1877-1878 City Directory "G"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Gabriel Peter fruits and confectionery
Gacconnet Claude F. gardener
Gaenslen John J. physician and surgeon
Galan Francisco deputy sheriff
Galan Joseph P. salesman
Gallagher Edward stone mason
Gallagher Peter  
Galvin Josephine  
Gamble William W. books and stationery
Ganslador Michael driver
Gaono Leona  
Gararo B. lab
Gararo Mrs. A.  
Garcia B. lab
Garcia Guadalupe  
Garcia Ignicio apprc blacksmith
Garcia Ilariat  
Garcia Johanna wid
Garcia Jose M. stock raiser
Garcia Joseph M. clk
Garcia Juan A. farmer
Garcia Juanita wid
Garcia Leonardo  
Garcia Licha porter
Garcia Macrio  
Garcia Maria  
Garcia Maximo  
Garcia Mrs. L. E. wid
Garcia Narcisso  
Garcia Nicola clk
Garcia Phillippa  
Garcia Remesia lab
Garcia Secundino  
Garcier Francisco  
Garcier Josephine wid
Garde Jose  
Gardea Jesus lab
Gardener Clem  
Gardener John stone mason
Gardener Laura wid
Gardener Lillie teacher
Garoff Andrus carpenter
Garriero Hoffsea  
Garriero Levrado  
Garrison Edward  
Garsaro Mariano R. deputy sheriff
Garsas Angeline  
Garsia John lab
Garsia Waulopa lab
Garza Ambrosio lab
Garza Andreas  
Garza Jesus  
Garza Joekaria wheelwright
Garza Jose  
Garza Leonardo real estate agent
Garza Miguel lab
Garza Miguel shoemaker
Garza Mrs. Antonio  
Garza Rafael lab
Garza Teburcio butcher
Garzbach Julius carpenter
Garzbach Solomon gardener
Garzia Esperidion herder
Garzia Isaac herder
Garzia Josephine  
Gast Josephine  
Gasting Ferdinand butcher
Gaston Franklin  
Gastring Josef butcher
Gavarra Phillippi mason
Gayatama Porfiria  
Gaze Louis cook
Geagan Winifred wid
Geary Robert lab
Geddes David G. miller
Gehen Jacob lab
Geismar John  
Gelgedo Pacho  
Gembler Casper gardener
Gembler George wheelwright
Gembler Louis J. blacksmith
Genton Louis clk
Gentry Lee fireman
George Mandry cooper
George Sandy  
Gerhardt Ernest engr
Gerlach Otto tailor
Gerrier Antonio  
Gersbach Julius cabinet maker
Gersdoff Johanna wid
Gersdorff Bernard home
Gestring Ferdinand butcher
Geyer Henry butcher
Gibbons Martin  
Gibbs Samuel  
Gibson Montgomery clk
Gibson William R. chief paymaster
Giddinger Joseph gardener
Gifford Alvah W.  
Gignoux Edward clk
Gilbert Charles C. printer
Gilbert Edward F. clk
Gilbert S. E. wid
Gildea James E. upholsterer and undertaker
Giles Alfred architect and superintendent
Gilhaar Albert butcher
Gill Susie  
Gillespie Annie  
Gillespie John upholsterer
Gimbel Christian confectioner
Gimbel Henry stone cutter
Gimbel Peter gardener
Girard Fernando  
Giraud Leon J.  
Giraud Louis city engineer
Gissi Valentine baker
Gissi Zeyrellus gardener
Glanton Joaquina wid
Glaser Frederick stone mason
Glaser Gottlieb  
Glaser Herman shoe maker
Glass John W. dry goods
Glen Christina  
Glober William  
Gohlmann George wheelright
Goid Franklin clk
Golari Ignacio clk
Goldfrank Max wholesale dry goods
Golloff Zacharias  
Gonlon Eugenia cashier
Gonzales Antonio  
Gonzales Benino  
Gonzales Casino  
Gonzales Gregorio  
Gonzales Gregory lab
Gonzales Jacinto farmer
Gonzales Jesus  
Gonzales Jesus shoemaker
Gonzales Johanna  
Gonzales Jose M.  
Gonzales Josefa  
Gonzales Josephine wid
Gonzales Louis  
Gonzales Luverta  
Gonzales Pedro farmer
Gonzalles Christopher wheelright
Gonzalles Esmerijildo lab
Gonzalles Francisco  
Gonzalles Ramon  
Good William saddler
Goodloe Calvin carpenter
Goodman Eugene  
Goodrich Colt  
Goodridge Lucinda  
Goodwin James D. painter
Gordon E. wid
Gordon George M. land agent
Gordon Gilbert  
Gordon Rachael  
Gorell Adam stone mason
Gorell Tiofel clk
Gorman Bryan baker
Gorothaus Fritz E. book keeper
Gortari Felix C. deputy
Gossenbacher Benjamin carpenter and builder
Gosswiler John pastor
Gotari Fernando farmer
Gotari Ignacio clk
Gotthardt Caroline wid
Gotthardt Christian clk
Gotthardt Robert clk
Grace Horace saddler
Grady Abijah B.  
Graebner Charles clk
Graham Charles bartender
Graham George hostler
Grall Valentine stone mason
Grameaaes Seffereno huckster
Granjean Luis  
Grant Alexander drayman
Granville Adam  
Grape Louis sausage maker
Graves Eliza  
Graves Everett G. civil engineeer
Graves Marshal W. hack owner
Graves Ralph L. county physician
Gray Isaiah S. blacksmith
Greek August wheel wright
Green Jonathan W. painter
Green Lydia  
Green Nathaniel O. attorney
Green Robert E. clk
Green S. P. carpenter
Green Washington  
Gregory J. C. brakeman
Gregory Lewis M merchant
Greisen Mrs. August millinery and fancy goods
Greisman Jacob junk dealer
Grenet Honore wholesale dry goods
Gresser Louis real estate owner
Grice Frank city editor
Griebner John H. confectionery and coffee
Griesenbeck Arthur butcher
Griesenbeck Charles cashier
Griesenbeck Charles Jr. clk
Griesenbeck Otto butcher
Griffin Henry  
Griffin Roderick  
Griffin Thomas  
Grimsenger Frank freighter
Griswold Edward  
Grobau Sophia wid
Groebel Martin wheelright
Groesbeck Mrs. J. D.  
Groos Charles F. Groos and Co.
Groos Fred F. Groos and Co.
Groos Gustavus banker
Groos Manuella  
Groshon John F. book keeper
Gross Alexander  
Grossenbacher Benjamin carpenter and builder
Grossman Charles aprrc machinist
Grossman Henry music teacher
Grossmann August confectioner
Grothaus Fritz book keeper
Grothaus Louis C. attorney
Grous Peter carpenter
Gruetzner August wagon maker
Guaspe Melchor  
Gueldner Albert watches
Guenther Charles H. flouring mills
Guenther Fritz book keeper
Guenthers Arthur millwright
Guerguin Charles pawnbroker
Guerguin Leopold clk
Guerrero Jose M.  
Guerrero Joseph butcher
Guerrero Juneta wid
Guest Isabelle home
Guilbeau Edward groceries
Guilbeau Francis groceries
Guirey Mrs. M. V.  
Guirey William P. clk
Gumbry Strother  
Gutierrez Augustin  
Gutierrez Eulalia huckster
Gutierrez Francisco  
Gutierrez Jesus farmer
Gutierrez Juan  
Gutierrez Luis  
Gwynn Frederick K. post office mailing clk