was wondering if anyone would know why?  Thank you.    Mary Roberts

Need some help. My wife's Aunt passed away at St Lukes hospital in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Between 11 May 2001 when she was transfered there and approximately 2 month period. 11 May to around the middle of July. Her name was Helen Kathleen Daniels.  Thank You     Ed

I am trying to trace the family name of PRETTYMAN and would love to talk with anyone who is also tracing that surname. The  2 families that I am
interested in are that of Charles Robert PRETTYMAN and Richard Robert PRETTYMAN. I would love to find out what branch of the tree these two families are from.  Thank you very much.   Best Regards,    Sue Prettyman

Charles Lindsay was born 13 Sep 1877 in Alabama. Died 22 Mar 1944 at 68 yrs (in book at Davis Funeral Home, Henrietta, Clay, TX) He married
Nancy  "Nannie" Hollar. She was born 1881. Children of Charles Lindsay and Nancy Hollar are [as of 1920 census]: #1. Arthur Adelbert Lindsay, b.
01Oct  1901; d. Feb 1983, Henrietta, Clay Co, TX. He married Ruby Mae Patterson Child of Arthur Lindsay and Ruby Patterson is Patricia Rose
Lindsay, b. 20   Jul 1934. #2. Vestal Charles Lindsay, b. 17 Aug 1904, Poteau, LeFlore Co, OK; d. 23 Sep 1978, Bexar Co, TX. He married ??. Children ?? #3. Mary  Desel (Mayatella) Lindsay, b. 1908. #4. Inez Lindsay, b. 1917.   Please contact me...    Carrie

I am looking for a hospital or sanitorium in San Antonio. My Great grandfather's brother died in 1919 in what the family always called "The Sanitorium". He was there bacause he had tuberculosis. Does anyone know what this hospital was. Is it still in existance. Someone told me in the state archives that it was the County home. I would like to try to get his medical records.  His name was William F. Ambrose. He also had two daughters that also died from tuberculosis, but I do not know if they died there. They were Dorothy and Audery.  William's date of death is February 23, 1919.  Any help is appreciated.   Thanks,     Loren Ambrose

I am looking for information on GEORGE F PORTER that was in BEXAR County census in 1880. He had a wife and 3 or 4 kids. We think his brother Thomas may have been in Bexar County also. I would be glad to get any information.  Thanks     Gloria

My name is MARY HELEN PEREZ I was born in San Antonio Texas in 1944. I'm looking for any one that is member of the Sarro family.  My great grandfather was from Italy and his name is PIETRO SARRO. My grandmother is BLANCHE SARRO HERMOSA. I believe that we have Sarro family here.   I was told that one of our cousins had a dance band that was know as the JOHNNY SARRO BAND. Thanks..   Mary Helen Perez

I am looking for any one who might have known Angela Herrera.  She was born on 3/29/1913 in Texas (Bexar County ?).  Her maiden name was Angela Valdez.  Her mother's maiden name was Granillo.  Angela married my grandfather, Jesus Herrera.  They moved to Downey, California in 1930 (?).  They had 12 or 13 children.  Her last known residence was listed as Belflower, California.  She passed away on 6/25/1985.  I don't know much more except that 2 of her children's name are:  Antonio and Peter (Peter has a daughter named Sabina).  If any one might be able to help please contact me.  I am desperate to know who Angela and Jesus were.    Cecilia Alejandra Herrera

I am looking for information about the family of Frank CURRIER of Bexar County.  Who was his wife?  When was Frank born?  He had a daughter
named Joanne who was born between 1925-1935 in Bexar County.  Thanks for any info....  John Currier

I am searching for info on the family of Thomas David MANICOM and his wife Margareta MEIXNER who were married in 1873 in San Antonio.
Their son William Thomas MANICOM was born in 1875 in San Antonio and rode with Pancho Villa.  William died under mysterious circumstances in
El Paso in 1921, a couple of years before Pancho Villa's death in 1923.  William Thomas MANICOM was married to Maude CALDWELL abt 1913.
Any info appreciated!    Mrs. Dallas Manicom

Looking for information about Noah Ogle.  Known to be in  Bexar County in 1910-1920.  Thank You   Norman

 I would like any information on the John L. May family.  He was born in the 1890's. His wife was Stella Marcrum May. Thank you. James Threadgill

This may sound a bit strange, but, my brother and sister and I know nothing about our Father or his family.  There is, unfortunately, no one left alive
in our family to tell/help us.  I thought maybe a 'lookup' of the marriage license made out by my Mother and Father would help a little and give us a
clue as to where to look for answers/relatives from his side.  My parent's names were James Neal Cook and Muriel Eppinger.  They were married in San
Antonio, Texas in March of 1957, my Mother just turned 17 (Born in 1939) and my Father was 20 or 21, I think, born in 1936.  My Fathers' parent's names were Kenneth Olin Cook and Anna T. Runnels.  My Mother's parents' names were William Henry Eppinger and Celesta Pohl.  I hope to glean a clue as to where my Father's' parents came from, etc.  Thank you very much, your friend,   Audrey

Sounds impossible but I hope someone can help. Here is all I know. They were my best friends at the time. we were all stationed at Fort Sam Houston, she was from Hawaii and therefore would have an Hawaiian sounding Surname ,he was from West Texas and I can't remember his last name either but it was Anglo-Saxon in origin probably. Their first names were Jane & Walt, married at Chapel 3, bldg 1400 on May 6, 1960. I was their best man.
My older sister just sent me some of my old pictures that my mother had when she was alive and theirs was a part of it. Thanks,   Donald Mulkey

I am seeking information on the surname Seitzer.  Lawrence Eldon and Doro Ellis Seitzer divorced in 1948 in Bexar County.  I believe they had one
child: Eldon Leon Seitzer born March 1, 1946.  Lawrence remarried Dorothy Cornelius Shultz October 14, 1948 in Lycoming County, Penna and had three children: Larry W, Thomas H and Ann.  Any help would be appreciated.    Debbie Wallace

I am doing a family tree on my father's side of the family. I seeking information on Maria Garcia who was born 11/05/1910 and died 11/07/1985 in Bexar County and is buried at El Carmen Cementary. I wanted to know who she was married to. I am searching for my aunt Maria Garcia whose married name was Hernandez.  But my father's side of the family had a thing with keeping their last name. So if someone could help me with this info.....Thank you,
Susanna Figueroa Alvarez - niece of Maria Garcia.

Seeking information on a Severo Garza, whom we are told owned a bakery in S.A. mid to late 1800's and early 1900's, died in SA around 1923 or 1924. He was originally from Sabinas Hidalgo NL Mexico or possibly Bustamante NL.  He had brothers named Ventura, Felipe and Jose Garza and one sister named Virginia.   Severo was a great uncle and we would like to locate any family he might have had.  Thank you.  Vangie Robertson

Looking for information on Joe John Svach, Jr. and wife nee Kwon Yong Suk.  They both died in Bexar County (Converse) May 29, 1986.  They had a daughter, maybe born in Bexar County.  Joe Svach was military, born Jan. 17, 1948.  His father was my mother's uncle (half).  Pat Sommerfeld Lyon (mother Anna Victoria Urban, father Rinert F. Sommerfeld)    Thanks for any help...   Pat Sommerfeld Lyon

I am looking for information on CONRAD NICHOLS and MARTIN NICHOLS, twin boys born 1912 or 1913 in probably San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.   They were the sons of WILLIAM M. NICHOLS and LOTTIE SEMLINGER.  William M. (Will) Nichols was born c.1875 TX and Lottie was born 1885 TX; she died 1920 and is buried in San Antonio, TX.  Will Nichols died 1941.  On the 1920 Bexar Co TX census is also listed a daughter, Annabelle.  On this census the Nichols family was living on Virginia Blvd., San Antonio, TX; next door to them are Lottie's parents, CONRAD & ANNA SEMLINGER and family.  I would appreciate any information on the families of CONRAD NICHOLS and MARTIN NICHOLS.  Thanks for any help.  .Billie Nichols-Bennett

Looking for information on the following Bexar Co TX family that appears on the 1900 census:   SEMLINGER, Conrad... born 1860 in Germany. He owned a Dairy in San Antonio.  His wife was Annie, born TX 1868, her parents born in Germany.  Their children were: Lottie, John, George, Fritz, Lillie, Willie, Edie, Edna and a son not named born 1900.  I am especially interested in the daughter LOTTIE. Her married name was NICHOLS. Lottie was born 1886 amd died 1920.  Would appreciate any information.    Billie Nichols-Bennett

I am doing genealogy research but the circumstances are a little unique.  The person I am looking for is name Elza Embrey McDonald born September 7, 1893 in Kentucky and died November 14, 1976 in San Diego, California.  He married Doris May Dalrymple.  (do not know dates as of yet)  Elza was put in Federal Prison in San Antonio, Texas sometime between the years of 1920 - 1925.  Though when he was released he was made a Texas Federal Marshall (?).  Need direction I should go to find information on Elza?  I have a lot of "feelers" out there but I do not know if I will get a response or even if I do get a response they may not have information regarding him.  My identical twin sister's husband is named after Elza.  I appreciate any pointers.  Thank You.      Jaci LeDoux

Seeking info on WILLIAM McLEAN RUSSELL, Died Jan.7,1944 in Galveston, but was buried in San Antonio, Tx. Relationship: gdaughter. Was Supervisor with Army Air Supply Office (in Galveston) at time of death. Permanent residence was 606 Avant St., San Antonio, Tx. Would appreciate any information as to descendants, etc. Please email: Sue Hess Teeter

Gunn, James  Thomas   Birth date 1837.  Birthplace - Arkansas.  Death after 1880.Bexar County Texas. and Spouse  Marthia.  Seeking birthdate , place of birth, date of death of Marthia.   Thank you      Melvin E Dunn

Searching for information on family of my grandmother, Lee Barrett b. April 9, 1885 in Bexar County.  She married Fred C. McCurdy. They lived in Comanche after the marriage. I have no other information and we never knew any relatives from her side of the family.   Thank you. Peggy J. McCurdy

Looking for information or descendants of Hamilton L. McCluskey and Clara Mull, who died in San Antonio in 1925 and 1936, respectively.  Their
children were Frank M. (married Pauling Uhr), Calvin H., and Hannah Leona (married James O. Hedges).  Thanks in advance!   Jane Copes

Looking for information on Ted GARNER, Jr. and his family. He was born in Bexar County, January 1, 1931. He died in WWII. His mother was Marie
RUGELEY and his father was Ted GARNER.  Please contact  Hilton L. Hunt

I am wanting contact with relatives, friends or acquaintances of Julius Stavinoha.  He lived in San Antonio and may have passed away Sept. 2000.  Thank you,    Mary

I am trying to find the following information about my family, that grandparents came from Italy in late 1800"s or early 1900's.  Peter Micheal Nigro and Delphina Carolina Fillippone were married in San Fernando Cathedral on the 25th of December 1910. Buried in San Fernando Cemetery.  They had six living sons born:  Frank Anthony who died before he was two and is buried in same grave as my grandmother Delphina.  Charles Anthony was born in 1914, John Baptist was born in 1917, Peter Micheal was born in 1919, Frank August was born in 1922 and August Joseph was born in 1924.  My dad is Frank that is only one still living, and unfortunately unable to help in my search.  Do you know where I might get copies of birth,  baptism, death certificates or anything else on them?  My grandmother was brought to San Antonio as a little girl, while my grandfather arrived in New York.  He was a tailor.   Thanks,   Sharon Jean Nigro Russell

Vestal Lindsay born 17 Aug 1904 LeFlore Co, OK.  Died 23 Sep 1978 Bexar Co,  TX.  Vestal applied for SSN August 30, 1956 while living at 211
Danbury, San Antonio, TX.  He is buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, 9/26/1978, LTC/USAF, Plot: A-B, 57.  Lillie Bertha Lindsay, D/wife born 11 Oct 1898, died 22 Aug 1957, Plot: A-B 58.  Lola P. Lindsay born 26 Aug 1903. Died 24 Feb 1986 TEC4/USA Plot: A-B, 57 (second wife?).  I'm looking for children of Vestal.  Searching for an Obituary as well.  Vestal was my 1st Cousin twice removed.  Thanks for any information.  Carrie

Several WALKER brothers migrated to Texas from Marshall Co. KY beginning around 1880.  JOHN J. WALKER was known to be in Lamar Co. Texas in 1880, Hill Co. Texas in 1900 and Ellis Co. Texas in 1920.  ROBERT S. WALKER was known to be in Kerr Co. Texas in 1900, 1910, and 1920.  GUSTAVUS A. WALKER migrated to Texas circa 1890. In 1900 he was in Johnson Co. Texas, in 1910 Nolan Co. Texas and he died in Bexar Co. Texas 7 Apr 1950. Gus's wife was ROSA ELEY WALKER and she died somewhere in Texas between 1903 and 1910. Gus is buried in Del Rio Texas with his son Clyde who died in 1930.  Gus's other children were Laura, who married a MYTHEN and was last known to have resided in San Antonio. She died in 1963.  Reese B., who died in 1950. Ruby, who married a HENSELEY and also was last known to have resided in San Antonio and died in 1980. Inez Pearl who married a FOLAND also last known to have resided in San Antonio and died in 1974. LUTHER BASNETT WALKER who died 1 Mar 1966 in San Marcos, Hays Co. Texas.  LUTHER B. WALKER had a son, Luther B. WALKER, Jr. Luther JR., and operated a tax service in Conroe Texas, L.B.Walker and Associates. Luther died 7 May 1994 in Conroe. He was married first to a KATHERINE CRENSHAW who died in 1958 and secondly to DOROTHY ANN HILLMAN who died 6 Mar 1992 in Conroe. From what I know and from some documents, Dorothy was a member of the Montgomery Co. Historical Society and was quite a family historian. I have been unable to locate her genealogical works so far.  Anyone who may have information about this family please contact me. Thank you for any assistance.   TwoPairJustALike

I am looking for a family of PORTER that were in Bexar County Texas in 1880 Census.  George Porter and Wife Priscilla And 5 Girls And 1 Boy named William.  George is listed in City Directory as Owner of THE STAR RESTURANT. in San Antonio, Texas.   He died before 1884.  Any one knowing of this PORTER family and willing to share information, please contact me; info would be highly apperciated.   Thanks    Gloria

Looking for ANA SYLVIA BARAY (who was born in 1953 to ANITA & ALBERTO BARAY) to settle the estate of her late father (died 1993).  Her parents were divorced in Bexar Co, TX on 30 Oct 1956 in the 73rd Judicial District of TX; case F-89467.  Her half-sister, ROSE M BARAY, is asking for her to contact her immediately but does not have a computer.  I can pass along any message that is emailed. Julia M. Brittain,  Houston, Texas

I am looking for information (death, burial, etc.) on my great great grandmother Ann Warsham Oliver.  She was a widow of Confederate JJ "Hic" Oliver from San Marcos who was killed south of San Antonio during the war in 1864.  Her son Brittain Oliver moved to San Antonio in the late 1800's and was a carpenter.  I have reason to believe she may have moved to San Antonio to live with her son and died there.  Thanks for any help.   Dusty Rhodes

I would greatly appreciate any information anyone could provide regarding my deceased father VILLARREAL,Quemesindo (born 01/13/21) who passed in March, 1987 and is buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetary.  Thanks,     Roberto Villarreal

I am looking for information on my grandmother, Esther Apter. Her maiden name was Brodsky and she came to San Antonio, Texas in the early 1900's
from Russia.  If you have any information, ie date of death, burial place, any relatives etc. please send information to my email address -  Thank you very much.    Ellen Chase

Looking for information on an Edward Eichler who owned an auto parts store in San Antonio in the early 1900s.  He immigrated to the USA from Austria in about 1874 with his parents, Joseph Eichler and Anna Lange Eichler.   Thank you,   Lynn Eichler Allen,  Sherman, Texas

I'm researching the following surnames _ Murphy-Smith- Tweedy-Rains and Langston.   At this time, looking for information on MURPHY family found on 1900 Bexar Co Tx census living in San Antonio.   E.[ ELLA ] Rains Murphy  wd.  3 children at home 3 children away.  Her daughter RUTH br.1887 marr. CLARENCE SMITH  1905.  WILL br.1886  THOMAS br.1879 living  at home.  Husband worked for railroad.    Family came from CORPUS CHRISTI.  Older sister was Linnie Tweedy Langston.  Thanks for any assistance.   Eileen Kirkland

Franz is the last name. However I have learned the first name is Ernst or Ernest Franz.  Caroline or Lena Franz is his wife. Her maiden name was Linnartz.
They lived on North St. in San Antonio in the 1900's I think he predeceased her. She was listed in the 1933 obituary of a relative in New Braunfels Texas, where she was originally from. Her first marriage was to William or Wilhelm Jonas from whom she had one or two children and was then divorced.  Anyone with any info on this family please contact me.   Thank you    Gwen Linnartz

I am looking for info on Park Photos company that came to Port Lavaca ,TX in 1910-1911.  Can anyone help me with this??  I hear that they were from San Antonio.  Any info would be helpful....   Thank you. Darlene Baker

I am searching for a family of PORTER that were in Bexar CO. TX. in 1880.  George F PORTER B- Around 1823  in TENN.  Prisilla ?? PORTER B-Around  1845 in TENN.  They had the following children:  Patti ?? PORTER 16 B-TENN.,  Belle PORTER 14 yrs old  B-TENN., William D Porter 12 yrs.old B-TENN.,  Letitia ? PORTER 10 B- TENN., Viola ?  PORTER  8 B-Texas,  Etta ?? PORTER  2 B-Texas.  Anyone haveing information on this family please E-mail me direct at ...  Gloria Thompson

I am trying to obtain information on a pending divorce action.  The petitioner is Mary Ortiz, respondent Eddie Ortiz.  There are three children of the marriage:
Megan, Adrianna, and Christopher.  The petition would have been filed in Bexar County in 2001.  The petitioner's current address is : 114 E. Mayfield, San Antonio, Texas 78214.  Thanks for assistance   Linda Sanchez

Searching for any info on:  NEWTON, Col. Samuel Galitzen (1823 - 1874) - b. 27 Mar 1823 d. 21 Jun 1874 in San Antonio, Texas.  Several of his children are listed in the City Directories 1877/78 and 1891. I have tried using mapquest to locate some of the streets, and do not find them on current maps.  212 Obraje and
445 Acequia.  I would like to know what resources I should try to find, to learn about any name changes in the streets, including the reasoning behind the name changes.  I learned from Mapquest, that there is a Galitzin St. in downtown San Antonio, and would also like to know if there is any resource to about the naming of this particular street.  Thanks for any help. Genevieve Shockley

I am searching for info on a Gustave Wiegand.  We have been cleaning out my Grandfather's house and found a picture painted by this person.  I found his name through SSI and was wondering if this could have been the person who painted the picture.  Any info concerning this gentleman would be appreciated.  Thank you.
for any help.      Ramona Kuntz

Looking for information on Estanislado Solis/Soliz that was in 1893/94 phone book (city directory?).  His wife was Florence Lockwood.  Thanks for any help... Linda

Von Wernich, that is my last name. Originally from Argentina, I live in Florida. My family comes from Germany. Some to Argentina and some to Mexico and Texas. I would like to find the ones in Texas.  Thank you,    Alex von Wernich

I am USMC buddy from Illinois looking for family of Jesse Muth RAMIREZ.  Last known address of parents was San Horatio St. San Antonio(Bexar)Tx.   Please contact me   Terry

Where would I write to find out if a certain person ran the lunch stand in the Bexar Co. Courthouse in 1920-1921?    Thanks for any help. Lilly Engleman

I am researching BONNET, NEMETY both in Bexar county late 1850.  Will exchange information with any party interested person.  Thanks    Rose Halpin

Searching for info on Jose Castro.  He was born about the year, 1871.  He is said to have ridden with Pancho Villa.  He also fathered many children  with different wives.  He had a child by Juana Vasquez.  He also had children named, Claudia Reyes, Solomon, Pauline,  Simon and Geronimo.  I do not know the name of their mother.  He is listed as a Laborer in the 1920 census.  I am unable to locate him in the 1910 census.  He lived primarily in San Antonio, Texas.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you,   Dana

I am searching for a 3-volume set of books written by Mary Francis TERRY INGMIRE, entitled "The TERRYS and Associated Families." It would be of great help in researching TERRY ancestors.   Mary-Margaret Beach

I am looking for Philip C. Lee, died 1845-1850 in Bexar Preemption Land Grant territory.  Does anyone have any information that goes that far back?  Would appreciate any help....  Carolyn

I am researching my Grandfather's family.  He was born Francisco Manuel Ximenez but changed his name to Frank Jimenez.  He was married to Antonia Seguin and his parent's were Jose Ximenez and Ana (Anita Flores). I would appreciate any help or information you may have on the Ximenez family line.  I would appreciate any information Roma Jimenez Smith

I am looking for information on the Bexar County Tuberculosis Sanatorium,  1912 or the Weaver H. Baker Memorial Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 1948 - 1952. - Thanks...   Sara Lozano


I am submitting the Carriaga surname from my Great Grandmother Alejandra Rodriguez Carriaga. She was also the mother of Maria Helen Rodriguez Carriaga,
who has family in the Schertz area if anyone could enlighten me with more information please contact me address any e-mail to  Feliciano Gonzales Jr.

Looking for information on Mary Lauderdale Young & her sister, Amira Lauderdale Wynant. I've traced them to San Antonio, Bexar Co., early 1890's. They were from Jack Co., TX & the daughters of James S. & Elizabeth Henson Lauderdale. Mary was married to Newton A. Young, family lived at 327 Hidalgo & had  several businesses at 268 W. Commerce.  Mary had a daughter named Norinne who married a Kroeger. Norinne's daughter  was Beryl Norinne who married Douglas Miller Hale. Beryl attended Incarnate Word Hi School in 1930's. Beryl & Douglas were parents of twins, Douglas Jr & Beryl Electa. Don't know if they had other children.  Would like any information on this family.  Thank you,     Sandy Avery

Looking for help on my mother-in-laws(Adelaida"Adela" Casanova Rodriguez) family. Her parents were Ruben Casanova and Adelaida Casanova. Her siblings
were Minerva, Erlinda, Florencio, Fernando, Eduardo, Victor, Samuel, Raul, Ruben JR., Aliphonso. They were from Elmendorf, Graytown and San Antonio,
Texas areas. If anyone has any information on them, their wives (Talamantez(Talamantes), Seguin, Esquivel)or children, please email me.Thanks and gracias. Sincerely, Ray-Lyne Rodriguez.
Need land deeds for Casanova family surname(Elmendorf and San Antonio, Tx.) and a Jose Reyes Rodriguez also called as Joe R. Rodriguez Married to
Adelaida "Adela" Casanova( on 722 Gladstone Ave. San Antonio, Tx.). I can be more specific on Casanova names if anyone can help and email me personally. Thanks. I live in Maryland and cannot go there to find these.Appreciate any suggestions on how, where to obtain these. Thanks very much. Sincerely, Ray-Lyne Rodriguez

I am interested in obtaining information from the City Directory of San Antonio 1893-94.  I am looking for Howard, Thomas M. which stands for Monroe. Actually checking pages on information is needed, in looking for before says A P Shops car rep    I need to know if this is a typographical error and should be S P or M P any information, will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  Tudie

My grandfather, Alex Helmer died at the Bexar County TB Colony 10/11/1937. He was buried at the Bexar County Cemetery 10/12/1937. Does anyone know how I might contact or obtain info from these facilities. If anyone has ever heard of the Bexar Co. TB Colony, I would like any info. Thanks   D.P. Dramer

Hello. Looking for someone to lookup the surname Cherry, on 1920 census. Thank you.   Ray Carpenter

I have been trying to find my gr-gr-grandfathers place of burial forever and having no luck. I am told he was stabbed by a man named Harry Moore in the Buckhorn Saloon in 1889 for cheating in a card game.  I can't find anything on his death or newspaper articles etc. I contacted the Buckhorn and they said they have not heard anything on this. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  Thanks for your time.   Grand father's name: William Denton Butler,  I gather he was a traveling salesman.     Help is appreciated. Bekki (Butler) Wilkins

My Grandfather Thomas A. McCrary Sr. died in San Antonio, Texas 8/18/1956.  I would like to find any information about him I can.  Thanks and God Bless., Barbara

In search of: a school teacher, maiden name; BIRDWELL. the former Miss BIRDWELL became legend in the Bexar County chinese Community;  responsible for finding young chinese children in need, and guiding them through elementary, middle and high school, then, on to University; where at least one became a well known Physician who loved her very much. contact: .

I am interested in locating some of the descendants of WINFIELD A. LOCKHART (born ca. 1823).   I only recently learned that he lived in Bexar County, TX.   He lived here in Alabama with his parents before he (or they) moved to Texas.   I have never known for sure if the parents moved to Texas or not.   His mother was Winneford Lockhart (maiden name unknown).    I do not know who the wife of W. A. Lockhart was.    W. A. Lockhart had, I know for certain, a brother named ELDRIDGE LOCKHART, but I have never known if there were other brothers or sisters or not.   Eldridge Lockhart was born ca. 1827.   He died in Alabama.
Thanks for any help...;  John P. Johnston

I am looking for a Mae/May NICHOLS in the San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX area.  She was married to a SCHMITT.  I know how vague this information is, but am hoping that someone might recognize and identify her husbands first name.  Thanks,   Billie Nichols-Bennett

I am searching for the origins of the following community names: HOLLYWOOD PARK, THELMA, GREY FOREST, OAK ISLAND, VIVA.  I need this data for a project I'm working on.  Any available information, other than that shown in the TX Handbook, will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks. Don Blevins

I am looking for any information on my G-Uncle John William HOLTE b:1885 IL d:1969 Bexar,TX  his wife was  Pearl V. HOLTE d:1949 Bexar.TX
Thx   Irene

Would like to find the reseacher of the Compton in San Antonio. Silas Thomas Compton sent a lot of family information to this reseacher. Silas is the son of my grandfarther's sister.  Thanks  Benny Smith

Trying to locate the wife (if living) of Robert Leroy White.  He is buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.  Date 04/03/1958    HMI/USN P-H, 197  Reason for search:  Family photos of Robert's family.  I have had them since 1946.  They are of his dad, mom, brothers (2), sister, grandmother, his car, Bakersfield Hi(East)  I have tried unsuccessfully for several years to find some member of his family, to return them.  His wife's name is/was  Willa Mary Kaiser White.  I talked with someone at the cemetery several years ago and they forwarded my information to the address of the last known. I heard from the postmaster.  The address he gave me was Devine, Texas.  A lady by the name of Maurine Wade corresponded with me and it was futile.  I am getting up in years and no one would attempt to reach anyone about the pictures if I no longer could.   Sincerely;  Mary Lou (Newberry) Hopkins

Phelper, Ben   I have a copy of a little book called "Shot Down" which he wrote and illustrated in 1947 about his experiences in WWII.   He was from Illinois but his last address was in Bexar, TX and apparently he died there. If any family member would be interested in this little book feel free to contact me.  Respectfully,  Carol

My cousin, Carrie Bower Poteet died in Bexar Co 8/21/1945,  I am not sure if she lived in Bexar Co or was just in the hospital there.  We have been unable to locate a cemetery for her.  Is there a funeral home or an obit for this date.  We would like her grave site and an obit.  Thanks,   bcee1

Looking for information on my paternal grandparents families.  My paternal grandmother was Nettie Elizabeth BLACK, she was born in San Antonio on July 22, 1895.  Her brothers were Joseph, Julius and Edward BLACK.  Her parents were both born in San Antonio, Joseph BLACK(GANDINE) was born on February 10, 1867 and Mary GENSWEILER BLACK HERBSLEB was born on November 30, 1877.  Joseph BLACK's mother Elizabeth STROHMEYER was from one of the first Alsatian families of Medina County in the 1840s.  Elizabeth STROHMEYER lived in San Antonio most of her life.  Elizabeth married Joe GANDINE in the 1860s and later changed the family name to BLACK sometime after his death.

My paternal grandfather was James Jackson HASDORFF born in Kendall County on October 2, 1886.  His family moved to San Antonio about 1896.  His father was Christoph HASDORFF and mother was Lucinda TAYLOR.  Lucinda's was married to a TAYLOR before HASDORFF.  She had three children by TAYLOR.  Their names were Elizabeth, Willie and John Wiley.  Lucinda's maiden name is unknown.  Christoph and Lucinda HASDORFF had four child together Louise WIELAND, Christina HASDORFF, Roxie Lee YEAGER, James Jackson HASDORFF and Minnie Mae GANDINE.  Minnie GANDINE married my paternal grandmother's uncle Herman GANDINE.  My great grandfather Christoph had two children from a previous marriage, William HASDORFF and Annie BRINK.  Any information on any of these families would be greatly appreciated, Ron Hesdorff

Looking for information on Edith G. Baughan, shown in SSDI to have died 30 Jan 2002 in Bexar County.  Local obit?  Local funeral notice?  Widow of Walter Baughan, died 1971.    Thank you.Stemmatis

Searching for an obituary for a EVA VIRGINIA BARTH who died in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas on June 19, 1989. She was a widow when she died. Her husband name was David W. Barth.  Any help would be great,  Thank you,   Michael Alan Hunter  102 Wayne Hunter Rd  Waddington, New York 13694-3139

Am looking for info on Robert Elias BRUMFIELD born Aug.30,1909 Bexar Co. Texas. Any ifo will be greatly appreciated.  Ann Brumfield-Thomas