1891 City Directory "J"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Jacks, Daniel R., order clk Chas. W. Green, h 313 Evergreen.
Jack's Saloon, 617 W Commerce, J. Sellers, prop.y
Jackson, Amizona Miss, h 220 Hidalgo.
Jackson, Annie (c), washing and ironing, h 302 Fifth.
Jackson, Carrie, cook Eva Doyle, r 413 S San Saba.
Jackson, Charles W., clk L. M. Jackson, h 309 Navarro.
Jackson, Cornelia Miss (c), washing and ironing, h 311 Water.
Jackson, Esther Mrs. (wid David), h 309 Navarro.
Jackson, Florence E. Miss, b 1018 W Commerce.
Jackson, Frank (c) coachman Geo C. Altgelt, b 77 Mill.
Jackson, Frank (c), lab, b __ Poplar.
Jackson, Frederick, laundryman Southern hotel, b same.
Jackson, Grant (c), lab, b Poplar between Main ave and Ogden.
Jackson, Hannah Mrs. (c), 512 N Colorado.
Jackson, Harry, slsmn L. Wolfson, h 222 Obraje.
Jackson, Isaac, chief cook Eagle Chop House, h 214 S Concho.
Jackson, John (c), h 519 San Fernando.
Jackson, John, cook Swiss House, b 211 Soledad.
Jackson, John J., painter, r 5 N Center.
Jackson, Josephine Mrs. (c), washwoman, h 1546 W Houston.
Jackson, Katie (c), ironer Alamo Steam laundry, h Olive nr High bridge.
Jackson, Lawrence M., boarding and confectionery, h 309 Navarro.
Jackson, Lena Mrs., h 221 Chavez.
Jackson, Lizzie M., saleswoman L. Wolfson, h 5 N Center.
Jackson, Lucy Miss, h 512 N Colorado.
Jackson, Mary Mrs., h 216 Center
Jackson, Matthew, bkpr Land dept S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 202 Ave D.
Jackson, Mendel, slsmn Haas & Oppenheimer, h 222 Obraje.
Jackson, Mollie Mrs., r 414 Dolorosa.
Jackson, Moses, clk L. Wolfson, h 222 Obraje.
Jackson, Nellie Mrs. (c), h __ Poplar
Jackson, Nellie Mrs. (c), h 303 East.
Jackson, Oliver, upholsterer Sosuthern hotel, b same.
Jackson, Robert (c), lab, h 804 Erie.
Jackson, Stephen (c), teamster Alamo Cement Co. h 1 Grant's alley.
Jackson, Thomas , lab, h __ Poplar.
Jackson, William (c), porter G. B. Boero, h __ Houston
Jacob, Albert F., blacksmith and wheelwright, 6th beteen Ave C and Ave D, h 610 Ave D.l
Jacobs, Morris, jobbing jeweler, 45 W Commerce, 314 Dwyer ave.
Jacobson, Moses P., Rabbi Temple Beth El, b Webb House
Jscobson, Semmy E., photographer Mary E. Jackson, h 2 E. Houston.
Jacques, Thomas, h 815 S Leona.
Jaffe, Wolfe, clothing, h 613 W Commerce
Jagge, George jr, butcher George Jagge, h 424 N. Leona.
Jagge, George sr, Alazan Meat Market, h 424 N Leona.
Jahns, Paul, carp G. H. & S. A. Ry car shop, h 14 Nevada.
Jaimes, Carmel, h Lopez between Colorado and Brazos.
Jaimes, Felipe A., mgr Santiago Villanueva's Pawn Shop, h 468 Acquia.
Jaimes, Joseph, civil engr, h 455 Soledad.
Jaimes, Sanchez, lab, r 1721 W Commerce.
Jambois, Ernest A., compositor Maverick Printing House, h 206 Cedar.
Jambois, Eugene H., printer, b 206 Cedar.
James, Anna (wid John), r 27 W Commerce.
James, Arthur D., mail carrier No. 13, h 212 Chavez.
James, Bella Miss, h cor N San Marcos and Grand.
JAMES, B. K. & CO. (Burton K. James and Fred Shatto), grocers, 370 S Flores, T 206
James, Burton K., grocer (B. K. James & Co., h 212 Chavez.
James, Charles, b cor Buena Vista and Nueces.
James, Clement S., porter B. K. James & Co., h 212 Chavez.
James, Frank, bkpr Thornton Wright & Co., h 264 W Commerce.
James, Henry (c).lab, h 24 N East.
James, Henry (c), painter, h 1713 W Commerce.
James, Henry C., driver Pacific Express Co., b 316 North.
James, Hugh O., bkpr R. W. Staacke, h cor South And Olive.
James, Isaac, butcher, h 305 Camargo.
James, J. C., fireman G. H. & S. A. Ry, r 1124 Cherry.
James, John H., attorney at law (Simpson & James), h 438 Cameron.
James Martin Shoe Store, 219 E. Houston, Jno. B. Kurtz mgr.
James, Robert D., C. C. Friendship Council Chosen Friends, h 341 Soledad.
James, Scott H., ranchman, r 27 W Commerce.
James Vent L., h 310 King William.
James, William, fireman San Antonio Brick Yard, h Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez.
Jameson, Harry, engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, b 512 Ave C.
Janitz, Antoine, h 335 S Alamo.
Janner, Elizabeth Miss, boxmaker, Maverick Printing House, h 417 Goliad.
Janner, John, grocer, h 615 W Houston.
Janner, Louis, yardman Gauss & Johns, h 417 Goliad.
Janner, Mary Miss, boxmaker, Maverick Printing House, h 417 Goliad.
Jansen, Magdalena Mrs.(wid Jacob) h 22 Center.
January, Fannie Miss, teacher, h 413 Pine.
Jarrett, Carl A., frt condr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1122 Ave. D.
Jarrett, H. A. brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry, r 1122 Ave. D.
Jarrett, John, teamster Lytle Coal Co., h Carr Hill.
Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Co., 285 W Commerce, Jerome Harris, correspondent.
Jarvis, Joseph, butcher C. H. Johnson, h __ S Flores.
Jasmer, Hugo, engr San Antonio Ice Factory, h 215 Burnet.
Jauernig, Trautgott, porter A. B. Frank & Co., h 1113 E Commerce.
Jaures, Paulito, dishwasher Washington Theatre restaurant, h 2 N Laredo.
Jaurez. Miguel, lab G. H. & S. A. Ry, r nr roundhouse, Austin.
JAYROE, WILLIAM N., hack 46, h __ Dolorosa.
Jeannin, Vital, saloon and boarding house, 1313 W Commerce.
Jeffers, Edward (c), brtdr Old Gray Mule, h 701 W Commerce.
Jefferson, Carentine (c), h 414 Sixth.
Jefferson, Harriet Mrs. (c), cook R. M. Hickey, h 617 Chestnut
Jefferson, Kate (c), boarding house, 319 Austin
Jefferson, Sarah Miss, emp August Santleben, h 688 N Flores
Jefferson, Thomas (c), stoker San Antonio Gas Co., r 414 Sixth.
Jehl, Angus V., examiner Joske Bros., h __ Goliad road.
Jenkins, Annie Mrs., h 207 N Laredo.
Jenkins, Caroline Mrs., h 209 N Laredo.
Jenkins, John, stacker Calcasieu Lumber Yard.
Jenkins, Julia Mrs., h 209 N Laredo.
Jenkins, William (c), driver Calcasieu Lumber yards, h __ Nolan.
Jenks, Charles, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry, b 117 River Ave.
Jenks, Z., condr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 313 Sixth.
Jenner, Casper J., stonemason, h cor Labor and Camargo.
Jenner, Edward, lab cotton compress, h 417 Goliad.
Jenner, Eliza Mrs., h 417 Goliad.
Jenner, Lizzie Miss, boxmkr Maverick Printing House, h 417 Goliad.
Jenner, Louis, lab Steves' lumber yard, r 417 Goliad.
Jenner, Mary Miss, boxmkr Maverick Printing Co., h 417 Goliad.
JENNER, PAULINA MRS., grocery and saloon, cor Labor and Camargo.
Jenner, Robert C., clk George Dullnig, h cor Labor and Camargo.
Jennings, W. W., slsmn Joske Bros., b 236 S Alamo.
Jenny, Daniel, harnessmkr, 811 Ave C.
Jenny, Fred, harnessmkr D. Jenny, h 811 Ave C.
Jenull, Ernst, foreman city emps. H 107 Nevada.
Jenull, Frank, grain, forage and seeds (J. E. Mugge & Co.), h 431 Burleson.
Jenull, Walter, slsmn J. E. Mugge & Co., h 431 Burleson.
Jermy, Gustav, geologist and botanist, h 506 Camden.
Jermy, Julius, bottler Lone Star Brewery, h 506 Camden.
Jerrases, Phillippe, h __ S Flores.
Jerrases, Pole, stockman, h __ Green Ave.
Jesmer, Hugo, engr City brewery, h 215 Burnet.
Jess, Ah, waiter Tom Wing, r 3 W Houston.
Jesse, E. P., messenger Wells-Gargo Exp Co., r cor Ave E and Third.
Jewell, Josephine Mrs., h 206 N East.
Jewett, Edward, cornicemkr Vodrie & Co., h 15 S Alamo.
Jim Ah, cook Tom Wing, r 3 W Houston.
Jimenez, Demetrio, brtdr A. Casiano, h cor S Laredo and Guadalupe.
Jiminez, Fibini, lab, h 436 N Laredo.
Jiminez, Juan, r 227 S Laredo.
Jiminez, Lizzie Miss, h 436 N Laredo.
Jimenez, Louis, h Guadalupe between S Laredo and creek.
Jiminez, Manuel, lab, 119 Casto.
Jimenez, Martin, h Guadalupe between S Laredo and creek.
Joachimsthal, Simon, traveling slsmn Philip Tyrrasch, h 214 Martinez.
JOE AND JAKE SALOON, 348 E Commerce, Joe Vander Straten and Jake Pfeil, props.
Joelle, Frank, butcher Jos. Gastring, b 120 Union.
Joe's Saloon, 420 E Commerce. Mrs. Jose Halamuda proprs.
Johara, Gonzales, h __ Ripford ave.
John Fest Saloon, cor Blanco and Fredericksburg road, Gotthard & Leonard proprs.
Johns, Arthur C., lumber and builders' hardware (Gauss & Johns); h cor Bandera ave and Sixteenth, West End.
Johns, Edmund (c), yardman Calcasieu Lumber Yard, h __ Walnut.
Johns, Percy W., physician and surgeon, 5 Ave C, h 333 Dwyer ave.
Johns, Philip, plasterer, h rear 214 Sixth.
Johnson, Alexander, barber C. P. Tschirhart, h 9 N Center.
Johnson, Andrew, driver City Sanitary Works, h 606 W Commerce.
Johnson, Andrew, r 413 S. San Saba.
Johnson, Anna Miss (c), emp Miss Eva Doyle, h 503 S San Saba.
Johnson, Austin A. Rev. (c), pastor colored Baptist Church, h 431 S Presa.
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN F., book and job printer, (Johnson Bros.) directory publisher (Johnson & Chapman), h __ River ave.
Johnson, Bevrly, emp Alamo Brewing Association, h 229 South.
JOHNSON BROS. (B F. Johnson), book and job printers, 26 Soledad.
Johnson, Carey, lab, h 52 Sanchez.
JOHNSON & CHAPMAN (B. F. Johnson and A Chapman), publishers San Antonio Director, 26 Soledad.
Johnson, Charles, tel opr Alamo City Business College, h 336 Blum.
Johnson, Charles B., livery stable, h 336 Blum.
Johnson, Charles B., stock clk Geo. Dullnig, r cor Sixth and Ave C.
Johnson, Charles C. Mrs. (wid), h 598 N Flores.
Johnson, Charles H., meat market and fish and oyster dealer, 8 and 10 Galan T 155.
Johnson, Chlora Mrs. (c), r 329 South.
Johnson, Crawford, painter, 209 Center.
Johnson, DeWitt C., trustee Chas E. Hicks, 344 S Flores, T 284, b Menger Hotel.
JOHNSON, EDWARD B., attorney, notary public and claim agt, r 4 Howard bldg, h Baltimore ave between Dallas and Camden.
Johnson, Eliza Mrs. (c), restaurant, 219 Frio.
Johnson, Elkanah, contractor, h 416 North.
Johnson, Eugene E. (c), porter A. Dreiss, r cor Mill and Guenther.
Johnson, Fannie Mrs. (c), h 303 East.
Johnson, Frank (c), hotel waiter, h 2 Perez cor N Laredo.
Johnson, George B. Dr., real estate, h cor Taylor and Martin.
Johnson, George W. Dr., oculist and aurist, 2 Soledad, block b 403 St. Mary.
Johnson, George W., engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, b 910 Ave C.
Johnson, Green (c), driver Froboese & Santleben, h 902 Buena Vista.
Johnson, Hattie, milliner C. Dreyfus, h 309 Third.
Johnson, H. B., emp Wm. Smith, h 25 Acequia.
Johnson, Henry (c), cook, h 1533 W Houston.
Johnson, Henry (c), hackman, h 5-5 Quincy.
Johnson, Henry (c), shoemaker, 2-9 N Flores, h 414 Sixth.
Johnson, James (c), emp G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h 414 Seventh.
Johnson, James, hack driver Bryan's livery stable.
Johnson, James, lab, b __ S Flores.
Johnson, James B. (c), r 510 S Concho.
Johnson, James J., fireman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 1998 Cherry.
Johnson, J. J., compositor Daily Express, h 44- Soledad.
Johnson, John (c), porter Newton & Weller, h 314 N Pecos.
Johnson, John, waiter Southern hotel, b same.
Johnson, Joseph (c), emp J. J. Olsen & Son, h 510 Leal.
Johnson, Laura, dressmkr C. Dreyfus, h 3 Sharer.
Johnson, Leonidas, horse dealer, h 3 Beitel.
Johnson, L. R., messenger Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett.
Johnson, Mary Miss, h 205 N East.
Johnson, Mary (c), washing and ironing, h __ Victoria.
Johnson, Mary Jane Mrs. (c), h __ Cassiana.
Johnson, Minerva (c), r 628 San Luis.
Johnson, Monroe , barber Bowsky's Parlors, h __ San Pedro ave.
Johnson, Nellie Miss (c), 303 East.
Johnson, Olaf, tailor H. Fahlbusch.
Johnson, R. A., slsmn S. E. Gillett & Co, h 3 Sharer.
Johnson, Richard, night watchman Hicks & Co's stable, 321 San Luis.
Johnson, Robert (c), butcher J. A. Breedlove & Co, r 114 W Commerce.
Johnson, Robert , plasterer, h 22 Macon.
Johnson, Robert A., cleaner roundhouse G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 3 Sharer.
Johnson, Samuel, barber shop, h 509 Austin.
Johnson, Samuel M., notary public and postmaster, h 226 Lexington ave.
Johnson, Sandy, porter Daily Light, h Dakota between Cherry and Mesquite.
Johnson, Sarah (c), washing and ironing, h 414 Sixth.
Johnson, Sidnew (asst supt mail carriers, h Govt Heights.
Johnson, Thomas, h 20 South.
Johnson, Thomas, printer Daily Light, h 214 Matamoras.
Johnson, Thomas, R R contractor, h 808 Flores.
Johnson, Thomas (c), driver, h 211 S Pecos.
Johnson, Thomas B., books, stationery and cigars, 336 E Houston, h 336 Blum.
JOHNSON, THOMAS B., secy, treas and genl mgr San Antonio Light Publishing Co. h 214 Matamoras.
Johnson, T. S. helper roundhouse G. H. & S. A. Ry
Johnson, W., fireman Alamo Brewing Association, b Alamo Brewery.
Johnson, Walter (c), fireman San Antonio Ice Factory, h 318 Milam.
Johnson, Walter A. (c), porter Rouse & Wahlstab. H __ Gallagher.
Johnson, William (c), machinist Alamo Brewery, h 318 Seventh.
Johnson, William (c), waiter Old Gray Mule, h 701 W Commerce.
Johnston & Carroll (Geo. A. Johnston and Houston M. Carroll), dentists, 275 W Commerce.
Johnston, Charles B., grocer (Johnston & Son), h 803 Ave D.
Johnston, Frank T., wholesale grocer (F. T. Johnston & Co), Dwyer ave cor Main plaza, T 1-6, h cor Main ave and Poplar, T 450.
Johnston, F. T., & Co (Frank T. Johnston and __), wholesale grocers, Dwyer ave cor Main plaza.
JOHNSTON, G. B., & Co (Frank T. Johnston and ___), wholesale grocers, Dwyer ave cor Main plaza. T224.
Johnston, George A., dentist (Johnston & Carroll), h 202 Ave C.
Johnston, George B., land, load and stock agt (G. B. Johnston & Co), T 224, h __ Taylor.
Johnston, James S. Rev., bishop of diocese of Western Texas, h 207 Pecan.
Johnston, Mercer G., notary public Barnard & Green, h 207 Pecan.
Johnston, M. M. Miss, land, load and stock agt (G. B. Johnston & Co), T 224, h __ Taylor.
Johnston, Reuben, h 486 Delgado.
JOHNSTON & SON (Wm. H. and Chas. B.), grocers, 229 Alamo plaza.
Johnston, William H., grocer (Johnston & Son), h 803 Ave D.
Jolisaint, Paul, driver Philip H. Landsdorf, h 1302 W Commerce.
Jonas, Charles, shoemkr A. Ziemonteck, b 3 Montana.
Jonas Garden and Saloon, 601 Austin, Peter Jonas jr., prop.
Jonas, Henry F., rodman G. H. & S. A. Rysurveying party, h 601 Austin.
Jonas, Peter, saloon keeper, h 226 Seventh.
Jonas, Peter jr. saloon and beer garden, h 601 Austin.
Jonas, Peter sr. with Peter Jonas jr., b 601 Austin.
Jonas, William, coppersmith G. H. & S. A. Ry shop, h 601 Austin.
Jonas, William, groceries and beer saloon, h cor Santa Clara and Peach.
Jones, Adeline Miss (c), h 924 N Comal.
Jones, Adrian J., coppersmith, h 820 Ave C.
Jones, Annie H. Miss, teacher public school No. 2, h 30 Clinton.
Jones, Barton H. Mrs., teacher high school, h 30 Clinton.
JONES & BLIEM (Paul Jones and Milton J. Bliem), physicians and surgeons, 402 E Houston,T150.
Jones, Charles (c).Dairy Kitchen.
Jones, Charles (c), porter F. T. Johnston, h 6 Sanchez.
Jones, Charles, porter F. T. Johnson & Co, H 6 Santos.
Jones, Charles T., cook Abraham & Smith, h 101 Zavalla.
Jones, David, mail carrier No. 9, h 213 Water.
Jones, Edgar, shoemkr, h 415 N San Saba.
Jones, E. G., h 205 Goliad.
Jones, Eliza Mrs. (c) (wid), r 36 Sanchez.
Jones, Elmira Mrs. (c), washer and ironer, h 517 Perez.
Jones, Emily S. Mrs., teacher school No. 1, h 30 Clinton.
Jones, Frederick (c), cook Commercial Restaurant, r Farmer's Home, cor S Flores and W Nueva.
Jones, Gasker (c), stoker San Antonio Gas Co, r gas works.
Jones, Gaston, lab San Antonio Gas Co, r 311 N Laredo.
Jones, Henry , lab, h 517 Perez.
Jones, Hickmann & Timmer (W. E. Jones, J. P. Hickman and Louis Timmer), props Southern hotel, cor. Main plaza and Dolorosa.
Jones, H. K. (c), porter Monroe Pratt, h 439 Soledad.
JONES, J. A., cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc., 230 S Flores.
Jones, James, carriage driver Theo. Schleuning, r 36 Sanchez.
Jones, James R., carp, h 1002 San Fernando.
Jones, J. F., & Co (J. F. Jones and W. J. Page), music store 229 W. Commerce.
Jones, John R., jeweler and tray slsmn, h 85 Fifth.
Jones, John W. jr. (c), coach cleaner Pullman Palace Car Co, b 23 N Comal.
Jones, John W. sr. (c), lab, Mrs. W. A. Bennett, h 924 N Comal.
Jones, Joseph, physician and surgeon (Jones & Bleim), h 700 Main ave. T 14.
Jones, Judson F., music dealer (J. F. Jones & Co) h cor Moverick and Cypress.
Jones, Judy, h 415 N San Saba.
Jones, Kate C. Mrs., h 205 Goliad.
Jones, Katie (c), h 444 Camaron.
Jones, Laura Miss, seamstress Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h Carr Hill.
Jones, Laura A. seamstress, b 1002 San Fernando.
Jones, Leon, route agt Pacific Express Co, b Maverick hotel.
Jones, Luther H., clk J. F. Jones & Co, h 49 Macon.
Jones, Maria Mis (c).924 N Comal.
Jones, Martin D., dispatcher G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 413 Burleson.
Jones, Mary M., seamstress, b 1002 San Fernando.
Jones, Mary Mrs., h 5 Nacional.
Jones, Maud Miss, seamstress Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h Carr Hill.
Jones, Michael P., painter S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 1112 Ave D.
Jones, Narca Miss (c), r 36 Sanchez.
Jones, Patrick, stock dealer, r 344 S Flores.
Jones, Ransom (c), h Ave B between Third and Fourth.
Jones, Robert D. (c), principal Santa Clara public school, h 516 Chestnut.
Jones, Robert O., fire insurance, b 226 Soledad.
Jones, Samuel (c), lab, h __ Victoria beween Santta Clara and Peach.
Jones, Squire, blacksmith helper G. H. & S. A. Ry. H 22 Narp.
Jones, S. W., h 11 Travis.
Jones, S. W. Mrs., h 213 Ave C.
Jones, Thomas driver Pacific Exp Co., h cor Morales and N Leona.
JONES, THOMAS, grocer, 1113 Morales.
Jones, Virginia Mrs., h 213 Water.
Jones, William, newsboy S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 216 Center.
Jones, William E., carp, b 1002 San Fernando.
Jones, William E., cement mfr, Alamo Cement Works, h 507 Camden.
Jones, William E., prop Southern Hotel bar, b Southern Hotel.
Jones, William H. (c), collector Lockwood National Bank, h 924 N Comal.
Jones, William R., cashier Hunt & Booth, h 213 Ave. C.
Jones, William R., teamster, b 5 Nacional.
Jones, William T., driver Pacific Exp Co., h 515 N Leona.
Joppich, Adolph, porter L. Wolfson, h 12 Hidalgo.
Jordon, Charles, engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 231 Sherman.
Jordon, Frank M. (M. Jordan & Sons), 306 Military plaza.
Jordon, Horace, waiter Eagle Chop House, r 705 W Commerce.
Jordon, James E. (M. Jordan & Sons), 306 Military plaza.
Jordan, John, turner A. Baldus, h __ Garden.
Jordan, Michael, wholesale flour (M. Jordan & Sons), h 306 Military Plaza.
Jordan, M. & Sons (Frank M., James E., Michael and Thomas J.), wholesale flour, 306 Military plaza.
Jordan, Thomas J. (M. Jordan & Sons), 306 Military plaza.
Jordan, W., engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 320 Burleson.
Jordan, William, waiter Harnish & Bar, h __ W Houston.
Jordin, Christopher, carp, h 203 Garden.
Jordin, Isaac R., compositor Daily Express, h 203 Garden.
Jordin, John A., tinner, h 203 Garden.
Jordin, William M., brakeman Southern Pacific Ry, h 203 Garden.
Jordt, H. C., slsmn L. Wolfson, b 227 Soledad.
Josan, Maria Mrs., h 616 W Houston.
Joseph, Adam, h 409 Ave E.
Josey, Noah L., slsmn A. Kahn, h 77 Marshall.
Joske, Albert, mcht (Joske Bros.), T 348, r San Antonio Club.
Joske, Alexander, mcht (Joske Bros.), T 348, b Goliad between Santa Clara and Peach.
JOSKE BROS. (Albert and Alexander), clothing, dry goods, etc. cor E Commerce and Alamo,T348.
Jourdan, Tomas, driver J. R. Ransom, b 412 Buena Vista.
Jouvet, William J., driver of engine Fire Co. No. 2, r 17 Ave C.
Joyce, Martin, shoemaker A. Hornung, b 229 Austin.
Joyce, W. H., messenger Wells Fargo Express Co., r E. Commerce.
Juarez, Julia, h 608 S Pecos.
Juarez, Juliana, h 19 N Laredo.
Juarez, Theodora Miss, h 514 W Houston.
Juarez, Tranquilino, h 514 W Houston.
Jud, Frank, butcher Peter Jud, h 306 Lavaca.
Jud, George, butcher Peter Jud, h 306 Lavaca.
Jud, Peter jr. butcher Peter Jud, h 306 Lavaca.
Jud, Peter sr. meat market, h 306 Lavaca.
Judd, Fritz, messenger Wells Fargo Express Co., cor Ave E and Third.
Judge, T., brakeman G. H. & S. A. Ry, r cor Oak and Duval.
Judmaier, Anton, brtdr "Ebeling Saloon," r 329 W Commerce.
Judmyer, Anton, waiter Scholz Garden, h 20 Losoya.
Jukes, Joseph, h 198 Ninth.
Junch, Adolph, bkpr Froboese & Santleben, h 78 Mill.
Jungbecker, Richard, clk, h 312 Live Oak.
Jungbecker, Theresa (wid August), h 312 Live Oak.
Jungkind, Edward, prescription clk Ragland & Co., h 8 E Commerce.
Justi, Louis, stonecutter, h 217 Lamar