1891 City Directory "L"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Laager, Bettie Mrs., boarding house, 227 Soledad
Laager, Henry, notary public and real estate, 209 Alamo Plaza, T 175, h 320 Maverick
Laager, Johanna Mrs., (wid Andrew), N/A, h 515 S. Pecos
Laager, John, carp., h 223 Blum
Laager, Rudolf H., blacksmith, r 515 S. Pecos
Labrouche, Emil, carp., h 15 Center
Lacey, Dock, N/A, b -- Laurel
Lacey, Ellen Mrs., (wid E. M.), N/A, h 29 Center
Lacey, James, cook, M. Jordan & Sons, h 232 S. East
Lacey, Lena Miss, N/A, h 29 Center
Lacey, L. L., physician and surgeon, 29 W. Commerce
Lacey, Louis M., planter, h -- Laurel
Lacey, William M., carp., b -- Laurel
Lachapelle, Anna F. Miss, teacher public school No. 7, h 623 S. Flores
Lachapelle, Ed., boiler maker, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 620 S. Flores
Lachapelle, George, N/A, h rear 623 S. Flores
Lachuga, Patracina, emp., Geo. A. Gibson, h 217 Obraje
Lackey, William T., porter, L. Bergstrom, h 208 King William
Lacoste, Ferdinand, cigars and stationery, (Lacoste & Pascalin), h 215 S. Laredo
Lacoste, Lucien J., clk., Lone Star Brewery, h 326 S. Alamo
Lacoste, Manuella, (Ferdinand Lacoste and Joseph Pascalin), cigars, tobacco and stationery, 21 Main Plaza
Lacoste and Pascalin, (Ferdinand Lacoste and Joseph Pascalin), cigars, tobacco and stationery, 21 Main Plaza
Lacroix, Richard, clk., Paul Wagner, h 37 Adams, Meerscheidt addition
Lacey, Louis L., N/A, h 21 Macon
Ladner, Louisa Miss, N/A, h 231 W. Commerce
Ladner, Nicholas, gardener, h -- Garden nr. city limits
Lafayette Saloon, Gras & Ousset, props., N/A, 201 N. Laredo, T 507
Lafrentz, Ludolph F., journalist, h 27 Matagorda
Lahargue, August, cook, Elite Restaurant, h 21 Dolorosa
La Hatte, Charles M., compositor, Maverick Printing House, b --- Dallas
La Hatte, Mary E., (wid Sidney), N/A, h cor. Atlanta and Wilmington Aves.
Lahourcade, Frederick J., saloon and billiard hall, 10 Soledad, h 259 Acequia
Lahrmann, Julius, engraver, Maverick Printing House, h 38 South
Laird, James J., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 514 Ave. C
Laird, John A., engr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 21 Fest
Lamartine, Francisco, N/A, h 616 S. Concho
Lamb, Albert, N/A, h 307 S. Laredo
Lamb, Albert, ranch saloon, 232 Dolorosa, h 243 S. Laredo
Lamb, Amy Mrs., (wid), (c), h 46 Sanchez
Lamb, Rensler, railroad contractor, h 512 N. Frio
Lambert, Charles, brtdr., Fred's Saloon, h 410 Perez
Lambert, F., civil engr. and architect (Salter, Slonecke & Co.), h 304 King William
Lambeth & Hart, (Thomas C. Lambeth& Lawrence J. Hart), real estate, 407 E. Houston, T 528
Lambeth, Thomas C., real estate broker, (Lambeth & Hart), b Hotel Maverick
Lambkin, William S., clk., Mackey Brick and Tile Co., h 232 Soledad
Lambley, Patrick M., carriage maker, h -- Rehmann
Lambley, Tennie Miss, N/A, b 3 Fest
Lamm, Ernst, grocery and saloon, (J. & E. Lamm), T 557, h cor. Lubbock and Cleveland
Lamm, Ernst J., grocer, h Bigfoot Ave.
Lamm, John, driver, Geo. Koerner, h -- S. Flores
Lamm, J. & E., (Joseph and Ernest), groceries and saloon, cor S. Flores and Lubbock, T 557
Lamm, John P., teamster, h Bigfoot Ave.,
Lamm, Joseph, grocery and saloon (J. & E. Lamm), T 557, h S. Flores nr. Mitchell
Lammerk, Fritz, waiter, Mission Garden, h 200 Lavaca
Lamour, J., architect, b 226 Soledad
Lampman, Darius A., contractor, I. & g. N. R. R., h 1122 W. Commerce
Lancaster, T. J., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1231 Olive
Lancken, Emil, boarding house, cor. Sherman and N. Cherry
Land, Mary J. Mrs. (wid Jerry), N/A. h 1702 W. Commerce
Land, Thornton S., hackdriver, h 410 Chavez
Landa, Gracia Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Landa, Morris, wholesale grain and produce, 403 W. Commerce, T 433, h 470 Cameron
Landauer, Charles, clk., L. Huth & Son, r cor. Idaho and Hackberry
Landauer, Henry M., bkpr., San Antonio Brewing Association and notary public, h cor. Idaho and S. Hackberry
Landauer, Nellie Miss, saleswoman, A. Brunswick & Son., h cor. Idaho and S. Hackberry
Lander, Jesse A. H., painter, Geo. Eckenroth, r 212 Market
Landridge, Eliza N., dressmaker, h 435 Hidalgo
Landwar, Salome Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 610 Nolan
Lane, Cliff, first lieutenant Maverick Rifles, h French Place, Laurel Heights
Lane, Ellsberry R., attorney at law (Lane & Mayfield), T 226, French Place, Laurel Heights, T 364
Lane, John, switchman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 10 Simpson
Lane & Mayfield, (Ellsberry R. Lane & Charles H. Mayfield), N/A, 26 and 27 Kampmann Bldg., T 226
Lane, William, (c), waiter, Eagle Chop House, h 705 W. Commerce
Lanertson, Bertel P., hackdriver, Chas, Bartholomew, r 616 Matagorda
Lang, Charles, carp., h 208 Ave. B
Lang, Edward, cashier, Lang's Restaurant, h 12 Casino
Lang, George, restaurant, 16 W. Commerce, T 333, h 12 Casino
Lang, Henry, waiter, Lang's Restaurant, h 12 casino
Lang, John J., mgr., Lang's Restaurant, h 12 Casino
Lang, Mary Mrs., millinery, 17 N. Flores
Lang, William, saloon keeper, h 502 San Pedro Ave.
Lang's Restaurant, Jno. J. Lang, mgr., N/A, 16 W. Commerce T 333
Lang, August, blacksmith, F. W. Lange h 330 Blum
Lange, Bernard J., director, San Antonio Milling Co., millers and grocers, T 273, h Seventh between Ave. E and ditch
Lange, Frank Jr., director, San Antonio Milling Co., T 273, h cor. Walnut and Dawson
Lange, Frank Sr., director, San Antonio Milling Co., T 273, h 212 Starr
Lange, Frederick W., blacksmith and carriage shop, 292 E. Commerce, h 330 Blum
Lange, George W., stockman, h 606 Goliad
Lange, William, blacksmith, F. W. Lange, h 330 Blum
Langer, Ferdinand, butcher, h 230 Water
Langer, Rose Miss, clk., h 230 Water
Langholz, Charles J., saddlery and harness, 309 and 311 Main Plaza, T 128, h 224 Dallas
Langholz, Emma A. H. Miss, N/A, h 224 Dallas
Langridge, Joseph H., compositor, Maverick Printing House, h 17 Live Oak
Langridge, William, office boy, Hunt & Booth, h 17 Live Oak
Langsdorf, Philip H., bakery, 1302 W. Commerce
Langwell, August, packer, Dullnig's coffee and spice mills, h 327 Barrera
Langwell, Leopold, porter, Geo. Dullnig, h 327 Barrera
Lapelouse, Antoine, N/A, h 412 N. East cor. Hidalgo
Lara, Vincente, lab., h 214 N. Frio
Laredo Brick Co., H. L. Degener, prest., brick and tile, cor Dawson and Chestnut, T 319
Larenaudie, Adrian, grocery and saloon, 619 S. Flores
Largen, Thomas J., physician and surgeon, h 800 Main Ave., T 518
Larja, Cosme, N/A, h -- Green Ave.
Larkin, Ellen, emp., Miss Kate Twohig, h 1 St. Mary
La Rosa, Theodore, sheep shearer, h 1718 W. Commerce
Larzalere, John, N/A, h 69 Utica
Lasenby, Henry, (c), h 26 Dawson
Lassner, A., trav. slsmn., Oswego Rolling Mill, b cor Convent and Martin
Lassner, August, emp., Lassner & Koehler, h 304 Garden
Lassner, Edward, wool, hides and cotton, commission (Lassner & Koehler), T219, h 304 Garden
Lassner & Koehler, (Edward Lassner and William Koehler, Sr.), wool, hides, and cotton, commission, cor Main Plaza and Dwyer Ave., T 219
Lassner, Samuel, wrapper, Joske Bros., h cor Martin and Convent
Lasteree, Albert A., city slsmn., R. Diaz, h 511 Ave. B
Lasteree, Emma Miss, N/A, h 511 Ave. B
Lasteree, Ernestine Mrs., (wid James), N/A, h 511 Ave. B
Lasteree, Hulda Miss, N/A, h 511 Ave. B
Lasteree, James D., city slsmn., R. Diaz, h 511 Ave. B
Latcham, Harry, cook, Maverick Hotel, b same
Latimer, Annetta H. Miss, milliner, L. Wolfson, b 403 St. Mary
Latimer, Samuel, clk., J. W. Bradley, r 322 Pecan
Latner, Philip, speculator, h 28 S. Presa
Lattimore, W. C. Rev., pastor, International Sunset and S. A. & A. P. Missions of First Baptist Church, h 354 Soledad
Laub, D. E., architect, (Gordon & Laub), h St. Paul's Rectory, Govt. Hill
Laughder, Thomas, teamster, h 200 Texas Ave., West End
Lauraine, William V., real estate, (Woods and Lauraine), h 304 Dallas
Laux, Herman, mgr., Menger Hotel Bar and Billiard Hall, h 23 Dawson
Lavin, John, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 912 Ave. C
Lavina, Louis, clk., Joske Bros., r 325 South
Law, Charles R., machinist round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 6 Simpson
Lawler, James, wiper, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 326 Sherman
Lawrence, Annie M., housekeeper, George Lawrence, h 501 Ave. B
Lawrence, David, barber, h 441 N. Flores
Lawrence, George, retired seaman, h 501 Ave. B
Lawrence, Harry, clk., M. Jordan & Son, r 306 Military Plaza
Lawrence, John G., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 501 Ave. B
Lawson, Adrian S., gripper, McCrillis Street R. R., h 439 Hidalgo
Lawson, Charles M., hackman, h 591 S. Laredo
Lawyer, Samuel, train dispatcher, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1022 W. Houston
Lawyer, Samuel T., train dispatcher, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1121 W. Commerce
Lay, Charles, A., N/A, b 206 Cedar
Lay, Daniel B., N/A, h 615 Morales
Lay, George W., carp., h 206 Cedar
Lay, Joe, fruit stand, h -- Cassiana
Lay, Robert W., genl. insurance, (R. W. Lay & Co.), b Acequia between Salinas and Rodriguez
Lay, R. W. & Co., (Robert W. Lay and -- Co.), genl. insurance, 425 E. Houston, T 397
Layman, Henry A., carp., h W. Roberts between Seventeenth and Eighteenth, West End
Layton, Lee, carp., b 1002 N. San Marcos
Layton, William, carp., b 1002 N. San Marcos
Leach, Carrie L. Miss, stenographer and typewriter, McLeary & Flemming, h 243 E. Commerce
Leach, Mary Mrs. (wid J. C.), boarding house, 243 E. Commerce
Leader, The, Miss Parma Fisk, propres., ladies' furnishing goods, 216 W. Commerce
Leaiva, Gil, carp., h 311 N. San Saba
Leaiva, Maria Miss, N/A, h 311 N. San Saba
Leak, John, N/A, r 446 Ninth
Leal, Alma Miss, clk., S. Leal, r 324 S. Laredo
Leal, Josefa Mrs. (wid Jesus), N/A, h 224 S. Presa
Leal, Juan, stockman, h 23 El Paso
Leal, Luciano, teamster, h cor Colorado and Rivas
Leal, Mariano, lab, John Myers h 23 Laredo
Leal, Miguel, stock clk., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 324 N. Laredo
Leal, Narciso, live stock commission exchange, 208 S. Flores, h 373 S. Flores
Leal, Santos Jr., clk., Santos Leal, Sr., h 324 S. Laredo
Leal, Santos Sr., groceries, dry goods and saloon, 328 S. Laredo, h 324 S. Laredo
Leanas, Juan, clk., Commercial Hotel, h 209 S. Flores
Leanear, Powell, (c), coachman, h 443 S. Flores
Lear, Juan, lab., b 20 Durango
Learn, Warren E., barber, W. H. Howard, h 204 Ave. E
Learnmouth, C., brakeman, G. H. & S. Ry., h 421 Grand Ave.
Lears, Morris, speculator, h 240 Soledad
Lebaum, Theodore F., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, b 529 Austin
Lebrun, Leon, porter, Black Elephant Saloon, r 231 S. Flores
Lecardies, Clotilda, N/A, h 624 S. Pecos
Lechuga, Marin, porter, A. Castanola & Son, h 328 N. East
Lecroy, A. M. & Cochran, (A. M. Lecroy and J. Cochran), successors to Lecroy and Breedlove, meat market, 1114 W. Commerce
Lecroy, Andrew M., meat market (A. M. Lecroy & Cochran), h 1114 W. Commerce
Lee, Bessie Miss, N/A, h 2149 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Lee, Chung, laundry, 8 N. Flores
Lee, Claude, N/A, b 101 Monterey
Lee, George, carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h cor. Olive and Milam
Lee, George W., lab., I. & G. N. depot, h 510 S. Frio
Lee, Hong, laundry, 28 Soledad
Lee, Hong, laundry, 35 Soledad
Lee, Joanna, (c), cook, Mrs. S. M. Martin, b 8 Barrera
Lee, J. P., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 16 Bowie
Lee, Mac D., cook, Abraham & Smith, h 319 S. Leona
Lee, Richard, (c), lab., Southern Pacific roundhouse, b 8 Barrera
Lee, Sam, laundry, 51 S. Alamo
Lee, Sam, laundry, 619 W. Commerce
Lee, Shelley A., N/A, h 522 S. Laredo
Lee, Sing, laundryman, r 364 Dolorosa
Lee, William, slsmn., William Long, h 502 San Pedro Ave.
Leedosey, Mary Miss, (c), cook, h 311 Water
Legler, Henrietta Miss, N/A, h 311 Blum
Legler, John, mgr., Alamo Brewing Association, h 311 Blum
Leggett, Millard F., contractor and builder, h 875 W. Fifteenth
Lehde, John P., physician and surgeon, h 312 Blum
Lehmann, Adelheid Miss, dressmaking dept., Wolff & Marx, N/A
Lehmann, Adolph, compositor, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 323 Navarro
Lehmann, John, baker, h 323 Navarro
Lehr, David, carp., h 1802 W. Commerce
Lehr, George, saloonkeeper, h 539 E. Commerce
Lehr, William, gardener, h Jones Ave nr. city limits
Lehr, William, gardener, h Jones Ave. nr city limits
Leibig, Paul, miller, Guenther's Upper Mill, h 22 Santa Clara
Leigh, Julia C. Mrs. (wid W. B.), N/A, h 29 Augusta
Leighton, Edward, wrapper, L. Wolfson, h 281 S. Laredo
Leighton, Thomas B., genl. mdse., 279 and 281 S. Laredo, h 281 S. Laredo
Leiva, Prudencio, stonemason, h 320 N. Concho
Leksets, Zim, carp., r 24 South
Leland, Lester R., agent, Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine Co. and shirt mfr. (Leland & Ward), h 521 Oakland
Leland, Laura Mrs., dressmaker, h 521 Oakland
Leland & Ward, (L. R. Leland and Lee Ward), shirt mfrs., 233 E. Houston
LeLaurin, Eugene, pattern mkr., San Antonio Foundry Co., h 27 Adams
LeLaurin, Harry, boiler maker, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 5 Duval
Leman, David S., dentist, h 417 N. Flores
Leman, Eugene D., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 417 N. Flores
Lemke, Augustus, N/A, h 225 Barrera
Lemke, Regina Mrs. (wid Henry), washing, h 225 Barrera
Lemke, William, butcher, h 225 Barrera
Lemman, David S., dentist, 272 W. Commerce, h 417 N. Flores
Lemman, Edward, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r -- Austin
Lemoin, Annie Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Lemp., W. J. Western Brewery, St. Louis, Mo., Charles Horn, Sr., agent, N/A, 60 Mill, T 465
Lentz, Robert H., teamster, h 1032 Hidalgo
Lentz, Thomas B., hackman, h 613 Morales
Lenzen, Adolph, order clk., Geo. Dullnig, b 309 Austin
Leon, Doniciano, lab., h N. Colorado between Delgado and Lopez
Leonard, Joseph, carp., B. Watson, h 6 Narp
Leonard, Theodore, "John Fest Saloon" (Gotthard & Leonard), h Augusta nr Convent
Leonhardt, Valentine, stonecutter, r 525 Lexington Ave.
Leps, Joseph, locksmith, h 24 Acequia
Lerche, Jacob, engr., Crystal Ice Co., h 723 Dallas
Lerche, Emma A., (wid I. N.), groceries, 603 S. Leona
Lerech, William N., fireman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 603 S. Leona
Leroux, Constant N. Jr., slsmn., Leroux and Cosgrove, h 230 King William
Leroux, Constant N. Sr., hardware mcht., (Leroux & Cosgrove), T 132, h 230 King William
Leroux & Cosgrove, (C. N. Leroux and N. J. Cosgrove), hardware etc., 226 and 228 W. Commerce, T 132
LeRoy, Anne Mrs., actress, Washington Theater, b 1011 W. Commerce
LeRoy, Edward, actor, Washington Theater, b 1011 W. Commerce
LeRoy, Jesse, photographer, A. C. Paris, h 211 Presa
Leskow, Fritz, shoemaker, h 419 Fourth
Leslie, Charles W., train master's clk., I. & G. N. R. R., r 225 Soledad
Leslie, T. A., clk., Menger Hotel, b same
Lessing, Robert, carp., h 1108 S. Flores
Lessley, M., undertaker, J. Sheern, h 259 Commerce
Lester, Edward, tel. line repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 603 Grand Ave.
Lester, George G., copyist, h 618 N. Pecos
Lester, John M., driver, Wells Fargo Exp., b 328 Nacogdoches
Lester, Olive Mrs., rooms to rent, b 603 Grand Ave.
Lester, Pearl Miss, N/A, b 603 Grand Ave.
Letzel, Max, bottle washer, G. A. Duerler, h 220 W. Commerce
Leuchle, Samuel, machinist, h 406 Lavaca
Levean, Cyrus S., barber, Edward F. Rowe, b 411 E. Houston
Levi, Raphael, slsmn., Joske Bros., b 242 Acequia
Levi, Samuel L., slsmn., L. Wolfson, r 242 Acequia
Levick, Emma A. Mrs., N/A, h 608 S. Leona
Levy, David, trav. slsmn., Joske Bros., b 12 N. Presa
Levy, Gustave D., slsmn., Joske Bros., b 12 N. Presa
Levy, Morris, blueing mfr., h 315 W. Nueva
Levy, Paul, bkpr., A. Kahn, h 77 Marshall
Levyson, Paul, millinery, 263 W. Commerce, h 121 Marshall
Lewin, Samuel, trav. slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank & Co., h 264 E. Commerce
Lewis, A. B. Mrs., treas., Protestant Home for Destitute Children, N/A
Lewis, Anderson, (c), driver express wagon, h Lavaca between labor and Ditch
Lewis, Charles, carp., h 218 Barrera
Lewis, Daniel, ranchman, b 13 Lexington
Lewis, Eliza Mrs., (c), saloon, 622 N. Pecos
Lewis, Frank, office boy, G. Lewis & Co., h 226 Ave. B
Lewis, Gabriel, mdse. broker, (G. Lewis & Co.), T 344, h 226 Ave. B
Lewis, G. & Co., (Gabriel Lewis), mdse. broker, 2 W. Commerce, T 344
Lewis, George, prescription clk., L. Orynski, r 302 S. Flores
Lewis, George W., contractor, h 1505 Pine
Lewis, John, mail driver, Carter & Mullaly, h 14 Crockett
Lewis, Joseph, clk., L. Orynski, r 302 S. Flores
Lewis, Mary J. Mrs., boarding house, 351 S. Flores
Lewis, Nathan, porter, Southern Hotel, b same
Lewis, Nat, ranchman, b 13 Lexington
Lewis, Perry J., attorney at law (Carr & Lewis), h 419 N. Flores
Lewis, Sidney M., stockman, h 222 N. Pecos
Lewis, William, (c), emp., city gravel pit, h 2 Alley nr. cor. Zavala
Lewis, Willie, porter, Albert's Saloon, cor San Saba and Matamoras
Lewy, Augustus, attorney at law, (Morrison and Lewy), h 326 San Pedro Ave.
Leyer, Emil, N/A, h 210 Lavaca
Leyer, Paulina Mrs., dressmaker, h 210 Lavaca
Lichtenstein, Louis, N/A., h 3 Fifth
Lichtentral, Gustav, slsmn., Joske Bros., h 241 Soledad
Lidell, Smith, (c), well digger, h 415 Lavaca
Lieck, John, clk., S. P. frt. office, h 446 Ninth
Liedach, Clara L. Miss, N/A, h 1055 San Fernando
Lightner, Frank, drummer, A. B. Frank & Co., h 42 Sycamore
Lilly, Wharton B., turner, Snodgrass & Cade, h 515 Ave. E
Lilly, William, carp., h Hood between Benton and Calhoun
Limburger, Otto, butcher, h Milam nr Austin
Limburger, Henry Jr., brtdr., H. Limburger Sr., h 541 Austin
Limburger, Henry Sr., saloon, 541 Austin; meat market, Milam between Austin and Oak, h 541 Austin
Lindahl, Annie Miss, N/A, h 17 Victoria
Lindahl, Edward, contractor, h 17 Victoria
Lindahl, Hulda Miss, N/A, h 17 Victoria
Lindahl, Ida Miss, N/A, h 17 Victoria
Lindau, Otto, carp., Gustave A. Reimann, h 511 S. Presa
Lindel, Mike, blacksmith shop, h 814 N. Comal
Lindenberg, Louis, shoemkr., J. Beckmann, h cor Alamo and South
Lindner, M., secy., International Building and Loan Association, h 14 Navarro
Lingan, Archie, secy., Fair Association, h 224 Blum
Lingsweiler, Anna Mrs., N/A, h 307 S. Laredo
Lingsweiler, Henry. meat market, 236 S. Laredo, h 207 S. Laredo
Linklater, Robert, machinist, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 17 Probandt
Linn, Alice Miss N/A, h 20 N. Laredo
Linn, Henry, carp., h 712 N. Flores
Linnartz, William G., clk., Maverick Bank, h 6 Narp
Linthicum & Stapp, (Wm. P. Linthicum and --- Stapp), contractors and builders, 1 Fannin
Linthicum, William P., M. W. Crockett Local Assembly K. of L., contractor and builder (Linthicum & Stapp), h 1 Fannin
Lipps, Mary Mrs., boarding house, 621 E. Houston
Lipps, Christine Mrs., boarding house, 225 E. Nueva
Lips, Joseph, blacksmith, h 24 Acequia
Lipscomb, Robert, asst. division shop clk., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 501 S. San Saba
Lischke, Franz, blacksmith, (Sischke & Richer), h 512 S. Frio
Lischke & Richer, (Frank Lischke and Anton Richer), blacksmiths, S. side Milam Square
Liste, Dora Mrs. (wid Christian), N/A, h 321 Live Oak
Liste, Frederick, wirer, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 321 Live Oak
Liste, Mina Miss, N/A, h 321 Live Oak
Lister, Adolphus B., contractor and house mover, h 14 Hill
Lister, Francis A., supt. transportation S. A. & A. P. Ry., cor. S. Flores and Aransas, h 8 Barrera, T 533
Listick, E., N/A, h 217 Star
Little, Alice Miss, (c), h 307 Water
Little Brick Photograph Gallery, A. l. Delfraisse, prop., N/A, 10 E. Houston
Little Casino Garden and Saloon, August Rehberg, prop., N/A, 279 S. Alamo
Little Parlor Barber Shop, Ed. Wulfe, prop., N/A, 211 E. Houston
Little Red Brick Saloon, Wm. Shehan, prop., N/A, 423 W. Houston
Little Red Grocery, J. M. Matthews, prop., N/A, 549 N. Flores, T228
Little, Thomas, clk., C. F. Guenther, h 458 Acequia
Little, William A., paymaster's clk., Govt. Hill h 210 Eighth
Little, William H., real estate, h 21 Goliad
Littlefield & Ellsworth, (T. E. Littlefield and H. E. Ellsworth), hay, grain and salt, 213 S. Flores, T 234
Littlefield, Thomas E., feed store, 213 S. Flores, T 234, h cor. Dwyer Ave. and W. Nueva
Littlejohn, Delithia Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 16 Sanchez
Littlejohn, Eliza Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 16 Sanchez
Littler, A. C., cotton buyer, Slayden and Clarkson, r 395 S. Alamo
Lloyd, Benjamin F., (c), coach cleaner, I. & G. N. Ry., h 314 S. Leona
Lloyd, James, mattress mfr. (Cumming and Lloyd), h 417 S. Flores
Lloyd, Jess, life insurance, h cor Buena Visti and Trinity
Lochridge, J. I. P., cashier, Pacific Express Co., h 311 Crockett
Lock, Frank M., condr., Alamo Electric Street Car Co., h W Commerce between Palo Pinto and Los Moras, Prospect Hill
Lockard, James, painter, h212 Monterey
Lockart, John R., stockman, b 226 Soledad
Lockart, W. A. Mrs., boarding house, 224 and 226 Soledad
Lockart, Winfield A., planter, h 226 Soledad
Locke, Judith Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 21 Macon
Locke, Mary Mrs., N/A, h 21 Macon
Locke, Stephen D., contractor and builder, h 230 Castro
Locke, William J., dairyman and vice-president San Antonio Secular Society, h Blanco Road, north of city limits
Locke, William M., county surveyor, h 15 Fannin
Lockridge, I. P., cashier, Pacific Express Co., h 311 Crockett
Lockwood, Albert, N/A, h 905 Ave. D
Lockwood, Arthur I., alderman at large and prop. Bank Saloon, N/A
Lockwood, Arthur I., engr., h 1131 Ave. D; 400 E. Houston, T 308, h 905 Ave. D., T 451
Lockwood, Edwin E., real estate, r 421 E. Houston
Lockwood, J. E., real estate agent (H. L. Dignowity & Co.), h 500 Camden
Lockwood, Joseph S., prest. Lockwood National Bank, h cor Olive and Hays, T 5
Lockwood National Bank, J. S. Lockwood, prest., Jas. Muir, Jr., cashier, N/A, Soledad and W. Commerce, T 148
Lockwood, W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 5 Duval
Lodovic, Anna Mrs., N/A, h 444 Soledad
Lodovic, Camille Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 444 Soledad
Lodovic, Dora R. Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 444 Soledad
Loeb, Isaac, slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 30 South
Loeb, Nellie Miss, N/A, h 30 South
Loef, Peter, cooper, Geo. Mandry, 108 and 110 Austin
Loelke, Johanna Mrs., fruit stand, h 288 S. Alamo
Loeloff, George, saddle tree mfr., h 48 Fest
Loeloff, Gustav, saddle tree mfr., b 48 Fest
Loep, Adolph, carp., h 428 North
Loep, Louis, waiter, Scholz Garden, h 20 Losoyo
Loeper, Sophy Mrs., N/A, h 332 Crockett
Loessberg, Anna C. Mrs. (wid John), N/A, h 1016 Ave. D
Loessberg, Annie Miss, N/A, h 1016 Ave. D
Loessberg, John L., N/A, h 1012 Ave. D
Loessberg, Lizzie Miss, teacher public school, No. 4, h 1016 Ave. D
Loessberg, Mary C. Miss, pressfeeder, Johnson Bros., h 1016 Ave. D
Logaies, Frederick, painter, h 1053 San Fernando
Logaies, Robert, porter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Logan, Thomas, (c), carriage driver, I. Efron, h 302 Chavez
Logana, Leocoelia Mrs., N/A, h 832 San Fernando
Lohrberg, Leopold, shipping clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 410 Bowie
Lohse, Arthur, carrier, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 426 Bowie
Lombard Investment Co., L. M. Gregory, agent, N/A, Menger Blk.
Lon, John, laundryman, Yung Wah, h 342 Dolorosa
Long Star Bottling Works, Wm. Esser, Prop., N/A, 319 Ave. B., T 55
Lone Star Brewing Co., G. Housman, Prest., N/A, Grand Ave., between Dallas and River, T 13
Lone Star Drug Store, W. D. Albini, prop., N/A, 215 Alamo Plaza, T 299
Lone Star Saddlery Co., Alex Varga, agent, N/A, 217 S. Flores
Lone Star Saloon, R. J. Pace, prop., N/A, 25 Alamo Plaza
Lonenict, Frank, groceries and saloon, h 412 S. Laredo
Long, Charles, carp., h 6 Kingsbury
Long, Edward, N/A, h 310 Ninth
Long, Elsie, washing and ironing, h 26 Dawson
Long, George, carp., h 6 Kingsbury
Long, Henry, waiter, Southern Hotel, r same
Long, James D., foreman, Bryan's Livery Stable, r rear 216 St. Mary
Long, M. Mrs., millinery, h 17 N. Flores
Long, Rhoda Mrs., (c), h 508 Zavalla
Long, William, groceries and saloon, 502 San Pedro Ave.
Longcoy, Martin F., carp., r cor Buena Vista and Nueces
Longini, Emanuel, slsmn. and buyer, M. Halff & Bro., h 35 Goliad
Longoro, Pedro, N/A, h -- Leon
Longreti, Sophia Mrs., N/A, h 42 North
Loo, Tom, laundryman, Hong Lee, h -- Soledad
Looff, Alvina Miss, saleswoman, Nic Tengg, h 236 Camargo
Looff, Julia Miss, clk., Nic Tengg, h 236 Camargo
Looff, R. Mrs., N/A, h 2 36 Camargo
Looney, John E., N/A, b 13 Fest
Loos, Philip, condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h -- Ninth
Loper, Arthur B., clk., Cunningham's Pharmacy, r cor Ave. C and Second
Lopez, Antonio, cook, Benito Salas, r 628 W. Commerce
Lopez, Antonio, lab, h 210 El Paso
Lopez, Antonio, lab., John Myers, h 100 Matamoras
Lopez, Antonio B., N/A, h 818 S. Pecos
Lopez, Antonio B., pressman, Guessez & Ferlet, h 210 El Paso
Lopez, Benito, N/A, h 210 S. Flores
Lopez, Cipriona H., laundress, Texas Steam Laundry h 1552 W. Houston
Lopez, Davilla, clk., D. Fernandez, r cor. S. East and Matamoras
Lopez Juan, teamster, h 1552 W. Houston
Lopez, Juan F., slsmn., Joske Bros., b Central Hotel
Lopez, Louis, waiter, Maverick Hotel b same
Lopez, Manuel, brtdr., M. Friedman, h 455 Soledad
Lopez, Manuel, peddler, h 820 N. Comal
Lopez, Manuel, shoe store, 233 Alamo Plaza, h 226 E. Nueva
Lopez, Margarita (wid Frank), N/A, cor N. Colorado and Lopez
Lopez, Mauricio, commission mcht., h 21 Augusta
Lopez, Susie Miss, N/A, h 820 N. Comal
Lorenzen, William, saddler, Lone Star Saddlery Co., h 340 Martin
Lorenzo, Antonio, N/A, h 323 Durango
Lorgenfrei, Aaron, wagon mkr., h 317 Austin
Lorillard, Eleanor Miss, seamstress, b 339 S. Alamo
Lorillard, Hannah M. Mrs., N/A, h 339 S. Alamo
Lorillard, Thomas, painter, E. A. Seffel, h 339 S. Alamo
Loring, Frank M., N/A, h 513 S. Laredo
Loring, Frederick C., emp. postoffice dept., h 43 Belvin
Loring, Frederick J., N/A, h 519 S. Laredo
Lorra, valentine, mcht. tailor, h 6 W. Commerce
Losan, Juan, shoemaker, Nasario Lujon, r 11 S. Laredo
Losano, Antonio, lab., h 805 N. Frio
Losano, Ascension, N/A, h 823 N. Frio
Losano, Damian, expman, h San Luis between San Jacinto and Colorado
Losano, Eligio, lab., h 31 El Paso
Losano, Francisco D., expman., h 805 N. Frio
Losano, Jesus, baker, b 31 El Paso
Lott, Andrew J., engr., h 16 Probandt
Lott, Edward, (c), r 317 S. Concho
Lott, Edward, porter, Albert's Saloon, h --Laredo
Lott, Harper, (c), r 317 S. Concho
Lott, Joseph, (c), r 317 S. Concho
Lott, Uriah, prest., S. A. & A. P. Ry., office Maverick Bank Bldg., b Menger Hotel
Lott, William C., switch fireman, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h -- Probandt
Lott, William T., emp. machine shops, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 16 Probandt
Loughrey, Michael, cigars and fruit, h 315 Fifth
Louisiana Lumber Co., B. F. Cobb, mgr., N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza, T 519
Loumiet, Frank, grocery and saloon, 402 S. Laredo
Lounsbury, Phineas P., prop., St. Leuard Hotel), 214 Main Plaza, T 282
Loustaunau, Jean, Elite Saloon (J. Loustaunau & Co., T 59, h 319 Acequia
Loustaunau, J. & Co., (Jean Loustaunau and Paul Burgeron), Elite Saloon and Restaurant, 301 and 303 Main Plaza and 3 and 5 Soledad, T 59
Loustaunau, John, brtdr., Turf Saloon, r -- Dolorosa
Love, Olive B., dentist, 413 E. Houston, h 42 Live Oak
Love, William, bell boy, Southern Hotel, b same
Lovece, Michael, saloon keeper, h 213 Obraje
Lovece, Nicolino, confections and fruit, 8 W. Houston, headquarters for string bank, h 301 N. Flores
Lovece, Tony, brtdr., M. Lovece, h 213 Obraje
Lovelady, John P., Alamo Steam Laundry, (E. T. Brogdon & Co.), h 234 Villita
Lovelady, John P., stockman, r 742 N. Flores
Lovelady, Thomas J., stockman, b Porter House
Lovett, James, (c), carp., h 413 Acequia
Loving, Walter, waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Lowday, Charles L., bkpr. and notary public (A. B. Frank & Co.), h 15 Macon
Lowday, M. M., machinist, h 15 Macon
Lowe, Alexander, clk., Menger Hotel, b same
Lowe, Daniel W., fireman, San Antonio Gas Co., h 410 N. Pecos
Lowe, Edward, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Sherman between N. Hackberry and Olive
Lowrey, John A., miller, Alvord Paint Co., h 722 E. Houston
Lowry, Mrs. S. T. (wid Dr. Lowry), director, Protestant Home for Destitute Children, h 29 Ave. C
Loza, Pilar, N/A, h 218 S. Laredo
Lozano, Ascension, cigar maker, h 824 S. Leona
Lozano, Juan, N/A, h 714 S. Pecos
Lubbock, Frank R., real estate, (Cullen & Lubbock), h -- S. Flores
Lubbock, William L., N/A, h S. Flores between Keller and Cassiana
Lubbock, William R., clk., h -- S. Flores
Lucchese, Antonio, shoemkr., M. Lucchese & Bro., h 37 Soledad
Lucchese, M. & Bro., (Antonio and Michael), boots and shoes, 332 E. Houston and 37 Soledad
Lucchese, Michael, boots and shoes, (M. Lucchese & Bro.), h 37 Soledad
Luce, David W., Jr., slsmn., Thos. H. Abbott, h rear 413 Ave. E
Luce, D. Wing, Sr., bkpr., M. Landa, h -- Center
Lucia, Bacillio, lab., h N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Luck, C. August, saloon, cor. Grayson and Henderson
Luddajl, Joseph, gardener, h 905 S. Flores
Luders, P., driver, Seidel Bros., h 6 Duval
Ludlow, Daniel, agent, Pacific Exp., Co., T 125, h 236 S. Alamo
Ludovic, William, brtdr., Black Elephant Saloon, h 444 Soledad
Ludwig, Albert, N/A, h 315 Burnett
Ludwig, Felix, butcher, Edward Neumann, r 208 Victoria
Ludwig, Franz J., meat market, cor. Plum and Iowa
Lueth, H., lunch stand, 18 Main Market
Lujon, Nassario, boot and shoe shop, 11 S. Laredo
Luke, William, condr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 723 Ave. C
Lukin, Charles J., principal public school No. 8, r 15 Howard
Lum & Fry, (-- Lum & T. C. Fry), wood yard, cor. Hays and Walnut
Lum & Hummert, (Isaac C. Lum and F. W. Hummert), painters and paper hangers, 816 Nacogdoches
Lum, Isaac C., painter (Lum & Hummert), b 328 Nacogdoches
Lum, James C., carriage painter, b 328 Nacogdoches
Luna, Acequia, N/A, r 415 S. Concho
Luna, Benito, lab., h rear 95 El Paso
Luna, Donanciano, lab., r 215 S. Frio
Luna, Emma Mrs., N/A, h 5 Beitel
Luna, Felipe, N/A, h 767 N. Flores
Luna, Milton, N/A, r 600 S. Leona
Luna, P. D., emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h 5 Beitel
Luna, Romaldo, clk., b 216 Matamoras
Luna, Romaldo, slsmn., A. Muguerza, h 767 N. Flores
Lund, J. P., N/A, h 314 Ninth
Lundin, Adolph, stonemason, b 16 Dawson
Lunford, William, night watchman, Daily Express Office, h Rincon nr St. Mary
Lung, Fong, laundryman, h 7 W. Commerce
Lung, Lee Chung, Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, 35 Soledad
Lupe, Mesa Morin Miss, dressmkr., Mrs. Nannie C. Maniss, h 6 Laredo
Lupton, Charles H., local agent Columbia Building and Loan Association, h Rock Quarry Road
Lupton, George F., Ticket agent, Southern Pacific R. R., h Rock Quarry Road
Lusk, Patrick H., emp., S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 1176 N. Flores
Luter, John T., Pullman car condr., b Alamo Flats
Luter, William E., Pullman car condr., b Alamo Flats
Luttrell, Henry A., musician, h 460 Acequia
Lutz, Christian, packer, G. A. Duerler, h 320 Camargo
Luzan, Lorenzo, employee, Washington Theatre h 308 N. East
Luzenberg, Edward A., slsmn., Young & Arnold, h 361 Soledad
Lyall, Thomas, painter, Jos. Tallman, b 407 Water
Lyford, Charles A., (Lyford, Tuffley & Co.), livestock commission, T 520, h -- Fest
Lyford, Tuffley & Co., (Chas. A. Lyford, Fred L. Tuffley and Louis J. Ashley), livestock commission mchts, 801 S. Flores, T 520
Lyle, James B., contractor and builder, h 118 Dakota
Lynch, Charles, bkpr., h 306 Ave. D
Lynch, George A., clk., Claim Dept. S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 306 Ave. D
Lynch, James, brick mason, h 2302 W. Commerce
Lynch, W. M., stockman, h 21 Soledad
Lyons, Annie Mrs. (wid Wm.), N/A, h 323 Sixth
Lyons, Ed., N/A, h 236 Oak
Lyons, Edward M., chief clk., division supt. San Antonio division G. h. & S.A. Ry., h 323 Sixth
Lyons, Henry, engr., Express Publishing Co., N/A
Lyons, Jacob, (c), lab, h 606 Crockett
Lyons, James G., slsmn., Martin's Shoe Store, r 309 Third
Lyons, John J., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 219 Losoya
Lyons, J. K., conductor, g. H. & S. A. Ry., h 219 Losoya
Lyons, Robert E., chief Clk., Master Mechanic, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 323 Sixth
Lyons, William, cashier, Twohig's Bank, h 323 Sixth
Lytle Coal Co., A. B. Maness, mgr., N/A, cor Buena Vista and Medina
Lytle, Lucy Mrs., boarding house, 223 St. Mary
Lytle, Samuel, ranchman, h 223 St. Mary
Lytle, William, postal route agent, b 223 St. Mary