1891 City Directory "G"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Gabbart, James, stockman, h 614 Matagorda
Gabbart, William, stockman, h 414 Lavaca
Gabel, Edward, carp., h 46 Mission
Gaconnet, Annie Mrs., N/A, h -- Big Foot Ave.
Gadis, Ouida Miss, actress, Washington Theatre, r 1015 W. Commerce
Gaensslen, Harry, agt., Malt Co., h 901 Ave. C
Gaffney, Lawrence, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 217 Sixth
Gafford, Abe A., (c), cook, Mrs. T. C. Clairborn, b 25 Alamo Plaza
Gage, S. N., senior agt., S. W. Texas Washington Life Insurance Co., h 509 Lamar
Gagin, Winifred Mrs., (wid Andrew), N/A, h 222 Rusk
Gahlsdorf, Frederick, slsmn., G. A. Boero, h 321 Salinas
Gahwiler, Gebhardt, West End Lumber Co., (Gahwiler & Simmang, ), T 377, h 16 Belvin
Gahwiler & Simmang, (Gebhardt Gahwiler and Franz Simmang), West End Lumber Co., 612 N. Flores, T 377
Galan, Albert, slsmn., L. Frank, h 606 N. Concho
Galan, Delapito, N/A, h 626 San Luis
Galan, Francisco, slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 606 N. Concho
Galan, Juan, lab, h 906 N. Comal
Galan, Leonidas Mrs., N/A, h 606 N. Concho
Galan, Noverto, saddler, L. Frank, h 606 N. Concho
Galan, Refugio, N/A, h 606 N. Concho
Galbert, Edward, stock business, h 412 South
Galena, Adolphe, lab, h 583 S. Flores
Galendo, Adolpho, driver, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 583 S. Flores
Gallagher, Edward J., contractor and builder, 631 E. Houston T 146, h 629 E. Houston
Gallagher, Eliza Mrs., (wid Peter), N/A, h 309 Nacogdoches
Gallagher, James N., saloon, 1331 W. Commerce, h 1606 W. Commerce
Gallagher, John W., bkpr., E. J. Gallagher, h 629 E. Houston
Gallagher, Julia Mrs., (wid Edward), N/A, h 309 Nacogdoches
Gallagher, Thomas D., brtdr, J. N. Gallagher, h 1901 W. Commerce
Galletti, G., groceries and saloon, 501 S. Laredo
Gallon, William, dishwasher, Lang's Restaurant, h 16 W. Commerce
Galpin, Arthur E., stonemason and bricklayer, h 218 Rusk
Galpin, Frank E., draughtsman, Riley Gordon, h 218 Rusk
Galpin, Lizzie S.,Miss, N/A, h 218 Rusk
Galpin, Maria J. Mrs., music teacher, h 218 Rusk
Galvan, Abraham, shoemaker, S. B. Witchell, h 318 East
Galvan, Lorenzo, butcher, h 709 S. Frio
Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio R. R., Geo. F. Lupton, Agent, H. L. Howard asst., N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza, T 58
Galveston News, A. T. Wilson, agent, N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza
Galvin, Peter J., machinist, b 17 Travis
Gamble, Henry, teamster, Gahwiler & Simmang, r 612 N. Flores
Gamble, James B., bkpr., J. K. Beretta & Co., h 722 Ave. C
Gamble, Maud Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Gamble, Peter, (c), fireman, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 605 Perez
Gamble, Peter, (c), machinist, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 621 Perez
Gambold, O. H., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1011 Mesquite
Gambold, Omar, N/A, b 249 Austin
Gambs, Charles V., chief engr., Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 515 Ave. B
Gambs, George E., clk, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 515 Ave. B
Gambs, John W., ice puller, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 515 Ave. B
Gamer, Charles, genl. foreman, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., b 1 Taylor
Ganell, Valentine A. Jr., slsmn., Joske Bros, h 509 Matagorda
Gans, Bertha Miss, saleswoman, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 36 S. Presa
Gans, Isaac, stockboy, L. Wolfson, h 36 S. Presa
Gans, Jacob, shoe slsmn., D. & A. Oppenheimer, h 36 S. Presa
Gans, Paulina Miss, saleswoman, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 36 S. Presa
Gans, Simon, cotton, hides, and wool, h 36 S. Presa
Ganter, Bernard, slsmn, D. Harris, h 304 E. Houston
Garberina, Kate Mrs., boarding house, 12 N. Presa
Garcaror, Felicio Mrs., N/A, h 608 S. Concho
Garcia, Adolph, teamster, h 925 N. San Marcos
Garcia, Adolpho, teamster, J. J. Olsen & Son, h 12 Sanchez
Garcia, Albert, teamster, h 925 N. San Marcos
Garcia, Albert M., bkpr., b -- McCullough
Garcia, Alberto M. C., bkpr. auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h Laurel Heights
Garcia, Amandor, clk, h 350 S. Flores
Garcia, Amelia, N/A, r 412 Dolorosa
Garcia, Amelia, cook, John Stappenbeck, h 905 N. San Marcos
Garcia, Antonio, lab, h 242 S. Laredo
Garcia, Antonio A., pressman, Maverick Printing House, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Berito, emp., G. H. & S. A. roundhouse, r same
Garcia, Carlos, emp, J. J. Olsen & Sons, N/A
Garcia, Carolina, N/A, h 616 W. Houston
Garcia, Cecelia Miss, N/A, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Christopher, blacksmith, Simon De La Pena, Sr., r 235 S. Laredo
Garcia, Delfine Miss, N/A, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Domingo, clk., James Martin, h 373 S. Flores
Garcia, Gerenomo, Driver, Froboese & Santleben, N/A
Garcia, Ignacio, blacksmith, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Jesus, N/A, h 516 Chavez
Garcia, Jesus, grocer, r 1120 W. Commerce
Garcia, Jesus, waiter, Tom Wing r 3 W. Houston
Garcia, Jose, N/A, h 405 Zavalla
Garcia, Jose, emp., Boss Chop House, r 212 S. Flores
Garcia, Jose E., notary public, 324 Military Plaza
Garcia, Joseph, N/A, h 230 Marshall
Garcia, Joseph, N/A, H -- Fest
Garcia, Joseph, slsmn., B. Smith & Son., h 222 Arsenal
Garcia, Juanita, cook, E. Montez, h 1550 W. Houston
Garcia, Losario, N/A, h 308 S. Concho
Garcia, Losenio, stonemason, h cor. El Paso and S. Frio
Garcia, Lorenzo, stonemason, h cor. El Paso and S. Frio
Garcia, Manuel, cook, Boss Chop House, h 13 S. Laredo
Garcia, Manuel, herder, Eli Arnaud, h -- Ruiz
Garcia, Mariano, emp., city engr. office, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Mariano, N/A, r 227 S. Laredo
Garcia, Mariano R., lab, h 214 Salinas
Garcia, Mauricio Jr., teamster, J. J. Olsen & Sons, N/A
Garcia, Michael, emp., A. Ruhnke, r -- San Fernando, Carr Hill
Garcia, Miguel, N/A, r 308 S. Concho
Garcia, Miguel, butcher, h 1025 N. Laredo
Garcia, Miguel, stonecutter, h 812 W. Commerce
Garcia, Nicholas, lab, h -- N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Garcia, Pedro, lab, h 612 N. Laredo
Garcia, Perfeta Miss, N/A, h 521 N. San Saba
Garcia, Ralph, painter, h 815 Perez
Garcia, Rosalilla, N/A, h 815 S. Pecos
Garcia, Salima, N/A, r 232 East
Garcia, Severo, lab, 722 N. Frio
Garcia, Sevira Mrs., waiter, Domingo Aldana, h 412 Dolorosa
Garcia, Teresa Miss, N/A, h 214 Salinas
Gardner, Martha, (c), h 201 Salinas
Gardner, V. P., clk, T. E. Blundell, h 553 N. Flores
Garlinghouse, W. F., N/A, h 1219 Ave. D
Garner, J. C., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 422 Duval
Garner, John, transfer clk., I. & G. N., frt. depot., h -- W. Commerce
Garoni, Giacinto, prop., San Jacinto Saloon, h 896 S. Flores
Garr, William, (c), driver delivery wagon, George Dullnig, h 504 N. Leona
Garretson, Albert W., surveyor's helper, h 3 Walsh
Garretson, John W. Jr., lab, h 3 Walsh
Garretson, John W. Sr., surveyor, h 3 Walsh
Garretson, Robert L., surveyor's helper, h 3 Walsh
Garretson, William W., surveyor's helper, h 3 Walsh
Garrett, Warren, real estate (Reeves & Garrett), h West End
Garrison, Christopher H., painter's supplies, 10 E Houston, T 317, h 25 Belvin
Garrison, Edward, quarryman, h 607 Crockett
Garrison, Robert, clk., C. H. Garrison, h 25 Belvin
Garvey, M., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 917 Seventh
Garwood, Charles B., porter, Maverick Hotel, r same
Garza, A., stock boy, L. Wolfson, h 215 N. Laredo
Garza, Adolfo, clk., h 416 W. Houston
Garza, Andreas, N/A, h 422 N. Concho
Garza, Aneta, N/A, h 622 N. Pecos
Garza, Bryan, N/A, h Josephine and River Ave.
Garza, Herman, butcher, h 324 San Luis
Garza, Jose, clk., Charles Guerguin & Son, h 371 S. Flores
Garza, Jose M., butcher, h 312 San Luis
Garza, Josephine, N/A, h River Ave and Josephine
Garza, Juan M., farmer, h 215 N. Laredo
Garza, Katie Miss, clk., A. Bennett, h -- Indiana
Garza, Leonardo Jr., N/A., h cor. River Ave. and Josephine
Garza, Leonardo Sr., real estate, 4 Veramendi, h cor. River Ave. and Josephine
Garza, Manuel, lab, h 510 S. Laredo
Garza, Martin, lab, city., h 408 N. Concho
Garza, Navarro, lab, h 841 N. Laredo
Garza, Porfirio, meat market, cor. S. East and Monterey, h 312 San Luis
Garza, Paulina, N/A, h 622 N. Pecos
Garza, Rafael J., examiner, Joske Bros., h 215 N. Laredo
Gast, Joseph, shoemkr., Joe Beckman, h 315 Barrera
Gaston, A. F., driver, R. R. Supply Co., h 219 Elm
Gastring, Joseph, meat market, Burleson between Austin and Walnut, h 120 Union
Gastring, Mary Miss, clk., Louis Spahn, h 230 E. Commerce
Gates, Annie P. Mrs., (wid E. C.), N/A, h 215 Romana
Gates, Charles W. Jr., N/A, h 1020 W. Houston
Gates, Charles W. Sr., brakeman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1020 W. Houston
Gates, Ella Miss, N/A, h 1020 W. Houston
Gates, Robert J., ranchman, b 328 Nacogdoches
Gatlin, Henry, laundryman, Troy Steam laundy, h 217 Ave. B
Gattiker, Jacob, harness maker, Lone Star Saddlery, h 614 N. Laredo
Gaul, Arthur J., Mission Concert Garden (Rheiner & Gaul), h 315 S. Alamo
Gauss, Charles H., lumber and builders' hardware, (Gauss and Johns), h 108 San Pedro Ave.
Gauss & Johns, (Charles H. Gauss and Arthur C. Johns), lumber and builders' hardware, 336 S. Flores T 399
Gay, J. L. Furniture, 372 to 376 S. Flores, H same
Gay, S. C. Mrs., boarding house, 210 Bowie
Gay, Wong, waiter, Boss Chop House, 212 S. Flores
Gaye, Peter, grocery and saloon, cor. Chavez and N. East
Gayle, E., brakeman, G. H.& S. A. Ry., h 1115 Ave. D
Gayle, Georgie Mrs., dressmkr., h cor. Center and Live Oak
Gayle, R. A., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 309 Burleson
Gaynor, William J., painter, h 319 N. Laredo
Gazally, G. W., chief bill clk., S. P. frt. office, h 244 Dwyer Ave.
Gazley, John F., bkpr. T. C. Frost, h 242 Dwyer Ave.
Gazlier, George, emp. frt. office, Mo. Pac. Ry., b 315 Oakland
Gazlier, John, emp. Frost Bank, b 315 Oakland
Geddes, David J., N/A, h 697 N. Flores
Geddes, Ella Miss, N/A, h 697 N. Flores
Geddes, James, miller, h 698 N. Flores
Geddes, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 697 N. Flores
Geddes, Maggie Miss, N/A, h 697 N. Flores
Gehlert, Richard, clk., Mallory Line office, h 50 Mission
Geise, Otto, lunch counter, Scholtz Garden, h -- Losoya
Geisler, Henry, driver, L. Wolfson, b 481 N. Flores
Gelshorn, William, gunsmith, b 323 Navarro
Gembler, John, brter, Traders' saloon, r -- S. Flores
Gembler, Louis J., blacksmith and wheelwright, 431 W. Houston, h 236 Obraje
Gempler, Susanna, cook, Wm. Hoefling, Jr., h 215 Fifth
Genard, Daniel, barber, D. Pujo, h 416 N. East
Genard, Daniel, barber, Union Barber Shop, h 413 N. Laredo
Gendron, M. F., slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 25 Presa
Gensler, Joseph W., tailor and hat renovator, 30 Soledad, h 616 Ave. C
Gensweiler, Henry, corker, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 317 Ave. B
Gensweiler, Michael, express wagon, h 317 Ave B
Gentilz, Theodore, teacher of painting and drawing, h 320 N. Flores
Genton, Eugene, errand boy, Swiss House, h -- San Saba
George, Charles, N/A, h 422 S. Pecos
George Horner's Saloon, Wm. G. Snell, Mgr., saloon, 268 W. Commerce
George, Louis, (c), driver, George Dullnig, h 414 Crockett
George, Sandy, (c), driver, George Dullnig, h 414 Crockett
Gerard, Fernando, brtdr., N. A. Nohse, h N. Flores and Fredericksburg Road
Gerdes, Edward, brtdr., Scholz Garden, h 301 Berrera
Gerdes, Hedwig Mrs. (wid Henry), N/A, h 301 Berrera
Gerdes, Jacob, waiter, Otto Felder's Saloon, r 301 Berrera
Gerdes, Joseph, porter, Black Elephant Saloon, h 301 Berrera
Gerhard, Cecilio, city drummer, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 223 Acequia
Gerlach, Charles, architect's apprentice, J. Riley Gordon, h 903 N. San Marcos
Gerlach, Oscar, tailor, h 903 N. San Marcos
Gerlach, Otto, mcht. tailor, 9 Soledad, h 903 N. San Marcos
German-English School, William Barbeck, principal, N/A, S. Alamo between E. Nueva and Arciniega
Gernhauser, Amelia Miss, N/A, h 221 Zavalla
Gernhauser, Annie Mrs., N/A, h 221 Zavalla
Gernhauser, George, bkpr., Maverick Bank, h 221 Zavalla
Gerrero, Jesus, N/A, h 418 S. Concho
Gerrero, Ramon G., musician, h 24 Kingsbury
Gersbach, Julius, carp., L. Wolfson, h cor. Labor and S. Presa
Gersbach, Otto, carp., h -- Chestnut
Gessler, Gustav, clk., A. Brunswick & Son, h 579 Cherry
Gessler, William, office boy, H. Cunningham & Co., h 479 N. Cherry
Gessner, August, cabinet maker, Wagner Bros., b cor. Leona and Vera Cruz
Geyer, Henry, cooper, h cor. Ave. D and Twelfth
Gianotti, Peter, brtdr., G. Georda, r 324 S.Concho
Gibbons, George A., mercht. tailor, r 244 W. Commerce
Gibbons, Joseph, shoemaker, Wm. Brealey, N/A
Gibbs, Florence Miss, N/A, h 13 Zavalla
Gibbs, Peter, F., tinner, Vodrie & Co., h 219 Crockett
Gibeau, Augusta Miss, (c), h 401 N. Leona
Gibson, Alfred, carp., h 215 Salinas
Gibson, Annie Mrs., restaurant, 523 Austin
Gibson, George, clk., Pacific Express Co., b 236 S. Alamo
Gibson, George, electro plater, h 223 Center
Gibson, George A., brtdr., M. Friedman, h 215 Salinas
Gibson, George A., printer, h 216 Obraje
Gibson, Horace J., brtdr., h 215 Salinas
Gibson, Maria Mrs., milliner (Gibson & Pinchin), h 223 Center
Gibson, Michael, carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 523 Austin
Gibson, M. P., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 225 Market
Gibson & Pinchin, (Mrs. Maria Gibson & Mrs. Elizabeth Pinchin), millinery and fancy work, 8 W. Commerce
Gibson, R. J. Capt., medical dept. U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Gibson, Samuel, lab city, h 122 Narp
Gibson, William, helper, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 10 Probandt
Gibson, W.W., merchandise broker, b 403 St. Mary
Giddings, Charles E. Rev., pastor, Trinity M. E. Church, h 719 Nolan
Giesecke, Gustav, general manager, San Antonio Gas Co., h 34 Washington
Giesemann, Henry, brtdr., George Suhr, h 328 Austin
Gilbeau, John, porter, Chabot & Cresson, h 609 S. San Saba
Gilbeau, Louisa, (c), emp., Carrie Anderson, h 999 S. San Saba
Gilbeau, Mary, N/A, h 609 S. San Saba
Gilbert, Edward F., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 519 San Pedro Ave.
Gilbert, L. H. & Co., (Louis H. Gilbert & Jacob Wiener), groceries and saloon, 601 San Pedro Ave.
Gilbert, Louis H., grocery and saloon, (L. H. Gilbert & Co.), h 509 San Pedro Ave.
Gilbert, Maria A. C. (wid A. C.), Mexican and Indian curiosity store, 231 Alamo Plaza
Gildea, Georgia C. Mrs., N/A, h 324 Hidalgo
Gildea, James, N/A, h 324 Hidalgo
Gildea, Mary A. Mrs., (wid Jos. E.), N/A, h 324 Hidalgo
Giles, Alfred, architect, (A. Giles and Guindon), h cor W. Houston and Soledad
Giles (Alfred) & Guindon (Alfred Giles and Henri E. M. Guindon), N/A, architects, 17, 18 and 20 Soledad blk.
Giles, C. G., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r San Antonio House
Giles, Howsen D., druggist (Yarbrough and Giles), h cor. W. Houston and Soledad
Gilleland, George, mailing clk., San Antonio Postoffice, h 17 Kingsbury
Gilleland, William N., N/A, h 17 Kingsbury
Gillen, Edmund W., stockman, h -- State nr. Pine
Gillespie, Annie Mrs., N/A, h 1 Walsh
Gillespie, Clayton, N/A, h 1 Walsh
Gillespie, Connell, saloon keeper, cor. Chestnut and Dawson, h 311 Live Oak
Gillespie, Daniel, N/A, h 311 Live Oak
Gillett, Allan, yardmaster, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 3 Camp
Gillett, Dow, carp., h 1028 Hidalgo
Gillett, Frank, brakeman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 377 S. Leona
Gillett, Henry C., brakeman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 377 S. Leona
Gillett, S. E. & Co., (S. E. Gillett and ---), installation goods, wholesale cigars, 29 W. Commerce
Gillett, S. Emanuel, wholesale cigars (S. E. Gillett & Co.), h 104 Howard
Gillis, F., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 108 Oak
Gillis, James M., hostler, G. H. & S.A. Ry. shops, h 721 Ave. D
Gillis, Malcolm, ranch, h 201 Jackson
Gillis, Neal Miss, N/A, h 721 Ave D.
Gillis, Viana Mrs., N/A, h 721 Ave. D
Gillis, William D., emp., Kalteyer's drug store, h 721 Ave. D
Gilmore, Hosea B., tinner, Jno. W. Cahill, b 357 S. Flores
Gilroy, John, stockman, b 901 S. Flores
Gilroy, Stephen, stockman, h 901 S. Flores
Gilroy, Thomas H., stock dealer, h 901 S. Flores
Gilsbee, G. B., N/A, h 42 Fourth
Gimbel, Adolph H., dry goods, (Wallhoefer & Gimbel), h 20 Barerra
Gimbel, August, brtdr., Menger Hotel Bar, h 20 Barerra
Gimbel, Charles, driver, Contrad Gimbel, h 341 S. Alamo
Gimbel, Christian, stonemason, h 20 Barrera
Gimbel, Christopher H., grocers, cor. Water and Refugion
Gimbel, Conrad, bakery and confectionery, h 341 S. Alamo
Gimbel, Ernest, barkeeper, Mission Garden, h 20 Barrera
Gimbel, Ferdinand, stonecutter, Frank Teich, r 217 Victoria
Gimbel, Henry, driver, Conrad Gimbel, h 341 S. Alamo
Gimbel, John, emp., Lone Star Brewery, h 722 Dallas
Gimbel, John P., dairyman, h -- Presa nr. G. H. & S. A. Ry.
Gimbel, Martin, carp., G. A. Reimann, r 217 Victoria
Ginefre, A., shoemaker, h 529 Austin
Ginton, Josephine Mrs., N/A, h alley between N. San Saba, N. Concho, Chavez, and Zavalla
Giordo, Giovanni, grocery and saloon, h 324 S. Concho
Giovanni, Fecci, fruit stand, 218 Dolorosa, h same
Giovanni, Giovannasi, gardner, h -- Probandt between G. H. & S. A. Ry. and Mitchell
Gipprich, Max, musician, h 104 Hays
Girard, Fernando Jr., brtdr., H. N. Norsa, b 305 Garza
Girard, Fernando Sr., teamster, h 305 Garza
Gish, Annie E. Miss, N/A, h 802 Ave. C
Gish, Christian A., driver, Alamo Laundry, h 312 Blum
Gish, E. S., driver, Alamo Steam Laundry, r 228 Dolorosa
Gish, Hazel T. Miss, chambermaid, Webb House, h 312 Blum
Gish, Henry G., waiter, Webb House, h 312 Blum
Gissi, Mary Mrs., grocery, 1116 Ave. D
Gittinger, Alexander, gardner, h 144 Nogolitos
Gittinger, Anton J., gardner, h 144 Nogolitos
Gittinger, August A., brtdr., Fest's garden, h 801 S. Flores
Gitinger, August A., saloon keeper, (Gittinger & Fest), wood yard (Gittinger & Gittinger), T 372, h 31 Fest
Gittinger & Fest, (August A. Gittinger and Simon Fest), saloon, 31 Fest
Gittinger, George, brtdr., Fest's Garden, h 31 Fest
Gittinger, George F., San Antonio wood yard (Gittinger & Gittinger), T 372, h 26 Simpson
Gittinger & Gittinger, (August A. and George F. Gittenger), wood yard, nr S. A. & A. P. depot, T 372
Gittinger, John, fireman, San Antonio wood yard, h 31 Fest
Givens, Minerva Mrs., dressmaker, h 1628 Zavalla
Givins, Lorenzo A., (c), brtdr., Mrs. T. C. Claiborne, h 315 South Concho
Glaeser, Ehrhart, stone mason, h 49 Mill
Glaeser, Emma Miss, N/A, b 49 Mill
Glaeser, Eturia Miss, N/A, b 49 Mill
Glaeser, Hermann, tailor, b 49 Mill
Glannon, Charles, harnessmkr., D. Heye, h -- Alamo
Glanton, John, horse trader, h 2 Lafitte
Glanton, Maggie Miss, N/A, h 2 Lafitte
Glass, J. W., capitalist, h 223 St. Mary
Glaze, Clyde W., machine helper, San Antonio Ice Factory, h 531 Oakland
Glaze, Eward F., mgr., San Antonio and Crystal Ice factories, T 22, h 531 Oakland T 531
Gleason, Maurice, contractor, h 20 Dawson
Glenerlock, George, fireman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 1110 Ave. D
Glenn, Bud, (c), stage mgr., Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Glenn, Buddie, (c), barber, h 36 Sanchez
Glenn, John, painter, h 117 River Ave.
Glenn, Robert H., (c), barber, h 619 W. Commerce
Glenn, William, emp., Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h -- Sherman
Glenn, William K., boilermkr., G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 1600 W. Commerce
Globe Hotel (The), G. P. Warren, propr., N/A, 403 to 407 W. Commerce
Gloeckner, Anton, blacksmith, Frank M. Gloeckner, h 426 W. Houston
Gloeckner, Frank M., wagons and carriages, 217 Soledad, h 426 W. Houston
Glover, Julius, hostler, San Antonio Gas Co., r Gas Works
Glumaz, Stephen J., grocer, cor. Lopez and Salado
Gobble, John, N/A, h 124 Union
Goble, George, brtdr, Maverick Hotel, b same
Goddy, Thomas, hackdriver, Fritz Steiner, h 9 Monterey
Godrey, A. P., frt. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 735 Austin
Goerz, Henry, brtdr., Scholz Garden, h 12 Mission
Goeth, Charles A., attorney at law (Wurzbach and Goeth), 26 Soledad, b 225 E. Neuva
Goetze, William, carp., h 305 Johnson
Goforth, Richard, teamster, h cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Goforth, William J., teamster, h cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Goggan, Michael, pianos, organs, sheet music and musical mdse., (Thomas Goggan & Bro.), h 925 Ave. C, T 247
Goggan, Thomas & Bro., (Michael Goggan, resident mgr, Thomas and John Goggan, non-residents), N/A, 208 W. Commerce, T 145
Gohlke, Mary G. Mrs., N/A, h 507 Ave. B
Gohlke, William F., mgr., notion dept., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 507 Ave. B
Gold, J. H., clk., R. R. Supply Co., h 320 Sherman
Goldbeck, Adolph, slsmn, L. Wolfson, h 418 Ave. B
Goldbeck, Alfred, N/A, h 418 Ave. B
Goldbeck, Benno T., bkpr., George Koerner, h 206 Villita
Goldbeck, Earnest, slsmn., A. Pamcoast & Son., h 418 Ave. B
Goldbeck, Frederick, grocer, h 418 Ave. B
Goldbeck, G. R., slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 615 S. Presa
Goldbeck, Gustav, collector, Joske Bros, h 418 Ave. B
Goldbeck, Robert, slsmn., A. Pancoast & Son, h 204 Barrera
Goldbeck, Jennie Miss, N/A, h 914 W. Houston
Goldblock, Rosa Miss, N/A, h 914 W. Houston
Goldblock, Solomon, peddler, h 914 W. Houston
Golden, George Rev., Cumberland Presbytery, h 300 Colorado Ave., West End
Goldenberg, Benjamin, slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 346 Garden
Goldenberg, Jacob, stock boy, L. Wolfson, h 346 Garden
Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., (Max Goldfrank, Abraham B. Frank, & Simon Lavanburg), wholesale drygoods, 232 and 234 W. Commerce, T 147
Goldfrank, Max L., traveling slsmn, Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 264 E. Commerce
Goldman, Harry D., traveling slsmn., b 226 Soledad
Goldman, I., stoves, tinware, hardware, etc., 433 Austin
Goldwater, Harry, cashier, A. Kahn, h 221 Salinas
Godhood, Albert, barber, D. Pujo, h 211 Soledad
Golloff, Edward, slsmn., Julius Conrad, h 310 Center
Golloff, Mina Mrs. (wid Zacharia), N/A, h 15 Center
Golloff, William, carp., h 310 Center
Gomez, Angel, ranchman, h 1025 N. Laredo
Gomez, Antonio, lab, h 404 N. East
Gomez, Charles, lab, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., b 1 Laredo
Gomez, D., lab, h 2 Castro
Gomez, Maria Miss, N/A, h 1025 N. Laredo
Gomez, Thomas, lab, h 823 S. Frio
Gonzales, Anastacio, blacksmith, h 320 N. Laredo
Gonzales, Antonio, butcher, h 222 Chavez
Gonzales, Antonio, butcher, George Jagge, h 424 Hidalgo
Gonzales, Antonio, clk., J. & E. Lamm, h co. Cleveland and Big Foot Ave.
Gonzales, Antonio Mrs., dishwasher, h 820 N. Laredo
Gonzales, Antonio, shoemaker, Chavez & Cardona, h W Commerce nr. Alazan Creek
Gonzales, Antonio T., shoemaker, h 622 W. Commerce
Gonzales, Aurelia, waiter, Mrs. Jertrudes Bejar, h 17 S. Laredo
Gonzales, Blasa, N/A, h 222 S. Laredo
Gonzales, Bicento Mrs., N/A, h 7 N. Laredo
Gonzales, Civiano, blacksmith, C. M. Woldken, h cor. Camaron and Salinas
Gonzales, Florencio, brtdr., The Corner Saloon, b 423 S. Flores
Gonzales, Fortunado, N/A, h 320 N. Laredo
Gonzales, Francisco, wood seller, h 410 N. Concho
Gonzales, Guadalupe, lab, r 208 El Paso
Gonzales, Gregorio, lab, h cor. Zavalla and N. Frio
Gonzales, Inocencio, mechanic, h 18 N. East
Gonzales, Jose Maria, N/A, h 410 Perez
Gonzales, Josefa Mrs. (wid Anastacio), N/A, h 320 N. Laredo
Gonzales, Juan, lab, h 214 Durango
Gonzales, Leon, wheelwright, Louis Gembler, h N. East between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Gonzales, Louisa, N/A, h cor. San Luis and Pecos
Gonzales, Maria Miss, N/A, h 210 N. East
Gonzales, Mariano, lab, h 133 Durango
Gonzales, Mariano, musician, h 18 N. east
Gonzales, Octaviano, blacksmith, F. Baetz, h -- Carr Hill
Gonzales, Pablo, lab, h Zavalla nr. Alazan Creek
Gonzales, Pedro, N/A, h 328 N. East
Gonzales, Pedro, (c), h 811 S. Frio
Gonzales, Pedro, grocer, cor. Cameron and Salinas
Gonzales, Pedro, peddler, h 512 S. Pecos
Gonzales, Rozendo, shipping clerk, Newton & Weller, h 237 Dwyer Ave.
Gonzales, Savina Mrs., N/A, h 15 N. East
Gonzales, Sulima Miss, N/A, h 320 N. Laredo
Goockity, W. W., mail agt., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 246 Blum
Good, John, lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry. roundhouse, h 701 Austin
Goodale, G. A. Capt., Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Gooden, Thomas, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1110 Ave. D
Goodey, Thomas, (c), hack driver, Fritz Steiner, h 9 Monterey
Goodloe, Albert, compositior, G. F. Sigmund, h 76 Utica
Goodloe, Calvin Jr., N/A, h cor. Carson and Pierce Ave.
Goodloe, Calvin Sr., carp., U. S. Department, h cor. Carson and Pierce Ave.
Goodloe, Charles, carp., h 77 Utica
Goodloe, Ellett, compositor, G. F. Sigmund, h 317 Grand Ave.
Goodloe, Gay, photographer, A. C. Paris, h 76 Utica
Goodloe, William P., contractor and builder, h 317 Grand Ave.
Goodman, J. H., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 314 Ave. D
Goodman, Lewis, grocer, J. Oppenheimer & Co., h 421 San Pedro Ave.
Goodman, Solomon, cigars and tobacco, b 43 Macon
Goodman, W. D., carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h 24 Ave. C
Goodrich, John D., reporter, Daily Times, h 32 Blevin
Goodrich, L. L., N/A, h 1 Dwyer Ave.
Goodwin, Emerson, groceries, feed, genl. mdse., cor. Hidalgo and N. Leona, h 417 N. Leona
Goodwin, Francis C. Mrs. (wid J. C.), dressmkr., h 426 Buena Vista
Goodwin, James G., painter, b ---S. Flores
Goodwin, J. H., N/A, h 420 Ave. B
Goodwin, Lydia, housekeeper, Alamo Sanitarium, b 10 Elm
Goodwin, Peterson B., opr., I. & G. N. Frt. and ticket office, h 13 South
Goodwyn, L., train baggage master, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r cor. N. Cherry and Sherman
Goodwyn, Philo H., chief clk. frt. dept. S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 605 Main Ave.
Goody, Rowland, N/A, b 5 Madison
Godon, George M., real estate, 11 Smith Blk., h 405 San Pedro Ave.
Gordon, James Riely, architect (Gordon & Laub), h 405 San Pedro Ave.
Gordon, J. W., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 421 Austin
Gordon & Laub, (James Riely Gordon and D. E. Laub), architects, 7 to 15 Smith Block
Gordon, Morgan, (c), butcher, Lyford, Tuffly, & Co., b 801 S. Flores
Gore, Wesley, emp. S. A. & A. P. roundhouse, h -- Concepcion Road
Gorges, Alexander, carp., h 256 Garden
Gorham, F., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1015 Mesquite
Gorman, Anthony, expman, h 320 Bowie
Gorman, John M. Rev., supt. Evangical Association, h 561 N. Flores
Gorrell, George, tinner, Max Fischinger, h 418 North
Gorrell, Mary Miss, saleswoman, h 418 North
Gorrell, Tina Miss, N/A, h 418 North
Gorrell, Valentine Sr., stonemason, h 418 North
Gortari, Blas, N/A, h 30 Lafitte
Gortari, Ignacio, brtdr, b 30 Lafitte
Gosbin, W. H., carp., O. M. Avey, r 325 Camargo
Gosling, C. W., N/A, h -- Augusta, T 354
Gosling, Laura Miss, N/A, b 403 St. Mary
Gothari, Felicita Miss, N/A, h 235 Obraje
Gotteiker, Casper, N/A, h 1208 W. Commerce
Gotthard & Leonard, (Robt. Gotthard and Theo. Leonard), grocers and saloon keepers, cor. S. Flores and Belvin
Gottthard, Robert, grocery and saloon, (Gotthard & Leonard), h cor. S. Flores and Belvin
Gottschalk, Emil, cook, Mission Garden, h 314 Center
Gould, Stephen, grand secy., O. E. S. and commercial editor, Daily Express, h 313 Ave. C
Grace, Horace, saddler, h 323 Third
Graebner, Charles, trav. slsmn., G. A. Duerler, h 409 N. East
Graebner, Gustav, N/A, r 1220 W. Commerce
Graebner, John H., N/A, h 1220 W. Commerce
Grafmiller, Charles, machinist, Alamo Iron Works, h -- E. Commerce
Graft, Joe, teamster, J. E. Muegge & Co., h Live Oak between Burnet and Nolan
Gragert, John, porter, Thomas Campbell, h cor. Eighth and Ave. E
Graham, Alice, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 213 Villita
Graham, Belle Miss, N/A, h 612 Ave. C
Graham, Frank, painter, h340 Goliad
Graham, Kittie Miss, N/A, h 319 East
Graham, Mollie Mrs., N/A, r 606 Goliad
Grand Avenue Hotel N/A, N/A, 312 Grand Ave.
Grand Opera House, Thomas W. Mullaly, mgr., N/A, cor. Crockett and Alamo Plaza
Grandjean, Alfred, grocery and saloon, cor. Colorado and San Fernando, Carr Hill
Grandjean, Pedro, grocery and saloon, 525 Leal
Grandjean, Theodore, clk., Pedro Grandjean, h 525 Leal
Grandjean, Ulysses, N/A, r 604 El Paso
Grandmann, Albert, carp., h 250 Live Oak
Granger, H., fireman, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Granger, Harry, (c), lab, Alamo Ice Factory, h 404 N. Laredo
Granger, Richard, (c), driver city exp., h 404 N. LAREDO
Grant, Abraham Rev., (c), bishop, A. M. E. church, h 217 Zavala
Grant, A. W. cornice worker, Vodrie & Co., h -- Market
Grant, Charles, driver, City Sanitary Works, h 316 N. Pecos
Gras & Ousset, (Theophile Gras and Jean Marie Ousset), saloon, 201 N. Laredo, T 507
Gras, Theophile, saloon (Gras & Ousset), h 203 N. Laredo
Grashel, Frank, lab, San Antonio Brewing Association, h1527 W. Houston
Graves, Amos Dr. Medical director, Southern Pacific Ry. Co., and S. A. & A. P. Ry. Co., 507 W. Commerce, h 52 Goliad
Graves, Daniel, (c), lab., h 312 Morales
Graves, Everett G., notary public and real estate (Ramsay & Graves), b 29 Augusta
Graves, Marshall W., expman., h 38 Belvin
Graves, Moses, (c), driver Snodgrass & Cade, h 424 Burleson
Graves, Ollie E. Miss, N/A, h 52 Goliad
Graves, Ralph L., physician and surgeon, 314 E. Houston, h 381 S. Flores
Graves, Samuel, hackdriver, b 381 S. Flores
Graves, Smithie Miss, N/A, h 52 Goliad
Gravez, Gasper, feather curler and dyer, 224 Losoya, h 815 Ave. C
Gray, Edwin, stationer for S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 408 Colorado Ave., West End
Gray, E. Wellborn, R. R. construction contractor, h 554 N. Flores
Gray, J. H. Mrs., boarding house, 41 Losoya
Gray, Louisa Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Gray, Margaret Mrs., N/A, h 314 Crockett
Gray, Thomas H., real estate, h 246 Blum
Graydon, Sallie Mrs., typewriter, New England Land Co., h 661 N. Flores
Green, Bolivar, hostler, Carter & Mullaly, r 14 Crockett
Green, Charles S., feed store, Ford, Pickford & Co., T 501, r 451 Acequia
Green, Charles W., grocer, 227 E. Houston, T17, h 317 Pecan
Green, Cyrus, carp., h cor. W. Sixteenth and Menchaca
Green, Edward B., clk., W. J. Dargan, r 210 Eighth
Green Front Auction House, George Pearson, auctioneer, N/A, 3 to 9 N. Flores
Green Front Restaurant, Mrs. D. W. Staten, Proprs., N/A, 3 N. Flores
Green, General, (c), porter, D. Pujo, h 515 W. Houston
Green, George, cook, Blue Front Chop House, h 316 S. Pecos
Green, Harry, lab, San Pedro Park N/A
Green, John A. Jr., notary public and attorney at law (Barnard & Green), h 317 Pecan
Green, John A. Sr., attorney (John A. & N. O. Green), h 317 Pecan
Green, John A. & N. O., (John A. and Nathaniel O. Green), attorneys, office cor. Main Plaza and Dwyer Ave.
Green, John D., painter, h 317 N. Leona
Green, John F., boots and shoes, (H. Cunningham & Co.), h 517 Ave. C
Green, John W., painter, h 317 N. Leona
Green, Joseph P., engr., I. & G. N. R. R., h-- N Comal between W. Commerce and W. Houston
Green, Julia, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 308 Center
Green, Leonard M., N/A, h 317 N. Leona
Green, Lizzie, (c), cook, 316 Fifth
Green, Mary A. Miss, N/A, h 317 N. Leona
Green, Matthew, hackman, M. F. Kehoe, h -- Blum
Green, Nathaniel O. Jr., clk. S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 517 Ave. G
Green, Nathaniel O. Sr., attorney, (John A. & N. O. Green), h 517 Ave. C
Green, Robert B., attorney at law (Green & West), h 517 Ave. C
Green, Simon P., carp., h 210 Eighth
Green & West, (Robert Green and Duval West), attorneys at law, 6 Soledad, T 466
Green, William F., clk., M. Castanola & Son., h 2409 Buena Vista
Green, William H. Jr., office boy, A. Pancoast & Son., h 210 Eighth
Green, William H. Sr., driver, A. Pancoast & Son, h 210 Eighth
Green, William O., painter, h 317 N. Leona
Greenberg, Max, clothing, 26 Military Plaza
Greene, Edith Miss, N/A, h 494 N. Flores
Greene, Florence Miss, N/A, h 494 N. Flores
Green, Henry, N/A, h 494 N. Flores
Greene, Julia Miss, N/A, 494 N. Flores
Greene, Lillie Miss, N/A, h 494 N. Flores
Greene, Lydia, (c), h 521 N. Flores
Greenfield, William C., collector, M. Castanola & Son., h 3 Hill
Greenlay, Thomas S., mgr., Railroad Supply Co., 413 and 415 Austin
Greenwood, F. & Co., (Felix Greenwood and J. M. Chittim), men's furnishing goods, 218 Dolorosa
Greenwood, Felix, gent's furnishings, (F. Greenwood & Co.), b Porter House
Gregory, Augusta R. Mrs. (wid C. E.), boarding and day school for girls, h 210 Ave. C
Gregory, David W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 421 Austin
Gregory, J. W., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 421 Austin
Gregory, Louis M., real estate and agt. Lombard Investment Co., b 401 Augusta
Gregory, Robert A., stockman, b 226 Soledad
Gregory, Stephen, clk., L. M. Gregory, h 401 Augusta
Greiner, Ernst, stonemason, h 502 Nacogdoches
Greisen, August, slsmn., Mrs. Augusta Greisen, h 213 Alamo Plaza
Greisen, Augusta Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, h 213 Alamo Plaza
Greisenbeck, Mina Mrs., N/A, h -- Montana
Grell, Theodore, carp., h rear of 528 S. Laredo
Grenell, Charles, dining room and lunch counter, Southern Pacific depot, N/A
Grenig, A., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 505 Austin
Gresser, Louis, grocery, h 37 S. Presa
Grice, Frank, president, The Express Publishing Co., T 120, h 817 Main Ave., Tobin Hill, T 88
Griesenbeck, Charles, slsmn., Leroux & Cosgrove, h 724 Nolan
Griesenbeck, Charles F., cotton dealer and agt. Germania Life Insurance Co. of New York, 275 W. Commerce, T 398, h 131 Mill
Griesenbeck, Hugo, clk., Chas. F. Griesenbeck, h 131 Mill
Griffin, D. E., traveling salesman, Max Mayer, h 2 W. Commerce
Griffin, Frank B., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 403 Grand Ave.
Griffin, Harvey W., N/A, b 1218 S. Medina
Griffin, Isaac, (c), asst. E. S. Austin, N/A
Griffin, Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, E. m. Blakney, h 224 Austin
Griffin, Mary Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Griffin, Mary Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 2 Montana
Griffin, Michael, N/A, b 309 Navarro
Griffin, Michael J., brtdr., W. H. Clark, h cor. Fifth and Ave. E
Griffin, William, (c), porter Duck's Saloon, N/A
Griffin, William, lab, r 215 S. Frio
Griffin, William, messenger, Dowling & Flood, b 721 Ave. D
Griffin, William F., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 820 Ave. C
Griffin, William H., car repairer, I. & G. N. R. R., N/A
Griffith, D. J., operator, W. U. Tel. Co., b 224 Soledad
Grigg, A. J. Mrs., N/A, h 4 Ninth, Maverick Grove
Grigg, Arthur L., collector, A. G. Hensley & Sons, h 4 Ninth
Grigg, Walter H., attorney at law, Henry E. Verner, h Maverick Grove
Griggs, George, laundry, (Dwyer, Griggs, & Co.), T 564, H 27 Pecan
Grimes, John, foreman city street gang, h 413 N. Leona
Grimm, F., cooper, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 1104 Ave. D
Grimsinger, Christina, N/A, h 211 Chavez
Grimsinger, Frank, brtdr., Krempkau Bros., h 211 Chavez
Grimsinger, John, brtdr., H. Collmann Sr., h 211 Chavez
Grimsinger, Joseph, lab, h 211 Chavez
Grimsinger, Louisa Miss, N/A, h 211 Chavez
Grinage, Alexander, teamster, J. E. Mugge & Co., h E Live Oak between Nolan and Dawson
Grine, Christup, painter, h -- Matagorda
Grine, Helena Miss, N/A, h -- Matagorda
Grisamore, Nathan W., station master, I. & G. N. Ry., h corner Ninth and Oakland
Grisle, Samuel, (c), waiter, Alex Matthews, h 711 W. Commerce
Grismore, M. W., N/A, h Maverick Grove and Ninth
Griswell, Sarah Mrs., (c), h 802 Erie
Groben, Amelia Miss, N/A, h 447 Water
Groben, Gustav, brtdr., h 447 Water
Groben, John A., clk., h 447 Water
Groben, Minnie Miss, N/A, h 447 Water
Groben, Sopha Mrs., N/A, h 447 Water
Groben, William, plumber, John Atkins, h 447 Water
Groesbeeck, Henry S., real estate (J. N. & H. S. Groesbeeck), T 72, h 234 Dwyer
Groesbeeck, John N., real estate, (J. N. & H. S. Groesbeeck), T 72, h cor. Park and Howard
Groesbeeck, J. N. & H. S., (J. N. & H. S. Groesbeeck), real estate, 19 W. Houston, T 72
Groesbeeck, Phoebe H. Mrs. (wid John D.), N/A, h 234 Dwyer Ave
Grona, Paul, mattress mfr., cor Vera Cruz and Frio, h 438 S. Pecos T 485
Groom, Adolph, grocer, h 1015 Austin
Groos, Charles, banker (F. Groos & Co.), T 124, h 331 King William
Groos, F. & Co., (Charles, Frederick and Gustav Groos), bankers, 45 W. Commerce, T 124
Groos, Frederick, banker (F. Groos & Co.), T 124, h 254 E. Commerce
Groos, Gustav, banker (F. Groos & Co.), T 124, h 33 Washington
Groos, Otto, clk F. Groos & Co., h 33 Washington
Groosman, August, emp Harnish & Baer, b 18 North
Grose, Lulu Miss, N/A, h 628 San Luis
Gross, Alexander, driver, Froboese & Santleben N/A
Gross, Alexander, (c), lab, h 811 Ave. D
Gross, Marcilino, N/A, h 907 N. Comal
Grosse, A. G., clk., Troy Steam Laundry, h 414 Ave. B
Grossenbacher, Albert, bkpr., Builder's Supply Co., h 323 Ave. D
Grossenbacher, Ida, N/A, h 323 Ave. D
Grossman, Charles, clk, Lone Star Brewery, h 305 Fifth
Grossman, Herman, engr. steam roller, h 305 Fifth
Grossman, Teresa Miss, N/A, h 305 Fifth
Grothaus, Louis C., attorney at law, 21 Soledad, h 15 Nacional
Grose, Fannie Mrs., teacher, h 300 Colorado Ave., West End
Grumbler, John A., (c), postal clerk, b 342 Live Oak
Grunder Elizabeth Mrs., midwife, b 1106 Ave. D
Grunder, Florence Miss, N/A, h 216 Market
Grunder, Florentine, locksmith, machinist, and bell hanger, 1106 Ave. D
Grunder, Victor J., N/A, r 213 S. Presa
Guadalupe, Guerro, N/A, h 410 S. Laredo
Guckes, Philip, brick mason, h 314 Fifth
Guckian, Dennis, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 15 Oak
Gueldner, Albert, watchmkr., E. Hertzberg, h 10 Center
Gueldner, Bertha Miss, N/A, h 10 Center
Guenther, Arthur W., flouring mills, (C. H. Guenther & Son), T 237, h 126 Guenther
Guenther, Charles F., grocer, (C. F. & H. Guenther), T 437, h 617 Ave. E, T 405
Guenther, C. F. & H., (Charles F. and Henry), wholesale grocers, 209 Alamo Plaza, T49
Guenther, C. Hilman, flouring mills (C. H. Guenther & Son), T 237, h 28 Guenther
Guenther, C. H. & Sons, (Arthur W., C. Hilmar and Fritz G.), flouring mills, upper mill 55 Washington, lower mill cor. King William and Guenther, T 237
Guenther, Erhard R., attorney at law, 5 Devine Bldg, h 28 Guenther
Guenther, Fritz G., flouring mills, (C. F. & H. Guenther), T 237, h 46 Washington
Guenther, Henry, grocer, (C. F. & H. Guenther), T 437, h 209 Alamo Plaza
Guenther, Otto, miller, (C. H. Guenther & Sons), h 126 Guenther
Guerguin, Charles, pawnbroker, (Chas. Guerguin & Son), h 371 S. Flores
Guerguin, Charles & Son., (Charles & Leopold), pawnbroker, 5 Military Plaza
Guerguin, Leopold, pawnbroker, (Charles Guerguin & Son), h 468 Cameron
Guerin, Edward T., N/A, h 9 San Jacinto
Guerra, Anna Miss, music teacher, h 323 Ave. D
Guerra, Antonio G., barber h227 S. Flores
Guerra, Concha Miss, N/A, h -- Lopez between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Guerra, Filemon, lab, h --Lopez between N. Colorado and N. San Marcos
Guerra, Feliciano, lab, h rear 13 N. Laredo
Guerra, Henry R., slsmn., Geo. F. Dullnig, h 505 Delgado
Guerra, Juan, waiter, Mrs. Jertrudes Bejar, h 17 N. Laredo
Guerra, Juana Mrs., N/A, n -- Lopez nr. N. Trinity
Guerra, Malaguias, N/A, h 516 Zavalla
Guerra, Matias, porter, Geo. R. Stumberg & Co., h 310 S. Flores
Guerra, Narcisa, N/A, h -- Lopez between N. San Marcos and Colorado
Guerra, Ramon, commercial slsmn, Smith and Redmon, b 329 Dwyer Ave.
Guerrero, Alejo, butcher, h 422 Durango
Guerrero, Joaquin, meat market, stall 26 Main Market
Guerrero, Ramon G., Spanish teacher high school, b 224 Soledad
Guerrero, Solomon, slsmn., A. Muguerza, h 501 S. Laredo
Guerung, Barbara Miss, housekeeper, Miss Kate Twobig, b 1 St. Mary
Guessaz & Ferlet, (O. C. Guessaz and T. A. Ferlet), printers (book and job) and publishers, 38 Soledad
Guessaz, Oscar C., printer and publisher (Guessaz and Ferlet), r 38 Soledad
Guest, William C., car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h cor. Sharer and Pine
Guhman, John, saloon keeper, h 523 Austin
Guiberson, George, stockboy, L. Wolfson, h cor. Martin and Convent
Guiberson, Lou Mrs., boarding house, cor Convent and Martin
Guilbeau, Ed., asst. city clk., h 239 Crockett
Guillen, Othon, barber, h 505 Leal
Guindon, Henri E. M., architect (A. Giles & Guindon), b 225 Soledad
Guinn, R. Andrew, lab., h 1134 Perez
Guire, Walter B., compositor, Daily Express, b 407 Nacogdoches
Gulledge, G. W., horse trader, h West End
Gullum, Lina, nurse, J. W. Armstrong, h 12 Rusk
Gum, A. E., engr. G. H. & S. A. Ry., h -- Grand Ave.
Gunn, John, slsmn, H. Morris & Bro., b 17 Travis
Gunning, John D., moulder, San Antonio Foundry Co., h 529 Austin
Gurinsky, Benjamin, clothing, 606 W.Commerce, H 319 Navarro
Gurinsky, Harry, slsmn., I. Gurinsky, h 602 W. Commerce
Gurinsky, Isaac, clothing, h 602 W. Commerce
Gus and Chris Barber Shop, (Gustave Albers and Christian W. Anthoni), N/A, 10 N. Alamo
Gusman, James W., N/A, h 516 Nacogdoches
Gusteos, Joseph, emp., Traders' saloon, h 410 S. Concho
Gustine, Zono, (c), lab, Telegraph and Telephone Co., h -- Maple between Main Ave. and Ogden
Gusto, Galetan, cook, Jesus Ramitas, r 366 Dolorosa
Guterrez, Urzula Mrs., N/A, h 313 N. Laredo
Guthrie, F. S., opr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
Gutierrez, Gust, Mexican pottery, h 818 Madison Square
Gutzeit, Charles, plumber, Shafer and Braden, h Lover's Lane between S. Flores and Probandt
Gutzeit, Edmund, N/A, h Lover's Lane between S. Flores and Probandt
Gutzeit, Frank A., gardner, h Lover's Lane between S. Flores and Probandt
Gutzeit, Frank G., carp., h Lover's Lane
Gutzeit, Joseph, plumber, Shafer and Braden, h 617 Jackson
Gutzeit, Lewis plumber's apprentice, Shafer & Braden, h Lover's Lane between S. Flores and Probandt
Guy, W. D., engr. G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 917 Ave. D
Guynemer, Eugenia Miss, milliner, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 219 Salinas
Gwynn, Andy, driver, Gauss & Johns, h nr City Hospital