1877-1878 City Directory "C"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Cabrel James  
Cadena Joseph  
Caen George dyer & scourer
Caen Joseph gardener
Cahen Charles restaurant
Caldron Lucia  
Caldwell Alexander C. tinner
Caldwell Franklin printer
Caldwell George W. bookkeeper
Caldwell Mingo porter
Callaghan Bryan  
Callaghan Isabel wid
Callaghan James commission merchant
Callahan John job printer
Callegari Peter teacher
Calonga Antonio  
Calvayrac Victor first cook
Camones Louisa  
Campbell Alexander clk
Campbell Daniel moulder
Campbell Eugene hostler
Campbell John draughtsman
Campbell John carriage driver
Campbell Joseph N. stockman
Campbell Maggie clk
Campbell Maria D. wid
Campbell Martin tinner
Campbell Patrick aged
Campbell T. wid
Campbell Thomas farmer
Campos Andres farmer
Campos Francisco stone mason
Campos Jesus  
Campos John huckster
Canales Jesus  
Canant Thomas fireman
Canning John shoemaker
Canter Maria C. wid
Canterbury Elizabeth M. wid
Canterbury Harvey printer
Canterbury Mildred home
Capeder Anton stone mason
Capeder Peter carpenter
Caratonio Martinas  
Cardenas Juan ex-Deputy sheriff
Cardenas Rafael barber
Carillo Aniseto  
Carlile John Supt. U.S.Q.M.D
Carlile M. millinery & notions
Carlin Michael  
Carmichael William  
Carolan Catharine wid
Carolan Kate home
Carolus Frederick lab
Carolus Robert blacksmith
Carpenter L. H. Col U.S.A.
Carpenter Lawrence  
Carr Simon stone cutter
Carrion Rufino painter
Carroll Cornelius  
Carroll Francis M. carpenter & builder
Carroll James messenger
Carroll John stone cutter
Carson Benjamin  
Carter Henry proprietor
Casa Gillernio prinater
Casey Charles lab
Casey Daniel  
Caspar Kuesli boarding house
Casper Larkin  
Cassian Herming  
Cassiano J. F.  
Cassiano Jose  
Cassiano Mary  
Cassiano Ygnacio  
Cassias Jesus stone mason
Cassidy John traveling agent
Castalano Jesus mason
Castellano Coroelio stone mason
Castellano Jesus stone mason
Castellano Palicarpio stone mason
Castilla Calestro  
Castillano Apolonio  
Castillano Cornelio  
Castro Lorenza land & claim agent
Castro Ontonina  
Castro Pedro  
Catranio Torus  
Cavanaugh Patrick  
Cavanaugh Peter tailor
Cavanaugh Thomas W. hostler
Cawley M. J. wid
Cawley Richard C.  
Cayce Isaac cancer curer
Cayce John P. clk
Cayce Shadrach real estate
Cayce William H. collector
Cendredo Alafonso  
Cerar Felipe stone mason
Ceresini Fortunato confectioner
Cerna Manuel  
Cerras Leonicia  
Cervantes Damas  
Cervantes Eullio  
Cervantes Isabel  
Cervantes Lucinda  
Cervantes Mary  
Cervantes Santiana  
Cevalles Teodoro farmer
Chabot George S.  
Chacon Terburcia  
Chaffin John G. quarryman
Chamberlain George clk
Chamberlain William bds
Champlain H. A. stone mason
Chapman George  
Chappa Guadalupe  
Charer Elizabeth  
Charo Manuel farmer
Chase F. L. bds
Chase George clk
Chase George M. barber
Chase Nancy wid
Chase William wks
Chavez Blasa  
Chavez Erasmo J. county collector
Chavez Francisco blacksmith
Chavez Ignatio shoe shop
Chavez Jesus  
Chavez Joseph lab
Chavez Juan  
Chavez Leandro land owner
Chavez Maria  
Chavez Mariana teamseter
Chavez Miguel gardener
Chavez Pedro lab
Chavez Sebastian  
Cheausse Marius  
Chess J. Fred dentist
Chess James B. dentist
Chevalier Archie S. attorney
Chew Thomas R. physican and surgeon
Chew W. L. clk
Chieslik Anton stone mason
Child N. lab
Choi Sam laundry
Christian Jacob hospital steward
Christophel Charles bds
Christopher Noah C. carpenter
Chrysler William turner
Cierra Petro  
Cisneras Daria  
Cisneras Policarpia  
Clark Archie stone cutter
Clark Bridget wid
Clark Crawford bartender
Clark Ellen  
Clark James laborer
Clark John carpenter
Clark Joseph C. chiropodist
Clark Lizzie  
Clark M. R. canvasser
Clark Richard  
Clark Toney carpenter
Clark William S. special agent
Clavin James druggist
Clay Violet  
Cleghorn Benjamin  
Clements Benjamin S.  
Clements M. F. wid
Cloud James R. groceries
Cochran Charles C. printer
Cocke Fred attorney
Cockrill S. A. wid
Coffey John stone mason
Cohen Adolph M. bookkeeper
Cohen Richard drug clk
Cole Eli  
Coleman Andrew  
Coleman Jane  
Coleman John  
Collins Mary chambermaid
Collins Thomas R. carpenter
Collmann Henry blacksmith
Colombo Louis groceries
Colquhoun Ludovie  
Colston Henry M.  
Colton Daniel J. packer
Comerford Thomas  
Comly Clifton Captain U.S.A.
Comos Jesus lab
Compain Piedad  
Compar Bonifacio shoemaker
Compresano Tomasa  
Condon William watchman
Connors Barney stone mason
Conrad Philip matress maker and upholsterer
Conrads George printer
Conrads Julius clk
Constancia Jose M.  
Contreras Jose farmer
Contreras Leonicio  
Conturas Francisco farmer
Cook Allen barber
Cook James hackdriver
Cook Louis  
Cook Owen lab
Cook William H. fireman
Cooke William N. freight agent
Cooley Sim  
Copeland John H. books and stationery
Corona Rosalia  
Cortanola Mitchell groceries and provisions
Cortera August G. translator
Cortinas Antonio  
Corucart Lorenz carpenter
Cos Edward hostler
Cosgrove Nicholas J.  
Cotton Agnes schoolteacher
Cotton Andrew E. attorney
Cotton Arthur  
Cotton Charles E. foreman
Cotton Ida teacher
Cotton Michael G. Justice of the Peace
Cotton Rosa clk
Coulter James hostler
Couring Hermann clk
Courtney Eugene  
Courtney James A. carpenter
Courtney Michael  
Cox Andrew  
Cox Luke stone mason
Cox William clk
Coy Andres S.  
Coy Jacob S.  
Coy Louisa  
Coy Mariana  
Craig Alfred  
Cramm Fritz hostler
Cravett August  
Craw William  
Crawford John C. Sr. capitalist
Crawford T. J. bookkeeper
Crider Francis architect and builder
Crider James H. architect and supt
Crider Thomas builder
Croom John  
Cros Roufer  
Crosson George sheep ranchman
Crothers William D. stock raiser
Croucher Watson veterinary surgeon
Crow James  
Crow M. wid
Crowley Thomas carpenter
Crutchfield John  
Cruz Francisco  
Cruz Reyes farmer
Cruz Vicenti  
Cuer Manuel  
Cuff James plasterer
Cuff Thomas laborer
Cuff William plasterer
Cullane James grocer
Cullinane Lawrence Seargent U.S.A.
Cummins George carpenter
Cundrum Caroline wid
Cundrum William hackdriver
Cunningham Harry boots and shoes
Cunningham John painter
Cupples Annie  
Cupples Edward druggist
Cupples George physician and surgeon
Cupples Herbert W. harness maker
Curren Michael stone cutter
Currens Maggie music teacher
Currie Robert stone cutter
Curry Woodson  
Cursam Theodore finisher
Curtis Edward O. waiter
Curtis Thomas printer
Cush John lab