1877-1878 City Directory "P"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Pacheco Francisco F.  
Palicio Augustin  
Palm Frederick carpenter
Palm Fredericka wid
Palmer Edmund A. wid
Palmer Frank peddler
Panalosa Jose butcher
Pancoast Aaron  
Pancoast Josiah  
Pancoast A. & Son   merchant tailors
Panick Powell lab
Pape Louis wks Guenther's Mills
Para Francisca  
Parker Carrie  
Parks Henry D. confectioner
Parrish Frank waiter
Paschal August clk
Paschal Ernest clk
Paschal Franklin L. aged
Paschal George attorney
Paschal Mary wid
Pasche Ferdinand painter
Pasche & Hannich   house sign and carriage painters
Pastrum Mrs. O. wid
Pathinsky Ferdinand K. civil engineer
Pathinsky William painter
Patton Elizabeth wid
Patzek Bertha  
Patzek Oscar home
Patzek Richard home
Paul Mariano  
Pauly Henry builder
Pauly   stone mason
Pavela Jose M.  
Pawly Lawrence apprc painter
Payne Henry A. carpenter
Peacock James T. ranchman
Pedrosa Eniclato  
Pellicer Antonio D. catholic bishop
Peltzer Gustave clk
Pena Jose  
Penaloza Jose M. groceries
Pendell Robert M. buyer
Pendiar Clementa  
Penrose C. B. chief commissary
Peoples William cartman
Peralez Cipeano  
Peralez Juniato  
Peralez Marcos farmer
Perch Lena wid
Pereida Fermin  
Pereida Gumesinda jewelers
Pereida Rafael U. jewelers
Pereida & Co.   publishers
Pereida Bros.   jewelers
Pereneaud Fannie wid
Perez Alego  
Perez Antonia  
Perez Antonia  
Perez Antonio R. clk
Perez Dalores peddler
Perez Guadalupe carpenter
Perez Rafael shoemaker
Perez Stephen lab
Perez Tuan lab
Perias Margresia  
Perida Jose  
Perkins Andrew  
Perkins Thomas wks G.H. & S.A. Ry
Perner Christian stone mason
Perner Philip bartender
Perres Longardo  
Perrin P. A. book keeper
Perris Antonio  
Perris Melchoro  
Perry Alexander J. dept quartermaster
Persch Albert clk
Peters Louis  
Peters Nicholas clk
Petersen Frank turner
Peterson Ramus  
Peterson Robert waiter
Petit Jose  
Petit Lydia  
Petitpain Oscar auctioneer
Petmecky Johanna wid
Petrich Leonhardt mattress maker
Petrich Nicholas J. manager
Petrie Charles E. clk
Pettersen Caroline  
Pfefingar Frederico  
Pflughaupt William porter
Pheil Henry butcher
Phillippe Eugene jr carpenter
Phillippe Eugene sr aged
Phillips Austin painter
Phillips Charles pattern maker
Phillips George W. dentist
Phillips John bds
Phillips Mrs. L. L. wid
Phillips Peter  
Phillips Samuel driver
Phnesorge August manager
Pieper William cartman
Pierce Frank carpenter
Pifling Edward hack driver
Pike Charles E. jr teacher
Pike Charles E. sr attorney
Pine Henry  
Piton M. Charles watchmaker
Piton Nicholas clk
Plagge Christopher superintendent of public schools
Plaza House    
Plinn Robert porter
Pluman Robert tanner
Plumeyer Henry carriage maker
Podereas Poncho  
Poeschel Frederick  
Poesmans John J. shoemaker
Poinsard Julias architect and builder
Polinaris Miguel farmer
Polk Virginia T.  
Pollmar Hermann printer
Pollock Alexander bell boy
Pollock Franklin wks Menger hotel
Pollock Mary midwife
Pollrr Hermann printer
Ponack Paul  
Pond George buggy washer
Porres Simona  
Porter George F. prop Star restaurant
Porter Shett  
Portis David Y.  
Portis & Robinson   attorneys
Posert Annie home
Posert Barbara wid
Posert Julius clk
Postert William blacksmith
Potanery Alphons aged
Powers H. actor
Prada Bruna  
Pratt James H. saloon
Praylor John carpenter
Prescott Aransas book keeper
Prescott William  
Price Alfred clk
Price Sarah W. bds Menger hotel
Priest G. S. sheepraiser
Prinz William clk
Probandt Charles clk
Probandt Felix messenger
Probandt Rudolph teacher
Proll Gustus blacksmith
Pruss Martin baker
Pryor Frank clk
Pullam William  
Pullman William fireman
Pursch Henry boot and shoemaker
Putz Frederick W. teamster
Pyke Antone lab