1877-1878 City Directory "T"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Tabor Alva S. clk
Taesler Henry butcher
Taiger Lavina  
Taitt John lab
Talamentez Donaciano farmer
Talamentez Eucibio builder
Talamentez Jose  
Talamentez Mariano  
Talamentez Mariano wheelwright
Tandy Charles W. ranchman
Tankersley Julia wid
Tannenberg Julia  
Tardones Louisa  
Tarien Antonio  
Tarleton Leo attorney
Tarrillion Aloyse tailor
Tate Adam carpenter
Tate John hosler
Tatum C. H. clk
Tatum Edward wks
Taville Frank D. mason
Taylor Amanda  
Taylor Charles cook
Taylor Charles  
Taylor Charles E. sewing machine agent
Taylor Frank C. proprs
Taylor Frank C.  
Taylor Grant  
Taylor Henry  
Taylor J. Warren clk
Taylor Jackson K. shoemaker
Taylor Joseph H. colonel U.S. Army
Taylor Julia  
Taylor Levi cook
Taylor Lillie  
Taylor M. K. government physician
Taylor Mack home
Taylor Mollie  
Taylor Nannie W. wid
Taylor Walter  
Taylor William B. clk
Teel Robert J. market master
Teel T. T.  
Teel & Thompson   attorneys
Telemantes Clemente  
Tellsite John hack driver
Telly Rudolph stone mason
Teneries Dolores  
Tengg Nicholas books and stationery
Tengg Thomas carpenter
Tennerias Sapapa  
Terasco Sastenes  
Terrell Benjamin  
Terrell Edwin H.  
Terry A. stone cutter
Teverros John  
Texas Express Company    
Texas Homoepathic Journal   journal
Thatcher D. A. clk
Thein John stone mason
Thiele August clk
Thiele Eliza wid
Thomas Eda  
Thomas Green  
Thomas Henrietta  
Thomas John porter
Thomas Martha  
Thomas Martin T. bds Vance house
Thomas Ned wkd
Thomas S. S. rooms
Thomas William  
Thompson Henry C. printer
Thompson Jasper prop Menger Hotel barber shop
Thompson Leslie  
Thompson William H.  
Thompson & Smith    
Thorn John wks
Thornton Austin  
Thornton Columbus porter
Thornton Daniel dealer
Thornton James T. banker
Thornton Randell  
Thrall Homer S. pastor
Tichentin Henry harness maker
Tierney Michael boarding house
Timmermann Aggie wid
Tipton Jabez M. grocer
Tobin William G. prop Vance House
Tolle Harry tanner and currier
Tong H. W.  
Tonsall John E.  
Torres Carinalita  
Torres Concepcion  
Torres Juanita  
Torres Modesto  
Torres Modesto  
Torrey Westley  
Torse Meigeela  
Tovarres Victoriano lab
Townsend William wks
Travieso Justo  
Travis James H. superintendent
Travis Robert barber
Treadway Edward painter
Tredwell John clk
Trempkon Albert barkeeper
Trescentez Juan  
Trescott Henry L.  
Trescott & Watson   auction and commission
Treuer Joseph auction house
Trevenio Margresio lab
Trevino Daniel farmer
Trevino Luciano farmer
Trevino Miguel lab
Trevino Villanueva Juana  
Trieves Bertie  
Trinidad Cipriano farmer
Trollman Henry waiter
Troncy Rev. Father M. prof of theology
Trondier Adolph  
Trout William  
Trueheart James L. general land agent
Trueheart James L. jr deputy county collector
Tucker William painter
Tulley Jane chambermaid
Turner Alexander  
Turner Judy  
Turnstall Mrs. F. wid
Tuttle Miles J. machinist
Twohig John banker
Tynan Walter stone mason
Tzaozik John