1891 City Directory "B"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Babock, Alvin S., N/A, h: cor. Grand and River Aves.
Babcock, Frank, Brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r: 309 Grand Ave.
Babcock, Hardy, Brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r: 309 Grand Ave.
Bacelio, Palacious, Barber Shop, 344 Dolorosa, h: 344 Dolorosa
Bach(H. C.) & Cox (T. J.) N/A, real estate and agents for Atlanta Bldg. and Loan Association, 9 Soledad Blk.
Bach, H. C., (Bach & Cox) real estate, N/A
Bachrach, Felix, Wholesale confectioner and bottler of mineral waters, t: 302, h: 311 Ave. B
Backus, Michael, Teamster, r: 724 N. Frio
Bacon, Annie M. Mrs., professional nurse, h: 211 Augusta
Bacon, Edward H., manager, McRae Paint Co., h: 505 St. Mary
Bacon, Hal. H., collection dept., T. C. Frost, h: 327 Pecan
Bacon, James P., mill manager, G. Hellemans & Co., N/A
Bacon, John C., stockman, h: 140 Utica
Bacon, John M., N/A, b: 140 Utica
Bacon, Leighton S., N/A, h: 5 Nacional
Bacon, Robert S., N/A, h: 5 Duval
Badelsareli, Louis, lab, city, h: 319 N. East
Bader, Annie Miss, N/A, h: 647 S. Presa
Bader, Frederick D. Jr., N/A, h: 647 S. Presa
Bader, Frederick D. Sr., foreman bottling dept, San Antonio Brewing Association, h: 647 S. Presa
Bader, John, N/A, h: 647 S. Presa
Badfold, Ed, tank builder, George Mandry, 108 & 110 Austin
Badger, Frank J., cotton buyer, h: 317 Pecan
Baer, Bertha, Miss, N/A, h: 18 North
Baer, Henry, emp., Daily Express, r: 709 Ave. C
Baer, Josephine Mrs. (wid C. Baer), confectionery and restaurant (Harnish & Baer), T:246, h: 18 North
Baer, Mary Miss, N/A, h: 18 North
Baer, Salo, peddler, h: 24 North
Baetty, Felix, brtdr., Gustav Schramm, b: 302 Austin
Baetty, Felix, emp., Chas. Dagan, h: 327 Blum
Baetty, Tep, (c) shoemkr., 702 W. Commerce, h: 447 N. Flores
Baetz, Henry, blacksmith, F. Baetz, 421 Acequia
Baetz, Joseph, blacksmith, carriage and wagon mfr., cor. Market and Navarro, h: 11 N. Presa
Baetz, Max, bkpr., Ed. Steves & Sons, h: 11 N Presa
Baggett, Thomas A.. prop., City chop house, 611 W. Commerce
Bahn, Frederick, manager, Kingsbury Sand Depot, cor. N. Walnut and Lamar, h: 1005 Austin
Baier, Fritz, brtdr., Two Brothers Saloon, h: 33 Ave. D
Bailey, Caleb S., N/A, h: 4 Hill
Bailey, Edna, laundress, Troy Steam Laundry, h: 408 Live Oak
Bailey, Henry C., (c) porter, Richard E. McIlvaine, h: 408 Live Oak
Bailey, James A., bakery, cor N. Flores and Marshall, h: 10 Hill
Bailey, James A., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h: 624 Austin
Bailey, John, (c) lab, h: 458 Cameron
Bailey, Nancy, (c) N/A, h: 408 Live Oak
Bailey, Sarah Mrs. (wid Albert), N/A, h: 411 Lambrano
Bailey, William B., emp., Water Works Co., h: 8 Beitel
Bailini, Victoria (wid. F.), N/A, h: cor. Ave. B and Ninth
Baily, J. C., Lieut. Col., Medical Dept. U.S.A., h: Govt. Hill
Bain, Jacob R., eng. I & G. N. Ry., r: 1517 W. Houston
Bainbridge (Frederick F.) & Corner (William C.) Bookstore and News Depot, 22 Alamo
Bainbridge, Frederick F., bookstore and news depot (Bainbridge and Corner), h: Adams nr. S. A. & A. P. Ry. Depot
Baines, Mary Mrs., (c) nurse, h: rear 433 Perez
Baker, Addie Mrs., N/A, h: 614 N. Laredo
Baker, Annie, N/A, h: 613 Ave B.
Baker, Charles, clk., Central Hotel, h: same
Baker, Charles A., stone-mason, h: 216 Oakland
Baker, Charles M., carp., h: 1048 San Fernando
Baker, Frank, eng., G.H. & S. A. Ry., h: 105 River Ave.
Baker, George W., N/A, h: 213 S. Alamo
Baker, Harry M., clk., Harry Hines, h: Central Hotel
Baker, Harry M., prop., Central Hotel, same
Baker, John W., emp., St. Ry. Co., b: 213 S. Alamo
Baker, Joseph, baker, h: 502 Nacogdoches
Baker, Mary E. Mrs., boarding house, h: 213 S. Alamo
Baker, Mary I. Mrs., proprs., Central Hotel, t: 224
Baker, Olive J. Mrs. (wid. Wilson), N/A, h: 215 Romana
Baker, Pearl Miss, N/A, h: 614 N. Laredo
Baker, Wilson, bkpr., Joel R. Ransom, h: 215 Romana
Balcom, George H., carp., h: 21 California
Balcom, Oscar A., contractor and builder, h: 21 California
Balderez, Inez Miss, box maker, Maverick Printing House, --Pine
Baldesarelli, Anna Miss, N/A, r: 315 Durango
Baldesarelli, Louis, N/A, r: 317 Durango
Baldesarelli, Louis, clk., Lacost & Pascalin, h: 420 Matamoras
Baldesarelli, Peter, N/A, h: 321 Durango
Baldesarelli, Peter, brtdr., The Corner Saloon, h: 420 Matamoras
Baldewein, William, clk., Tips & Haarmann, h: 303 Camargo
Baldus, Adolph, tinner, 106 Navarro, h: 17 Barrera
Baldwin, Alfred, carp. and joiner, h: 30 Mission
Baldwin, Benjamin B., road contractor, b: 524 King William
Baldwin, Charles S., condr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., r: 3 Camp
Baldwin, E. S., driver, Alamo Steam Laundry, h: 32 Ave. D
Baldwin, G. Frank, abstractor, Hildebrandt & Stribling, h: 301 North
Baldwin, Halley H., road contractor, b: 524 King William
Baldwin, James R., N/A, b: 524 King William
Baldwin, John H., Jr., N/A, b: 301 North
Baldwin, Joseph P. Jr., N/A, b: 524 King William
Baldwin, Joseph P. Sr., contractor, h: 524 King William
Baldwin, Mattie Miss, dressmkr., C. Dreyfus, h: 524 King William
Baldwin, M. H. Mrs., N/A, h: 301 North
Baldwin, M. S. , commercial traveler, b: Alamo Flats
Baldwin, Oscar, slsmn., Little Red Grocer, h: 529 N. Flores
Baldwin, William, Clk., Tips & Haarmann, r: 303 Camargo
Baldwin, William F., N/A, 524 King William
Baley, Lancy Mrs., (c) N/A, h: 408 Live Oak
Balkam, Asa R., N/A, h: 911 Nolan
Ball, Annie, rooms for rent, 17 N. Flores
Ball, Caroline, N/A, h: corner Cevallos and S. Laredo
Ball, Charles E., principal, Alamo City Business College, h: 117 Marshall
Ball, John, N/A, h: 22 King William
Ball, Peter, clk, Charles Dullnig, h: 308 S. San Saba
Ball, Silas Q., N/A, N/A
Ball, William, butcher, E. Arnaud, r: 308 S. San Saba
Ballard, Charles B., tank builder, F.F. Collins Mfg. Co., h: 521 Perez
Ballard, John, (c), fireman, San Antonio Brick Yard, N/A
Ballard, Lee, carp., b; 1002 N. San Marcos
Ballard, Martha A. Mrs. ( wid. C. A.), N/A, h: between Seventeenth and Eighteenth, West End
Ballard, Mary E. (wid. L.), N/A, h: 308 Burleson
Ballard, Nora Miss, N/A, h: N. San Marcos, between Leal and Ruiz
Ballard, Terry, carp., h: 531 Perez
Ballinger, Georgia A. Miss, (c) teacher, Riverside Public School, b: 290 W. Houston
Ballis, Eugene, butcher, Teodan Hisrer, N/A
Ballou, Charles, bkpr., Crystal Ice Factory, h: 5 Eighth
Ballou, G. H., Brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b: 327 Ninth
Balmos, Edward, harnessmkr., L. Frank., h: 6 Hestler Alley
Banick, Lizzie Mrs., dressmkr., Mrs. M. Winther, h: 1016 Mesquite
Bank Exchange Saloon Arthur I. Lockwood, Saloon, 402 E. Houston, t: 308, h: 905 Ave. D.
Banks, Carrie N. Miss, N/A, h: 512 N. Frio
Banks, Henry, (c), driver, h: 31 Victoria
Banks, Henry, driver, Paul Moreaux, h: 342 Goliad
Banks, Lidy, N/A, r: cor. Laredo and San Marcos
Banks, Theodore H., N/A, b: 324 Soledad
Baptiste, Andrew J., (c), porter, J. Oppenheimer & Co., r: 8 Main Plaza
Baptiste, John, (c), cook, Central Hotel, b: same
Barajas, Eluterio, N/A, h: 315 S. Pecos
Barajas, Jose Leonardo, driver, H. Schultze, Sr., h: 20 Durango
Barajas, Joseph, tinner, b: 315 S. Pecos
Bara, John, restaurant, 626 W. Commerce
Barbeck, Hermann, commission mcht., h: 47 Washington
Barbeck, Hermann Jr., bill clk., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h: S. Alamo, between E. Nueva and Arciniega
Barbeck, William, principal, German-English School, h: Alamo, between E. Nueva and Arciniega
Barber, E. M., principal, Alamo City Business College, h: --Travus
Barbere, Joseph, N/A, h: 29 Soledad
Barbour, Arthur, N/A, h: 427 Ave. B
Barbour, Thomas P., civil and mining engr., h: cor. Castro and W. Seventeenth, West End
Barcelona, G. B., peddler vegetables, h: 301 Ave D.
Barclay, Arthur O., N/A, h: 207 Texas Ave, West End
Barclay, Mary C. Mrs. (wid. D. M.), N/A, h: 207 Texas Ave, West End
Barclay, Ora Lee Miss, N/A, h: 207 Texas Ave., West End
Bardenwerper, Max A., bkpr., J. Oppenheimer & Co., h: 357 S. Laredo
Bardenwerper, Wilhelmina Mrs. (wid. Carl), N/A, h: 213 S. Presa
Bargaz, E., emp., I. Baetz, Carr Hill
Bargna, Marco, N/A, h: 301 Durango
Barjas, Philipe, N/A, h: 325 Lavaca
Baker, Horace, N/A, 325 Austin
Baker, James E., N/A, h: Fifth between Aves. D and E
Barker, Robert, carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h: cor. Hays and Cherry
Barkhauser, Antonette Mrs., N/A, h: 919 Ruiz
Barkley, Lizzie Miss, milliner, Joske Bros., b: 9 Travis
Barksdale, Martha A. Mrs. , barber, James Martin, Jr., h: 311 N. Laredo
Barleman, Adolph, barber, 222 W. Commerce, h: 308 Bowie
Barlemann, Albert, shoemkr., Frederick Wach, h: 404 S. Lavaca
Barlemann, Joseph, tinner, August & Peters, N/A
Barlemann, Margaretta Mrs. (wid. John), N/A, h: 404 Lavaca
Barnard, Alexander C., carp., h: 200 Texas Ave, West End
Barnard (Henry E.) & Green (John A.) attorneys-at-law, 30, 31, and 32 Kampman Bldg., T71
Barnard, Harry, carp, h: 400 Colorado Ave., West End
Barnard, Henry E., attorney, (Barnard and Green), h: 443 S. Flores
Barnes, Addie Miss, seamstress, Haas & Oppenheimer, h: 5 Center
Barnes, Anna Miss, clk., h: 5 Center
Barnes, Annie Mrs. (wid. Ammon), N/A, h: 5 Center
Barnes, Benjamin G., stenographer, U. Lott, b: Menger Hotel
Barnes, Charles L., N/A, h: 621 Main Ave.
Barnes, Charles M., reporter, Daily Times, h: 221 Salinas
Barnes, Cora E. Miss, press feeder, Johnson Bros., h: 90 Utica
Barnes, C. W. , real estate (Barnes & Lyford), h: Acequia
Barnes, George, driver, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h: 5 Center
Barnes, Houston, exp. wagon, h: 3 Virginia
Barnes, James C., N/A, h: 25 Kingsbury
Barnes, John B., driver, ice wagon, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h: 5 Center
Barnes, L. A., real estate (Morgan and Barnes), h: 535 Mesquite
Barnes, Laura Mrs., (c), washwoman, h: rear 433 Perez
Barnes (L. C.) & Lyford (C. A.) real estate, 39 Alamo Plaza
Barnes, Samuel, call boy, Menger Hotel, h: 5 Center
Barnett, David B., N/A, h: 517 Burnet
Barnett, Edward S., N/A, b: 10 Salinas
Barnett, M. H. Dr., specialist (Barnett & Roberts), h: 7 Beitel
Barnett (W. H.) & Roberts (Andrew) Physicians and surgeons, 7 Beitel
Barnett, Robert W., N/A, h: 23 Victoria
Barnitz, HARRY D., Physician and Surgeon, h: 612 Ave. C
Barolema, Manuel, stone mason, h: 215 Matamoras
Barondi, Naucola, peddler, h: 10 N. Medina
Barr, David P., photographer, N. W. cor. Main Plaza, h: 102 Howard
Barrell House Saloon N/A, M. Freedman, Prop., 505 W. Commerce
Barrera, Alejandro, printer, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Andrea, N/A, h Brooks, between Hackberry and Olive
Barrera, Angelita Mrs., N/A, h 421 Perez
Barrera, Antonio, N/A, h 23 W. Nueva
Barrera, Bruna Mrs., N/A, h 612 N. San Saba
Barrera, Edwardo, tailor, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Elvira Miss, N/A, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Felix, N/A, h 5 Nacional
Barrera, Foye, driver, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 5 Nacional
Barrera, Gacento, emp, S Leal, h 324 S. Laredo
Barrera, Gracia Miss, N/A, h 421 Perez
Barrera, Juan, lab, J. J. Olsen and Sons, N/A
Barrera, Juan E., deputy county clk and notary public, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Julio, N/A, h S. Flores, Beanville
Barrera, Manuel, N/A, h 5 Nacional
Barrera, Margarita Miss, N/A, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Matilda Miss, N/A, h 320 Hidalgo
Barrera, Pietra Mrs., N/A, h 18 N. East
Barrett, David M., carp, h 400 Colorado Ave, West End
Barrett, David W. , day clk, Southern Hotel, b same
Barrett, F. F. Rev., Pastor, Madison Square Presbyterian Church, h 210 Fifth
Barrett, George, carp, b 997 N. San Marcos
Barrett, Jacob S., N/A, b 1998 N. Cherry
Barrett, John, N/A, 210 Jackson
Barrett, Sidney E., N/A, h 315 Austin
Barrett, Solomon S., N/A, h 39 Live Oak
Barrett, Thomas, chief clk, I & G. N. frt office, b Porter House
Barrett, William, reporter, Daily Times, h 1004 W. Houston
Barrett, W. M., city circulator, Daily Times, h 608 Oaklands
Barrow, William H., carp, secy Carpenters' Unior No 367, h 578 N. Flores
Barry, Charles, car repairer, I. & G. N. Ry., h cor Oak and Duval
Barry & Co., (Eugene Barry and D. F. Sapp), saloon, cor Zavalla and N. San Saba
Barry, Emily, boarding and lodging, h 5 Duval
Barry, Eugene, Alamo Lodge Saloon (E. Barry & Co.), cor N San Saba and Zavalla
Barry, Felix, blacksmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 5 Duval
Barry, George, helper round-house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 5 Duval
Barry, Gustav, meat market, 713 Austin, h Brazos nr Tampico
Bartelle, Charles, emp, San Antonio Brewing Association, h cor San Luis and San Saba
Bartholomaei, George W., trav slsman, G. W. Gail & Ax., h 11 Mill
Bartholomew, Charles, hack driver, h 616 Matagorda
Bartlett, G. T., First Lieutenant third artillery, U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Barton, James, engr, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1009 Ave. C
Barton, Jesse C., carp, h 1052 Hidalgo
Barton, Nick, engr, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1009 Ave. C
Baskin, Henry Y., collector, Wolff & Marx, h 425 Nacogdoches
Baskin, John M. Jr., railroader, b 425 Nacogdoches
Baskin, John M. Sr., Stock raiser, h 425 Nacogdoches
Baskin, Mildred Miss, teacher Public School No. 3, h 425 Nacogdoches
Bass, Mary D. Mrs., (wid J. J.), N/A, h 1121 W. Commerce
Basse, Agnes Mrs., N/A, h 614 Ave. B
Basse, Alexander, saddler, Ramsay & Ford, h 314 Lavaca
Basse, Hilmar, clk, Tips & Haarmann, h 212 Market
Bassett, E. A., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor Austin and Milam
Bassiando, Filipe, dishwasher, Swiss House, b same
Bastian, Alfred, N/A, b 623 S. Flores
Bastian, M., trav slsmn, h 301 Blum
Bastian, N. (O. T. & N. Bastian), Buffalo Stock Yards, h 623 S. Flores
Bastian, O. T. & N. (Owen T. & N. Bastian), stock yards, 26 N Flores
Bastian, Owen T., (O. T. & N. Bastian), Buffalo Stock Yards, h 623 S. Flores
Basye, Oliver S. , N/A, h 422 Romana
Batacour, Soledad Mrs., N/A, h 832 Perez
Bateman, Charles L., baggage master, I. & G. N. Ry., h 521 Chavez
Bates, Edward W., collector, San Antonio Daily Times, h 608 N Concho
Bates, George, drummer, 4 11 Monterey
Bates, Permetia J. Mrs., boarding house, 412 Romana
Bates, Rossie , saleswoman, L. Wolfson, b 408 San Pedro Ave.
Batista, John, boots and shoes, 622 W. Commerce
Batista, Louis Jr., N/A, b -- Cassiana
Bastista, Louis Sr., barber, 415 W. Commerce, h ---Cassiana, between Nogalitos and San Pedro Creek
Batista, Pedro, physician and surgeon, h 228 Dolorosa
Battaglia, Angelo, boot and shoemkr, 225 Alamo Plaza h 425 E. Commerce
Battaglia, Angelo, commission mcht, 229 E. Houston, T 77
Battaglia, Angelo, confectioner, 211 Alamo Plaza
Battaglia, Annie , N/A, h 39 Soledad
Battaglia, Anton, N/A, h 325 Navarro
Battaglia, Frank, emp C. A. Duerler, 265 W. Commerce
Battaglia, George, barber, 211 Alamo Plaza
Battaglia, Gioachino, N/A, h 39 Soledad
Battaglia, Guiceppi C., N/A, h 265 W. Commerce
Gattaglia, Joseph, barber, cigars and confections, 23 Alamo Plaza, h 265 W. Commerce
Battaglia, Paulo, barber, Jesus Madril, h -- E. Commerce
Battaglia, Sabastian Mrs., confectionery, cigars, etc., h 39 Soledad
Battiste, Eliza Mrs., N/A, cor St. Mary and Pecan
Battle, Andrew, hackman, Charles Johnson, h Blum, opp Menger Hotel
Batzen, Lena, N/A, r 304 S. Laredo
Bauder, Catherine, laundress, Texas Steam Laundry, h 311 Sixth
Bauderer, Charles, engr, Alamo Brewing Association, N/A
Bauderer, Katie (wid Charles), N/A h 332 Crockett
Bauer, Bettie Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 405 S. Alamo
Bauer, Emma (wid Herman) N/A, h 274 S. Laredo
Bauer, John, bkpr, r 228 Blum
Bauer, John, saloon keeper, h 236 Market
Bauker, Charles W., N/A, h 220 Elm
Baul, George, teamster, b cor Jackson and Utica
Baum, Caroline Mrs., Cinderella Shoe Palace, 401 E. Houston, h 520 Ave C
Baum, Cora Miss, N/A, 520 Ave C
Baum, Grace Miss, clk, C. Baum, h 520 Ave C
Baum, Simon, Mgr., Cinderella Shoe Palace, h 520 Ave. C
Baumberger, Anna Mrs., N/A, h 919 Ave C
Baumblatt, Moses, mgr, Goldfrank, Frank & Co., N/A
Baumgarden, John, lab, Gahwiler & Simmang, r 612 N. Flores
Baumgartner, John, prescription clk, August Schroeppe, 634 N. Flores
Bautiste, Crecencio, porter, C. Huberich, h Trevino, between Main and Military Plaza
Baxter & Dean, (F. B. Baxter and Abner Dean) props revolving light saloon, 6 Main Plaza, T 297
Baxter, Ed. B., frt condr, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 905 Ave D
Baxter, Hattie Miss, N/A, r 309 N East
Baxter, Jerome N., Lab, h 16 Cevallos
Baxter, Joseph, stock dealer, h 220 S. Flores
Bayly, Bros., (Harry E. Bayly and Courtney Bayly), fruits, nuts, and commission, 333 E. Houston
Bayly, Courtney T., (Bayly Bros.) Fruit and commission, h 225 Elmira
Bayly, Florence E. Miss, N/A h 8 Fourth
Bayly, Harry E., (Bayly Bros), fruit and commission, h 225 Elmira
Bayly, Joseph, bkpr, C. M. Aiken, h 225 Elmira
Baynes, Hermann, asst Menger Hotel Billiard Hall, h 5 Center
Beal, Jane L., (wid G. T.), N/A, h 206 Garden
Beal, Mamie, (c), h 1 Perez
Beal, Nellie, (c) h 214 S. East
Beall, W. N., R R and military editor, Daily Express, h 311 Oakland
Beals, William, carp, h 207 Diaz
Beam, D. C., carp, h 1104 W. Houston
Bean, George D., postal route agt., I. & G. N. Ry., h 634 N. Flores
Bean, P. Roy, bkpr, Alamo Brewing Association, b Mahucke Hotel
Beanchini, Louis, saddler, Ramsay & Ford, b 240 Obraje
Bear, Harvey, stereotyper, Daily Express, N/A
Beard, C. M., watchmkr, J. M. Emerson & Co., h 225 Soledad
Beard, George S., (Stevenson & Beard), Real estate, h 21 Elmira
Beard, James, (c), train porter, I. & G. N. Ry., h 310 N. San Saba
Bearmann, Bernhardt, carp, h 630 N. Flores
Bearmann, Frederick, N/A, h 630 N. Flores
Beasley, Laura Miss, N/A, b 615 S. San Saba
Beasley, Robert, (c), porter, Newton & Weller, h 312 Morales
Beattram, Franke Miss, N/A, b 615 S. San Saba
Beatty, William, foreman, Lone Star Bottling Works, h 319 Ave. B
Beatty, W. S., soda water mfr., 319 Ave. B
Beauchamp, David, N/A, h 1703 W. Commerce
Beauchamp, Horace D., N/A, h 1314 W. Commerce
Beaumont, E. B., Major Fourth Cavalry, U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Beaumont, Eckhart L., physician, h 909 Nolan, T 385
Beaumont, Edmund F., N/A, h 909 Nolan
Beaumont, E. Lucius, N/A, h 909 Nolan
Beaumont, E. O. Mrs., teacher, Public School No. 5, 434 Walter
Beaumont, Lulu Miss, delivery clk, Western Union Tel. Co., b 20 Dallas
Beaumont, Ollie Mrs., teacher, public school, h 434 Walter
Beauregard, A. J. T., N/A, r 29 Losoya
Beaver, Hezekiah, expman, h 114 Marshall
Beazely, John W., fireman, Aransas Pass Ry., h -- Cevallos
Beck, Anne E., teacher, public high school, 115 Camden
Beck, Carl, N/A, h 203 Madison
Beck, Catherine M. Mrs., (wid Beverline), N/A, h 115 Camden
Beck, Charles, steward, Maverick Hotel, b same
Beck, George, brewer, San Antonio Brewing Association, b Brewery boarding house
Beck, Hozias L., N/A, h 314 S. Pecos
Beck, James, press feeder, Maverick Printing House, cor Laredo and crossing Aransas Pass Ry.
Beck, Joseph, baker, Louis Spahn, h 230 E. Commerce
Beck, Lucien, compositor, Maverick Printing House, Laredo and crossing Aransas Pass Ry.
Beck, Marcus, furniture, h 403 E. Houston
Beck, Reinhart, mgr., San Antonio Sue Factory, h 415 Live Oak
Beck, Thomas W., frt. conductor, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 722 Ave. C
Beck, Walter, policeman, h 17 Devine
Becker, Abraham, bricklayer, h 222 E. Commerce
Becker, August, shipping clk., R. Becker, h 19 W. Commerce
Becker, C. F. A., N/A, h 219 Crockett
Becker, Charles, trav. slsmn., Wagner & Chabot, h 39 S. Alamo
Becker, Harris, watchmkr., 607 W. Commerce, h 39 S. Alamo
Becker, Matilda, N/A, h 39 S. Alamo
Becker, Max F., bkpr, R. Becker, r 219 Crockett
Becker, Reinhold, furniture, 19 & 21 W. Commerce, h 219 Crockett
Beckmann, Albert F., architect, h 529 Madison
Beckmann, Charles W., city slsmn and Collector, Alamo Brewing Association, h 816 Ave. D
Beckmann, Crecencia Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h cor Macon and Clinton
Beckmann, Eva, saleswoman, Mrs. R. B. Smith, h 808 Frio
Beckmann, John A., N/A, h 16 Casino
Beckmann, John C., commission mcht., b 16 Casino
Beckmann, Joseph, boots and shoes, 271 W. Commerce, h cor Macon and Clinton
Beckwith, Frank C., N/A, h 22 King William
Bedford, William, (c), lab, G. H. & S. A. Ry. yard, h 319 Austin
Bee, Annie Miss, N/A, h 615 Ave. C
Bee, Benjamin, clk treas office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 615 Ave. C
Bee, Carlos, chief clk judge advocate's office, h 615 Ave. C
Bee, Edward, postal clk, I. & G. N. Ry., h 615 Ave. C
Bee, Hamilton P. Jr., weigher, Slayden & Clarkson, h city limits, Corpus Christi Road
Bee, Hamilton P. Sr., pension agt & notary public, h 615 Ave. C
Beekman, Amazia M., hide and wool buyer, h 808 N. Frio
Beekman, Eva Miss, N/A, 808 N. Frio
Beeler, Charles A., driver, T. E. Littlefield, h 455 N. Flores
Beeler, Mary J. Mrs., (wid P. J.), N/A, h 455 N. Flores, T 495
Beere & Biggs, (Edward Beere and W. F. Biggs), saloon, cor Cherry and Burleson
Beere, Edward, saloon keeper, Beere and Biggs, h cor Cherry and Burleson
Behrens, Emil, civil, mechanical and electrical engr, cor Burnett and St. Charles
Beigel, George, N/A, h --Duffield
Beigel, John, tinner, h Starr nr Live Oak
Beitel, Albert, mgr, Frank J. Beitel, h 15 Belvin
Beitel, Charles F., N/A, h Garden nr R.R.
Beitel, Elizabeth Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, Garden nr R. R.
Beitel, Frank J., lumber dealer, 1322 W. Commerce, t 250, h 603 Buena Vista
Beitro, Espinos, wood dealer, h 448 N. Concho
Bejar, Jertrudes Mrs., restaurant, h 17 S. Laredo
Belger, Patrick, dishwasher, Commercial Restaurant, r cor S. Flores and W. Nueva
Belknap, Augustus Mrs., vice prest, Protestant Home for Destitute Children, h Laurel Heights, T 79
Bell, Annie Miss, N/A, 1019 W. Houston
Bell Bros., David Bell, watchmakers and jewelers, 281 W. Commerce, T 109
Bell, David, jeweler (Bell Bros.), h 413 Park Ave.
Bell, David K., slsmn, A. Pancoast & Son, h 715 Oakland
Bell & Dean, (James A. Bell & J. H. Dean), livestock commission, 220 S. Flores
Bell, Duncan Jr., asst bkpr, Dreiss, Thompson & Co., h 219 Blum
Bell, Duncan Sr., mechanic, h 219 Blum
Bell, Eliza, (c), cor Macon and Jackson
Bell, James A., livestock commission, (Bell & Dean), 220 S. Flores, h 1018 W. Houston
Bell, Jefferson B., N/A, h 223 S. Laredo
Bell, Jess M., jeweler, 226 W. Commerce, T 63, h 213 Elmira, T 467
Bell, Jessup D., N/A, h 213 Elmira
Bell, John, N/A, 324 Austin
Bell, John, engr, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Cherry between Burleson and Sherman
Bell, John Mrs., rooms to rent, h 324 Austin
Bell, Joseph, teamster, h 413 Ave. E
Bell, Luella Miss, (c), washing, h 415 S. San Saba
Bell, Powhatan, clk., Bell Bros., r 281 W. Commerce
Bell, Robert, grocery, h 417 Ave. E
Bell, Robert L., vice prest, Troy Steam Laundry Co., h 510 Park Ave.
Bell, Thaddeus C., U. S. Deputy collector internal revenue, b 140 Warren
Bell, Walter, (c), waiter, Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Bell, William, (c), porter, Washington Saloon, h 237 Obraje
Bell, W. J. Mrs., prop, New Orleans Restaurant, 228 S. Flores
Bellairs, Henry, N/A, h 27 Lafitte
Bellairs, James H., N/A, b 471 N. Flores
Bellis, Samuel C., commission fruit, game, poultry, fish, 335 & 337 E. Houston, T 218, h cor Pereida and Pine
Bellows, John R., N/A, h 413 Nacogdoches
Bellows, Reynolds S., N/A, h 32 Cameron
Belmont, Charles, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 623 Austin
Belmont, Charles D., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 521 Austin
Belohlavek, Ignatz, driver, Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co., h Matamoras between S. Frio and Medina
Belohlavek, John, eng, Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co., h Matamoras between S. Frio and Medina
Bemae, Leonard, N/A, r 815 S. Pecos
Beman, Charles, buggy washer, J. W. Storey, h 213 Camaron
Benack, George Jr., blacksmith, August Kamp, h 128 Plum
Benack, George Sr., N/A, h 32 Wyoming
Benavedes, Lula Miss, N/A, h 308 N. East
Bender, Charles, emp, mash dept, San Antonio Brewing Association, h Newell & Maury addition
Bender, Christian C., brewer, City Brewer, h 215 Victoria
Bender, Eva I. Mrs., (wid W. G.), boarding house, h 618 Ave. D
Bendert, Charles W., tailor, G. A. Gibbons, r 2 E. Nueva
Benford, Douglass, (c), porter, Wm. Holland, h -- Austin
Benham, J. H., cashier, Pullman Palace Car. Co., h 19 Pecan
Benhandorf, Anna Mrs., rooms to rent, h 38 South
Benitas, Miguel, shoemaker, Nasario Lajon, h 255 S. Laredo
Benkel, Ernst, butcher, George Jagger, b 424 Hildago
Benkert, Louis S., N/A, b 818 S. Pecos
Benkie, Carl G., stone mason, h cor Matagorda and Victoria
Benner, Agnes Miss, saleswoman, Paul Wagner, h 24 Lafitte
Benner, Louisa Mrs., (wid Adolph), N/A, h 24 Lafitte
Benners, Frank, expressman, h --Third
Bennett, Alfred, mcht, prop Racket Store, h 304 King William
Bennett, Anson G., N/A, h San Pedro Place, nr Park Ave.
Bennett, Arthur B., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b Tremont House
Bennett, Calvin, (c), laborer, h 1573 W. Houston
Bennett, Caroline E. Mrs., teacher, public school No. 1, h 563 N. Flores
Bennett, Charles, fireman, G.H. & S. A. Ry., r 1124 Ave. D
Bennett, Charles H., real estate (Burkholder & Bennett), 39 Alamo Plaza
Bennett, Edward, physician and surgeon, office Clavin's drug store, h 36 W. Commerce
Bennett, Frank, office boy, Maverick Printing House, h 128 Santa Clara
Bennett, Henry, real estate (Meny & Bennett), h 427 Ave. B
Bennett, Ida, waiter, Cincinnati House, 1202 W. Commerce, b same
Bennett, J., clothing store, 326 Military Plaza
Bennett, Jesse A., showman (J. A. Bennett & Co.), h 325 San Pedro Ave.
Bennett, John H., R. R. clk., b 370 Dwyer Ave.
Bennett, John T., N/A, h 522 Buena Vista
Bennett, Joseph, clothing and dry goods, h 231 Barrera
Bennett, Joseph M., blacksmith, C. M. Wolchken, h 206 Ave. B
Bennett, Julius, clk, A. Bennett, h 304 King William
Bennett, Mary F. Mrs. (wid W. A.), N/A, h 13 W. Nueva, T 183
Bennett, Rachael Miss, cashier, Joe Bennett, h 231 Barrera
Bennett, Samuel C., N/A, h 370 Dwyer Ave.
Bennett, Samuel D., stockman, h 5 Fest
Bennett, Sam W., N/A, b 13 W. Nueva
Bennett, William, frt condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 603 Ave C
Benoit, Celina Mrs., (wid Victor), rooms to rent, h 419 S. Flores
Benson, Harry L., N/A, h 603 Laurel
Benson, Samuel, fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 211 Chavez
Benton, E. S., 2nd Lieut., Third Artillery, U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Benton, Isaac B., frt condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 812 Ave. D
Berado, Francisco, N/A, h -- Cassiana
Berchelmann, Dora H. Miss, music teacher, h 214 Sixth
Berchelmann, Mollie A. Mrs. (wid Adolph), N/A, h 707 Ave. C
Beretta, J. K. & Co., (John K. Beretta and T. C. Frost), general store, 7 and 9 Main Plaza, T 423
Beretta, John K., mcht, (J. K. Beretta & Co.), b Southern Hotel
Berg, Henry L., N/A, b Menger Hotel
Berg, Louis S., dealer in electrical apparati. and ticket agt, Sunset R. R., h Acequia and Romana, T 453
Bergel, Albert, slsmn, L. Wolfson, r 242 Acequia
Berger, Emil, boots and shoes, 319 E. Commerce, h 214 Bowie
Berger, Victor J., N/A, h 419 Romana
Bergeron, Paul, Elite saloon (J. Loustaunau & Co.), T 59, h243 S. Laredo
Bergin, Patrick J., Policeman, h -- West End
Bergmann, Gustav, N/A, b 256 Garden
Bergstrom, Louis, cotton, wool, and hides, 11 Military Plaza, T 209, h 208 King William
Bergstrom, Oscar H., city attorney (Upson & Bergstrom), T 108, h 328 Garden, T 320
Bergstrom, Ottilia (wid Charles), N/A, h 625 S. Presa
Bergstrom, Otto, N/A, h 625 S. Presa
Berkheimer, John B., N/A, b 32 Ave D.
Berliner, Samuel, prop Ranch Saloon (Tommins & Berliner), h 27 North
Bernal, Carlotta Mrs., N/A, r 818 S. Pecos
Bernal, Cruz, N/A, h 818 S. Pecos
Bernal, Leonardo, N/A, 818 S. Pecos
Bernal, Refugio, N/A, h 818 S. Pecos
Bernard, Martin, carp., San Antonio Brick Yard, h Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez
Berndt, William, sausage maker, h 209 Center
Bernhard, Frank, mail agt., I. & G. N. Ry., h 22 Bowie
Bernhard, Rudolph, mail agt., I. & G. N. Ry., h 22 Bowie
Bernstein, Larry, novelty store, 409 W. Commerce, h 331 Dwyer Ave.
Berrey, Dabney, physician and surgeon, office R. Cohn & Co., h 819 Ave. B, T 85
Berrey, John C., real estate, 211 E. Houston, h 819 Ave. D
Berringer, George, hostler, Carter & Mullaly, r 14 Crockett
Berry, Fannie, cook, h 317 Pecan
Berry, Gustav, butcher, Wm. C. Matthews, h cor Brazoria and Tampico
Berry, Inman, (c), driver, Geo. Dullnig, h Crockett between N. Hackberry and Olive
Berry, Martha J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 201 Matamoras
Berry, Richard, attorney at law, h cor. Comal and Granada
Berry, Walker W., attorney at law, h 1177 N. Flores
Berry, William C., attorney at law, 20 Kampmann Bldg., T 551, h 518 Nacogdoches
Bertche, Thomas W., city slsmn, Mayer & Schmelter, h 421 Romana
Bertetti, L. & Co., ( L. Bertetti and D. Mose), saloon, 511 S. Concho
Bertetti, Lorenzo, saloon keeper, (L. Bertetti & Co.), h 511 S. Concho
Besch, Henry, marble worker, F. Teich, r 3 Montana
Beschorner, William, lab ed., Rische & Son, h cor Grand and River Ave.
Besesti, Giacomo, confectioner, h 619 W. Commerce
Besse, George A., bill clk., I. & G. N. frt. depot, h 1611 Zavalla
Besse, Joseph R. carp., h 1611 Zavalla
Bessiere, Mme., French teacher, St. Mary's hall, 225 Martin
Best, M. I., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1223 Olive
Bethune, Bertie Miss, N/A, h 224 Obraje
Bethune, Orville S., N/A, b 716 S. Pecos
Betters, Samuel V., N/A, h cor Grand and River Aves.
Betzer, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 18 Chavez
Betzer, Louisa Miss, saleswoman, Paul Wagner, h 18 Chavez
Betzer, Raymond, wheelwright, John I lg, h 18 Chavez
Beverley, Harry M., stockman, h 312 King William
Beversdorff, August, carp, h 1118 W. Commerce
Beversdorff, Emil, N/A, b 1118 W. Commerce
Beversdorff, Louis, N/A, b 1118 W. Commerce
Bejar Building and Loan Association, H. M. Aubrey, Secy., N/A, 421 E Houston, T 406
Bejar County Court House N/A, N/A, 16 Soledad
Bejar County Jail, Adolfo Vidal, jailor, N/A, Cameron between Houston and W. Commerce
Bejar County Poor Farm and Hospital, N/A, N/A, Rock Quarry Road, nr city limits, T 338
Beyer, August, prop, Lewis Grist Mill, 210 Navarro, h 47 North
Beyer, Herman, head miller, A. Beyer, h 47 North
Beyer, Otto, carp., h 10 Nevada
Beze, F. Victor, sheep dealer, h 205 N. Laredo
Bherman, Martin, cook, h 314 N. San Saba
Bianchi, Dominica, N/A, h 316 S. Laredo
Bianchini, Louis, N/A, h 221 S. Laredo
Bickel, Martin, brtdr, A. W. Krumpkau, r 437 N. Flores
Biel, Lydia Miss, saleswoman, Wolff & Marx, h 103 Gibbs
Biel, Nettie Miss, saleswoman, Wolff & Marx, h 103 Gibbs
Bielstein, Julius, grocer and saloon, cor Chavez and N. Concho, T 349, h 307 N. Concho
Beincourt, Marie Mrs., (wid. Pierre), N/A, h 233 Villeta
Biencourt, Ramon L., bkpr, Crystal Saloon, h 212 Villeta
Biering, Charles, cook, Manhucke Hotel, b same
Biering, Charles W., cook, h 302 Crockett
Biesenbach, August, slsmn, Elmendorf & Co., h 709 Ave. C
Biesenbach, Dora Miss, N/A, h 709 Ave. C
Biesenbach, Eduard C., tray slsmn, Wagner & Chabot, h 523 North
Biesenbach, Fritz, lab, h 109 Wyoming
Biesenbach, Louisa Mrs., furnished rooms, h 709 Ave. C
Bigby, Maud E. Miss, saleswoman, Reidell & Co., h 218 Ave. C
Bigelow, J. H., N/A, h 24 Elm
Bigelow, William, N/A, b 32 Ninth
Biggs, William F., saloon, (Beere and Biggs), h cor. Cherry and Burleson
Biglay, Mary, N/A, h 621 Ave. E
Bihl, Charles A., carp, h 407 N. East
Bihl, Della Miss, N/A, h 407 N. East
Bihl, Frederick, collector, A. B. Frank & Co., h 407 N. East
Bihl, George, clk, G. A. Duerler, h 407 N. East
Bijou Restaurant, (Harnish and Baer, Props), opera-house block, T 246 N/A
Bilhartz, John, apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shops, h 1314 W. Commerce
Bilhartz, Louisa Mrs. (wid F.), N/A, h 308 S. Frio
Billak, Frank, butcher, George Jagge, b 426 N. Leona
Billelpando, Jesus F., N/A, h -- S. Flores
Binz, Annie L. Miss, dressmkr, h 19 Dawson
Binz, Ferdinand, N/A, cor. Silver and Tilden
Binz, Joseph, horse dealer, h 19 Dawson
Bippert, Fritz, carp., h 310 Lavaca
Birmingham, Frank T., bkpr, T. C. Frost, h 20 California
Bisetta, Giacoma, confectioner, 619 W. Commerce h same
Bishop, Alfred W., real estate, h 269 Garden
Bishop, Augustine Jr., N/A, h 416 W. Houston
Bishop, Augustine Sr., shoemkr., h 416 W. Houston
Bishop, Bella, dressmkr., C. Dreyfus, h 511 W. Houston
Bishop, Edward, hackdriver, h 309 East
Bishop, Philip, Carr & Robinson, r cor. Austin and Grayson
Bishop, William, clk, John Mueller, h cor. Grayson and Austin Ave.
Bisschop, Rosalia, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 416 W. Houston
Bitter, Albert W., brtdr., J. A. Bitter & Co., h 720 Austin
Bitter, Charles, meat market (Bitter & Schroeter), h 201 Narp.
Bitter, Daniel C., collector, Daily Light, h 330 North
Bitter, Frank T., oil keeper, G.H. & S. A. Ry. round house, h 735 Austin
Bitter, Henry W., N/A, h 722 Austin, T 412
Bitter, John A., (J. A. Bitter & Co.), h 720 Austin
Bitter, John A. & Co (John A. Bitter & A. W. Ritter), saloon, 720 Austin
Bitter & Schroeter, (Charles Bitter & Max Schroeter), meat market, 418 E. Commerce, T 515
Bitter, William H. Jr., mail carrier No. 10, h 330 North
Bitter, William H. Sr., bailiff, h 330 North
Bittick, Henry W. C., trav. slsmn., Zirkel & Co., h 1117 Morales
Bixby, F. C., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., b Grand Ave Hotel
Black, A., compositor, Daily Times N/A
Black, Alice Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 318 Crockett
Black, Amos, foreman, Texas Stockman and Farmer, b cor Iowa and Plum
Black, Claude mfrs. roof paint, (Edward M. Black & Son), h 324 Bowie
Black, Earnest, errand boy, Tips & Silverthorn, h 324 Bowie
Black, Edward M. & Son, (Edward M. Black and Claude Black), roofing paints, 208 Main Plaza, T 42
Black, Edward M., mfrs., roof paint, (Edward M. Black and Son), h 324 Bowie
Black Elephant Saloon, P. Mogadieu, Prop. Saloon, 231 S. Flores, T 388
Black, Henry C., boarding and lodging, h 421 Grand Ave.
Black, Herman, waiter, San Pedro Park, h 814 N. Flores
Black, H. M., Colonel, Twenty-third U. S. infantry, h Govt.Hill
Black, James M., yardman, West End Lumber Co., h 809 S. Frio
Black, John, saddler, Govt. Hill, h 318 Crockett
Black, Joseph, painter, h 814 N. Flores
Black, Lizzie Mrs., N/A, b 1 Belvin
Black, Nellie Mrs. (c) h 303 East
Blackman, David W., N/A, h 630 N. Flores
Blackman, Benjamin J., plumber, J. Bowman, h 19 Fourth
Blades, Ewel H., car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shops, h 1218 Hackberry
Blair, Henry A., druggist, h 318 E. Commerce, T 296
Blair, William M., garbage wagon, h 514 Ave. E
Blair, W. W., nursery, 577 S. Flores
Blake, David, painter, h 149 Marshall
Blake, John, lab, San Antonio Foundry Co., h 645 S. Presa
Blake, John A., carp, h 149 Marshall
Blakeney, E. M., mattress factory, h 244 to 248 Austin
Blanche, Addie, chambermaid, Mahncke Hotel, b same
Bland, Arthur Jr., shipping clerk, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 10 Brooks
Blanks, Cupid, (c), cook, h cor. St. Mary and Fannin
Blanks, Rebecca, (c), laundry, h cor. St. Mary and Fannin
Blanton, Christopher S., N/A, h 246 S. Laredo
Blasche, Charles F., N/A, b 121 Lachapelle
Blattner, Charles, brtdr., Elite Saloon, h 243 S. Laredo
Blaydes, R. L., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 221 Austin
Bledsoe, Joseph S., N/A, h 321 S. Concho
Bledsoe, Robert G., N/A, b 38 South
Blesi, Carrie Miss, emp., S. Morris, b 312 Goliad
Blesi, Joaquin, painter, h 55 Mill
Blesse, W. F., slsmn., Joske Bros., b 16 Bowie
Bliem, Milton J., (Jones & Bliem), physician and surgeon, h 802 Ave C, T 376
Blind, Robert, porter, Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 24 Elm
Bloch, Gaston, clk., A. Brunswick & Son, b 305 Fourth
Blocker, Eliza Mrs., (c), h 715 Buena Vista
Blocker, John R., stockman, h 309 garden
Blodgett, Mary M. Mrs., teacher, kindergarten, h 309 Third
Blomquist, Ambrose, N/A, b 514 Matagorda
Blondin, Alfred H., dentist, 2 E. Commerce, h cor. Garden and King William
Blount, Olivia Miss, saleswoman, S. Rabe, h 10 Taylor
Blount, William H., compositor, Daily Express, h 10 Taylor
Blue Front Chop House, Jacob Chaure, Prop. N/A, 218 S. Flores
Blum, Carl, cotton, hides, and wool, (Henry Frankel & Co.), h 313 Sixth
Blum, Emil Jr., slsmn, Wolff & Marx, h 313 Sixth
Blum, Emil Sr., slsmn., Wolff & Marx, h 208 Ave. B
Blum, Max, wrapper, Wolff & Marx, h 313 Sixth
Blumenthal, Otto F., jewelry, 283 W. Commerce h same
Blumme, Max, driver street sprinkler, h 688 N. Flores
Blumtritt, Henry, gasfitter, San Antonio Gas Co., h 34 Ninth
Blunch, John, blacksmith, Wm. Schlichenmaier, h 12 Ferdinand
Blundell, Thomas E., grocer and saloon keeper, h 553 N. Flores, T 226
Blunk, George, Brtdr., Otto H. Felder, r 12 Fannin
Blunk, John, N/A, h 12 Fannin
Boalder, Fannie, N/A, h 339 S. Flores
Boan, Sestie R., N/A, h 213 S. Alamo
Board of Trade of San Antonio, J. L. Starr Hunt - secy, Room 17 Kampmann Bldg., T 198
Boardman, William C., (c), engr., Frank Teich, h 223 Victoria
Boaz, Eugene, coachman, N/A
Bock, Albert H., teller, T. C. Frost, h 419 N. Flores
Bock, Otto, night clk., Manchke Hotel, b same
Bockmann, Ferdinand, slsmn., Elmendorf & Co., h 694 N. Flores
Bode, Emil, (c), warehouseman, Waters-Pierce Oil Co., h 517 Monterey
Bode, Henry, (c), warehouseman, Waters-Pierce Oil Co., h 517 Monterey
Bodemann, Emil, trav. slsmn., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 213 Romana
Bodemann, John, N/A, h 533 Austin
Bodemann, Joseph U., druggist, h 533 Austin, T 52
Bodenberg, George, baker, Flamm & Filbert, b 202 Camargo
Bodwell, Eugene, emp., Wm. Heiner, b cor. Pecan & St. Mary
Body, Addie Miss, (c), h 313 Zavalla
Boehler, Frederick, cellar foreman, San Antonio Brewing Association, h Josephine
Boelhouwe, Charles G., planing mill, 525 to 529 Nacogdoches, T 61 h -- Nolan between Chestnut and Walnut
Boelhouwe, Joseph, vice-prest., San Antonio Builders' Supply Co. and Slsmn., Calcasieu Lumber Yard, Ave. D and Fourth
Boerner, Charles G., publisher of standard subscription books, (Charles G. Boerner & Co.), 213 E. Houston
Boerner & Co., Charles G., (Charles G. Boerner), publishers of standard subscription books, 213 E. Houston
Boerner, Henry, mgr, Scholz's garden, h 9 and 11 Alamo
Boero, Giovanni B., commission merchant, cor. Main Plaza and Dolorosa, h same, T 169
Boero, Mary Mrs., (wid. G. B.), N/A, h 260 Market
Boettler, Louis P., builder and contractor, 215 Market
Bogel, Cyrus, (c), lab, b 71 Utica
Bogel, James, (c), lab, b 71 Utica
Bogel, Marguerite Mrs., (c), laundress, h 71 Utica
Bogel, Richard, (c), lab, b 71 Utica
Boggs, Eli M., N/A, h 32 Ave. D
Bogley, Charles L., N/A, 103 Gibbs
Bogley, Leonard S., N/A, 239 Market
Bohlke, Fritz, R., N/A, 228 Quinta
Bohlke, Reinhardt, N/A, 214 Market
Bohn, Fritz, N/A, h 305 North
Bohn, Henrietta Mrs., (wid William), N/A, h 25 South
Bohn, Henry, carriage trimmer, D. Heye, h 305 North
Bohnfeld, Charles M., grocer, cor. Leal and N. San Saba
Boise, Clara, N/A, h -- Chestnut
Boise, Louis, air brake machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1029 Ave. D
Boisse, Leon, gardner, h 409 N. Concho
Bolden, Albert, (c), h 321 S. Laredo
Bolden, Alfred, emp., G. A. Duerler, h 23 Victoria
Bolden, H. Mrs., N/A, h 319 Pecan
Bolden, Henry, (c), r 321 S. Laredo
Bollbrugge, Charles, driver, City Steam Laundry, h 329 E. Houston
Bolleter, R. J. Mrs., boarding house, 305 Martin
Bollons, John, pass. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 820 Nolan
Bolt, William G., rate clk., I. & G. N. frt. depot, h 128 Marshall
Bolton, E. B., 1st Lieut. 23d Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Bolton, John H. Mrs., N/A, h 907 Nolan
Boltz, Frank, N/A, h 302 Eighth
Boltz, Louis, slsmn, Wolff & Marx, h 302 Eighth
Boltz, William, N/A, h 302 Eighth
Bond, James D., (c), emp., Alamo Cement Co., h Rock Quarry Road
Bond, John C., N/A, b 1029 San Fernando
Bond, John C., night watchman, I. & G. N. frt. depot, h -- Carr's Hill
Bond, Robert, bkpr., Sam C. Bellis, h 307 Nolan
Bone, John, carp., h 621 Monterey
Bonham, George W., mgr., San Antonio Foundry Co., h 328 Madison
Bonn, Charles, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h cor. Olive and Sherman
Bonn, Philip, wiper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. round house, h cor. Sherman and Olive
Bonnell, William H., deputy county surveyor, h 313 Oakland, T 238
Bonner, Emma Mrs., N/A, h 274 S. Laredo
Bonner, John, porter, Southern Hotel Bar, N/A
Bonnet, August, contractor and builder, h -- Chestnut between Burnett and Hays
Bonnet, Joseph, pantryman, Elite Restaurant, b 301 Main Plaza
Bonnet, WILLIAM, (c), emp., Electric Light Co., r 1707 W. Commerce
Booker, Anderson, (c), emp. city engr., h 319 N. San Marcos
Booker, David, (c), carp., h 615 Ruiz
Booker, Elenora, (c), h 615 Ruiz
Booker, Emeline, (c), h 615 Ruiz
Booker, Mollie Mrs., (c), 232 East
Booker, Ralph, (c), drayman, h 801 N. Salado
Booker, William, (c), expman, h 615 Ruiz
Boolin, Patrick, watchman, I. & G. N. Ry., Commerce Street Crossing, h 1613 W. Commerce
Boone, C. L., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 5 Duval
Boone, Gussie Miss, N/A, h 67 Utica
Boone, William W., Attorney-at-law, 26 Soledad, h 214 Fifth
Booth, J., frt. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 618 Ave. D
Booth, James, hostler, Robinson & Evans, r 9 W. Houston
Booth, Jesse H., mgr., Singer Mfg. Co., h 306 San Pedro Ave.
Booth, Joseph M., dispatcher, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Co., h 811 Willow
Booth, Walter H., grain dealer, (Hunt & Booth), h 518 Oakland, T 468
Booth, William, frt. condr., G. H, & S. A. Ry., h 618 Ave. D
Bopp, Laurence, grocer, h 602 W. Houston
Borchardt, Paul, engr., Benjamin Maurmann, r 236 Camargo
Borchers, Emma Miss, N/A, h 727 N. Flores
Borchers, Henry Jr., errand boy, C. Schasse, h 727 N. Flores
Borchers, Henry Sr., N/A, h 727 N. Flores
Borchers, Josephine Mrs., (wid Henry), N/A, h 727 N. Flores
Borchers, Katie Miss, N/A, h 727 N. Flores
Borden, Guy, stockman, h 234 Garden
Borders, Andrew J., carp., h 109 Oak
Borgas, Tracino, N/A, h -- Zavalla
Borin, Louisa E. Mrs., (wid J.D.), N/A, h 423 Acequia
Borin, Lula, clk. frt. and ticket office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 423 Acequia
Boring, Eugene M., N/A, h 229 East
Boring, James R., N/A, h 11 Common
Boring, Antonio, N/A, h 313 N. East
Borton, Edward, N/A, h 412 N. San Saba
Borton, Leonard, N/A, h 226 E. Neuva
Bose, Robert, saloon and boarding house, 202 Alamo Plaza
Bosen, Lottie Miss, N/A, h 615 S. San Saba
Bosk, M. N., brakeman, G. H. & S. A., Ry., h 5 Duval
Boss Chop House, Lim Toy, Prop. N/A, 212 S. Flores
Bosshard, Barbara Mrs., (wid J. H.), N/A, h 429 San Pedro Ave.
Bosshard, John, prop., P. O. Exchange Saloon, 422 E. Houston and 235 Alamo Plaza, T 303, h 232 Villitta
Boston Barber Shop, William H. Howard, Prop. N/A, 331 E. Houston
Boswell, Homer B., N/A, h 225 Villeta
Boswell, Jennie H. Miss, N/A, h 614 Ave. B
Bosys, Carmini Miss, N/A, h 614 Ave. B
Bosys, Maximilian, lab h cor. Lopez & Colorado
Botello, Gaetano, lab, h 208 El Paso
Bothwell, Bridget Mrs., (wid E. h.), N/A, h Rincon and St. Mary
Bothwell, Edward, plumbers' apprentice, Shafer & Braden, h cor. Rincon & St. Mary
Bothwell, Eugene R., undertaker, William Heiner, h cor. Rincon & St. Mary
Bothwell, James, painter, h cor. Rincon & St. Mary
Boubel, John, N/A, h 715 Austin
Boubel, Louis, painter, h 715 Austin
Boubel, Nicholas, painter, h 715 Austin
Boubel, William, N/A, h 715 Austin
Boulter, Albert P., (c), brtdr., Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Boulter, Frank, bkpr., Five Cattle Companies, h 717 Ave. C
Bourett, Robert W., N/A, h 218 S. Presa
Bournegeller, Charles, Rev. Father asst. priest, St. Mary's Church Same
Bousman, Amicus R., N/A, h 215 Matamoras
Bousman, Henry E., N/A, h 47 S. Alamo
Bowden, Lemuel M., condr., I. & G.N. Ry., h 1521 W. Houston
Bowen, Edith Miss, (c), h 529 Ruiz
Bowen, Edward, (c), stone-cutter, h 529 Ruiz
Bowen, Elizabeth Mrs., N/A, h 620 S. Flores
Bowen, Henry, clk., Paul Maureaux & Son, b 1107 W. Commerce
Bowen, James R., Policeman, b 325 San Pedro Ave.
Bowen, Turner, (c), carp. apprentice, h 529 Ruiz
Bowler, William C., N/A, h 17 El Paso
Bowles, Frank R., N/A, h 587 S. Laredo
Bowles, Rector F., N/A, h 255 Sherman
Bowman, Davidson, pile driver, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 204 Oak
Bowman, Dunk, cook, Miss Sadie Ray, r 201 Zavalla
Bowman, Henry, (c), stroker, San Antonio Gas Co., h cor. Cameron and W. Houston
Bowman, Johnathan, plumber, 11 Acequia, h 19 Fourth
Bowman, Joseph, cook, Southern Hotel, b same
Bowksy, Eugene I., barber, 11 Soledad, h 205 Lavaca
Boyce, Albert, (c), lab, S. P. frt house, h 317 S. Centre
Boyd, Haywood, (c), porter, M. Halff & Bro., h cor. Indiana and Military Plaza
Boyd, Henrietta Miss, (c), teacher, Santa Clara Public School, h East End
Boyd, Obediah, (c), h cor. Virginia and Walnut
Boyd, Thomas, (c), driver job wagon, h 10 Sanchez
Boyd, William H., (c), bartdr., Wm. G. Snell, h cor. Indiana and Military Plaza
Boyle, Annie Miss, N/A, h 138 Marshall
Boyle, Charles, book and music store, h 102 Crockett
Boyle, Cora Miss, N/A, h 138 Marshall
Boyle, Emma Miss, N/A, h 407 E. Houston
Boyle, Frank, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 327 Ninth
Boyle, James L., trav. auditor, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 138 Marshall
Boyle, Robert, stenographer, h 138 Marshall
Boyle, Teresa M. Mrs., N/A, h 138 Marshall
Boyne, William H., office boy, J. W. Crate & Co., h 75 Warren
Bracey, Joanna Mrs., (wid John), boarding house, 221 St. Mary
Bracey, Joseph, N/A, h 221 St. Mary
Bracey, Mamie, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 221 St. Mary
Brack, Asa A., photographer, 32 N. Flores, h 264 Utica
Bracken, Charles, W., cotton buyer, S. B. Wood, h 329 E. Commerce
Bracken, Estelle, clk, Mrs. Chas, Devits, h 329 E. Commerce
Bracken, Lotta Miss, N/A, h cor. Dawson and Mesquite
Brackenridge, George W., prest., San Antonio National Bank, prest. Water Works Co., office 215 W. Commerce, h Head of San Antonio River, T 173
Brackenridge, Henry, (c), driver, Tips & Haarmann, h 401 Crockett
Brackenridge, Isabella, (wid H. H.), N/A, h Head of San Antonio River
Brackenridge, Mary E. Miss, N/A, h Head of San Antonio River
Brackett & Dean, (Lloyd S. Brackett and Chas. Dean), saddlery and harness, 314 Military Plaza
Brackett, Emily W. Mrs., (wid Oscar B.), N/A, h Rivas nr. N. San Marcos
Braden, Ed, Jr., groceries; also plumber, Shafer & Braden, h 8 Santa Clara
Brackett, Lloyd S., saddler, (Brackett & Dean), h 213 Elm
Braden, Ed., & Sons, (Ed. Braden Sr., Jos. Braden, Martin Braden, & William Braden), contractors and builders, 18 Pecan
Braden, George G., mfr., cement sidewalks, h Rock Quarry Road
Braden, Joseph, contractor, (Ed. Braden and Sons), h 18 Pecan
Braden, Martin, contractor, (Ed. Braden and Sons), h Presa and Devine
Braden, William, grocer, 526 E. Commerce, T 555, h 6 Devine
Bradfield, Henry, N/A, h 1118 W. Commerce
Bradfield, H. L., car repairer, I. & G. N. R R., b 1623 W. Commerce
Bradfoot, John, (c), carriage driver, H. D. Kampmann, h 316 Fifth
Bradley, Bessie L. Miss, genl. delivery clk, San Antonio Post Office, h 11 Convent
Bradley, J. Mrs., director, Protestant Home for Destitute Children, h 11 Convent
Bradley, James H., compositor, Daily Express, b Commercial house
Bradley, John, clerk, auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 2149 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Bradley, Joseph W., real estate agent, 311 E. Houston, h 11 Convent
Bradley, Lizzie Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Bradley, Mattie T. Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 11 Convent
Bradley, Richard, (c), porter, Louis Chapman, h Laredo cor. Salinas
Bardley, William, collector, F. Kalteyer & Son., h 11 Convent
Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, J. E. C. Peddler, supt., N/A, 1 Kampmann Bldg, T 96
Brady, James T., prop., "Office Bar" Saloon, 218 Main Plaza, T 62
Brady, John, (c), teamster, b 209 Center
Brady, John, porter, F. T. Johnston & Co., r Quinta and Main Plaza
Bardy, John, saloon kpr., 272 W. Commerce, T 384, h 501 San Pedro Ave.
Brady, Patrick, brtdr, John Brady, 272 W. Commerce
Brady, Thomas F., capitalist, office over Groos' Bank, r 20 Market
Brady, Thomas H., N/A, h 240 S. Laredo
Brain, Charles C., insurance agt., Equitable Life Ins. Co., h 36 Seventh
Branch, Hugh S., tinner, J. T. Cone & Son., b 722 E. Houston
Branch, Minerva, professional nurse for the sick, h 521 E. Commerce
Branch, William, (c), h 460 Cameron
Branham, C. C., N/A, r 623 E. HOUSTON
Brantley, Robert L., carp., h 307 N. Flores
Brash, John A., Texas Supply Co., (Walker & Brash), h 203 Bowie
Brassfield, Frederick, (c), h 901 N. Comal
Brassfield, Hattie, (c), h 901 N. Comal
Brassfield, Soloman, (c), porter, Bejar County Court House, h 901 N. Comal
Bratton, J. T., Jr., slsmn., J. T. Bratton's grocery store, b 715 E. Commerce
Bratton, J. T. Mrs., N/A, h 128 Plum
Brauchle, Henry T., slsmn., T. E. Mumme, b 801 S. Flores
Braun, Gustav, music teacher, h 507 Elmira
Braun, Paul, draughtsman, G. H. & S. A. round house, h cor. Presa and Camargo
Braunnagel, Julius Dr., city physician and health officer, 507 W. Commerce, h 250 S. Laredo
Bravo, Fred, postal clerk, h 614 Chestnut
Bray, F. W., bkpr., Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., r 223 W. Commerce
Bray, William O., carp., 400 Colorado Ave., b West End
Brazelton, George G., manager, Wm. Cameron & Co.'s Lumber Yard, h cor. Chestnut and Lamar
Brealey, W. C. & Co., W. C. Brealey --- Co., boots, shoes, and furs, 233 E. Houston
Brealey, William C., (W. C. Brealey & Co.), boots, shoes, and trunks, h 16 Jefferson
Breed, Sands N., bkpr., h 508 N. Colorado
Breeding, Jackson E., dentist, 231 E. Houston
Breeding, Jennie C., principal, Public School No. 2, h 532 Wyoming
Breedlove, J. A. & Co., (Joshua A. Breedlove and Andrew M. Lecroy), meat market, 1114 W. Commerce
Breedlove, Joshua A., meat market, (J. A. Breedlove & Co.), h 1114 W. Commerce
Breier, Frank, N/A, B 16 Nacional
Breier, Jacob, brtdr., Jas. Brady, b 16 Nacional
Breitling, John W., manager, furniture dept., L. Wolfson, r 316 Soledad
Bremer, Edgar, carp., r 24 South
Bremer, John F., furnished rooms, h 316 Austin
Brendel, Hermann, cashier, D. Sullivan & Co., h 329 S. Presa
Brendel, John, N/A, h 1 Martinez
Brendel, Joseph, carp., Kampmann's factory, h 9 Nash
Brendlin, John, shoemkr., h 507 Austin
Breneman, Cassius K., attorney-at-law, h cor. St. Mary and Pecan, T 539
Brengle, John M., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 603 Grand Ave.
Brenner, J. F., grocer, h 313 Austin
Bretzke, Bertha Mrs., N/A, h 230 Oak
Breusing, Hermann, journalist, r 727 Market
Brewer, Isaac, N/A, h 511 S. Concho
Brewer, Margaret (wid Isaac), N/A, h 511 S. Concho
Brewer, Sallie Miss, N/A, h 501 S. Concho
Brewster, Belle R. Mrs. (wid J. B.), N/A, h 208 Dwyer Ave.
Brewster, Charles A., asst. city oil inspector, h 305 N. Leona
Brewster, Charles H., mdse. broker, ground floor, Kampmann Bldg, T 379, h cor. Leona and Zavalla
Briam, Antonio Mrs. (wid Louis), N/A, h 214 Lavaca
Briam, August Jr., general slsmn., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 214 Lavaca
Briam, August Sr., city slsmn., Mayer & Schmelter, h 325 North
Briam, John, clk, Paul Moroux, h 214 Lavaca
Briam, Louis, clk., Tipps & Haarman, h 214 Lavaca
Brice, Frank, engr., I & C. N. Ry., h 1519 W. Houston
Bridge, Eli h., N/A, h 318 Ave. D
Brient, Albert H., carp., h --Broad Ave.
Brient, Alfred, carp, h -- Broad Ave.
Brient, Samuel J., carp., b -- Broad Ave.
Brier, Jacob, brtdr, office bar, b 16 Nacional
Briggs, Frank A., N/A, h 306 Burleson
Briggs, Harry A., N/A, h 1011 W. Commerce
Briggs, Inman C., N/A, h 124 Fredericksburg Road
Briggs, Max, N/A, 316 E. Houston
Briggs, William, clk., h 1034 San Fernando
Briggs, William G., frt. condr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1523 W. Houston
Brineazi, John H., teamster, b 206 Cedar
Brink, John P., driver, San Antonio Brewing Association h -- Live Oak
Brinkoff, Charles, mold liner, San Antonio Foundry Co., h 28 Adams
Brisendine, Ollie Miss, emp., Louis Spahn, h 230 E. Commerce
Brisendine, Wattie miss, N/A, b 433 S. Flores
Briton, Samuel E., iron molder, San Antonio Foundry, h 30 Cassiana
Brittain, Frank S., clk., E. B. Chandler, h 228 Quinta
Britton, Lim, waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Broadbridge, Hugh, car inspector, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 114 Brooks
Broadway, Daniel, N/A, h 1210 S. Medina
Brockmann, Ferdinand, slsmn., Elemendorf & Co., h 694 N. Flores
Brockmann, Theodore, N/A, b 694 N. Flores
Brockway, Charles R., bkpr., Joske Bros., h 314 Ave. D
Brodowski, L. A., barber, h 231 W. Commerce
Brodt, Samuel, dishwasher, Mahncke Hotel, b same
Brogdon, Edward T., prop., Alamo Steam Laundry, (E. T. Brogdon & Co.), h 220 Dolorosa
Brogdon, E. T. & Co., (Edward T. Brogdon & John P. Lovelady), props, Alamo Steam Laundry, T 119
Brogdon, W. Henry, emp., Alamo Steam Laundry, r 228 Dolorosa
Broggi, Paul, grocer, 324 Military Plaza
Bromlee, John, driver, Ford, Pickford, & Co., h 421 W. Houston
Brooker, William H., attorney-at-law, and notary public, 24 French Bldg., h 103 Devine
Brooks, Adam, N/A, b 287 Bowie
Brooks, Bessie Mrs., (c), cook, C. W. Ogden, b cor, Nolan and Hackberry
Brooks, Eliza J. Mrs., N/A, h 704 Austin
Brooks, Frank, lab, b 437 N. Flores
Brooks, George, (c), porter, Critzer Bros., N/A
Brooks, George, hostler, Carter & Mullaly, h 14 Crockett
Brooks, Henry, hackdriver, Thomas Smith, h 403 N. San Saba
Brooks, John, porter, A. W. Krempkau, r 401 Dolorosa
Brooks, Louis, (c), lab, h 418 Crockett
Brooks, Mahala Mrs., N/A, h 811 N. Salado
Brooks, Oscar, mail carrier, No. 14, h 1621 Olive
Brooks, Richard, (c), porter, San Antonio National Bank, N/A
Brooks, R. M., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 231 Sherman
Brooks, William A., N/A, h 810 S. Pecos
Broome, Paul, brtdr., William Cumberland, h 601 Ave. C
Brossman, Matthew, N/A, r 513 S. Concho
Brothy, John, boilermkr, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 519 Austin
Brotze, Bettie Miss, seamstress, h 419 Fourth
Brotze, Edward F., draughtsman, B. F. Trester Jr., h 419 Fourth
Brotze, Hiedrich Miss, seamstress, h 419 Fourth
Brotze, Margarita Mrs. (wid Richard), N/A, h 419 Fourth
Brotze, Mary Miss, seamstress, h 12 Dallas
Brotze, Oscar H., turner, Degener & Karbe, h 419 Fourth
Brouthers, Grayson N., N/A, h 603 Matagorda
Brouthers, Nelson G., N/A, b 679 N. Flores
Browder, H. W., chief clk, Menger Hotel, b same
Brower, George P., watchman, new city hall, h 313 N. Leona
Brown, A. C., lab, S. A. & A. P. frt. house, h -- Sherman
Brown, Albert H., press feeder, Johnson Bros., h 845 N. Laredo
Brown, Andrew, clk., J. Bowman, h 514 S. San Saba
Brown, Belle Mrs., cook, H 1724 Zavalla
Brown, C. Arthur, reporter, R. G. Dun & Co's Mercantile Agency, N/A
Brown, Charles, (c), lab, S. A. & A. P. frt. house, h 416 Seventh
Brown, Charles, (c), policeman, h 1532 W. Houston
Brown, Charles B., (c), night watchman, Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Brown & Co., (J. F. Brown and P. Petzwiller), grocers, 221 N. Flores, T 197
Brown, Cyrus F., N/A, h 577 S. Flores
Brown, Eliza Miss, (c), h 920 W. Houston
Brown, Ella Miss, N/A, h 214 N. East
Brown, Ella M. Miss, N/A, h 516 Matagorda
Brown, Ella S., N/A, h 306 Sherman
Brown, Frank, (c), h 309 Water
Brown, Frank, groceries, h 47 S. Alamo
Brown, Frank, prop, Seventh Ward Saloon, 601 Matagorda, h 19 S. Alamo
Brown, Frank R., N/A, H 31 S. Flores
Brown, Frank S., N/A, h 39 S. Flores
Brown, George, (c), barber, h 409 Seventh
Brown, George, (c), lab, h 603 Dallas
Brown, George R., rate clk, I. & G. N. frt. office, Alamo Plaza, h 51 Jackson
Brown, George W., (c), barber, Louis Chapman, h 409 Seventh
Brown, Henry D., collection clk., San Antonio National Bank, h 21 Narp
Brown, Henry J., N/A, h 305 W. Houston
Brown, Henry T., brtdr., Ranch Saloon, h 13 California
Brown, Ida M. H. Mrs., (c), teacher, Riverside Public School, h 406 Zavalla
Brown, Isaac, slsmn., Leonard Nelson, N/A
Brown, Jacob E., ice puller, Crystal Ice and Mfg., Co., N/A
Brown, James T. Jr., intelligence office, 31 Acequia, h 581 N. Flores
Brown, James T. Sr., real estate, (Wiles & Brown), h 581 N. Flores
Brown, J. F., grocer (Brown & Co.), 19 Elmira, T 197
Brown, J. F., policeman, h 845 N. Laredo
Brown, John L., commission mcht. (J. T. Brown & Co.), h 19 Elmira
Brown, Joseph, (c), emp, Zevin & Altmann, h -- Medina
Brown, J. T. & Co., (J. T. Brown Sr., and Peter Getzwiller), grain, commission and live stock, 221 N. Flores, T 197
Brown, Julia Miss, N/A, r 614 Matagorda
Brown, Lina Mrs., N/A, h cor. Camargo and S. Presa
Brown, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 514 S. San Saba
Brown, Maggie, (c), washwoman, h 468 N. Flores
Brown, Marcellus N., (c), supervising principal public colored schools, h 406 Zavalla
Brown, Mary, (c), washwoman, h 309 Water
Brown, Mary E. Miss, N/A, h 418 N. San Saba
Brown, Matilda, (c), h rear 13 N. Laredo
Brown, Mattie Miss, N/A, b 836 San Fernando
Brown, Mattie E., saleswoman, L. Wolfson, b 437 Soledad
Brown, M. D., (c), steward, San Antonio Club, h 914 Nolan
Brown, Myron B., N/A, h 210 S. Alamo
Brown, Opalonia, N/A, H 398 River Ave.
Brown, Priscilla Mrs., N/A, h 920 W. Houston
Brown, R. E. Lee, office boy, Carr & Lewis, N/A
Brown, Samuel, (c), hostler, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 316 Live Oak
Brown, Samuel, (c), porter, Acme Saloon, h 220 N. Flores
Brown, Samuel, porter, Southern Hotel bar, h 220 N. Flores
Brown, Samuel C., N/A, h 616 Ave. C
Brown, Thomas, real estate, (Burns, Brown, & Burns), h Crockett and Pine
Brown & Tuffley, N/A, meat market, Alamo nr. Villeta, T 552
Brown, William, (c), driver, Guenther & Zadick, h 404 N. East
Brown, William, harnessman, M. F. Kehoe, h cor. N. East and Chavez
Brown, William L., wheelwright, August Kamp, h 315 N. Laredo
Browning, Alexander, clerk, Reddick & Co., b 1120 San Pedro Ave.,
Browning, L. Miss, seamstress, h 823 Perez
Bruce, Charles M., pump repairer, Sunset R.R., h 908 Ave. C
Bruce, Gabriel, cook, John Withers, h 442 N. East
Bruce, Henry, N/A, h 442 N. East
Bruce, Oswald R., N/A, h 11 De Vilbiss
Bruce, Raleigh, N/A, h 413 E. Houston
Bruegman, Henry, shoemaker, h 35 S. Alamo
Bruhn, Fritz, N/A, h 27 W. Nueva
Bruin, Madison, (c), laborer, h 911 Ave. D
Bruni, Antonio, market master, h 421 S. Laredo
Brunoet, Celina Mrs., N/A, h 419 S. Flores
Brunow, Henry F., night clerk, Southern Hotel, b same
Brunswick, Aaron, mcht, (A. Brunswich & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, Ali, salesman, (A. Brunswick & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, Aline Miss, saleswoman, (A. Brunswick & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, A. & Son, (Aaron and Joseph Brunswick), dry goods, boots, shoes, etc., 413 and 415 E. Houston
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., of St. Louis, N/A, billiard table mfrs., (Wagner & Chabot, agts.), N/A
Brunswick, Carrie Miss, N/A, h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, Joseph, dry goods, (A. Brunswick & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, Julia Miss, saleswoman, (A. Brunswick & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brunswick, Julius, slsmn., (A. Brunswick & Son), h 305 Fourth
Brush, M. M., bkpr., Lum & Fry, h 618 Ave. D
Bryan, William L., livery stable, 214 to 218 St. Mary, T 153, h 302 Washington Place
Bryant & Allen, (B. Bryant & S. A. Allen), barbers, 429 Austin
Bryant, B., barber, (Bryant & Allen), h 431 Austin
Bryant, Gilbert, (c), driver, h 211 Starr
Bryant, J. A. & Son, (Jeremiah A. and Richard C. Bryant), bakery, 22 Ave D
Bryant, Jeremiah A., (J. A. Bryant & Son), bakery, h 215 Blum
Bryant, Richard C., (J. A. Bryant & Son), bakery, h 115 Blum
Brydson, Robert, carp., b 586 S. Laredo
Buchanan, David, (c), porter, Tips & Silverthorn, h 36 San Saba
Buchanan, Sidney K., dispatcher, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 429 Burleson
Buchanan, William M., prop., Buck's diamond saloon, 10 Blum, h 228 Blum
Buck, Andreas, stone cutter, city hall, h 19 Bowie
Buck Bros., C. M. and George M. Buck, real estate and loans, 7 E. Houston
Buck, C. M. real estate, (Buck Bros.), h 9 Travis
Buck, George M., real estate, Buck Bros., h 9 Travis
Buck, Gustav, clk., Samuels, & Roseman, h 309 Ave. F
Buck, L. F. Mrs. and Louise, rooms to rent, 9 Travis
Buck, Robert, collector and commercial agt., h 309 Ave. F
Buck, William, cooper, h 15 Austin
Buck, William L., cooper, George Mandry, 108 & 110 Austin
Buckley, Narcissa Miss, N/A, h 27 Elmira
Buckley, Richard F., attorney, Lane & Mayfield, h cor. Third and Taylor
Buckley, William, carp., h 27 Elmira
Buckley, William P., clk., County Clerk's office, b 597 Baltimore Ave.
Buckman, Benedict W., N/A, h cor. Wyoming and Olive
Buckman, William C., prest. and prop. Alamo City Business College, h cor. Wyoming and Olive
Buckner, C. W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 312 Grand Ave.
Buckner, John C., eng. F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 302 Salinas
Buckner, Robert, (c), porter, San Antonio National Bank, h nr. city cemetery
Buck's Diamond Saloon, Wm. M. Buchanan prop., Saloon, 10 Blum
Buda, Simoreo Mrs., N/A, h Chavez nr. Alazan Creek, Prospect Hill
Budde, Fredrick, groceries, feed, and camp yard, h 600 S. Laredo
Buelle, Frederick, N/A, h 192 Ninth
Bueno, Cresencio, expman, h 15 El Paso
Buentello, Eurtorgio, lab, h 112 N. Frio
Buffalo Stock Yards, O. T. and N. Bastain, props., N/A, 26 N. Flores
Buffard, S. M. Rev. Father, priest, Ursaline Convent Chapel, same
Buford, Charles A., bkpr., Gauss & Johns, h 692 N. Flores
Builders' Supply Co., prest. Jno. E. Martin, props., "Original" Calcasieu Lumber Yard, cor. E Commerce and Sunset Railroad, T 291
Bujanos, Petra Mrs., N/A, h 811 S. Frio
Bull, Charles, brtdr., Two Brother's Saloon, h Rincon nr. St. Mary
Bull, George, porter, A. B. Frank & Co., h 529 E. Commerce
Bull, Harry F., brtdr., Turner Hall Saloon, h Rincon nr. St. Mary
Bull, Sarah, washing and ironing, b 325 Barrera
Bullock, Edward C., canvasser, Bonner & Co., subscription, h 200 Hidalgo
Bumbrey, Strother, (c), blacksmith, 534 E. Commerce, h 315 Centre
Bundren, Francis M., jeweler, 205 S. Flores, h cor. Buena Vista and Trinity, Prospect Hill
Bundren, James A., grocer, 210 Houston, h 517 Chavez
Bundren, John F., carp., b cor. Trinity and Buena Vista
Bundren, John W., carp., h cor. Trinity and Buena Vista
Bundren, Lillie O. Miss, N/A, h cor. Trinity and Buena Vista
Bundren, Sarah L. Miss, N/A, h cor. Trinity and Buena Vista
Bundrick, George, laundryman, Troy Steam Laundry, h 9 Marshall
Bundy, John, night clk., Commercial Hotel, r 209 S. Flores
Bunn, Fritz, stock painter, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shops, h cor. Olive and Sherman
Bunn, Travis A., frt. condr., I. & B. N. Ry., h 1002 N. San Marcos
Buquor, Adolfo, carp, h. 25 El Paso
Burbank, J. B., capt., 3d Artillery, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Burch, Hamilton, N/A, h 29 Kingbury
Burch, William H., N/A, h 830 Perez
Burda, Ignatz, bkpr., Angelo Battaglia, h 313 South
Burg, F. G., grocer, cor. Pine and Crosby, T 498, h same
Burg, Samuel, mcht. tailor, 709 W. Commerce, h 15 N. San Saba
Burg, Sigmund, physician and surgeon, 507 W. Commerce, h 17 Nacogdoches, T 122
Burg, Simon, mcht. tailor, h 709 W. Commerce
Burgard, Fritz, mfr. store furniture and fixtures 11 South
Burger, A. J. & Bro., (Alphonse J. Burger & Victor C. Burger), grocers, 702 and 704 W. Commerce
Burger, Alphonse J., grocer, (A. J. Burger & Bro.), h 1055 San Fernando
Burger, Andrew R., N/A, h 20 DeVilbiss
Burger, Carrie Miss, N/A, h 204 N. East
Burger, Frank, hack driver, h 313 Crockett
Burger, Joseph A., N/A, h 5 S. Laredo
Burger, Victor C., (A. J. Burger & Bro.), grocer, h 419 Romana
Burgeron, Paul, restaurant and saloon, (J. Loustauneau & Co.), cor. Commerce and Soledad
Burgess, Alexander, dairyman, h S. Flores nr. San Pedro Creek
Burgess, J. L., attorney-at-law, 12 Devine Bldg., b 403 St. Mary
Burgess, Walter R., slsmn, Riedell & Co., b 29 Augusta
Burglin, Bernhardt, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1228 Ave. D
Burgner, Charles, N/A, h 508 Crockett
Burgner, Rosa A. Miss, N/A, h 219 Losoya
Burgner, Wallace, N/A, h 13 N. Laredo
Burgos, Thomas, lab, h 17 El Paso
Burgower, Herman wholesale liquor, (Mayer, Schmelter & Burgower), 2 E. Commerce, T 195
Burgstaller, Vincent Z., prop., City Hall Saloon, h 23 Acequia
Burk, E., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 312 Grand Ave.
Burk, Henry, driver, T. E. Connor, h S. Flores, Beanville
Burk, James, N/A, h 709 W. Commerce
Burke, Edmund, stock boy, L. Wolfson, b 6 Utica
Burke, John J., N/A, h 1184 N. Flores
Burke, M. T. Alexander, plumber, h 222 N. Flores
Burke, R. S., opr. and agent, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 603 Ave. C
Burke, William E., tinsmith, b 6 Utica
Burke, William H., N/A, H 6 Utica
Burke, W. R., frt. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 603 Ave. C
Burkhardt, Adolf, brewer, Alamo Brewing Association, h 462 Cameron
Burkheimer, Benton, J., N/A, h 307 S. Pecos
Burkholder & Bennett (J. T. Burkholder and C. H. Bennett), real estate, 39 Alamo Plaza
Burkholder, J. T., (Burkholder & Bennett), real estate, 39 Alamo Plaza
Burkitt, Fannie, N/A, h 317 S. Pecos
Burks, Henry E., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b cor. St. Mary and Pecan
Burnet, James R., brtdr., h 1008 Ave. D
Burnett, James T., undertaker, J. Sheern, h 212 Garden
Burnett, John F., stockman, h 636 N. Flores
Burnette, Fannie L. Miss, teacher, Public School No. 6, h 215 Lavaca
Burnett, M. Mrs., N/A, h 215 Lavaca
Burnham, Drew, (c), h Fredericksburg Road
Burnham, George, waiter, Maverick Hotel b same
Burns, Barny T., pass. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 905 Ave. D
Burns, Burns, & Burns, ( Wm. J. Burns, John F. Burns, and Thomas Burns), real estate, 423 E. Houston
Burns, Clara Miss, dressmaker, h 248 Delgado
Burns, Francis M., boiler maker's apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 217 Fourth
Burns, Henry J., bkpr., Pauly & Dielmann, h 218 Lafitte
Burns, James, N/A, h 905 Ave. D
Burns, James, grocer, (James Burns & Co.), h 215 Austin
Burns, James & Co., (James Burns, ---Co.), railway supply store, 216 to 222 Austin
Burns, John F., real estate, (Burns, Brown, & Burns), b 303 Ave E
Burns, Louisa Mrs. (wid Henry), N/A, 248 Delgado
Burns, Margaret Mrs. (wid Patrick), rooms to rent, h 217 Fourth
Burns, Nellie Miss, N/A, h 248 Delgado
Burns, S. Edward, lab, Cameron's Lumber Yard, h 107 Hays
Burns, William, brtdr., h 248 Delgado
Burns, William F., night cook, Christian Dullnig, h 218 S. San Saba
Burns, William J., real estate broker, (Burns, Brown, and Burns), 423 E. Houston
Buron, Charles, emp., August Schultz, b 67 Mill
Burrell, John, N/A, h 348 S. Laredo
Burrell, William, (c), lab, h 413 Acequia
Burress, Millard M., planter, h 3r San Pedro Ave.
Burroughs, William T., painter, h 504 N. Frio
Burtch, Sarah, waiter, St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Burton, Caleb, (c), stock trader, h 331 Indianola
Burton, F. J., N/A, h 305 martin
Burton, Martha A. Mrs., (wid Seth), N/A, h 1019 W. Houston
Burton, W. A., driver, Lytle Coal Co., h -- San Fernando
Busby, Tenij Mrs., (c), h 518 S. Frio
Buser, John, driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 601 Perez
Bush, William A., lab, h 481 Delgado
Bushick, Frank H., asst. mgr., Grand Opera House, 4 314 Dwyer Ave.
Busse, C. H., steward, Menger Hotel, b same
Busse, Henry Heinrich, carp., h 618 S. Frio
Bussey, A. J., N/A, h -- Washington Place
Bussey, Albert, porter, San Pedro Springs Saloon, h Laurel Heights
Bussey, Charles E., N/A, b -- Washington Place
Bustamenta, Juan, N/A, r 318 East
Buston, G. W., N/A, h 321 Soledad
Buston, John H., N/A, h 309 Madison
Butcher, Ed., watchman, I. & G. N. R. R., r roundhouse
Butler, Maggie, (c), washing and ironing, h 10 North
Butler, Stephen D., barber, George Battaglia, h -- E. Commerce
Butler, Thomas, carp., b 400 Colorado Ave., West End
Buttron, Mary Mrs., (wid Jacob), N/A, h 23 Bowie
Butts, John, N/A, h 202 Devine
Butts, John L., driver, W. R. Story, h 230 Camargo
Butts, J. W., relief agt., G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 917 Ave. D
Butts, Martha J. Miss, N/A, h 18 King William
Buyle, Solomon, mgr., Gay & Co., h 272 S. Flores
Byrne, C. C., Lieut. Col., Medical Dept., U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Bytel, John, lab, h -- Green Ave.