1877-1878 City Directory "H"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Haacke A. carpenter
Haas Jacob brewer
Haas Moses dry goods
Haas & Oppenheimer   dry goods
Haberland Louis  
Haby Joseph shoemaker
Haefler Joseph  
Haenel Edward clk
Haener Gustave carpenter
Haenig Charles carpenter
Haenig Rudolph carpenter
Hahn Ferdinand steward
Hahn Katie  
Haiduck Annie  
Hailey Richard cartman
Haines Marienne  
Halamuda Albert miller
Halamuda George  
Halff Meyer  
Halff Solomon  
Halff M & Bro.   wholesale and dry goods
Hall Adele home
Hall Cecilia wid
Hall Cecilia home
Hall Charles K. grocers
Hall Edward lab
Hall Ellen  
Hall Ezra B. builder
Hall Henry  
Hall Julia  
Hall William F. stock dealer
Hall C. K. & Co.   grocers
Hallet Barbara home
Halligan Thomas shoemaker
Hamilton Hugh engineer
Hamilton Miss A. L.  
Hamilton William B. insurance agent
Hampton Caroline  
Hanahan August  
Hanbold Hermann tanner
Hancock J. brakesman
Hander Amelia music teacher
Haneisen Alfred bell boy
Hanisen Fredercik collector
Hanlon Thomas  
Hanna William  
Hannich Antone  
Hanscon John private U.S.A.
Harbeck Julius baker
Hardy Daniel porter
Hardy N. C. painter
Hare Charles B. printer
Harmy Charles saloon
Harn Robert C. general agent
Harnisch Charles  
Harnisch & Baer   confectionery
Harper Martha  
Harrington James W. propr
Harrington Matthew M. telegraph operator
Harrington Michael stone mason
Harris Anderson policeman
Harris Courtney C. clk
Harris David  
Harris Easel B. stock raiser
Harris Evan  
Harris Evan messenger
Harris Jackson saloon
Harris James  
Harris Katie M. home
Harris Levica H.  
Harris Lucinda  
Harris Mollie  
Harris Noah W. asst postmaster
Harris Percy home
Harrison Simon drayman
Harrison & Edmonds   attorneys
Hart Ernest bar tender
Hart Simeon clk
Hart William paitner
Hartley Paul clk
Hartmann Hermann third cook
Hartmann Louis stone mason
Hartung Adolph W. clk
Hartwig Julia wid
Hartz Emily home
Hartz Johanna wid
Haskill Joseph engineer
Haskins James  
Hathaway George B. saloon
Hathaway Gilbert R. saloon
Hauschke Robert  
Hauser Christian  
Hayden Benjamin stone mason
Hayden Walter S. bartender
Haywood Jonah  
Heap Sanders tinner
Heard David W. real estate agent
Hebgen George  
Hector James P. civil engineer
Hector Oleanthus H. surveyor
Heder Daniel brewery
Heder Louis brewer
Hedgen Ppilip theological student
Hedler Joseph  
Heidigmann Charles butcher
Heilig Francis musician
Heilig Hermann C. harness maker
Heilig Richard printer
Heilig Thusnelda home
Heiligmann August  
Heiligmann Charles butcher
Heiligmann Herman appc printer
Heiligmann Johanna home
Heitgen John A. bakery
Henault Louis M.  
Henderson Mary J.  
Henderson Samuel  
Henderson Theodore  
Henderson W. V.  
Hendredo Francisco  
Henry John H. clk
Henry William home
Henry William  
Henry William waiter
Henry William W. commission merchant
Henschkel William saloon
Hensinger Adolphus hardware and agricultural implements
Hensinger Emma home
Hensinger Hedwig home
Hensinger Ottellia home
Henson Dora  
Henze August musician
Herber Eugene saloon
Herberich John  
Herff Charles clk
Herff Ferdinand Jr. book keeper
Herff Ferdinand Sr. physician and surgeon
Herff John physician and surgeon
Hergst John gardener
Hermann Gregory stone mason
Hermann Joseph porter
Hermann Joseph blacksmith
Hernandez Angel butcher
Hernandez Antonio  
Hernandez Antonio  
Hernandez Bernado lab
Hernandez C. C. tinner
Hernandez Elutrio  
Hernandez Eueteria  
Hernandez Falecindo  
Hernandez Jesus saloon
Hernandez Jesus shoemaker
Hernandez Jesus  
Hernandez Jesus  
Hernandez John lab
Hernandez Johsas  
Hernandez Jose  
Hernandez Jose  
Hernandez Juan  
Hernandez Juana  
Hernandez Macedona  
Hernandez Miguel  
Hernandez Mrs. F. wid
Hernandez Palonio lab
Hernandez Pedro  
Hernandez Ramon  
Herndon Eugene A. general insurance agent
Herndon Eugene A.  
Heronomo Traho  
Herpel Phillip P.  
Herrera Jacinto  
Herring Annie wid
Herring Melinda  
Herring Robert F. confectioner
Herrington James W. restaurant and saloon
Herwick Michael painter
Hesse Hermann stall 18
Hettler James blacksmith
Hettler Joseph restaurant
Heuermann George carpenter
Heuermann William  
Heuermann William Jr. carpenter
Heutis Thomas R. duputy hide and animal inspector
Hewbaum August clk
Hewitt Carmin wid
Hewitt Edward S. telegraph oppr
Hewitt Ira clk
Heye Diedrich harness maker
Hickenlooper Don Carlos clk
Hickey Carmel wid
Hickey Charles clk
Hickey Emma home
Hickey William home
Hickman James P. farmer
Hielscher Theodore school teacher
Hienberg John gunsmith
Hiener William carpenter
Higgins Simon  
High Peter stone mason
Hiland William shoemaker
Hildebrand John farmer
Hilgers George merchant tailor
Hilgers Otto clk
Hill Alice millinery and fancy goods
Hill Anderson  
Hill Annie wid
Hill Charles D. sewing machine agent
Hill Elizabeth chambermaid
Hill George  
Hill Harry barber
Hill John W. auction and commission
Hill Katie  
Hill Robert clk
Hill William lab
Hilt Kathrina  
Himes Augusta  
Himes Charles  
Himes Frank  
Himes Rachel wid
Hinchman A. gen'l agent
Hines Jane wid
Hinfey John ambulance driver
Hinfey William carpenter
Hinkle Alexander  
Hipperwall Edward shoemaker
Hitzfelder August lab
Hockovo Josephine  
Hodges W. H. clk
Hoefer Louis theological student
Hoefling William Jr. butcher
Hoefling William Sr. butcher
Hoffecker Anton home
Hoffecker Barbara home
Hoffert Gaspar miller
Hoffmann Charles hack driver
Hoffmann Elizabeth wid
Hoffmann George tinner
Hoffmann William H. blacksmith
Hofgen Peter carpenter
Hofheinz Rudolph traveling agent
Hogan Andrew  
Hogan John brakeman
Holdsworth Ehud carpenter
Holgume John  
Holland James moulder
Holler Mary  
Holler Mary A. wid
Holligan Thomas shoemaker
Holly John F. freighter
Holman Charles  
Holt William gov't clk
Hoover Thomas carpenter
Hopson W. S. driver
Horn Charles Jr. painter
Horn Charles Sr. miller
Horn Henry miller
Horn John G. saloon
Horner Albert clk
Horner George saloon
Horner Peter clk
Hornung Alvus carpenter
Horterdo Theodoso  
Houck Fannie  
Houck Joseph carpenter
Houck Laura  
Houck Martin carpenter
House Laura B. teacher
House William minister
Houston Augustus W.  
Houston G. Jones  
Houston Reagan D. book keeper
Houston & Terrell   attorneys
Howard Delia  
Howard Frank  
Howard Henry P.  
Howard Joseph  
Howard Mary E. home
Howard Mrs. G. T. wid
Howard Richard musician
Howard Samuel  
Howard Thomas C. home
Howard Thomas W. groceries and provisions
Howard H. P. & Co.   real estate agents
Hoyer Charles confectioner
Hoyer Julius city collector
Huberland Louis painter
Huebner Albert clk
Huebner Annie  
Huebner Clara wid
Huebner Gustave home
Hughes Edward  
Hughes Joseph  
Hughes Michael stone mason
Hughes Mrs. T. J. boarding house
Hughes Thomas J.  
Hugo Charles  
Hugo & Schmeltzer   wholesale grocers
Hummel Frank S. home
Hummel Peter E. millwright
Hummel Charles & Son   guns ammunition
Hummie Powell porter
Humming Paul porter
Humphrey Jackson  
Hunt Harry barber
Hunt Overton  
Hunter Harry waiter
Hunter Ransom  
Huntress Frank  
Huppertz Albert drug clk
Huppertz Charles J. U.S. gauger
Huppertz Hermann J. druggist
Huppertz Leopold A. P.O. money order clk
Hurley Augustus R. nurseryman
Hurley William lab
Huster Catherine wid
Huston Mary W. boarding house
Huston William H. justice of the peace
Hutchinson Katie  
Huth August H. clk
Huth Louis Jr.  
Huth Louis Sr.  
Huth William clk
Huth Louis & Son   hardware and agricultural implements
Hutton Ella  
Hutzler Mary wid