1891 City Directory "R"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Raba, Augusta Miss, N/A, h 415 Crockett
Rabe, Bernard A., stone carver, Frank Teich, r 309 E. Houston
Rabe, Emma C. Miss, N/A, h 709 Perez
Rabe, John, clk., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 709 Perez
Rabe, John A. G. Rev., pastor, German M. E. Church, South, h 708 Perez
Rabe, Julius H., slsmn., Joske Bros., b 403 St. Mary
Rabe, Sigmund, notions and toys, 14 W. Commerce, h 252 Garden
Rabe, William G. R., clk., Morris Jacobs, h 709 Perez
Racia, Louis, lab., h N. Colorado between Delgado and Lopez
Racket Store, A. Bennett prop., dry goods, etc., 217 W. Commerce
Rackett, Charles, plasterer, h 336 E. Commerce
Radaz, Frank, driver h 316 Acequia
Rader, Annie Mrs., emp., J. T. Massey, h 845 N. Laredo
Rader, Frank, stonemason, h 214 Delgado
Radke, Rudolph, boarding house, h 219 Oak
Radliff, Alonzo, night watchman, G.H. & S. A. Ry., h 4 Duval
Radliff, Menzo D., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 4 Duval
Radonda, Migne, N/A, r 410 S. Concho
Raehmer, Franz, tailor, Val Lorra, h 30 Market
Rafferty, Ogden, 1st Lieutenant Medical Dept., U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Rafoth, Charles T., cabinetmaker, B. C. Riely & Co., h 229 Ave. C
Ragland & Co., (Edw. B. Kaighn and Kaspar Hermer), druggist, 8 E. Commerce, T 184
Ragland, Corlis S., clk., Ragland & Co., r 8 E. Commerce
Ragland, Thomas W., clk., h 776 N. Flores
Ragland, William, stockman, h 776 N. Flores
Ragsdale, Lovie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Raguet, Henry W., mgr., Metropolitan Shoe Co., 209 W. Commerce
Rahm, Henry, wheelwright, h Ruiz between N. San Jacinto and Trinity
Rahm, Robert, carp., h 462 Camaron
Rahmstorf, W., mgr., The Chicago Palace Steam Cleaning, Dyeing and Renovating Co., h 923 Ave. D
Raigoza, Mignel V., barber, h cor. S. Frio and San Fernando
Railroad Supply Store, James Burns & Co., props., grocers, 215 to 223 Austin, T 283
Raiman, Edward, machinist's helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 329 Ninth
Rains, William S., carp., 1057 San Fernando
Rait, Lizzie, principal, German-English School, b Alamo Flats
Rakott, Nick, tinner, b 222 Starr
Rakowicz, Martin, waiter, Mahncke Hotel, b same
Rakowicz, Mary Miss, cook, h 399 S. Flores
Rakowicz, Michael, mason, r 221 Barrera
Raley, James, attorney at law, 10 Soledad, h 220 Maple
Rambau, Joseph, cook, Elite Restaurant r 301 Main Plaza
Ramer, William, physician, h -- Refugia
Ramidez, Andrea Mrs. (wid), N/A, r 918 W. Houston
Ramin, Frederick E., engr., Daniel Heder, h 408 S. Laredo
Ramirez, Gregoria, N/A, r 246 S. Laredo
Ramirez, Josefa, N/A, h 17 N. East
Ramirez, Silberio, N/A, h 257 S. Laredo
Ramitas, Jesus, restaurant 366 Dolorosa
Ramon, Juan, teamster, h 514 W. Houston
Ramond, Edward, saddler, E. J. Langholz, h 216 Obraje
Ramos, Baldas, fruit store, 405 Dolorosa, h San Fernando nr Alazan Creek
Ramsay, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. J. S.), boarding house 272 E. Commerce
Ramsay & Ford, (John S. Ramsay & Newton H. Ford), saddlery (Ramsay & Ford), T 380, h 270 E. Commerce, T 160
Ramsay & Graves, (Jno. S. Ramsay and Everett B. Graves), real estate, 314 E. Houston
Ramsay, John S., real estate (Ramsay & Graves), saddlery (Ramsay & Ford), T 380, h 270 E. Commerce
Ramschissel, Henry, cabinetmaker, Hager & Moths, h cor Callaghan and Zavalla
Ranch Saloon, Tommins & Berliner, props., N/A, 232 Dolorosa
Randall, G. M., Captain, Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Randolph, Ned, carp., h 513 S. Concho
Randolph, Thomas W., (c), lie repairer, S. W. Tel. and Telephone Co., h alley between S. Walnut, Cherry, Virginia, and Indiana
Rankin, John H. hostler round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 1 Probandt
Rankin, William H. barber and horse dealer, h 645 N. Flores
Ranney, Frederick D., teacher, h N. Olive between Mason and Carson
Ranney, Melvina (wid R. H.), N/A, h N. Olive between Mason and Carson
Ransom, Joel R., San Antonio and Indian Territory Fuel Co., cor Buena Vista and S. Salado
Ranzaria, Savina, lab., h 710 N. Frio
Raper, A. R., fireman, San Antonio Ice Factory b 216 N. Flores
Raphael, Alfred M., retired U. S. A. officer, h 441 Soledad
Rapp, Adolph, blacksmith, John Illg, h cor. Sherman and Pine
Rapp, G., compositor, Freie Press fuer Texas, h cor Pecan and Navarro
Rapp, George, car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h cor. Sherman and Pine
Rasbach, James A., propr. Maverick Hotel, (Hungerford and Rasbach), T 43, H 324 E. Houston
Rassmussen, Jens, groceries, provisions and beer, 223 Chavez
Raspberry, James, N/A, h 110 Oak
Rath, Christian, porter, F. I. Meyer, h cor Losoya and Crockett
Rathmann, Annie, chambermaid, Maverick Hotel, r same
Ratke, Rudolf, boarding house, 219 Oak
Ratley, John, carp and joiner, S. A. & A. P. Ry. roundhouse, h 320 Bowie
Ratliff, Benjamin F., expman, h San Luis between San Marcos and S. Colorado
Rauber, John, porter, Tipps & Haarmann, h 322 Live Oak
Rauritas, Jesus, restaurant, 306 Dolorosa
Ravala, Cadena, lab., h Chavez between San Jacinto and Trinity
Rawlings, Addie G. Mrs. (wid Edward), N/A, r 698 N. Flores
Rawlings, Hinchey A., carp., h 10 Probandt
Rawlings, Mary E. Mrs., boarding house, 10 Probandt
Rawls, August C., saloon, 627 E. Houston
Ray, Sadie Miss, N/A, h 215 S. East, T 301
Rayforth, Jesse, (c), minister, First Baptist Church, r 76 Santos
Raymond, Edward, saddler, L. Frank, h 216 Obraje
Raymond, Frank, tailor, h 30 Market
Raymond, Lena, (c), cook, h 615 Ave. C
Raymond, Victor A., commission mcht, (Moffett, Raymond & Co.), T 334, h 211 Evergreen
Raymond, William C., asst. teacher, San Antonio Academy, h 1185 N. Flores
Raymond, W. J., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 327 Sherman
Rayner, Charles, brtdr., Mike and Joe's Saloon, h cor. Dolorosa and S. East
Rayner, Hamilton, receiving clk., S. A. & A. P. frt depot, h 327 Soledad
Rea, Joseph H., real estate and loans, 218 E. Houston, h 214 Center
Reagan, Edward, hostler, San Antonio Brewery, r same
Reather, Henry, lab., r 615 Matagorda
Reather, Mary (wid H. P.), N/A, h 615 Matagorda
Reavie, Archie I., boiler maker, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 1130 Cherry
Rebas, Julia Miss, emp., S. Leal, h 324 S. Laredo
Rechel, Ernst, music teacher, h 25 Howard
Rechenthine, August, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 850 N. San Marcos
Rechenthine, George, printers' apprentice Freie Presse office, h 850 N. San Marcos
Reddick, Alexander, N/A, r rear 240 Soledad
Reddick, Eli A., furniture dealer, b 412 Soledad
Reddick, A. J., propr., Crystal Saloon, 307 Main Plaza, T 514, h 1120 San Pedro Ave.
Reddick, Lorens, (c), lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h -- Goliad
Reddick, Orange, (c), emp., G. H. & S. A. machine shop, h nr Alamo foundry
Redding, Charles, policeman, h Govt. Hill
Redfield Co., (The), of Galveston, Tex., E. F. Redfield, agent, builders' material, branch office, 26 Soledad
Redfield, Erwin F., agent heavy hardware, (Redfield Co. of Galveston), b Porter House
Redmon, George, live stock commission (Smith & Redmon), h 349 S. Flores
Redmond, Bernard, plasterer (Redmond Bros.), h 320 Sixth
Redmond Bros., (Bernard, Charles, John A., and Joseph Redmond), plasterers, 320 Sixth
Redmond, Charles, plasterer (Redmond Bros.), h 320 Sixth
Redmond, John A., plasterer (Redmond Bros.), h 320 Sixth
Redmond, Joseph, plasterer (Redmond Bros.), h 320 Sixth
Redwood, Moses H., cutter, foreman A. Pancoast & Son, h 237 Garden
Reed, Alexander, (c), coal heaver, San Antonio Gas Co., h 311 N. Concho
Reed, Almira T. Mrs. (wid), N/A, h cor Augusta and Brooklyn Ave.
Reed, Emma T. Mrs., N/A, r 322 Acequia
Reed, Frederick, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 32 Sherman
Reed, George W., condr., I. & G. N. Ry., r 301 N. Pecos
Reed, James M., carp. and contractor, h 825 N. San Marcos
Reed, Maggie Miss, N/A, h 212 S. Concho, T 24
Reed, Peter, (c), hostler, Wm. Hoefling & Son, h 511 Ave. C
Reed, Pink L., N/A, h 482 N. Flores
Reed, Thomas A., contractor, h cor Park Ave. and Maverick
Reed, WILLIAM, (c), porter, Ranch Saloon, h 407 S. San Saba
Reed, William, street car driver, r 614 Matagorda
Reed, William H., carp., r 825 N. San Marcos
Reese, Charles, cook, Abraham & Smith, N/A
Reese, Lucy H. Mrs., N/A, r 323 South
Reese, Rachel V. Miss, N/A, r 323 South
Reeside, Joseph T., bkpr., Waters-Pierce Oil Co., h 416 Morales
Reeves Bros., N/A, wood yard, cor Dawson and Chestnut, T 558
Reeves, E., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 327 Ninth
Reeves, John S., ranchman, h 401 Ave. C
Reeves & Garrett, (Wilbur A. Reeves & Warren Garrett), real estate, 209 Alamo Plaza
Reeves Wilbur A., real estate (Reeves and Garrett), 209 Alamo Plaza
Reeves, William, cement, American Cement Co., h 22 Nueva
Refo, Emil, cook, Maverick Hotel, b same
Refter, Thomas, lab., h 17 Presa
Regan, Edward, driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- River Ave.
Regan, Lena (wid James), N/A, h 531 Crockett
Regan, Thomas, lab., h 531 Crockett
Regenthin, George, apprentice, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 850 N. San Marcos
Rehberg, August, prop., Little Casino Concert Garden and Saloon, 279 S. Alamo
Reich, Bruno, slsmn., L. Wolfson, h 292 E. Commerce
Reich, Ernest, tinner, Leroux & Cosgrove, h 214 E. Commerce
Reich, Ernestine Mrs., N/A, h 21 College
Reich, Julius, trav. slsmn., Tips and Haarmann, h Market nr Casino
Reich, Otto, brtdr., Two Brother's Saloon, r 33 Ave. D
Reich & Pursch, (Wm. Reich and Aug. E. Pursch), meat market, 24 Simpson
Reich, William, meat market (Reich & Pursch), h 24 Simpson
Reichel, William, apprentice, Snodgrass & Cade, h 741 N. Flores
Reichenbach, Max, brtdr., August Schilling, h -- Grand Ave.
Reichgaur, Martin, brick mason, h 38 S. Presa
Reierson, Charles L., stenographer, (A. B. Frank & Co.), h 440 Soledad
Reilly, Thomas S., civil engr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 204 Garden
Reilly, Wilson H., supt. motive power, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 204 Garden
Reimann, Alma Miss, N/A, h 24 San Juan
Reimann, Gustav A., contractor and builder, mfg. doors, sash and blinds, scroll sawing, and dressed lumber, cor North and Water, T 245, h 24 San Juan
Reimann, Olga Miss, bkpr., Gustav A. Reimann, h 24 San Juan
Reimschissel, Henry, N/A, r Callaghan between W. Houston and Zavalla
Reimschissel, Louisa (wid Gottfried), N/A, h 278 Garden
Reinbold, John, florist, h 218 Sixth
Reinbold, Rosa Miss, book sewer, Maverick Printing House, h 218 Sixth
Reinhardt, Christian, N/A, h Atlanta Ave. between Dallas and Camden
Reinhardt, George F., packer, R. Becker, h 307 Victoria
Reinhardt, John C. A., bookbinder, Maverick Printing House, r 314 Fifth
Reininger, R. Rose Mrs., midwife, h 38 S. Alamo
Reis, Gustave, barber shop and cigar stand, h 505 Austin
Relf, Frederick, carp., r 24 South
Relles, Pietra Miss, N/A, h cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Renahan, W. H., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 918 Ave. D
Rendle, John E., contractor and builder, h 228 Rusk
Rendle, Viola Miss, N/A, h 228 Rusk
Rendon, Jacobo, brtdr., Fred Loahourcade, h -- Pecan
Renken, Henry F., carp., h 507 Hidalgo
Renken, Herman, Fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 507 Hidalgo
Renken, John, carp., h cor Plum and Laredo
Renneberg, Henry F., contractor and builder, h 418 San Pedro Ave.
Rennert, Frank, bkpr., Johnson Bros., b 617 Nolan
Rensler, Anna Miss, N/A, h 233 Rusk
Rensler, Emma Miss, N/A, h 233 Rusk
Rensler, Felix F., foreman, L. Frank, h 233 Rusk
Reojas, Ramon, lab., h805 N. Frio
Reojas, Ysabel Miss, N/A, h 805 N. Frio
Ressmann, John, packer, Wagner & Chabot, h 423 Dallas
Reuchlin, Charles, city slsmn., H. Burgower & Co., h 621 S. Flores
Reuter, William, Two Brothers' Saloon, cor E. Commerce and N. Alamo, h 33 Ave. D
Reutermann, H. Theodore, machinist, Singer Mfg. Co., h 219 Crockett
Revas, Thomas, waiter, Benito Salos, r 628 W. Commerce
Revolving Light Saloon, Baxter and Dean, props., N/A, 6 Main Plaza, T 297
Revvill, Almira Mrs., N/A, h 8 Beitel
Revvill, Charles, carp., h 8 Beitel
Reynolds, Charles W., N/A, h 414 Nolan
Reynolds, George W., teamster, Gauss & Johns, h 843 N. Laredo
Reynolds, J. H., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 521 Austin
Reynolds, J. H. H. Jr., N/A, h 656 N. Flores
Reynolds, John H., harness maker, b 135 Warren
Reynolds, John H., trav. slsmn. and broker, h 656 N. Flores
Reynolds, Louis A., money order clk., P. O., h 414 Nolan
Reynolds, Louis F., mail carrier, h 414 Nolan
Reynolds, Maggie (wid D. W. C.), N/A, h 135 Warren
Rheimschissel, Henry, cabinet maker, Hager & Moths, h 1630 Zavalla
Rhein, Henrietta Madam, millinery and notions, 412 E. Houston
Rhein, Henry, dry goods and notions, 501 and 503 Austin
Rhein, Moise, dry goods mcht., 416 and 418 E. Houston, h 407 Live Oak
Rheiner, Albert J., genl mgr Froboese & Santleben, h 526 Chavez
Rheiner, Albert P., Mission Concert Garden (Rheiner & Gaul), h 219 Camargo
Rheiner, Esther Mrs. (wid D. H.), N/A, h 219 Camargo
Rheiner & Gaul, (Albert P. Rheiner and Arthur J. Gaul), props., Mission Concert Garden and Saloon, 315 S. Alamo, T 230
Rheiner, Henry D., foreman carp., G. A. Reimann, h 219 Camargo
Rheiner, Jacob, saddler, L. Franks, b 315 S. Alamo
Rhodes, Charles K., N/A, h 2 Market
Rhodes, William, (c), butcher, Porfirio Garza, h cor San Luis and N. San Marcos
Rhodius, Amelia Mrs., N/A, h 23 Jackson
Rice, Frank D., switchman, M. K. & T. Ry., h 1730 W. Commerce
Rice, Helen M. Mrs. (wid Arthur J.), N/A, h 43 Howard
Rice, John, sidewalk inspector, h 20 Dawson
Rich, Charles, shoemaker, h 1542 W. Houston
Rich, Gustav, shoemaker, h cor Macon and Erie
Rich, Joseph, transfer clk, Suller, Scheihagen & Co., h 1542 W. Houston
Rich, Nicholas, groceries and saloon, cor San Fernando and Medina
Richard, Walter J. B., stock dealer, cor San Fernando and Medina, h 455 N. Flores
Richards, Bertha Mrs., clk., Flamm & Filbert, h 305 and 307 E. Houston
Richards, Israel, (c), driver, Geo. Dullnig, h Live Oak between Dawson and Nolan
Richards, Jacob B., saw sharpener, r Austin between Mason and Carson
Richards, Paul, slsmn., T. E. Littlefield, h 25 Durango
Richards, Polly, (c), h 410 Live Oak
Richardson, Carrie, seamstress, b 518 S. Salado
Richardson, Edward W., corresponding clk., Lockwood National Bank, h 421 Augusta
Richardson, E. P., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 820 Ave. C
Richardson, Ida Miss, teacher, St. Mary's Hall, h 211 Pecan
Richardson, James W., insurance (Florian, Richardson, & Beall), h 421 Augusta
Richardson, John C., messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., r cor. Ave. E and Third
Richardson, Martha E. Miss, N/A, h 320 Soledad
Richardson, Mattie Miss, (c), washwoman, h 1724 Zavalla
Richardson, Monroe, cook, H. Carter, b 14 Crockett
Richardson, Percy C., bkpr., F. T. Walsh & Bro., h 421 Augusta
Richardson, Stonewall J., Texas Loan and Trust Co., r -- Soledad
Richardson, Tilman L., stockman, r 567 S. Laredo
Richardson, Walter P., rector, St. Marks P. E. Church, h 211 Pecan
Richer, Anton, blacksmith, Lischke & Richer, h cor. S. Pecos and Matamoras
Richey, Alfred, N/A, h 215 Castro
Richey, Elmore L., contractor and builder, h 215 Castro
Richey, W. J., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Sherman and Hackberry
Richmond, Anderson R., real estate, b 403 St. Mary
Richmond, Nancy, dressmaker, h 528 S. Laredo
Richmond, William, night watchman roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 19 Probandt
Richter, Adolph, clk., Geo. Dullnig, b 317 S. Presa
Richter, Albert, baker, Louis Spahn, h 230 E. Commerce
Richter, Albert, boiler maker, G.H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 520 Austin
Richter, Carl, blacksmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h cor. Duval and Mesquite
Richter, Clement, carp., h cor. Albert and W. Fifteenth
Richter, Edward, tinner, b 317 S. Presa
Richter, Ernest, cashier, Wells Fargo Express Co., h 6 E. Commerce
Richter, Ida Miss, N/A, r 301 Goliad
Richter, John, N/A, h 238 Rusk
Richter, Julia Mrs. (wid C. A.), grocer, h 301 Goliad
Richter, Louisa Miss, seamstress, b 317 S. Presa
Richter, Mary A. Mrs., N/A, h 317 S. Presa
Richter, Max, clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 238 Rusk
Richter, Otto, clk., J. Bielstein, r 407 N. Concho
Richter, Robert Mrs., mgr., Gauss & Johns, h 238 Rusk
Richter, Robert E., mgr., Gauss & Johns, h 238 Rusk
Richter, William, barber, 12 Navarro, h 317 S. Presa
Richter, William J., bakery, h cor. S. Laredo and S. East
Rick, Charles F., car cleaner, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1623 Zavalla
Rick, Christian F., car inspector, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1625 Zavalla
Rickards, Jennie Dr., homeopathic physician, h 454 Acequia
Rickards, Lemuel W., ship captain, h 454 Acequia
Rickert, Lizzie Miss, emp., Rev. J. W. Niel, b 593 N. Flores
Rickler, Louisa Miss, nurse, Max B. Mayer, b 311 Lavaca
Riddley, Andrew J., lab., h 401 N. Flores
Riddley, John T., lab., h 401 N. Flores
Riddley, Louisa Mrs. (wid Solomon), N/A, r 902 Buena Vista
Ridel, Charles, watchman, U. S. Arsenal, h 351 Garden
Ridgely, Eden, (c), cook, county jail, h 329 South
Ridgely, George W., ranchman, r 623 Ave. C
Riedell & Co., (Frank W. Riedell and --- Co.), crockery, lamps, and glassware, 409 and 411 E. Houston, T 294
Riedell, Frank W., crockery, lamps, and glassware (Riedell & Co.), h Grayson between Pine and Davis
Rieden, Annie Miss, N/A, h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, Dorothy Mrs., N/A, h 1624 Zavalla
Rieden, Frank Jr., clk., Frank Rieden Sr., h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, Frank Sr., grocer and meat market, h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, Frank G., N/A, h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, Frederick, clk., Frank Rieden, h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, Fritz, butcher, Frank Rieden, h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieden, J., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor Austin and Tenth
Rieden, John, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1701 W. Commerce
Rieder, Louisa M. Mrs. (wid F. A.), laundress, h 23 College
Riedner, Albert G., tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 19 Barrera
Riegel, John, brtdr., Silver King, h 335 Blum
Riely, B. C. & Co., (Benjamin C. Riely and Wm. L. Herff), paints, oils and wall paper, 42 W. Commerce, T 447
Riely, Benjamin C., paints, oils and wall paper, (B. C. Riely and Co.), h 307 Virginia Ave., West End
Riely, Charles F., clk., B. C. Riely & Co., b 405 San Pedro Ave.
Riely, Minnie, laundress, St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Riely, Sadie, N/A, h rear 13 N. Laredo
Rienzi, Claud Miss, N/A, b 615 S. San Saba
Ries, Adolph, carp., r 214 Narp
Ries, August, carp., h 211 Lafitte
Riesler, Henry, butcher, Edward Neumann, N/A,
Riess, Henry, carp., Gustav A. Reimann, h cor. Presa and Vance
Rife, Thomas, custodian "The Alamo", h 430 N. Laredo
Rigand, Rev. Father, rector, Cathedral of San Fernando, h 328 Dwyer Ave.
Riggins, Emelia A. Mrs. (wid John), N/A, r 544 N. Flores
Rigby, James, clk., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 623 Ave. D
Rigby, James Mrs., grocer, h 623 Ave. D
Riggan, James M., slsmn., S. B. Wood, h 327 E. Commerce
Riggins, Caroline Mrs., (c), r 10 Matamoras
Rigsby, William C., ticket agent, I. & G. N. Ry., b Menger Hotel
Rihn, August, brtdr., E. Zinsmeyer, h 437 N. Flores
Riley, Elbert, (c), h 506 S. Concho
Riley, James H., driver, Mission hose cart No. 4, h 344 Garden
Riley, John, night clerk, Globe Hotel, h 403 W. Commerce
Riley, John, (c), r 506 S. Concho
Riley, Henry, (c), driver, r 316 Goliad
Riley, Thomas, press feeder, Jno. Routledge, h 918 Ave. D
Rilling, Frederika Miss, N/A, h 1 Lafitte
Rilling, George, foreman tinner, A. Baldus, h 245 Blum
Rilling, Henry Jr., clk., H. Rilling, Sr., h 1 Lafitte
Rilling, Henry Sr., leather store, 11 and 13 W. Commerce, h 1 Lafitte
Rilling, Jacob J., tinner, h 413 North
Rilling, John M., lab., I. Efron hide yard, h 223 Lafitte
Rilling, Martin, slsmn., Neumann & Icke, h 223 Lafitte
Rilling, Mary Miss saleswoman, Newton & Weller, h 223 Lafitte
Rilling, Pauline, clk., H. Rilling Sr., h 1 Lafitte
Rimedas, Ramon, N/A, h 612 S. Concho
Rimidez, Rafael, lab., h rear 13 N. Laredo
Rimus, Catharine, N/A, h 210 Blum
Rine, Albert, clk., Steves & Sons, h 923 N. San Marcos
Rome, Bennett, teamster, Ed. Steves & Sons, h 923 N. San Marcos
Rine, George, teamster, Ed. Steves & Sons, h 923 N. San Marcos
Ringelstein, Casper Jr., dairyman, h Goliad Road, 2 miles S. of city
Ringelstein, Casper Sr., dairyman, h Goliad Road, 2 miles S. of city
Ringelstein, Edward, clk., h Goliad Road, 2 miles S. of city
Ringgold, Richard, machinist apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1124 Cherry
Ringlestein, Mary Miss, cashier, Wolff & Marx, h 613 Garden
Rios, Liberato, shoemaker, John Batiste, r 622 W. Commerce
Rios, Senobia, N/A, r 1736 W. Commerce
Ripke, Joseph A., car repairer, G. H. & s. A. Ry. shop, h 229 Oak
Ripley, Fanny M. Mrs., teacher High school, h 3 Kingsbury
Ripley, Pleas L., attorney at law, cor. Houston and Soledad, h 3 Kingsbury
Rippe, Otto, driver, Troy Laundry, h 710 Live
Rippie, Albert J., driver, Troy Laundry, h 710 Live Oak
Ripps, Anton, dairyman, h 2 S. W. of city nr. S. P. Ry.
Ripps, Emil, packer, r 1349 S. San Marcos
Ripps, Michael Sr., farmer, h -- S. Laredo
Rippstein, Dora Mrs. (wid Clement), N/A, h 339 Acequia
Rippstein, Henrietta (Mrs. Sebastian), N/A, h Crosby between N. Olive and Pine
Rippstein, Laura Miss, saleswoman, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 339 Acequia
Rips, George, stone cutter, h 807 Main Ave.
Rips, Henry C., shipping clk., Joske Bros., h 807 Main Ave.
Rips, Jacob, policeman, 416 N. San Saba
Rische Bottling Works, Charles A. Rische, mgr., N/A, cor Grand and River Ave. T 398
Rische Bros., (Charles A. and Edward Jr.), bottling works, cor. Grand and River Ave. T 398, cigars and tobacco, 275 W. Commerce, T 392
Rische, Charles A., mgr., Rische's bottling works, (Rische Bros.), h 521 Ave. E
Rische, Edward Jr., cigars and tobacco (Rische Bros.), h 521 Ave. E
Rische, Edward Sr., city collector, h 521 Ave. E
Rische, Ernest, mgr., Rische's opera house, h cor. Grand and River Ave.
Rische, Ulrich H., propr., Duck's saloon, 8 Soledad, T 392, h 521 Ave. E
Rische's Opera House, Ernest Rische, mgr., N/A, cor E. Houston and St. Mary
Rischter, Edward, tinsmith, F. A. Seffel, N/A
Risdon, Joseph, abstract clk., I. & G. N. R. R. frt. depot, h 416 Morales
Rishe, Louisiana Mrs., (c), h 11 N. Laredo
Rithen, Philip, lab., h 414 Goliad
Rittinger, Henry, porter, George Dullnig, b 302 Austin
Rivas, Antonio P., N/A, h 202 N. Laredo
Rivas, Encarnacion, N/A, h 828 San Fernando
Rivas, Eusebio, N/A, h Grant's Alley, San Saba between Zavalla and Chavez
Rivas, Jose C., saddler, D. Heye, h 3 Grant's alley
Rivas, Jose D., lab., h 3 Grant's alley
Rivas, Santiago, shoemaker, h 3 Grant's alley
Rives, Thomas K., carp., h 1223 S. Medina
Rivera, Isabel Mrs. (wid), N/A, r 207 S. East
Rivera, Nicolas, N/A, r 708 W. Commerce
Roach, E. S. Miss, N/A, h 403 St. Mary
Roach, F. E., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 403 St. Mary
Roach, James, N/A, h 403 St. Mary
Roach, S. A. Mrs. (wid J. J. A.), boarding house, 403 St. Mary
Roach, S. M. Miss, N/A, h 403 St. Mary
Roach, Henry, N/A, h 12 Nevada
Robards, William C., clk., U. S. court and cotton buyer, 24 W. Neuva, h 3 Crockett, T 89
Robb, Edwina D. Miss, principal public school, No. 7, b 1180 N. Flores
Robb, Harvey J., carp., b 1180 N. Flores
Robb, John G., stockman, b 1180 N. Flores
Robb, Mary J. Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h 1180 N. Flores
Roberson, Charles F., compositor, Daily Times, h 714 Morales
Roberson, P. S., wood yard (Carr & Roberson), 14 Burleson, T 393
Roberts A., Honey exchange, 308 N. Flores
Roberts, Andrew Dr., specialist, h 7 Beitel
Roberts, Edward, foreman, shoe shop, August Hornug, h 313 N. Leona
Roberts, Felix, porter, Elmendorf & Co., h -- Plum
Roberts, Frank M., bkpr., Newton & Weller, h 249 E. Commerce
Roberts, Jefferson, clk., Silver King, h 5 Acequia
Roberts, Jefferson D., painter, h 307 N. Flores
Roberts, Rev. Mr., pastor, Camden Street Christian Church, N/A
Roberts, Thomas, stockman, h 823 N. Comal
Robertson, Clement S., attorney, h Govt. Hill
Robertson, Franklin P., stock dealer, r cor Colorado and El Paso
Robertson, Lacey, (c), laundryman, Texas Steam laundry, h 229 Victoria
Robertson, Lula Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Robertson, Richard T., stockman, h23 Matagorda
Robertson, Thomas, (c), laundryman, Texas Steam Laundry, h 74 Santos
Robilin, Placio, lab., h 312 N. East
Robin, August Jr., Clipper Saloon, cor Monterey and S. Concho, T 248, h 217 N. San Saba
Robin, August Sr., saloon keeper, cor. Monterey and S. Concho, h 217 N. San Saba
Robin, Louis J., brtdr., Santiago Villanueva, h 402 Dolorosa
Robin, Martin A., driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 21 S. Laredo
Robins, H. W., express, h nr. 301 Blum
Robinson, Aaron, (c), expressman, h 1131 Perez
Robinson, Alfred P., (c), barber, Louis Chapman, h 208 N. Laredo
Robinson, Alpha Miss, N/A, h 512 N. Colorado
Robinson, Amanda Mrs. (wid Adolph), N/A, h 409 San Pedro Ave.
Robinson, C. S., attorney, notary public and land agent, (Edmonds & Robinson), 209 Main Plaza
Robinson, David C., N/A, h 585 N. Flores
Robinson, Emma, (c), W. I. Goforth, h cor. Delgado and N. Colorado
Robinson & Evans, (Geo. C. Robinson & J. O. Evans), livery and sale stable, 9 and 11 W. Houston, T 2
Robinson, Frederick, contractor stonework, h 509 N. San Saba
Robinson, G. A., painter, h 258 Blum
Robinson, George, clk., Maverick Hotel, b same
Robinson, George, (c), lab., h 437 S. Presa
Robinson, George C., livery and sale stable, (Robinson & Evans), h 332 Soledad
Robinson, Green, (c), lab., h 437 S. Presa
Robinson, Harry, shipping clerk, M. Halff & Bro., h 509 San Pedro Ave.
Robinson, Henry, lab., San Antonio Ice Factory, h 207 Water
Robinson, Henry, lab., Water Works Co., h 221 Chavez
Robinson, J., switchman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 917 Ave. D
Robinson, James, (c), second cook, St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Robinson, J. F., canvasser, Singer Mfg. Co., b -- Austin
Robinson, Johnnie Miss, (c), h 221 Chavez
Robinson, Judah, shoe slsmn., M. Halff & Bro., h 509 San Pedro Ave.
Robinson, Lacy, (c), h 229 Victoria
Robinson, Louisa, (c), days work, r 74 Santos
Robinson, Minerva, (c), r 311 N. Laredo
Robinson, Patsey, (c), h 2 Sanchez
Robinson, R. C., stockman, h 611 Ave. C
Robinson, Samuel, slsmn., S. Dalkowitz & Bro., h -- N. Flores
Robinson, Samuel B., trav. slsmn., Robinson & Price, b cor. Convent & Martin
Robinson, Scott, (c), lab, r 2 Star
Robinson, Walter, order clk., Dreiss, Thompson, & Co., b 509 San Pedro Ave.
Robinson, W. H., carp., h 730 Austin
Robinson, William, (c), prop. lunch counter, Washington Theatre, h 610 N. Concho
Robinson, William L., slsmn., Eagle Clothing Co., h 722 Ave. C
Robiolo, Francisco Mrs. (wid Joseph), grocer, Rock Quarry Road, Laurel Heights
Robitzsch, Hermann, carp., h 310 Austin
Robitzsch, Otto, driver Roll Bros., h 310 Austin
Robitzsch, Richard, slsmn., A. Mügge, h 310 Austin
Roblado, Andreas, lab., h cor. Castro and N. Colorado
Robles, Emanuel R., butcher, r 303 N. East
Robles, Rojario, sawyer, Walter Scott's, h opp roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry.
Robles, Teresa Mrs., N/A, h303 N. East
Robles, Trinidad, painter, r cor. Callaghan and Labor
Robnett, Robert, brakeman, r 327 Ninth
Roby, Frederick, barber, J. C. Studebaker, r 230 Dolorosa
Rochow, Caroline F. Mrs., boarding house, 232 S. Alamo
Rochs, Arthur Dr., editor, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 314 Lavaca
Rochs, Olga Miss, tel opr., Western Union Telegraph Co., Menger Hotel, h 328 Burleson
Rock, Otto, grain, hay, and produce, 234 Market, T 490, h 304 S. Laredo
Rodarte, Felix, N/A, h 814 S. Pecos
Rodgers, Adam, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, b -- Austin
Rodgers, Andrew L., gent. solicitor, h 35 S. Presa
Rodgers, Charles E., driver, Wells Fargo Express Co., h 409 N. Leona
Rodgers, Edward P., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., b 1600 W. Commerce
Rodgers, Frederick F., alderman, Sixth ward and asst. collection agent O. H. & S. A. Ry., h 423 Austin
Rodgers, James J., painter, r 1120 W. Commerce
Rodgers, James J., staple and fancy grocer, cor S. Concho and Monterey
Rodgers Jennie E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 35 S. Presa
Rodgers, J. W., bkpr., Wm. Cameron & Co., h cor. Chestnut and Lamar
Rodgers, Lillie Miss, N/A, b 403 N. San Saba
Rodgers, Pauline, N/A, h 233 Morales
Rodgers, Richard, porter, I. & G. N. baggage office, h 517 W. Houston
Rodgers, Virginia Mrs. (c), washing and ironing, h 20 Sanchez
Rodonda, Garatar, lab., h 905 N. Comal
Rodriguez, Alejos, lab., h 510 S. Pecos
Rodriguez, Anita Miss, seamstress, h 239 Obraje
Rodriguez, Antonia M. Mrs., N/A, h cor N. Colorado and Delgado
Rodriguez, Antonio, N/A, h 510 S. Laredo
Rodriguez, Atnacio, clk., E. Olivera, h 213 S. Frio
Rodriguez, Augustin Jr., N/A, h Arsenal between S. Flores and San Antonio River
Rodriguez, Augustin Sr., emp., J. Devine, h Arsenal between S. Flores and San Antonio River
Rodriguez, Fermin, driver, John U. Mueller, h -- Arsenal
Rodriguez, Fernando, lab., b -- Yndo
Rodriguez, Francisca Miss, dressmaker, b 510 S. Laredo
Rodriguez, Francisca Miss N/A, h 1544 W. Houston
Rodriguez, Francisco, lab., h N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Rodriguez, G. Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, N/A
Rodriguez, G. M., ranchman, h -- Laurel
Rodriquez, Gaudalupe, butcher, Leonardo de Ollos, stall 5 Main Market
Rodriguez, Guillerruo, lab, city of San Antonio, h913 N. Salado
Rodriguez, Ignacio, lab., h 406 N. San Saba
Rodriguez, Jesus, N/A, h 511 Ruiz
Rodriguez, Juan, N/A, h cor. N. Colorado and Delgado
Rodriguez, Juan B., waiter, John Baras, r 626 W. Commerce
Rodriguez, Juan F., stockman, 202 Evergreen
Rodriquez, Martin, lab, h 510 S. Laredo
Rodriguez, Maxemo, N/A, h River Ave. nr. San Antonio Brewery
Rodriguez, Mequla Mrs., N/A, h 17 El Paso
Rodriguez, Miguel G.,, grocer, h 225 Matamoras
Rodriguez, Panfilo, lab., h 422 N. Concho
Rodriguez, Quetine, lab., b -- Yndo
Rodriguez, Severo, N/A, h 947 N. Laredo
Rodriguez, Severo, stonecutter, Frank Teich, h 1544 W. Houston
Rodriguez, Sixto, cigarmaker, M. Rossy, h cor. S. Leona and Frio
Rodriguez, Trinidad M., lab., r 510 S. Laredo
Rodriguez, Ysidro, lab., h 425 Monterey
Roe, George, notions, etc., 8 Military Plaza
Roege, Mina Miss, waiter, Robert Bose, h 208 Alamo Plaza
Roeling, Kittie Miss N/A, b 215 S. East
Roen, Mattie Miss, seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h -- W. Marshall
Roeper, Cornelia Mrs. (wid Jacob), N/A, h 274 Garden
Roeper, Frances, emp., city engr's office, h Chestnut between Hays and Lamar
Roesler, Robert, dairyman, h cor. Delaware and Pine
Roessle, John, jeweler, Critzer Bros., r 246 W. Commerce
Rogers, Ellen, (c), h cor Obraje and Acequia
Rogers, Jennie Mrs., (c), h 216 Martinez
Rogers, Pauline Mrs., N/A, h 441 N. East
Rogers, Richard W., (c), horse dealer, h 410 San Fernando
Rogerson, Charles H., pattern maker, San Antonio Foundry, b Yoakum Hotel
Rohan, Dan E., N/A, h 11 Travis
Rohas, Eulogio, peddler, h 21 El Paso
Rohas, Jesus, lab., b 21 El Paso
Rohm, John, boots and shoes, 413 W. Commerce h 316 W. Nueva
Rohmer, Andrew, machinist, S. A. & A. P. shops, b 25 Durango
Rohmer, Charley, painter, b 25 Durango
Rokowitz, Frances, N/A, h 221 Barrera
Rokowitz, Michael, trav. slsmn., h 223 Villita
Roland, Henry, trav. slsmn, h 223 Villita
Roll Bros., (Ferdinand and George Roll), grocers, cor Ave. D and Tenth, T 461
Roll, Ferdinand, grocer, (Roll Bros.), b 1028 Ave. D
Roll, George, grocer (Roll Bros.), b 1028 Ave. D
Rolles, Carrie, nurse, S. S. Meyers, h 20 Hidalgo
Romall, Mary Mrs., N/A, h -- Division
Roman, David, N/A, h 25 Goliad
Romera, Modesta, emp., I. E. Muegge & Co., h 515 S. Concho
Romero, Pedro, waiter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Romine, Henry, confectionery and news depot, cor Alamo Plaza and Houston and 419 E. Houston
Romine, Thomas M., mgr., H. Romine's confectionery and news depot, r 419 E. Houston
Ronsch, Gabe H., blacksmith, r 723 S. Pecos
Ronse, John, wines and liquors (Ronse & Wahlstab), T 300, h 420 Water, T 514
Ronse & Wahlstab, (John Ronse and Adolph Wahlstab), wines and liquors, 25 W. Commerce, T 300
Roof, John W., carp., roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 101 Lachapelle
Rook, W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 421 Grand Ave.
Roos, Aaron, billiard saloon, h 27 Lafitte
Roos, Camile, N/A, h 27 Lafitte
Roos, Janette, N/A, h 27 Lafitte
Roper, Eugene, N/A, r 420 S. Pecos
Roper, Francis, emp., city engr. office, h 25 Kingsberry
Rosantos, Francisco, lab, h N. Colorado between Delgado and Lopez
Rosas, Gabino, cook, S. Leal, h 324 S. Laredo
Rosborough, J. M., attorney at law, 3 Devine Bldg., h 215 Maple
Rose, Charlie, painter, h 312 Burnet
Rose, Fritz Jr., apprentice, Val Lorra, h 225 Victoria
Rose, Fritz Sr., tailor, Val Lorra, h 225 Victoria
Rose, Granville, hack driver b 1034 San Fernando
Rose, Gustave, architect, 21 Kampman Bldg., r cor. Houston and Soledad
Rose, Mary Mrs. N/A, h 312 Burnet
Rose, May Miss, N/A, h 312 Burnet
Rose, Samuel, N/A, r Castro nr city limits
Rose, Thomas, inventor, ice machine, h 312 Burnet
Rose, Walter, painter, h 312 Burnet
Rose, William, butcher, Vera Cruz between San Jacinto and Trinity
Rose, William, clk., Alamo Iron Works, h 337 E. Commerce
Rose, William E., slsmn., Collins & Pec, b Southern Hotel
Rosenbaum, Sadie Mrs., N/A, r 405 S. Concho
Rosenberg, Amanda Mrs. (wid August), N/A, r rear 218 S Presa
Resenberg, Gustav, N/A, h rear 218 S. Presa
Rosenberg, J. P., carriage maker, Geo. Eckenroth, h 12 Turner
Rosenberger, Benjamin, waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Rosenberger, Franklin B., florist, h 521 N. Flores
Rosenfield, Penny, crockery, 31 N. Alamo, T 544, h 909 Ave C
Rosenfield, Joseph, trav. slsmn., h 909 Ave. C
Rosenfield, Joseph G. fruits, tobacco and cigars, 12 E. Houston, h 909 Ave. C
Rosenheimer, Concepcione Mrs., N/A, h 223 W. Nueva
Rosenmarf, Isaac, jeweler, and pawnbroker, (Samuels & Rosenman), h21 Chavez
Ross, A., hostler, Carter & Mullaly b 14 Crockett
Ross, Carl, slsmn., Slayden & Clarkson, h -- Rehman
Ross, Ellsworth C., painter (Tallmann & Ross), b Southern Hotel
Ross Fred, stone mason, h 95 Leigh
Ross, Henry, (c), porter, J. Oppenheimer & Co., r 8 Main Plaza
Ross, John, dairy, h First Mission
Ross, Michael, dairy, h First Mission
Rossi, Giovani A., N/A, h 513 Monterey
Rossman, Seward W., porter, Wm. G. Snell, h 513 S. Concho
Rossman, Stephen, brtdr., Fred Lahourcade, h 513 S. Concho
Rossy, Alexander, cigar manufacturer Chas. Rossy, h 202 Victoria
Rossy, Bertha Miss, stenographer, Singer Mfg. Co., h 617 Presa
Rossy, Charles, Jr., cigar maker, Moritz Rossy, h 617 Presa
Rossy, Columbia Miss, teacher public school, No. 7, h 210 Crockett
Rossy, Emma Mrs., N/A, h 10 Center
Rossy, Maria Mrs. (wid Alex)., N/A, h 210 Crockett
Rossy, Moritz, cigar mfg., 223 W. Commerce, h 402 Presa
Rossy, Oscar J., canvasser, Singer Mfg. Co., h 10 Center
Rossy, Texana Miss, teacher public school No. 3, h 210 Crockett
Rossy, Virginia, teacher, public schoo, h 210 Crockett
Rote, William C., principal, Rote's Academy, h 210 Augusta
Rote, William P., grocer, (Wilson & Rote), h 316 Soledad
Rote's Academy, Wm. C. Rote, principal, N/A, cor. Jefferson and Travis
Roth, Carolina Mrs., N/A, h 210 Goliad
Roth, Conrad, bkpr. and notary, Haas & Oppenheimer, h 210 Goliad
Roth, Henry, stone cutter, Frank Teich, h 327 Blum
Roth, John G., N/A, h 210 Goliad
Roth, Mary C. Miss, N/A, h 210 Goliad
Rotha, Angelita Miss, N/A, h 612 N. San Saba
Rotha, Emil, exp wagon driver, h 612 Wyoming
Rothe, F., stockman, h 20 Wyoming
Rothenfluch, Peter U., slsmn., h 989 Austin
Rothmann, Caroline Mrs., N/A, h 6 Beitel
Rothwell, Isaac N., photographer (Paris & Rothwell), h 648 N. Flores
Rotstein, Jacob, horse trader, h 954 N. Salada
Rotstein, Simon, horse dealer, h 954 N. Salada
Rottenberry, Mrs., rooms to rent, h 320 Austin
Rotter, Clement M. saloonkeeper, h 704 E. Houston
Rotter Max, saloon, h 301 South Alamo
Rotzler, Frederick, stone mason, h cor Nebraska and Walnut
Rotzler, Fritz, prest., Harmonia Lodge No. 1, Order of Sons of Hermann, N/A
Rouchek, Adam, emp., August Schulz, b 67 Mill
Roueff, Alphonse, meat market, h 706 Austin
Roueff, Lazere, butcher, A. Roueff, h 706 Austin
Rouff, Bertha Mrs. (wid Michael), N/A, h rear 24 Elm
Roufff, Charles, painter, h rear 24 Elm
Rouff, Eli, dry goods, 418 S. Presa
Rouff, Simon, slsmm., A. Muguerza, h 309 Madison
Rougagnac, Henry, brtdr., Crystal Saloon, h 23 W. Johnson
Roundtree, John H., stockman, h 203 Virginia Ave., West End
Roundtree, John F., ranchman, h West End
Routledge, Edwin, printer, John Routledge, h 2306 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill,
Routledge, James, printer, John Routledge, h 2306 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Routledge, John, job printing, 324 Blum, h 2306 W. Commerce, Prospect Hill
Rowan, Michael, wiper, G. H. & S.A. Ry. roundhouse, h cor. Sherman and Cherman
Rowe, Edward F., barber, h 322 Bowie
Rowe, F. M., well drills, horse powers, pumps, etc., h 528 E. Commerce
Rowe, George S., Pullman car condr., r Alamo Flats
Rowe, James, (c), coach cleaner, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 374 S. Leona
Rowe, Louisa A. Mrs. (wid S.), boarding house, 328 Nacogdoches
Rowley, Edwin R., shoemaker, 3 Soledad, h 623 E. Houston
Rowley, R., shoemaker, A. Ziemonteck, b -- Crockett
Rowney, Frank, tel operator, b 622 Ave. D
Rowney, Joseph, locomotive engr., b 622 Ave. D
Roy, Allen, (c), lab., h 1622 Zavala
Roziene, Theodore, investigator of land titles, r 1 Devine Bldg., 24 Soledad, h 202 Ave. D
Rubietti, Paul, N/A, h 11 Lafitte
Rubiolo, Francisco, grocer, h Rock Quarry Road
Rubiolo, Louisa Mrs. (wid Andrew), N/A, h Medina between Leal and Ruiz
Ruby, James attorney at law, h Maple nr Grand Ave.
Ruby, Nancy E. Mrs., N/A, h 21 California
Rucker, Hartwell & Co., (Peter G. Rucker and George H. Hartwall), N/A, 1 W. Houston, T 426
Rucker, James, (c), lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 58 Crosby
Rucker, Peter G., real estate, (Rucker, Hartwall, & Co.), h 430 San Pedro Ave.
Rudd, Charles, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 624 Austin
Rudder, Jess, hack driver, stand Main Plaza
Rudolph, Nicholas, clk., Silver King, h 101 Soledad
Rudy, Jacob, slsmn., h River Ave.
Ruediger, R., boarding house, 225 Ave. C
Ruedinger, Henry, porter, George Dullnig, b 302 Austin
Rueff, Alfred, dry goods, 320 E. Houston, h 77 Austin
Rugg, Eugene L., mgr., F. F. Collins' machine works, h 325 Poplar
Ruggle, Joseph, waiter, Elite Restaurant, h 212 Losoya
Ruhmer, Henry, saloon keeper, Mike Volino, h 1007 W. Commerce
Ruhnke, Albert, cellar man, Alamo Brewing Association, h Comal between El Paso and Gaudaloupe
Ruhnke, Alfred, meat market, 712 W. Commerce, h -- San Fernando, Carr Hill
Ruhnke, Edward, meat market, h 806 S. Flores
Ruhnke, Jacob, butcher, A. Urhnke, h San Fernando E. of Alazan Creek
Ruhnke, Jacob, butcher, Bitters & Schroeter, h 207 Narp
Ruhnke, Joseph, butcher, Bitters & Schroeter, r 207 Narp
Ruiz, Francisco, real estate, h 204 King William
Ruiz, Refugio, blacksmith, Simon de la Pena Sr., r 235 S. Laredo
Rullmann, John D., draughtsman, office county surveyor, h 312 Castro
Rullmann, Mina Miss, N/A, h 312 Castro
Rum, Charles, barber, 12 Blum, h 217 Barrera
Rumboe, Carlotta Miss, sewing, h 217 Barrera
Rummel, Adolph, blacksmith, Fred Vollrath, h 801 El Paso
Rummel, Fritz, N/A, h 617 Nolan
Rummel, Fritz C., meat marker, cor El Paso and S. Pecos, h 801 S. Pecos
Rummel, Hulda Miss, N/A, h 617 Nolan
Rummel, Lena Mrs. (wid Louis), groceries, h 801 S. Pecos
Rummel, Louis, carp., h 801 S. Pecos
Rummel, Mary, saleswoman, Paul Wagner, h cor El Paso and S. Pecos
Rummel, Walter, clk., Paul Wagner, h 617 Nolan
Rump, Carl H., boarding house, 222 E. Commerce
Runge, Carl, groceries and florist, h cor Goliad and Cherry
Runge, Caroline Mrs. (wid Wm.), N/A, h cor Goliad and Cherry
Runge, Frederick, German Book Store, 33 S. Alamo
Runge, Henry, carp., h 8 Nevada
Rupert, Walter E., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., r 1600 W. Commerce
Ruppersberg's Concert Garden, Martin Schiebel, prop., N/A, cor Perieda and Garden
Ruppersberg, William, agent for Orchestrion and saloon keeper, 30 W. Commerce, h cor Garden and Pereida
Ruprecht, Joseph, shoemaker, W. C. Brealey & Co., r 233 E. Houston
Ruse, C. F., tailor, V. Lorra, h 225 Victoria
Russ, George W., prest. and mgr., West End Town Co., T 136, h Home Villa, West End
Russ, M., foreman, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Russ, Max, business mgr., Chas. Zoller & Co., b 420 Ave. D
Russ, S. E., Traders' National Stockyards (Russ, Stanford & Williams), h 217 Marshall
Russ, Standford & Williams, (S. E. Russ, E. T. Stanford and W. Williams), stockyards, nr I. & G. N. shipping pens, T 28
Russell, George L., yardman, Gauss and Johns, h 14 Belvin
Russell, John, brtdr., Menger Hotel bar, h 46 Sycamore
Russell, John, emp., Water Works, h 15 N. Leona
Russell, Maria Mrs., (c), h rear 312 N. Concho
Russell, Samuel H., clk., Hunt and Booth, h 440 Soledad
Russell, Thomas, (c), h rear 312 Concho
Russi, C. Fritz Jr., N/A, h 910 W. Houston
Russi, C. Fritz, Sr., street commissioner, h 910 W. Houston
Russi, Elizabeth Mrs., (wid David), N/A, h 211 Obraje
Russi, Michael, stonemason, h 9 N. Leona
Rust, Gustav F., lithograph transferrer, Maverick Printing House, h 322 Third
Rutherford, Ada L. Miss, N/A, h 313 North
Rutherford, James Mrs., N/A, h 313 North
Ruthven, Lee, clk., L. Frank, b Maverick Hotel
Rutledge, Edgar S., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1021 W. Houston
Rutledge, Emmett E., butcher, h 459 N. Flores
Ruyle, H., slsmn., Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., h -- Corcoran
Ryan, Allita Mrs. (wid Patrick), N/A, h 205 Goliad
Ryan, Claire Mrs., N/A, h 217 Water
Ryan, Edward, genl. foreman motive power dept., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 322 Sherman
Ryan, James, notary public and cotton buyer, W. C. Richards, h 132 Warren
Ryan, John F., clk., San Antonio Real Estate Exchange, h 132 Warren
Ryan, John H., clk., L. Wolfson, b 19 Macon
Ryan, John J., N/A, h 132 Warren
Ryan, Joseph, attorney, mortgage loan broker and notary public (Caie & Ryan), h 217 Water
Ryan, J. P., 2nd Lieutenant Third Cavalry, U. S.A., h Govt. Hill
Ryan, May Miss, N/A, h 614 Ave. D
Ryan, Thomas J., slsmn., Herman Harms, b 20 Macon
Ryder-Taylor, Henry, local editor and mgr. Texas World of Houston, h 3 Leigh