1891 City Directory "K"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Kahn, Achille, clothing and dry goods, W 401 Commerce
Kaighn, Edward B., druggist City Drug Store (Ragland & Co.), h 411 Ave D.
Kailer, Eugene, bottle beer agent San Antonio Brewing Association, h River ave.
Kaiser, Alexander J., stonecutter, h 30 Camargo.
Kaiserling, Carl F., wine mfr, cor Water and Goliad.
Kalb, Fritz, head brewer Alamo Brewing Association, h 411 W Houston.
Kalb, John, brewer Alamo Brewing Association, r 462 Camaron.
Kaliski, Henry, floor walker L. Wolfson, h 426 Camaron.
Kaliski, Max, mgr and buyer L. Wolfson, b 426 Camaron.
Kalteyer, Charles, stockkeeper L. Wolfson, r 408 Ave C.
KALTEYER, F. & SON (Geo. H. Kalteyer and Geo. J. F. Semitt), druggists, 507 to 512 W Commerce, T 232.
KALTEYER, GEORGE H., alderman fourth ward and druggist (F. Kalteyer & Son), 567 W Commerce.
Kalteyer, Henrietta (wid Frederick), h 408 Ave C.
Kalteyer, William, druggist W. D. Albini, h 217 Star.
Kalteyer, William C., prescription, clk F. Kalteyer & Son, h 507 W Commerce.
Kammeyer, William, tailor, h 419 Plum.
Kamp, Anna Miss, cook A. Altmann, h 710 Ave E.
Kamp, August, blacksmith, h 315 Seventh.
Kamp, John, slsmn Jacob Dullnig, h 725 Nolan.
Kampmann, Caroline (wid John H.) h 521 Nacogdoches, T 12.
Kampmann, Emily Mrs. H 259 Garden.
Kampmann, Hermann D., capitalist, office Menger Hotel, T 23, h cor Ave E and Fourth.
Kampmann, H. D. Mrs., director Prostestant Home for Destitute Children, c Ave E and Fourth, T 16.
Kanislav, Viktor, lab, h 216 Barrera.
Kannada, A. J., pass condr, h 408 North.
Kannegiesser, Hermann, brtdr Lars Taft, 284 E Commerce.
Kantzer, Frederick, brtdr F. I. Meyer, h Ave E and Third.
Karbe, Ferdinand, planing mill (Degener & Karbe), T 319, h 221 Jackson.
Karney, Charles, saddler L. Frank, h 625 E. Houston.
Karotkin, Mandel, furniture dealer, 5 W Houston, h 21 Kingbury.
Kasner, Alvina Miss, emp Mrs. A. A. Wolff, h 302 Goliad.
Katzenburger, Oscar, h 333 S Laredo.
Kauff, George E., mgr Union News Co., b Porter House, Dolorosa.
Kauffman, Augustus, overseer Govt Hill, h 710 Ave D.
Kauffman, Isaac, clothing, 615 W Commerce, h 629 W Commerce.
Kauffman, Moses, clothing (M. Schwartz & Co.), 623 W Commerce.
Kauffmann, Louis, trav slsmn Charles J. Langholz, h 17 St. Mary.
Kaufman, Frederick, cook A. Meerscheidt, b 427 Water.
Kaufman, Louis, gardener and driver A. Meerscheidt, h 27 Water.
Kaufman, Meyer, slsmn I. Kaufman, h 629 W Commerce.
Kavalsky, Franz, lab Frank Teich, h 112 Nevada.
Kearney, David J., real estate (Hambleton & Co.), h 221, Blum.
Kearney, Thomas, physician and surgeon, h 215 Obraje.
Kearney, William, real estate, 7 E Houston, h 7111 Main Ave.
KECK, H. A., grocer, cor Chestnut and Dawson.
Keck, T. Randall, wind mill erector F. F. Collins Mfg Co., r 1 E Houston.
Kedjiopa, Jozela, h alley between Center and South.
Kedjiopa, Wiegtz, h Alley between Center and South.
Kee, Sam, laundry, h 272 Market.
Kee, Sam, laundry, 13 S. Alamo.
Kee, Wah, laundry, 272 Market.
Keeffe, John, machinist G. H. & S. A. Ry, h cor Twelfth and Oak
Keehn, William, carp, h 15 Sycamore.
Keeler, William, brickmkr, h 1114 S Flores.
Keeshen, Daniel, foreman Charles E. Hicks, h W Neuva.
Keevil, Frank G., waiter/Lang's restaurant, b Riverside Hotel.
Keevil, George, waiter Lang's restaurant, b Riverside hotel.
Kevil, George, waiter Lang's restaurant, b Riverside hotel.
KEHOE, MILES F., livery, sale and feed stable, 204 Main plaza, T 182, b Southern Hotel. See adv p 26.
Keilman, Minnie Miss, seamstress, h 380 N East.
Keiser, Hedwig Miss, chambermaid Southern Hotel, b same.
Keiser, John, watchman Lone Star brewery.
Keiserling, Berthold, h 9 Water.
Keiserling, Charles F., h 9 Water.
Kelbin, Johanna Mrs., h 701 Main Ave.
Keller, Adam, clk Mrs. E. W. Hillard, r 645 S Flores.
KELLER, COLUMBUS A., attorney at law (Tarleton & Keller) 5 and 6 Soledad blk, h 913 San Pedro ave.
Keller, Frank, grocery and saloon, h 1106 S Flores.
Keller, George, saloon, 43 S Alamo.
Keller, Henry, clk Govt store headquarters, h 847 N Laredo.
Keller, John, real estate, h cor W Fifteenth and Virginia ave, West End.
Keller, Joseph, car repairer S. A. & A. P. Ry, b __ Lachapelle.
Keller, Lee W., journalist, b 11 St. Mary.
Keller, Lucretia (c), washing and ironing, h 24 Narp.
Keller, Martin, groceries and saloon, h 803 S Flores.
Keller, Mary Mrs., h 218 Victoria.
Keller, Otto, slsmn F. J. Beitel, h 864 N Laredo.
Keller, Richard W., day prescription clk Tips & Silverthorn, r 339 E Houston.
Kelley, Edward, coachman Thos. Dewees, b 344 Dwyer ave.
Kelley, Frederick, bkpr Chas. J. Langholz, h cor Richmond ave and Elmira.
Kelley, Lee, lab, h 843 N Laredo.
Kelley, Lillian Miss, b 101 Monterey.
Kelley, Nettie Mrs., washing and ironing, h 26 Dawson.
Kelley, Thomas, prop Old Pioneer Saloon, h 219 S Flores.
Kelley, Henry, hackman Carter & Mullaly, h __ E Commerce.
Kelse, William, h 819 Ave C.
Kemp, August, h 315 Seventh.
Kemp, John, clk, h 725 Nolan.
Kemper, Charles L., mcht, b 816 Main Ave.
Kempf, Benjamin, carp, h 318 Monterey.
Kempf, Cataline Mrs., h 309 North.
Kempf, Evalina, chambermaid, St. Leonard hotel, b same.
Kempshall, Maggie Mrs., variety actress Washington Theatre, h 1015 W Commerce.
Kendall, F. F., slsmn Joske Bros., h 16 Bowie.
Kendall, F., brakeman G. H. & S. A., Ry, r 221 Oak.
Kendall, John, newsboy, h 419 Lombrano.
Kendall, John M., lab, h 419 Lombrano.
Kendall, Katharine Miss, h 821 N San Marcos.
Kendall, Lula Miss, h 419 Lombrano.
Kendall, Teel F., slsmn Joske Bros., h 16 Bowie.
Kendall William, clk auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 328 N San Marcos.
Kendrick, J. J., h 318 Lavaca.
Kennan, Jennie, laundress Southern hotel, b same.
Kennedy, Amelia H. Mrs., h 319 S Flores.
Kennedy, Arthur V., condr I. & G. N. Ry, h 505 Hidalgo.
Kennedy, James, physician and surgeon, 8 E Commerce, h 22 S Alamo.
Kennedy, William E., switchman I. & G. N. Ry, r 1104 W Houston.
Kenney, John, groceries and saloon, h 1139 S Laredo.
Kenny, John W., real estate (Stout & Kenney), h Presa below Sunset R. R.
Kenney, Mary Mrs., saleswoman Phillip H. Langsdorf, h 401 Lavaca.
Kenney, Mary Mrs., clk, h 1302 W Commerce.
Kensing, Charles, tinsmith F. A. Seffel, h Alamo plaza.
Kenson, Charles, tinner, r 819 Ave C.
Kent. Thomas J., baggage master S. A. & A. P. Ry.
KERBLE, FREDERICK, prop San Pedro Springs Saloon, San Pedro park, T 80.
KERN, W., court reporter, ground floor Kampmann bldg. B 332 Soledad.
Kernodle, Robert K., slsmn N. Peters, b cor N Leona and Zavalla.
Kerr, Alfred, cashboy J. K. Beretta & Co, h 2 Van Buren.
Kerr, James, cashboy L. Wolfson, h 805 Main ave.
Kerr, William H., h 1051 San Fernando.
Kershaw, George T., clk L. Huth & Son, b 214 Center.
Kesler, John blacksmith L. J. Gembler, h 6 Obraje.
Kessler, Charles jr., carp C. G. Boelhauwe.
Kessler, Charles sr., carp C. G. Boelhauwe.
Kesnas, Johan, well borer, h 2 Santa Clara.Ketkoff, John, carp, h 238 Blum.
Keyes, Frederick, hostler Bryan's livery stable, r 216 St. Mary.
Keys, Elijah, b 331 Dwyer ave.
Kiel, Christ, R R contractor, h 1117 Ave D.
Kiely, Thomas, fireman S. A. & A. P. Ry, h 10 Probandt.
Kieth, William, clk Martin's lumber yard, h 24 Santa Clara.
Kieth, W. D., slsmn Caleasieu lumber yards, h 24 Santa Clara.
Kiezer, Anna Miss. Emp Emma Willson, h 11 S Concho.
Kiezer, John, painter, h 48 Buena Vista.
Kilgore, Lee, clk F. T. Johnston & Co, b 813 Main ave.
Kimber, Annie Mrs. (wid Edward), dressmaking, h 820 Ave D.
Kinahan, James, newsboy I. & G. N. Ry, b 4 Fest.
Kinahan, John, h 4 Fest.
Kincaide, Mary A. Mrs., h 446 N Flores.
Kincheloe, Charles H., fireman S. A. & A. P. By, b 10 Probandt.
Kincheloe, R. L., engr S. A. & A. P. Ry, b 10 Probandt.
Kindred, Samuel J., waiter Lang's Restaurant, h __ S Flores.
Kindred, Wayman, bkpr Frank Teich, b 226 Soledad.
King, B. D., bkpr Maverick Bank, h cor Soledad and August.
King, Cap, condr I. & G. N, Ry, r 1517 W Houston.
KING, CHARLES F., contracting painter, 10 E Houston, h 490 Delgado. See adv 1st page cover.
King, Claudius E. R., physician, h 517 Augusta.
King, Cornelia Miss, h 304 Ave E.
King, Edward R., b 517 Augusta.
King, Emily W. Mrs. (wid Chas. F.), h 490 Delgado.
King, Eustace E. Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, h 16 Jefferson.
King, G., brakeman G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 327 Ninth.
King, George, chief cook Menger Hotel, h same.
King, Henry C., condr. I. & G. N. Ry, b 1517 W Houston.
King, Henry C. jr. collector Daily Express, h 304 Ave E.
King, James L., photographer A. N. Callaway, h 1903 Pine.
King, Joseph, mcht dry goods, h 619 Ave D.
King, Louis, machinist F. F. Collins Mfg Co., b 1 Convent.
King, Mary P. Miss, h 304 Ave E.
King, Maud Miss, teacher High School, b 413 St. Mary.
King, Mollie J. Mrs., boarding house, 211 S Alamo.
King, Ruth Mrs. (wid B. F.), b 407 Nacogdoches.
King, Sarah S. Miss, teacher public school No. 2. B 490 Delgado.
King, Thomas E., pressman, h 223 Rusk.
King, William M., b 27 Washington.
King, William W., district judge 45th district, h 1104 San Pedro ave, T 458.
Kingsbury Saud Depot, cor N Walnut and Lamar, Frederick Baln mgr.
Kingsley, Byron F., physician and surgeon, 8 E Commerce, prop Alamo Sanitarium, h 10 Elm, T40.
Kingsley, Cassius M., real estate and law (Tugwell & Kingsley), b Central Hotel.
Kingsley, Josephine, physician Alamo Sanitarium, 8 E Commerce, h 10 Elm, T 40.
Kinnahan, Emma Miss, clk Sam, C Bellis, h 718 E Houston.
Kinnahan, John, mail carrier (sub), h 718 E Houston.
Kinney, James, boilermkr G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h __ Austin.
Kinney, James, engr G. H. & S. A. Ry, h Sherman between N Cherry and Mesquite.
Kinsler, A. J., h 704 Nolan.
Kinsler, Maggie Mrs., h 428 Camaron.
Kinsley, Henry, machinists' apprentice G. H. & S. A. Ry shops,, h 209 Camargo.
KIOLBASSA, BENJAMIN, grocer, opp Maverick Hotel, T 462, h 318 Elm.
Kiolbassa, Francisca (wid), r 305 South.
Kiolbassa, Thomas, grocer, 423 E Commerce.
Kippers, Herman, emp G. A. Duerler's Candy Factory, h 623 N Concho.
Kippers, John, printer San Antonio Light, h 623 N Concho.
Kippers, Peter, stonemason, h 623 N Concho.
Kippers, Robert, h 623 N Concho.
Kirchner, Annie Miss, millinery (Misses Kirchner), 235 W Commerce.
KIRCHNER, A. & M. MISSES (Annie and Minnie), millinery, 235 W Commerce. See adv page 26.
Kirchner, F. R., h 50 South.
Kirchner, Minnie Miss, millinery (Misses Kerchner), 235 W Commerce.
Kirk, Kate (c), dishwasher Hibernian House, 204 Acequia.
Kirkland, Bessie Miss, h 423 Ave C.
Kirkland, Lettie Mrs., saleswoman S. Mayer, h 904 Ave C.
Kirkpatrick, Frank H., machinist San Antonio Foundry Co., h 4 Beauregard.
KIRKWOOD, DAVID, sanitary engr and plumber, 10 S Alamo, T 449.
Kirving, James S., carp, cor N Brazos and Rivas.
Kisky, Henry, clk L. Wolfson, h 426 Camaron.
Kissling, A. J., contractor, h 105 Dakota.
Kissling, Armond, contractor, h Dakota, between Santa Clara and Peach.
Kissling, August, carp, r 107 Dakota.
Kissling, John jr, carp, h 107 Dakota.
Kissling, John sr, carp, h 107 Dakota.
Kissling, Paul, sign painter San Antonio Paint Mfg. Co., r 107 Dakota.
Kissling, Pauline Mrs., nurse, h rear 818 N Comal.
Kistner, Robert A., h cor Dallas and Romana.
Kitchen, Henry, carp, h 220 Blum,
Kitchen, Richard, h 220 Blum.
Kittredge, Louisa, chambermaid Adams House, r same.
Kittredge, T. A., attorney at law, r __ Soledad blk.
Klan, Louis, h 212 Martinez.
Klar, Adolph, meat market, h 320 Plum.
Klaus, Christian, h Wilson between Calhoun and Tilden.
Klaus, Frederick, ice puller Crystal Ice Co., h Austin oposite depot.
Klaus, Wenzel F., carp, h 319 N Laredo.
Kleid, John, dairy, h Garden nr R. R.
Kleid, Peter, asst jailer county jail, h 218 Devine.
Kleid, Peter, supt county poor house.
Klein, Frank, dairyman, h Garden nr city limits.
Klein, Gustav H., brtdr Christian C. Dullnig, Washington Square, r 218 S San Saba.
Klein, Isaac, tailor Val Lorra, h 418 Cameron.
Klein, John, buggy washer Robinson & Evans, r 9 W Houston.
Klein, J. P., dairyman, h Garden nr city limits.
Klein, Robert., dairyman, h Garden nr city limits.
KLEINE, CHARLES F., jeweler, 261 W Commerce, r 211 W Commerce.
Kleinschmidt, Fredericka Miss, emp J. Moureau, h 202 Lavaca.
Klemma, Amelia, cok V. Jeannin, r 1313 W Commerce.
Kliefoth, Frederick C., clk city collector, h 206 Madison.
Kline, Frank J., dairy 1200 S Flores.
Kline, John P., dairy, h 1200 S Flores.
Kline, Robert P., dairy, b 1200 S Flores.
Kline, William, h 39 Live Oak.
Kling, J., physician, b 648 N Flores.
Klock, Benniville Z., carp, h 220 Laurel.
Klock, Charles F., teacher public high school, b 220 Laurel.
Klochenkemper, August, h 309 N Leona.
Klockenkemper, Emma Miss, opr Telephone and Telegraph Exchange, h 309 N Leona.
Klockenkemper, Henry jr., waiter Scholz Garden, h 309 N Leona.
Klockenkemper, Henry sr., jeweler, 19 Soledad, h 350 Barrera.
Klockenkemper, Mary C. Miss, dressmaking, 15 W Houston, h 309 N Leona.
Kloepper, Elizabeth Mrs., h 25 Mill.
Kloepper, Helena Miss, saleswoman Newton & Weller.
Knapp, Mary E. Mrs. (wid Frank B.), h 1120 San Pedro ave.
Knaup, Mary Mrs. (wid Louis), h 103 Lopez.
Kneeland, Patrick H., h 409 Ave C.
Knight, J. T., 2d lieut. 3d Cavalry U. S. A., h Govt Hill.
Knight, Thomas S., carp, h 10 Delgado.
Knoblock, Robert, butcher Julius Conrads, b 535 E Commerce.
Knolle, Mary (wid Ernest), h Duval between N Hackberry and Olive.
Knopp, Joseph B., receiving clk Wells Fargo Express Co., h 214 Fourth.
Know, H. L., clk Menger hotel, b same.
Knowles, August C., blacksmith A. Franz, h cor Chestnut and Dawson.
Knox, Edward W., Alamo Nurseries (M. N. Knox & Son), h __ S Flores.
Knox, James, barber W. M. Small, h 29 Soledad.
Knox, Jonathon, M. Miss, h 602 Santos.
Knox, Martha Miss, h 22 E Nueva.
Knox, Matthew N., Alamo Nurseries (M. N. Knox & Son), h__ Mitchell between S Flores and Probandt.
Knox, M. N., & Son (Matthew N and Edward W.), props Alamo Nurseries, 223 E Houston.
Knox, R. T., lab, h 2 Clinton.
Knuesle, George, carrier Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 209 Camargo.
Koch, Charle, machinist Alamo Iron Works, h 222 Devine.
Koch, Charles P., skins and furs, h 33 Alamo.
Koch & Bro. (Daniel and Henry), dry goods and groceries, 428 South.
Koch, Daniel, groceries and dry goods (Koch & Bro.), h 234 Narp.
Koch, Henry, groceries and dry goods (Koch & Bro.), h 428 South.
Koch, Lena Miss, cook Dr. J. Blien, h 802 Ave C.
Koch, Otto, butcher Wm. Hoefling & Son, h 217 Fifth.
Koch, Paul, emp San Antonio Brewing Association, h 236 Camargo.
Kochzeit, Agnes, cook J. Ulrich, b 320 Ave C.
Koehler, Charles, porter L. Kunkel, h 409 Pecos.
Koehler, Frank, tinner, h 425 Water.
Koehler, Henry, tinner, h 425 Water.
KOEHLER, OTTO, vice-prest and mgr San Antonio Brewing Association, h 1012 Ave C. Koehler, William jr., bkpr Lassner & Koehler, r cor Main plaza and Dwyer ave.
Koehler, William sr., cotton, wool and hides (Lassner & Koehler), T 218, h 409 N Pecos.
Koehn, Andrew, shipping clk Alamo Brewing Association, h 219 E Commerce.
Koehn, Caroline, saloon, h 110 Crockett.
Koehring, Von, physician and surgeon, h 229 Garden.Koellmann, Theodore, emp Crystal Ice Co, h 223 Water.
Koenig, Theresa Mrs., h 327 S Presa.
Koenigheim, Alexander, slsmn Joske Bros., h 31 South.
KOENIGHEIM, MARCOS, pawnbroker, 10 Main plaza, h 387 S Flores.
Koenigheim, Simon V., drummer, h 31 South.
Koenigsberg, Harris W., tailor (H. W. Koenigsberg & Son), h Ruiz nr West End.
Koenigsberg, H. W. saloon keeper, Alazan between West End and Lake View.
Koenigsberg, H. W. & Son (Harris W. and Simon Koenigsberg), mcht tailors, 32 W Commerce.
Koenigsberg, Moses, office boy Shook & Vander Hoeven, h Ruiz nr N city limits.
Koenigsberg, Simon, cutter (H. W. Koenigsberg & Son), h Ruiz nr N West End.
KOERNER, GEORGE, wholesale grocer, 322 E Houston, T 312 h 57 North.
Koernich, Eugene, machinist Alamo Iron Works, h 1 Augusta.
Koerps, Edward G., compositor Daily Times and financial secy San Antonio Typographical Union, h 328 E Commerce.
Koerps, Minna (wid B.), h 328 E Commerce.
Koerps, Hulda M. Miss, saleswoman Joske Bros. h 328 E Commerce.
Koester, Sophia, rooms to rent, h 308 Center.
Koffroth, Charles, brakeman I. & G. N, Ry h N Flores.
Kohl. J. W., compositor Daily Express, r __ St. Mary.
Kohler, Henry, cutter G. A. Gibbons, r 2 E Nueva.
Kohnka, Matilda Miss, waiter Mrs. A. P. Newton's Lunch Stand, h 1629 Zavala.
Kohr, Joseph, night clk police station, h 306 Camargo.
Kolbe, Charles, h 341 Goliad.
Kossatschniz, Albert, bottle washer G. A. Duerler, r 220 W Commerce.
Kondoff, Dimetri, grocery, nr cor Colorado and Division.
Kong, Wong Chung & Co., Chinese store, 214 Soledad.
Konkle, Abraham L., secy Texas Commercial Reporter Co., b 608 Oakland.
Koock, Otto, stockkpr M. Halff & Bro., h 629 E Houston.
Kopp, Adam, hostler San Antonio Brewing Association, h 314 Sherman.
Korbel, Jacob, h 108 Ave B.
Kordel, Louis, blacksmith C. M. Woelcken, b __ S Flores.
Kories, Andreas, h 25 South.
Kories, Henry, emp J. A. H. Hosack, h 21 and 23 South.
Kornhoff, Louis F., boilermkr G. H. & S. A. Ry shops, h 1218 Hackberry.
Korurumpf, Carrie Mrs. (wid William), h 24 Live Oak.
Koscielski, Michat, helper Alamo Iron Works, h 112 Nevada.
Koshnick, Altus W., carp, h cor Castro and N Comal.
Koshnick, Helena A. L., h 815 N Salado.
Koshnick, William E., h 815 N Salado.
Kottler, Charles, shoemkr, h 211 Newton.
KOTULA, EDWARD, grocer and commission mcht, 308 Military Plaza, T 225, h 319 Ave. C.L
Kotula, Rosa Miss, saleswoman S. Mayer, h 2 Ave B.
Kracht, Emma W. Mrs., Laundress, h 522 Lexington Ave.
Kracht, William, cash boy Joske Bros., b 522 Lexington ave.
Kraemer, William, brewer San Antonio Brewing Association, b Brewery boarding house.
Kraenbuhl, Christian, h cor Veramendi and Acequia.
Kraff, Louis, boiler washer round house S. A. & A. P. Ry, h Iowa between Plum and Walnut.L
Kraft, Emil, bottler Lone Star Bottling Works, h 319 cor Ave B and Eighth.
Kraft, Joseph, driver J. E. Mugge & Co., h 604 Burnett.
Krahl, H., miller A. Byer, b 22 King William.
Kralik, George P., cigar stand Elite Saloon, b Riverside Hotel.
Kramer, Otto, architect, office Kampmann bldg, h 35 Adams.
Kramer, William, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry, h N Mesquite between Lamar and Burleson.
Kraml, Charles, painter G. H. & S. A. car shop, h 137 Marshall.
Kraml, Louis jr, brtdr h 137 Marshall.
Kraml, Louis sr, carp, h 137 Marshall.
Kraml, Mary, Miss, h 137 Marshall.
Kramper, Christian F., foreman Robinson & Evans' stable, h 1553 W Houston.
Kramper, Henry, h 1553 W Houston.
Krapf, William Rev., pastor St. John's German Lutheran Church.
Kararosa, August, carp, h 508 Camden.
Kratz, August, harnessmkr Ramsay & Ford, h 316 Crockett.
Kraus, Katherine (wid John), midwife, h 33 Market.
Krause, Anton, grocery and saloon, 601 S Laredo.
Krause, Betty, laundress Troy steam laundry, h __ Dallas.
KRAUSE, E. E. MRS., boarding house, 210 Acequia.
Krause, Emil W., foreman Dullnig's coffee and spice mills, h 317 North.
Krause, Frank, asst engr Alamo Brewing Association, r 449 Soledad.
Krause, William, harnessmkr Charles J. Langholz, h 330 North.
Kraut, Emil, milkman, h cor Rivas and Trinity.
Krawitz, August, harnessmkr Ramsay & Ford, h 316 Crockett.
Krehenbuehl, Christian, prop Commercial House, 28 Acequia.
Kreiter, Otto, foreman bottling department Alamo Brewing Association, h cor Lamar and First Ave.
Krempkau, Albert W., prop "X to US" salon, 401 Dolorosa h 223 Salinas.
KREMPKAU, BROS. (William and John W. Krempkau), saloon 1301 W Commerce.
Krempkau, Henry, h 223 Salinas.
Krempkau, John W., saloon keepr (Krempkau Bros.), h 17 Hill.
Krempkau, William, saloon keeper (Krempkau Bros.), h 17 Hill.
Kring, Frank, stockman, h 2 Simpson.
Krisch, Adolph, h Trinity nr Castro.
Krisch, Armand, butcher McDonald Bros., h Ruiz between N San Marcos and Colorado.
Krisch, Elizabeth Mrs. (wid August), h 854 N San Marcos.
Krisch, Frank jr, meat market, cor N. Flores and Obraje, h cor N Trinity and Rivas.
Krisch, Frank sr, (J. Weber & Co.), Krisch Hall and saloon, 207 N Flores.
Krisch, Gustav, West End meat market, cor N Trinity and Castro.
Krisch, Julius, blacksmith Joe Dietsch, h 213 N Flores.
Krisch, Randolph, brtdr J. Weber & Co., 207 N Flores.
Kroeber, Paul, clk Gen. Stanley, h 221 Starr.
Kroeger, Otto, contractor and builder, h 244 Camargo.
Kronkosky, Albert, slsmn F. Kalteyer & Son, h rear 507 W Commerce.
Kronkosky, Theodore, shipping clk F. Kalteyer & Son, h rear 507 W Commerce.
Kruff, Charles, printer, h cor Taylor and Martin.
Kruger, Matthias, driver A. B. Frank & Co., h 236 Market.
Kuehn, Emil A., mcht tailor I. Kuehn & Co., h Mission nr Pereida.
Kuehn, J. & Co. (Jacob and Emil A. Kuehn, and Herman Waltersdorf,), mcht tailors, 216 W Commerce.
Kuehn, Richard, watchmkr George Musin, h 4 Montana.
Kuehn, William, marble polisher F. Teich, h 4 Montana.
Kuehne, August, carp, h 15 Lewis.
Kueppers, John, press feeder Daily Light, h cor N Laredo and Concho.
Kueppers, John, tinsmith F. A. Seffel.
Kuhlmann, Charles, driver Alamo Brewing Association, h St. Mary between E. Houston and Travis.
Kuhlmann, Edith Miss, saleswoman Joske Bros., h 214 E Nueva.
Kuhlmann, Frank C., emp Crystal Ice and Mfg Co, h 218 E Nueva.
Kuhlmann, George W., brtdr Two Brothers' Saloon, h 214 E Nueva.
Kuhlmann, Henry, carp, h 220 Salinas.
Kuhlmann, Henry A., brtdr Ranch Saloon, h 214 E Nueva.
Kuhlmann, Sophie (wid George), h 214 E Nueva.
Kuhls, Edward A., contractor, r 319 Third.
Kuhn, Alexander, principal German dept public schools, b 237 Garden.
Kuhn, Charles, confectionery and stationery, 16 and 18 W. Houston, h __ Rockwell road.
Kkulsawik, Blas, city policeman, h 201 Center.
Kulmer, John, h 320 S Pecos.
Kumpf, William, cellar emp San Antonio Brewing Association, b Brewery Boarding House.
Kumpf, William F., lab, h 302 Monterey.
Kunerli, George, h 209 Camargo.
Kunerli, Henry, lab, Sunset depot, h 209 Camargo.
Kunerli, Hoefgoer, driver exp wagon, h 209 Camargo.
Kunkel, Fritz, miller Guenther's Upper Mill, h 412 Lavaca.
Kunkel, John, head miller Guenther's Lower Mill, h 412 Lavaca.
Kunkel, Louis, grocer, 402 W Houston, T 233, h 467 N Flores.
Kunkel, L., wine dealer, 37 N Flores.
Kuntzman, Henry, wheelwright Wm. Schlichenmaier.
Kuntzman, John, lab, h 513 S Laredo.
Kunz, Annie Miss, cook George Dullnig, b 622 Nolan.
Kunz, Frank, teamster, h 1555 W Houston.
Kunz, Joseph, student Alamo Business College, b 1028 Ave D.
Kunzman, Theodore, editor and mgr San Antonio News, h 289 S Laredo.
Kunzmann, Caroline Miss, r 322 N Frio.
Kunzmann, Henry, wheelwright Anton Mayer, h cor S Frio and Durango.
Kunzmann, Teresa, Miss, r 322 N Frio.
Kuppers, Herman, emp G. A. Duerler, h 326 N Laredo.
Kurka, Charles, painter E. Kurka, h 306 South.
Kurka, Edward jr., stockboy L. Wolfson, r 306 South.
Kurka, Julia Miss, r 306 South.
Kurtz, John B., mgr James Martin's shoe store, h 38 Fourth.
Kurtz, Joseph, marble cutter, h 312 Bowie.
Kurtz, Robert, gardener, h cor Macon and Poplar.
Kurtzborn, Richard, emp Abraham & Smith, h 322 Acequisa.
Kurz, Joseph, publisher Staats Zeitung, h 417 Fourth.
Kusch, Albert, baker G. A. Duerler, h 203 Goliad.
Kusch, Emil, emp Alamo Iron Works, h 203 Goliad.
Kusch, John, stonemason, h 203 Goliad.
Kusch, Joseph, clk G. A. Duerler, h 203 Goliad.
Kusch, Lizzie Miss, seamstress Haas & Oppenheimer, h 203 Goliad.
Kusch, Sophie Miss, saleswoman G. A. Duerler, h 203 Goliad.
Kutler, Valentine, starcher City Steam Laundry, h 329 Goliad.
Kutschenreuter, Edward, cabinet mkr Wagner, Bros, h 1061 Macon.
Kuttler, Charles, shoemkr A. Kornung.
Kyle, Kate (c), cook J. W. Maddox, b 505 Ave B.
Kyles, Cecelia Mrs. (c), washwoman, h 405 Perez.
Kyles, Hettie Miss (c), washwoman, h 405 Perez.
KYPFER & SENG (W. A. Kypfer and W. S. Seng), stationers, 323 E Houston, T 559.
Kypfer, William A., stationer (Kypfer & Seng), T 559, b 223 E Nueva.