1891 City Directory "P"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Pabakowski, Adolph, deputy sheriff, h 315 Goliad
Pace, Robert F., commission mcht., (Moffett, Raymond, & Co.), T 334, h 224 Soledad
Pace, R. J., Lone Star Saloon, 25 Alamo Plaza
Pacific Express Co., D. Ludlow, Agent, N/A, 23 W. Commerce, T 125
Pacific House, N/A, N/A, 1306 W. Commerce
Pacific Mutual Life and Accident Insurance Co., W. B. McMillan, Agent, N/A, ground floor Kampmann Bldg.
Pacific Planing Mill, B. H. & W. A. Myers, props., N/A, Franklin Square between Hidalgo and Morales
Padilla, Antonio tailor, Joske Bros., h 21 Augusta
Page, William J., music dealer, (J. F. Jones & Co.), h 213 Crockett
Pagel, Magdaline Mrs., N/A, h 208 S. Alamo
Pagenstetcher, Charles Alexander, dentist, over 36 West Commerce, r same
Pasis, Juan, hostler, Morin Bros., r 218 S. Flores
Palace Billiard Hall, Dupuy & Windsor, props., N/A, 21 Soledad
Palacios, Bacilio, barber, h 344 Dolorosa
Palarman, Adolph, barber, h 308 Bowie
Palfrey, Thomas B., chief clk., division supt's office Houston Division, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 310 S. Alamo
Palm, August, barber, Gus Reis, h 238 Blum
Palm, Frederica (wid Fritz), N/A, h 238 Blum
Palm, Rudolph, porter, A. Zillian, h 238 Blum
Palm, Thomas, stone mason, h 22 Wyoming
Palmer, August, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 430 Hays
Palmer Caldwell, (Hill & Palmer), r 317 Blum
Palmer, Ion Miss, N/A, h 21 N. Laredo
Palmer, Martha E. Mrs. (wid M. D.), dressmaker, b 623 S. Flores
Paloma, Placidor, lab., h 904 Salado
Pancoast, Aaron, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, (A. Pancoast & Son), h 207 King William
Pancoast, Aaron C., emp., city engr's office h 207 King William
Pancoast, A. & Son, (Aaron and Josiah E.), clothing and gents furnishing goods, 38 and 40 W. Commerce, T 155
Pancoast, Josiah E., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, (A. Pancoast & Sons), h 404 King William
Pancoast, William T., bkpr., A. Pancoast & Son, h 207 King William
Panell, Mary C., N/A, h 1212 S. Medina
Pangburn, William H., driver city sanitary works, r 606 W. Commerce
Panseri, Ambras, bkpr., G. Giorda, r 324 S. Concho
Papeschi, Antonio, cabinet maker, h cor. Obraje and N. East
Para, Josa, N/A, h 511 W. Houston
Parado, Ambrosia, driver, Froboese & Santleben, N/A
Parales, Abram, N/A, r 315 S. Laredo
Parales, Geronimo, clk., mayor's office, h 321 Barrera
Paris, Arthur C., photographer (Paris & Rothwell), h 16 Nacional
Paris & Rothwell, (A. C. Paris & I. N. Rothwell), photographers, 11 and 13 W. Commerce
Paris, Miles C. Mrs.,, N/A, b cor Buena Vista and Nueces
Parish, W. S., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 312 Grand Ave.
Parker, A., (c), boiler maker, R. G. Nixon, h 619 Austin
Parker, Alfred, (c), G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor N. Walnut and Star
Parker, Alfred, N/A, h 231 Oak
Parker, Clinton G., (c), barber, J. C. Studebaker, h 269 N. Center
Parker, Frank, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 1106 Ave. D
Parker, Frank M., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1028 Ave. D
Parker, Jessie Miss, N/A, h 1619 Zavalla
Paker, Miss, teacher vocal music, St. Mary's Hall, b 19 Pecan
Parker, Nannon J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 1021 Austin
Parker, Robert L., cupola tender San Antonio Foundry, r 318 Lavaca
Parker, William H., furniture mover, 808 W. Commerce, h 509 Buena Vista
Parkerson, James G., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 803 Ave. D
Parkhurst, John E., N/A, h 535 S. Laredo
Parmley, Tillie Miss, N/A, h 7 N. Leona
Parrotte, Benito, opr. tel. Tel. Exchange, h 513 Ruiz
Parrotte, Charles Jr., brick mason, h 513 Ruiz
Parrotte, Charles Sr., teamster, h 513 Ruiz
Parrotte, Louisa Miss, dressmaker, Mrs. N. C. Maness, h 513 Ruiz
Parrotte, Narcisa Miss, N/A, h 513 Ruiz
Pas, Jose, chili concarne stand, h 12 N. East
Pascal, P., notions etc., 341 Acequia
Pascalin, Joseph, cigars and stationery (Lacoste & Pascalin), h 21 Goliad
Paschal, George, district attorney 37th district, office courthouse, h 421 Cypress
Paschal, Mary C. Mrs. (wid I. A.), N/A, b 457 Soledad
Paschke, Ferdinand, carriage painter, h 305 Ave. B
Pasler, Julius, baker, Lewis Seidel, h 318 Austin
Passmore, George, prescription clk., A. Dreiss, b 11 St. Mary
Patrick, S. H., principal public school No. 5, h 218 S. Presa
Patsig, Mary Miss, N/A, h 147 Marshall
Patso, Louis, tinner, A. Schultz, h 325 South
Patterson, Alfred M., bkpr., S. B. Wood, b 272 E. Commerce
Patterson, Charlotte Mrs., (c), h 307 Water
Patterson, Edward, (c), h 1546 W. Houston
Patterson, Eli, (c), fireman, Electric Light Co., h 307 Water
Patterson, Ellen Mrs., (c), h 15 Victoria
Patterson, Henry, barber, Refugio Acosta, h 811 N. Salado
Patterson, John H., bkpr., b 203 Garden
Patterson, Kate Mrs. (wid P.), boarding house, 221 Acequia
Patterson, Mary J., (c), cook, John S. Ford, b 230 Crockett
Patterson, Samuel, N/A, r 309 Hidalgo
Patterson, Thomas, (c), h 15 Victoria
Patterson, W. J. Ballantyne, real estate and prest. Alamo Heights Improvement Co., 425 E. Houston, T 397, h River Ave. N. W. of Govt. depot, T 356
Patterson, Walter R., (c), barber, C. P. Tschirhart, h 147 Ruiz
Patton, Elizabeth A. Mrs. (wid John), N/A, h 215 Lavaca
Patton, Fannie Miss, school teacher, h 215 Lavaca
Patton, Frederick, (c), machinist, h 615 Ruiz
Patton, John, (c), fireman, San Antonio Gas Co., r Gas Works
Patton, John D., N/A, r 75 Warren
Patton, Robert W., railroader, h 71 Marshall
Patton, Sallie Miss, N/A, 215 Lavaca
Patton, William S., clk., T. B. Duncan, h 410 San Pedro Ave.
Patzig, Bertha (wid Anton), N/A, r 702 S. Leona
Patzig, Richard, mgr., San Antonio Buggy Co., h 702 San Fernando
Paul, Edward, Porter, A. Heusinger, h -- Iowa
Paul, Peter, slsmn., Jacob Dullnig, h 308 S. San Saba
Paulger, William H., carp., h 816 N. Comal
Pauli, Johanna Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., b 30 Adams
Pauly & Dielmann, (Henry Pauly and John C. Dielmann), contractors and builders, 246 E. Commerce, T 410
Pauly, Henry, contractor and builder (Pauly & Dielmann), h 112 Dakota, T 53
Pawley, Hettie Mrs., N/A, h 614 N. Laredo
Pawley, Lorenz K., compositor, Daily Express, h 208 Crockett
Pawsa, Louis, tinner, H. Schultze, Sr., h 325 South
Payne, Jacob J., produce dealer, T 542, h 416 N. Concho
Payne, John, (c), wood chopper, h 415 N. San Saba
Payne, Lee, (c), emp., Dr. E. M. Shaw, h539 N. Flores
Payne, Mary A. Mrs. (wid H. A.), N/A, h 117 Marshall
Payne, Thomas, vegetable peddler, h 806 N. Flores
Payne, Thomas J., boarding house, h 421 S. Flores
Payne, Thomas J., propr., White Elephant Lodging House, 316 S. Flores
Payson, William, agent, Berlin Iron Bridge Co., 209 Alamo Plaza, h 230 Elmira
Peace, Bayless, hack 77, Hick's Stables
Peace, Frank, (c), porter, S. A. & A. P. frt. depot, h cor Lover's Lane and Probandt
Peachette, Eugene, tinner, A. P. Campbell, b 511 E. Commerce
Peacock, Leander W., deputy U. S. Marshal, h 44 North
Peacock, Lillian Miss, saleswoman, S. Mayer, h 44 North
Peacock, Sue Miss, N/A, h 44 North
Pearce, John, clk., Charles J. Langholz, h 404 Zavalla
Pearson, Agnes Mrs., N/A, r 406 S. Concho
Pearson, George, auctioneer, Green Front Auction House, 3 to 9 N. Flores, h 702 San Pedro Ave.
Pearson, Henderson, (c), lab., h 1530 W. Houston
Pearson, Sidney T., chemist, Dreiss, Thompson & Co., b-- Ave. E
Pearson, William, (c), lab., h 404 N. Laredo
Pease, Lyman W., sheep dealer, r St. Leonard Hotel
Pecard, Max, N/A, h 601 Main Ave.
Pechke, August, tank builder, George Mandry, 108 and 110 Austin
Peck, August, N/A, h 583 S. Laredo
Peck, John D., driver, Collins & Peck, h 210 Fifth
Peck, Lem P., furniture dealer, (Collins & Peck), h 210 Fifth
Pedder, J. E. C., supt., Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, 413 St. Mary
Peebles, James A. Mrs., millinery, 43 Alamo Plaza
Peebles, Rebecca O. Mrs. (wid Washington), jewelry and notions, h 1306 W. Commerce
Peek, Thomas C., clk., accountant's dept., S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 901 Main Ave.
Peek, William F., tel opr supts office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., (S. A. & A. P. depot), r cor Main Ave. and Maple
Peel, John, N/A, h 915 Ave. D
Pefferkorn, Henry Rev. Father, pastor, St. Joseph's German Catholic Church, h E Commerce between S. Alamo and Bonham
Pefferling, Edward, stock dealer, b 211 Elmira
Pefferling, Edward N., teamster, h 211 Elmira
Pefferling, Henry, N/A, b 211 Elmira
Pegg, John, propr., Commercial Restaurant and Farmer's Home, cor S. Flores and W. Neuva
Pegg, Walter, meat marker, Carr Hill
Peko, Andrew, lab., I. & G. N. Roundhouse, b 1313 W. Commerce
Pelgen, L. J., saddler, Charles J. Langholz, b Alamo nr Presa
Pelleton, August, gardener, U. S. Arsenal, h 81 Johnson
Peltzer, Barbara Mrs. (wid Gustav), N/A, h 221 Madison
Peltzer, Gus, commander Schiller Council American Legion of Honor, h 305 Alamo
Peña, Adolph C., (Peña & Co.), h 239 S. Laredo
Peña, Antonio G., stock keeper, M. Halff & Bro., h 222 Losoya
Peña, Atilano, stone mason, h Lopez between Colorado and Brazos
Peña & Co., (Adolfo C. Peña and --- Co.), groceries and feed, 201 S. Laredo
Peña, Felipe, teamster, city San Antonio, h 709 N. Frio
Peña, Moreau, N/A, h 246 S. Laredo
Peña, Simon de la Jr., blacksmith, Simon de la Peña, Sr.), h 239 S. Laredo
Peña, Simon de la, Sr., blacksmith and wheelwright, 235 S. Laredo, h 239 S. Laredo
Peñaloza, Daniel, boarding house, rear 827 Ave. D
Peñaloza, Daniel, porter, Sam C. Bellis, h 827 Ave. C
Peñaloza, Jose M., slsmn. Morin Bros., h 520 S. Laredo
Peñaloza, Lupe Miss, clk., Sam C. Bellis, h 827 Ave. C
Pendleton, Simon, waiter, Muth's Garden, b same
Penick, Daniel A., machinist, West Side Novelty Works, b 404 Leal
Penn, James W., compositor, Johnson Bros., h 811 Ave. C
Pennell, E. J. Mrs., N/A, h 238 Rusk
Pepler, William, N/A, b -- McCullough
Pepez, Francisco Mrs., dressmaking, h 6 Obraje
Perales, Bonifico, N/A, h 618 S. Concho
Perales, Cipiriano, N/A, h 327 Durango
Perales, Heronimo, N/A, h 257 S. Laredo
Perales, Miguel, shoemaker, r 12 S. Laredo
Percy, Frank F., (c), h cor Poplar and Main Ave.
Pereida, Gumesindo F., jeweler, r 280 S. Alamo
Percida, Jesus J., watchmaker, h 406 N. East
Pereida, Lucy Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 280 S. Alamo
Pereida, Rafael M., jeweler, Jess M. Bell, h 280 S. Alamo
Pereida, Ralph L., jewelry, h 280 S. Alamo
Perez, Alejio G., N/A, h -- Rehmann
Perez, Alejo E., ditch commissioner, West Side, b Yndo, W. Rock Quarry Road
Perez, Antonio R., clk., County Clerk's Office, h 27 Pecan
Perez, Daniel, lab., h 303 N. East
Perez, Dolores, peddler, h 303 N. East
Perez, Francisco, baker, Wm. L. Richter, cor S. Laredo and S. East
Perez, Felipe, tailor, h 818 S. Pecos
Perez, Helena, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 204 San Fernando
Perez, Henry, dishwasher, Souther Hotel, b same
Perez, Ignacio, teamster, h -- Cevallos
Perez, Lagardo, lab, h rear 720 S. Pecos
Perez, Lougino, lab., h 303 N. East
Perez, Manuel, N/A, h 996 N. Colorado
Perez, Rafael G, shoemaker, 222 S. Flores, h S. end Dwyer Ave.
Perez, Romaldo, N/A, h 701 S. Pecos
Perfater, Charles E., miller, Alvord Paint Co., h 722 E. Houston
Perfater, James T., supt., Alvord Paint Co., h 722 E. Houston
Perfater, Jason J., miller, Alvord Paint Co., h 722 E. Houston
Periera, John, engr., I. & G. N. Ry., r cor S. Comal and W. Commerce
Perin, Annie Miss, N/A, h 20 N. Laredo
Perkins, Lanson W., N/A, r 239 W. Commerce
Perner, Charles, plasterer, h cor Chestnut and Hays
Perner, Christian P., stonemason, h 312 Bowie
Perner, Ida Miss, N/A, h cor Hays and Chestnut
Perrenoud, Fanny Mrs., N/A, h 1629 Zavalla
Perrin, Geroge, carp., h cor Cibolo and W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Perris, Antonio Mrs., N/A, h 204 San Fernando
Perris, Francisco, expressman, h 518 San Luis
Perris, Juan, N/A, h 834 San Fernando
Perris, Theodore, lab., r 249 S. Laredo
Perry, Alberta T. Mrs., boarding house, 332 Acequia
Perry, Calvin R., brtdr., Christian's Saloon, b 332 Arcquia
Perry, James, (c), porter M. halff & Bro., h 668 Crockett
Perry, John, st car driver, b 209 Center
Perry, John A., brakeman, Southern Pacific, b 332 Acequia
Perry, Joseph, (c), stonecutter, h N. Medina between Perez and Leal
Perry, Louis, (c), porter, John Brady, h Baltimore Ave. Between Dallas and Augusta
Perry, Robert, cigar dealer, h 705 W. Commerce
Perryman, Kate (wid William), N/A, r 241 Madison
Perryman, William, clk., San Antonio Sand Co., h241 Madison
Persch, Albert, saloon keeper, 250 Market, h cor Pereida and Cedar
Persch, Edward, metals, tin plate, and heavy hardware, 254 Market, T 370, h 224 lafitte
Persia, Michael, tailor, h 214 Monterey
Persia, Pablo, tailor, Joe W. Gensler, h 216 Monterey
Peschel, Paul, watchmaker, Otto Blumenthal, h 213 S. Presa
Peschke, August, tank mfr Geo. Mandry, h 413 Seventh
Peterich, Leonhard, mattressmaker, h 218 Market
Peters, August, boilermaker, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 329 Ninth
Peters, August, stoves, tinware, tin roofer, etc., 309 E. Houston, h 547 Garden
Peters, Charles, N/A, h 504 S. Laredo
Peters, Eliza Mrs., (c), washwoman, h 1715 W. Commerce
Peters, Nicholas, groceries, cor N. Leona and Zavalla, T 257
Peters, Simeon, carp., San Antonio Brick Yard, h 212 N. San Marcos
Peters, Simeon C., carp., h cor W. Commerce and Pinto, Prospect Hill
Peters, Walter, emp., R. M. Fuller, h West End
Peters, W. C., consulting engr., h 421 W. Houston
Peters, William, laundryman, Maverick Hotel, b same
Peterson, Albert, policeman, r 403 N. San Saba
Peterson, Sarah, (c), cook, H. D. Kampmann, b cor Ave. E and Fourth
Petit, Leon, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 5 Duval
Petre, Claes W., tailor, A. Pancoast & Co., h 220 Villita
Petrel, Joseph, emp., Chas. J. Ochse, h 1526 Garza
Petrich, N. Lee, bkpr., San Antonio Builder's Supply Co., r 323 Ave. D
Petrie, William, butcher, A. Schulz, b same
Petry, Charles, N/A, h 455 Water
Petry, Christian, clk., Albini Drug Store, h 455 Water
Petry, Ervin, shoemaker, h 455 Water
Petry, Johanna Miss, N/A, h 455 Water
Petry, Theodore, N/A, h 455 Water
Petry, William, butcher, h 455 Water
Pettey, Blanche Miss, N/A, b 328 Nacogdoches
Petty, Hester, (c), b 310 N. Concho
Petty, J. D., stockdealer, h 1113 N. Olive
Petty, Philomen H., prop San Antonio House, 1306 W. Commerce
Petzwiller, Peter, grocer (Brown & Co.), T 197, h 419 North Flores
Peyton, George B., shipping clk., F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., r 1 E. Houston
Pfaendler, Stanislaus, lunch counter, Two Brothers Saloon, h 514 Matagorda
Pfefferling, Edward Jr., stockman, h 211 Elmira
Pfefferling, Edward Sr., driver exp wagon, h 211 Elmira
Pfeiffer, Fritz C., baker, Wm. Zizelmann, h 319 E. Commerce
Pfeiffer, Henry C. Jr., dairyman, h Goliad nr city limits
Pfeiffer, Henry C. sr., dairyman, farmer, h Goliad nr city limits
Pfeiffer, Josephine (Mrs. Johann), N/A, h Monterey between San Marcos and Colorado
Pfeiffer, Philip, emp., H. C. Pfeiffer Sr., h same
Pfeil, Henry, meat market, 334 E. Commerce
Pfeil, Jacob, brtdr., J. Vander Straten, h Olive between Wyoming and Montana
Pfeuffer, Christoph, N/A, h 133 Cedar
Phelan, Edward C., grates and mantels, (P. Phelan & Sons), h 2 Park Ave.
Phelan, John C., grates and mantels, (P. Phelan & Sons), h 2 Park Ave.
Phelan, Patrick, grates and mantels (P. Phelan & Sons), h 2 Park Ave.
Phelan, P. & Sons, (Patrick, Edward C., John O., and Thos. F.), grates and mantels, 43 Soledad
Phelan, Thomas A., teller, Maverick Bank, r cor Houston and Jefferson
Phelan, Thomas F., grates and mantels, (P. Phelan & Sons), h 2 Park Ave.
Phelps, Alice Miss, N/A, h 1000 W. Houston
Phelps, Edwin M., life insurance agent, h cor Lexington Ave. and Elmira
Phelps, Edwin P., bkpr., Maverick Printing House b cor Lexington Ave. and Elmira
Phelps, Henry, (c), shoemaker, 519 E. Commerce
Phelps, Henry T., emp., J. R. Gordan, b corner Lexington and Elmira
Phelps, Mary A. Mrs., N/A, h 1000 W. Houston
Phelps, Samuel, office boy, Maverick Printing House, h cor Lexington Ave. and Elmira
Phelps, Samuel M., slsmn., Bainbridge & Corner, b cor Lexington Ave. and Elmira
Phflughaupt, Edward, stripper, Moritz Rossy, h -- Goliad
Philips, George W. Jr., dentist, George W. Philips, Sr., h 224 Elmira
Philips, Geroge W., Sr., dentist, 266 W. Commerce, h 224 Elmira
Phillip, Adolph, clk., C. Heuermann, h -- Wyoming nr Hackberry
Phillipe Louis, fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1023 W. Houston
Phillippe, Emil, apprentice, L. Frank, h cor Cameron and Kingsbury
Phillippe, Emma, saleswoman, Alamo Book Store, h cor Cameron and Kingsbury
Phillippe, Paulina Mrs., N/A, h cor Cameron and Kingsbury
Phillippe, Theresa Mrs. (wid Eugene), N/A, h 482 N. Flores
Phillippi, Henry P., cashier, San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- River Ave.
Phillippi, Samuel, emp., bottling dept., San Antonio Brewing Association, h cor Austin and Grayson
Phillips, Anderson C., (c), barber, 25 Alamo Plaza
Phillips, Harriet E. Mrs. (wid M. H.), rooms to rent, h 216 Third
Phillips, John J., engr., h 14 Eighth
Phillips, Lodoiska L. Mrs., rooms to rent, h 29 Losoya
Phillips, Peter, N/A, h 311 N. East
Phillips, William W., yard clk., Martin and Schryder, h cor Walnut and Hays
Phoenix, Andy, bus driver, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Picard, Labolde, slsmn., A. Rueff, 320 E. Houston
Piccard, Max, trav. slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., h 516 Main Ave.
Pickering, William J., architect and builder, cor Cibolo and Zavalla, Prospect Hill
Pickett, Lula Miss, N/A, r 209 S. East
Pickford, Charles H., feed store (Ford, Pickford & Co.), T 501, h 451 Acequia
Pickrell, J. Henry, abstractor, Hildebrand & Stribling, h 446 N. Flores
Pickren, Benjamin A., engr. G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor mesquite and Burleson
Picnot, Charles, ranch and stock man, h 340 Garden
Pieper, William Jr., exp wagon, h 410 Sixth
Pieper, William Sr., exp wagon, h 410 Sixth
Pierce Arthur J., teacher, h 404 Zavalla
Pierce, Florence Miss, N/A, h 404 Zavalla
Pierce, John, trav. slsmn., C. J. Langholz, h 404 Zavalla
Pierce, Lizzie, chambermaid, Maverick Hotel, r same
Pierce, M. L., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 317 Grand Ave.
Pierson, H., engr., G.H. & S. A. Ry., h 11 Mesquite
Pierson, Sidney, clk., Dreiss, Thompson, & Co., h 618 Ave. D
Pieto, Francisco, N/A, h Lopez between Brazos and Colorado
Pifferling, Helen Mrs., N/A, h 215 Camden
Pifferling, Josie Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 215 Camden
Pifferling, Mamie Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 215 Camden
Pigott, Michael, carriage and wagon factory, 201, 203, and 210 Soledad, T 104, h 422 N. Laredo
Pigott, John, saddler, L. Frank, h 221 Soledad
Pigott, William, blacksmith's helper, M. Pigott, h 422 N. Laredo
Pike, Anton, stonemason, h 213 Victoria
Pike, Rufus P., carp., h W. Commerce nr Pinto, Prospect Hill
Pilhofer, Leonard, gun and locksmith, (A. Ziehm & Co.), N/A
Pillow, Charles H., bricklayer, h 1104 W. Houston
Pinchin, Elizabeth Mrs., milliner (Gibson and Pinchin), h 1007 Ave. C
Pinchin, Richard P., abstract clerk Court House h 1007 Ave. C
Pinn, John, saloon, h 539 Austin
Pinn, Thomas, teamster, h 1559 W. Houston
Pinola, The Great Throad and Chest Remedy, R. J. Carter, wholesale agent, N/A, 33 Alamo Plaza
Pinson, William W. Rev., pastor, Travis Park M. E. Church South, h 219 Maple
Pintel, John, dairy, h 1 Martinez
Piper, Frederick A., carp., h -- Dakota, T 509
Piper, Frederick A., slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., b 252 Pereida
Piper, Julius C. A., broker, cor Losoya and Crockett, h 252 Pereida
Piper, Otto J., bkpr., J. C. A. Piper, b 252 Pereida
Piper, Ralph L., prop., City Chop House h 309 Monerey
Pitcher, J. H. Rev., rector, P. E. Church, h 216 Water
Pitts, Thomas, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 513 Austin
Plagge, Bettie Miss, N/A, h 405 S. Alamo
Plagge, Christopher, music teacher, h 405 S. Alamo
Plant, Jacob, clk., John U. Bodenmann, h 533 Austin
Platt, John, carp., h 316 Bowie
Pleasants, Walter S., contractor and builder, h 71 Warren
Plummer, George E., porter, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 216 San Luis
Podervilz, Edwin, drummer, A. B. Frank & Co., h 401 South
Poe, Jesse, (c), porter, Mrs. T. C. Clairborne, b 25 Alamo Plaza
Poeschel, Frederick, grocer, h 307 S. Alamo
Polanco, Josefa, saleswoman, Santos Leal, h 324 S. Laredo
Polanco, Manuel, N/A, b 610 San Fernando
Polanco, Refugio A. Mrs., N/A, h 610 San Fernando
Polanco, Zulema Miss, N/A, b 610 San Fernando
Polian, William, brakeman, r 327 Ninth
Police Headquarters, N/A, N/A, Military Plaza, T 210
Politzer, Frank, driver, Chas. Ochse, h 319 Goliad
Polizer, Louis, saloon, 318 Military Plaza, h 421 Nolan
Poliwaczek, Walenty, helper, Alamo Iron Works, N/A
Polk, Edwin, ranchman, h 407 King William
Polk, James, stockman, b 19 Howard
Polk, Lottie Miss, (c), h 310 N. Concho
Polk, Lucius J., genl frt and pass agt, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 507 San Pedro Ave., T 68
Polk, Thomas P., carp., Alamo Iron Works, h -- Paso Hondo
Polk, Virginia T. Mrs., teacher, h 19 Howard
Pollard, Hattie, chambermaid, Southern Hotel, b same
Pollock, James, N/A, h 509 Matagorda
Pollock, John M., saddler, Chas. J. Langholz, h 11 Dawson
Pollock, Mary Mrs., midwife, h 11 Dawson
Pollok, Alexander F., clk., U. S. Q. M. dept., h 503 Matagorda
Pollok, Annie Miss, N/A, h 203 Matagorda
Pollok, Frank, lab., h 503 Matagorda
Pollok, Rosie Miss, N/A, h 503 Martagorda
Pommer, P. H. Von, sausage maker, George Jagge, h 1210 W. Commerce
Pomrenky, John, saloon keeper, h 601 Matagorda
Ponce, Fidel, lab., h 207 S. Pecos
Pond, John, driver Texas Steam Laundry, h 408 E. Houston
Poole, D. C. Major, pay dept U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Poore, Morrill D. Capt., prest San Antonio Crematory, h Garden S of city
Pope, William C., boilermaker helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h Sherman between Hackberry and Olive
Popp, Frankz, miller, h cor Devine and Edgar
Porch, Henry, shoemaker, h 63 Mill
Porrier, V. L. prop, Alabama Lodging House, 29 Acequia
Porter, Alexander C., (c), barber, E. S. Austin, h 50 Santos
Porter, E. F. Miss, (c), teacher, Santa Clara Public School, h East End
Porter House, Mrs. b. F. Trester, prop., N/A, 332 Dolorosa
Porter J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 234 E. Commerce
Porter, Nellie, (c), cook, Henry Nold, h 221 Fifth
Porter, N. J. Mrs., N/A, h 413 Navarro
Porter, Shed, (c), driver city cart, r 14 Santos
Porter, W., clk., S. P. frt office, h 701 Burleson
Porter, William, (c), porter, H. Schultze Sr., h 306 Chestnut
Porter, William B., draughtsman, B. F. Trester, Jr., b Porter House
Portis, Deliah A., N/A, h 240 Crockett
Portis, George R., paper hanger, McRae Paint Co., h 240 Crockett
Portis, Phil C., paper hanger, A. T. Hensley & Sons, h 240 Crockett
Portis, William R., painter, McRae Paint Co., h 240 Crockett
Posart, Maria B. (wid Frank), N/A, h 452 Water
Posert, Julius, mail carrier, No.T, h 287 S. Alamo
Potonowitz, John Mrs., N/A, h 12 Fannin
Potschernick, George, clk., J. A. Bundren, h 952 N. Salado
Potshernick, Joseph, N/A, h 952 N. Salado
Potschernick, Rosa, chambermaid, Mahncke Hotel, b same
Potshiusky, William K., compositor Daily Times, h 221 Starr
Potts, Henry B., deputy county clk., h 305 Madison
Potts, Jacob, (c), porter, Mayer & Schmelter N/A,
Potts, W., Floorwalker, Joske Bros., h 314 Third
Pound, Edward J., stockman, h 1010 W. Houston
Pound, Mary A. P. Mrs., boarding house, 1010 W. Houston
Powell, Andrew, bell boy, Maverick Hotel, b same
Powell, Andrew J., real estate agent, south side Main Plaza, h 778 N. Flores
Powell, David J., auditor's clk., S. A.& A. P. Ry., h 803 Ave. D
Powell, Green, (c), lab., r cor Iowa and Mesquite
Powell, John, bridge carp., h 15 S. East
Powell, John, carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 14 Nevada
Powell, Stephen, lab., 406 N. Flores
Power, Ellen Mrs., N/A, h 505 N. San Saba
Powers, James, carp., h 341 Goliad
Pozzi, Jo, groceries and saloon, cor El Paso and S. Frio
Prado, Ambrosita, N/A, h 612 N. San Saba
Prado, Jose, clk., Tuttle & Duff, h 612 N. San Saba
Prado, Louis, N/A, h 612 N. San Saba
Praeger, Ewart, slsmn., H. Praeger, h 262 E. Commerce
Praeger, Hermann, hardware, stoves, and tinware, 262 and 264 E. Commerce
Praeger, H. Mrs., vice prest. San Antonio Secular Society, h 262 E. Commerce
Praeger, Otto, reporter, Daily Light, h 262 E. Commerce
Prandy, Thomas, surveyor and land agent, 43 Soledad, h Mesquite nr Dawson
Prassl, Franz, carp., h Menchaca between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth
Pratt, E. B., 1st Lieutenant Twenty-third Infanty, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Pratt, Monroe, saloon keeper, 15 Soledad, h 316 S. East
Prelat, Reba Gregory Mrs., asst. principal, Mrs. A. R. Gregory's school, h 210 Ave. C
Prendergast, Catherine (wid Michael), N/A, h 1026 Ave. D
Prendergast, James H., stonemason, b 1026 Ave. D
Prendergast, Michael J., N/A, h 112 Ave B.
Prendergast, Sarah Miss, N/A, h 112 Ave. B
Presa Street Saloon, C. O. Neumann, propr., N/A, cor. S. Alamo and Presa
Prescott, Aransas, real estate, 26 Soledad h 17 San Pedro Ave.
Prescott, Theodora Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Prescott, William A., clk., T. C. Frost's bank, b 17 San Pedro Ave
Presnell, Jesse H., stockman, h 215 Garden
Presnell, Susan Mrs., N/A, h 23 S. Presa
Preston, Ella M. Miss, teacher public school, No. 2, h 1 Walsh
Preston, William B. Rev., pastor Cumberland Presbyterian church, h 1 Convent
Pretzer, Paul, city engr., 36 Kampmann Bldg., T 6, h 115 Adams
Price, A. S., dairyman, h Virginia
Price, Cynthia, (c), cook, A. J. Fry, h 18 Ave. E
Price, Frank, hall porter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Price, Isaac, (c), brtdr, b 412 Live Oak
Price, Isaiah, porter, Buck's Diamond Saloon, h 1204 Live Oak
Price, John E., stockman, h 917 Main Ave.
Price, Larkin K., lawyer, b 310 Dallas
Price, L. F. Mrs., secy, Adah Chapter No. 49 O. E. S., N/A
Price, Nellie Miss, N/A, b 110 Monterey
Price, R. S., messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., h cor Ave. e and Third
Price, William C., bkpr., M. Halff & Bro., b 232 Ave. C
Priddy, Frank A., bkpr, Daily Times, h 324 E. Commerce
Priet, Anna Miss, N/A, h alley between Center and North
Priet, Petra, lab, h alley between North and Center
Prieto, Gaudencio P., newspaper agent, r Lopez between Colorado and Brazos
Prigza, Peter, lab., b 420 San Fernando
Prinz, William F., slsmn., George Dullnig, h 23 Blum
Pritchard, Arthur, coach builder, h 404 Zavalla
Probandt, Charles, N/A, b 428 San Pedro Ave.
Probandt, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 428 San Pedro Ave.
Progress Saloon, G. A. Schmecker & Co., props., N/A, 608 and 610 W. Commerce
Prohl, August C., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 31 Elm
Prohl, John, slsmn., Joske Bros., h 31 Elm
Propes, L. H., porter, A. B. Frank & Co., h 10 Nacional
Proske, John, porter, A. B. Frank & Co., h 10 Nacional
Prosser, Stefano, lab, h 319 Durango
Pruder, Lucinda, (c), h 24 N. East
Pruet, Frank, N/A, b 207 Bowie
Pruitt, Travis L., trav. slsmn., F. T. Johnson & Co., r cor Dwyer Ave. and Main Plaza
Pryor, Bessie, clk., Hildebrand & Stribbing, h 558 N. Flores
Puchi, Alois, lab., Lone Star brewery, b 496 Camden
Puckridge, Paul M., canvasser, Singer Mfg. Co., h West End
Puckridge, Percival M., canvasser, Singer Sewing Machine Co., h Rivas nr N. Brazos
Pue, Robert L., broommaker, F. J. Sprague, h 1155 Perez
Pue, William H., brickmason and builder, 1155 Perez
Puescher, Charles, brtdr., William Ruppersberg, h 21 South
Pujo, Dominick, Union Barber Shop, 23 and 25 Main Plaza, h 416 N East
Pujo, Eugene, barber, D. Pujo, h 416 N. East
Pullam, Angelina, washing and ironing, h 302 Fifth
Pullem, Fred, (c), porter, Gus and Chris' Barber Shop, h 301 Fifth
Pulliam, Luther T., carp. and painter, h corner W. Houston and Nueces, Prospect Hill
Pullman Palace Car Co., O. S. Newell, agent, N/A, 24 and 25 Kampmann Bldg.
Punchadd, George, (c), lab., city, h -- Narp
Puppe, Charles, horn chairs, 229 W. Commerce
Puppe, Hugo, cabinetmaker, Wagner Bros., h 229 W. Commerce
Puppe, Oscar, harnessmaker, L. Frank, h 229 W. Commerce
Purdon, W. F., R. R. contractor, h 310 Grand Ave.
Purdy, A. E., head-waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Purkiss, Eugene M., decorator, b 500 Pine
Purkiss, William, real estate and fence mfr., h 500 Pine
Pursch, August E., meat market (Reisch & Pursch), h 1198 S. Flores
Pursch, Charles, dairyman, h 1198 S. Flores
Pursch, Elizabeth Mrs. (wid August), dairy, h 1198 S. Flores
Pursch, Henry, shoemaker, r 63 Mill
Pursch, Hermann, gardener, r 63 Mill
Pursch, Rudolph J., yardman, San Antonio Wood Yard, h 1198 S. Flores
Puschmann, A. Mrs., milliner, Ben Moke h 28 Adams
Pyka, Anton, N/A, h 213 Victoria
Pyne, Thomas J., engr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., N/A
Pytel Bros., (John A. and Jasper L.), blacksmiths and wheelwrights, S. Flores, Beanville
Pytel, Jasper L., blacksmith and wheelwright, (Pytel Bros.), S. Flores, Beanville
Pytel, John A., blacksmith and wheelwright, (Pytel Bros.), h cor. Bigfoot and Cleveland Aves.