1900 Census Surname Index

In 1900, Bexar Co. TX had a population of 69,422 people. There were 46 Enumeration Districts within the county, and the census contains approximately 1,450 pages. If you would like a copy of a page, let me know which enumeration district and page you are wanting and I'll send it to you. I do not have an index so I can not do look ups by name.

As we transcribe the census pages, we will post them here. At this time we have transcribed and included in the Bexar Co TXGenWeb site 2,177 of those nearly 70,000 individuals.

Aa-Am Ba-Bm Ca-Cm Da-Dm Ea-Em Fa-Fm Ga-Gm Ha-Hm Ia-Im
An-Az Bn-Bz Cn-Cz Dn-Dz En-Ez Fn-Fz Gn-Gz Hn-Hz In-Iz
Ja-Jm Ka-Km La-Lm Ma-Mm Na-Nm Oa-Om Pa-Pm Qa-Qm Ra-Rm
Jn-Jz Kn-Kz Ln-Lz Mn-Mz Nn-Nz On-Oz Pn-Pz Qn-Qz Rn-Rz
Sa-Sm Ta-Tm Ua-Um Va-Vm Wa-Wm Xa-Xm Ya-Ym Za-Zm  
Sn-Sz Tn-Tz Un-Uz Vn-Vz Wn-Wz Xn-Xz Yn-Yz Zn-Zz  

Surname Given Name Relation Enum Dist Page Line Dwelling Family Institution
Lockhart Emmet Boarder 78 2A 30 28 30
Loder William H Private 135 1B 77 Fort Sam Houston
Lodovic Selina Daughter 78 2A 22 28 30
Lodovic Thomas Son-in-Law 78 2A 34 28 30
Lodovic Camille G Grand Daughter 78 2A 35 28 30
Loftus George Patient 120 23A 36 259 267 South Western Insane Asylum
Logan John Sergeant 135 2A 4 Fort Sam Houston
Lomax Peter Sergeant 135 2A 6 Fort Sam Houston
Longoria R Patient 120 21A 17 259 267 South Western Insane Asyl
Lopez Anestora Head 119 1B 72 13 14
Lopez Martha Wife 119 1B 73 13 14
Lopez Philipa Father 119 1B 74 13 14
Lopez Pedro Head 119 1B 75 14 15
Lopez Rita Servant 135 7A 9 22 22 Fort Sam Houston
Lovenshield Lee Patient 120 22A 24 259 267 South Western Insane Asylum
Lowe John Private 135 1B 78 Fort Sam Houston
Loza Antonia Boarder 78 1B 96 19 21
Lugue James Patient 120 20A 21 259 267 South Western Insane Asyl
Lutts Elmer E Private 135 3B 99 Fort Sam Houston

If we have an incorrect spelling for a surname please let Jimmy know. Be sure to give us the information listed above along with the corrected info.