1877-1878 City Directory "B"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Baaer Adolph tinsmith
Babcock M. H. Engineer
Bachmann Isadore musician
Backstrum Henry gardener
Backstrum Louis hide dealer
Bacon Annie school teacher
Bacon Edward H. house & sign painter
Bacon Ralph L. auctioneer
Badillo Rafael farmer
Bady Mithell  
Baeber Joseph boot & shoemaker
Baer Christian  
Baermann B. carpenter
Baetz Henry blacksmith
Baetz Joseph blacksmith & wagonmaker
Baetz Joseph  
Baetz & Lange   blacksmiths & wagon makers
Bagalet Julio pawn broker
Bailey Benjamin  
Bailey H. shirt manuf
Bailey John E. clk
Bailey John R.  
Bain Charles proprs
Bain Charles  
Bain Charles & Co.   proprs
Baker Edward Col. U.S.A.
Baker Isaac N. business manager
Baker Mary I. Proprietress
Baker S. contractor
Baker Theodore teamster
Baker William clk
Balansuela A. lab
Balcom O.H. carpenter
Baldus Adolph tinsmith
Baldus Theodore clk
Baldwin John H. clk
Balies Antonio lab
Ball John stone mason
Ball Joseph stone mason
Ball Peter stone mason
Ballard Benjamin F. attorney
Ballenger John wks
Balleyos Patricio bar tender
Banks Henry  
Banks John  
Banks William porter
Bannister Thomas veterinary surgeon
Barbeck Hermann successor to Pentenrieder & Company
Barchers Henry gardener
Bardenwerper Charles book keeper
Bardenwerper Max A. clk
Barera Francisco  
Bargas Juan  
Barlemann Adolph barber
Barlemann John barber
Barlemann Joseph tinsmith
Barlenmerber Charles book keeper
Barlett John freighter
Barlett Julius L. general insurance agent
Barnes James W.  
Barnett Albert A. prop
Barnett Albert A.  
Barnett & Freeman   props
Barney Washington wks
Barques Juan de Dios farmer
Barquez Acencion farmer
Barquez Gerardo farmer
Barquez Juan J. farmer
Barquez Polonio farmer
Barren Blase  
Barrera John blacksmith
Barrera Sixto F.  
Barretta John clk
Barriera Feldes  
Barriera Patri  
Barriera Paulone  
Barry David  
Barth Berthold  
Bartholi Govanni fruits and confectionery
Bartholomew George  
Bartholomew George W. clk
Bartholomew Manuel  
Bartlett Charles E. general insurance agent
Bartlett Charles E.  
Bartlett Harriet F. fruits and confectionery
Bartlett Julius L. cashier
Barton George gardener
Bascas Dorotea  
Bascas Francisco  
Bass Mrs. Mary D. home
Bates Alfred D. paymaster U.S.A.
Bates Robert  
Battiste Louis barber shop
Bauer Andrew hack driver
Bauer Herman clk
Bauer Mrs. Caroline widow
Bauer William lumberman
Baumberger Charles clk
Baumblatt Moses clk
Baylor Louisa  
Beaman Mrs. Lillie  
Bean Roy rancher
Bear Christian confectioner
Beaumont E. L. physician and surgeon
Beaumont Franklin J. clk
Beck Annie teach
Beck C. M. widow
Beck Lucien P. county assessor
Beck Thomas  
Becker August clk
Becker Jacob  
Becker Martin milk dairyman
Becker Reinhold furniture dealer
Beckman John C. blacksmith
Beckman Joseph boot and shoemaker
Beckmann Cresence widow
Beckmann Henry  
Beckmann John salesman
Beckmann Louisa home
Beckmann Nina home
Bedell E. A. fireman
Behkopf Charles N. fur dresser
Behrman George  
Beihl Charles clk
Beitel Albert clk
Beitel Francis J. lumber lath and shingles
Beitel Francis J.  
Beitel Rudolph lumber lath and shingles
Bejaran Joseph bartender
Bell David watches and clocks
Bell David K. clk
Bell Jessup M. watches and clocks
Bell Joseph M.  
Bell May  
Bell Powhatan watches and clocks
Bell Robert groceries and provisions
Bell Samuel jeweler
Beller Christian stone mason
Bellis Albert laundry
Bellis Samuel C. laundry
Belzer Reiman wagon maker
Benic George  
Benites Pauline wid
Benjamin James F.  
Benner Bethel  
Bennett Charles II bricklayer
Bennett Edward physician and surgeon
Bennett Fannie  
Bennett George C. photographer
Bennett Henry C.  
Bennett Jane B. wid
Bennett Jessie A. livery feed and sale stables
Bennett Jessie A.  
Bennett Samuel C. wholesale and retail groceries
Bennett Walter A.  
Bennett Wharton A. bankers
Bennett Wharton A.  
Benninghaus Theodore clk
Bentzoro John stone cutter
Berara Juan  
Berban Jesusa  
Berera Juan  
Berera Ygnacio  
Beretta John K. clk
Berg Henry L.  
Berg Henry L. merchants and dealers
Berg Louis S. merchants and dealers
Berg Louis S.  
Bergman Charles home
Bergman Gustave saloon
Bergstrom John meat market
Bergstrom Louis  
Bergstrom Oscar clk
Bergstrom Otto shipping clk
Bernal Juan P.  
Bernard Garnier shoemaker
Berndt William sausage maker
Berry Walker W. attorney
Berthe Joseph stone cutter
Bertolameo Fern clk
Bertom Andrew wks Joseph Hettler
Berz Alego policeman
Bessero Theresa wid
Betz John beer wagon driver
Betzer Reimund wagon maker
Beuregard A. J. T. Major U.S.A.
Beverly Henry M.  
Beyer August corn mill
Beze Victor  
Biagham Henry L. photographer
Bianquini Emilio  
Bickel Thomas  
Bidales Francisco shoemaker
Bidder Henry saloon
Biering Frederick G. gardener
Biernig Charles assistant steward
Bies Jesus  
Biesenbach August hardware store
Biesenbach Frederick watchman
Biesenbach Gertrude wid
Biesenbach Gustave clk
Biesenbach Peter J. book keeper
Biesenbach William saloon
Biggar James H. clk U.S.Q.M Dept
Bihl Charles clk
Binney Henry H. fruits and confectionery
Binney Henry H.  
Binsall Mina  
Bippert Fritz carpenter
Birchler Joseph fruit and produce dealer
Birdsell Lockwood teamster
Bishop Philip  
Bitter Charles butcher
Bitter Haywood  
Bitter William city jailer
Blacey Jacob painter
Black Henry hack driver
Black John saddler
Blair Edwin S. Chief Steward U.S. Hospital
Blake DeWitt clk
Blanchard Chris. second steward
Blanfield John  
Blankenship William R. fisherman
Blas Quintero  
Blebins George  
Blesi Joachim painter
Blight Charles P. clk
Blind Robert porter
Bliss Col. Zenas R.  
Bluhm Julius musician
Blum Andrew gardener
Blum John gardener
Blumeyer Henry wheelwright
Boatner Ezekiel J.  
Bode Henry watchman
Boelhauwe Joseph foreman
Boerglin B. cart driver
Boettler Lewis P. carpenter contractor and builder
Boffier Rafael carpenter
Bogle Margaret  
Bohn Fritz G. harness maker
Bohn Henry saddler
Bolden John II clk
Bolger Mary E. wid
Bollinger Conrad clk
Bolton Catherine wid
Boltz Frank school teacher
Bommar Jacob lab
Bones Anderson  
Bonilla Manuel  
Bonn Pedro farmer
Bonner John  
Bonnet Andrew printer
Bonnet Daniel  
Bonnet H. D. ranchman
Bonnet William  
Booker Anderson  
Booker Conrad saloon
Booker John  
Booker Ralph tailor
Booker Ralph  
Boone George hostler
Boone L. telegraph opr
Boone Simpson  
Borchers Henry vegetable stall market
Borgas Cenovia farmer
Borgas Guadalupe farmer
Bosshard Barbara millinery and fancy goods
Bosshard John H. millinery and fancy goods
Bostwick John L. baggageman
Bothwell Edward H. physician and surgeon
Bothwell James barkeeper
Bottsford Charles E. second lieutenant U.S.A.
Boubel Nicholas  
Bouffer Jean carpenter
Bowen Edward  
Bowen Frank printer
Bowen George R. home
Bowen John G.  
Bowen Mary E. wid
Bowenkamp Frederick stone cutter
Bowers Mrs. wid
Boyd Haywood  
Boyd John  
Brackenridge George W. President San Antonio National Bank
Brackenridge John T. San Antonio National Bank
Brackett Emily W. boarding house
Braden Edward propr
Braden Joseph manager
Braden Martin clk
Bradhand Joseph aged
Bradley Ann M. wid
Bradley James  
Brady T.F. General Insurance Agt
Brady Thoms F. general insurance agent
Bramlet Augustine trader
Brandeburg Henry painter
Brandon R. LaFayette  
Brassfield Solomon  
Braun Joseph butcher
Braunagel Julius fireman
Bravo Marcos lab
Brawdy Willis  
Breckenridge Henry  
Bregulla Christian waiter
Breidhaupt Dora wid
Brenan W. C. stone cutter
Brendel Adam clk
Brendel Emil carpenter
Brendel Hermann clk
Brendel John tailor
Brendel Mary  
Brendel William clk
Breneman Cassius K. attorney
Brennand Thomas farmer
Brewer Minnie  
Brewer Sallie  
Brewer Susan  
Brewster H. P. attorney
Brey Andrew shirt manufr
Briam August clk
Briam Louis general merchandise
Briesh Mary wid
Briesh Paul clk
Briesh Peter clk
Briggemann Annie wid
Briggs James T. teacher
Brockman George clk
Brockmann Ferdinand clk
Brodowski Louis A. barber shop
Brooklyn Edward theological student
Brooks Louis hack driver
Brooks Mahailey  
Brooks Richard  
Brooks Salbury  
Brooks Sebastian gardener
Brotze Margaret wid
Brown Alvira  
Brown Charles  
Brown Eda  
Brown Erge  
Brown Henry  
Brown Hugh G. First Lieut
Brown M. cook
Brown Matilda  
Brown Mollie  
Brown Samuel  
Brown Thomas private U.S.A.
Brown Wilbur book keeper
Brown William wheelwright
Brownell Mark machinist
Bruce Charles M.  
Bruce Edwin clk
Bruce Gabriel C.  
Bruni Antonio clk
Bruni Antonio dry goods & grocery
Brush Powell butcher
Bryan Nancy wid
Bryant Maria  
Buchanan George  
Buchanan John C. stockraiser
Buckley B. policeman
Buckley Bernard lab
Buckley Hathaway  
Buckley William P. laundryman
Budde Frederick porter
Bueno Cresencio  
Buffier John carpenter
Bukowitz Ignatz music teacher
Bullard Samuel M. cabinet & pattern maker
Bumbrey Amanda  
Bumbrey Harriet  
Bumbrey Strother  
Bunting Richard P. Jr. govt
Bunting Richard P. Sr. engineer
Burch Ella  
Burch Elvira  
Burch Neena  
Burcot August gardener
Burda Ignatz  
Burke C. H. lab
Burke Frank hostler
Burke Joseph hack driver
Burke William H. clk
Burkhardt Conrad  
Burkhardt Fritz hack driver
Burns Bernard carpenter
Burns Henry carpenter
Burns James lab
Burns James lime manufacturer
Burns Patrick grocer
Burns Peter propr
Burral Arthur photographer
Burrall Arthur  
Burton G. W. attorney
Burton James  
Burton Stepen G. book keeper
Busar Elizabeth  
Butler Erastus G. confectioner
Butler Margaret  
Butler Oscar  
Butler Robert barkeeper
Butler Seth C. confectioner
Butterfield Frank E.  
Butterfield Frank S. clk
Buttron John clk
Buttron Mary wid
Butts John carriage driver
Buys Frank bartender
Byne Agnes wid
Byne Joseph  
Byrn Lucas H. confectioner