1891 City Directory "D"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Dabney, Joseph T., butcher McDonald Bros., h __ Ruiz between N San Marcos and Colorado
Dacus, John H., slsmn Wagner & Chabot, h 23 Kingsbury
Daffin, Marcus L., cancer doctor (Harwell & Daffin), h 8 Devine
Dagan, Charles, brewer, h 37 Blum
Dahlbudding, Frederick W., r 24 South
Dahlgreen, George, contractor, h 21 Berrera
Dahlgreen, Pauline Miss, h 21 Berrera
Dahnish, John, driver C. H. Guenther & Sons, h Goliad
Dahte, Mary Mrs., midwife, h 215 Burnet
Daie, Ralph, cigars and tobacco, h 30 Garden
D'Albini, William, druggist, 215 Alamo plaza, h 310 Live Oak
Dalcour, Frank, bkpr Morin Bros, r 218 S Flores
Daley, Matthew, wiper G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h corner Sherman and Olive
Daley, Patrick, wiper G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h corner Sherman and Olive
Dalkowitz, Noah, peddler, h 41 W Commerce
Dalkowitz, Samuel, clothing, dry goods, etc. (S. Dalkowitz & Bro.), H 28 Belvin
Dalkowitz, S. & Bro. (Samuel and Solomon), clothing, 405 W. Commerce
Dalkowitz, Solomon, clothing, dry goods, etc. (S. Dalkowitz & Bro.), h 28 Belvin
Dalton Hours, 1104 W Houston, A. J. Spruell, prop.
Daly, Matthew, emp San Antonio Brewing Association, h 1512 Pine
Daly, Walter F., coach painter G. H. & S. A. shops, h 649 Austin
Damken, Nicholas, saloon keeper, h 702 Ave. D
Damm, Gustav, carp Gustav A. Reimmann, h Newton between Center and South
Damm, William, barber, h 1 Convent
Damon, V. D., h 22 Maverick Grove
Danenhauer, G., helper, San Antonio Brewing Association, h W. Commerce nr Alanzan creek
Danhauer, Steven, h 417 Fifth
Daniel, H. M., laundryman Troy Steam Laundry, h 456 Cameron
Daniels, Charles, engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1106 Ave. D.
Daniels, C. S., fireman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1106 Ave. D.
Daniels, Frank, carp, r 107 Dakota
Daniels, Fox. Pressman Daily Times, h 407 Nacogdoches
Daniels, Gilbert . Policeman city, h 427 Lavaca
Daniels, John W., boiler maker G. H. & S. A. Ry Shops, h 225 Seventh
Daniels, Julia Miss, operator S. W. Tel. And Telephone Co., h 325 tenth
Daniels, Lud, compositor Daily Express, h 407 Nacogdoches
Daniels, Mary A. Mrs. (wid J. M.), boarding house, 4-7 Nacogdoches
Daniels, Victor, compositor Daily Express, h 407 Nacogdoches
Daniels, Walker, lab, h 434 Dawson
Daniels, W. L., fireman G. H. & S. A. Ry, r 1106 Ave. D.
Dannenbaum, Jonas, slsmn Joske Bros. b N. Flores
Dansby, Marshall, b 504 S Laredo
Dapray, J. A., 1st Lieutenant Twenty-third Infantry, U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Darby, Clyde, tinner J. T. Cone & Son, h 722 E Houston
Dare, Leonard E., engr S. A. & A. P. Ry, h __ Probandt
Dargan, James A., clk Western Union Tel. Co., b 352 S Alamo.
Dargan Sarah Mrs., (wid Philip), h 352 S Alamo
Dargan, William J., newspapers and cigars, cor E Houston and Alamo Plaza, h 352 S Alamo
Darlington, Benjamin F., live stock and real estate dealer, r 1104 W Houston
Darnall, Nathan F., teamster, h 1034 Hidalgo.
Darnell, Pinkie, b 997 N San Marcos
Darrell, Alice Miss , r 318 Nueva
Darren, Johanna, dress maker C. Dreyfus, h cor Ave E and Third.
Darst, James, tinner Vodrie & Do., h cor Third and Ave C.
Dart, Mary A. Mrs. , cook Isaac P. Simpson, b 420 Ave C.
Dascomb, George A., slsmn Louisiana Lumber Co.
Dashiell, George R. Jr., clk District Clerk's office, h 909 W Houston
Dashiell, James , mail carrier No. 11, h 342 Live Oak
Dashiell, John h 233 Acequia
Dashiell, Katie Y. Miss, h 909 W. Houston
Dashiell, Lottie Miss, secy Miriam Rebekah Degree No. 24, I. O. O. F.
Dashiell, Stella, Miss, h 909 W Houston
Dashiell, Susan A. Mrs. (wid J. Y.) h 909 W Houston
Dashiell, Walter R., h 909 W Houston
Dau, Otto, porter Rouse & Wahlstab. H 214 E Commerce
Daugherty, J. A., real estate (Moore Bros. Y Daugherty), T 516 h Dakota nr Pine
Daum, William H. barber Edward F. Rowe, h 1 Convent
Dauman, Soloman, barber A. Zilian, h 2 Center
Dausin, Paul, h __ Virginia, between Labor and Peach
Davenport, Samuel, blacksmith round house S. A. Y A. P. Ry, h E end Lovers' Lane
David, James H., stock dealer Smith Y Redmon, h 301 S Flores
David, John, stockman, h cor N San Marcos and Leal
Davidson, Alzada Mrs. (wid A. N.), h 310 Dallas
Davidson, Minter M., carp, h 212 Maverick
Davidson, Thomas O., frt condr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 15 Hays
Davila, Marcelino, shoemkr, h 709 N Frio
Davila, Ramon, tinner A. P. Campbell, h 511 E Commerce
Davis, A. E. Mrs., r 742 N Flores
Davis, Benjamin, painter, h 309 Live Oak
Davis, Edward, h 181 Ninth
Davis, Edward, h 1129 San Fernando
Davis, Ella Miss, actress Washington theater, h 1015 W Commerce
Davis, Eugene, contractor and builder, h 201 Texas Ave, West End
Davis, Frank, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h cor Crosby and Willow
Davis, G. B., second lieutenant twenty-third infantry U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Davis, George A., slsmn M. Karatkin, h Hackberry nr. Carson
Davis, Gordon , porter R. J. Hofheinz, r 316 Military plaza
Davis, Hannah Mrs., h 112 Marshall
Davis, Harriet , cook C. E. Hooper, h 821 Ave C
Davis, James , barber shop, h 321 Hidalgo
Davis, James R, , barber, 13 Soledad, h 221 Hidalgo
Davis, J. C., brakeman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 535 Mesquite
Davis, John, driver C. H. Gunther, h 315 Goliad
Davis, John D. Rev. , pastor Third Baptist church , h 608 N Colorado
Davis, John S., carp, cor Colorado Ave and Fifteenth, West End.
Davis, Lafayette , cook Alamo Flats, h __ Water.
Davis, Marcus W., clk F. T. Johnson & Co., h cor Quinta and Main Plaza.
Davis, Mary A. (wid J. N.), h 7 N Leona.
Davis, Moses, brakeman G. H. & S. A. Ry, b 603 Grand Ave.
Davis, Nellie Miss, b 615 S San Saba.
Davis, Nelson , blacksmith helper G. H. & S. A. Ry, h Dawson and Live Oak.
Davis, R. J., h 305 Martin.
Davis, Squire, brtdr The Corner saloon.
Davis, Thomas J., prop The Hibernia House, 206 Acequia
Davis, Tommie Miss, h 319 N Laredo.
Davis, Walter L., carp, h cor Colorado Ave and Fifteenth, West End.
Davis, William , coachman C. W. Ogden, h cor Nolan and Hackberry.
Davis, William, drummer, h 411 S San Saba.
Davis, Wily A., printer, h cor Colorado Ave and Fifteenth, West End.
Davison, Charles , lab, h 209 Starr.
Dawdey, Jenny , cook Mrs. Dr. Amos Graves, b 52 Goliad
Dawson, Frank B., slsmn Smith & Redmon, h cor G. H. & S. A. Ry and Garden.
Dawson, Harry, , lab G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h Crockett nr Cherry
Dawson, James, lab N. Mackey, h Lopez between Colorado and Brazos
Dawson, John, lab San Antonio Ice Factory, h 222 Dawson
Dawson, John, lab. H 343 Fredericksburg Road
Dawson, Lucy Miss, h Lopez between Colorado and Brazos
Day, James B., life insurance, 206 Cincinnati Ave, West End. See adv.
Dayhoff, Emmet J., dairy, b __ McCullough
Dayhoff, Henry Clay, dairy, h __ McCullough
Deaderick, Florence T. Miss, bkpr Western Union Tel Co., b 242 Dwyer Ave.
Dean, Abner, prop Revolving Light Saloon. (Baxter & Dean), h __ Omaha.
Dean, Charles H., saddler (Brackett & Dean), h 39 Hill
Dean, Frederick G., gas fitter San Antonio Gas Co., H West End.
Dean, James H., stockman, h 875 W Fiftenth.
Dean, J. H., live stock Commission (Bell & Dean), h West End.
Dean, Joseph, tin shop, 9 Military plaza, h cor Menchaoa and W Fifteenth.
Dean, Rena Miss, b 503 S San Saba
Dean, Thornton A. mgr Eagle Chop House, h 705 W Commerce
Dearborn, E. F., cook Mike Quinn, h 429 Austin.
Dearing, Robert, porter Elmendorf & Co., h 125 Dakota
Dearlove, James, peddler, r 17 El Paso
Deaton, Enoch F., emp U. S. Govt, h 419 Ave C.
Deaton, William, apprentice printing Govt Hill, h 419 Ave C.
DeBrincke, Julius, trav slsmn A. B. Frank & C., h 244 Blum.
Decker, Amanda Mrs., h cor W Houston and Alaxan Creek.
Decker, Theodore, engr Crystal Ice Co., h 470 N Flores.
Deckerd, Alfred D., mail route Agt, b Alamo Flats.
Deer Horn Saloon, 211 W Commerce, Dosch & Rische props.
Deering, ___ ., painter, h 1010 W Houston.
Defrance, William J. M., hatter Charles Magerstadt, h 321 Lavaca.
Degasperi, Angelita Miss, h 311 East.
Degen, Charles, city inspector, h 324 Garden.
Degen, Charles P., brewery, 237 Blum, h 244 Crockett.
Degen, Louis, clk Wagner & Chabot, h 324 Garden.
Degener, Hans L. planing mil, (Degener & Karbe), h 201 Ave C.
Degener & Karbe (Hans L. Degener and Ferdinand Karbe) planing mill, cor Dawson and
Chestnut, T 319.
DeHam, C. L. Mrs., h 805 Ave. C.
Dehane, F. W., brakeman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 421 Grand Ave.
DeHaven, Minnie Miss, seamstress Alamo Star shirt factory, h 805 Ave D.
DeHopos, Ramddeo, h 8 S East.
Deininger, Christian, butcher Fritz Deininger, h 9 Centre.
Deininger, Fritz, meat marker, h 9 Centre.
Deininger, Henry, cigarmkr Moritz Rossy, h 9 Centre.
Deirken, August, saloon, h 21 Ave D.
Deis, Juana Miss, h 211 S East.
Deison, Maria Mrs. , h alley between Center & Goliad.
Deitrich, Charles, clk Goggan & Bros., h cor Castro and Trinity.
Deitrick, Lillie Miss, opr Southwest Telegraph and Telephone Co., h 309 Presa.
Deits, George W., real estae (Sherwood & Co.), h __ Pleasanton road.
Deitzman, Ernest, carp, h 509 Dallas.
DeKnight, Hattie , h 302 Chavez.
DeKnight, Henry J. teamster Western Wood Yard, r 14 Perez.
De la Garza, Andreas, mechanic, h 712 N Frio.
De la Garza, Colonia Miss, h 712 N Frio.
De la Garza, Manuel M., physician and surgeon, h 420 S Concho
De la Garza, Manuela, h 712 N Frio.
De la Garza, Ramon, mechanic, h 712 N Frio.
Delandro, Frank, butcher McGoldrich & Co., r 902 S Frio
Delaney, Clara Miss, 501 S Concho.
Delaney, Daniel, blacksmith roundhouse S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 4 Probandt.
Delaney, Joseph, driver Pacific Express Co., b 17 Centre.
De la Pena, Marie Miss, saleswoman Simon De la Pena, h 303 S Laredo.
De la Pena, Merced Miss, clk Simon De la Pena, h 303 S Laredo.
De la Pena, Simon, grocer, h 303 S Laredo.
De la Pena, Simon jr., blacksmith Simon De la Pena sr., h 239 S Laredo.
De la Pena, Simon sr., blacksmith and wheelwright, h 239 S Laredo.
Delaroche, Charles, h 208 North.
Del Bondio, H. J., mdse Broker. Kampmann bldg.
DeLeon, Antonio, tailor A. Pancoast & Son, h __ Rock Quarry road.
DeLeon, Felipe, h 612 N. Laredo.
DeLeon, John, lab, h rear 931 N Salado.
Delespin, Maggie Mrs., h 1 Martin.
Delfraisse, A. Leon, photographer, 10 E. Houston, h cor Dawson and Olive.
Delgado, Amador, h 751 El Paso.
Delgado, Carrie Miss, b 751 El Paso.
Delgado, Dario, lab, h 506 Elmira.
Delgado, Domingo, baker John Heitgen, h 216 Durango.
Delgado, Frank, h 1039 San Fernando.
Delgado, Juanita Miss, cook Mrs. Antonio Swisher, h 513 Monterey.
Delgado, Maria Miss, 914 Salado.
Delgado, Mary Miss, b 751 El Paso.
Delgado, Raphael, slsmn Joske Bros., r 25 Rusk.
Delhom, Jean M., chef de cuisine Elite restaurant, h 402 Dwyer Ave.
Dellavalle, George A., dyer and scourer, 8 E Houston, h __ El Paso
Delmore, Ursel Mrs., actress Washington Theatre, b 1011 W Commerce.
Delmore, William, actor Washington Theatre, b 1011 W. Commerce.
DeLoach, R. S., carp, h 205 Virginia ave. West End.
Del Rio, Manuel, lab. H 303 Delgado.
Delsite, John, hackdriver, h 625 Chestnut.
Delsite, John jr., slsmn Wolff & Marx, h 625 Chestnut.
Demaline, Walter, office boy Slayden & Clarkson, h 51 Mission.
Deman, Benjamin , exp wagon, h 316 Plum.
Deman, Clark , emp Ed. Steves & Sons, h 623 Ave C.
Demonet, Margaretta A. Mrs. Boarding house, 309 Soledad.
Demonet, William, painter, 309 Soledad.
Denecke, Carl, driver D. H. Guenther & Sons, h 22 Santa Clara.
Denham, Maggie Miss, h 13 Zavalla.
Denham, Tully C. Rev., pastor St. James A. M. R. Church, h 13 Zavalla.
Denison, Rose Mrs. , lunch stand, stall 18 Main market, h 401 San Pedro ave.
Denman & Franklin (Leroy G. Denman and Thos. H. Franklin), attorneys at law, 273 W Commerce.
Denman, Leroy G., attorney at law and notary public (Denman & Franklin), h cor Main ave and French place.
Denman, L. G., clk Coe & Gay, h 5 Twelfth.
Dennecamp, Adolph, brtdr Washington Theatre, h 309 Madison.
Dennis, John C., carp, b 308 N Flores.
Dennis, Samuel, driver city sanitary works, r 606 W Commerce.
Denny, Charles A., cotton buyer Efron & Co., h northwest cor Devine and Riddle.
Denton, Ashley F., compositor Daily Light, b 595 Baltimore ave.
DeOllos, Francisco, lab, h 1736 W Commerce.
DeOllos, Leonardo, meat market, h __ Tampico, west of Trinity
DePena, Antonio S. Mrs., h 133 El Paso.
Depuy, William A., carp, h 402 Fredericksburg road.
Dereese, John, butcher A. Ruhnke, h __ San Fernando.
Deron, Arnst, emp San Antonio Brewing Association, h Meerscheidt's addition.
DeRosa, Amanda, h 37 Sabine.
Derr. Louis C., printer John Schott, b 447 S Presa.
Derr, Max, slsmn Soloman Deutsch Co., h 447 S Presa.
Derr, William F., clk L. Wolfson, h 447 S Presa.
Desalme, Adolf, h San Fernando nr Carr.
Desalme, Emil, collector San Antonio Soap Factory, h 404 N Laredo.
Desalme, Henry, driver Wells, Fargo & Co., h 311 Acequia.
Desalme, Henry, porter Wells Fargo Express, h 109 Acequia.
Desalme, John, h 622 Durango.
Desalme, Joseph, stonemason, h 517 San Fernando.
Desha, Almeda Mrs. Dress maker, h 906 Buena Vista.
Desmond, Morris, lab. __ Mistleto.
Desmukes, Hugh M., lab, h Ruiz cor N San Jacinto.
Desmukes, John, lab, h Ruiz cor N San Jacinto.
Desmukes, John, lab, h cor Ruiz and N San Jacinto.
DeSoria, Addie Miss, canvasser Singer Mfg Co.; h 408 Ave. B.
DeSoria, Addie Miss, saleswoman S. E. Gillett & Co., h 308 Third.
DeSoria, Josephine Mrs., boarding house, 308 Third.
Dess, Joseph, driver Louis Spahn, h 230 E Commerce.
Detro, Emelie Miss, h 223 Goliad.
Detro, Lizzie Mrs. H 223 Goliad.
Detro, Louis, carp, h 223 Goliad.
Detry, Octave, waiter Alamo Flats, b same.
Deuerling, Simon, grocer, h cor Chestnut and Nolan.
Deulm, Mary, dyer Geo. Caen, h __ Center.
Deussen, Charles, notary public and bkpr (F. Groos & Co.) h 226 Lavaca.
Deussen, William C., city slsmn Geo. Dullnig, h 223 Elm.
Deussen, William H., carp, h 223 Elm.
Deutsch, Pauline Mrs. (wid Solomon), h 399 S Flores.
Deutsch, Solomon & Co., dry goods and clothing, 274 to 278 W Commerce, Aaron Frank mgr.
Deutschman, Selig, stamps, stencils, checks, etc. (Heidemann Mfg. Co.), h 24 Acequia.
Devalaus, James, sawyer F. F. Collins Mgf Co, b Third between Ave E and ditch.
Devan, Charles , hack stand, h 427 Elmira.
DeVere, Augusta, confectionery, toys, etc., h 218 E Houston.
Devine, Albert E., attorney at law (Devine & Smith) h 907 San Pedro ave.
Devine, Gregory P., capitalist, b 520 S Flores.
Devine, John, engr Frank Teich, h 23 Mill.
Devine, J. P., real estate, 3 Devine Bldg. See adv.
Devine & Smith (Albert E. Devine and Wm. S. Smith), attys at law, 7 and 8 Devine bldg.
Devine, Thomas N., city recorder, h 525 Madison.
Devine, William, trav man Keen, Sutterle & Co., h 23 Mill.
Devits, Charles Mrs., ladies' hair dresser, 10 S Alamo, h 222 Blum.
Devlin, John F., lab, h 1214 S Medina.
Devore, D. B., 2nd lieutenant, Twenty-third Infantry U.S.A., h Govt Hill.
Dewaal, Constant, shipping clk Hugo & Schlimeltzer, h 524 North.
Dewees, Thomas stockman, h 344 Dwyer Ave.
Dewitt, Bartholomew J., county atty, office court house, r Soledad block.
Dewitt, Fred, lab, h 709 N Frio.
DeZavala, Adina Miss, teacher public school No. 5, h cor Seventh and Taylor.
DeZavala, Florence Miss, teacher public school No. 5, h cor Seventh and Taylor.
DeYoung, George h 32 Maverick Grove.
Diamond, E. E. Mrs. Dress maker, h 24 Victoria.
Diaz, Francisco, lab city, h 10 N Medina.
Diaz, Mary Mrs., h 10 Medina.
Diaz, Rafael, tobacco and cigars. 219 Alamo plaza, T 383, h 30 Garden.
Dibble, Alice Miss, washing and ironing, h 442 N East.
Dibble, Leonidas D., attorney at law and notary public, 5 and 7 Winslow blk, b 23 College.
Dibble, Maggie Miss, washing and ironing, h 442 N East.
Dibble, Susan Miss, washing and ironing, h 442 N East.
Dickerson, George S., compositor Daily Times, h 215 Salinas.
Dickerson, Ida R. , ironer Alamo Steam Laundry, b cor E Commerce and Walnut.
Dickey, James, coachman Thos. Goggan, b 925 Ave C.
Dickey, Mary, cook Thos. Goggan, b 925 Ave C.
Dickinson, J. J., telegraph editor Daily Express, h 42 Fourth.
Dickman, Fred, bridge builder City, h 328 Devine.
Dickman, J. T., 1st Lieut. 3rd Cavalry U.S.A., h Govt Hill.
Dickson, John R., engr L. & G. N. Ry, h 615 N Frio.
Dieffenback, George, h 307 Lavaca.
Diehl, Annie Miss, saleswoman Wolff & Marx, h 41 Fourth.
Diehl, Regina Mrs. (wid Henry), rooms to rent, h 41 Fourth.
Diehm, John B., contractor and builder (Pauly & Dielmann), h 224 Lavaca.
Dielmann, John C., contractor and builder (Pauly & Dielmann), h 224 Lavaca.
Diener, H. Dr., prop Diener's Sanitarium, 252 W Commerce.
Dierkin, August, saloon keeper, h 21 Ave D.
Dierken, J. S. Mrs. Boarding house, 918 Ave. D.
Dies, Domingo L., policeman, h 587 S Laredo.
Diesselhorst, Edward, saloon keeper, 202 E Houston, T 101, h 731 Nolan
Diesselhorst, Theodore H., h 731 Nolan.
Dietler, Henry F., driver Lone Star Brewery, h 208 Victoria.
Dietrick, Carl, driver Thos. Goggan & Bros., h cor N San Jacinto and Castro.
Dietrich, Eugene, machinist F. F. Collins Mfg Co., h 309 S Presa.
Dietrick, Eugene jr., h cor Leigh and Eager.
Dietrick, Eugene sr., h cor Leigh and Eager.
Dietrich, Joseph, 1003 S Laredo.
Dietrich, Joseph E., mechanic, b 309 S Presa.
Dietsch, Albert, driver Charles Boelhauwe, h 319 Navarro.
Dietsch, Joseph, blacksmith, N Flores nr Obraje, h 319 Navarro.
Dietsch, Theresa (wid Joseph), h 319 Navarro.
Dietz, Albert, compositor Freie Presse fur Texas, b 316 South.
Dietzel, Louis, bakery and confectionery, h 22 S Alamo.
Dietzmann, Ernst, cabinetmkr and carp, h 509 Dallas.
Diggs, Albert , coachman W. C. Robards, h 439 Perez.
Digges, David E., barber, cor S Flores, r 13 Fest.
Dignowity, Andrew , lab. B 433 Acequia.
Dignowity, Charles L., real estate, 9 E Houston, h 500 Pine.
Dignowity, Henry L., real estate agt (H. L. Dignowity & Co.), ll E Houston, h cor N Olive and
Dignowity, Henry L. & Co. (Henry L. Dignowity and J. R. Lockwood), real estate, 11 E Houston.
Dignowity, James V., real estate, 6 Soledad, h corner Starr and Chestnut.
Dilgard, David, fireman, I. & G. N., Ry, h 807 N Comal.
Dillard, Annie M. Miss, cashier Singer Mfg Co., h 25 Presa.
Dillard, Anthony W., attorney-at-law, h 25 Presa.
Dillard, Edward E., registry clk P O, h 25 Presa.
Dillenburger, Otto, grocer, h 516 Ruiz.
Dillon, Edward, bkpr and mgr H. D. Kampmann, h 29 Ave D.
Dillon, James B., hackman's association.
Dillon, John P., emp Sunset R R office, b 229 Elmira.
Dim, Gustav, carp, h 213 Newton.
Dimaline, Arthur C., caller S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 51 Mission.
Dimaline, Edith Miss, teacher public school No. 2, h 51 Mission.
Dinferoso, Juerero, h El Paso, Carr Hill.
Dingel, Frederick, contractor and builder, h 1123 Ave D.
Dingmore, James, carp. H cor Medina and San Fernando.
Dinnison, Rosa Mrs, h 51 Macon.
Dirksen, Anna Miss, seamstress Haas & Oppenheimer, h 509 Live Oak.
Dirksen, Helene Miss, seamstress, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 509 Live Oak.
Dirksen, Josephine Mrs. H 509 Live Oak.
Disch, George, gardener, h 14 Probandt.
Dittmar, A., asst engr Water Works Co., r pump house.
Dittmar, Albert, slsmn L. Wolfson, h 5 Eighth.
Dittmar, Bruno F., clk Mrs. M. M. Abbey, h 5 Eighth.
Divine Providence Convent, 14 Bonham, Sister Mary Con Zaga superioress.
Dixon, Adaline Mrs., washing and ironing, h 406 Crockett.
Dixon, Judge L., h 1006 W Houston.
Dixon, Sarah E., boarding house, 1006 W Houston.
Dobbert, John, bookbinder, Maverick Printing House, r 314 Fifth.
Dobbin, Harry L., clk, h 506 Ave C.
Dobbin, John jr, clk Cunningham's shoe store, h 506 Ave C.
Dobbin, John sr, h 506 Ave C.
Dobbin, John S. slsmn H. Cunningham & Co., h 506 Ave C.
Dobbin, Joseph D., collector San Antonio National Bank, h 506 Ave C.
Dobrowolski, Edward, tinner A. Baldus, h 203 Center.
Dobrowolski, William, mgr Ed Kotula, h 408 North.
Dobson, Madison, bkpr F. F. Collins Mfg Co., h 907 W. Houston.
Dodd & Chapman (Cyrus A. Dodd and A. Chapman), street signs, house numbers, etc., 26 Soledad.
Dodd, Cyrus A., street signs, house numbers, etc. (Dodd & Chapman), h 517 Ave B.
Dodd, Samuel A., box maker Maverick Printing House, h 517 Ave. B.
Dodds, J. S., photographer D. P. Barr, h 409 Water.
Dodec, Goodman, grocer, h r Military plaza.
Dodec, Recil, Mrs. H 35 Presa.
Dodec, Samuel, clothing, 619 W Commerce, h 35 S Presa.
Dodson, Amos , driver, h 210 Star.
Dodson, William H., jr., bkpr F. F. Collins Mgf Co. b 232 Ave C.
Dodson, William H. Rev., pastor Alamo Baptist Church, h 1830 Olive.
Doebbler, Arthur E., grocer, h 702 Austin.
Doebbler, Oscar, musical instruments, h cor San Marcos and Laredo.
Doehnert, William, stonecutter Ed. Braden, h __ Virginia.
Doering, Robert, porter Elmendorf & Co., h Dakota between Plum and Walnut.
Doerr, Otto, foreman mash house San Antonio Brewing Association, h Maverick Grove.
Doerr, Walter, slsmn J. Bielstein, h 407 N. Concho.
Dolan, Edward T., machinist's apprentice G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h 1033 Olive.
Dolan, James, messenger S. A. & A. P. freight office, h 45 Fourth.
Dolan, John, prop Traders' saloon, h 333 Dwyer Ave.
Dolan, Lizzie Miss, h __ Grant's alley.
Dolan, Martin, lab, h __ Grant's alley.
Dolan, Michael, tinner August Peters, h 242 Goliad.
Dolan, Rosa Miss, h __ Grant's alley.
Dolan, Stephen, policeman, h 45 Fourth.
Dolan, Thomas H., stationary engr G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h 1033 Olive.
Dolan, William, hack driver Bryan's livery stable, b 321 Barerra.
Dollahite, Hillary B., carp, h 1054 Hidalgo.
Dollahite, James C. jr., carp. H 1638 Zavalla.
Dollahite, James C. sr., special policeman West End, h cor Day ave and Clark ave. West End.
Dollahite, Ripley, h 1054 Hidalgo cor Colorado.
Dollahite, Walter W., h cor Clay Ave and Clark Ave, West End.
Domenica, Mosa, saloon, h cor Zavalla and N East.
Domingo, Sandiago, brtdr, h 521 BuenaVisti.
Dominico, Boneva, saloon keeper, h cor San Luis and San Saba.
Donaghue, Patrick, bridge foreman S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 2 Fest.
Donahue, John, fireman San Antonio Brickyard, b __ Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez.
Donahue, T. B., saloon keeper, cor Acequia and Samendy alley, T 499.
Donaldson, David, surveyor, h 301 Virginia ave, West End.
Donaldson, Henry D., h 290 S Laredo.
Donaldson, Henry F., reportorial staff San Antonio Express Publishing Co., r 25 Rusk.
Donaldson, Howard A., engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, b 117 River ave.
Donaldson, Virginia Mrs., dancing teacher, h 228 E Commerce.
Donneilin, J. A. Rev., spiritual director San Fernando Cathedral.
Donovan, James, expman, h 725 Austin.
Doogan, George A., O. H. clk Wells Fargo & Co., h 214 Fourth.
Dooley, Ed. T., switchman S. A. & A. P. Ry, b S. A. & A. P. hotel.
Dooley, Eugene J., Hackmen's Association, hacks 64 and 83, h 408 Chavez.
Dooley, mary Miss, h 408 Chavez.
Dooley, Nannie J. Mrs., h 408 Chavez.
Dorchester, Annie Mrs. , h 506 S Concho.
Dorchester, John barber Jas. R.Davis.
Dorman, C. Mrs., h 2 Center.
Dorman, Holamar, barber, h 2 Center.
Dorn, Joseph , hostler George Redmon, h 420 S Laredo.
Dornstein, Eliza J. Mrs. (wid J. N.) h 482 N Flores.
Dornstein, Faustina Miss, saleswoman L. Wolfson, h 482 N Flores.
Dorsa, Frank, confectioner (Tony Cuccia & Co.), h 627 W Commerce.
Dorsa, Tony, confectioner Tony Cuccia & Co., h 627 W Commerce.
Dorsett, Gambier L., office boy Dr. George G. Clifford, h 310 South.
Dorsey, William R., carp, b 216 N Flores.
Dortcha, Benjamin , porter S. A. & A. P. frt depot, h 11 Lopez.
Dosch, Ernest, saloon keeper (Dosch & Rische), r 211 W Commerce.
Dosch & Rische, props Deerhorn saloon, 211 W Commerce.
Dossy, Mary Miss, typewriter Tips & Haarman, h 309 North.
Dotson, Louis , lab, b __ Fredericksburg road.
Dotson, Robert , stonemason, h __ Fredericksburg road.
Dotson, William , teamster, h __ Fredericksburg road.
Dougherty, James, lab, h 319 N Laredo.
Dougherty, Thomas, E., cattle slsmn C. O. McClure, 13 Belvin.
Dougherty, Thomas P., fireman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h __ Van Ness.
Dougherty, William h 522 Leal.
Douglas, George C., lab, h 899 S Flores.
Douglas, J. Harry, chief dispatcher G. H. & S. A. Ry, r 917 Ave C.
Douglas, Rebecca wash-woman, h 522 Leal.
Douglass, Narcissa , boarding house, 5 Obraje.
Douthit, A. G., h 226 Austin.
Dowdell, A. E., lab, h 1134 Perez.
Dowden, Ella Mrs., h 232 East.
Dowden, Frank, h Home Villa, West End.
Dowden, Minnie Miss, h Home Villa, West End.
Dowling & Flood (Joseph W. Dowling and Frank M. Flood) druggists, 340 E Houston, T 48.
Dowling, Joseph W., druggist (Dowling & Flood), h 315 Bowie
Downey, James, carp, h 238 Austin.
Downey, J. W., druggist, h 315 Bowie.
Downey, Thomas T., principal Alamo City Business College, h 219 Blum.
Downs, Alice Miss, music teacher, h Center and Live Oak.
Doyle, Eva Miss, h 503 S San Saba.
Doyle, George, painter, h 413 Ave E.
Doyle, Maggie Mrs, h 311 N East.
Doyle, Thomas, painter, h 11 Hill.
Draiss, Philip, teamster San Antonio brick yard, h Trinity, between Hidalgo and Perez.
Drake, Adaline Mrs. Boarding house, h 618 Ave D.
Drake, George, foreman John Myers, h 228 Ave C.
Drake, Frank, car builder, h 219 Oakland.
Drake, Frank, reporter Daily Express.
Drake, John , teamster Pauly & Diehlman, h __ Elm.
Draper, Fred, driver Solomon Deutsch & Co., h 421 Nacogdoches.
Draper, John S., hackdrivers' association, hack No. 4, h 421 Nacogdoches.
Draper, Lizzie Miss, h 421 Nacogdoches.
Drefflich, August, hostler Fritz Steiner, h 313 Ninth.
Dreiss, Adolph, druggist, 19 Alamo Plaza, T 121, h Wyoming and Pine, T 510.
Dreiss, Albert, harnessmkr Lone Star Saddlery, h cor Wyoming and Pine.
Dreiss, Edward, druggist A. Dreiss, h cor Alamo and Guenther.
Dreiss, Gustav, h cor Wyoming and Pine.
Dreiss, Herman, prescription clk A. Dreiss, h 19 Alamo.
Dreiss, Louis, prescription clk A. Dreiss r 19 Alamo.
Dreiss, Thompson & Co., (A. Dreiss, T. C. Thompson and T. Ohmstede), wholesale druggists, 17 N Alamo
Drew, G. A., captain third cavalary U. S. A., h Govt Hill.
Drews, Emil, engr City steam laundry, h 410 Bowie.Dreyer, William H., h 321 S Concho.
Dreyfus, Carrie, ladies' and gents' furnishing goods, millinery and dressmaking, 231 Alamo Plaza, h 206 Alamo Plaza
Dreyfus, Edward, slsmn Haas & Oppenheimer, r 211 Arcinega.
Dreyfus, Leopold, gents' furnishing goods, h 206 Alamo Plaza.
Dreiss, Barbara, dyer George Caen, h 1 Convent.
Driggers, William J., clk A. B. Frank & Co., h 22 Garden.
Driscoll, Frank, brtdr, h 425 Nolan.
Driver, Thaddeus, brick-setter San Antonio brick yard, h Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez.
Drought, Henry P., attorney at law, notary public and mortgage loan broker (Francis Smith & Co.), 8 Yturri, h 423
Drummer, Rosa Mrs., proprs Star restaurant, h 208 N Laredo.
Drummond, James F., dispatcher G. H. & S. A. Ry.
Druse, Warren D., deputy sheriff, h 42 Macon.
Druskin, Julius, harnessmkr L. Frank, h 41 South.
Druskin, Sarah Miss, h 41 South.
Dryer, Henry, butcher Eli Arnaud, Washington Square market.
Duback, Frank, h 14 Dallas.
Dubiel, Emily Miss, emp J. S. Ramsay, b 18 Lafitte.
Dubiel, Lou Miss, saleswoman S. B. Wood, b 18 Lafitte.
Dubiel, Minnie Miss, b 18 Lafitte.
Dubois, George, yard switchman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1020 N Cherry.
Dubreuilh, Hypotite, civil engr. H 137 Live Oak.
Duchesne, Francis, clk, h 409 N Concho.
Ducke, Pedro, farmer, h 132 Plum.
Duck's Saloon, 8 Soledad, Uhlrich Rische, prop.
Duco, Emile, brtdr V. Jeannin, h 1313 W Commerce.
Ducret, Charles, prescription clk Dowling & Flood, r 340 E Houston.
Ducy, William, carp and contractor, h 216 N Flores.
Dudley, J. Abram , wood contractor, h 11 Starr.
Dudley, John W., dispatcher G. H. & S. A. Ry.
Duelm, Charles, city emp, h 230 Center.
Duerler, Gustav A. jr, with G. A. Duerler, h 220 W Commerce.
Duerler, Gustav A. sr, confectioner, 220 Commerce, T 149. See adv p. 10.
Duerneme, Louis marble cutter Zevin & Altmann, 212 E Commerce.
Duerr, Ernest, cooper George Mandry, 108 and 110 Austin.
Duff, Arty, clk Harry Emmerson, h 212 S Flores.
Duff, George, grocer and saloon (Tuttle & Duff), h 301 Hidalgo.
Duffie, Arturo, lab. H 607 S San Saba.
Duffy, Henry, shoemkr J. Beckmann, h __ Flores.
Duffy, Hugh, h 208 Hidalgo.
Duffy, Martha Mrs., h 315 Fifth.
Duft, Edward, b 46 Fest.
Duft, Josephine Mrs., h 46 Fest.
Dugger, Augustus G., slsmn Solomon Deutsch & Co., h 419 N Flores.
Dugosh, Albert, apprentice Alamo Iron Works, h 306 Goliad.
Dugosh, Ignatz, foreman confectionery G. A. Duerler, h 411 N East.
Dugosh, John, labeler San Antonio Brewing Association, h 305 Goliad.
Dugosh, Joseph M., clk Geo. Dullnig, h 305 Goliad.
Dugosh, Margaret Mrs., h 305 Goliad.
Dugosh, Mary Miss, h 305 Goliad.
Dugosh, Valentine, slsmn Joske Bros., h 305 Goliad.
Duke, E. F. Madam, medicated baths and Thompson's Eye Water, h 202 Bonham.
Duke, James, brtdr G. Garoni, h 898 S Flores.
Duke, William, lineman electric light San Antonio Gas Co.
Dukes, Emily B., copyist Hildebrand & Stribling, h 232 Martin.
Dukes, Emma M. Miss, h 301 North.
Dukes, George, carp, h 301 North.
Dukes, Henry, clk Wolff & Marx, h 301 North.
Dukes, J. Malcolmson, real estate, loans and notary public, h 578 N Flores.
Dukes, Louisa Miss, clk Singer Mfg. Co., h 232 Martin.
Dukes, Mary C. Miss, clk Singer Mfg Co., h 323 Martin.
Dukes, Mary C. Mrs., h 323 Martin.
Dukes, William B., lineman Electric Light Co., h 618 Chestnut.
Dullnig, Andrew, clk Geo. Dullnig, h 25 South.
Dullnig, Caroline Miss h 25 South.
Dullnig, Christian, grocer, cor Elm and Burnet.
Dullnig, Christian, saloon keeper, h 218 S San Saba.
Dullnig, Chris G., bkpr Alamo Fire Insurance Co., h cor Elm and Burnet.
Dullnig, Emil, cashier Geo. Dullnig, h cor Burnet and Elm.
Dullnig, Emma Miss, h 26 South.
Dullnig, George jr, bkpr Jacob Dullnig, h 27 Nueva.
Dullnig, George sr, wholesale and retail grocer, Dullnig block, E. Commerce between Alamo and Losoya, T 112, h 622 Nolan, T 32.
Dullnig, George F., grocer, 431 W Houston, h 222 Salinas.
Dullnig, George J., bkpr Geo, Dullnig, h 622 Nolan.
Dullnig, Jacob, grocer, 4 to 10 Military plaza, T 261, h 116 Salinas.
Dullnig, Jacob, restaurant, h 216 Chestnut.
Dullnig, Jacob A., day cook Christian Dullnig, h 218 S San Saba.
Dullnig, John, mgr Jacob Dullnig's, h 27 Nueva.
Dullnig, Lizzie Miss, h 25 South.
Dullnig, Willie, h 25 South.
Dumas, James , carpet cleaner, h rear 460 Cameron.
Dummitts, Philip, tinner Vodrie & Co., h cor Alamo and Goliad.
Dumoline, Edith Miss, teacher public school No. 2.
Dumoulin, John A. Rev. Father, asst rector San Fernando Cathedral, h 328 Dwyer Ave.
Duu, R. G. & Co.'s Mercantile Agency, 45 W Commerce, T 256, Louise Tracy mgr.
Dunbar, Annie Miss, h 266 S. Laredo.
Dunbar, Eliza Mrs, h 919 Ave C.
Dunbar, Harry, pumper pump gouse S. A. & A. P. Ry, r pump house.
Dunbar, Jos. T., bakery and confectionery, h 1011 Austin.
Dunbar, Thomas, h 256 S Laredo.
Dunbar, Thomas, clk Arsenal, h 329 Dwyer ave.
Duncan, Samuel, fireman I. & G. N. Ry, h 1210 W Commerce.
Duncan, Thomas B., druggist, cor Houston and Navarro, h 40 Fourth, T 276.
Dunlap, Mancil M., carp, h 352 Soledad.
Dunn, Annie Miss, h 931 N. Salado.
Dunn, Clemente, foreman street grading City San Antonio, h 931 N Salado.
Dunn, Harry F., machinist G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h 1028 Ave. D.
Dunn, William, foreman wrecker G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1028 Ave. D.
Dunning, J. B., h 301 Camargo.
Dunning, O. R., engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, r 350 Eighth.
Dupree, Harry, bell boy Maverick hotel, b same.
Dupree, George L., clk J. W. Fortune, h 324 Madison.
Dupuy, James E., cigars and billiards (Dupuy & Windsor), h 236 St. Mary.
Dupuy & Windsor (Jas. E. Dupuy and Wm. A. Windsor), Palace billiard hall and cigar store, 21 Soledad.
Duran, Ascencio, confections and cigars, h 620 W Commerce.
Duran, Daniel, porter F. T. Johnston & Co., h 100 Plum.
Duran, Frank, baker Wm. L. Rickter, r cor S Laredo and S East.
Durkee, Horace, boilermkr S. A. Y A. P. Ry, r 1028 Ave. D.
Durrett, Fountain R. supt West End park, h cor Virginia ave and W Sixteenth, West End.
Durst, J. George, produce dealer, h __ Probandt between Lover's Lane and S. P. Ry.
Dustreitz, Otto, machinist Alamo Iron Works, h 1210 Olive.
Duval, Burr G., Deputy U. S. marshal Western district, h Maverick Grove, T 530.
Duval, Claude Miss, h 101 Monterey.
Duval, Mrs. Teacher St. Mary's Hall, h Maverick Cottage.
Duvinage, Lucia A. Mrs., boarding house, 440 Soledad.
Dwyer, Albert , lab, h 205 Matamoras.
Dwyer, Albert, hostler W. R. Story, h 15 Acequia.
Dwyer, A. M. Mrs., prest St. Anne Altar Society, San Fernando Cathedral, h 223 Quinta.
Dwyer Bros. (Edward and Joseph E.), law and land office and live stock exchange, dwyer bldg. 202 Main Plaza. Dwyer, C. L., frt condr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h cor Sherman and N Cherry.
Dwyer, Edward, attorney (Dwyer Bros.), h 223 Quinta.
Dwyer, Edward, attorney at law, h 705 San Pedro ave.
Dwyer, Griggs & Co. (J. L. Dwyer, Geo. Griggs and Mrs. F. G.Cassiano), U. S. Steam laundry, 621 E. Houston, T 564.
Dwyer, Joseph E., attorney at law (Dwyer Bros.), h 223 Auints.
Dwyer, Joseph L., laundry (Dwyer, Griggs & Co.), T 564, h 20 Travis.
Dykes, James, watchmkr Samuels & Rosenman, h __ Presa near Alamo.
Dyson, James, car repairer S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 320 Bowie.