1891 City Directory "E"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Eads, Homer, traveling frt agt I & GN Ry, h 226 Ave C
Eads, Wade Q., delivery clk I & GN Ry, h __ Travis
Eady, Robert A., (c) porter San Antonio Club, h 425 Elmira
Eagan, C. P. Capt., subsistence dept U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Eager, Sarah E. (Mrs.), --, h 264 Alamo
Eagle Clothing Co., (Mrs. B Smith and M. Smith), clothing and gent's furnishers, 44 & 46 W. Commerce
Eagle Saloon, J.A. Ritter & Co. props, --, 720 Austin
Eagle Chop House, restaurant, 705 W. Commerce, Early Scott prop., --
Eagle Loan Office, S. Villanueva, --, 402 Dolorosa & 201 S. Laredo
Eanes, Hattie (Miss), --, h 1119 W Commerce
Eanes, Richard B., produce dealer, h 1119 W. Commerce
Eareardo, Jesus, --, h 1043 San Fernando
Earl, Edna (Miss), --, b 501 S Concho
Earl, James P., cashier and notary Thornton, Wright & Co, h 224 Fifth
Earl, John, --, h 230 Fifth
Earl , Lottie (Miss), --, b 503 S San Saba
Earl, May (Miss), -, h 4 Fifth
Earlington, M (Mrs.), -, h 2 Chavez
Early, Charles J., groceries and notions, h 600 Perez
Early, Lydia (Miss), --, b 501 S Concho
Earnest , Albert C., painter, h 69 Marshall
Earnest, Benjamin, (c) hack driver Fritz Steiner, h __ Blum
Earnest, Lee, corresponding clk GH & SA Ry frt dpt, h 715 Ave D
Eashbauch, Harry, --, h __ Grayson
Eastham, Frank, machinist Snodgrass & Cade, --
Eastman, Clinton S., bkpr New England Land Co., b Mahncke Hotel
Eberhardt, Charles S., architect T.W. Carrico & Co, h 40 Live Oak
Eberhardt, Frederick E., collector Morgan & Co., h 313 Soledad
Eberhardt, Henry, slsmn Leroux & Cosgrove, h 40 Live Oak
Eberhardt, Louis, sanitary officer, h 37 North
Eberhardt, Richard W., --, h 37 North
Eberhardt, Robert, --, h 313 Soledad
Eberhardt, Robert W., soap mfr, h 313 Soledad
Eberhardt, William, wrapper L. Wolfson, h 37 North
Eberhardt, William T., driver A. Battaglia, h 64 Fourth
Eberle, George, saddler L. Frank, r cor Nolan & Chestnut
Eberle, Joseph, carp, h 814 Refugia
Eberling, Ferdinand, saloon keeper, 239 W. Commerce
Eccles, Addie (Miss), supt millinery dept Haas & Oppenheimer, r 224 Soledad
Eckels, John R., --, h Salado between Durango & San Luis
Eckels, Susan (Miss), --, h 612 W. Houston
Eckenberger, Alice (Miss), dressmaking Mrs. Nannie C. Munos, h __ St. Mary
Eckenroth, Charles, --, h 25 Center
Eckenroth, Edward, painter Geo. Eckenroth, h 212 Market
Eckenroth, Emil, blacksmith Geo. Eckenroth, h 25 Center
Eckenroth, George, blacksmith & carriage maker 212 & 214 Market, h 26 Center
Eckenroth, Gustav, carp, h 217 Rusk
Eckenroth, Henry, clk Geo. Dullnig, h 217 Rusk
Eckenroth, Lizzie (miss), --, h 10 Hill
Eckenroth, William F., carp Gustav A. Reimann, h 103 Plum
Eckert, Barnhard, buggy washer Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Eckert, Louis, boots & shoes 414 E. Houston, h 310 Bowie
Eckey, William, --, h 317 S. Frio
Eckford , James M., attorney at law 10 Soledad, h 138 Warren
Eckford, John, notary public & abstractor, 10 Soledad, h __ Evergreen nr Rock Quarry Road
Eclipse Tank Factory & Wind Mills, 1 E. Houston, F.F. Collins Mfg Co. props, --
Eddy, J.W., pass condr I&GN Ry, h 627 E Houston
Edelhertz, Moses (Rev), rabbi Agud es Achem, h 15 N San Saba
Edgar, Fannie (Miss), --, h 429 Nacogdoches
Edgar, John, ranchman, h 205 Virginia ave between W. Tenth & W. Sixteenth, West End
Edgar, William, bkpr, h 514 Acequia
Edgewood Distilling Co. of Cincinnati OH, Silva Heimann agt, Webb hotel, --
Edmiston, William R., carp, h 213 N San Marcos
Edmonds, Elias, attorney, notary & land agt (Edmonds & Robinson), h 419 King William
Edmonds, Lucy (Mrs), young ladies' private school, h 419 King William
Edmonds & Robinson, (Elias Edmonds & C.S. Robinson), attorneys & real estate , 209 Main Plaza
Edmunds, Vicenta (Mrs, wid E.B.), --, h __ Garden between Southern Pacific & SA & AP Rys
Edward, Oliver , (c) lab, h 822 Ave D.
Edwards, Henry, (c) driver Froboese & Santleben, --
Edwards, Henry, (c) teamster SA & AP Ry, h 22 Macon
Edwards, James, (c), h 414 Sixth
Edwards, Jay, slsms S.B. Wood, h 327 E. Commerce
Edwards, John R., brakeman I & GN Ry, h 1022 W. Houston
Edwards, Julia (Mrs), (c), h 313 Zavalla
Edwards, Martin, (c) porter A. Baldus, h __ S. Laredo between Dolorosa & W. Nueva
Edwards, Oliver W., contractor, h 123 Marshall
Edwards, Thomas, pawnbroker, r 705 W. Commerce
Edwards, W.G., clk Hunt & Booth, h 39 S. Alamo
Efinger, John, driver Reagan Houston, b 214 Travis
Efron, Abraham B., mgr Efron & Co., h 150 Romana
Efron & Co., (Isadore Efron & M. Cohen), cotton, wool and hides, cor Military plaza & Dolorosa
Efron, Isadore, cotton, wool & hides (Efron & Co.), h 150 Romana
Egan, Julia W. (Mrs), teacher public school No. 1, h 226 San Pedro avenue
Eggeling, George, --, b 404 Dawson
Eggeling, Matthias, lunch counter Ed. Diesselhorst, h 404 Dawson
Eggeling, Philip, blacksmith August Kamp, h 404 Dawson
Eggenberger, Alice (Mrs), seamstress, h 1 Fannin
Ehrhardt, Charles J., engr Lone Star Brewery, h cor Macon & Erie
Ehrhardt, Henry, carp, h cor Macon & Erie
Eichermann, Julius, helper San Antonio Brewing Association, h Brewery boarding house
Eichlitz, George, trav slsmn, b Menger Hotel
Eichmann, John, compositor Daily Light, h 22 Elm
Eielmann, J.C., contractor, h 222 Lavaca
Eisanhaut, Charles, bricklayer, b 339 Fredericksburg Road
Eiserloh, Joe, driver Paul Wagner, h 8 Lafitte
Eiserloh, Maggie (Miss), h--, h 9 Lafitte
Eiserloh, Mary (Miss), --, h 8 Lafitte
Eiserloh, Mary Ann (Miss), --, h 8 Lafitte
Eisehoh , Peter, foreman stonemason Pauly & Dielmann, h 8 Lafitte
Eisner, Leopold, trav slsmn, b cor Convent & Martin
Eitt, George D., delivery clk Elmerdorf & Co., h 1624 Zavala
Eitt, Theodore, stockman, h 1624 Zavala
Eitt, William, fireman I&GN Ry, h 1624 Zavalla
El Heraldo, 226 Dolorosa, A.C. Valdez, prop.,
El Arco Azul Saloon, 325 Dolorosa & 22 S. Laredo, S. Villanueva, prop.,
El Regidor, Pablo Cruz , editor & prop, 6 S Laredo
Eldridge, John D., slsmn Incho, Smith & Redmon, b S ___ Flores
Eldridge, Titus A., lab, h __ Nogolitos
Electric Power & Light Co., 205-209 Villita, G.W. Winslow, supt.,
Elhert, Robert, undertaker J. Sheern, r 259 W Commerce
Elia, Poncha (Mrs), --, h 315 N. Concho
Elite Restaurant & Saloon, 301 Main Plaza, J Loustaunau & Co. props,
Ellerman, Gottlief H., , h __ Tampico between S San Marcos & Colorado
Ellerman, Sophie (wid of Henry), , h__ Tampico between S San Marcos & Colorado
Ellerslie Cash Grocery, 645 S Flores, Mrs. E.W. Hilliard proprs,
Ellinger, Benjamin, canvasser Singer Mfg Co., h 229 Elmira
Elliot, William R., --, b 456 Soledad
Elliott, Charles, slsmn C.H. Johnson, h 215 S Flores
Elliott, Demas H., prop Eureka Loding House, 215 S Flores
Elliott, H.R., --, b Webb House
Elliott, James, fireman GH & SA Ry, h 1212 Hackberry
Ellis, Anderson, brtdr Silver King, h 9 Monterey
Ellis, Anderson, (c) porter Dean & Co., --
Ellis, Benjamin D., compositor Daily Express, h 301 Ave C
Ellis, C.C., undertaker Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Ellis, C.C. (Mrs), boarding house, 624 Austin
Ellis, Fannie (Miss), (c) searmstress, h 22 N East
Ellis, Fanny (Miss), (c) teacher Riverside public school, h 321 Blum
Ellis, Horace A., (c) hackdriver, h 404 Elmira
Ellis, J.C., --, b 624 Austin
Ellis, Lou, --, h 998 San Fernando
Ellis, M.F., boots & shoes (M.F. Ellis & Co.), b 418 King William
Ellis, M.F. & Co., M.F. Ellis & G.R. Sullivan props, cor W. Commerce & Main plaza
Ellis, Mabel (Mrs), --, h 608 W Houston
Ellis, Mattie, fruit & candy store, h 372 S Flores
Ellis, Robert, (c) gas fitter San Antonio Gas Co., h Tobin Hill
Ellis, Smith M., attorney at law, 10 Soledad, h 418 King William
Ellis, William H., --, r 242 Market
Ellison, Augustus A., land & live stock broker, 7 E Houston, h 701 San Pedro Ave
Ellsworth, H.E., hay, grain, and salt (Littlefield, Ellsworth), h 20 Dallas
Ellsworth, Hallet E., deputy U.S. Marshal, b 16 Dallas
Ellsworth, Hallet E., bkpr construction dept SA & AP Ry, h 440 Soledad
Ellsworth, Riley A., engr I & GN Ry, h 1050 Hidalgo
Ellwood , F., carp, b 216 N Flores
Elmendorf & Co., (Mrs Amalie, Edward, Emil & Henry Elmendorf), hardware, N side Military plaza
Elmendorf, Amalie (Mrs.), dealer in hardware (Elmendorf & Co), h 259 Garden
Elmendorf, Edward, hardware mcht (Elmendorf & Co.), h 415 Mill
Elmendorf, Emil, hardware mcht (Elmendorf & Co), h 509 Burleson
Elmendorf, Henry, hardware mcht (Elmendorf & Co), h 421 Mill
Elmore, David, painter Lum & Hummel, b 328 Nacogdoches
Elmore, William J., carp, h 1056 San Fernando
Elpert, Emilie (Mrs), cook, h 556 S Laredo
Elster, Robert, machinist Alamo Iron Works, h 710 E Houston
Eltman, Adonis, blacksmith, h __ Hays
Emanuel, James, (c) , h 504 Crockett
Emanuel, Thomas, (c), h 504 Crockett
Embree, Al, laundryman, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 228 Dolorosa
Emerson, J.M. & Co., (Jesse M. Emerson & G.A. Maurer), jewelers & pawnbrokers, 24 Soledad
Emery, James, clk Govt Hill, h 246 Blum
Emery, Samuel, stockman, h 655 N Flores
Emigration & Real Estate Exchange, Stout & Kenney props, ground floor, Kampmann bldg
Emilienburg, Cecelia (Miss), --, h 244 North
Emmerson, Harry L., fruit & cigar stand, 212 S. Flores, h 240 W. Marshall
Emrie, Jay R., carp, h 417 Dallas
Enderle, Kate (Miss), --, b 221 Madison
Engel, William, carp, h 1041 San Fernando
Engelbert, Edward, plumber's apprentice Shafer & Braden, h 509 N East
Engelbert, Otto E., check clk I & GN Ry, h __ W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Engelhardt, Theodore C., carp, h 509 N East
Engelke, Benno, slsmn Elmendorf & Co., h 266 Pereida
England, Thomas, section foreman I & GN Ry, h cor N Salado & Hildalgo
Englander, Julius, lab, h 1223 S Medina
Engle, A.M., engr GH & SA Ry, h 117 River Ave
Engler, Christian, porter Hugo & Schmeltzer, h cor Ave E and Third
Engles, Simon, lab city, h 22 Wyoming
English, Ellen (Mrs), --, h cor El Paso & Brazos
English, Emma A. (Mrs), --, h 998 N San Marcos
English, Frank P., chief clk roadmaster I&GN Ry, r 224 Soledad
English, George H., -, b cor El Paso & Brazos
English, Harry, (c) driver Froboese & Santleben, --
English, Leroy R., carp, h 998 N San Marcos
English, M.G., brakeman GH & SA Ry, r 1124 N Cherry
English, Ralph, carpenter's apprentice, h 998 N San Marcos
Ennis, Charles, porter Efron & Co, h 506 N Leona
Ennis, Joseph, hack driver, h 222 E. Commerce
Ennis, P. L., operator GH & SA Ry, h 512 Grayson
Enriques, Jose, tailor, cleaner and repairer, 31 S Alamo, h 219 Rivas
Enriques, Salome, --, h Medina between Perez & Leal
Eplattener, Emma L. (Miss), -, h 1629 Zavalla
Epp, Jacob, farmer, h 327 Devine
Eppley, ___, stonecutter Fred Robinson, b 439 Hidalgo
Epps, Lena, (c) washwoman, h 314 N Flores
Epps, Louis, (c) porter Crystal Saloon, h 515 W Houston
Epstein, George B., cashier Goldfrank, Frank & Co., h 232 S Presa
Equitable Life Ins. Co., 36 Seventh , Chas. C. Bain, agent
Equitable Mortgage & Loan Co. of Dallas TX, 414 E Houston, M.M. Mooney & Co, agts
Erben, Emile, carp, Pauly & Dielmann
Erckner, Juluis H., groceries (J. Burns & Co), h 20 Market
Erkener, J.H., clk James Burns & Co, h __ Market
Erler, Richard, clk Wagner & Chabot, h 38 Adams
Erlewine, J.C., carp, b cor Day & Clark aves, West End
Ernest, Ben, (c) hack driver, h 331 Blum
Ernest, Emma (Miss), --, h 227 W. Commerce
Ernst, William, boarding house, 211 N Presa
Erpf, H.W., agt White Sewing Machine, h 408 Ave E
Ervin, S.S., porter Joske Bros, h 410 Nolan
Erwin, Lincoln, (c) lab, b cor Macon & Erie
Erwin, Philip, (c) lab, h cor Macon & Erie
Erwin, Zach, emp Aransas RR office, h 501 Quincy
Esbel, H.L., clk S.P. frt office, h 87 Fifth
Escamilla, Julian, shoemaker Espiridion Cruz, h 11 S. Laredo
Escobedo, Manuel, lab, h 908 Salado
Escobedo, Sidadio, --, h Ruiz nr Alazan creek
Eskridge, R.I. (Capt.), 23rd Infantry U.S.A., h Govt Hill
Esparza, Alejio, lab Milburn Wagon Co, h rear 610 N San Saba
Esparza, Alexander, emp Milburn Wagon Co., h 610 N. San Saba
Esparza, Andreas, lab, h N Frio between W. Houston & W. Commerce
Esparza, Annie (Miss), dressmaker Mrs. Annie C. Maness, h 610 San Saba
Esparza, Blas, lab Milburn Wagon Co, h 610 N San Saba
Esparza, Francisca (Mrs.), --, h 610 N San Saba
Esparza, J. Antonio, carp, h 19 N Laredo
Esparza, Juan A., --, h 319 N East
Esparza, Luis, tailor, h 4 Veramendi
Esparza, Pietra, --, h 610 N. San Saba
Esparza, Rita (Miss), --, h 19 N Laredo
Espinosa, Antonio (Mrs), --, h Salinas between creek & N. Laredo
Espinosa, Gaudalupe, lab, h 405 Zavalla
Espinosa, Ignacio, --, h 706 N. Frio
Espinosa, Jesusa (Miss), --, h 405 Zavalla
Espinosa, Jose, brtdr Jacob S. Coy, h 405 Zavalla
Espinosa, Luciano, driver Frobese & Santleben, h 327 San Luis
Espinosa, Marius, barber, 711 W. Commerce
Espitia, Annie (Miss), --, h 821 N San Marcos
Espitia, Manuel, stockman, h 821 N. San Marcos
Espitia, Mary (Miss), --, h 821 N San Marcos
Espitia, Prudencio, --, h 821 N San Marcos
Espitia, Romulus, stockman, h 821 N San Marcos
Esquival , Peter, stock dealer, h 601 S. Leona
Esser, William, Lone Star Bottling Works, h 319 Ave B
Estate , James Clavin, druggist 236 W. Commerce, Wm. R. Clavin, mgr
Estell, Hopkins, loaking clk Sunset depot, b 87 Fifth
Estrada, Adolpho, driver Wolff & Mark, h 132 Plum
Estrada, Dacinto, --, h cor Durango & Concho
Estrada, Juan, porter Wolff & Marx, h 132 Plum
Etter, Albert, slsmn Valentine Mechler, h 1724 W. Commerce
Eureka Lodging House, --, 215 S. Flores, --
European Steamship Agency, 410 E. Houston, Jens J. Olsen Sr. and Jr. agents, --
Evans, Alfred O., clk genl office SA & AP Ry, h 509 N Flores
Evans, Andrew, (c) carp, h 216 Dawson
Evans, Andrew J., U.S. attorney Western District, b 325 Poplar
Evans, Charles T., teamster, h cor Nolan & Cherry
Evans, Cora, chambermaid Southern Hotel, b same
Evans, Frank L., clk auditor's office SA & AP Ry, h 509 N Flores
Evans, George, brtdr Theodore Ahr, h 23 N East
Evans, J.C., livery & sales stable (Robinson & Evans), b 41 Fourth
Evans, Jack, prop Cincinnati House, h 1202 W. Commerce
Evans, John W. Sr., clk Southern Pacific frt depot, h 509 N Flores
Evans, John W. Jr., chief clk GH & SA frt depot, h 509 N Flores
Evans, Lucy, milliner Jennie Wilson, h cor Nolan & cherry
Evans, Millie (Mrs), (c), h 1017 W. Commerce
Evans, Pearl (Miss), artist, h 915 Ave C
Evans, Sarah E., --, h 915 Ave C.
Evans, Solomon H., (c) exp driver, h 214 Dawson
Everett, Benita A., (wid D.P.), h West End
Everett, Edward C., bkpr J.M. Emerson & Co., h cor Colorado Ave & Glenmore Ave West End
Everett, Edward H., clk commercial agt SA & AP Ry, h cor Colorado Ave & Glenmore Ave West End
Everett, Emma (Mrs), (c), h 319 N San Saba
Everett, Harry, waiter Harnisch & Baer, h __ Blum
Everett, Millie (Miss), --, b 101 Monterey
Everett, Milton, pass & ticket agt SA & AP Ry, h 327 Market
Evotaw, Elijah, --, b 339 S. Flores
Ewald & Snook, (Henry C. Eward & David L. Snook), barbers, cor Grayson & Henderson
Ewald, Henry C., barber (Ewald & Snook), h cor Lawrence & Carson
Ewert, Otto, grocery & saloon, h 221 Morales
Ewings, Wilers, (c) lab I & GN depot, h 301 S. Pecos
Excelsior Planing Mill, 22 to 26 Ave C, Snodgrass & Cade props, --
Excelsior Steam Laundry, 33 Alamo Plaza, Newton & Sanders props, --
Express Publishing Co., Frank Grice, prest, C.F. Cotton business manager, --
Exum, Walter, compositor Daily Light, b 407 Nacogdoches
Eyth, Clarance W., coach painter roadhouse SA & AP Ry, b 1 Probandt