1891 City Directory "C"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Caballeros, Ysidero, N/A, H 316 N. Pecos
Cabassos, Juan, N/A, h San Luis bet. S. San Saba and Pecos
Cabell, Henry O., hospital steward, Post Hospital
Cabello, Louis, shoemaker, h 632 W. Commerce
Cable, Benjamin T., vice-president, Lockwood National Bank, h outside of W. city limits
Cade, William H., mechanic's planing mill, (Snodgrass & Cade), h 424 Burleson
Cadell, Arthur, slsmn., S. E. Gillett & Co., h Rock Quarry Road
Cadena, Annie, saleswoman, A. Rueff, h 803 N. Frio
Cadena, Antonio, driver, City Express, h cor. N. Comal and Rivas
Cadena, Celedonia, policeman, h 117 Castro
Cadena, Eustacio, laborer, h 718 N. Frio
Cadena, Jesus, N/A, h Castro between N. Colorado and Brazos
Cadena, Jose, N/A, H 803 N. Frio
Cadena, Juan Mrs., grocery, h 297 S. Laredo
Cadena, Manuel, clk, J. Oppenheimer & Co., h 14 Franklin Square
Cadena, Rosalia Miss N/ A, h 117 Castro
Cadena, Teodora, expressman, h 803 N. Frio
Cadwallader, Aldes H., manager, San Antonio Paint Mfg. Co., h 401 Ave. C
Cadwallader, Miriam (wid Seth), N/A, h 401 Ave. C
Caen, George, dyer and scourer, 410 E. Houston, h 113 Devine
Caffery, Anna M. Mrs., boarding house, 215 S. Presa
Caffery, Donald, N/A, h 215 S. Presa
Caffery, Russell, N/A, h 215 S. Presa
Cahen, Charles, boarding house, 222 Star
Cahen, Isidora, clk, Wagner & Chabot, h __ Matagorda
Cahill, James F., atty. at law and real estate, 7 E. Houston, h 337 S. Flores
Cahill, John E., tinner, Jno. W. Cahill, h 20 Johnson
Cahill, John W., mfr. tinware, h 20 Johnson
Caie, Joseph C., (Caie & Ryan), atty. and mortgage loan broker and deputy collector int. revenue, 21 Soledad, h 228 Nueva
Caile, Lola Mrs., (wid Robert), N/A, h 228 Nueva
Cain, Bernard L., trav. slsman, M. Halff & Bro., b Maverick Hotel
Cain, Charles, (c), stoker, S. A. Gas Co., b 515 W. Houston
Cain, Jabez M., dentist, cor. Alamo and E. Commerce, Dullnig Block, T 430
Calcasieu Lumber Yards, Ed. Steves & Sons, props, (Albert Steves and Ernest Steves, Lumber Yard, E. Commerce and Walnut, T 167, and cor. 931 Buena Vista, T 205
Calcasier Lumber Yard, (old original), J. E. Martin, Prop., N/A, E. Commerce and Sunset R. R., T 291
Caldwell, Arthur B., type-writer, Washington Life, h 321 Augusta
Caldwell, Charles E., N/A, h 321 Augusta
Caldwell, Ella, (c), h 512 S. San Saba
Caldwell, Fanny L., (wid A. C.), N/A, h 648 N. Flores
Caldwell, Frank J., reporter, Daily Times, h 648 N. Flores
Caldwell, G. White, N/A, H 321 Augusta
Caldwell, Harry J., N/A, h 3 Chavez
Caldwell, Ida M. Miss, N/A, h 3 Chavez
Caldwell, James W., employee, W. H. Caldwell, h 3 Chavez
Caldwell, John, N/A, h 3 Chavez
Caldwell, Lydia E. Mrs., (wid G. W.), N/A, h 321 Augusta
Caldwell, Minerva Mrs., chambermaid, Commercial Hotel, h 209 S. Flores
Caldwell, William H., contractor concrete sidewalks, h 3 Chavez
Calhoun, Eliza Mrs., N/A, h 87 Fifth
Calhoun, John E., order clk, Dreiss, Thompson, & Co., h River Ave.
Callaghan, Bryan, major, 48 Kampmann Bldg, T 140, h 239 Crockett, T 309
Callaghan, Mary Mrs., N/A, 325 Acequia
Callaghan, Patrick, coppersmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1214 Duval
Callaghan, Robert, laborer, Alamo Brewing Assn., b 515 W. Houston
Callahan Henry, N/A, h ___Callaghan
Callam, William, hostler, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Callan, Christopher, B., compositor, Guessez & Ferlet, b 407 Nacogdoches
Callaway, Alonzo N., photographer, 413 E. Houston, h 1903 Pine
Callaway, Henry, (c), laborer, h 107 Durango
Callegari, Giovannie Mme., teacher of languages, h 48 North
Callicott, William F., mfr. bed springs, h 3 Hill
Callsen, Emile, bkpr., D. & A., Oppenheimer, h 9 Washington
Calmback, Charles, engineer, h 398 River Ave.
Calogero, Frank, N/A, r cor Acequia and Romana
Calsado, Marguerito, restaurant, h 223 S. Flores
Calsido, Edward, yardman, Russ, Stanford & Williams, r Trader's National Stock Yard
Camargo, Encarnacion, N/A, h 1037 San Fernando
Camarillo, Juan, laborer, r 216 Durango
Cameron, Antoine H., foreman, S. Cameron, h 1 Lewis
Cameron, Sarah, mfr. harness, 9 Acequia, h 1 Lewis
Cameron, James A., stockman, h Upson Ave. between Belvin and Marshall
Cameron, William (Wm. Cameron & Co.), non-resident
Cameron, William & Co., N/A, lumber, cor Chestnut and Lamar, T225
Camp, Bonifacio, N/A, r 222 S. Laredo
Camp & Camp, (W. R. and J. L. Camp), atty at law, 1 and 3 Smith Block
Camp, J. F., stockman, h Dignowity Hill, T 191
Camp, J. L., (Camp & Camp), attys at law, N/A
Camp, John F., ranchman, h Nolan nr Pine
Camp, LaFayette B., atty, Upson & Bergstrom, h cor Olive and Nolan
Camp, Letha Miss, wks, Alamo Shirt Factory, b 403 N. San Saba
Camp, W. R., (Camp & Camp), Atty. at law, N/A
Campa, Francisco, stonemason, h 219 El Paso
Campa, Manuel E., Jr., barber's appc., h 1 Morales
Campa, Manuel E. Sr., carp., h 1 Morales
Campa, Marcela Mrs., (wid Sambroze), N/A, h 1721 W. Commerce
Campa, Mariano, porter, F. Rosenfield, h 222 Losoya
Campbell, Alexander, messenger, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Campbell, Alexander P., tinsmith, h 511 E. Commerce
Campbell, C. A. R., Druggist, cor. W. Commerce and Frio, h same, T 547
Campbell, Charles W., real estate, h 17 Jackson
Campbell, Donald, clk, Edward Cotula, b 312 San Pedro Ave.
Campbell, Frank T., painter, h 208 Bowie
Campell, George C., exp. messenger, Wells-Fargo Co., h 322 Third
Campbell, James, N/A, h cor. Starr and Olive
Campbell, James, (c), actor, Old Gray Mule, h 701 W. Commerce
Campbell, John, treas., St. Vincent de Paul Society N/A
Campbell, John P., inspector of hides and animals, h Starr and Olive, T 382
Campbell, Joseph N., ranchman, h 354 Soledad
Campbell, K. Miss, treas. altar society, h Ave. B extension
Campbell, Lock M., passenger Comdr., h Ave. B extension
Campbell, Martin M., tinner, August Peters, cor Mason and Palmetto
Campbell, Mary Miss, vice-preset. Children of Mary Society, N/A
Campbell, Michael, deputy hide and animal inspector, h cor. Olive and Starr
Campbell, Patrick Jr., N/A, h cor. Olive and Starr
Campbell, Patrick Sr., N/A, h Starr and Olive
Campbell, Thomas, N/A, h cor. Parker Ave. and Maverick
Campbell, Thomas, yardman, Gauss & Johns, b N. Flores
Campbell, Timmie Mrs., N/A, h 501 S. Concho
Campbell, Vincent, N/A, h cor Olive and Starr
Campbell, William, asst. cashier, Maverick Bank, cor. Alamo Plaza and E. Houston
Campbell, William, bkpr. Ed. Cotula, h 187 Main Ave.
Campbell, William, fire insurance, 45 W. Commerce, T 256, h 810 Ave. C
Campbell, William W., civil engr., b 17 Jackson
Campus, Silverio, N/A, Matamoras, between Brazos and San Jacinto
Caneles, Jesus, lab, h 15 San Fernando
Canfield, George S., saloon, h 511 Austin
Canfield, Henry S., managing editor, Express Publishing Co., h cor. Ninth and Oakland
Canfield, Lettie M. Mrs., principal public school No. 3., h cor. Ninth and Oakland
Cann, Frank, barber, J. Battaglia, h 210 Elm
Cano, Averista, lab, h 841 N. Laredo
Canterbury, Elizabeth M., Mrs., N/A, h 624 S. Alamo
Canto, Jesus, N/A, h 1217 Indiana
Canto, Juan, N/A, h nr S. Flores, Beanville
Canto, Juniata Mrs., N/A, h nr S. Flores, Beanville
Canto, Rafael C., N/A, h nr. S. Flores, Beanville
Cantu, Bedal, N/A, h cor. S. Leona and San Fernando
Cantu, Genovero, N/A, h 1554 W. Houston
Cantu, Henry, harnessmaker, Charles J. Langholz, h 614 W. Houston
Cantu, Juan A., watchmkr, Francisco Cardenas, h 6 S. Laredo
Cantu, Vincent, N/A, h 326 S. Presa
Capeda, Agnes (wid Peter), N/A, h -- Lavaca between Labor and Peach
Capedar, Anton, coremkr., Alamo Iron Works, h Refugio nr. Labor Ditch
Capehart, William M., emp., electric street cars, h 19 Market
Capian, Theodore, expman., h 309 N. East
Capps, Robert J., stock dealer, h 460 Soledad
Cappuyns, Katie Mrs., boarding house, 231 Villita
Cappuyns, Peter J., Jr., clk., H. Burgower & Co., h 231 Villeta
Cappuyns, Peter J. Sr., (H. Burgower & Co.), wholesale liquors, h 231 Villeta
Caprina, Gaudencia, fruit store, cor. Milam Square and N. East
Cap's "S.A.P." saloon, Charles E. Frary, prop., saloon, 412 Richmond Ave.
Capulita, David, N/A, h 318 S. Pecos
Caraway, C. M. Mrs., rooms for rent, h 301 Water
Carbaugh, H. C., Captain, U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Carbera, C., la., cigars, confectionery, etc., h 519 Austin
Cardena, Jose Marie, N/A, h 401 Perez
Cardena, Agnes, (wid F.), N/A, h 445 Soledad
Cardenas, Bisenta, expman, r 10 El Paso
Cardinas, Bosalilla, N/A, r 813 S. Pecos
Cardenas, Catarino, lab, h 10 El Paso
Cardenas, Francisco Miss, N/A, r 815 S. Pecos
Cardenas, Francisco, pawn broker, h 6 S. Laredo
Cardenas, Jacobo, clk, Francisco Cardenas, h 6 S. Laredo
Cardenas, Jesus, N/A, h 708 Buena Vista
Cardenas, Jose Maria, carp., h 406 S. Concho
Cardenas, Josefa Mrs., Lopez, N/A, h between N. Salado and Medina
Cardeneo, Joseph, stone mason, h 908 Buena Vista
Cardenas, Juan T., N/A, h 326 Monterey
Cardinas, Julian, N/A, h Brazos, between Monterey and Matamoras
Cardinas, Manuel, N/A, h 6 Laredo
Cardner, Joseph, carp., h 417 S. San Saba
Cardona, Juan, shoemkr., (Chavez and Cardona), h 312 W. Nueva
Carey, James, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 310 Burleson
Carey, Julia (wid Patrick), N/A, h 310 Burleson
Carey, Lucius, (c), employee, Zevin and Altmann, h 515 Leona
Carey, Lucius, Stonecutter, h N. Medina bet. Perez and Leal
Carey, Thomas H., conductor, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 310 Burleson
Carfur, Anna, (c), laundress, Texas Steam Laundry, h 335 S. Center
Carion, Francisco, laborer, h 217 Rivas
Carion, Manuella, N/A, h 217 Rivas
Carl, John, clk., Newton & Weller, h 34 Fourth
Carl, John C., grocer, h 522 Fourth, T 522
Carlisle, Alfred W., N/A, h 30 Lafitte
Carlisle, Laura Mrs., N/A, h 30 Lafitte
Carlisle, W. K., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 4 Duval
Carlo, Jose D., shoemaker, M. Lucchese & Bro., h --- Navarro
Carlson, Augusta, saleswoman, Augusta De Vere, h 218 E. Houston
Carlson, E. W., stonemason, h 113 Union
Carmichaael, Minerva, (c), housemaid, I. P. Simpson, h 420 Ave. C
Carmichael, William, plasterer, b 420 Buena Vista
Carmona, Nicholas, silversmith, h 710 W. Commerce
Carnal, William, blacksmith, Robert Carolus, h 15 Mill
Carnegie, Charles, machinist, Aransas Pass. Shops, b 804 S. Flores
Carnegie, Harvey W., machinist helper, S. A. & A. P. round house. h 405 S. Flores
Carnegie, Hugh D., foreman, Aransas round house, h 805 S. Flores
Carolus, Frederick, N/A, h cor. Garza and N. Colorado
Carolus, Robert, blacksmith, h cor. Presa and Alamo
Carpenter, Frank G., leader of orchestra, Washington theatre, h 1111 Morales
Carpenter, William, lab, h 1111 Morales
Carpenter, William M., telegraph operator, h 216 Third
Carper, Andrew, (c), teamster, Ed. Steves & Sons, r 931 Buena Vista
Carper, Eliza, (c), H 235 N. Center
Carr, Charles, laborer, r 601 S. Concho
Carr, H. D., compositor, Daily Express, b 407 Nacogdoches
Carr, Irving J., N/A, h 929 Ave. C
Carr, James J., N/A, 1602 W. Commerce
Carr, James M., real estate, 4 E. Houston, h 420 Laurel
Carr, Joseph S., (Carr & Lewis), attorney at law, T 56, h 929 Ave. C
Carr & Lewis, (Joseph S. Carr and Perry J. Lewis), attorneys at law, 1 and 2 Maverick Bank Bldg, T 56
Carr & Roberson, (Joseph S. Carr and P. S. Roberson), wood yard, 14 Burleson, T 393
Carr, R. W., bkpr., Carr and Roberson, h 929 Ave. C
Carr, William, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 16 DeVilbiss
Carr, William, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1010 N. Cherry
Carraivza, Margarita R. Mrs., N/A, h 313 S. Leona
Carrasco, Eugene, lab, h Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Carrasco, Felix, lab, h Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Carrasco, Refugio Mrs., (wid Felix), N/A, h Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Carrera, Francisco, sawyer, Walter Scott, r opp roundhouse S. A. & A. P. Ry.
Carrico, Thomas W., (T. W. Carrico & Co.), architect, h 912 Ave. C
Carrico, T. W., & Co., (Thos. W. Carrico and Chas. S. Eberhardt), architects, 427 Ave. B., T 369
Carrico, William L., musician, b 446 Soledad
Carrillo, Maximius A., barber, h 708 W. Commerce
Carrizal, Felipe, yard man, Southern Hotel, b same
Carroll, Houston M., (Johnston & Carroll), Dentist, b 27 San Pedro Ave.
Carroll, John E., dentist, Johnston & Carroll, h 27 San Pedro Ave.
Carroll, John T., brakeman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 10 Sherman
Carroll, Mary F. (wid Wm. R.), N/A, h 230 Crockett
Carroll, William, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 112 N. East
Carrolus, Frederick, blacksmith, Froboese & Santleben, h cor. Garza and N. Colorado
Carsner, C. F., (Carsner & Ives), attorney at law and real estate, h 844 S. Presa
Carsner & Ives, (C. F. Carsner and J. T. Ives), real estate, 5 Devine Bldg.
Carson, Benjamin, (c), lab, San Antonio Cotton Compress Co., h 1622 Zavalla
Carter, A., N/A, b 609 Ave. B
Carter, Ed. J., preset., Troy Steam Laundry Co., T 435, h 505 Ave. B
Carter, George W., saloon keeper, Alamo Pavilion, h 874 W. Fifteenth, West End
Carter, Georgia Miss, seamtress, h 313 N. San Saba
Carter, Granville B., expman, h 308 Morales
Carter, Henry, (Carter & Mullaly), T 123, H 317 Alum
Carter, John, brakeman, G. A. & S. A. Ry., r 421 Grand Ave.
Carter & Mullaly, (Henry Carter & Thos. W. Mullaly), livery, feed and sale stables, transfer and baggage line and undertakers, 42 and 44 Alamo Plaza, T 123
Carter, Oliver J., (c), clk, Simon Turner, h 45 W. Kingsbury
Carter, Sarah, (c), h rear 460 Camaron
Carter, Sarah E. Miss, (c), emp., Hattie J. St. Claire, b 518 Hidalgo
Carter, Thomas, (c), bootblack, h 401 N. Laredo
Carter, Thomas B., N/A, b 609 Ave. B
Carter, W. A., brick mason, b 309 Navarro
Cartey, Lizzie, N/A, h 1149 S. Laredo
Cartwright, Frederick H., grocer, b 603 Ave. B
Cartwright, Lee, carp., b 25 Johnson
Carver, Benjamin F., bridge builder, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 209 N. San Saba
Casas, Juliana A. Mrs., dressmkr., h 613 W. Houston
Casaway, Alfred L., N/A, b 537 Crockett
Casay, M., car inspector, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 437 Nacogdoches
Casebeer, Louis, lab, b 8 W. Nueva
Casey, James W., N/A, h N. San Marcos nr. Fredericksburg Road
Casey, Martin, porter division supt's office, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 20 Wyoming
Cash, Midget Miss, N/A, b 212 S. Concho
Casino Association, E. Lassner, secretary N/A, cor. casino and Market, T 240
Cassell, Carrie Mrs., N/A, h 303 N. Flores
Cassiano, Alberto, saloon, cor. S. East and Monterey
Cassiano, C. Mrs., preset., Children of Mercy, San Fernando Cathedral
Cassiano, F. G. Mrs., laundry, (Dwyer, Griggs, and Co.), T 564, h 27 Pecan
Cassiano, Ignacio, city poundmaster, h nr. Alazan Creek
Cassiano, Isabel, N/A, h --McCullough
Cassiano, James, (c), porter, Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 207 N. Walnut
Cassiano, Joe, (c), barber, h --S. Flores
Cassiano, Jose, Tax Collector Bexar County, h 451 N. Flores
Castano, Romelo, waiter, Manchke hotel, b same
Castanola, Antonio G., (M. Castanola & Son), wholesale grocer, h 562 S. Flores
Castanola, M. Mrs. (wid Miguel), wholesale grocer, (M. Castinola & Son), 239 Acequia
Castanola, M., & Son, (A. G. Castanola and Mrs. M. Castanola), wholesale and retail grocers, cor. Acequia and Salinas, T 76
Casteran, Ferdinand, stone cutter, Zevin and Altmann, h 1311 W. Commerce
Castiano, Dormicer, barber, 12 S. Salado
Castiano, Jesus, lab, h 512 Leal
Castiano, Marie Miss, N/A, h 512 Leal
Castiano, Theodora, N/A, h 512 Leal
Castillo, Thomas, N/A, h 514 Zavalla
Castillon, Eduviger, clk., Alfred Grandjean, h cor. El Paso and Colorado, Carr Hill
Castinara, Narcissa Mrs., N/A, h 841 N. Laredo
Castleton, William H., cook, Abraham & Smith, r 214 S. Flores
Castro, Alberto, driver, F. J. Beitel, h cor. San Fernando and Hill
Castro, Amado, N/A, h 313 N. San Saba
Castro, Annahealeto Miss, N/A, b 1032 San Fernando
Castro, Connell Miss, N/A, b 1032 San Fernando
Castro, Ernesto, collector, Slayden & Clarkson, b 412 S. Laredo
Castro, Ignacio, carp., b 412 S. Laredo
Castro, Jose Maria, farmer, h 25 Durango
Castro, Katarieno, N/A, h 1032 San Fernando
Castro, Ursula (wid Jesus), dressmkr., h 412 S. Laredo
Cathcart, John W., carp, h 212 N. Walnut
Caubatz, George, shoemkr., San Antonio Shoe Factory, h 38 South
Cavanaugh, Thomas, contractor and builder, h Carson between N. Olive and Pine
Cavanaugh, William, engr., Troy Steam Laundry, h -- DeVilbiss
Cavender, Isaac H., clk., Co-operative Alliance Southwest Texas, b 420 S. Flores
Cavney, Patrick, N/A, h 920 San Pedro Ave.
Cawthon, James E., mgr., Standard Warehouse Co., 24 W. Nueva, T 335, h 20 Belvin
Ceccato, Charles, groceries and saloon, h 202 S. Laredo
Central Hotel, M. I. Baker & Son, props., N/A, 212 Main Plaza, T 224
Cervantes, Damaso, driver, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 222 Losoya
Cervantes, Frank, N/A, r cor. Laredo and San Marcos
Cervantes, J. Maria, N/A, h 222 Losoya
Cervantes, Matilde Mrs., N/A, h N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Cervantes, Meletor, N/A, h cor. Laredo and San Marcos
Chabot, C. Mrs., preset., Protestant Home for Destitute Children, N/A
Chabot, Charles J., crockery and glassware, (Wagner & Chabot), h 417 Madison
Chabot & Cresson, (Geo. S. Chabot and Chas. C. Cresson), commission mchts., 202 Main Plaza
Chabot, George A., (Wagner and Chabot), crockery and glassware, h 403 Madison
Chabot, George S., (Chabot & Cresson), commission mcht., h 403 Madison
Chabot, G. S. Mrs., director, Protestant Home for Destitute Children, h 403 Madison
Chabot, Doroteo, N/A, r 323 S. Laredo
Chadbourne, Louis H., real estate, (Wilcox & Chadbourne), N/A
Chadwick, Bosiru M. Miss, seamstress, h 517 San Fernando
Chadwick, T. L., Mgr., F. C. Wilkinson & Co., h 1005 Main Ave.
Chaffin, August F., carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry. car shops, h 1005 Mesquite
Chaffin, Mary S., dressmaker, C. Dreyfus, h 7 Beitle
Chalkley, Annie A. Miss, bkpr., H. G. Chalkey, h 558 N. Flores
Chalkley, Henry G., photographer, 34 W. Commerce, h 13 California
Chalkley, William J., N/A, h 13 California
Chamberlain, George E., mail route agent, b Alamo Flats
Chandler, Edward B., mortgages and real estate, 273 W. Commerce, h French Place end Belknap Ave., T 45
Chapa, Eudocio M., prescription clk., Yarbrough & Giles, N/A
Chapa, Rafael Jr., slsmn, R. Chapa Sr., h 315 S. Laredo
Chapa, Rafael Sr., grocer, h 315 S. Laredo
Chapa, Sostines, sawyer, Walter Scott, b opp roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry.,
Chapman, Alexander C., coach cleaner, Pullman Car Co., (I. & G. N.), h 507 Leal
Chapman, Almon, directory publisher (Johnson & Chapman), street signs, etc. (Dodd & Chapman), b 403 St. Mary
Chapman, Harry, express messenger, h 228 Dolorosa
Chapman, J. E. H., photographer, D. P. Barr, h 409 Water
Chapman, John, N/A, h 507 Leal
Chapman, Louis H., (c), barber, h 707 W. Commerce
Chapman, Thos. F., clk., F. C. Wilkinson & Co., h 1005 Main Ave.
Chapman, W., car oiler and repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 409 Water
Chase, G. F., Capt., Third Cav. U. S. A., h Gov't hill
Chase, John M., conductor, I. & G. N. Ry., h 627 E Houston
Chase, Nellie Miss, (c), h 310 Morales
Chase, William H., barber, Junius Martin, h 310 Morales
Chatfield, Albert W., cornice worker, Vodrie & Co., h 21 South
Chatterton, George, fireman, b Maverick Hotel
Chaure, Jacob, propr., Blue Front Chop House, 218 S. Flores, h 222 Dolorosa
Chaves, Adelena Miss, N/A, h -- S. Presa
Chaves, Antonia (wid Augustin), N/A, h 257 S. Laredo
Chaves, Virginia Mrs., N/A, h 106 San Fernando
Chavez, Camile, lab, John Myers, h cor. N. Flores and W. Commerce
Chaves & Cardona, (Ignacio Chavez and Juan Cardona), mfrs., boots and shoes, 216 S. Flores
Chavez, Esteben, planter, b 559 S. Flores
Chavez, Francisco, brtdr., Clipper Saloon, h 950 N. Salado
Chavez, Francisco, foreman, Lassner & Koehler, h 563 S. Flores
Chavez, Frank, brtdr., Clipper Saloon, h 950 N. Salado
Chavez, Frank, blacksmith, Geo. Eckenroth, h cor. Presa and Villita
Chavez, Fred F., brtdr., b 567 S. Flores
Chavez, Ignacio, shoemaker, h Beitel nr. San Pedro Creek
Chavez, Ignacio, shoemaker, (Chavez & Cardona), r 216 S. Flores
Chavez, Jose, N/A, h 958 N. Salado
Chavez, Juan A., farmer, h 225 Obraje
Chavez, Margarito, clk., Charles Guerguin & Son., h 225 Laredo
Chavez, Marino, N/A, h 225 S. Laredo
Chavez, Paublita, N/A, h 217 Obraje
Chavez, Paul R., N/A, h 567 S. Flores
Chavez, Pedro, planter, h 559 S. Flores
Chavez, Ricardo, farmer, h 225 Obraje
Chavez, Rigareo, cook, h 404 N. East
Chavez, Rodriguez, N/A, h cor. Ruiz and N. Brazos
Chavez, Salado, N/A, h cor. Ruiz and N. Brazos
Chavez, Sebastian, N/A, h 305 El Paso
Chavez, Teodora, lab, h 305 El Paso
Cheafredo, Frederick, saloon, h Rock Quarry Road, laurel Heights
Chenot, Mary E. Mrs., N/A, N/A
Cherry, Henry E., engineer, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 303 Austin
Chestnut, Linnaeus L., news depot, b 4 N. Frio
Chevalier, Archibald S., atty at law and notary public, 7 Soledad, T 390, h 212 Third
Chew, Bettie Miss, N/A, h 507 Ave. B
Chew, Monrovia S. Miss, N/A, h 507 Ave. B
Chew, Rebecca F. Miss, N/A, h 507 Ave. B
Chew, Thomas R. Jr., slsmn., B. Kolbasse, h 507 Ave. B
Chew, Thomas R. Sr., Physician and surgeon, h 507 Ave. B
Chiado, Thomas, groceries and saloon, h 501 Monterey
Chiaffeido, Alfred, saloon kpr., h Rock Quarry Road
Chica, Antonio, fruit store, h 218 S. East
Chicago and Alton Live Stock Agency, Jerome Harris, Agent, N/A, ground floor Kampmann Bldg.
Chicago Palace Steam Cleaning, Dyeing and Renovating Co., W. Rahmsdorft, manager, N/A, 923 Ave. D
Chicago Watch and Jewelry Co. (The), Jack Hamburger, Mgr., N/A, 24-26 Soledad
Chidgey, Henry, stonecutter, h 1 Fest
Chieslik, Annie Miss, clk., Goldfrank, Frank, and Co., h 216 Water
Chieslik, Benedict, N/A, h 216 Water
Chieslik, Edward, N/A, h 216 Water
Chieslik, Emanuel G., city shipping clk., A. B. Frank and Co., r 216 Water
Chieslik, Martha Miss, N/A, h 216 Water
Chieslik, Mary (wid Anton), N/A, h 216 Water
Chieslik, Peter P., turner, Max Feschinger, h 317 Goliad
Chigoya, Tomas, N/A, r 293 S. Laredo
Childress, J. W., collector Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., r 233 W. Commerce
Childress, Soloman, lab, h 114 Marshall
Childs, John A., clk., round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b S. A. & A. P. Hotel
Chiles, N/A, general mgr., Columbia building and loan association, 209 Alamo Plaza, b 403 St. Mary
China Hall, Riedell & Co., props., crockery, glassware, etc., 409 and 411 E. Houston
Chinsky, John, sawyer, Frank Teich, N/A
Chipman, Joseph A., N/A, h 206 Arcienega
Chirow, Epitacio, lab, h 1552 W. Houston
Chittim, J. M., (F. Greenwood & Co.), mens' furnishing goods, b Porter House
Choi, Sam, laundryman, h 619 W. Commerce
Chong, Sam, Chinese store, 7 W. Commerce
Choy, Frank, Laundryman, Hong Lee, h 28 Soledad
Christelles, Louis, barber, 1223 W. Commerce, h 525 Buena Vista
Christen, Alfred O., painter, Louis Gembler, h 362 Dolorosa
Christian, Herman, bkpr., C. O. McClure, h 1202 W. Commerce
Christians, C. B., extract mfr., h 6 Fourth
Christoph, Louis, cook, h 219 Rusk
Christopher, Addie Miss, nurse, H. D. Kampman, b Ave. E and Fourth
Christopher, Barney, lineman, Electric Light Co., h alley between Center and South
Christopher, Charles F., N/A, h cor. N. Hackberry and Crockett
Christopher, Emma Mrs., N/A, h alley between Center and South
Christopher, Noah C., carp., h cor. N. Hackberry and Crockett
Chulltess, Henry, N/A, h 340 Martin
Chung, Kong Wong, (Kong Wong Chung & Co.), Chinese store, 214 Soledad
Church, F. W., bkpr., D. Sullivan & Co., h 658 N. Flores
Church, W. C., N/A, h 658 N. Flores
Churchill, George H., ranchman, h 439 Soledad
Churchill, Harry S., stenographer, Houston Bros., h 439 Soledad
Churchill, Raymond, clk., Charles W. Green, h 439 Soledad
Cincinnati House, Jack Evans, prop., N/A, 1202 W. Commerce
Cinderella Shoe Palace, Mrs. C. Baun, proprs., N/A, 401 E. Houston
Cinnoman, Israel D., N/A, h 1208 W. Commerce
Cirelli, Michael, saloon keeper, h 222 N. Flores
Cisteao, Maradona, N/A, h 515 S. Concho
City Chop House, Thomas A. Baggett, prop., N/A, 611 W. Commerce
City Drug Store, Ragland & Co., props., N/A, 8 E. Commerce, T 184
City Hall Restaurant, M. Jordan & Sons, props., N/A, 306 Military Plaza
City Hall Saloon, B. Nentwig, prop., N/A, 312 Military Plaza
City Hall Saloon, V. Burgstabler, prop., N/A, 417 W. Commerce
City Hospital, Dr. Braunnagle, city physician in charge, N/A, cor. Morales and N. Leona, T 27
City Meat Market, William Smith, prop., N/A, 25 Acequia
City, Robin, (c), lab, h 313 Cincinnati Ave, West End
City Steam Laundry, Gottlieb Stutz, prop., N/A, 329 E. Houston
Claggett, J. R., first lieutenant twenty-third infantry, U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Claiborne, Lewis, (c), h 207 N. Walnut
Claiborne, Mollie, (c), h 894 W. Fifteenth
Claiborne, T. C. Mrs., (c), saloon, h West End
Clarebough, William, carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h 24 Ave. C
Claridge & Co., (R. R. Claridge and C. P. Stafford, Jr.), publishers Texas Stockman and Farmer, 222 Dolorosa
Claridge, Rupert R., prop., Texas Stockman and Farmer, (Claridge & Co.), r 395 S. Alamo
Clark, Albert E., waiter, I. & G. N. section house, b cor. N. Salado and Hidalgo
Clark, Andrew, (c), driver, D. & A. Oppenheimer, h 16 Santos
Clark, Edward, hostler, I. & G. N. round house, h 439 Hidalgo
Clark, Edward B., pressman, Maverick Printing House, h 223 Rusk
Clark, E. P. Mrs., dressmkr., h 421 Ave. E
Clark, Fannie F. Miss, N/A, h 223 Rusk
Clark, James, grocer, 405 E. Houston, T 381, h 502 Burleson
Clark, John R., stockman, h 411 Romana
Clark, Margareta T. Mrs., N/A, h 14 Belvin
Clark, Mary, (c), h 11 N. East
Clark, Melvina J. Mrs., boarding house, 348 Soledad
Clark, Ruby Miss, N/A, h Twelfth and Oak
Clark, Sandy, (c), lab, b 212 Matamoras
Clark, Washington, (c), h cor. Virginia and Plum
Clark, William, boilermaker, S. A. & A. P. Ry., N/A
Clark, William, lab, San Antonio Foundry Co., h cor. N. Laredo and Zavalla
Clark, William H., saloon keeper, 28 Ave. D, h 421 Ave. E
Clarke, Allan G., clk. courthouse, b 232 S. Alamo
Clarke, Charles, capitalist, h rear 316 Blum
Clarke, Frederick T., clk. auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 512 Grayson, Govt. Hill
Clarke, James S., typewriter, McLeary & Flemming, h211 Elm
Clarke, Julia Miss, teacher public school No. 3, b Alamo Flats
Clarkson, William B., cotton buyer, Slayden & Clarkson, h 402 Madison
Claudon, Edmund P., city clk., office 49 Kampmann Bldg., h 16 Kingsbury
Claudon, John, time keeper, New City Hall, h 518 San Pedro Ave.
Clauss, Alexander, carp., Ernest Dietzmann, r -- Marshall
Clauss, Charles, carp., h 21 Wyoming
Clauss, C. Hugo, newspaper agent, h 19 Wyoming
Clavier, Charles B., head waiter, Maverick Hotel, h 209 Crockett
Clavin, Edward C., prescription clk., James Clavin, h 36 W. Commerce
Clavin, James, druggist, h 36 W Commerce, T 142
Clavin, William R., mgr., James Clavin, h 36 W. Commerce
Clay, Henry, (c), lab, h 407 Matagorda
Cleckler, Burrell, barber, h 10 N. Leona
Cleghorn, Benjamin, storekeeper, U.S.Q.M. dept., h 612 Ave. E
Clemens, Henry, contractor, h cor. Lavaca and Labor
Clements, Frances Mrs., N/A, h cor. Buena Vista and Nueces
Clements, Mary F. (wid R. E.), matron, Graves and Cross Infirmary, h 240 Soledad
Clevali, Clem, brtdr., Union Saloon, h 410 N. Laredo
Clifford, Charles H., attorney at law and notary public, 250 W. Commerce, h 443 Water
Clifford, George G., physician and surgeon, 250 W. Commerce, T 403, h 443 Water
Clifford, Margaret Miss, N/A, b 503 S. San Saba
Clifton, Claudie Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Clifton, David S., carp., h 580 S. Laredo
Cline, Gus, hackdriver, Chas. B. Johnson, r 336 Blum
Clinger, Daniel D., horse dealer, h -- Rock Quarry Road
Clipper Saloon, August Robin Jr., prop., N/A, cor. S. Concho and Monterey, T 248
Close, Albert B., N/A, h 218 Romana
Close, William V., storekeeper, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r G. H. & S. A. storehouse
Cloud, James M., groceries and saloon, h 714 S. Presa, T 415
Cloud, James, N/A, h 709 N. Frio
Cloud, Nelson, emp., San Antonio Gas Co., h -- Josephine
Clough, Thomas, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 203 Burleson
Clower, W. P., resident mgr., Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., N/A
Coates, John T., teamster, Calcasieu Lumber Yard, h cor. Pine and Starr
Cobb, Benjamin F., mgr., Lousiana Lumber Co., T 519, h 407 Ave. E
Coburn, George L., N/A, h 22 Johnson
Cochran, John, (Lecroy & Cochran), meat market, h 1114 W. Commerce
Cochrane, Samuel E., N/A, h 824 Perez
Cochrane, Samuel P., pass. Comdr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 506 N. Colorado
Cochrane, Stephen D., brakeman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 824 Perez
Cockrum, Homer A. Miss, N/A, h 312 Blum
Cod, Edward, cooper, Lone Star Brewery, h 210 N. Flores
Coder, William, butcher, Wm. Hoefling & Son., h rear 511 Ave. C
Cody, Patrick C., N/A, h 120 Union
Cody, T., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
Coe & Gay, (G. H. Coe and J. L. Gay), grocers, 247 Market
Coe, G. H., grocer, (Coe & Gay), h 1212 Sycamore
Coffey, Robert, bank collector, D. Sullivan & Co., h 313 Cherry
Coffey, Robert, furnished rooms, h 108 Oak
Coffin & Harlan, N/A, livery stable, rear Jonas' Garden, T 244
Coffy, Josie Mrs., seamstress, h 510 San Pedro Ave.
Coffy, William H., harnessmaker, Ramsay and Ford, h 510 San Pedro Ave.
Cohen, Abe., N/A, h 411 S. Flores
Cohen, Abraham, N/A, h 515 S. Flores
Cohen, Abraham, (A. Cohen & Co.), cotton, hides, and wool, T 193, h 395 S. Flores
Cohen, A. & Co., (Abraham Cohen and -- Co.), cotton, wool and hides, 13 Military Plaza, T 193
Cohen, Adolph, slsmn., B. Smith & Co., h 216 S. Presa
Cohen, Adolph M., city bkpr., h 17 Goliad
Cohen, Benjamin, brtdr., Louis Politzer, h 321 Soledad
Cohen, Bernard, clk., L. Politzer, b 321 Soledad
Cohen, Carl, actor, Turf Theatre, h 321 Soledad
Cohen, Emanuel, N/A, h 17 Goliad
Cohen, Henry clk., L. Politzer, b321 Soledad
Cohen, Isaac, brtdr., Louis Politzer, h 321 Soledad
Cohen, Isaac, traveling man, h 242 Acequia
Cohen, Joseph, brtdr., Louis Politzer, h 321 Soledad
Cohen, Lous, clothing and dry goods, h 640 W. Commerce
Cohen, Martin, clk., San Antonio Ice Co., h 242 Acequia
Cohen, William, slsmn., S. Dalkowitz & Co., h 405 W. Commerce
Cohn, Max, (R. Cohn & Co.), druggist, T 269, h 719 W. Commerce
Cohn, R. & Co., (Richard and Max Cohn), drugs and chemicals, 716 and 718 W. Commerce, T 269
Cohn, Richard, druggist, (R. Cohn & Co.), h 403 Zavalla
Cola, Louis, peddler, h 10 N. Medina
Colding, Kate Miss, teacher Public School, No. 3, h 29 Maverick Grove
Colding, S. E. Mrs., N/A, h 29 Maverick Grove
Cole, Annie Mrs., cook, Mrs. Bracey's, b 221 St. Mary
Cole, Jane E. Miss, boarding house, 17 and 19 Pecan
Cole, O. H., engineer, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Pine bet. Burleson and Sherman
Cole, Susan Miss, N/A, b 101 Monterey
Colegate, George, slsmn., France & Thiele, h 525 Chavaz
Coleman, Effie, chambermaid, Alamo Flats, b same
Coleman, Elizabeth Miss, (c), washwoman, h 915 W. Comal
Coleman, Emma Miss, (c), washwoman, h 915 N. Salado
Coleman, Fannie Miss, (c), washwoman, h 915 N. Salado
Coleman, Jane Mrs., (wid), (c), washwoman, h 915 N. Salado
Coleman, Theodore, lab, Crystal Ice Factory, h 223 Water
Coleman, Tony, (c), lab, h 915 N. Salado
Collar, Michael, clk., D. & A. Oppenheimer, h 330 Garden
Collett, E., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Austin and Grand Ave.
Collie, David, carp., h -- Rehmann
Collins, Benjamin F., furniture, (Collins & Peck), h cor. Ave. D and Seventh
Collins, Cornelius, blacksmith, h 659 N. Flores
Collins, D., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b Western Dining Hall
Collins, Edward, (c), h 922 N. Comal
Collins, E. L. Mrs., N/A, h 11 Eighth
Collins, F. F. MFG. CO. N/A, mfrs. tanks, water supplies, repair machinery, sell windmills, and other machines, 1 to 7 E. Houston T 400
Collins, Finis F., preset. F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 205 St. Mary
Collins, Jennie Miss, N/A, h 17 Live Oak
Collins, John, car repairer, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 10 Probandt
Collins, Lucy Mrs., (c), h 313 N. Laredo
Collins, Margaret Mrs., (c), cook, h cor. buena Vista and Nueva
Collins, Marintha, (c), washwoman, h 922 N. Comal
Collins, Mary, (c), h 38 Sanchez
Collins & Peck, (Benjamin F. Collins and Lem. P. Peck), furniture dealers, 202 and 204 W. Commerce, T 131
Collins, R., boarding house, 1028 Ave. D
Collins, R. E., compositor, Daily Express, b 407 Nacogdoches
Collins, Sarah Mrs., (c), h 332 Bowie
Collins, Susan Mrs., N/A, h Cassiano nr. creek
Collins, Thomas P., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 81 Ord
Collins, William D., engineer, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 6 N. Cherry
Collins, William G., bkpr. and notary, J. C. Frost's bank, b 19 California
Collmann, Adolph, collector, Shafer & Braden, h 212 S. Laredo
Collmann, Henry Jr., brtdr., H. Collman Sr., h 392 S. Laredo
Collmann, Henry Sr., prop Veramendi Saloon, h 213 S. Laredo
Colms, Henry, saloon, h Acequia and Veramendi
Colombo, Louis, saloon keeper, h 533 Monterey
Colquitt, Eula Miss, dress maker, Mrs. Hill, b 801 Ave. C
Colston, Thomas teacher, b 317 Oakland
Columbia Building and Loan Association, (Samuel H. Chiles mgr., C. H. Lupton Agent), N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza, T 58
Colvin, Adelaid Mrs., furnished rooms, h 38 Seventh
Colwell, F. E., druggist, h 303 Ave. E
Comas, Johnson, sawyer, Western Wood Yard, r 203 N. Pecos
Commercial Hotel, Mrs. Blanche Coryell proprs., N/A, 209 S. Flores
Commercial House, C. Krehenbuhl, prop., N/A, cor. Acequia and Veramendi
Commercial Restaurant, John Pegg, propr., N/A, 209 S. Flores
Compton, William, baker, (Wooden & Compton), h 234 Oak
Comstock, Annie E.,Mrs., N/A, h --Broad Ave.
Conant, Robert, fireman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 6 Simpson
Conant, Thomas, engineer, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 6 Simpson
Cone, J. T. & Sons, (J. T. Cone and W. R. Cone), tinware mfrs., Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez
Cone, W. R., (J. T. Cone & Son), tinware mfr., h 722 E. Houston
Conklin, Tom, hostler, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Conn, Julius T., grocery and saloon, r 301 Hidalgo
Connell, Samuel, fireman, Crystal Ice Co., h 507 N. San Saba
Conner, L. Mrs., N/A, h 637 Austin
Conner, Thomas E., grocer, h --S. Flores, Beanville
Connor, James L., wiper round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 808 S. Flores
Connor, John, blacksmith, G.H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 5 Duval
Connor, Pamelia, (c), h 874 W. Fifteenth
Connor, T. E., alderman, second ward, h -- Pleasant Hill
Connors, Ed. J., section foreman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 310 S. Frio
Connors, Thomas H., machinist's apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 637 Austin
Conrad, Bertha Miss, N/A, h 424 Ave. D
Conrad, Emma Miss, dressmaker, h 255 Crockett
Conrad, Frank B., N/A, b 2149 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Conrad, George, engr., Fire Co., No. 2, r 17 Ave. C
Conrad, Henry, brtdr., Southern Hotel, b same
Conrad, Johan G., stonecutter, Frank Teich, h 114 Nebraska
Conrad, John B., mattress mfr., h 255 Crockett
Conrad, Mary Miss, N/A, h 424 Ave. D
Conrad, Philip H., upholsterer and mattress mkr., h 424 Ave. D
Conrads, Alfred, clk., Ed Steves & Sons, h cor. Omaha and Hackberry
Conrads, Julius, grocer, h 521 E. Commerce
Conrads, Otto, emp., Ed Steves & Sons, h cor. Hackberry and Montana
Conring, Emil, shipping clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 323 Elm
Conring, Herman, slsmn., Elmendorf & Co., h 323 Elm
Conring, Julius, delivery clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 323 Elm
Conring, Moritz, clk., h 323 Elm
Conring, Paul, laundryman, Texas Steam laundry, h 323 Elm
Conroy, John W., frt. Comdr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1619 Zavalla
Conroy, Thomas L., emp., Alamo Electric Car Co., h 1104 W. Houston
Contrel, L. C., Comdr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 310 Tenth
Contreras, Guadalupe, N/A, h -- Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Contreras, Jose, lab, city, h 521 N. San Saba
Contreras, Tomas, N/A, h 316 Matamoras
Converse, Benjamin P., supt., G. H. & S. A. Ry. Co., h cor. Austin and Ninth, T 74
Converse, James, supt., G. H. & S. A. Ry. Co., h cor. Austin and Ninth, T 74
Conway, C. P., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1110 Ave. D
Conway, Kate Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 902 Buena Vista
Conway, Thomas, (c), lab, G. H. & S. A. Ry. roundhouse, h rear G. H. & S. A. roundhouse
Con Zaga, Mary Sister, Superioress, Divine Providence Convent, h 14 Bonham
Cook, Alfred, hackdriver, Carter & Mullaly, h 14 Crockett
Cook, Alfred P., hackdriver, Carter & Mullaly, h 423 Ave. D
Cook, Allen, (c), barber, 433 Acequia
Cook, Allen, (c), porter, Caie & Ryan N/A
Cook, Charles, baker, David Dietzel, h --Elm
Cook, Clark O., lab, h -- Cevallos
Cook, Edward, (c), porter, Ranch Saloon, h -- Crockett
Cook, Eliza Mrs., dressmaker, Mrs. H. Hill, h 214 Ninth
Cook, George, Clipper Restaurant, cor Monterey and S. Concho, h 105 S. Pecos
Cook, George, (c), lab, h 305 S. Pecos
Cook, George A., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 309 Grand Ave.
Cook, Green, boilermkr., roundhouse, S. A. & A. P Ry., h cor. Probandt and Lover's Lane
Cook, Henry, (c), porter, Wood & Co., h 231 Concho
Cook, Jack, driver, James Clark, b -- Ninth between Ave. C and Ave. D
Cook, James D., carp., b 814 Macon
Cook, Lorena Miss, (c), washwoman, h 439 Perez
Cook, Mary A. Miss, (c), washwoman, h 439 Perez
Cook, Mary M. (wid Stephen), N/A, r 215 El Paso
Cook, Owen J., lab, b 814 Macon
Cook, Owen J., yardman, Gauss & Johns, h -- Cevallos
Cook, Paul, engr., h 1021 Austin Ave.
Cook, R., clk., James Clark, h 214 Ninth
Cook, Rebbie Miss, teacher, public school No. 8, b 215 El Paso
Cook, Walter C., slsmn, H. Morris & Bro., h 218 Ave. C
Cook, William, (c), porter, Otto H. Felder, N/A
Cook, William J., hackdriver, h 215 El Paso
Cooley, Ellen W. Mrs. (wid Simon), N/A, h Rivas near N. San Marcos
Cooley, Emily B. Mrs., N/A, h 490 Delgado
Cooley, Nannie E. Miss, N/A, h 490 Delgado
Coone, I. D., carp., I. & G. N. Ry., h W Commerce, Prospect Hill
Cooper, Alfred G., auditor, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 901 Main Ave., T 287
Cooper, A. M., R. R. emp., h 209 Oak
Cooper, Andrew C., (c), lab., h -- Nogolitos
Cooper, Harry, machinist, h cor. Pennsylvania and Lake Ave., West End
Cooper, St. Cloud, physician and surgeon, 1 and 3 Winslow Blk.
Co-operative Alliance Southwest Texas, James M. Webb, mgr., grocers, 420 S. Flores, T 479
Coopwood, Bethel, attorney at law, 226 Dolorosa, h 302 San Pedro Ave.
Coopwood, William C., dairy, b -- yndo
Copeland, Ernest L., lab, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 226 Austin
Copeland, James A., blacksmith, F. F. Collins, Mfg. Co., h 226 Austin
Copeland, John H., (John H. Copeland & Co.), attorney at law and editor and proprietor Texas Tribune, h --Goliad
Copeland, John H. & Co., (John H. Copeland and Samuel Flint), attorneys at law and real estate agents, 11 and 12 Devine Bldg.
Copu, William, (c), dishwasher, Adams House, b same
Copfs, Theodore, watchmkr., Otto Blumenthal, h 19 Bowie
Copney, Laban, (c), lab, b 603 Dallas
Copper, H. C., clk., Pacific Exp. Co., b 236 S. Alamo
Coranti, R. P., musical instrument repairer, h 324 Bowie
Corb, Annie Miss, seamstress, Mrs. J. A. Casas, h 613 W. Houston
Corbelyn, Theodore, head cook, Southern Hotel, r same
Corbett, Ferdinand, lab, h 214 Matamoras
Corbett, Michael F., N/A, h 441 S. Flores
Corby, Samuel, painter, h 10 Johnson
Corby, William W., painter, h 10 Johnson
Corder, A. P., fireman, G. H & S. A. Ry., N/A
Cordona, Ignacio, tinner, Joseph Dean, h -- N. Flores
Cornehls, William, R. R. Contractor, h 401 S. Frio
Cornelius, George, N/A, h 428 Cameron
Cornell, Louisa, Mrs., N/A, h 13 Bonham
Corner, Richard, asst. ticket agt., S. A. & A. P. Ry., N/A
Corner Saloon, (The), William Van Alstyne and C. Shacklett, props., Saloon, cor. W. Houston and Soledad
Corner, William, Books store and news depot, (Bainbridge & Corner), 37 North
Cornett, Lou C. Mrs., N/A, h 2 Belvin
Corr, Nicholos F., bkpr. Maverick Bank, h cor. Houston and Jefferson
Correvon, Edward, brakeman, h 829 Perez
Correvon, Walter, brakeman, h 820 Perez
Corrington, Haller, S., train dispatcher, I. & G. N. Ry., h 9 Woodlief
Cortez, Elias, clk., A. J. Burger & Bro., h cor. San Marcus and San Luis
Cortez, Ignacio, N/A, h 212 W. Nueva
Cortinas, Antonio A., brtdr., City Hall Saloon, h 806 S. Pecos
Cortinas, Saladonio, N/A, h 512 N. Concho
Coryell, Blanche Mrs., props., Commercial Hotel, h 209 S. Flores
Cosey, Agnes Mrs., N/A, h 316 S. Concho
Cosgrove, Constant, clk., Leroux & Cosgrove, h 215 Arcienega
Cosgrove, Elizabeth B., dress maker, h 410 Chavez
Cosgrove, Nicholas J., (Leroux & Cosgrove), hardware dealer, T 132, h 215 Arcienega
Cosmopolitan Barber Shop, J. Muller & Son, props., barber shop, 32 Soledad
Cossma, Alema, lab, h 420 San Fernando
Costello, Jack, N/A, h 202 Burleson
Costello, Pedro, N/A, h 313 N. East
Costello, Pedro, grocery and saloon, h 402 S. Laredo
Costello, Rafael, slsmn., S. Dalkowitz & Bro., h 603 Refugion
Costillo, Dennis, driver, John H. Bolton, r 2 W. Houston
Cotten, Arthur, (c), lab, h 425 Quincy
Cotten, Lee, Life insurance, 1 Soledad Block, h 444 Ninth
Cotten, Mary Mrs., N/A, 13 Bonham
Cotton, Abram L., draughtsman, b cor. Clay and Clark Aves., West End
Cotton, Agnes A., principal, Public School No. 6, h 320 Dwyer Ave.
Cotton, Agnes C., Mrs., (wid Michael G.), N/A, h 320 Dwyer Ave.
Cotton, Andrew E., attorney at law and notary public N/A
Cotton Belt Route, (St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway), N/A N/A
Cotton, Charles F., business mgr., The Express Publishing Co., h cor. Burnett and Chestnut
Cotton, Clement, contractor and builder, h 302 E. Commerce
Cotton, Jefferson D., N/A, h 212 Hidalgo
Cotton, Marion L., N/A, h 212 Hidalgo
Cotton, Ruthe, teacher, public school no. 6, h 320 Dwyer Ave
Coughlin, James, employee, Alamo Brewing Association, b 216 N. Flores
Coulsom, Ophelia O. Miss, N/A, h 40 Fourth
Coulter, T. H., slsmn., J. K. Beretta & Co., h 320 Soledad
Coultes, James, policeman, No. 2., h 503 Monterey
Courtade, Frank, tailor, D. Quasso, h 102 Soledad
Couture, E. H. Mrs., groceries, cigars, stationery, etc.., h 531 Austin
Coverdale, Harry, slsmn., L. Wolfson, b Webb Hotel
Cowan, Lizzie Miss, (c), r 915 San Fernando
Cowan, Thomas J., clk., Claim Dept., S. A. & A. P. Ry., Prospect Hill
Coward, Evander J., stenographer, Auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 332 Soledad
Cowart, A. B., sewing machine agent, h 314 North
Cowdry, Edwin F., mgr., David Kirkwood, h 325 Goliad
Cowdry, Frank H., apprentice, David Kirkwood, h 325 Goliad
Cowles, C. D., 1st Lieutenant, Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Cowley, William, tailor, h 328 Blum
Cox, James W., N/A, h -- El Paso, Carr's Hill
Cox, Mary, (c), emp., Dr. Thomas Kearny, h 215 Obraje
Cox, Robert H., broker, C. H. Brewster, h 27 N. Flores
Cox, Samuel J., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 5 Duval
Cox, T. J., (Bach & Cor), real estate, N/A
Cox, W. E., attorney at law, 11 Smith Block
Coy, Andreas, 1st asst.city marshal, T 116, h 323 N. Concho
Coy, Andreas J., clk., county tax collector's office, h 323 N. Concho
Coy, Anita Miss, N/A, h 323 N Concho
Coy, Antonio S., N/A, h 18 S. Laredo
Coy, Carrie, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 510 Buena Vista
Coy, Jacob, brtdr., Jacob S. Coy, h 510 Buena Vista
Coy, Jacob S., policeman and saloon keeper, h 510 Buena Vista
Coy, Lisa Miss, N/A, h 323 N. Concho
Coy, Lisandro, N/A, h 323 N. Concho
Coy, Manuel, clk., J. Coy, b 30 Cevallos
Coy, Mignel, N/A, h 412 S. Concho
Coy, Refugio Mrs., N/A, h 30 Cevallos
Coyce, John, slsmn., Ed. Cotula, h 318 Lavaca
Crabtree, Charles W., saddlery and harness maker, Brackett & Dean, b Porter House
Craft, J., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 214 Casten Alley
Craig, Alexander, (c), hackman, b 332 S. Presa
Craig, Alfred, (c), lab, h 226 Victoria
Craig, Andrew B., hay press, h 1541 W. Houston
Craig, A. T., clk., Menger Hotel, b same
Craig, David, blacksmith. G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 204 Oak
Craig, Ernest T., slsmn., Bainbridge & Corner, h Adams, east S. A. & A. P. Depot
Craig, E. T., clk., Menger Hotel, b same
Craig, Eva Miss, N/A, h 1541 W. Houston
Craig, Fannie Mrs., cook, h 918 W. Houston
Craig, John, porter, Maggie Reul, h 213 S. Concho
Craig, Thomas, (c), driver, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h cor. Dakota and Palmetto
Crain, Thomas F., N/A, h 744 N. Flores
Crain, William T., bkpr., A. T. Hensley & Sons, h 744 N. Flores
Cramer, Angelica Mrs., waiter, Alamo Restaurant, h 208 Alamo Plaza
Crate, James W., men's furnishing goods, (J. W. Crate & Co.), h 33 Ninth
Crate, J. W. & Co., (James W. Crate, C. E. Hooper, and Alpea Theakston), N/A, 240 W. Commerce, T 471
Craven, Emily Miss, N/A, h 213 Lopez
Craven, Hiram, stonecutter, h 213 Lopez
Craven, Walter, saddler's apprentice, h 213 Lopez
Craver, Daisy, emp., L. Guerguin, h 468 Camaron
Craver, William S., lab, h 437 Hidalgo
Craver, Zachariah T., miller, h 437 Hidalgo
Crawford, Charles K., city detective, h 224 Obraje
Crawford & Co., (Oscar Crawford, --Co.), contractors and builders, 413 Pine
Crawford, Edna E., Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h -- S. Presa
Crawford, Gaston, (c), barber, R. H. Glenn, h -- Augusta
Crawford, John C., N/A, h 602 Main Ave.
Crawford, Oscar, contractor, (O. Crawford & Co.), h 413 Pine
Creech, Charles L., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 214 N. Cherry
Crenshaw, Mary Miss, N/A, h 201 S. Laredo
Crescent News Co., T. L. Freeland, agent, N/A, Southern Pacific Ry. depot
Cresson, Charles C., commission mcht., (Chabot & Cresson), h 417 Grayson
Cresson, C. C. Mrs., recording secy., Protestant Home for Destitute Children, h 417 Grayson
Cresswell, Hugh L., N/A, h 486 Delgado
Cresswell, John, carp., h cor. Grenado and S. Brazos
Cresswell, Willis, carp., h 486 Delgado
Crew, John, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 320 Duval
Crew, Sidney, hostler, I. & G. N. Roundhouse, b 1313 W. Commerce
Crider Bros., (James H. and John T. Crider), contractors and builders, h 409 Sixth
Crider, James H., contractor and builder (Crider Bros.), h 409 Sixth
Crider, John T., contractor and builder (Crider Bros.), h 225 San Pedro Ave.
Crider, Laura F. Miss, teacher, high school, h -- Maple, Tobin Hill
Crider, Sarah Mrs. (wid Francis), N/A, h -- Maple, Tobin Hill
Crider, Thomas, contractor and builder, h 225 San Pedro Ave.
Criley, N/A, silversmith, h 308 Morales
Cristaforo "C" Saloon, L. Bertetti and D. Mose, props., Saloon, 511 S. Concho
Critzer, Augustus B., jewelers, (Critzer Bros.), 246 W. Commerce
Critzer Bros., (Augustus B. and Ernest K.), jewelers, 246 W. Commerce
Critzer, Ernest K., jeweler, (Critzer Bros.), r -- Acequia between Salinas and Rodriguez
Crockett, Charles J., (c), h 212 Walnut
Crockett, Lavinia M. Miss, N/A, h 21 Seventh
Cross, Edward, physician and surgeon, h 214 Ave. C., T 477
Cross, Price, trav. slsmn., b Menger Hotel
Cross, Walter L., slsman., Soloman Deutsch & Co., b 224 Soledad
Cross, William B., real estate, h 516 Nacogdoches
Croucher, Eliza A. Mrs., N/A, h 113 Union
Croucher, Maud Miss, N/A, h 906 Ave. D
Crow, James, (c), hack driver, Fritz Steiner, h Victoria between Santa Clara and Peach
Crowder, Bettie Mrs., C., N/A, h 307 Water
Crowdry, Frank, plumber, David Kirkwood, h 325 Goliad
Crowe, Sarah H. Miss, dressmkr., h 218 San Luis
Crowley, D. E., saloon keeper, h 722 Nolan T 313
Crowley, John E., rodman city work, h 50 South
Crowley, Thomas, carp. and prop. saloon, h 1 Probandt
Crowther, Addie Miss, N/A, h 20 Dallas
Crowther, J. Bart, cotton buyer, Slayden & Clarkson, h 352 Soledad
Crowther, John B., cotton buyer, W. C. Robards, h 464 N. Flores
Crowther, Minerva A. Mrs. (wid Benjamin), boarding house, 20 Dallas
Crumrine, Benjamin F., physician and surgeon, 7 Smith Block
Crutcher, Frank N., emp., Rucker, Hartwell, and Co., h 28 Clinton
Cruz, Abraham, compositor, El Heraldo, h San Fernando, Carr Hill
Cruz, Carcumeda Miss, seamstress, h 311 Obraje
Cruz, Daniel, compositor, El Heraldo, h San Fernando and Carr Hill
Cruz, Espiridiion, boot and shoemaker, h 227 S. Flores
Cruz, George, R. R. emp., r 327 Ninth
Cruz, Herculano, shoemaker, Fred Zacher, h -- S. Laredo
Cruz, Pablo, editor, El Regidor, b -- S. Laredo
Cruz, Pilor, N/A, b 604 San Fernando
Cruz, Polonna, lab, h 823 S. Frio
Cruz, Victor, compositor, El Heraldo, h San Fernando, Carr Hill
Cruz, Isabel Mrs., N/A, h 10 El Paso
Crystal Ice and Mgf. Co., Edward F. Blaze, Mgr., N/A, cor. Ave. B and Eighth
Crystal Saloon, A. Reddick and Co., props., N/A, 307 Main Plaza, T 514
Cuallos, Merina, N/A, h 718 S. Pecos
Cubit, Lucinda, (c), washing and ironing h 315 Fourth
Cuccia, Tony, confectioner, (Tony Cuccia & Co.), 627 W. Commerce
Cuccia, Tony & Co., (Tony Cuccia and Frank Dorsy), confectioners, 627 W. Commerce
Cuellar, Franicisco, ranchman, h 443 Soledad
Cuellar, Pedro E., bkpr., Cuellar Ranch, b 436 Soledad
Cuevas, Jesus M., N/A, h cor. Pecos and Matamoras
Cuff, William, plasterer, h 212 Matagorda
Culberson, L. Y., brakeman, G. H. & S. F. Ry., h 312 Grand Ave.
Culberson, R. U., attorney at law, (Hicks & Culberson), 14 Kampmann Bldg., h 3187 Main Ave.
Cullen, Cicero, real estate, (Cullen & Lubbock), h 601 S. Laredo
Cullen, James, clk., Cullen & Lubbock, h 601 S. Laredo
Cullen, Louise A., N/A, h cor. S. Frio and Tampico
Cullen & Lubbock (C. Cullen and F. R. Lubbock), real estate, 7 Acequia
Cullen, Lucien, painter, h 601 S. Laredo
Cullen, Sidney, printer, h 601 S. Laredo
Cullimore, James, N/A, h 2 Convent
Culver, Martin S., N/A, cor. El Paso and S. Frio
Cumberland, John C., book agent, h 6 Santa Clara
Cumberland, William S., saloon, h 601 Ave. C
Cumming, J. A., mattress mfr., (Cumming & Lloyd), h 417 S. Flores
Cumming & Lloyd, (J. A. Cumming & James Lloyd), mattress mfrs., 417 S. Flores
Cumins, Moses V., mgr. wagon and carriage depot, Milburn Wagon Co., 10 W. Houston and 40 Soledad, T 30, h 704 Nolan
Cumming, S., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 624 Austin
Cummings, Emma Mrs., N/A, H 302 Water
Cummings, Mary Miss, dress maker, Mrs. A. Hill, h 801 Ave. C
Cummings, Robert E., contractor and painter, h 1 Knox
Cummings, George, carp., h Crockett and Pine
Cummins, Mollie Miss, N/A, h 111 Oak
Cuneo, Charles, N/A, h 443 Perez
Cunningham, A. Mrs., dressmaker, h 309 Ave. C
Cunningham, Annie Miss, emp., Alamo Shirt Factory, b 403 N. San Saba
Cunningham, Arthur, caller, G. H. & S. A. round house, h 309 Ave. C
Cunningham, Barney, Morris' Detective Agency, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r Sunset Freight Office
Cunningham, Edward H., planter, t 307, h nr Govt. Hill
Cunningham, Geo. H., teamster, Gauss & Johns, h 409 N. Leona
Cunningham, Hall, driver, Gauss & Johns, h 409 N. Leona
Cunningham, Harry, boots and shoes, (H. Cunningham & Co.), T270, h 623 Main Ave.
Cunningham, H. & Co., (Harry Cunningham & Jno. A. Fraser), boots and shoes, 230 E. Houston, T 270
Cunningham, Miss Jessie, ironer, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 909 Hidalgo
Cunningham, John L., clk., Welton & Co., h 22 California
Cunningham, Joseph, collector, Capt. J. A. H. Hosack, h 909 Hidalgo
Cunningham, Kate Miss, ironer, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 909 Hidalgo
Cunningham, Marcus, pawn broker, h 387 S. Flores
Cunningham, Robert E. C., N/A, h 309 Ave. C
Cunningham, Samuel, N/A, b 387 s. Flores
Cunningham, Susan Mrs., N/A, h 909 Hidalgo
Cunningham, Thos. J., slsmn., J. K. Beretta & Co., h 320 Soledad
Cunningham, William M., N/A, h 309 Ave. C
Cunningham's Drug Store, J. L. Cunningham, prop., N/A, cor. W. Houston and Soledad
Cupples, Chas. E., prescription clk., C. Schasse, h 619 Jackson
Cupples, George, physician and surgeon, h 232 Soledad, T 83
Curasco, Coco, emp., L. A. Heil, h 115 Marshall
Cure, A. J., boilermaker, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, H 421 Grand Ave.
Curington, Lee, teamster, h 12 Delgado between N. Comal and N. San Marcos
Curry, Leonard, carp., A. Reimann, h 330 North
Curry, Samuel, patternmaker, San Antonio Foundry, h 236 Crockett
Curry & Wilhelm, (Wm. H. Curry & Henry Wilhelm), hardware, 29 Alamo Plaza, T 110
Curry, William H., hardware (Curry & Wilhelm), h 236 Crockett
Curtis, Charles T., printer, b 1031 San Fernando
Curvier, Reta B. Mrs., N/A, b 604 San Fernando
Cushing, Joseph, exp. messenger, Wells, Fargo & Co., h 624 Ave. C
Custead, Nelson T., grocer, h 31 Garden, T 117
Cutler, Walter, night watchman, S. A. & A. P. Frt. Depot, h 2 Garden
Czernitzki, Frank, moulder, Alamo Iron Works, h 112 Nevada
Czernitzki, Julian, foreman, moulding dept., Alamo Iron Works, h 300 Wyoming
Czeritzki, Kasmiez, moulder apprentice, Alamo Iron Works, h 300 Wyoming