1877-1878 City Directory "M"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Madarsz Helen wid
Madarsz Lachislaus home
Madarsz Louis clk
Madeni Juan  
Madison Henry  
Madison Tunk  
Maebaum Anna home
Maebaum William jr clk
Maebaum William sr quarryman
Mai Lo  
Maine Charles saddler
Mairia Jesus  
Majyouanes Jose M.  
Maldornado Teburcia  
Manchaca Theresa  
Mandry George cooper and manufacturer
Manrugues Philip tinner
Mantenfel Amelia wid
Marcheua Eugene dry goods
Marcius Rudolph  
Marcos Donaciano  
Marcos Porfirio blacksmith
Mareschal A. bookkeeper
Mareschal Leon  
Mareux Paul furniture
Mariano Garcia interpreter
Marion Albert waiter
Markgraf William  
Marmion James R.  
Marmion Richard assistant telegraph operator
Marnigo Richard  
Marr Ann wid
Marshal Alexis grocery
Marshall Edward clk
Marshall Frank  
Marshall Henry bartender
Marshall W. T. real estate agent
Martez Christian gardener
Martez Hermann gardener
Martin Albert C.  
Martin Eve wid
Martin James waiter
Martin John B. saddler
Martin John S. printer and secretary
Martin Mrs. M. J. wid
Martin Paul clk
Martin Stonewall cashier
Martin & Schryver   lumber lath and shingles
Martinas Femnan  
Martinas Joshem  
Martinas Mary wid
Martine Joseph barber
Martiney Mama  
Martinez Anastacio farmer
Martinez Delores farmer
Martinez Francisco  
Martinez Francisco  
Martinez Francisco carpenter
Martinez Jesusa  
Martinez John  
Martinez Rafael R. deputy sheriff
Martinez Senora  
Martinez Thomas stock dealer
Martinez Trias home
Martinez & Himes   saloon
Marucheau Charles F. dry goods
Marucheau Eugene  
Marx Daniel produce dealer
Marx Peter  
Marx Robert bartender
Mason Jefferson R. attorney
Mason John S. jr clk
Mason John S. Gen U.S.A.
Masters John gardener
Mata Manuel  
Mateu Antonio tailor
Mathes Frederick  
Mathews Abraham  
Mathews Herman dentist
Mathews James H. student
Mattheas Christian gardener
Matthias Sophia wid
Mauermann Bernard guns pistols
Mauermann Gustave clk
Maunewitz Max clk
Maunewitz Max bookkeeper
Maureaux Paul carpenter
Maurer Gustavus N. machinist
Maurer John J. jr painter
Maurer John sr clk
Maurice Sampson  
Maurry Gustave app machinist
Maverick Albert land agent
Maverick Betsey  
Maverick Mrs. Samuel A. wid
Maverick Samuel lumber
Maverick William H. land agent
Maxner Frederick lab
Mayer Ferdinand  
Mayer Max clk
Mayer Samuel  
Mayer & Wolff   dry goods
Mayes Alvarado clk
Mayes Charles Y. meterological observer
Mays Lotti chambermaid
Mazereck Theodore cooper
McAfee Andrew G. wagon maker
McAllister Frank W. clk
McAllister Samael W.  
McAlpitt W. H. physician
McAstle James  
McAuley John  
McCall Thomas P. deputy sheriff
McCarthy Thomas porter
McClure Ellea  
McCocklan Alexander barber
McConnell John plasterer
McConnell Lizzie  
McCormick Rose home
McCoy Annie wid
McDermott Bartley government employee
McDermott Hugh  
McDonald Ronald hack driver
McDowell H. S. carpenter
McElroy Louisa  
McFall William C. saddler
McGinty Joseph clk
McGoldrick Eugene butcher
McGovern Bernard barber
McGovern James lab
McGovern Patrick lab
McGrath Abram  
McGrath Martin  
McGrath Thomas saddler
McGuire William stone mason
McHenry Joseph carpenter
McKie Robert M. grocer
McLain Clayburn  
McLain Daniel doorkeeper
McLain John carpenter
McLain Mollie  
McLeary James H.  
McLeary Mrs. S. A. wid
McLeary & Callaghan   attorneys
McNair Walter carpenter
McNelly William F. clk
McSorley James policeman
Meade George P. business manager
Meade Louisa  
Meagher James barkeeper
Medina Domingo tobacco
Medina Eligio farmer
Medina Reis lab
Megline Henry painter
Meixner Mary A. laundress
Melas Barbara wid
Melas Frank blacksmith
Mellado Genaro  
Mellado Luis  
Menchaca Antonio wagon maker
Menchaca Antonio  
Mendeke Frank  
Mendez Crispin  
Mendosa Manuel  
Mendosa Rafael a de Forsau  
Mendoso Rafael  
Meney Joseph bartender
Menger August  
Menger C. Babette home
Menger L. William manager
Menger Mary proprietress
Menger Mrs. Bernhardina home
Menger Peter Gustave home
Menger Rudolph physician and surgeon
Menger Simon  
Menger Simon & Sons soap manufacturers
Menturn Frank carpenter
Meny Joseph bartender
Mercardo Marie  
Merchant Isaac clk
Mergenthal Otto cigar manufacturer
Merhlen Morand moulder
Merienno Paul photographer
Merina Doloras  
Merino Jesus  
Merritt Charles H. grocer
Merritt Frank painter
Mertinez Gregoria wid
Messo James printer
Metzner Joseph tanner
Meusebach Ernest traveling agent
Meusebach Max clk
Meyer Albert home
Meyer Carolina grocery
Meyer Charles bakery
Meyer Edward home
Meyer Emil home
Meyer Ernst book keeper
Meyer Franc I. saloon
Meyer Frederick sausage maker
Meyer Frederick B. carpenter
Meyers George G. chief clk
Meyers John cartman
Meyers Mary wid
Meyers Robert bar keeper
Meyers & Co. P. J. groceries
Meza James printer
Michael Leopold M. book keeper
Michael Louis M.  
Michael Bros.   rectifiers
Michel Alexander  
Michel Charles lab
Michel Charles F. meat market
Michel H. clk
Mienard Frederick  
Miiler William  
Milburn Thomas W. U.S. telegraph operator
Miles Albert  
Miles Edward notary public
Miles William  
Milican Clayburne M. carpenter
Milinghy Joseph  
Millas Louis blacksmith
Miller Ann  
Miller Charles  
Miller Charles H. stencil cutter
Miller Emeline  
Miller Emma  
Miller Fish bds
Miller George  
Miller George L. canvasser
Miller Henry cigar maker
Miller Jeff  
Miller Jeff. livery feed and sales stables
Miller John  
Miller Leonidas B. clk
Miller Theresa home
Miller William carpenter
Mills J. Wyatt  
Mills James  
Milton John stone mason
Minter Jan attorney
Minter Joe F. city treasurer
Minturn Frank carpenter
Mitchell Barney hack driver
Mitchell Charles F. butcher
Mitchell George pressman
Mitchell Hiram A.  
Mitchell James home
Mitchell Jennie  
Mitchell John carriage driver
Mitchell Napeleon B. saloon
Mitchell Nathaniel clk
MItchell John blacksmith
Mocgaba Antone saddler
Mockert George gardener
Moczygemba John canvasser
Moke Bernard clk
Moke Emanuel dry goods
Moke Leon groceries
Moke Raphael clk
Molina Estanilado  
Moller Frederick E. grocery
Moller Friedrich teacher
Monchio Phalias  
Mondragon Ygnacio  
Monhart Barbara wid
Monhart John  
Monier John freight hauler
Monnerie James  
Montag Frank carpenter
Montant Adolph waiter
Montenegro Felis  
Montez Anestacia  
Montez Jesus  
Montez Pilacio lab
Montgomery John  
Montgomery Mrs. E. wid
Montoine Sarria  
Montoya Guadalupe  
Monyas Ecenia  
Moore Annie wid
Moore James  
Moore John lab
Moore John surgeon
Moore John  
Moore Mollie bds
Moore Sam  
Moore Thomas appc baker
Moore William  
Moore & Gibbons William saloon
Moore Dey & Co. James real estate & claims agent
Moraida Santas plasterer
Moral Martina  
Morales Alvino lab
Morales Francisco  
Morales Jeronomo  
Morales Jose Maria  
Morales Manuel M. mexican consul
Morales Ramon hickster
Moran Kate wid
Moran Patrick bds
Moren Sarrie  
Morgan Charles carpenter
Morier August driver
Morin Gregorio  
Moritz Samuel peddler
Morles Francisco stone mason
Morles Waloupa stone mason
Morris Betha home
Morris Cylli wid
Morris Henry  
Morris Hosiah clk
Morris Mrs. A. dry goods
Morris Paulina  
Morris S. lab
Morris Solomon clk
Morris Willoughby  
Morrison Mark  
Morrison & Mayer Clark dry goods
Morse Henry  
Mortimer Charles E. bds
Mosaih Green  
Mose Annie  
Mosebach Mrs. W. F. wid
Moss & Bennet Palmer real estate agents
Mouriques Phillippi  
Moye A. insurance agent
Moye Ed clk
Moye Otto clk
Moyer Albert insurance agent
Muckert Christoph gardener
Muckert Fred clk
Mudgett F. P. fireman
Muegge Julius E.  
Muegge Julius E. grain & domestic forage
Mueller Alvine wid
Mueller Carl stone mason
Mueller Charles A. groceries
Mueller Charles H. house sign & carriage painter
Mueller Christloeb dry goods
Mueller G. clk
Mueller George musician
Mueller James moulder
Mueller John G. musician
Muench Ferdinand  
Muench Martin hide dealer
Muesebach E. O. traveling agent
Muguerza Andres clk
Muir Joseph jr. clk
Mullen Edward core maker
Mullen James moulder
Muller Christian clk
Muller Jacob stone cutter
Mulley Thomas agent
Mullin Patrick stone mason
Mullin Thomas waiter
Muncey Alexander A. agent
Munier Philip  
Munios Tanlaita saloon
Munn Bass  
Munois Carlos shoemaker
Munos Luis  
Munser Joseph  
Munzenberger M. wid
Murphy James contractor and builder
Murphy Jennie wid
Murphy Mollie  
Murphy Peter  
Murphy Philip cook
Murphy William cook
Murray Patrick lab
Murray William stone cutter
Muschel John  
Musey H. stock dealer
Mushall Thomas clk