1877-1878 City Directory "W"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in.

I want to thank Catherine A. for all of her time and hard work in putting this together. She did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

Last Name First Name Occupation
Wadenhamer Joseph carpenter
Wadenpohl Peter J. gardener
Wadenpohl William milk dairyman
Waelder F. fireman
Waelder Jacob  
Waelder Joseph wks
Waelder & Upson   attorneys
Waese Frank seltzer water manufacturer
Wafer Andrew wks
Wagenfeuhr Frederick book keeper
Wagenfeuhr Fritz carriage driver
Wagenfeuhr Henry drayman
Wagenfeuhr Herman clk
Wagner Adolph clk
Wagner C. L. traveling agent
Wagner Henry groceries
Wagner John groceries
Wagner Minnie wid
Wagner William carpenter
Wagner & Rummel   retail groceries
Wait Edmund P. book keeper
Walden John  
Walker Asa teamster
Walker Charles clk
Walker Clarissa  
Walker D. E. school teacher
Walker Fayette blacksmith
Walker Francis J. barber shop
Walker James teamster
Walker John brakeman
Walker Lottie  
Walker Rudolph clk
Walker T. C. school teacher
Walker Wiley blacksmith
Walker William F. sr prop Walker's Exchange
Walker William F. jr clk
Walker's Exchange    
Wallace C.  
Wallace Edward harness maker
Wallace Henry porter
Wallace Meyer clk
Wallace Rhoda  
Wallace Richard  
Wallace Sarah wid
Wallace William porter
Waller John  
Walter Albert butcher
Walter Aloise carpenter
Walter Fred harness cleaner
Walter George H. meat market stall
Walter Helen teacher
Walter Henry wks
Walter Henry clk
Waltersdorf Hermann  
Walton Alexander Y. land agent
Walton Thomas wks James W. Allen & Co
Walton William P. messenger
Ward Patrick H. attorney
Ware James A. attorney
Warfield Charles  
Warn Green W. broom maker
Warren Charles E. deputy U.S. collector
Wase William peddler
Washington George  
Washington George  
Washington Louisa wid
Wassenberg Charles sausage maker
Wasson James R. paymaster U.S. Army
Watkins Edward L.  
Watson C. H. wks govern building
Watson German  
Watson J. D. wks goven building
Watson Joseph rooms
Watts Thomas H.  
Watzlavzick Jacob lab
Watzlavzick Theodore clk
Weatherspoon Peter salesman
Webb Francis  
Webb James  
Webb Nancy  
Webb Samuel  
Webb William  
Weber Adolph meat market stall
Weber Charles driver
Weber George confectioner
Weber Henry gardener
Weber Jacob millinery and fancy goods
Weber John meat market
Weber Paulina millinery and fancy goods
Weber Richard tanner
Weber William stone cutter
Webster Adolph painter
Webster John S. lab
Webster Lee clk
Wedemeyer Henry clk
Weed Daniel L.  
Weed & Fisher   carpenter
Wehrhahn Ernst vegetable stall
Wehrlen Gustave  
Weik John barber
Weil Jacob stone mason
Weinhardt Ernest  
Weir J. P. iron cornace worker
Weir Sallie wid
Weiss Constance shoemaker
Weiss Susan wid
Weiss Theodore jr clk
Weiss Theodore sr stone mason
Wellgehausen Frederick  
Wells Blasa  
Wells Duncan S. live stock dealer
Welsh Edward stone mason
Welsh Frank stone mason
Welsh John foreman
Welsh Patrick contractor
Welter Bernard appc blacksmith
Welter Frederick fireman machine shop
Welter Tator plasterer
Weltin Mrs. Christian wid
Wenk Louis carpenter
Wentland Henry brewer
Wentland Henry pantryman
Wentworth Edward land locators
Wentworth William H. land locators
Wentworth Bros. & Co.   land locators
Wenz Jacob baker and pastry cook
Wenz Joseph  
Weorzurck Frank  
Werk Karl wheelwright
Wescott Emma C. teacher
Wescott Fannie D. teacher
Wescott Sarah A. teacher
Wesenberg Augustus printer
Wesenberg Charles printer
Wesenberg Emil clk
West William driver
Western Union Telegraph    
Westmoreland James  
Wetzel Francis carriage maker
Weyrich August machinist
Wheat Jane A. teacher
Wheeler & Wilson Manuf Co.    
Wheelock Charles  
Wheelock Jesse draughtsman
White Ann  
White Charles cook
White Felix C.  
White George wks Alamo stables
White George hardware
White George jr tinner
White Jack waiter
White Joel B.  
White John M.  
White John W. boot and shoemaker
White Mary  
White Sallie  
White Thomas lab
Whiteley Arthur salesman
Whitmore Amanda  
Whittington George A.  
Wichluntk Mrs. Francis wid
Wichman John stonemason
Wickerson Andrew J. policeman
Wickes Benjamin  
Wickes Edwin D. L.  
Wilburn Cornelius fisherman
Wild Fridola clk
Wilke Frederick hack driver
Wilke H. R. clk
Wilke Henry hack owner
Wilke John carriage driver
Wilke Mrs. M. wid
Wilkins Albert  
Wilkins Burton groceries
Wilkins John milk dairyman
Wilkinson Henrietta  
Williams Alexander  
Williams Charles  
Williams Delia  
Williams Elymas H. porter
Williams Fannie  
Williams Francis wks Pual Mareaux
Williams Hannah wid
Williams Henry  
Williams Henry  
Williams Henry Henry
Williams Henry  
Williams Henry painter
Williams Horace  
Williams John R.  
Williams Morris barber
Williams Nancy J. wid
Williams Patsie  
Williams Polly  
Williams Sallie wid
Williams Texana  
Williamson Antone apprc harness maker
Williamson Branch hide inspector
Williamson George S. hide inspector
Williamson & Smye   carpenters
Wilson Charles L. paymaster U.S. Army
Wilson Joseph lab
Wilson Julia  
Wilson Lucy home
Wilson Richard hostler
Wilson Rita  
Wilson Robert P. captain U.S. Army
Winkler Jacob dairyman
Winkler Jacob  
Winn Jesse  
Winter Joseph hackman
Winter William L.  
Winther Nicholas photographer
Wipff Sopha wid
Witales Frank shoemaker
Withers John assistant cashier
Withoff Diedrich W. clk
Withoff Frederick carpenter
Witieng Otto salesman
Witte George barber
Witzel Jacob dry goods
Woerner William carriage maker
Wohlfarth Jacob pantryman
Wojciechowski Stanilaas paster
Wolcken Christian M. blacksmith
Wolf Louis dyeing and scouring
Wolff Abraham peddler
Wolff Albert A.  
Wolfram John prop Central Beer Garden
Wolfson Leopold dry goods
Womble Harris musician
Womble Sidney S. trader
Wondraerk C. Wilhelmina wid
Wood Adaline  
Wood Asher L.  
Wood Charles  
Wood Charles  
Wood William clk
Woolls James S. Methodist minister
Word John P.  
Word & Rawlings    
Wrase Charles cartman
Wrase Robert stone mason
Wren Andrew clk
Wren Anna wid
Wren Harry tailor
Wren Thomas B. clk
Wright Carrie  
Wright Thomas J. barkeeper
Wrzyscz Rochus carpenter
Wuest Casper auction and commission
Wulff A. F.  
Wulff Frederick clk
Wulff Henry clk
Wulfing Robert  
Wulfing & Labatt   commission merchants
Wurzbach Alexander harness maker
Wurzbach Charles L. attorney
Wurzbach William clk
Wyel William saloon
Wymen George architect and builder