1891 City Directory "H"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Haar, Jacob, clk., Edward Persch, h 213 Bowie
Haarmann, Charles w., hardware (Tipps & Haaramann), h 416 Water
Haas, Edward, carp. and joiner, Fritz Burgard, h 210 E. Nueva
Haas, Maria Mrs., midwife, h 210 E. Nueva
Haas, Moses, dry goods, (Haas & Oppenheimer), T 57, h 211 Arcienega
Haas & Oppenheimer, (Moses Haas and Moses Oppenheimer), dry goods, 212 and 214 W. Commerce, T 57
Haash, Thomas, emp., George Dullnig, b 610 Nolan
Habele, Frederick, butcher, h 410 Water
Habermann, Ross, coal heaver, I. & G. N. roundhouse, r 1005 W. Commerce
Haby, Charles J., brtdr. "Office Bar', h 215 Water
Haby, Emil, clk., August Woeltz, b 407 N. Pecos
Haby, Joseph, N/A, h 215 Water
Haby, Louis, Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 215 Water
Haby, Mary M. Miss, N/A, h 215 Water
Hack Drivers' Association, N/A, N/A, headquarters, 6 Main Plaza, T 297
Hackett, Annie, washwoman, h 311 N. Laredo
Hackett, Milton, school teacher, h 219 N. San Saba
Hadfield, J. Arthur, chief, clk. quartermaster's dept U. S. Post, h ---Woodlawn
Hadley, Lizzie Mrs., grand matron O. E. S. and supreme protector of temple order Pythian Sisters, h 58 Mill
Hadley, William, (c), driver, Frank Howell & Co., h 441 Perez
Hadley, William, (c), teamster, West End wood yard, h 14 Perez
Hadley, William S., real estate, 33 Soledad, h 58 Mill
Haeberle, Charles, driver, Alamo Brewing Association, h cor. Hidalgo and Colorado
Haenel, Augusta Miss, teacher, public school No. 3, h 48 Mill
Haenel, Gustav, carp., h 48 Mill
Haenel, Julia L. Miss, teacher, public school No. 6, h 48 Mill
Haenel, Mary Miss, teacher, public school No. 6, h 48 Mill
Haenig, Charles R., carp., h 12 Lafitte
Haenig, Emil, plumber, Morgan & Co., h 12 Lafitte
Haenig, H. Miss, N/A, h 12 Lafitte
Haenig, Rudolph, carp., h 12 Lafitte
Haensel, Emil, carp and cabinet maker, h 229 Villita
Hagadorn, C. B., 2nd Lieutenant Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Hagan, J. H., cashier, S. P. frt office, h 701 Burleson
Hagan, Robert, buggy washer, Bryan's livery stable, r 216 St. Mary
Hagemeier, David, tailor, h 302 Lexington Ave.
Hagemeier, Henry P., tailor, Pancoast & Son, h -- Magnolia Ave., Laurel Heights
Hagenson, J., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 724 Austin
Hager, J., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 724 Austin
Hager, John H., furniture, (Hager & Moths), T 457, h 245 Garden
Hager & Moths, (Jno. H. Hager and Anthony H. Moths), furniture, 13 N. Alamo, T 457
Hagey, Dave, carp., h 114 Marshall
Hagey, William, carp., h 114 Marshall
Hagner, Frederick M., collector Singer Mfg. Co., h 25 S. Presa
Hagy Bros., (Lawson W. and David C.), carpenters, contractors and builders, 8 Hill
Hagy, David C., (Hagy Bros.), 4 1905 Buena Vista
Hagy, George W., (Hagy Bros.), h 1848 Buena Vista
Hagy, Hattie D. Mrs., N/A, h 2525 Buena Vista
Hagy, Larson W., carp. (Hagy Bros.), h 1905 Buena Vista
Hagy, William N., carp., b 1848 Buena Vista
Hahn, Albert N/A, b 518 S. Frio
Hahn, Isaac W., slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 249 E. Commerce
Haile, James T., special agent, New York Life Insurance Co., 10 Devine Bldg., h 27 Ave. C
Haines Emil, carp., A. Umscheid, h 16 Barrera
Haines, Joseph, confectioner, G. A. Duerler, h 16 Barrera
Haines, Peter, expressman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 16 Barrera
Haines, William, brtdr., J. W. Wright, h 5 S. Concho
Hainke, Robert, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 228 E. Commerce
Halamuda, Anton, genl merchandise, 415 E. Commerce, T 431, h 419 E. Commerce
Halamuda, Della Miss, saleswoman, S. B. Wood, h 408 E. Commerce
Halamuda, George, brtdr., Albert's saloon, h 408 E. Commerce
Halamuda, Jose Mrs., props., Joe's Saloon, 517 E. Commerce
Halamuda, Mary (wid George), N/A, r 408 E. Commerce
Halbardier, Ada Miss, seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt Factory, r 511 N. Leona
Haldardier, Adeline Miss, seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h 511 N. Leona
Halbardier, Christina, emp., Mrs. P. J. Scully, b 443 Water
Halbardier, Theresa Miss, seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt factory, h 511 N. Leona
Halbedi, Francis M., teacher, science high school, h 75 Marshall
Halbert, James, (c), porter, Riedell & Co., h 407 San Saba
Hale, Neigh J., stockman, h 206 Arcienega
Haleran, William, boilermaker, I. & G. N. roundhouse, b 439 Hidalgo
Haley, John, N/A, h Pennsylvania Ave., between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth, West End
Haley, John W., condr., I & G. N. Ry., h 1019 W. Houston
Halff, Alexander H., cashier, M. Halff & Bro., h 35 Goliad
Halff, M. & Bro., (Mayer and Solomon Halff), wholesale dry goods, boots, shoes and notions, 208 and 210 W. Commerce, T 138
Halff, Mayer, dry goods, boots, shoes, and notions, (M. Halff & Bro.), T138, H 35 Goliad
Halff, Solomon, dry goods, boots, shoes, and notions, (M. Halff & Bro.), T 138, h 42 Goliad, T 497
Hall, Cornelius, porter, I. & G. N. frt. depot, h 515 W. Houston
Hall, Cornelius H., porter, I. & G.N. R. R., h 213 Hidalgo
Hall, E. T., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 408 Burleson
Hall, John, (c), Joske Bros., h 209 Center
Hall, Joseph, (c), porter, Neumann & Icke, h 207 N. Center
Hall, L. S., teamster, lumber yard, h 214 Center
Hall, Lucy Mrs., (c), h 620 N. San Saba
Hall, Maggie Mrs., N/A, h 804 S. Flores
Hall, Samuel, teamster, West End Lumber Co., h 214 Chestnut
Hall, Thomas, (c), b 209 Center
Haller, Mary Mrs., saloon, h 236 Water
Halliday, Clara Mrs., millinery, h 419 Austin
Halter, Joseph, watchmaker, Alexander Sartor, h 505 Live Oak
Haltom, Edmund, attorney at law, (Summerlin, Wise & Halton), h 556 S. Laredo
Hambleton, John T., Real estate, (John T. Hambleton & Co.), h N. Hackberry between Nolan and Burnet
Hambleton, John T.& Co., (John T. Hambleton and David J. Kearney), real estate, 4 E. Commerce, T 176
Hamburg American Steamship packet Co., Hugo & Schmeltzer, Agents. N/A, N/A
Hamburger, Jack, mgr., Chicago Watch and Jewelry Co, b 224 Soledad
Hamilton, Annie Lou Miss, dressmaking, h 398 Maverick
Hamilton, James G., Prof., (Temple & Hamilton), h cor. E. Houston and Navarro
Hamilton, John R., carp., h 398 Maverick
Hamilton, Joseph, compositor, Daily Express and prest. San Antonio Typographical union, h 229 Lafitte
Hamilton, Joseph B., clk., Singer Mfg. Co., h 418 W. Houston
Hamilton, Lizzie A. Miss, dressmaking, h 398 Maverick
Hamilton, Louisa M. Mrs. (wid W. S.), N/A, h 398 Maverick
Hamilton, S. M. Mrs., boarding house, 304 Soledad
Hamilton, Stewart, press feeder, John Routledge, h 708 Olive
Hamilton, William, horse dealer, Charles E. Hicks, b St. Leonard Hotel
Hamilton, William b., district agent, New York Life Insurance Co., b Mahncke Hotel
Hamilton, William G., grading contractor, h cor. Culebra and Hamilton Ave.
Hamilton, William K., clk., R. R. Supply Co., b 304 Soledad
Hammel, Charles A., carp., h cor. Ogden and Cypress
Hammer, George L., foreman lithographic department, Maverick printing house, h 38 South
Hammer, Henry, porter, St. Leonard Hotel b same
Hammer, John P., engraver, Maverick printing house, h 38 South
Hammock, Walter, engr., G. H. & S.A. Ry., h 421 Grand Ave.
Hammond, Benjamin M., trav. slsmn., Lutcher & Moore Lumber Co., h 538 E. Commerce
Hammond, William, carp., h 538 E. Commerce
Hammond, Wisener, clk., genl. office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b311 Oakland
Hampe, August, errand boy, H.Schuchard, h 7 San Pedro Ave.
Hampel, Anton, restaurant, 607 Goliad
Hampton, Nettie Mrs., (wid Washington), N/A, h 614 W. Houston
Hampton, Wade, (c), cleaner, Pullman Palace cars, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 211 Austin
Hampton, Wade M. Jr., Drug clk., b 23 Macon
Hampton, Wade & Co., (Wade Hampton and George Passmore), real estate, 2 W. Commerce, T 344
Hampton, Wade M. Sr., real estate broker (Wade Hampton & Co.), h 23 Macon
Hanaway, Charles, N/A, r 212 S. East
Hand, Ethel Miss, N/A, h 2107 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hand, Leslie B., carpenter's apprentice, R. J. Hand, h 2107 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hand, Raymond J., contractor and builder, h 2107 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hander, Amelia Miss, music teacher, h 210 Villita
Handley, Edwin, (c), h 221 Dawson
Handley, Frank, emp., street car line, h 2 Starr
Hane, Caiphas K., N/A, b 344 Dwyer Ave.
Hanes, Andrew, (c), pipe repairer, San Antonio Gas Co., h 321 N. Leona
Hang, Lee, laundry, h 216 Soledad
Hanlon, John, moulder, San Antonio Foundry Co., b Fest Hotel
Hanna, Lena Miss, cook, August Woelz, h 407 N. Pecos
Hannah, Malcolm M., chief clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 36 Seventh
Hannich, Anton Sr., carriage painter, 210 Elm
Hanning, Josephine Mrs. (wid J. W.), N/A, h -- Soledad
Hannich, Lena Miss, saleswoman, Wolff & Marx, h 210 Elm
Hannig, Louise Mrs., N/A, h 353 Soledad
Hanning, Emil, apprentice, Morgan & Co., N/A,
Hans & Bro., (Eugene and Nicodemus), carps., 307 W. Houston
Hans, Eugene, carp., (Hans & Bro.), r 215 Camden
Hans, Matilda, emp., L. W. Menger, h 10 Bonham
Hans, Nicodemus, carp., (Hans & Bro.), r 307 W. Houston
Hanschke, Robert, editor and prop., Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 221 King William
Hansden, T. P., division shop clk., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1715 Olive
Hansell, Robert C., slsmn., F. T. Johnson & Co., b -- Main Ave.
Hansen, John A., upholsterer, h 604 W. Commerce
Hansen, John F., hide and wool, L. Bergstrom, h cor. Leigh and Eager
Hansen, Robert C., slsmn., F. T. Johnson & Co., r 450 Main Ave.
Hanson, Henry, carp., b 309 Navarro
Hanson, I. J. Mrs., rooms to rent, 327 Ninth
Hanzel, F. L. Mrs., grocery and confectionery, 56 Alamo
Harbert, James, clk., Riedel & Co., h 407 S. San Saba
Hard Times Saloon, H. A. Nohse, prop., N/A, 712 W. Commerce
Harden, Fred. clk., Bradstreet's Merchantile Agency, 1 Kampmann Bldg.
Harden, Frederick W., janitor, Kampmann Bldg., r 19 same
Hardie, Jennie Mrs., dressmaking, h 445 Soledad
Hardin, Benjamin F., carp., h cor. Hidalgo and N. San Marcos
Hardin, Thomas H., porter, Pacific Express Co., h 408 Zavalla
Harding, F., brtdr., J. H. Stricker, h 480 Acequia
Harding, T. H., porter, Pacific Express Co., r 23 W. Commerce
Hardman, Fred, skin dresser, h Cassiano between Nogolitos and creek
Hardman, John, tanner, S. B. Winchell, N/A
Hardwick, William, carp., h 13 N. San Saba
Hardwick, William W., carp., h 2 Beitel
Hardy, Cecil, night clk., Southern Hotel, b same
Hardy, Fred, commission mcht., h 11 S. Pecos
Hardy, Rev. Mr., (c), pastor Second Colored Baptist Church, h 17 S. Center
Hardy, William S., carp., h 1621 Zavalla
Hareng, William, carp., h 12 Center
Hargrove, Edward W., N/A, r 9 Tenth
Haritt, Charles, plasterer, h 1608 W. Commerce
Harlan, John H., real estate, h 414 Maverick
Harlan, Laura M. Miss, dressmaker h 414 Maverick
Harlan, Peyton E., emp., Degen's Brewery, b 414 Maverick
Harland, P., driver, Alamo Brewing Association, N/A
Harley, Daniel, N/A, r 434 Water
Harley, D. L., trav. slsmn., Ronse & Wahlstab, h 422 Ave. D
Harman, Joseph, saloon keeper, h 209 E Nueva
Harman, Julius, clk., b 209 E. Nueva
Harman, Louis J., surveyor, h 208 Hidalgo
Harman, Myrtle Miss, N/A, h 208 Hidalgo
Harmony Club, Arthur Summers, secy., N/A, old post-office bldg., T 231
Harms, Emma Miss, N/A, h 217 Lavaca
Harms, Herman, gent's furnishing goods, 207 Alamo Plaza, h 217 Lavaca
Harn, A. D., N/A, h 37 Fourth
Harn, Robert C., lightning rods, h 310 S. Alamo
Harnish & Baer, (Chas. Harnish and Mrs. C. Baer), confectioners and restauranteurs, cor. Alamo Plaza and Crockett, T 246 and 15 W. Commerce, T 162
Harnish, Charles H., confections and restaurant (Harnish & Baer), T 246, h 22 North
Harnish, Lizzie Mrs., confectioner, Harnish & Baer, h 18 North
Harper, James, (c), carriage driver, maj. J. B. Day, h 206 Cincinnati Ave., West End
Harper, Lysander A., bkpr., h Govt. Hill
Harper, Samuel L., (c), porter, S. A. & A. P. frt depot, h -- Victoria, Newcombville
Harper, Sidney J., machinist, G.H. & S. A. Ry. shop, r 1028 Ave. B
Harper, William I., press feeder, Johnson Bros., h Govt. Hill
Harriell, Euphemia Mrs., N/A, h 249 S. Laredo
Harrigan, William H., train dispatcher, h 917 W. Houston
Harrington, Florence, chambermaid, Southern Hotel, b same
Harrington, Hugh, engr. G.H & S. A. Ry., h 602 Ave. C
Harris, Amanda Miss, (c), cook, Sim Hart, b 25 Goliad
Harris, Anderson, policeman, h 494 Indianola
Harris, Benjamin, emp., street car line, h 2 Starr
Harris, Buckner Rev., pastor Methodist Church (South), h 824 San Pedro Ave.
Harris, Caroline Mrs., (c), h 2 Alley nr. cor. Zavalla and Callaghan
Harris, David, (c), lab., h 823 N. Salado
Harris, David, jeweler, 304 E. Houston, r same
Harris, Evans N., grocer, h 716 Ruiz
Harris, G. E., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 249 Austin
Harris, George, (c), lab., h 316 Plum
Harris, George E., N/A, h 20 Maverick Grove
Harris, James, painter, r 341 Soledad
Harris, James K., mfr. wire fence (W. I. Harris & Son), h 325 S. Flores
Harris, J. C., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 316 Austin
Harris, Jerome, mgr., Chicago and Alton Live Stock Agency, h 827 Ave. C
Harris, John M., paper hanger, b 413 Soledad
Harris, John W., boarding house, 309 Fourth
Harris, Maisey Miss, N/A, h cor. N. Soledad and Leal
Harris, Mary Mrs., washwoman, h 706 N. Flores
Harris, Mattie, (c), h 413 N. San Saba
Harris, Sam S., paper hanger and decorator, B. C. Riely & Co., h -- N. Flores
Harris, Texana, (c), h 416 S. Concho
Harris, W. A. Jr., stenographer, Francis Smith & Co., h 236 S. Alamo
Harris, Washington I., mfr. wire fence, W. I. Harris & Son, h 325 S. Flores
Harris, W. I. & Son, (Washington I. Harris and James K. Harris), wire fence mfg., 220 S. Flores
Harris, William N/A, 20 Maverick Grove
Harris, William L., physician and surgeon, h 413 Soledad
Harris, William R., engr., Alamo Steam Laundry, 228 Dolorosa
Harris, W. S., bkpr., M. F. McLaurin, b Southern Hotel
Harrison, Charles, teamster, h Ruiz cor. N. San Jacinto
Harrison, George, driver, Pacific Express Co., r 23 W. Commerce
Harrison, George, (c), driver, h rear 316 Fifth
Harrison, John T., druggist, Cunningham's pharmacy, h 494 N. Flores
Harrison, Julia Mrs., (c), h 229 S. Laredo
Harrison, Lucy, (c), h 201 Salinas
Harrison, T. S., attorney at law, 10 Soledad, h 33 S. Presa
Harrison, William, N/A, h 413 S. San Saba
Harrison, William, (c), lab, h 201 Salinas
Harriss, William L., grocery and beer saloon, (Manire & Harris), r 497 N. San Saba
Hart, A., Emmett, compositor, Daily Express, h 182 Ninth
Hart, Ernest, brtdr., Acme Saloon, h 29 Belvin
Hart, George, carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h cor. Crockett and Alamo
Hart, Lawrence J., real estate (Lambeth & Hart), b Menger Hotel
Hart, Mary Miss, N/A, h 29 Belvin
Hart, Nathan, slsmn., M. Halff & Bro., h 320 Augusta
Hart, Sim, cigars and tobacco, 21 Alamo Plaza, T459 and 307 Main Plaza, h 25 Goliad
Harte, Annie Miss, dining room girl, Alamo Sanitarium, b 10 Elm
Harte, S. A. Mrs., cook, Alamo Sanitarium, b 10 Elm
Hartenstein, Richard, tinner, h 406 North
Hartfield, David, lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 605 Crockett
Hartman, Albert W., agt., Texas Trade Journal, r 405 St. Mary
Hartman, Herman, baker, Wm. Zizelmann, h 319 E. Commerce
Hartung, Adolph W., bkpr. and cashier, George Dullnig, h 19 Lafitte
Hartung, Julius, head porter, Goldfrank, Frank & Co., h 439 Water
Hartwell, Annie E. Mrs. (wid Charles), N/A, h 204 Dallas
Hartwell, George H. real estate (Rucker, Hartwell, & Co.), h 204 Dallas
Hartwig, Albert, clk., A. B. Frank & Co., h 9 Sherman
Harvey, Clem, porter, Collins & Peck, h 9 Sherman
Harvey, Howard T., (c), drayman, r S. Lavaca between labor and Plum
Harvey, John H., (c), h 714 Ruiz
Harry, Nathaniel A., auctioneer, Burt Ashford, h 28 Pecan
Harward, Ilias N. Mrs., dressmaker, h 507 Austin
Harwell, Cally C., molder, San Antonio Foundry Co., b Yoakum Hotel
Harwell & Daffin, (James W. Harwell and Marcus L. Daffin), cancer doctors, 228 Dolorosa
Harwell, James W., cancer doctor, (Harwell & Daffin), h 326 Devine
Hasenburg, Fritz, slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 218 Losoya
Haskell, J. T., twenty-third infantry U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Haskell, William Jr., clk., Alamo Cement Co., h 18 Belvin
Haskin, Larkin, (c), driver, Nic Tengg, h 226 Crockett
Haskins, Belle, (c), h 19 N. Pecos
Haskins, Emma, (c), r Wyoming nr S. Walnut
Haskins, James Jr., (c), h 216 N. Walnut
Haskins, James Sr., (c), groceries, cor Crockett and N. Cherry, h 216 N. Walnut
Haskins, Sandy, (c), lab., h 216 N. Walnut
Haskins, Stephen, (c), teamster, r 317 N. Center
Haskins, William, (c), lab., r 209 N. Cherry
Hasley, George, (c), waiter, Menger Hotel, h 201 Center
Hass, Edward, cabinetmkr., h 10 South
Hass, G. R., baker and confectioner, h 38 N. Flores
Hasselbauer, Charles, baker, Wm. L. Richter, h cor. S. Laredo and S. East
Hasselbauer, Edward, baker, Wm. L. Richter, h cor. S. Laredo and S. East
Hassett, David S., machinist, Aransas Pass R. R., h 7 Herff
Hastings, Louis, bookbinder, Maverick Printing House, h 257 Commerce
Hastings, William, blacksmith, J. B. Hurd, h Grand Hotel
Hatch, Charles J., grocer, 601 Ave. C, h 502 Ave. C
Hathaway, C., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 315 Austin
Hathaway, Charles E., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h 1510 Pine
Hathaway, Charles T., carp., b 1031 San Fernando
Hathaway, Frank E., compositor, Daily Times, h 1031 San Fernando
Hathaway, George C., plumber's apprentice, Shafer & Braden, h 1031 San Fernando
Hathaway, Gilbert B., grocer, h 1031 San Fernando
Hathaway, Thomas D., mail route agt., b Alamo Flats
Hatley, William S., real estate, h 58 Mill
Hatton, Daisy Miss, N/A, h 204 Hidalgo
Hatton, Daniel M., N/A, h 204 Hidalgo
Hatton, William C., tinner, August Peters, h 204 Hidalgo
Hatton, W. W., stenographer, Chas. W. Ogden, h cor. Travis and St. Mary
Haubold, Hermann, tanner, currier, etc., 284 S. Laredo
Hauck, Joseph, bottling works, Alamo Brewery, h 206 Lavaca
Hauck, Joseph M., carp., h 910 Ave. D
Haueisen, Alfred, slsmn., Wolff & Marx, h 25 Rusk
Haueisen, Mary Miss, N/A, h 25 Rusk
Haueisen, Mary C. Mrs. (wid Frederic C.), N/A, h 25 Rusk
Haueisen, Otto W., asst. Division shop clk., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 25 Rusk
Hauer, George, grocer, h 212 S. Presa
Hauer, Louis, N/A, h 320 Soledad
Haufler, Mary Mrs., seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h 603 Ave. D
Hauger, Matthias, carp., h 20 Live Oak
Haukes, James B., emp., B. F. Trester, b 417 San Pedro Ave.
Haupt, Gustav, carp., San Antonio Brewing Association, N/A
Haus, Alphonse, machinist, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 513 Dallas
Hauser, Anton, stonecutter, h 304 Crockett
Hauser, Christian, concert garden and saloon, cor. Bowie and Crockett
Hauser, Christiana, Mrs., florist, h 304 Crockett
Hauser, George H., engr., G. H & S. A. Ry., r N. Cherry between Burleson and Sherman
Hauser, Nettie Miss, N/A, b 202 S. Concho
Hauser, Peter D., florist, h 381 Burnett
Hauser's Concert Gardens, C. Hauser, Prop., N/A, cor. Bowie and Crockett
Housmann, Ernest, carp., h 339 Fredericksburg Road
Hausmann, G., president, Lone Star Brewing Co., N/A
Haven, Leslie, N/A, b cor. Austin and Grayson
Hawk, Edward, carp., h 401 Grand Ave.
Hawkins, Edward F., carp., h 818 N. Comal
Hawkins, Houston, porter, Little Red Brick Saloon, r 432 W. Houston
Hawkins, H. S., Lieut. Col., Twenty-third Infantry U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Hawkins, William E., condr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 307 N. Leona
Hawkins, William H., tailor, G. A. Gibbons, r 228 Blum
Hawkins, William W., painter, b 109 Oak
Hawley, M., slsmn., Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., h -- Pecos
Hayes, Frederick R., contractor, h 5 Devine
Hayes, John, fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h W Commerce nr. Comal
Hayes, Richard H., messenger, Wells, Fargo Express Co., h 24 Omaha
Haymaker, Jeffie W., lodging house, 210 Nueva
Haynes, Thomas, attorney at law and notary public, 50 Kampmann Bldg., b 404 King William
Hays, Agnes Miss, N/A, h 1525 W. Houston
Hays, Isaac, N/A, h 474 N. Flores
Hays, James M., physician and surgeon, h 227 Lafitte, T 399
Hays, John, fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1525 W. Houston
Hays, Lucy, (c), h 322 Ninth
Hays, R. L., Dentist, 29 W. Commerce, h 21 Kentucky Ave., West End
Haywood, Charles, (c), expman., h 807 N. Frio
Haywood, Charles, (c), fireman, Lone Star Brewery, h 508 N. Pecos
Haywood, Ellen (c), washwoman, h 756 N. Flores
Haywood, Hattie Miss, (c), h 807 N. Frio
Haywood, Izzy Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h Starr nr. Live Oak
Haywood, Jonas, (c), r 537 Crockett
Haywood, Samuel, (c), teamster h 765 N. Flores
Haywood, Sarah, (c), washing and Ironing, h 315 Fourth
Haywood, Sarah Miss, (c), washing and ironing, h Starr nr. Live Oak
Hazelton, C. C., agent, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., r cor. Houston and Ave. D
Heacock, Joseph N/A, h 1730 W. Commerce
Headquarters Dept. of Texas, Brig-General D. S. Stanley, commanding, N/A, Govt. Hill, T67
Heape, C. T. Miss, dressmaker, b 219 Blum
Heard, C. M., condr., G. H. & S. A., Ry., h 630 Ave. B
Heard, David W., real estate, 4 Devine Bldg., h 616 N. Flores
Heard, J. W., first lieutenant, Third Cavalry U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Heberer, Charles, emp., J. E. Mugge & Co., h 524 E. Commerce
Heberer, George, clk., A. Heusinger, h 52 E. Commerce
Heberer, William, clk., Tipps & Haarmann, h 524 E. Commerce
Hebgen, Adolph G., N/A, b 9 San Pedro Ave.
Hebgen, Bertha Mrs. (wid Geo. L.), N/A, h 9 San Pedro Ave.
Hebgen, Elizabeth Miss, N/A, h 9 San Pedro Ave.
Hebgen, Lizzie Miss, teacher, public school No. 1, h 9 San Pedro Ave.
Hebgen, Otto F., collector, Water Works Co., h 9 San Pedro Ave.
Heck, John, hostler, O. T. & N. Bastian, b 28 N. Flores
Heck, Marion F., bkpr., Alamo Iron Works, h 21 Goliad
Heckmann, Carnilla Mrs. (wid John), N/A, h cor. Plum and Iowa
Heckmann, William G., foreman, Daily Times composing room, h cor. Plum and Iowa
Heder, Daniel, cotton gin, 408 S. Laredo
Hefferman, F., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 10 Tenth
Hefflin, Rudolph, carp., h 413 Dallas
Hefner, August, carp., h 590 Hidalgo
Hefti, Henry P., slsmn, Nic Tengg, h 217 Sixth
Hehn, John, bricklayer, h -- Rehmann
Hehn, Joseph, candymaker, G. A. Duerler, h 16 Barrera
Hehn, William, emp., G. A. Duerler, h 16 Barrera
Heidemann, M., stamps, stencils, etc. (Heidemann Mfg. Co.), h 24 Acequia
Heidemann Mfg. Co., (M. Heidemann and Selig Deutschmann), stamps, stencils, etc., 7 Acequia
Heider, Edward, carp., h -- Medina
Heidrich, Adolph R., N/A, h 303 Nolan
Heil, Leonard A., real estate and fire insurance, (Heil & Schmidt), h 115 Marshall
Heil & Schmidt, (L. A. Heil and Wm. Schmidt), real estate and insurance agents, 9 E. Houston
Heilbron, Albert, prescription clk., H. A. Blair, h 318 E. Commerce
Heilbron, Louis, slsmn., Joske Bros., b 12 N. Presa
Heilig, Alexandra Miss, N/A, h 38 Camargo
Heilig, Emil, shipping clk., Ronse & Wahlstab, h 223 Salinas
Heilig, Ferdinand, trav. slsmn., A. Heusinger, h 223 Salinas
Heilig, Frederick L., clk., A. Heusinger, h 223 Salinas
Heilig, Richard W., shipping clk., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 223 Salinas
Heiligmann, Henry, N/A, h 20 Camargo
Heiligmann, Herman, clk, Recorder's court, h 20 Camargo
Heiligmann, Minnie Mrs., N/A, h 20 Camargo
Heilman, Julius, peddling dry goods, h 318 Fifth
Heimann, Silva, genl. agt., The Edgewood Distilling Co., b 316 E. Houston
Heimsath & Bro., (C. H. & E. G.), contractors and builders, West End
Heimsath, Charles H., contractor and builder (Heimsath Bros.), b 1002 N. San Marcos
Heimsath, Ernest G., contractor and builder, (Heimsath Bros.), h 1002 N. San Marcos
Hein, Henry, car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 14 Nevada
Heinch, William, emp., G.A. Duerler, h 22 King William
Heinrich, George, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 23 South
Heinsch, Wilhelm, emp., G. A> Duerler, h 207 Camargo
Heintzelmman, Adolph, cooper, San Antonio Brewing Association, b 217 Oak
Heitgen, Anna B. Mrs.. midwife, h 817 E. Houston
Heitgen, John A., prop., Lone Star Bakery and Grocery, 38 N. Flores, h same
Heitgen, Hermann, slsmn., J. W. Crate and Co., h 817 E. Houston
Heitgen, Philip, N/A, h 513 S. Concho
Helbit, Gustav, lab., Harnish & Baer, h 263 Water
Hellemans, G. & Co., (Gustav Hellemans and M. Cohen), wool dealers, cor Military Plaza and Dolorosa, T 204
Hellemans, Gustav, wool (G. Hellemans & Co.), T204, h 148 Romana
Helman, B. J., bkpr., R. W. Lay & Co., h 648 N. Flores
Helman, George W., boiler mkr., G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shops, h322 Burleson
Helmholtz, Frank, restaurant, 22 Galan, H 14 Pecan
Helmly, Baldus, lab., h 1299 N. Laredo
Helmly, Nicholas, N/A, h 1299 N. Laredo
Hely, Kate M. Miss, fancy work, notions and intelligence office, 14 N. Alamo
Hempel, H., N/A., b 261 Garden
Henagher, Simon, blacksmith, M. Pigott, h 201 Soledad
Henderson, Edward P., machinist, h 15 Hidalgo
Henderson, Emma V. Mrs., boarding house, 509 Ave. D
Henderson, Henrietta, (c), emp., Dr. E. M. Shaw, h 539 N. Flores
Henderson, Henry, emp., Abraham & Smith, r 322 Acequia
Henderson, James M., slsmn., h 509 Ave. D
Henderson, J. H., boiler mkr., G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 918 Ave. D
Henderson, Joseph M., stenographer, Louisiana Lumber Co., h 509 Ave. D
Henderson, Mary J., (c), h 711 Ruiz
Henderson, Sallie, (c), h 444 Camaron
Henderson, Samuel, (c), porter, Texas National Bank, h 804 S. San Saba
Henderson, Theodore, (c), blacksmith, S. Bumbrey, h 40 Sanchez
Henderson, Thomas H., fireman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 1613 W. Commerce
Henderson, Willis, lab., h 721 Austin
Henifee, John, hackman, Frederick Steiner, N/A
Henkel, Conrad, driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 209 Walnut
Hennessy, James T., machinist apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 207 Augusta
Hennessy, M. A., N/A, h 318 Fifth
Hennessy, Thomas B., emp., Joseph Sheern, h 23 Mill
Hennessy, William H., second asst. city marshal, h 207 Augusta
Henney, Burt, engr., G. H. S. A. Ry., b 912 Ave. C
Henney, E. B., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 912 Ave. C
Henry, Bird Miss, N/A, h 446 N. Laredo
Henry, Charles, (c), emp., Alamo Cement Co., h -- Yndo
Henry, Dick, N/A, h 446 N. Laredo
Henry, Edgar, engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 446 N. Laredo
Henry, Frank, trav. man., b 341 Soledad
Henry, John, N/A, h 1139 S. Laredo
Henry, Joseph, grocer, 19 Military Plaza, h 583 S. Flores
Henry, Michael, hostler, Eugene Dooley, h cor. Chavez and N. Pecos
Henry, Miles N/A, h 318 Fifth
Henry, Wesley, (c), lab., h 799 Jackson
Henry, Wesley, driver, J. T. Brown & Co., h 795 Jackson
Henry, William, N/A, h cor. St. Mary and Pecan
Henschkel, William L., cement, h cor. Jackson and Utica
Hense, August, musician, h 618 N. San Saba
Hensel, Fritz, painter, h 1012 N. Cherry
Hensel, Henry, waiter, Harnish & Baer, h -- South
Henson, Fred, bottler, San Antonio Brewing Association, b Brewing boarding house
Henson, Hans, R. R. contractor, h 679 N. Flores
Hensley, Alexander D., paints, oils and wall paper, (A. T. Hensley & Sons), T 179, h 796 N. Flores
Hensley, Alexander T., paints, oils and wall paper, ( A. T. Hensley & Sons), T 179, h 796 N. Flores
Hensley, A. T. & Sons, (Alexander T., Frank A., and Alexander D.), paints, oils, and wall paper, 212 Soledad, T 179
Hensley, Frank A., paints, oils, and wall paper, (A. T. Hensley & Sons), T 179, h 804 N. Flores
Hensley & Koffroth Mfg. Co., (F. A. Hensley, secy and treas, C. G. Kofroth, general mgr.), scroll sawing, turning, etc., 804 N. Flores
Hensley, Merl M., clk., A. T. Hensley & Sons), h 796 N. Flores
Henson, John, night watchman, U. S. arsenal, h 327 Ninth
Heonnichman, Marie, chambermaid, Mahncke Hotel, r same
Herald, Nancy Mrs., N/A, h 4 Virginia
Herberich, Anna M. Miss, N/A, h 723 S. Pecos
Herbsleb, Reinhold, mcht. tailor, 601 Austin
Herbsleb, William, tailor, R. Herbsleb, h 601 Austin
Herff, Adolph, physician and surgeon, 507 W. Commerce, h 312 Ave. C
Herff, Augustus A., bkpr., Dr. F.Herff, h 707 Main Ave.
Herff, Charles A., solicitor, Alamo Fire Insurance Co., h 308 E. Houston
Herff, Ferdinand Jr., city treasurer and asst. cashier, San Antonio National Bank, h 306 Ave. C
Herff, Ferdinand Sr., physician and surgeon and chairman, Board of Health, h 308 E.Houston
Herff, William L., (B. C. Riely & Co.), bkpr., San Antonio National bank, h --San Pedro Ave.
Herger, Herman P., traveling slsmn., h 217 Madison
Hergst, John, N/A, h 43 Goliad
Herlinger, William, N/A, h 18 Victoria
Hermann, Ernst, carp., Alamo Iron Works N/A,
Hermann, Frank, turner, Snodgrass & Cade, h 33 Dallas
Hermann, Gregory Sr., N/A, h cor. W. Houston and N. Medina
Hermann, John, carp., h 323 Camargo
Hermann, Joseph, saloon, 305 S. Alamo, h 209 E. Nueva
Hermann, Julius, brkpr., Joe Hermann, h 209 E. Nueva
Hermann, Napoleon, N/A, h cor. W. Houston and N. Medina
Hermann, Paul, blacksmith and wheelwright, h cor. N. San Saba and Morales
Hermann, Waldemar, packer, San Antonio Brewing Association, b -- Alamo Plaza
Hermanos, Teresa Mrs., N/A, h Callaghan, Carr Hill
Hernandez, A., emp., Water Works Co., h head of San Antonio River
Hernandez, Adela, N/A, b 340 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Adolph L., slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 241 Soledad
Hernandez, Antonio, butcher, h 525 Ruiz
Hernandez, Antonio Mrs., N/A, h 349 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Ascension (wid), N/A, h between N. Frio and N. Leona
Hernandez, Basilio, lab., h between N. Brazos and Ruiz
Hernandez, Bell, dressmaker, b 349 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Bernardina, lab., h 316 N. Laredo
Hernandez, Blas, saddler, Chas. J. Langholz, h 601 S. Concho
Hernandez, Christopher, coachman, G. S. Chabot, b 403 Madison
Hernandez, Clavino, N/A, h 2 Castro
Hernandez, Doreteo, stockman, h 2 Castro
Hernandez, Edward, brtdr., "Mike and Joe" Saloon, h 601 S. Concho
Hernandez, Edwardo, lab., h 3 Morales
Hernandez, Eluterio, N/A, r 612 W. Houston
Hernandez, Feliciano, shoemaker, h 210 Durango
Hernandez, Feliciano, teamster, Pauly & Dielmann, N/A
Hernandez, Gabriel, brtdr., H. Wulff, r French Bldg.
Hernandez, Guadalupa, carp., h 103 San Luis
Hernandez, Jesus, brtdr., Santos Leal Sr., h 328 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Jesus H., wagon mfr., h 241 Soledad
Hernandez, Jesusa, N/A, h 626 W. Commerce
Hernandez, John, lab., b 216 Matamoras
Hernandez, Jose, butcher, A. Ruhnke, r same
Hernandez, Jose, N/A, h 319 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Juan, hackdriver, h 601 S. Concho
Hernandez, Juan, N/A, h 525 Ruiz
Hernandez, Juana Mrs., N/A, h 710 N. Frio
Hernandez, Julia, N/A, h 401 Perez
Hernandez, Lupe Mrs., dressmaker, r 601 S. Concho
Hernandez, Marcidonio, N/A, h 415 S. Concho
Hernandez, Marcileona Miss, N/A, r 232 East
Hernandez, Mariano H., barber shop, 219 S. Flores
Hernandez, Miguel, N/A, h 426 S. Laredo
Hernandez, Pedro, N/A, h 716 S. Pecos
Hernandez, Ramon, N/A, h 319 S. Laredo
Herndon, Henry W., N/A, h 419 N. Flores
Herndon, Herbert T., bkpr., M. Castinola & Son, h 419 N. Flores
Heron, Levy, N/A, b 1033 San Fernando
Heron, Tomas, N/A, b 1033 San Fernando
Herpel, Fred, meat market, h 535 E. Commerce
Herpel, William, meat market, Ave. D and Ninth, h 113 Union
Herrera, Antonio, deputy sheriff, N/A
Herrera, Bentura, saddler, h between N. San Saba and Pecos
Herrera, Blase, lab, b 221 Garden
Herrera, Gregorio, shoemaker, Chavez & Cardona, h cor. N. San Marcos and W. Houston
Herrera, Jesus, lab., h between S. Colorado and S. Brazos
Herrera, John, lab., h 221 Garden
Herrera Juan, saddler, r 221 Garden
Herrera, Lorenzo, slsmn., J. A. Subira, h 216 S. East
Herrera, Manuel, tailor, B. Smith & Son., r 44 W. Commerce
Herrera, Pauline, laundress, Texas Steam Laundry, h 219 Losoya
Herrera, Santiago, stonemason, r 221 Garden
Herrera, Trinidad, N/A, h 607 San Fernando
Herrera, Ventura, saddler, Brackett & Dean, h 213 San Fernando
Herring, Henry H., N/A, h San Jacinto, Carr Hill
Herrmann, Gregory, N/A, r cor W. Houston and N. Medina
Herrmann, Joseph, blacksmith, h 506 Dallas
Herrmann, Paul, wheelwright, h 603 N. San Saba
Herron, W. W., attorney at law, notary public and justice of the peace, precinct No. 1, h 313 North
Hertwig, Julius, traveling slsmn., George Koerner, h 224 Martin
Hertzberg, Edward F., physician and surgeon, h 213 Arcienega
Hertzberg, Eliezer, Jeweler and Optician, 279 W. Commerce, h 43 Macon
Hertzberg, Hans R., law student, h 223 Arciniega
Hertzberg, Theodore R., asst. editor, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 213 Arcineiga
Hertzfeldt, Edward, tailor, G. A. Gibbons, b 411 W. Houston
Hertzog, Carl, charcoal peddler, h Garza bet. Seventeenth and Eighteenth, West End
Herweck, Hermann, clk., M. Herweck, h 411 Live Oak
Herweck, Michael, paints, oils, and glass, 12 N. Alamo, h 411 Live Oak
Herzig, Joseph, driver, C. H. Guenther & Sons, h 4 Guenther
Heskin, Sandy, (c), driver, Ed Steves & Sons, h 216 Walnut
Heskins, James, (c), teamster, Martin & Schryver, h 411 Live Oak
Heskins, William W., yardman, Calcasieu Lumber Yard, h 209 Cherry
Hess, William, foreman, stock yards, S. P. R. R., N/A
Hess, Frank J. Jr., N/A, h 412 Goliad
Hess, Frank J. Sr., carp., h 412 Goliad
Hessler, Ernest, N/A, r cor. Third and Taylor
Hettler, Joseph, blacksmith, Louis & Gembler, h 315 N. East
Hettler, Michael, harness maker, Ramsey & Ford, h 315 N. East
Heubaum, A. & Bro., (A. Heubaum and Fred Heubaum), genl. mdse., 416 E. Commerce
Heubaum, August, genl. mdse., (A. Heubaum & Son), h 433 Water
Heubaum, Fred, genl. mdse., (A. Heubaum & Bro.), h 431 Water
Heubaum, Mary, N/A, h 435 Water
Heuermann, Charles, grocer, 231 Alamo Plaza, T 366, h 451 Water
Heuermann, Emma Miss., N/A, h 1 8 Barrera
Heuermann, George, architect, h 18 Barrera
Heuermann, Herman, engineer's dept., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 18 Barrera
Heueermann, Lina Miss, N/A, h 18 Barrera
Heuermann, Louis, law student, Houston Bros., h 18 Barrera
Heuermann, Paula Mrs., N/A, h 453 Water
Heuermann, William, wholesale grocer, (Hugo and Schmeltzer), h 18 Barrera
Heuschkel, Christian, teamster, b 1012 Camaron
Heuschkel, William L., clk., Alamo Cement Co., h 18 Belvin
Heusinger, Adolph Jr., slsmn., A. Heusinger, h 315 King William
Heusinger, Adolph Sr., Stoves and hardware, 21 and 23 Military Plaza, T 249, h 315 King William
Heusinger, Edward W., slsmn., A. Heusinger, h 315 King William
Heusinger, Emma Miss, teacher, public schools, h 315 King William
Heutzler, Anton, stockman, h 206 Lavaca
Hewitt, Albert S., clk., M. J. Hewitt, h 14 Kingsbury
Hewitt, Alfred O., slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 446 N. Flores
Hewitt, Carment Mrs. (wid Ira Sr.), N/A, h 446 N. Flores
Hewitt, Ira R., real estate, h Acequia between Rodriguez and Salinas
Hewitt, Mortimer J., cigars and tobacco, 25 Alamo Plaza, 3 and 5 W. Commerce, h cor. Crockett and Bowie
Hewitt, R. R., porter, Pacific Exp. Co., b -- Austin
Heye, Diedrich, harness and saddlery, 17 W. Commerce, T 208, h 313 Seventh
Heye, Gerhard, saddler, D. Heye, h 313 Seventh
Heye, Gustav, saddler, D. Heye, h 313 Seventh
Heyer, George, bkpr., Souther Hotel, h -- East
Heyl, C. H., 1st Lieut., Twenty-third Infantry, U.S.A., h Govt. Hill
Hibernian House, (The), Thos. J. Davis, prop., N/A, 206 Acequia
Hice, Cornelius B., foreman car shop, I. & G. N. Ry., h W. Houston nr Alazan Creek
Hickey, Richard M., real estate, h 616 Chestnut
Hickman, James P. Jr., hotel keeper (Jones, Hickman, and Timmer), Southern Hotel
Hickman, James P. Sr., capitalist, h 718 Ave. C
Hickman, Laura Miss, N/A, h 718 Ave. C
Hickman, Mary Miss, N/A, h 718 Ave. C
Hickman, Robert, clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 718 Ave. C
Hicks, Benjamin W., (c), boiler maker helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 220 S. Center
Hicks, Charles, (c), waiter, Menger Hotel, r 201 Zavalla
Hicks, Charles E., horse and carriage repository, 334 S. Flores, b Commercial Hotel
Hicks & Culberson, (E. M. Hicks and R. U. Culberson), attorneys at law, 14 Kampmann Bldg., T 551
Hicks, E. M., attorney at law (Hicks & Culberson), 14 Kampmann Bldg., h 3187 Main Ave.
Hicks, Francis M., physician and surgeon, cor. Houston and Ave. C, h 187 Main Ave.
Hicks, Robert, (c), porter, Solomon Deutsch & Co., N/A
Hiener, William, city sexton and undertaker, 210 E. Commerce, T 341, h 233 Crockett
Hiesser, Theodore, meat market, S. Flores between Cevallos and railroad
Higdon, David E., butcher, J. A. Breedlove & Co., h -- Brazos
Higgins, Catharine H. Mrs., N/A, h 215 Fourth
Higgins, Ezra, waiter, Manchke Hotel, b same
Higgins, Katie Miss, opr. Telephone Exchange, h 215 Fourth
Higgins, Maggie Miss, chief opr., Telegraph and Telephone Exchange, h 215 Fourth
Higgins, Michael E., carp., h 1018 E. Paso
Hightower, James, (c), porter, Bowsky's Parlors, h 458 Cameron
Hilbert, George T., cashier, I. & G. N. frt. office, h 601 Augusta
Hilburn, Joseph, clk., L. Warshaw, h 422 Bowie
Hildebrand, George, (c), cook, Hibernian House, b 204 Acequia
Hildebrand, H. Elbert, abstractor, (Hildebrand & Stribling), h 318 Pecan
Hildebrand, John, emp., Ed. Steves & Sons, h 537 E. Commerce
Hildebrand & Stribling, (H. E. Hildebrand and B. A. Stribling), abstractors, 237 W. Commerce
Hildebrand, Virginia M. Mrs. (wid William), N/A, h 342 Soledad
Hiley, William, saloon keeper, cor. Nolan and Walnut, h 425 Nolan
Hilger, William J., trav. slsmn., Ronse and Wahlstab, h 612 Ave. E
Hilgers, George, tailor shop, 314 Third, h same
Hilgers, Otto W., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 512 Ave. B
Hill, Alice Mrs., dressmaking, 4 W. Commerce, b 231 E. Houston
Hill, Annie Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 210 Chestnut
Hill, Charles C., locating civil engr., h Colorado Ave. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, West End
Hill, Charles Jr., clk., Sim Hart, h 10 Hesler Alley
Hill, Charles Sr., emp., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 10 Hesler Alley
Hill, Douglas, painter, h 11 Nevada
Hill, Emma Mrs., (c), nurse, h 311 Water
Hill, E. M. Mrs., nurse, h 710 Live Oak
Hill, Flora Miss, actress, Washington Theater, r 10 Salinas
Hill, Gipson, bootblack, D. Williams, h 820 Chestnut
Hill, John, N/A, b 357 S. Flores
Hill, Mary Mrs., seamstress, h 321 N. Leona
Hill, Mary A. Mrs., N/A, h 22 Hill
Hill, Mary E. Mrs., N/A, h Colorado Ave. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, West End
Hill, Mattie, cook, h 339 S. Flores
Hill & Palmer, N/A, cotton dealers, Yturri nr. W. Commerce, T 134
Hill, Price, (c), saloon porter, Washington Saloon, h 312 S. Frio
Hill, Thomas, blacksmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 219 Oak
Hill, William, hackdriver, Francis Vogel, h 315 Seventh
Hill, William H., carp., h -- Fest
Hillar, J. M., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 320 Austin
Hillebrant, Oliver C., stockman, h 661 N. Flores
Hillenbrand, Charles, boarding house, San Antonio Brewing Association, H Brewery Ave.
Hillert, Charles, brtdr., San Pedro Springs Saloon, h San Pedro Park
Hilliard, Edward W., bench hand and carver, Pacific Planing Mill, b 497 N. Flores
Hilliard, Ellen W. Mrs., grocery, 645 S. Flores
Hilliard, P. de L., mgr., Ellerslie Cash Grocery, 645 S. Flores
Hilt & Co., (Geo. W. Hutcheson and Geo. A. Hilt), boots and shoes, 248 W. Commerce
Hilton, Winthrop E., notary public and real estate, 11 Soledad, T 316, h Dakota nr. Pine, T 504
Hinckle, Henry, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 917 Ave. D
Hines, Charles, (c), emp., Twohig's Bank, h 417 Quincy
Hines, Consa Mrs., N/A, h cor. Buena Vista and Nueva
Hines, George R., loan broker, 15 Kampmann Bldg., b 903 San Pedro Ave.,
Hines, Harry C., railroad tickets, 326 E. Houston, h 903 San Pedro Ave.
Hines, John F., physician and surgeon, 36 W. Commerce, T 194, h 310 Goliad
Hinfey, John, hackdriver, F. Steiner r 418 Seventh
Hinfey, Mary Mrs., N/A, h218 Third
Hinton, William, cook, h 24 N. East
Hinz, Emil, saloon keeper, 202 and 204 Market
Hirshberg, Morris L., slsmn., L. Wolfson, N/A
Hirt, Rudolph, brewer, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Hisser, Teodan, meat market, stall Main Market
Ho, Lee, Chinese store, 35 Soledad
Hoare, Alfred, emp., City Brewery, h 306 Sixth
Hoare, Annie Mrs., N/A, h 306 Sixth
Hoare, Louis, emp., City Brewery, h 306 Sixth
Hoare, William H., N/A, r 306 Sixth
Hoarel, Fred W., lithograph transferer, Maverick Printing House, b 314 Fifth
Hobbs, Allie Miss, N/A, h 614 Ave. D
Hockett, Daniel, traveling agt., b 323 E. Houston
Hockett, D. Earnest, clk., Florian, Richardson, & Beall, h 323 E. Houston
Hockett, Mary F. Mrs., boarding house, 323 E. Houston, T 35
Hodger, Frank, driver, Froboese & Santleben
Hodges, Charles F., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1517 W. Houston
Hodges, Henrietta, (c), cook, W. R. Wallace, h 1001 W. Commerce
Hodges, Jason, compositor, Daily Express, h 407 Nacogdoches
Hodges, Lyman S., carp., h 506 N. Pecos
Hodgman, James, slsmn., L. Wolfson, b 224 Soledad
Hoefgen, Charles, bookbinder, Maverick Printing House, h 314 Seventh
Hoefgen, Henry, brtdr., San Pedro Springs, h 314 Seventh
Hoefgen, Peter Jr, clk., Wm. L. Hoefgen, h 314 Seventh
Hoefgen, Peter Sr., carp., C. C. Boelhauwe, h 314 Seventh
Hoefgen, William F., cigar and news dealer, 316 E. Houston, h 316 Seventh
Hoeflech, Jospehine Mrs., midwife, h 5 South
Hoefling & Co., (William Sr. and William Jr.), meat market, 1630 W. Commerce, T 532
Hoefling, Henry, butcher, Wm. Hoefling & Son, h 215 Fifth
Hoefling, William Jr., meat market ( W. Hoefling & Son), T 532, h 215 Fifth
Hoefling, William & Son, (William Sr. and William Jr.), fish, oysters, and game depot, 511 Ave. C, T 289
Hoefling, William Sr., meat market (W. Hoefling & Son), T 289, h 215 Fifth
Hoefting, Charles, binder, Maverick Printing House, h 314 Seventh
Hoehne, Oscar, bkpr., Mayer & Schmelter, h Mission Concepcion Road
Hoeke, Henry G., brtdr., Albert's Saloon, h 220 Obraje
Hoenig, Arthur, N/A, h 12 Lafitte
Hoerner, Kaspar, druggist, Ragland and Co., h cor. Presa and Alamo
Hof, John, blacksmith, S. Seffel, h 715 Ave. E
Hofeld, Ivan, slsman., L. Wolfson, h -- Dwyer Ave.
Hoff, Amanda, chambermaid, Southern Hotel, b same
Hoff, John, carp., h 309 Goliad
Hoffman, August, gardener, John Hoffmann, h Rock Quarry Road nr. N. city limits
Hoffman, Charles E., hackdriver, Fritz Steiner, h 410 Nolan
Hoffman, H. C. Rev., pastor, German M. E. Church, h 228 Villita
Hoffman, John, gardener, h Rock Quarry Road, nr. N. city limits
Hoffman, Louis, butcher, W. Matthias, b 1233 S. Presa
Hoffman, Mary Mrs., N/A, h 17 Victoria
Hoffman, William, driver job wagon, h Ruiz nr. San Jacinto
Hofheinz, Edmund J., bkpr., R. J. Hofheinz, r Adams House
Hofheinz, Edward L., with R. J. Hofheinz, N/A, h 471 N. Flores
Hofheinz, Hugo, clk., R. J. Hofheinz, h 471 N. Flores
Hofheinz, Rudolph J., agricultural implements and hardware, 316 Military Plaza, T 227, h 9 Travis
Hogan, Andrew, slsmn., Geo. R. Stumberg, h 149 S. Medina
Hogan, Charles D., clk., A. B. Frank & Co., h 337 Crockett
Hogan, Ed, stockman, b 407 S. Frio
Hogan, Elton M., druggist, h 2205 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hogan, James, stockman, h 217 El Paso
Hoge, James S., city circulator, Daily Times, h 2205 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hogue, Mamie Miss, associate editress, Daily Times, h 2205 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Hohrath, Albert, editor, Texas Staatz Zeitung, h -- Soledad
Holcomb, Doc., lab., h 307 N. Flores
Holcomb, Sterling, lab., h 307 N. Flores
Holland, Edward F., mechanic, h 54 South
Holland, Fannie Miss, N/A, h cor. Olive and Nolan
Holland, Francis E., N/A, h 206 N. Leona
Holland, R. A., clk., Wm. Holland, h 20 Belvin
Holland, R. A., commercial traveler, r 244 Camargo
Holland, William, coffee and tea dealer, 237 W. Commerce, T 311, h 233 W. Nueva
Holland, W. Park, slsmn., J. M. Emerson & Co. h 206 N. Leona
Hollander, John, laundryman, Troy Steam Laundry, h 414 Ave. B
Holle, Ernest, awning maker, carpet layer, etc., h 215 Market
Holler, Mary Mrs., saloon, 236 Water
Holley, John, driver, Frobese & Santleben, N/A
Holley, Thomas, (c), carp., U. S. Q. M. dept., N/A
Holleyman, Aminee Mrs., dressmaker, Mrs. M. Givens, h 1628 Zavalla
Hollinger, Edward B., condr., h 606 Ave. B
Hollingsworth, William H., carp., h 202 Delgado
Hollinsworth, H. A., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 309 Grand Ave.
Holloman, Frank, carriages, hacks, etc., 212 Bonham
Holloman, P. M. Mrs. (wid), N/A, h 39 Lafitte
Holly, Thomas, fireman, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Holmes, Henry, saloonkeeper, cor. Acequia and Veramendi
Holmes, Joseph W., entry clk., M. Halff & Bro., h 232 Blum
Holmes, Merriman, (c), porter, S. A. & A. P. frt. depot, h 213 Victoria
Holmes, Sidney W., carp., h 25 Probandt
Holmes, Stoke P., N/A, h 420 S. Pecos
Holmgreen, Eugene A., Alamo Iron Works (Geo. Holmgreen & Sons), T69, h 317 Matagorda
Holmgreen, George, foundryman, (Geo. Holmgreen & Sons), T 69, h cor. Montana and Santa Cruz
Holmgreen, Julius H., Alamo Iron Works (Geo. Holmgreen and Sons), T 69, h 17 Sycamore
Holmgreen & Sons, (Eugene A. George, and Julius H.), iron foundry, cor. Santa Clara, Montana, and S. Walnut, T 69
Holt, E. D., merchants' delivery, etc., (Swart & Holt), h 611 Main Ave.
Holt, Elizabeth W. Mrs. (wid E. A.), N/A, h 611 Main Ave.
Holt, Frederick M., foreman painter, G. H. & S. A. Ry. car shops, h 421 Grand Ave.
Holt, John H., (c), barber, James Martin Jr., r 604 Live Oak
Holt, Thomas, press feeder, Jno. Routledge, h 721 Nolan
Holt, Walter, slsmn., John J. Stricker, h cor. Camden and Main Ave.
Holt, W. Eldred, expense clk., S. A. & A. P. frt. depot, h 611 Main Ave.
Holt, William Jr., mail carrier, No. 7, h 721 Nolan
Hotl, William Sr., clk., Govt. headquarters, h 721 Nolan
Holten, Jacob, prop., Volks Zeitung, h Beauregard between Mill and Madison
Homestead Land and Improvement Co., J. H. Moore, secy and treasurer, N/A, 240 W. Commerce
Homer, William, stone mason, Chas. Shumm, h 417 Fourth
Hong, Jim, cook, Ung Wah's Restaurant, h 3 N. Flores
Hong, Lee, laundry, 216 Soledad
Hood, Edgar, carp., h cor. Clay and Clark Ave., West End
Hooper, C. E., trav. slsmn., h 821 Ave. C
Hooper, John, dairyman, h cor. W. Sixteenth and Menchaca
Hope, Viola Miss, N/A, h Nolan nr. Pine
Hopkins, Eugene P., contractor and builder, h 73 Marshall
Hopkins, Philos D., solicitor, Wilson & Rote, h 916 W. Houston
Hopkins, Richard H., (c), porter, I. & G. N. depot, r pass depot &. & G. N.
Hopper, James, engr., I. & G. N. Ry., r 1020 W. Houston
Hopper, Paula Miss, helper, Alamo Restaurant, h 208 Alamo Plaza
Hopwood Albert E., painter, h 309 S. San Saba
Horan, C., (Railroad Supply Co.), T 411, h 320 Sherman
Horan, C. & Co., (C. Horan and -----Co.), groceries, 413 and 415 Austin, T 411
Horan, John H., bill clk., S. A. & A. P. frt. depot, h 6 Herff
Hord, Frank P., stockman, r 420 Laurel
Hordonirus, Pedro, N/A, h 517 S. Concho
Horn, Charles Jr., bkpr., Freie Preese fuer Texas, h 60 Mill
Horn, Charles Sr., agent Lemp's Western Brewery, 60 Mill, T 465
Horn, Julius, clk., Seidel Bros., h 60 Mill
Horn, Lye, laundry, h 7 W. Commerce
Horn, Peter, hackman, h 55 Wyoming
Hornaday, William D., city editor, Daily Times, r 232 S. Alamo
Horner, August, N/A, h 820 Nolan
Horner, Bertha Miss, dressmaker, h 820 Nolan
Horner, Casper, druggist, (Ragland & Co.), h cor. S. Alamo and Presa
Horner, Hermann, clk., Wolff & Marx, h 230 Arceniega
Horner, John J., advertising agent, b 223 St. Mary
Horner, Josephine Mrs. (wid George), N/A, h 230 Arcieniega
Hornsby, W. M., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 421 Grand Ave.
Hornung, August, boots and shoes, 17 Soledad, h 820 Nolan
Horton, M. E. Miss, dressmaker, h 581 N. Flores
Horton, Stella Miss, N/A, b 212 S. Concho
Horton, William H., porter, E. P. Tschirhart, h 220 Dolorosa
Hosack, James A. H., real estate and auctioneer, (J. A. H. Hosack & Co.), T 42, h 249 E. Commerce
Hosack, J. A. H. & Co., (James A. H. Hosack and James H. Hosack), real estate, 208 Main Plaza, T42
Hosack, James H., gen'l land agent, (J. A. H. Hosack & Co.), T 42, h 249 E. Commerce
Hosmer, Arthur Jr., stockman, 285 W. Commerce, r 326 San Pedro Ave.
Hosmer, Lee, clk., Reddick & Co., b 1120 San Pedro Ave.
Hotel Maverick, J. E. Hungerford and J. A. Rasbach, props., N/A, 324 to 330 E. Houston, T 43
Houck, Albert J., barber, E. P. Tschirhart, h 342 Live Oak
Houck, Edward A., barber shop, 348 E. Commerce
Houck, William, R. R. emp., r 1115 Ave. D
Hough, Ada Miss, saleswoman, Newton & Weller, h 209 Lopez
Houghton, Frank, carp., h 8 S. Salado
Houston, Augustus W., attorney at law (Houston Bros.), T 277, h 201 Pecan
Houston Bros., (Regan and Augustus W.), attorneys at law, cor. Houston and Alamo Plaza, T 277
Houston, Frederick, hackdriver, Bryan's livery stable, N/A
Houston, Henry, carpenter, N/A
Houston, Regan, attorney at law and notary public (Houston Bros.), T 277, h 214 Travis
Houston, Thomas, carp., h 1150 S. Laredo
Hovlin, Laura Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Howard, Edward, trav. slsmn., Thos. Goggan & Bro., h 28 Cassiana
Howard, Emma Miss, N/A, b 503 S. San Saba
Howard, Emma Mrs., N/A, h Ave. B between Third and Fourth
Howard, Frank, actor, Turf Theater, r 10 Salinas
Howard, Frank, (c), porter, Jacob Dullnig, h 317 S. Center
Howard, George T., cashier, Washington Life Insurance Co., h 215 Howard
Howard, Hattie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Howard, Henry L., asst. ticket agent, Southern Pacific R. R., h McAllister Flats
Howard, James, trav. slsmn., J. W. Crate & Co., b cor. Convent and Martin
Howard, Jane Mrs., dressmaker, h 828 Perez
Howard, John, N/A, b 351 S. Flores
Howard, John A., (c), driver, George Dullnig, h 131 Paso Hondo
Howard, John H., waiter, Southern Hotel, r same
Howard, Maggie Miss, N/A, b 215 Howard
Howard, Mamie Miss, teacher public school No. 4, h 215 Howard
Howard, Mary E. Mrs., N/A, h 242 Dwyer Ave.
Howard, Thomas C., yardman, Gauss & Johns, h 30 S. Alamo
Howard, Tomas M., N/A, h 586 S. Laredo
Howard, Van H., carrier, Daily Times, b 215 Howard
Howard, W. A., messenger, Wells Fargo Express Co., r cor Ave. E and Third
Howard, William H., barber shop, 331 E. Houston, h 204 Ave. B
Howe, Mary Miss, nurse, Alamo Sanitarium, b 10 Elm
Howell, Frank, Western Wood Yard, (Howell & McLeary), T 487, r Morales between Comal and N. San Marcos
Howell, Longan, (c), r 506 S. Concho
Howell & McLeary, (Frank Howell and J. A. McLeary), coal and wood yard, Morales between Comal and N. San Marcos, T 487
Howell, William A. Mrs., music teacher, h 15 N. Leona
Howell, William A., real estate agent, h 15 N. Leona
Howlett, Leonard, mgr., Southern Watch and Jewelry Co., r 22 and 23 Kamp Bldg.
Howser, Fritz Mrs., laundress, h 824 Dallas
Hoyer, Charles, N/A, h 220 S. Alamo
Hoyer, Julia Miss, N/A, h 220 S. Alamo
Hubbard & Houston, (R. W. Hubbard and --- Houston), bed spring mfrs., 357 S. Flores
Hubbard, Mattie V. Mrs., boarding house, 357 S. Flores
Hubbard, Robert W., mfr. bed springs (Hubbard & Houston), b 357 S. Flores
Hubble, Levi M., grocer, h Alazan between West End and Lake View
Huberich, Charles H., clk., C. Huberich, h 27 Taylor
Huberich, Conrad, grocer, 229 Alamo Plaza, T 78, h 27 Taylor
Huberich, John G., N/A, h 723 S. Pecos
Hubbs, Clara Mrs., clk., Rucker, Hartwell, & Co., b Alamo Flats
Huck, Frank A., saddler, L. Frank & Co., h 14 Mission
Huckabee, Zoe E. Mrs., teacher public school No. 1, h 437 Soledad
Hudson, Henry, plumbers' apprentice, Shafer & Braden, h cor. Center and Santa Clara
Hudspeth, H. Street, compositor, Daily Express, h 13 South
Huebel, Hulda, laundress, Texas Steam Laundry, h cor. Ave. E and Seventh
Huebner, Adolph, compositor, Daily Light, h 315 Chestnut
Huebner, Caroline Mrs. (wid Anton), N/A, h 307 Nolan
Huebner, Hermann, saddler, Charles Langholz, H 419 Crockett
Huegle, Benjamin, clk., Joe Woeltz, h cor. N. Frio and Perez
Huertas, Bacelio, lab, h 419 Perez
Huesler, Gottlieb, bakery, h 218 St. Mary
Huff, Henry W., messenger, Pacific Exp. Co., r 236 S. Alamo
Huff, William, (c), drier Froboese & Santleben N/A
Huff, William M., slsmn., Joske Bros., b 272 E. Commerce
Huffman, J. H., engr. G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 330 Burleson
Hughes, Charles L., car and locomotive workman, G.H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 337 Crockett
Hughes, David E., (c), steward Harmony Club, h 316 Live Oak
Hughes, Ella M. Miss, N/A, h 22 Carmargo
Hughes, Jesse K., saloon keeper, Thurmond & Hughes, h -- Flores
Hughes, Samuel, barber, Gus Reis, h 505 Austin
Hughes, Thomas J., deputy sheriff, h 22 Camargo
Hugo, Charles, wholesale grocer, (Hugo & Schmeltzer), T113, h 534 Main Ave
Hugo & Schmeltzer, (Chas. Hugo, Gustave Schmeltzer and Chas. Heuermann), wholesale grocers, Alamo Plaza, T 113
Hujer, Henry, carp., h 12 Turner
Hull, William W., chief Govt. clk., Medical Director's office, h 423 Ave. C
Hullinger, Milton A., stone cutter, r 228 Ave. C
Human, C. C., trav. man, h 223 St. Mary
Hume, Jennie M. Miss, N/A, h 213 N. Comal
Hume, Thomas, train master, I. & G. N. Ry., h 213 N. Comal
Hume, William H., brakeman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 213 N. Comal
Hummel, Charles, gun store and sporting goods, (Chas. Hummel & Son), T 199, r 211 W. Commerce
Hummel, Charles F. A., gun store and sporting goods, (Chas. Hummel & Son), T 199, h 305 King William
Hummell, Charles, & Son, (Chas. and C. F. A. Hummel), gun store and sporting goods, 270 W. Commerce, T 199
Hummel, Christian brewer City Brewery, h -- City Lane
Hummert, F. W., painter, paper hanger, etc., (Lum and Hummert), b 318 Nacogdoches
Hungati, James, N/A, h 559 S. Laredo
Hungerford, James E., hotel keeper, (Hungerford & Rasbach), h 324 E. Houston, T 43
Hungerfore & Rasbach, (J. E. Hungerford and J. A. Rasbach), props., Hotel Maverick, 324 to 330 E. Houston, T 43
Hunn, Mamie Miss, N/A, b 503 S. San Saba
Hunnan, Edward, grocer with R. Hunnan, h 351 S. Alamo
Hunnan, R., grocer, 351 S. Alamo
Hunsiker, Claud, hostler, Southern Pacific, h 219 Lamar
Hunt & Booth, (J. L. Starr Hunt and Walter H. Booth), wholesale grain and salt, 9 and 10 Kampmann Bldg., T 350
Hunt, Edwin, N/A, b 1005 Main Ave.
Hunt, Emma, (c), h 705 Austin
Hunt, F. E., N/A, b 33 Maverick Grove and Ninth
Hunt, Frank, pressman, Guessez & Ferlet, h -- Ave C.
Hunt, Harry H., (c), barber, b 342 Live Oak
Hunt, Harvey W., broker (Hunt & Schramm), h 19 Pecan
Hunt, J. L. Starr, (Hunt & Booth), T 350, and secy. Board of Trade, b San Antonio Club
Hunt, John, (c), school teacher, Santa Clara colored school, h 922 N. Comal
Hunt, Lillie Miss, (c), washwoman, h 922 N. Comal
Hunt, Obediah, (c), coachman, J. J. Stevens, b 313 Martin
Hunt, R. J., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 905 Ave. D
Hunt & Schramm, (H. W. Hunt and E. E. Schramm Jr.), brokers, 209 Alamo Plaza
Hunt, William H., (c), barber, D. Williams, b 342 Live Oak
Hunter, Annie Miss, N/A, h 827 Ave. C
Hunter, G. K., 1st Lieut., 3d Cavalry U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Hunter, Hardy M., dentist, 402 E. Houston, T 362, h 410 S. Presa, T 286
Hunter, Kenmore, civil eng., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 827 Ave. C
Hunter, Nathaniel W., right-of-way agent, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 827 Ave. C
Hunter, Pauline Miss, N/A, h 827 Ave. C
Hunter, Samuel, (c), lab., San Antonio Compress, h 306 S. Frio
Huntington, Harry B., clk., I. & G. N. frt. office, r I. & G. N. section house
Huntress, Frank G. Jr., bkpr., The Express Publishing Co., h 202 Barrera
Huntress, Frank G. Sr., ditch commissioner, East Side, h 202 Barrera
Huntress, George W., clk., District Clerk's office, h 202 Barrera
Huntress, Henry C., mailing clk., Daily Express, h 202 Barrera
Huntress, Thomas R., N/A, h 202 Barrera
Huntress, William G., N/A, h 202 Barrera
Hunziker, Robert, brtdr., Jno. Bosshardt, h 231 Villeta
Huppertz, Albert, druggist, Bexar County Poor Farm and Hospital, N/A
Hupertz, Charles J., U. S. Gauger, h 261 Garden
Hurd, Judson B., blacksmith shop, 316 Nacogdoches, h 776 N. Flores
Hurd, M. A. Mrs., teacher public school No. 2, h 776 N. Flores
Hurd, Mandy Mrs., (c), laundry, h 102 Quincy
Hurley, Jennie Mrs. (wid A. R.), N/A, h 1175 N. Flores
Huse, G. L., carp., h 337 Crockett
Huston, Claude, apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 417 Ave. B
Huston, George B., mail carrier, No. 2, h 238 Austin
Huston, F. Grattan, carp., h 417 Ave. B
Huston, William H., attorney at law and notary public, 33 Soledad, h 238 Austin
Hutchenreiter, Fritz, blacksmith, Alamo Iron Works, h 332 Goliad
Hutchenreiter, Richard, apprentice, Alamo Iron Works, h 332 Goliad
Hutcheson, Edward J., mgr., Vogel's livery stable, r 17 South
Hutcheson, Edward S., bkpr., h 118 Sycamore
Hutcheson, J. T. Rev., rector, St. James Protestant Episcopal Church, h 1029 Olive
Hutchings, John C., stenographer, S. A. & A. P. Ry. N/A
Hutchins, Oscar, press feeder, Maverick Printing House, h 223 Rusk
Hutchinson, M., slsmn., Joske Bros., b 403 St. Mary
Hutchison, Zoe A. Mrs. (wid J. R.), N/A, r 118 Sycamore
Huth, Doretta Mrs., N/A, h 18 Barrera
Huth, G. W., slsmn., L. Huth & Son, r Pereida between Cedar and Mill
Huth, Hermann A., bkpr., L. Huth & Son, h 242 Garden
Huth, Louis Jr., hardware (L. Huth & Son), T 189, h 251 Crockett
Huth, Louis Sr., county assessor and hardware mercht. (L. Huth & Son), T 189, h rear 226 Market
Huth, L. & Son, (Lewis Sr. and Louis Jr.), hardware and seeds, 226 to 230 Market, T 189
Hutman, Fannie Miss, slsmn., Mrs. P. Hutman, h 709 W. Commerce
Hutman, Joe, stock boy, L. Wolfson, h 709 W. Commerce
Hutman, Pauline Mrs., fruit and confectionery, 709 W. Commerce
Hutton, Bessie Miss, stenographer, Hunt and Booth, h 21 St. Mary
Hutton, Florence Mrs., N/A, h 226 Ave. C
Hutz, Julius Jr., dairyman, h Presa 3/4 miles S. of G. H. & S. A. Ry.
Hutz, Julius Sr., dairyman, h Presa 3/4 miles S. of G. H. & S. A. Ry.
Hutzler, Albert, stock boy, L. Wolfson, h 36 Market
Hutzler, Anton, ranchman, 4 206 Lavaca
Hutzler, Gustav, clk., Edward Persch, r 308 S. Presa
Hutzler, Joseph, N/A, h 36 Market
Hyatt, S. L., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 815 Ave. D
Hynam, William, N/A, h 208 Hidalgo
Hynes, Samuel, horse dealer, 22 S. Flores, h S Flores nr. Beanville