1891 City Directory "F"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Faber, H., carpet layer, Collins & Peck, h 12 Dallas
Fahey, C., agent, Southern Pacific frt. office, h cor. Grayson and Davis, Govt. Hill
Fahlbusch, Henry, mcht. tailor, 228 E. Houston, b Mahncke Hotel
Fahrenholdt, Louis Jr., tinner, J. T. Cone & Son, r 722 E. Houston
Falcon, Alvina Mrs., N/A, h 708 S. Medina
Falcon, Juana J. Mrs., grocer, h 601 S. Fernando
Fallan, Josa, N/A, h 506 S. Laredo
Falls, Harry, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 912 Ave. C
Fancon, Madolin Mrs., N/A, h 79 Johnson
Fannin, Dempsey T., apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 315 Austin
Fanning, Frank, Dr., magnetic healer, h 1003 Ave. C
Faress, Abram, peddler, h 10 N. Medina
Fariaboult, G. H., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 4 Duval
Fariaboult, J. F., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 4 Duval
Farland, Mack, (c), stone mason, h 332 S. Presa
Farley, David, fireman, Electric Light Co., h 216 Hidalgo
Farmer, Arthur L., emp., Heidenmann Mfg. Co., h 420 S. Flores
Farmer, Jacob, emp., San Antonio Gas Col., h 614 N. San Saba
Farmers' Drug Store, H. A. Blair, prop, N/A, 318 E. Commerce, T 296
Farmers' Home Restaurant, John Pegg Prop., N/A, 302 S. Flores
Farnham, Annie Mrs., N/A, h 11 Eighth
Farr Bros., (John Farr and William Farr), hay dealers, cor. San Pedro and Warren
Farr, John B., hay dealer (Farr Bros.), b 419 San Pedro Ave.
Farr, William, hay dealer (Farr Bros.), b 419 San Pedro Ave.
Farrell, M. F., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1212 Hackberry
Farrell, Patrick, emp., Zevin & Altmann, b Farmers' Home
Farrow, William, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 918 Ave. D
Fashion Theater (varieties), Wood & Co., props., N/A, 15 and 17 Military Plaza
Faska, Emil, N/A, h cor. Peach and Dakota
Faska, Ignatz, carp., h 403 North
Faska, Jacob, carp., h cor. Peach and Dakota
Faska, Joseph, cigar maker, h cor. Peach and Dakota
Fassnidge, Benjamin Jr., driver of hose cart, Fire Co. No. 2, r 17 Ave. C
Fassnidge, Benjamin Sr., carp., h 524 Chavez
Fassnidge, Ellen Miss, N/A, h 524 Chavez
Fassnidge, Frederick C., apprentice, Snodgrass and Cade, h 524 Chavez
Fassnidge, Lillie Miss, N/A, h 524 Chavez
Faulkner, Edward, N/A, h 410 Ave. D
Faulkner, Henrietta Mrs., corset mfr. and dealer, 410 Ave. D
Faulkner, J. D., messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., r cor. Ave. E and Third
Faulkner, R. L., messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., r cor. Ave. E and Third
Faust, Frank, press-feeder, Johnson Bros, h 217 Lafitte
Faust, Herman, tin shop, 217 Lafitte, h same
Fitzgerald, John, (c), h 401 Camden
Fitzgerald, John E., cement sidewalks and curbing, 327 Ninth
Fitzgibbons, Edward, hostler, Bryan's stable, h 218 Third
Fitzhenry, John, police, b 237 Garden
Fitzsimon, John T., prescription clk., F Kalteyer & Son., h 505 Hidalgo
Fitzwilliam, Thomas J., compositor, Maverick Printing House, h Fifth between Avenues D and E
Fladaus, August, carp., r cor. San Marcos and Diaz
Flaherty, Patrick, condr., I & G. N. Ry., h cor. Morales and N. Frio
Flaig, Conrad, carp., h 406 Camargo
Flamm & Filbert, (Mrs. Magdalina Flamm and Geo. A. Filbert), confectioners, 305 and 397 E. Houston, T 432
Flamm, George, confectioner, Flamm and Filbert, 305 and 307 E. Houston
Flamm, Magdalena Mrs. (wid P.), confectioner, Flamm & Filbert, 305 and 307 E. Houston, T 432
Flannery, Thomas W., foreman, Water Works Co., h 606 Nolan
Flannigan, Michael, blacksmith, Joe Dietsch, N/A
Fleming, James R., attorney at law, (McLeary & Fleming), T 158, H 27 Washington, T 502
Fleming, Maurice E., brtdr., Southern Hotel Bar, b Southern Hotel
Flentye, George W., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shop, h 529 Austin
Fletcher, Frank, engr., Mexican National Ry., h 509 Twelfth
Fletcher, Frederick, clk., Chas. Ruhn, h 816 Nolan
Fletcher, Frederick, clk., Tom E. Johnson, h 509 N. Leona
Fletcher, Izella Miss, N/A, h 921 N. Comal
Fletcher, Mary, N/A, h cor. Mesquite and Dawson
Fletcher, Patrick, stockman, h 224 Soledad
Flint, Samuel, land agent and associate editor, Texas Tribune (J. H. Copeland & Co.), b Maverick Hotel
Flood, Frank M., druggist, (Dowling and Flood), r 340 E. Houston
Flood, John B., pressman, Daily Times, b 333 S. Flores
Florea, Lewis W., notary public and secretary and treasurer, W. End Town Co., West End
Flores, Alahan, lab, h rear 21 El paso
Flores, Antonio, emp., Oscar Bergstrom, h 202 N. Laredo
Flores, Antonio D., law student, Upson & Bergstrom, h 525 W. Houston
Flores, Bisenta, N/A, h cor. Colorado and El Paso
Flores, Cruz Miss, N/A, h 906 N. Comal
Flores, Dolores Mrs., N/A, r 230 Victoria
Flores, Domingo, butcher, Eli Arnaud, N/A
Flores, Emelia Miss N/A, r 230 Victoria
Flores, Encarnacion, N/A, h 315 N. San Saba
Faust, Louis F., trav. slsmn., h 218 Camargo
Favilla, Francisco, lab, h cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Favilla, Frank D., N/A, h 332 Soledad
Favilla, Luiz, tailor, h N. Colorado between Delgado and Lopez
Favilla, M. J. Mrs., N/A, h 332 Soledad
Fay, Charles, brtdr., Maverick Hotel Bar, b same
Fay, Eugene, clk., Welton & Co., h 17 Travis
Fealle, Emil, hackman, h 221 N. Frio
Feazelle, Frank, painter, J. H. Tallman & Co., b 407 Water
Febiger, Lea, First Lieutenant, Twenty-third infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Fecci, Gaspar, grocery and saloon, h 254 S. Laredo
Fecci, John, Fruit stand, h 605 W. Houston
Federoff, George, trav. slsmn., A. B. Frank & Co., h 256 Garden
Fehrmann, Louritz W., carp., h 93 Leigh
Feidler, Carl, tanner and currier, Cevallos between S. Laredo and creek
Feille, Henry, bkpr., Elite Restaurant, h 303 N. East
Feille, Maurice, saloon, 23 N. Laredo, H 303 N. East
Feille, Paul L., press feeder, Maverick Printing House, h 225 W. Commerce
Feille, Victorine Mrs., millinery, h 225 W. Commerce
Feith, Francis Rev. Father, director, St. Mary's College, h 6 College
Fejeola, Salvina, saddler, Lone Star Saddlery, h Presidio Square
Felan, Josefa Miss, N/A, r 815 S. Pecos
Felder, Blesy, shoemaker, h 220 Market
Felder, Ella A. Miss, teacher high school, h 314 Ave. D
Felder, Lena Miss, clk., Samuel C. Bellis, h 308 San Pedro Ave.
Felder, Louis, lab, Ed Braden, h 219 Lavaca
Felder, Otto H., saloon keeper, Mahncke Hotel, h 30 Market
Felder, Theresa Mrs., janitress city school, h cor. Lavaca and Matagorda
Felder, William, porter, C. Heuermann, h 308 San Pedro Ave.
Feldtmann, Caspar G., slsmn., A. B. Frank & Co., h 316 Garden
Felt, Walter S., N/A, h cor. Palo Pinto and W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Feltman, Charles, carp., b -- Third between Ave. E and ditch
Felts, James, emp., H. H. Alvord, b 722 E. Houston
Fenstemaker, William, brick mfr., (Fenstermaker & Younger), h 216 Third
Fentstermaker & Younger, (Wm. Fenstermaker and Peter Younger), brick mfrs., 216 Third
Fentiman, John, trunk mkr., H. Vogler & Co., h 401 Sixth
Ferguson, William, real estate, 213 E. Houston, h 331 Dwyer Ave.\
Ferlet, T. A., printer and publisher (Guessaz & Ferlet), h Park Place Heights
Fernandez, Antonio, lab city, h 201 S. San Saba
Fernandez, Domingo, genl. mdse., cor. S. East and Matamoras, h 311 S. East
Fernandez, Jesus, lab, h 201 San Fernando
Fernandez, Jesus M., shoemaker, h 709 N. Frio
Fernandez, Louis, lab, h -- N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Fernandez, Manuel, emp., St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Ferres, B. D., clk., U. S. Q. M. dept. Govt. Hill, r 422 Ave. D
Ferris, John A., N/A, h 37 Belvin
Fest, Henry, alderman at large, h 108 Nogolitos
Fest Hotel, Mrs. Theodore L. Marsh, Prop., N/A, 801 S. Flores, T 330
Fest, John, dry goods, groceries and saloon, h cor. N. Flores and Fredericksburg Road, T 254
Fest, Louis, N/A, h 14 Hessler Alley
Fest, Simon Jr., (Fest's Saloon and Garden), 801 S. Flores, h 904 S. Flores T372
Fest, Simon Sr., N/A, h S. Flores between Lover's Lane and Fest
Fest Concert Garden, Simon Fest, prop., N/A, 31 Fest
Fice, Bolustien, N/A, h 709 S. Pecos
Fiedler, Amelia Miss, N/A, h 55 North
Field, Hollis W., city editor Daily Express, b Maverick Hotel
Field, James C., compositor, Maverick Printing House, b 306 Sixth
Field, Patrick, N/A, h cor. Iowa and Walnut
Field, Patrick, real estate, h cor. S. Concho and Matamoras
Field, R. M., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 320 Austin
Fields, Edward R., inspector, Telegraph and Telephone Co., b Central Hotel
Fields, Henry, (c), drayman, h 211 Star
Fields, Samuel, foreman, saddlery dept., Chas. J. Langholz, h 311 Santa Cruz
Fifer, Sallie Mrs., (C), cook, h 7 N. San Saba
Filbert, George A., confectioner (Flamm & Filbert), 305 and 307 E. Houston, T 432
Filbert, Kate Mrs., confectioner, Flamm & Filbert, 305 and 307 E. Houston
Filliman, Amelia Mrs., N/A, h 103 Lopez
Filoman, Alexander, blacksmith, John Illg., h 18 Chavez
Finch, Nelson W., painter, roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 6 Simpson
Fincham, Alexander T., contractor and builder, h 410 San Pedro Ave.
Fincham, Charles T., contractor and builder, b 410 San Pedro Ave.
Findlay, James, carp., roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h -- Hays
Fink, Leah Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 234 Rusk
Fink, Louisa Mrs., N/A, r 118 Dakota
Fink, Philip, peddler, h 234 Rusk
Fink, Soloman, slsmn, Joske Bros., h 234 Rusk
Finley, R. P., secy., Y. M. C. A., b St. Leonard Hotel
Finley, W. P., attorney at law, (Webb & Finley), r 23 Macon
Finnerty, Thomas J., machinist's helper, g. H. & S. Ry. shops, h 1129 Austin
Finney, J. M., fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1112 W. Commerce
Finnigan, M. I. Miss, supt. dress making dept., Haas & Oppenheimer, b -- South
Finnin, Timothy, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 15 Oak
Finucane, Thomas D., rock contractor, h 303 Delgado
Fire Co., No. 1, Alfred G. Schield Secy., N/A, 246 Market, T 164
Fire Co., No. 2, Geo. D. Roemer, Secy., N/A, 17 Ave. C., % 21
Fischer, A. Miss, German Teacher, St. Mary's Hall, 225 Mattin
Fischer, Adam, carp. and builder, h 912 Nolan
Fischer, Charles F., blacksmith, h 414 Fifth
Fischer, Elize Miss, N/A, h246 Blum
Fischer, Frederick, carp., h 704 E. Houston
Fischer, Gustav A., draughtsman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 912 Nolan
Fischer, Henry J., window dresser, A. Pancoast & Son, h 15 Presa
Fischer, Joseph, track walker, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1226 Ave. D
Fischer, Julius, traveling slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., r 232 W. Commerce
Fischer, Julius Mrs., N/A, h 520 Ave. C
Fischer, Lorenzo, carp., h cor. Lombrano and N. Comal
Fischer, Otto, city slsmn. and collector, Alamo Brewing Association, h 310 Crockett
Fischinger, Max, tinner, h 323 Austin
Fisher, Adam, carp. and contractor, h 912 Nolan
Fisher, C. E., physician and surgeon, cor. Houston and Navarro, T 428
Fisher, Cora Miss, N/A, b 101 Monterey
Fisher, Dona, N/A, h -- El Paso, Carr's Hill
Fisher, Frank, stonecutter, h 31 North
Fisher, Frank J., brtdr., Duck Rische, h 31 North
Fisher, Jacob E., N/A, h 507 Ave. B
Fisher, William, bkpr., Texas Steam Laundry, r 408 E. Houston
Fisk, Benjamin S., Spanish translator, Hildebrand & Stribling, h 208 S. Presa
Fisk, James J., lawyer, h 329 Hidalgo
Fisk, James R., N/A., h 324 Nueva
Fisk, Parma Miss, ladies' furnishing goods, " The Leader", 216 W. Commerce, h 203 S. Presa
Fisk, Semona S., (wid Jas. M.), N/A, h 203 S. Presa
Fitchner, Susan Mrs., boarding house, 437 Soledad
Fitchner, William A., N/A, b 437 Soledad
Fithian, William E., pass. condr., I. & G. N. R. R., b Menger Hotel
Flores, Felipa Mrs., N/A, h 906 N. Comal
Flores, Fillipe, clk., J. Bennett, h S. Flores, Beanville
Flores, Francisca Mrs., N/A, h 413 S. Concho
Flores, Francisco T., prescription clk., R. Cohn & Co., h 718 W. Commerce
Flores, Gaudalupa Miss, N/A, h 320 N. Concho
Flores, Gaulalupe, lab., h 212 Durango
Flores, Gaudalupe, lab., h 906 N. Comal
Flores, Ignacio, lab, h Ruiz nr. N. Trinity
Flores, Jesus, lab., h 718 S. Pecos
Flores, Jesus Jr., lab, h S. Flores, Beanville
Flores, Jesus Sr., N/A, h S. Flores, Beanville
Flores, Jose, brtdr., h 504 Buena Vista
Flores, Jose, grocery and saloon, h 201 S. East
Flores, Jose, teamster, J. J. Olsen & Son, h 506 S. Laredo
Flores, Josephine Mrs., dressmkr., 504 Buena Vista
Flores, Kate Miss, N/A, h 320 N. Concho
Flores, Leandra, emp., J. J. Olsen & Sons, N/A
Flores, Martin, stone mason, h 320 N. Concho
Flores, Panfilo, N/A, h 820 S. Pecos
Flores, Pedro, lab., b 324 San Luis
Flores, Refugio Mrs., N/A, h 224 Obraje
Flores, Relles Miss, N/A, r cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Flores, Richard, carp., h 320 N. Concho
Flores, Sedalia, lab, h 906 N. Comal
Flores, Simona Miss, N/A, r cor. Delgado and N. Concho
Florian, John F., emp., city engr. office, h 21 San Pedro
Florian, Kate Miss, clk., Florian, Richardson, & Beall, h 21 San Pedro Ave.
Florian, Mary F. Mrs., N/A, h 21 San Pedro Ave., T 404
Florian, Paul A., insurance (Florian, Richardson & Beall), h 21 San Pedro Ave.
Florian, Richardson, & Beall, (Paul A. Florian, J. W. Richarson, and W. N. Beall), genl. insurance agents, 8 Kampmann Bldg., T 161
Flory, Edward E., clk., F. Greenwood & Co., h 215 S. Laredo
Flory, Joseph, shipping clerk, M. Castanola & Son, h -- S. Flores
Flory, Nicolos, N/A, h 215 S. Laredo
Flournoy, Jacob, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 309 Grand Ave.
Flournoy, Osborn R., clk., Zirkle & Co., h Pleasanton Road
Flreimschissel, Fred, well digger, h -- Cassiana
Fluhart, William, baker, Conrad Gimbel, h 341 S. Alamo
Fluke, Orlando R., groceries, confectionery store and restaurant, 232 Victoria
Flynn, James F. N/A, T 362
Fogle, Alfred, stockman, h -- S. Flores
Foley, Mike, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 624 Austin
Folgner, Otto, harness mkr., L. Frank, h 23 Acequia
Folkers, John, teamster, h Lopez between N. San Marcos and Colorado
Follmer, William, teamster, h Jackson and Utica
Foman, Dave, hackdriver, h 412 Buena Vista
Fondale, Herman, N/A, h -- Brazos
Fontainer, Rev. Mr., pastor, Free Methodist Church, h 3 Shorer
Foot, Frank T., brtdr., Frowley & Co., h 427 Austin
Foot, Manly C., sawyer, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 424 N. Flores
Forbes, David T., chief train dispatcher, G. H. & S. A. Ry., office at depot
Forbes, William, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 28 River Ave.
Forcke, G. H., real estate dealer, 407 E. Houston, b Manchke Hotel
Ford, Ada Miss, (c), h 508 N. Pecos
Ford, Elwood M., slsmn., Ramsay & Ford, h 7 Marshall
Ford, Ermin Miss, teacher public school No. 4, h 10 Fifth
Ford, Gracie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Ford, Herbert C., N/A, b 7 Marshall
Ford, John S., N/A, h 230 Crockett
Ford, Lola Miss, (c), h 508 N. Pecos
Ford, Morris, (c), hostler, M. F. Kehoe, r 204 Main Plaza
Ford, Newton H., feed store (Ford, Pickford & Co.), T 501, h West End
Ford, Newton H., saddlery and harness (Ramsay & Ford), h 7 Marshall
Ford, Pickford & Co., (N. H. Ford, Chas. Green, and Chas. H. Pickford), feed store, 18 Main Plaza, T 501
Ford, R. P. Mrs., N/A, h 10 Fifth
Ford, Virginia Miss, (c), h 508 N. Pecos
Forder, Matthias, machine repair shop, (Forder & Nagel), h cor. E Commerce and Pine
Forder & Nagel, (M. Forder and Frank Nagel), machine repair shops, next door to Fireman's hall No. 2, Ave. C
Foreman, Willie Miss., N/A, b 503 S. San Saba
Foreside, Joe, N/A, h -- Diaza
Foresting, F., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1110 Ave. D
Forgason, J. W., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 320 Austin
Forgotston, Joseph, trav. slsmn., Wagner & Chabot, b Maverick Hotel
Forster, Joseph, hack driver, h 227 Rusk
Forsythe, James, plumber, Morgan & Co., h Fredericksburg Road
Fortune, Joseph W., real estate broker, 209 Alamo Plaza, H 324 Madison
Foskett, Albert, candy wrapper, G. A. Duerler, h 1 Leigh
Foskett, Frederick, machinist, h 1 Leigh
Fosler, Fritz, butcher, Frank Rieden, Sr., h 1701 W. Commerce
Foster, Alexander M., real estate (Foster and Thomason), --Third
Foster, C. W., 1st. Lieut., 3d Artillery, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Foster Edgar, bkpr., construction dept., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 28 Cassiano
Foster, Edgar, clk., b 567 S. Laredo
Foster, Fanny C., dressmkr., h 302 Third
Foster, George, N/A, r 223 Acequia
Foster, Green, carp., b 398 Maverick
Foster, James A., condr., San Antonio street cars., b 111 Oak
Foster, James M., N/A, h 380 S. Flores
Foster, Jesse, (c), teamster, h 144 Nogolitos
Foster, Josie C. Mrs., N/A, h 344 Soledad
Foster, Mollie Miss, (c), h 318 Nueva
Foster, Samuel H., N/A, h 567 S. Laredo
Foster & Schlieser, N/A, props. Aransas Pass Wood Yard, Aransas nr. Mill Bridge, T 508
Foster & Thomason, (Alexander M. Foster and Chas. M. Thomason), real estate, loans and insurance, 309 E Houston
Foster, Walter, N/A, b 380 S. Flores
Foster, William, (c), lab., b 144 Nogolitos
Fournier, Anton F., receiving clk., I. & G. N. frt. office, h 888 N. Flores
Foutrel, Emil, N/A, h 532 N. Flores
Foutrel, Henrietta Mrs. (wid. Germain), N/A, h 532 N. Flores
Fowler, Edward, painter roundhouse S. A. & A. P. Ry., h -- Probandt
Fowler, Sarah A. E. Mrs., N/A, h 410 Romana
Foy, Henry H., bkpr. San Antonio Brick yard, cor W. Commerce and Nueces
Fracker, Harry, claim clk., S. A. & A. P. frt. dept., h 622 S. Flores
France, George, (c), lab, San Antonio Compress Co., b 902 Buena Vista
France, Jacob F., gun store and sporting goods, (France & Theile), T 378, h 25 Austin
France, Jacob F., asst. supt. bridges and bldgs, San Antonio and El Paso division, G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
France & Theile, (J. F. France and August Theile), gun store and sporting goods, 252 W. Commerce, T 378
Francis, Albert, butcher, J. Webb, b 330 Garza
Francis, Charles Bro., treas. St. Mary's College, h 6 College
Francis, E. C., mail agent, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 246 Blum
Francois, Edgar L., carp., h 222 Blum
Frank, Aaron, mcht. (Solomon Deutsch & Co., ) h 399 S. Flores
Frank, A. B. & Co., (Abraham B. Frank Max Goldfrank and Simon Lavenburg), wholesale grocers and commission merchants, 236 W. Commerce, T 147
Frank, Abraham B., dry goods, groceries, etc., (Goldfrank, Frank & Co.), h 226 Travis
Frank, Alfred E., traveling slsmn., r 302 Goliad
Frank, Bros., (Emil Jr. and Solomon), N/A, 401 S. Flores
Frank, Emil Jr., dry goods, (Frank Bros.), b 401 S. Flores
Frank, Emil Sr., slsmn., Solomon Deutsch & Co., h 401 S. Flores
Frank, E. P., house and sign painter, h 312 Center
Frank, Gerson B., mcht. (Solomon Deutsch & Co.), h 401 S. Flores
Frank, Jacob, grocer, 502 Nacogdoches
Frank, John, saloon and billiards, 306 Acequia
Frank, Julius , blacksmith, roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 605 S. Laredo
Frank, Julius, clk., Tipps & Haarmann, r 303 Camargo
Frank, L. (Mrs. Sara Frank), saddlery and saddlery hardware, 12 and 14 Main Plaza, T 185
Frank, Moses, stock keeper, L. Wolfson, h 288 E. Commerce
Frank, Otis B., train dispatcher, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1018 W. Commerce
Frank, Regina Mrs. (wid Simon), (S. Deutsch & Co.), h 525 S. Flores
Frank, Samuel, peddler, 4 1305 S. Commerce
Frank, Sarah Mrs. (wid Lazarus), saddlery (L. Frank), h 217 San Pedro Ave.
Frank, Simon, clk., A. Cohen & Co., h 288 E. Commerce
Frank, Solomon, mcht. (Solomon Deutsch & Co.), h 401 S. Flores
Frank, Virginia Mrs., N/A, h 401 S. Flores
Frankel, Albert B., draughtsman, B. F. Trester Jr., b Porter House
Frankel, Henry, cotton, hides, and wood (H. Frankel & Co.), 3 Military Plaza, h 10 S. East
Frankel, Henry & Co., (Henry Frankel and Carl Blum), cotton, hides, and wool, 3 Military Plaza
Frankel, L. A., house renter, 202 Main Plaza
Frankel, Louis A., bkpr., Chabot & Cresson, h Crockett nr. Pine
Frankie, Oscar, wheelwright, Johnson & Gueyer, h 402 Matagorda
Franklin, George, (c), lab, h Roberts between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth
Franklin, Martha Mrs., (c), h 510 S. Concho
Franklin, Thomas, civil eng., h 20 Macon
Franklin, Thomas H., attorney at law, (Denman & Franklin), h cor Main Ave. and Franklin
Franks, Augustus, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 28 River Ave.
Franz, Adam, blacksmith, cor Dawson and Chestnut
Franz, Alvina L. Mrs., N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Annie E. Miss, N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Charles, brtdr., Duck Rische, h 4 Camargo
Franz, Ernst W., N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Ida M. Miss, N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Lizzie, B., Miss, N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Maggie Mrs. (wid), N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Maggie S. Miss, N/A, h 317 North
Franz, Minnie E. Miss, N/A, h 317 North
Franza, Sabina Mrs., groceries and saloon, h335 S. Laredo
Frary, Charles E., Cap's "S. A. P." saloon, r 412 Richmond Ave.
Frasch, August, day clk., Menger Hotel, h 901 Ave. C
Frasch, Gustav, city assessor, h 901 Ave. C
Fraser, John A., notary public and paying teller, San Antonio National Bank (H. Cunningham & Co.), h 819 Main Ave.
Frass, Louis, meat market, h 121 Lachapelle
Frazer, August, carp., h 250 Santa Clara
Frazer, John, engr., Fire Co., No. 1, 4 246 Market
Frazer, Richard, barber, h 315 Ave. C
Frazier, Joseph, apprentice, Ramsay & Ford, b 361 S. Flores
Frazier, William, cond., I. & G. N. Ry., h 624 Perez
Frederich, Reimann, slsmn., M. Halff & Bro., h 210 Bonham
Frederick, Arnold C., grocer, h 402 San Pedro Ave.,
Frederick, John C., carp., h 212 Oak
Frederick, John H., hackdriver, h 406 S. Concho
Frederickson, Frederick C., clk., U. S. Govt. arsenal, h 1014 W. Commerce
Frederickson, N., carp., r. 1104 W. Houston
Frederickson, Oscar, clk., U. S. Govt. arsenal, h 1014 W. Commerce
Freeborn, Marshall, notary public and cashier, Lockwood National Bank, h Bandera Ave. Between W. Sixteenth and San Antonio Ave., West End
Freeborn, M. Mrs., director, Protestant Home for destitute children, N/A
Freeling, Thomas, agt., New Orleans News Co., 509 Ave. D
Freeman, Abraham B., horse trader, h 948 N. Salado
Freeman, George, (c), driver, H. D. Kampmann, b cor. Ave. E and Fourth
Freeman, Mary, (c), h 311 N. Laredo
Freeman, Mary, dressmkr., C. Dreyfus, h 1405 N. Hackberry
Freeman, Mattie Mrs., boarding house, 2 Chavez
Freeman, Plato, N/A, h 705 S. Medina
Freeman, Sallie Mrs., (c), washwoman, h 509 Leal
Freeman, W. C., (c), recorder, Alamo Lodge A. O. U. W., h 509 Leal
Freeman, William, brtdr., h 2 Chavez
Freeman, William, foreman, Sunset Hose Co., h cor. Ave. D and Sixth
Freeman, William J., saloon keeper, b 622 Ave. D
Freie Presse fuer Texas, Robert Hanschke, Editor, N/A, 214 E. Commerce
Freienmuth, Edward, prescription clk., A. Nette, r 207 W. Commerce
Freme, James, N/A, h 5 Herff
Freme, Mary Mrs., prop., Yoakum Hotel, h 5 Herff
Freme, William J., carp., h 5 Herff
French, Horace G., commission mcht., (French & Mayer), h 209 Arcienega
French, James H., real estate and notary public, 268 W. Commerce, h 11 San Pedro Ave.
French & Mayer, (Horace G. French and ---Mayer), commission mchts, 208 Arcienega
French, Walter W., N/A, h 301 Ave. C
Freshleigh, George, emp., August Schule, b 67 Mill
Fresquez, Jose Maria, hostler, Froboese & Santeben, h 11 N. San Saba
Fretellier, Auguste, storage, 35 N. Flores, h 31 N. Flores
Fretellier, Henry T., N/A, h 31 N. Flores
Frey, Elizabeth, seamstress, Rosa E. Nehr, h -- Dakota
Frick, Ida Mrs., N/A, h 847 N. Laredo
Fricke, Paul, U. S. Marshal Western District, h 224 Camargo
Fridge, Herman, tailor, Pancoast & Son, b 58 North
Fridgen, John, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b Grand Avenue Hotel
Fried, George, carp., r 575 S. Laredo
Fried, George, hostler, Smith & Redmon, b Avant House
Fried, John, N/A, h 575 S. Laredo
Friedman, Morris, saloon, 505 W. Commerce, h 227 E. Neuva
Friedrich, Albert, prop., Albert's Saloon, 223 Dolorosa T 97, h 12 Crockett
Friedrich, Ed, billiard table setting and repairing, 12 Crockett, h 407 Dawson
Friedrich, Raymond, slsmn., M. Halff & Bro., h 210 Bonham
Friedrich, Wenzel, mfr., horn furniture, 201 Bonham
Friedrich, William B., trav. slsmn., A. Baldwin & Co., New Orleans, h 6 Hill
Friedrich, William E., office boy, Maverick Printing House, h 6 Hill
Friend, May R. Mrs., N/A, h 571 S. Flores
Fries, Frederich, collector, San Antonio gas Co., h 518 Ave. B
Fries, George M., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 518 Ave. B
Frietsch, Joseph, grocer, Live Oak and Starr
Fritsch, Gustav, shoemkr., 228 E. Commerce, h Macon and Erie Ave.
Fritsch, Herman, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 28 North
Frith, W., lab, Crystal Ice Co., N/A
Fritz, Joseph, blacksmith, h 11 N. Presa
Fritz, Max, N/A, b 11 N. Presa
Fritze, William, N/A, h 305 S. Laredo
Froboese, August, apprentice, Shafer and Braden, H 236 W. Nueva
Froboese, Edward Jr., saddler, Truax & Froboese, h 136 E. Neuva
Froboese, Edward Sr., County treasurer Bexar county and stockman (Froboese & Santleben), T 359, h 236 W. Neuva
Froboese, Julius tinner, Vodrie & Co., h 236 W. Neuva
Froboese & Santleben, (Edward Froboese and August Santleben), live stock dealers and frt. transfer company, 15 N. Flores, T 359
Froebel, Annie Mrs. (wid Martin), N/A, h 42 Washington
Froebel, Christina Miss, seamstress, h 42 Washington
Froebel, Emil, bkpr., C. H. Guenther & Sons, h 42 Washington
Froebel, Gus, slsmn., Wagner & Chabot, h 42 Washington
Froebel, Herman, slsmn., L. Wolfson, h cor. Dawson and Cherry
Froebel, Rudolph, slsmn., Leroux & Cosgrove, h 211 S. Presa
Froelich, Henry, plater, (Stricker & Froelich), h 308 Morales
Froelich, Ottilie Miss, N/A, b 11 Mill
Frohmueller, Rudolph, watchman, San Antonio Brewing Association, b 217 Austin
From, William Dr., veterinary surgeon, 284 E. Commerce, T 535
Fromberg, William, N/A, r cor. S. Medina and Montery
Frommer, Blanche Miss, N/A, h 231 Water
Frommer, Christian F., bookbinder and ruler, Howard Bldg., 21 and 23 Soledad, h 231 Water
Frommer, Willard, bookbinder, (C. F. Frommer), h 231 Water
Fronteirza Silver Mining and Milling Co., R. H. McCracken, Mrg., N/A, Menger Hotel Bldg.
Frost, James, messenger, U. S. Quartermaster Dept., h Shirley nr. Govt. Depot
Frost, Thomas, baker, J. A. Bryant & Son, b 215 Blum
Frost, Thomas C., banker, 7 and 9 Main Plaza T 236, dry goods, etc. (J. K. Beretta & Co.), T 423, wool, cotton, and hides, 17 Acequia, h 466 Soledad, T87
Frowley, Daniel, saloon keeper, Frowley & Co., h 427 Austin
Frusta, Josefa Mrs., N/A, h 33 El Paso
Fry, A. J., real estate, loan and general agt. ( Andrews and Fry), T 144, h 18 Ave. E
Fry, Daniel W., painter, h 742 N. Flores
Fry, Harriet, (c), restaurant, 213 Market, h same
Fry, Jesse, chief dispatcher's clk., G. H & S. A. Ry., h 18 Ave. E
Fry, John, (c), teamster, J. E. Muegger & Co., h 424 Seventh
Fry, John, cook, Farmer's Home Restaurant, h 302 S. Flores
Fry, John, sausage mkr., Wm. Hoefling & Son, h 511 Ave. C
Fry, John, hackdriver, h 213 Market
Fry, Nancy, (c), h 1011 W. Commerce
Fry, T. C., wood yard (Lum & Fry), T 81 h cor. Hays and Walnut
Frye, Albert, tel. opr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 220 Ave. C
Fryer, W. H., upholsterer, L. Wolfson, h 708 San Pedro Ave.
Fuhri, Conrad, clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 370 Dwyer Ave.
Fuhrmeister, Henry, groceries and saloon, h 213 Center
Fuhrmeister, Herman, driver, Waters, Pierce Oil Co., h 213 Center
Fulcher, Henry, carp., h 222 E. Commerce
Fulgencia, Dionisco, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 40 W. Commerce
Fuller, Edward, hackman, h 803 Jackson
Fuller, Fannie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Fuller, Frank, carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry. roundhouse, h 1121 Ave. D
Fuller, Harvey M., N/A, h 744 S. Frio
Fuller, Joseph, hackdriver, h 123 Union
Fuller, Middleton, N/A, h cor. W. Sixteenth and Pennsylvania Ave., West End
Fuller, Robert M. Rev., rector St. Luke's Episcopal Church, h cor. W. Sixteenth and Pennsylvania Ave., West End
Fuller, Thomas M., bill clerk, Chas. J. Langholz, h West End
Fuller, William W., blacksmith, h 1152 S. Laredo
Fullwilder, Clarence, cashier, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 11 St. Mary
Fulmer, J., baker, Conrad Gimbel, h 341 S. Alamo
Fulton, Sarah, (c), emp. James Clavin, h 36 W. Commerce
Fulwiler, Frank A., station master, S. A. & A. P. Ry., r 413 St. Mary
Fuos, Max, tinner, A. Baldus, h -- Bowie between Blaum and E. Commerce
Fuos, William, clk., F. J. Beitel, b 15 Belvin
Fuqua, Edward B., prop. Swiss House, 211 Soledad
Furguson, Ed., (c), carp., h 1706 W. Commerce
Furguson, Isabella, (c), b 1706 W. Commerce
Furguson, Leonora, N/A b 1706 W. Commerce
Furman, George, harness maker, h 801 Ave. C
Furrer, Jacob, carp., r 12 Turner
Furtner, Louis J., N/A, h 1526 Garza
Fussell, Albert, tank builder, Geo. Mandry, 108 and 110 Austin
Fussell Bros., (Geo. W. Fussell and Thos. B. Fussell), produce, 17 N. Flores, T 217
Fussell, George W., produce dealer (Fussell Bros.), T 217, r 236 St. Mary
Fussell, Thomas B., produce dealer, T 217, r 236 St. Mary