1877-1878 City Directory "S"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Shields William B. teamster
Shoemaker Mary wid
Shoette Henry waiter
Shook John R. attorney
Shouchrough Daniel stone mason
Showalter W. attorney
Shreiner Frank musician
Shulenberg Charles book keeper
Sibert Francis W. saddle and harness maker
Sibley Frank barkeeper
Siceluff Edward A. business manager
Sichel Abraham  
Siebenmann Edward printer
Siebenmann Hermann book binder
Sien Louis cornice maker
Sierra Fernando lab
Siever Henry farmer
Simmingler John carpenter
Simmons Samuel R. agent
Simms Charles  
Simon Adolphe carpenter
Simpson Isaac P.  
Simpson Stanton blacksmith
Simpson William J. canvasser
Simpson & James   attorneys
Sinclair Charles E.  
Sing Andrew J. carpenter
Singenberger George blacksmith
Singer Manufacturing Co.    
Singleton Harry carpenter and builder
Singleton Joseph  
Sink August clk
Sionsion Con  
Skwortz Joseph jr clk
Slinger John shoemaker
Slocum Mortimer  
Small Kirk  
Small Louisa wid
Small William stone mason
Small Winfield S. produce dealer
Smallwood Lewis  
Smarser John blacksmith
Smith Andrew F. lab
Smith Charles ranchman
Smith Charles aged
Smith Charles P. civil engineer
Smith Charlotte  
Smith Daniel driver
Smith Dickerson  
Smith Edward theological student
Smith Elisha A. carpenter
Smith Felix G.  
Smith George  
Smith H. M. inspector Government depot
Smith Henry  
Smith Isadore clk
Smith John  
Smith John drayman
Smith John W. cook
Smith Larkin T. clk
Smith Lizzie  
Smith Mary  
Smith Mrs. Frank home
Smith Oscar B. B. groceries
Smith Samuel stone mason
Smith Samuel S. county clerk office
Smith Susan wid
Smith Thomas  
Smith William saloon
Smith William hack driver
Smith William  
Smith William prop
Smith William D. aged
Smith William H.  
Smith William L.  
Smith & Thompson   barber shop
Smitt Anton aged
Smitt Frank stone mason
Smulsal John blacksmith
Smye Joseph H.  
Smyser Flemon  
Sneider Catherine wid
Snelli Belbey barkeeper
Snyder Andrew C. carpenter
Sohl Fred carpenter
Solions Martez  
Solleder Andrew barber
Solms Otto teacher
Solms Otto translator
Sommer Francis prop Sommers Garden
Sonnen John carpenter
Sonnen William tailor
Soto Antonio cigar maker
Soto Condelero  
Soto Martin farmer
Soto Vicente  
Souster Christian shoemaker
Souter Christian shoemaker
Southall William  
Sowalsky Julius dry goods
Sowers Ben barkeeper
Sowers George baker
Spaedy Joseph saloon
Spahn Louis bakery
Sparrow Frank actor
Spaulding R. manager
Speady Joseph bar keeper
Spencer Adam  
Spencer Andrew  
Spencer Frederick wks U.S. arsenal
Spencer George  
Spencer Henry  
St. Elmo Lula home
St. Julien Gaston wks
St. Julien George prop Union Restaurant
Staacke August clk
Staacke August agent
Staacke Rudolph clk
Stacy Barzillia P. auctioneer
Staffel Eugene clk
Staffel Henry saloon
Staffel Otto clk
Stahl Christopher shoemaker
Stahl George E. props Alamo Flouring Mills
Stahl Geddes & Jones   prop Alamo Flouring Mill
Standt Philip J. tinner
Stanecompain Carmel  
Stanford E. T. live stock dept
Stanley Edward clk
Stanzel Paulina wid
Stappenbeck John clk
Stappenbeck Mary L. wid
Star Restaurant   restaurant
Stark George carpenter
Starr Mattie  
Steel David farmer
Steel Harold school teacher
Stegle Gebhart driver
Stein Henry  
Stein Joseph general merchandise
Steinbrink William mason
Steiner Abraham business manager
Steiner Adolph dry goods
Steiner Fritz hack driver
Steinhardt Sigmund N. clk
Stenberg Elise wid
Stephens Daniel hostler
Stephens Edward  
Stephens George  
Stephens James county jailor
Stephenson Bone rooms
Stephenson H. W. bds
Stessler Ernst  
Stevens E. O. wks
Stevens Edward A. saloon
Stevens John J. chief clk
Stevens Thomas barkeeper
Stevens W. S. carpenter
Stevens & Cooley   saloon
Steves Edward lumber dealer
Steves Edward jr home
Stewart Beckie  
Stideg Richard C. watchmaker
Stiegels Peggie  
Stirk John  
Stockton Philip general insurance agent
Stone Stephen W. tin shop
Storbeck Robert musician
Storms Giraud book keeper
Storres E. H. collector
Story William R. livery sale and feed stable
Stout Elizabeth wid
Strasser Anton hay dealer
Strasser Catharine wid
Strasser Mary home
Strauss Hermann clk
Stretch John F. first lieutenant U.S.A.
Stribling Mrs. E. A. wid
Strippelmann Henrietta  
Stromeyer Elizabeth wid
Stromeyer Emile  
Stromeyre Antone carpenter
Struve Marcus  
Stubing Henry clk
Stubing Theodore harness and saddles
Stuck Charles dry goods
Studer Benedict shoemaker
Studer Rudolph blacksmith
Stuemke Annie home
Stuemke August  
Stuemke George clk
Stumberg George R. dry goods
Stumberg Henry clk
Stumberg Hermann D.  
Sturenburg Francis book keeper
Sturm John C. cabinet maker
Suckins Gabriel  
Sullivan Eugune H. job printer
Sullivan James fireman
Sullivan James actor
Sullivan James S. engineer
Sullivan Jeremiah stonecutter
Sullivan John actor
Sullivan Michael stone mason
Sulnon Sali   barber shop
Sulzbacher Philip clk
Summers William shoemaker
Superviele Anthony attorney
Supples John  
Susclach Conrad clk
Suydam Charles C. photographer
Sweeney Elizabeth  
Sweeney James B.  
Sweeney John lab
Sweeney John P. moulder
Sweeney Mrs. N. O. wid
Sweeney Thomas W. shoe fitter
Sweet Alexander E. editor
Sweet James R.  
Symington Robert C. deputy county clerk