1891 City Directory "S"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

S. A. & A. P. Drug Store, Thos. J. Spellessy, prop., N/A, 641 S. Flores
Sabin, Elias H., real estate, (E. H. Sabin & Son), h 3 miles N. W. city
Sabin, E. H. & Son, (Elias H. and Frank Sabin), real estate, N/A
Sabin, Frank H., real estate, (E. H. Sabin & Son), h 715 Ruiz
Saccka, John, brtdr., C. Ceccato, h 350 San Saba
Sachs, Edward, commercial traveler, b Alamo Flats
Sacrey, George F., supt., U. S. P. O. bldg., r same
Sadler, Robert E., pass. condr., I. & G. N. R. R., r 903 Ave. C
Sadrawitz Peter, miller, Guenther Lower Mill, h 4 Guenther
Saenz, Anastacia Miss, dressmaker, h 288 S. Laredo
Saenz, Carrie Miss, teacher private school, h 218 S. Laredo
Saenz, Miguel, Mexican interpreter, r 288 S. Laredo
Saenz, Rafael, N/A, r 288 S. Laredo
Saffold, David, dentist, h 238 W. Commerce
Sailes, Gracie, (c), washing and ironing, h 26 Narp
Sais, Domingo, lab., r 408 N. Concho
Sais, Espridion, N/A, h Zavalla between N. Medina and N. Frio
Sais, Manuel, (c), h 443 Perez
Salaidno, A., huckster, h 325 Navarro
Salamon, Francisco, driver, Froboese & Santleben, N/A
Salas, Alphonse, waiter, Dominga Aldona, h 412 Dolorosa
Salas, Benito, musician, Turf Theatre, h 317 N. Concho
Salas, Benito, restaurant, 628 W. Commerce
Salas, Jacinto, harnessmaker, Gustav Heye, h 317 N. Concho
Salas, Juan, musician, h 317 N. Concho
Salas, Melchora Miss, N/A, h 317 N. Concho
Salasada, Ascension, musician, h rear 421 Perez
Salasas, Andrea Mrs., N/A, h 13 N. Laredo
Salasas Feliciana Mrs., N/A, h -- Zavalla nr. Alazan Creek
Salasas, Tomasa, restaurant, h 9 S. Laredo
Salazar, Bonifacio, restaurant, 4 S. Laredo
Salinas, Antonio, N/A, r 209 S. Laredo
Salinas, Dolores, N/A, h 329 S. Flores
Salinger, Henry, tailor, H. W. Koenigsburg & Son, h 13 San Saba
Salinger, Nathan, peddler, h 15 N. San Saba
Salka, G. A., well borer, h 4 Santa Clara
Salliway, Henry B., contractor, h 545 Mesquite
Salter, Emma Miss, N/A, h 659 N. Flores
Salter, James, carp., h 7 Hill
Salter, James T., deliver clk., A. Castanola & Son, h 951 N. Laredo
Salter, John, lab., headquarters dept. of Texas, h 7 Hill
Salter, R. R., civil engr. and architect (Salter, Slonecki, & Co.), r 425 E. Houston
Salter, Slonecki, & Co., (R. R. Salter, St. v. Slonecki and F. Lambert), civil engrs. and architects, 4 Maverick Bank Building
Sam, Ah, cook, Tom Wing, r 3 W. Houston
Samanieg, Antonio, driver city exp., h N. Colorado, between Delgado and Lopez
Sammers, Edward, driver, Sunset Hose Co., h 306 Tenth
Samora, Julius, blacksmith, Simon de la Pena, Sr., h 235 S. Laredo
Sample, Alexander J., canvasser, b 317 N. San Marcos
Sample, Vina, (c), nurse, C. W. Ogden, h cor. Nolan and Hackberry
Samudio, Tomas, driver, Joe McAllester, h 321 South
Samuel, William G. M., deputy sheriff and notary public, h 308 San Pedro Ave.
Samuels, A. B., jeweler and pawnbroker, (Samuels & Rosenman), h 240 Soledad
Samuels, Isaac, brtdr., Thurmond & Hughes, h 240 Soledad
Samuels & Rosenman, (A. B. Samuels and I. Rosenman), jewelers and pawnbrokers, 303 Main Plaza
San Antonio Academy, Wm. B. Seeley, principal, N/A, 1185 N. Flores
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Hotel, Wm. St. John, prop., N/A, opp. S. A. & A. P. depot
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Ry., "Mission Route", R. W. Andrews, asst. genl. pass. agt., Maverick bldg., T 295, Milton Everett, city pass and ticket agent, ground floor Kampmann Bldg. N/A, N/A
San Antonio and Indian Territory Fuel Co., J. R. Ransom, prop., N/A, cor. Buena Vista and S. Salado
San Antonio Board of Trade, J. L. S. Hunt, secy., N/A, 17 Kampmann Bldg., T 198
San Antonio Bottling Works, G. A. Duerler, prop., N/A, 220 W. Commerce, T 387
San Antonio Brewing Association, Otto Bergstrom, prest. and O. Koehler, vice-prest. and mgr., brewers of XXX Pearl beer, River Ave. nr. river, T 34
San Antonio Brick Yard, H. H. Alvord, prest., N/A, Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez
San Antonio Broom Factory, F. J. Sprague, prop., N/A, 1155 Perez
San Antonio Buggy Co., R. Patzia, mgr., wagons and buggies, 17 Military Plaza
San Antonio Builders' Supply Co., Jno. E. Martin, prest., dealers in lumber and builders' supplies, yards, E. Commerce at G. H. & S. A. Ry., and S. Flores north of S. A. & A. P. depot, T 291
San Antonio City Hosptial, dr. Braunnagle, city physician in charge, N/A, cor. Morales and N. Leona, T 27
San Antonio Club, Grand Opera House, C. C. Cresson, secy., N/A, T 139
San Antonio Cooperage Works, Geo. Mandry, prop., N/A, 108 and 110 Austin, T 158
San Antonio Crematory, Morrill D. Poore, prest., N/A, N/A
San Antonio Detective Agency, E. J. J. Thavonat, chief, N/A, 7 Soledad Block
San Antonio Directory, Johnson & Chapman, publishers, N/A, 26 Soledad
San Antonio Electric Light and Power Co., G. W. Winslow, supt., N/A, 205 to 209 Villita, T 187
San Antonio Express, Frank Grice, editor, N/A, 1 E. Commerce, T 120 and 521
San Antonio Fence Co., Frank B. Williams & Co., props., N/A, 408 E. Commerce
San Antonio Foundry Co., J. W. Bonham, mgr., N/A, cor Aransas and San Antonio River, T 239
San Antonio Gas Co., H. D. Kampmann, prest., Gus Giesecke, secy., N/A, 516 W. Houston, T 212
San Antonio House, P. H. Petty, prop., N/A, 1306 W. Commerce
San Antonio Ice Factory, E. F. Blaze, mgr., N/A, 211 Losoya
San Antonio International Fair Association, J. J. Dickinson, secy and mgr., N/A, 16 Kampmann Bldg.
San Antonio Light Pub. Co., Thomas B. Johnson, secy, treasr. and genl. mgr., N/A, 4 E. Commerce, T 176
San Antonio Milling Co., F. Jr., F., Sr., and B. J. Lange, directors., millers and grocers, cor Dawson and N. Walnut, T 273
San Antonio Marble Works, Zeven & Altmann, propr., N/A, 212 E. Commerce
San Antonio Mattress Factory, E. M. Blakeny, prop., N/A, 244 to 248 Austin, T 92
San Antonio Mining and Milling Co., Richard Wooley and Wilbur G. Conover, proprs., N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio National Bank, George W. Brackenridge, prest., John Withers, cashr., N/A, 215 W. Commerce
San Antonio News, Theo Kunziman and John McHugo, proprs., N/A, 254 W. Commerce
San Antonio Oil Works, G. A. Mauermann, mgr., N/A, 338 Crockett, T 336
San Antonio Paint Mfg. Co., Sam Maverick, prest; A. H. Cadwalader, mgr., mfrs. Alamo Rubber Paint, 336 E. Houston, T - T 563
San Antonio Post Office, Sam M. Johnson, P. M., N/A, new govt. bldg., cor. Alamo Plaza and Ave. D
San Antonio Prostestant Home for Destitute Children, Mrs. C. Chabot, prest., N/A, 815 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio Real Estate Exchange, H. M. Aubrey, mgr., N/A, 421 E. Houston, T 406
San Antonio Rifle and Gun Club, Charles Wesenberg, secy., N/A, Arbeiter Verein Hall, T 536
San Antonio San Co., Max Meusenbach, mgr., N/A, opp S. A. & A. P. depot, T 446
San Antonio Sanitary Works, Simmang & Bro., mgrs., N/A, 606 W. Commerce, T 11
San Antonio Secular Society, John H. Copeland, Prest.; Otto Praeger, secy., N/A, N/A
San Antonio Shoe Factory, R. Beckman, mgr., N/A, 220 E. Houston
San Antonio Soap Works, Erich Menger, Prop., N/A, 410 N. Laredo
San Antonio Stock Yards Co., (Incorporated), G. W. Saunders, genl. mgr., N/A, 220 Dolorosa, T 401
San Antonio St. Ry. Co., Wm. H. Weiss, prest., N/A, Ave C Line, T 44; Flores st. line, T 396; San Pedro line, T 94
San Antonio Times, W. A. Stinchcomb, editor and mgr., N/A, Maverick Printing House, Bldg., nr. P. O.
San Antonio Water Works Co., Geo. W. Brackenridge, prest., N/A, office cor. San Pedro and Main Aves., T 15
San Antonio Wood Yard, Gittinger & Gittinger, props. N/A, nr. S. A. & A. P. depot, T 372
San Fernando Parochial School, Brother Joseph, Director, N/A, cor. Buena Vista and S. East
San Jacinto Saloon, G. Garroni, prop., N/A, cor. S. Laredo and Aransas
San Miguel, Theodore, helper, Fred. H. Wollrath, h 209 N. East
San Pedro Drug Store, R. Cohn & Co., props. N/A, 716 and 718 W. Commerce, T 269
San Pedro Park Saloon, Fred Kerble, prop., N/A, San Pedro Park, T 80
San Pedro Pharmacy, H. Schuchard, prop., N/A, 7 San Pedro Ave., T 133
San Pedro Springs Park, Fred Kerble, prop., N/A, end San Pedro Ave.
Sanchez, Aocania Mrs., N/A, h 417 Perez
Sanchez, Cariman, N/A, h 209 S. San Saba
Sanchez, Carolo, N/A, h 606 S. Concho
Sanchez, Doriano, lab., h cor. Lopez and N. Colorado
Sanchez, Epifano, tailor, h 31 N. San Saba
Sanchez, Felincio, barber, Narcerio Sanchez, h 713 W. Commerce
Sanchez, Felix, lab., h 322 S. East
Sanchez, Florencia Miss, N/A, h Castro between N. Comal and N. San Marcos
Sanchez, Francisco, N/A, h 602 S. Pecos
Sanchez, Francisco N., public weighter, Presidio Square, h 207 S. Pecos
Sanchez, Guadalupe Miss, N/A, h cor. Lopez and N. Colorado
Sanchez, Jesus, N/A, h 315 N. San Saba
Sanchez, Jose, N/A, h N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Sanchez, Josefa Miss N/A, h 315 N. San Saba
Sanchez, Juan, lab., h 996 N. Colorado
Sanchez, Julian, expressman, h 407 Perez
Sanchez, Leno, teamster, prest., Mutualista Sociedad Mexicana, h 319 San Saba
Sanchez, Lucio, lab., r 316 S. Pecos
Sanchez, Manuel, sawyer, Walter Scott, r opp. roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry.
Sanchez, Miquel, driver, T. E. Connor, h S. Flores, Beanville
Sanchez, Narcirio, barber, h 17 W. Commerce
Sanchez, Nicholas, expressman, h 407 Perez
Sanchez, Rufino, hackdriver, h alley rear 1925 N. Laredo
Sanchez, Rufino Jr., hackdriver h 431 Perez
Sanchez, Rufino Sr., hackdriver, h 431 Perez
Sanchez, Silvester, N/A, h 210 Durango
Sancho, Max, waiter, Rafael Sancho, h 348 Dolorosa
Sancho, Rafael, restaurant, 348 Dolorosa
Sandau, Franz, clk., Ed. Steves & Son., h 931 Buena Vista
Sanderlands, John, printer, Daily Express, b 407 Nacogdoches
Sanders, David, letter carrier, h 322 N. Frio
Sanders, George, (c), driver, R. Becker, h 219 Crockett
Sanders, W., driver, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Sanders, W. E., laundry, Newton & Sanders, r 232 Alamo
Sandoval, Adia, N/A, b cor. Medina and San Fernando
Sandoval, Antonio, carp., b 133 El Paso
Sandoval, Fernando A., carp., r 133 El Paso
Sandoval, Josefa H. Mrs., N/A, h 133 El Paso
Sandoval, Manuel, carp., b 133 El Paso
Sanford, Orion H., N/A, b 201 Jackson
Sanford, William O., N/A, b 201 Jackson
Sanford, William R., (c), lineman, Tel and Telephone Co., T 292, h cor Lambrano and Colorado
Sangerhausen, Karl, N/A, b 215 Oak
San Miguel, Antonio, lab., h Garden between Southern Pacific and S. A. & A. P. Ry.
San Miguel, Margarito, N/A, h cor. Nagolita between Kelley and S. P. Ry.
Sansom, William, (c), lab., h cor Jones Ave. and Dallas
Santa Rosa Infirmary, Mother St. Pierre, superioress, N/A, cor. Zavalla and N. Concho, T 298
Santeyan, Lucresia S. Mrs., cashier, Domingo Aldana, r 358 Dolorosa
Santillana, Adelaido, N/A, h 508 S. Concho
Santleben, August, stockman and transfer line (Froboese & Santleben), T 359, h 688 N. Flores
Santleben, Frederick shipping clk., Froboese & Santleben, h 688 N. Flores
Santleben, Sophie Miss, N/A, h 688 N. Flores
Santleben, William, brtdr., Arbeiter Verein Hall, N/A
Santos, Francisco, apprentice, Texas Stockman and Farmer, h 406 S. Concho
Santos, Francisco, driver, Wm. L. Richter, r cor. S. Laredo and S. East
Santos, Gabriel de los, N/A, h 408 N. San Saba
Santos, Lucius, second cook, Central Hotel, b same
Sapaf, Solomon, clk., L. Wolfson, h 2 Center
Sapato, Pedro, lab., h 20 Durango
Saper, Solomon, floor walker, L. Wolfson, b cor. Center and Water
S. A. P. Jewel Saloon, Fred C. Mockert, prop., N/A, opp. S. A. & A. P. pass depot
Sapp, Gill F., Alamo Lodge Saloon (E. Barry & Co.), r 205 S. San Saba
Sappington, Benjamin R., boarding house, 329 Poplar
Sarlas, Drafila S., cook, John Barras, h 626 W. Commerce
Sarran, Clotilde Mrs. (wid Prosper), N/A, h 624 S. Pecos
Sarran, Edmund, N/A, r 624 S. Pecos
Sarran, George, N/A, r 624 S. Pecos
Sarrinski, John, lab., h 413 North
Sarro, Charles, confectionery and fruit, h 18 N. Alamo
Sartor, Adele Miss, N/A, h 217 King William
Sartor, Alexander, alderman, eighth ward and jeweler, 18 W. Commerce h 217 King William
Sartor, Alexander L., watchman, A. Sartor, h 403 S. Alamo
Sartor, Charles, N/A, b 217 King William
Sartor, Henry B., jeweler, Alex Sartor, h 217 King William
Sass, Benjamin, grocery and saloon, h cor. N. Leona and Hidalgo, T 512
Sass Pencus, trav. slsmn., Island City mfg. Co., h cor. N. Flores and Elmira
Satterwhite, James, hackman, h 1001 Hidalgo
Sauceda, Charles, driver, Dr. Braunagel, h 10 N. Medina
Sauceda, Joseph, lab., city San Antonio, h 10 N. Medina
Sauceda, Josephine Miss, N/A, h 10 N. Medina
Sauceda, Vicente Jr., lab., h 10 N. Medina
Sauceda, Vicente Sr., tailor, h 10 N. Medina
Saucier, Albert, clk., M. Hewitt, h 14 Kingsbury
Saucier, M. Everest, N/A, h 14 Kingsbury
Saucier, Marie E., cotton classer, A. Cohen & Co., h 14 Kingsbury
Sauer, Babette Mrs., N/A, h 23 Belvin
Sauer, Bertha Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 23 Belvin
Sauer, Catharine, N/A, h 512 Ave. C
Sauer, Charles L., insurance agent, (Chas. L. Sauer & Co.), h 35 Belvin
Sauer, Chas. L., & Co., (Chas. L. Sauer and D. M. Alexander), fire insurance, 8 Soledad Block, T 486
Sauer, Elizabeth Mrs., N/A, h 512 Ave. C
Sauer, Ernest, brtdr., h 23 Belvin
Sauer, George C., mgr. retail dept, George Dullnig, h 212 Eighth
Sauer, Joseph B., tel opr I. & G. N. dispatcher's office, h 21 Belvin
Sauer, Lissett Miss, N/A, h 23 Belvin
Sauer, Louis, bkpr., Ed Steves and Sons h cor. E. Commerce and Walnut
Saunders, David, supt. mail carriers, h 322 N. Frio
Saunders, George W., engr., San Antonio Stock Yards Co., T 401, h 560 S. Flores, T 418
Saunders, Henry J., N/A, b 236 St. Mary
Saunders, John C., asst. slsmn., San Antonio Stock Yards Co., b 215 El Paso
Saunsbery, Bruce, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 917 Ave. D
Savage, C. A. Mrs., N/A, 415 Ave. B
Savage, Charles H., photographer, 319 W. Commerce
Savage, Mary Mrs. (wid), N/A, h 232 Blum
Savala, Antonio, cook, Menger Hotel, h 508 Buena Vista
Savero, Barloco, N/A, h 15 N. Laredo
Sawtell, James L, N/A, h 215 Blum
Sawtelle, H. W., pressman, Express Pub. Co., N/A
Saxegaard, Ebert, boilermaker, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 15 10 Pine
Scaper, Ernest, stonecutter, b -- N. Flores
Scales, George, compositor, Daily Times, r Alamo Flats
Scales, Walter, slsmn., J. T. Brown & Co., h 19 Elmira
Scfoantez, Maderio, stonecutter, h 215 Rivas
Schaedter, Joseph, driver, Otto Rock, b 304 S. Laredo
Schaefer, Annie M. Miss, teacher, public school, No. 5, h 516 Ave. C
Schaefer, Annie M. Mrs. (wid Adam), N/A, h 516 Ave. C
Schaeafer, John H., secy, German-English School, h 516 Ave. C
Schaefer Hulda Miss, cashier, Nic Tenng, h 516 Ave. C
Schaefer, J. Henry, bkpr., L. Wolfson, h 516 Ave. C
Schaeffer, August, carp., h 137 Live Oak
Schaeffer, Frank, N/A, h 318 Goliad
Schaefle, Carrie Miss, saleswoman, A. Brunswick & Son, h 227 Burnet
Schaefer, S. L. Rev., pastor German Evangelical Church, h 227 Burnet
Schaeper, Ernst, stonecutter, Frank Teich, h Fredericksburg Road nr. N. Flores
Schaetter Joseph, lab., b 304 S. Laredo
Schaezler, Christian, cashier F. Gross & Co., h cor. Grayson and Davis
Schaezler, Frederick, slsmn., Geo. Koener, h Govt. Hill
Schaezler, Laura Miss N/A, h 208 S. Laredo
Schaefer, Martin, driver, Morgan City Fish and Oyster Co., h Trevino, between Main and Military Plazas
Schaeffer, Frederick, machinist, Alamo Iron Works, h 298 Wyoming
Schairer, Josephine Mrs., N/A, h Laurel between San Pedro Creek and N. Flores
Schakelhorff, Lillie Miss, seamstress, Wolff & Marx, h 202 Rusk
Schakelhorff, Mary Miss, clk., L. Wolfson, h 202 Rusk
Schakelhorff, Mary Mrs. (wid), N/A, h 202 Rusk
Scharfenberg, A. E., stone mason, h 316 South
Scharfenberg, Arthur E., barber, A. Zilian, h 316 South
Scharfenberg, Louisa Mrs., N/A, 316 South
Schasse, Conrad, druggist, 227 W. Commerce, T 111 h 320 Dwyer Ave.
Schatzkey, Louis, trav. slsmn., A. B. Frank & Co., h 86 Sixth
Schaub, Albert, brtdr., Albert Persch, h 213 Bowie
Schaufele, Charles G., head cook, Lang's restaurant, h Hackberry between Burleson and Lamar
Schedeke, Otto, saddler, L. Frank, h 5 South
Schedler, Francisco Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h 333 S. Alamo
Schedler, Frank, car repairer, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 333 S. Alamo
Schedler, Joseph, clk., Joseph McAlister, h 306 Plum
Schedler, Pierce, N/A, h cor. N. Olive and Pine
Scheer, Rudolph, mechanic, F. F. Collins Mfg. Co., h 323 Navarro
Scheick, Louis, driver, Lone Star Brewery h 708 Goliad
Scheidemantel, Andrew, N/A, h Ave. B extension
Scheidemantel, Charles, trav. slsmn., h Ave. B extension
Scheidemantel, Mamie Miss, N/A, h Ave. B extension
Scheihagen, Louis, transfer, Chas. Zoller & Co., h 420 Ave. D
Schelcher, Frank J., dairyman, h cor. Blanco Road and San Pedro Place N. of Fredericksburg Road
Schelcher, Peter, plumber, Morgan & Co., h N. Laredo between Castro and Menchaca
Schelper, Henry, meat market, h 517 Live Oak
Schelper, Lena Miss, milliner, Miss P. Schneider, h 517 Live Oak
Schender, Oscar, civil engr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 131 Cedar
Scherle, Charles, civil engr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 131 Cedar
Scherrer, Leopold, gardener, h Presa between Labor and Southern Pacific Ry.
Scherrer, Peter, N/A, h Presa between Labor and Southern Pacific Ry.
Schertz, Alford, porter, A. B. Frank & Co., h 9 Sherman
Schertz, Emil, N/A, h alley between Aves. D, E, Houston and Third
Scheuermann, Frank, boot and shoe maker, 224 Vilita
Schick, Louis, N/A, h 708 Goliad
Schiebel, Charles Jr., tanner, h 405 Sixth
Schiebel, Charles Sr., N/A, h 624 Ave. E
Schiebel, Martin, prop., Ruppersberg's Concert Garden, cor. Pereida and Garden, h 625 S. Presa
Schieck, Ida Miss N/A, h 708 Goliad
Schieffer, Peter J., carp., h 21 South
Schiffers, Albert, blacksmith, Peter Schiffers, h 7 Austin
Schiffers, Emil, blacksmith, Peter Schiffers, h 7 Austin
Schiffers, Peter, blacksmith and wheelwright, 736 and 738 Austin h 7 Austin
Schild, Alfred G., slsmn., Elmendorf & Co., h 231 Salinas
Schilling, August, saloon and concert garden, Grand Ave. between River and Dallas
Schilling, Charles M., patternmaker, G. H. & S. A. roadhouse, h 625 E. Houston
Schilling, Ernst, marble polisher, Frank Teich, r 801 S. Flores
Schilling, Thomas W., moulder, Alamo Iron Works, h 18 El Paso
Schilt, N/A, slsmn., A. Heusinger, h 231 Salinas
Schimmelpfenning, Albert, plumber's apprentice, Shafer and Braden, h 224 Lafitte
Schimmelphenning, Ernest, tinsmith, F. A. Seffel, h 224 Lafitte
Schinault, Sidney, N/A, h 315 S. Concho
Schiner, Emma Mrs., N/A, h 321 Nueva
Schintz, Harry, night prescription clk., Tips and Silverthorn, r 339 E. Houston
Schlessinger, Catherine (wid Romiald), N/A, h W. Commerce between S. East and Concho
Schleuning, Ernest, stock clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 222 King William
Schleuning, Fritz, broker, h 222 King William
Schleuning, Louis, clk., h 222 King William
Schleuning, Thomas H. Jr., clk., h 222 King William
Schleuning, Theodore H. Sr., merchandise broker, h 222 King William
Schlessinger, Kate E. Mrs, N/A, b 509 Buena Vista
Schlichenmaier, William, blacksmith, 248 E. Commerce
Schlictcherle, Frank, stonemason, h alley between Center and South
Schlinger, Eliza Mrs. (wid John), N/A, h 236 Goliad
Schlinger, Lina, N/A, h 332 Goliad
Schmelter, Harry, wholesale liquors (Mayer, Schmelter & Burgower), T 195, h 317 Elm
Schmeltzer, Emily Miss, N/A, h 415 Water
Schmeltzer, Gustave Jr., city slsmn., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 415 Water
Schmeltzer, Gustave Sr., wholesale grocer (Hugo & Schmeltzer), T 113 h 415 Water
Schmeltzer, Hermann, N/A, h 415 Water
Schmeltzer, Ida Miss, N/A, h 412 Water
Schmeltzer, Louisa Miss, N/A, h 415 Water
Schmeltzer, Robert, cook, h 704 E. Houston
Schmenter, Henry, N/A, h 312 Elm
Schmicker, Christopher, Progress Saloon (G. A. Schmicker & Co.), h cor. Buena Vista and S. Pecos
Schmicker, G. A. & Co., (Gustav A. and Christopher Schmicker), saloon, 608 and 610 W. Commerce
Schmicker, Gustave A., Progress Saloon (G. A. Schmicker & Co.), h cor. Buena Vista and S. Pecos
Schmidt, Adam, saloon, h 302 Austin
Schmidt, Adolph, grocer and saloon, h cor. Ruiz and Colorado
Schmidt, Agatha Miss saleswoman, Mrs. Agatha Schmidt, h cor. Arsenal and S. Laredo
Schmidt, Agatha Mrs. (wid Charles), genl mdse, h cor. Arsenal and S. Laredo
Schmidt, Albert, mgr., Gastav Schmidt, Sr., h 61 Goliad
Schmidt, Alexander, clk., h 561 S. Presa
Schmidt, Andrew, bkpr., Maverick Printing House, N/A
Schmidt, August, N/A, h 814 N. Comal
Schmidt, B. & Sons, (Charles, Max, Michael, and Reuben), gent's furnishing goods, 439 S. Flores
Schmidt, Carl, Blacksmith, h N. Walnut between Lamar and Burleson
Schmidt, Charles, gent's furnishing goods, (B. Schmidt & Sons), b 439 S. Flores
Schmidt, Christian, butcher, h 302 Austin
Schmidt, Dorothea Mrs. (wid Gustav, Sr.), N/A, h 61 Goliad
Schmidt, Friedericka Miss, N/A, h 61 Goliad
Schmidt, Fritz, brtdr., Seventh Ward Saloon, r 601 Matagorda
Schmidt, Gustav, groceries, dry goods, and notions, h 61 Goliad
Schmidt, Henry, mail carrier No. 15, h 302 Austin
Schmidt, John, teamster, h Ruiz, Lake View
Schmidt, Joseph, trav. slsmn. jewelry, h 221 Obraje
Schmidt, Mary Miss, saleswoman, Mrs. Agatha Schmidt, h cor. Arsenal and S. Laredo
Schmidt, Max, gent's furnishing goods, (B. Schmidt & Sons), b 439 S. Flores
Schmidt, Max F., mechanic, G. Hellemans & Co., r Bert's Mill
Schmidt, Michael, gent's furnishing goods, (B Schmidt & Sons), b 439 S. Flores
Schmidt, Otto, driver, C. M. Aiken, h cor. Popular and Main Ave.
Schmidt, Philip, lab., h 310 San Luis
Schmidt, Robert, bakery, h 234 Oak
Schmidt, Reuben, gent's furnishing goods, (B. Schmidt & Sons), b 439 S. Flores
Schmidt, William, real estate and fire insurance (Heil & Schmidt), h cor. Oakland and Baltimore Ave.
Schmitt, Adam, hardware, h 539 E. Commerce
Schmitt, Adolph, grocery and saloon, cor. San Fernando and S. Medina
Schmitt, Amelia Mrs. (wid Frank), N/A, h 237 Garden
Schmitt, Anton, gardener, San Pedro Park, b same
Schmitt, Augustus, N/A, h alley between Nevada and Dakota
Schmitt, Charles, emp., Alamo Brewery, h 222 Market
Schmitt, Frank, plasterer, h 245 Garden
Schmitt, Geo. F. J., druggist (F. Kalteyer & Son), h 507 W. Commerce
Schmitt, Hannah Mrs., N/A, h 439 S. Flores
Schmitt, Herman, bkpr., Sim Hart, h 237 Garden
Schmitt, Isadore, clk., b 237 Garden
Schmitt, John Jr., teamster, h Ruiz nr. city limits
Schmitt, John Sr., dairyman, h cor. Castro and W. Seventeenth, West End
Schmitt, Joseph, painter, h 607 N. Leona
Schmitt, Mary Mrs., sewing, h 209 Barrera
Schmitt, Robert, baker, Lewis Seidel, h 310 Live Oak
Schmitt, William, carp., b 607 S. Leona
Schmitt, William, clk., Henry Inselman, r 523 North cor. Sycamore
Schmitt, William A., trav. slsmn., D. & A. Oppenheimer, h 2 Nueva
Schmitz, Alice Mrs., Alamo Restaurant (Schmitz & Motsch), 208 Alamo Plaza
Schmitz, & Motsch, (Mrs. Alice Schmitz and Mrs. Charlotte Motsch), restaurant, 208 Alamo Plaza
Schmueckle, Max, miller, Dullnig's coffee and spice mills, h cor. Camargo and Labor
Schmueckle, Theodore, mgr., City Steam Laundry, r 229 E. Houston
Schmutzler, Gustav, miller, Guenther's lower mill, h 410 Bowie
Schneider, Adina Mrs., intelligence office, 226 Villita
Schneider, Annie Miss, N/A, h 1613 Zavalla
Schneider, Catherine Mrs. (wid Jacob), N/A, h 445 N. Flores
Schneider, Christian, emp., Pauly & Dielmann, N/A
Scheider Elizabeth Mrs., N/A, h1613 Zavalla
Schneider, Emma Miss, nurse, Charles Graebner, h 409 N. East
Schneider, Ferdinand, boarding house, 219 Oak
Schneider, Frank, carp., h 226 Villita
Schneider, Gustav H., grocer, 714 S. Presa, T 415, h 244 Crockett
Schneider, Henry, machinist, roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry. shop, h 309 Goliad
Schneider, Jacob, carp., h 318 N. Laredo
Schneider John, cellar emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- Josephine
Schneider, Joseph, N/A, h 208 Rusk
Schneider, Joseph, teamster, Pauly & Dielmann, h -- Rusk
Schneider, Joseph C., chief dispatcher, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1320 Zavalla
Schneider, Josephine Miss, emp., J. A. Bundren, b 517 Chavez
Schneider, J. W., tailor, R. Hebsleb, h 201 Matagorda
Schneider, Lillie Miss, dressmaker, h 218 Delgado
Schneider, Lillie Miss, N/A, h 612 W. Houston
Schneider, Paul, boiler maker, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 323 Sherman
Schneider, Pauline Miss, millinery store, h 20 N. Alamo
Schneider, William, tailor, r 201 Victoria
Schnetz, Josephine Miss, room to rent, h 309 Third
Schnitzer, N., dry goods, notions, etc., h 517 Austin
Schnudt, Charles A., carp., h 801 Erie
Schoch, Oscar, stenographer, h 15 Howard
Schoch, Robert, N/A, h cor. Wyoming and Pine
Schoch, William, principal public high school, b 15 Howard
Schock, William, lab. city, h 1617 Zavalla
Schodrowski, John, pastry cook, Menger Hotel, h 324 North
Schoener, C. T., carp., r 24 South
Schoenert, George, clk., Gahwiler & Simmang, h 6 Marshall
Scholl, Adam, carp., h 319 Fifth
Scholl, August, carp., h 7 San Juan
Scholl, Charles, carp. and contractor, h 317 Barrera
Scholl, Emil, teacher, banjo and mandolin, clk., Herman Harms, h 319 Fifth
Scholl, Robert, exp wagon, h 319 Fifth
Scholo, William, N/A, h 32 Fourth
Scholtz, Adolph, billiard hall and saloon (Scholz Garden), 9 and 11 Alamo and 8 and 10 Losoya, T 373
Scholz, William G., brtdr., Sholz' Garden, h 54 Fourth
Schomann, Rosa Miss, N/A, h 1 Belvin
Schoomann, Dorothea Mrs. (wid), N/A, h -- Presa between Labor and P. Ry.
Schoomann, Frederick, gardener, h Jones Ave. nr. city limits
Schoomann, Jacob, gardener, h Jones Ave. nr. city limits
Schoremayer, Conrad, news agent, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 228 Ave. C
Schornack, Henry, student, Alamo Business College, b 1028 Ave. D
Schorp., Michel, hostler, Mrs. Dora E. Stumber, b 350 S. Flores
Schott, Frank, car inspector, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1542 W. Houston
Schott, John, book and job printer, 7 N. Presa, h 320 Goliad
Schott, Mary Miss, clk., Joske Bros., r 320 Goliad
Schoupe, William, hack driver, h -- Gonzales
Schram, Edward, harness maker, Carter & Mullally, b 14 Crockett
Schramm, August, ironer, City Steam Laundry, r 329 E. Houston
Schramm, Edgar E. Jr., broker (Hunt & Schramm), h 231 S. Alamo
Schramm, Edgar E. Sr., real estate dealer and commission mcht., h 231 S. Alamo
Schramm, Gilbert E., deputy country clerk, h 231 S. Alamo
Schramm, Gustav, saloon, 14 E. Houston, h 19 College
Schraut, August, slsmn., S. E. Gillett & Co., h cor. Nacogdoches and Crockett
Schreiner, Albert, porter, Staacke Bros., h 419 Acequia
Schreiner, Charles, saloon keeper, h 317 N. Flores
Schreiner, Frederick, alderman at large, h 317 N. Flores
Schroeder, Christopher, grocer, 501 E. Commerce
Schroeder, Edward, apprentice, Gustav A. Reimann, h 340 E. Commerce
Schroeder, George, N/A, h 340 E. Commerce
Schroeder, Herman, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h 1232 S. Presa
Schroeder, Rudolph F., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1518 Pine
Schroeder, William, slsmn., F. J. Beitel, h 418 N. Pecos
Schroeter, Max, meat market (Bitters & Shroeter), h 207 Narp
Schrop, Michel, emp., Dora E. Sumbergo, h 350 S. Flores
Schryver, Albert C., lumber dealer (Martin & Schryver), h 906 N. Olive, T 168
Schubach, Alexander, N/A, h 212 Chestnut
Schubach, Henry, driver, Alamo Brewing Association, h 516 Crockett
Schube, William, carp., h -- Pereida
Schuchard, Hermann, driver, Alamo Brewing Association, h 516 Crockett
Schuchardt, Frederick, lab., h cor. N. Brazos and Garza
Schuehle, Jacob, mfr. Ice and refrigerator machinery, h 628 Oakland
Schuehler, William, N/A, h 628 Oakland
Schuerg, William, compositor, Daily Express, h 510 Matagorda
Schuerman, A. J., bkpr., Louisiana Lumber Co., N/A
Schuettel, Edward, trimmer, Staacke Bros., h 142 Castro
Schuettel, Emil, porter, Staacke Bros., h 142 Castro
Schuettel, Otto, blacksmith, Louis Gebler, h 142 Castro
Schuetze, Oscar, slsmn., Milburn wagons, h 216 Chestnut
Schuh, Francis, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 117 River Ave.
Schuh, Frederick V., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 915 Ave. C
Schuh, John, saloon, Josephine between River and Jones Ave.
Schuh, Katie Miss, cook, Mrs. H. Kalteyer, b 408 Ave. C
Schuh, Martin, asst. engr., San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- Josephine
Schuh, Peter Jr., brtdr., Office Bar, N/A
Schuh, Peter Sr., brtdr., San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- Josephine
Schuhardt, Frederick, lab., h cor. N. San Marcos and Granada
Schule, August, butcher, h 67 Mill
Schulenburg, Otto, porter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Schulthess, Henry M., hardware, b Mahncke Hotel
Schultz, A. L., secy., Alamo Council Chosen Friends, N/A
Schultz, Henry, yardman, San Antonio Brewing Association, h Grayson nr. Josephine
Schultz, W., saloon, 15 S. Alamo
Schultz, William, porter, Scholz Garden, h 307 Crockett
Schultze, Adolp, carp., G. A. Reimann, h 704 E. Houston
Schultze, Annie, clk., H. Schultze Sr., h 16 South
Schultze, Herman Jr., hardware, 224 E. Houston, T 224, h College between St. Mary and Navarro
Schultze, Hermann Sr., hardware and tinner, 9 W. Commerce, T 545, h 16 South
Schultze, Louisa, clk., A. Schultze Sr., h 16 South
Schultze, Mary Miss, N/A, h 16 South
Schultze, Maximilian, mgr., H. Schultze Sr., h 16 South
Schultze, Otto, cabinet maker, h 704 E. Houston
Schultze, R., Protector Germania Lodge Knights and Ladies of Honor, N/A
Schulz, August, meat market, 37 Alamo Plaza, h 67 Mill
Schulz, August, printer, Freie Presse, h 234 Crockett
Schulz, Augusta Miss, N/A, h 8 Fannin
Schulz, Ernestina Mrs., N/A, h 234 Crockett
Schulze, Paul, carp., h -- Leigh
Schumacher, Anton, policeman, r 416 W. Houston
Schumacher, Charles, cellar man Alamo Brewing Association, h 437 N. Flores
Schumacher, Henry C., brkpr., San Antonio Light, h 1 Omaha
Schumacher, Theresa, dressmaker, Mrs. Myrick, h 422 W. Houston
Schumacher, William T., emp., Daily Light, h 422 W. Houston
Schumaker, Mary Mrs., rooms to rent, h 33 Ave. D
Schunke, Charles, painter, h 59 Mill
Schunke, Edward, Slsmn., Nie Tengg, h 59 Mill
Schunke, Emelia Mrs. (wid Wm. M.), N/A, h 59 Mill
Schunke, Louis, emp., R. Becker, h 303 Camargo
Schunke, Max, clk., Paul Wagner, h 59 Mill
Schunke, Otto, waiter, Harnisch & Baer, h 59 Mill
Schunke, William, brtdr., Joe's Saloon, h 59 Mill
Schuppe, Emilie, cook, Reagan Houston, b 214 Travis
Schurig, Adolf, N/A, h Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Schuritz, Max, cabinet maker, 214 Blum
Schurr, William, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 302 Austin
Schussler, Margaret, N/A, h 308 Water
Schuster, Charlotta Mrs., N/A, r 218 Victoria
Schuster, Helena, N/A, h 52 North
Schutte, George, saloon, 639 Austin
Schuttel, Edward Jr., saddler's apprentice, Cameron & Co., h 142 Castro
Schuttel, Edward Sr., carriage trimmer, Staacke Bros., h 142 Castro
Schuttel, Emil, carriage trimmer, Staacke Bros., h 142 Castro
Schuttel, Otto, blacksmith, H. Gembler, h 142 Castro
Schutz, John, emp., Alamo Brewery, h 403 Seventh
Schutze, Adolph, carp., Gustav A. Reimann, h 704 E. Houston
Schutze, Frederick, stonecutter, A. Reimann, h 704 E. Houston
Schutze, Frederick, stonecutter, h rear 16 Bowie
Schuwirth, George, N/A, b 203 Madison
Schuwirth, Johann W., asst. teacher German dept. public schools, h 203 Madison
Schuwith, William G., city drummer, Wagner & Chabot, h 203 Madison
Schwartz, A., N/A, h -- Ninth, Maverick Grove
Schwartz, Elizabeth Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h 236 N. Flores
Schwartz, Fritz W., photographer, A. C. Paris h 710 E. Houston
Schwartz, Jacob, saloon, cor. Frank and Bee, east side Govt. Barracks
Schwartz, Mary Mrs. (wid August), N/A, h 1 Belvin
Schwartz, Moses, clothing, 623 W. Commerce
Schwartz, William, brtdr., Jacob Schwartz, h cor. Frank and Bee
Schwarz, Charles, shipping clk., Froboese & Santleben, h 629 Chestnut
Schwarz, Sophie B. Mrs. (wid B.), N/A, h rear 330 Dolorosa
Schweitzer, Charles L., tinner, Joseph Dean, h 69 Marshall
Schweppe, August, druggist, 435 Austin, T 420
Scllers, Jackson, prop., Jack's Saloon, h -- N. Flores
Scofield, Henry, N/A, h 29 Acequia
Scott, A., hostler, I. & G. N. roundhouse, h east side S. Frio between W. Commerce and Buena Vista
Scott, D. Carlos, hostler, I. & G. N. roundhouse, h S. Frio between W. Commerce and Buena Vista
Scott, E. A., student, Webb & Finley, h 304 Soledad
Scott, Early, (c), prop. Old Gray Mule Saloon and Theatre, h 304 Frio
Scott, Edward Q., real estate, h 133 Warren
Scott, Elizabeth Miss, (c), washing and ironing, h -- Austin
Scott, Ephraim, lab., h -- Casciana
Scott, Florence, (c), h 406 Crockett
Scott, Forrest, N/A, h 548 S. Laredo
Scott, Frank, (c), sexton, St. Mark's Church N/A
Scott, G. B., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 709 Ave. C
Scott, George, condr., h 709 Ave. C
Scott, Hannah Mrs., (c), h 817 N. Salado
Scott, Henry, photographer, A. C. Paris, h 240 Blum
Scott, Henry, porter, Singer Mfg. Co., h 311 Victoria
Scott, John C. Mrs., N/A, h 11 S. Frio
Scott, John H., brtdr., Richard E. McIlvaine, h 417 N. Leona
Scott, John R., driver, Wells Fargo & Co., h 322 Lavaca
Scott, Judy Mrs., (c), washwoman, h 825 N. Salado
Scott, Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, Mrs. M. Winther, h 1016 Mesquite
Scott, Richard G., foreman, Walter Scott's Block Factory, h Lover's Lane
Scott, Robert, lab., r 706 N. Frio
Scott, Rosalie Mrs., N/A, h 233 Soledad
Scott, Walter, (c), cook, Adams House, r same
Scott, Walter Sr., Mesquite Block Factory, opp. round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry.
Scott, William, (c), porter, A. Cohen & Co., r 13 Military Plaza
Scott, William, (c), porter, Cohen & Mayer, h 312 Morales
Scott, William, (c), waiter, Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Scott, William, porter, Singer MFg. Co., h 311 Victoria
Scott, Winston, (c), musician, h 817 N. Salado
Scrivener, Harold G., carpenter, h -- Rural Ave.
Scrivener, William H., bricklayer, h -- Rural Ave.
Scruggs, Albert R., laborer, h -- Simpson
Scruggs, Elbert, teamster, San Antonio Wood Yard, h -- Casiana
Scruggs, Hampton, teamster, San Antonio Wood Yard, h cor. S. Flores and Simpson
Scruggs, William H., teamster, h 1112 S. Flores
Scudder, F. J., bkpr., Daily Times, h West End
Scudder, Frederick, N/A, h cor. Bader and San Antonio Aves., West End
Scudder, Silas D., secy. and genl. mgr. Alamo Fire Insurance Co., h cor. San Antonio and Bandera Aves., West End
Sculley, Patrick J., teller, Thornton, Wright & Co., h 443 Water
Seaborn, Benjamin, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 10 River Ave.
Seabrook, Charles H., machinist round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry. h 8 Simpson
Seamands, Charles W., frt. condr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 622 Perez
Seamon, Leopold, drug clk., W. D. Albini, r 214 Alamo Plaza
Seana, Manuel, N/A, h cor. N. Colorado and Lopez
Sears, Fanny M. Mrs., music teacher, h 440 Acequia
Sears, Henry, carp., r 24 South
Sears, James, emp., S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 10 Johnson
Sears, James L., machinist helper round house, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 10 W. Johnson
Sears, John L., clk., I. & G. N. depot, h 440 Acequia
Sears, Richard, N/A, r 24 South
Seay, Ada Miss, seamstress, h 144 Marshall
Seay, Edgar, teamster, h 211 Lopez,
Seay, Howard W., driver, Calcasieu Lumber Yards, h 746 N. Flores
Seay, J. M., driver, Calcasieu Lumber Yards, h 746 N. Flores
Secret, Cherry Mrs., (c), h 214 S. Leona
Secret, Josephine Miss, (c), h 1724 Zavalla
Seebe, Rudolph, real estate and insurance, A. Moye, h 220 Madison
Seele, Harry C., bkpr., Martin & Schryver, h 333 Crockett
Seeley, Birdie Miss, N/A, b 212 S. Concho
Seeley, W. B. Mrs., vice prest. Protestant Home For Destitute Children, h 1185 N. Flores
Seeley, William B., principal, San Antonio Academy, h 1185 N. Flores
Seeligson, A. W., attorney at law, 26 Soledad, h 200 Ninth
Seffel, Alfred M., clk., L. Wolfson, r 406 South
Seffel, Anton Jr., candy maker, G. A. Duerler, h 406 South
Seffel, Anton Sr., painter, U. S. Govt., h 406 South
Seffel, Bernhard, N/A, h 28 North
Seffel, Edward, sign painter, h 98 Peach
Seffel, Edward, tinner, Frank A. Seffel, h 706 Ave. F
Seffel, Edward A. Jr., sign painter, E. A. Seffel, Sr., h cor. Peach and Dakota
Seffel, Edward A. Sr., house and sign painter, 212 E. Commerce, h cor. Peach and Dakota
Seffel, Emanuel, blacksmith, h 911 Nolan
Seffel, Frank, tinner, r 406 South
Seffel, Frank A. Jr., tinner, I. Goldman, h 706 Ave. E
Seffel, Frank A. Sr., tin sheet iron and copperware, 208 E. Commerce, h 706 Ave. E
Seffel, Frederick, wrapper, L. Wolfson, h 406 South
Seffel, Hugo, painter, E. A. Seffel Sr., h cor. Peach and Dakota
Seffel, Mamie, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 706 Ave. E
Seffel, Philip w., policeman, h 28 North
Seffel, Stephen, blacksmith and wheelwright, 7 Crockett, h 401 Fifth
Segal, James, N/A, h 309 Blum
Segobia, Rosalie, N/A, h 309 S. Laredo
Sehorn, John, attorney with Wm. Aubrey, 3 Kampmann Bldg.
Seibel, Adam, carp., r 302 South
Seibel, Charles, carp., r 302 South
Seibel, John, feed store, h 302 South
Seiber, Baptist, stonemason, b 418 S. San Saba
Seiber, Charles, stone mason, b 418 S. San Saba
Seibert, Dennis, machinist, I. & G. N. roundhouse, h 403 Lavaca
Seidel, Albin, grocer (Seidel Bros.), h cor. Austin and Tenth
Seidel Bros., (Albin and Gustav), grocers, cor. Austin and Tenth, T 332
Seidel, Gustav., groceries, (Seidel Bros.), h 700 Austin
Seidel, Louis, bakery, 318 Austin
Seidemann, Jacob, N/A, h 1608 W. Commerce
Seifert, Adolph T., tailor, V. Lorra, h 219 Iowa
Selby, W. Henry, (c), barber, 10 N. Flores, h -- Quincy
Self, Edward, hack driver, b 1034 San Fernando
Sellberg, Frederick, brtdr., Thos. Campbell, b 420 Ave. D
Sema, Leocadio, fruit stand, h 514 S. Pecos
Semlinger, Charles, painter's helper roundhouse S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 318 North
Semlinger, Fannie Miss, compositor, Daily Light, h 318 North
Semlinger, Henry, N/A, h 318 North
Semlinger, Kate M. Miss, teacher public school No. 6, h 318 North
Semlinger, Lottie Miss, saleswoman, S. Meyer, h 318 North
Seng, Edward G., bkpr., Nic Tengg, h 418 Bowie
Seng, WILLIAM, stationer (Kypfer & Seng), h 420 Bowie
Senger, Charles, nigh watchman, Alamo Brewery, h 513 N. Leona
Sennett, Louis O., tel. opr. Western Union Telegraph Co., h 1002 W. Houston
Sens, August, collector, h 217 Starr
Sens, Lizzie, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 217 Starr
Sepdo, George, butcher, J. A. Breedlove & Co., h 418 N. San Saba
Sepeda, Jesusa Mrs., N/A, h 614 S. Concho
Sepeda, Louis, clk., Louis Moglia, h Salado between Ruiz and Perez
Sepulbeda, Lianisie, lab., h 32 El Paso
Serger, Emil, stock keeper, L. Wolfson, b 211 S. Alamo
Serner, Manwell, hostler, W. R. Story, N/A
Session, Louisa Miss, (c), cook, Daniel F. Markley, h 217 S. Salado
Seventh Ward Saloon, Frank Brown, prop., N/A, 601 Matagorda
Sewell, Isaac, (c), lab., h 1540 W. Houston
Seymour, Abner, (c), lab., h 1540 W. Houston
Seymour, Lee, painter, h 23 Live Oak
Seymour, Samuel J., bkpr., Dreiss Thompson & Co., h 23 Live Oak
Seymour, S. J., driver, Troy Steam Laundry, h 23 Live Oak
Seymour, William P., slsmn., Sim Hart, h 23 Live Oak
Shackelford, James, merchandise broker, (James Shackelford & Co.), h 214 Third
Shackelford, James & Co., (Jas. S. Shackelford and Lee D. Martin), mdse. brokers, 245 Market, T 438
Shacklett, C., prop., Washington Theater, 639 W. Commerce
Shader, J. M. Dr., asst. Dentist, Dr. J. E. Breeding b 231 E. Houston
Shafer, A. Harper, plumber (Shafer & Braden), h 21 Womble Alley
Shafer & Braden, (A. H. Shafer and Edw. Braden Jr.), plumbers, 31 W. Commerce, T 279
Shafer, W. A., pass. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 818 Nolan
Shaffer, John, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 309 Grand Ave.
Shands, William O., clk., Rucker, Hartwell, & Co., h 11 Bowie
Shangle, Bert, machinist, b 624 Austin
Shann, William C, driver, electric car line, h 535 Mesquite
Shannou, John F., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 23 River Ave.
Shannon, Thomas, bill clk., Southern Pacific frt. office, h 23 River Ave.
Shardein, Philip, city marshall office, Bat Cave, T 262, h 90 Austin
Sharer, John, real estate, h 1516 Pine
Sharpe, Florida H. Mrs. (wid Redford), N/A, b 524 Oakland
Sharpe, Redford T., law student, H. P. Drought's office, b 524 Oakland
Shatto, Frederick, grocer (B. K. James & Co.), h 140 Nogalitos
Shattuck & Hoffman, of New Orleans, Caie & Ryan, agents, money lenders and mortgage loans, 21 Soledad
Shaw, Edward M., physician and surgeon, 19 N. Alamo, h 539 N. Flores
Shaw, E. G., compositor Daily Express, b 407 Nacogdoches
Shaw, Hampton W., N/A, h cor. El Paso and S. Colorado
Shaw, Henry W., hack driver, h -- San Fernando, Carr Hill
Shaw, Robert, foreman section No. 45, I. & G. N. Ry., h cor. N. Salado and Hidalgo
Shed, Redick, (c), driver, h 27 Victoria
Shedler, Frank, car repairer, S. A. & A. P. Ry. Shops, N/A
Sheern, Joseph, undertaker, 259 W. Commerce, T 115, h 212 Garden, T 178
Sheern, Joseph E., N/A, h 212 Garden
Sheffield, Rachel, (c), h 1011 Austin
Sheffield, Thomas J., watchman, G. H. & S. A. roundhouse, h 1601 Pine
Shehan, William, Little Red Brick Saloon, h 432 W. Houston
Shelton, R. J., agent, New York Equitable Life Insurance, b Mahncke Hotel
Shenault, Adeline, (c), h 309 Chavez
Shepherd, James B., physician and surgeon, 9 Ave. C., h 510 Burleson
Shepherd, Joseph, (c), porter, I. & G. N. ticket office, Alamo Plaza, h 403 Crockett
Shepherd, Joseph, carp, h 331 E. Commerce
Shepherd, Marguerite, N/A, h 319 Jackso0n
Shepherd, William, porter, M. Halff & Bro., h -- Mesquite
Sheppard, Joseph S. Mrs., boarding house, 327 Dwyer Ave.
Sheppard, Maggie Miss, N/A, h 422 Romana
Sheppard, Mary Miss, dressmaker, h 252 Soledad
Sherfield, Feebe, (c), washing and ironing, h -- Chestnut
Sheriff's Office, N/A, N/A, court house, T 103
Sherman, Ella, N/A, h 31 South
Sherman, Henry, stock dealer, h Mars Hill, East End
Sherman, John, order clk., Dreiss, Thompson & Co., h -- River Ave.
Sherman, Marcus E., supt. electric light, San Antonio Gas Co., r Electric Light Station, E. Nueva
Sherman, Nellie Miss, N/A, h -- River Ave.
Sherman, Otto, stonemason, h 522 Main Ave.
Sherman, William, driver, Dreiss, Thompson & Co., h --River Ave.
Sherman, William, errand boy, Dreiss, Thompson & Co., h -- River Ave.
Sherwood & Co., (Porter Sherwood and Geo. W. Deits), real estate, ground floor Kampmann Bldg.
Sherwood, Porter, real estate (Sherwood & Co.), h 603 Ave. B
Shiefer, Anna Miss, N/A, h 21 South
Shiefer, Anna Mrs., rents rooms, h 21 South
Shields, James, mail carrier, h 34 Dawson
Shields, Peter, attorney at law, 10 Smith Blk., h cor. Jackson and Warren
Shields, P. T., contractor and builder, 1718 N. Olive between Mason and Carson
Shields, Thomas F., attorney at law and notary public, 5 Smith Blk., b Southern Hotel
Shilling, Charles, pattern maker, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1028 Ave. D
Shiner, Bee, stockman, h 1183 N. Flores
Shiner, Charles, stockman, h 309 W. Nueva
Shiner, Emma Mrs. (wid Peter), N/A, h 228 S. Laredo
Shiner, Henry B., stockman, h 210 Garden
Shiner, Joseph E., N/A, h 315 Oakland
Shiner, Marshall K., stockman, h 619 N. Flores
Shnitzer, Nathaniel, N/A, h 517 Austin
Shoaf, George C., N/A, h 46 Marshall
Shoemaker, Charles, carp., b 357 S. Flores
Shoemaker, Gottlieb, carp., h -- N. Flores
Shoenburger, Lydia L. Miss, stenographer, Hunt & Booth, b Alamo Flats
Shoff, Calvin W., pass. condr. S. A. & A. P. Ry., b 313 Richmond Ave.
Sholtz, Annie Miss, emp., D. W. Heard, h 616 N. Flores
Sholtz, William, porter, h 307 Crockett
Shook, Frank, driver, T. E. Littlefield, h 1573 W. Houston
Shook, John R., attorney at law (Shook & Vander Hoeven), h 15 Augusta
Shook & Vander Hoeven, (John R. Shook and Thos. T. Vander Hoeven), attorneys at law, 246 W. Commerce
Shoop, Henry, (c), lab., h 1569 W. Houston
Short, J. N. Mrs., vice-prest., San Antonio Secular Society, N/A
Short, John, city slsmn., Otto Rock, h 15 Hill
Shower, Hermann, foreman, Holmgreen & Son, h 704 E. Houston
Shrimpton, William, clk., Pacific Express Co., b 236 S. Alamo
Shropshire, Livingston, physician and surgeon, cor. E. Houston and Losoya, T 29, h 216 San Pedro Ave.
Shumm, Charles, curb contractor, h 217 Burnett
Siber, John, N/A, b 418 San Pedro Ave.
Sibert, Bettie Miss, N/A, h 498 N. Flores
Sibert, Jane N. Mrs., N/A, h 1 Hidalgo
Sibert, Janet Miss, N/A, h 1 Hidalgo
Sibert, Robert J., clerk, b 307 San Pedro Ave.
Sibert, William F., pressman, Johnson Bros., h 1 Hidalgo
Sichel, Isaac, trav. slsmn., L. Frank, h 407 San Pedro Ave.
Sidel, Emma Miss, N/A, h 501 S. Concho
Siebenmann, Edward, asst. janitor second ward school, h 735 N. Flores
Siebenmann, Hermann, janitor second ward school, h 735 N. Flores
Siebenmann, Lina Miss, N/A, h 735 N. Flores
Siebenmann, William, collector, Froboese & Santleben, h 735 N. Flores
Sieckenius, Laura Miss, saleswoman, Joske Bros., h 11 De Vilbiss
Sieckenius, William G., slsmn., Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 617 Ave. D
Siedo, Annie J. Miss, N/A, h 515 W. Houston
Siedo, John, lab., h 515 W. Houston
Siedo, Mary Miss, N/A, h 515 W. Houston
Siedo, Rosa Miss, N/A, h 515 W. Houston
Siehler, Herman, baker, David Dietzel, h 22 S. Alamo
Siemering, Alma Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, h 218 Madison
Siemering, Clara Miss, saleswoman, Wolff & Marx, h 218 Madison
Siemering, Clara Mrs. (wid August), N/A, h 218 Madison
Sievers, John H., cabinet maker, h 329 Lavaca
Siflen, E. Mrs., N/A, h 23 Wyoming
Sigmund, Gustav F., job printer, 268 Market, h 202 Mission
Silliman, James, clk., L. Orynski, N/A
Silliman, W. C., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 31 Seventh
Silsbee, George B., contractor, h 42 Fourth
Silvemin, George, clerk, Max Greenberg, r 26 Military Plaza
Silver King Saloon, H. E. Tuttle, prop., N/A, cor. W. Commerce and S. Flores, T 263
Silverthorn, Oliver E., druggist, (Tips and Silverthorn), h 522 Ave. C
Simmang & Bros., (William and Charles), sanitary works (city), 606 W. Commerce, T 11
Simmang, Charles Jr., apprentice, Charles Stubenrauch, h cor. N. Walnut and Burleson
Simmang, Charles Sr., city sanitary works (Simmang & Bro.), h cor. N. Walnut and Burleson
Simmang & Dullnig, N/A, props. "My Saloon" 525 W. Commerce
Simmang, Frank, West End Lumber Co. (Gahwiler & Simmang), T 377, h Elmira between Jackson and N. Flores
Simmang, Iona Mrs. (wid M. O.), N/A, h 309 San Saba
Simmange, Johanna C. Mrs. (wid), N/A, h cor. N. Concho and Chavez
Simmang, Richard, grocery and saloon, cor Marshall and N. Flores
Simmang, William, city sanitary works, (Simmang & Bro.), h 590 S. Laredo
Simes, Lee Mrs., N/A, h 915 San Fernando
Simmons, Mollie Mrs., (c), h 10 North
Simmons, Lee, (c), carriage driver, Geo. H. Noonan, h 865 N. Laredo
Simms, Jefferson, (c), fireman, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 604 Crockett
Simms, William, N/A, h 522 Buena Vista
Simon, Adolph, carp., Pauly & Deilmann, h 215 Lafitte
Simon, Alberto, lab., h Chavez between San Jacinto and Trinity, Prospect Hill
Simon, Charles H., (c), plasterer, h 305 South
Simona, Amador, N/A, h cor. Zavalla and N. San Saba
Simpson, Ambrose, (c), h 717 Ruiz
Simpson, C. T., physician and surgeon, 1 Soledad Blk., h 27 San Pedro Ave., T 39
Simpson, Isaac P., attorney at law, (Simpson & James), h 420 Ave. C., T 422
Simpson & James, (I. P. Simpson and John A. James), attorneys at law, 256 and 258 W. Commerce, T 158
Simpson, James, secy., San Antonio Builders' Supply Co., h cor. Ave. C. and Fifth
Simpson, Mary Mrs., room to rent, h 917 Ave. D
Simpson, Maurice, N/A, b 411 S. Flores
Simpson, Villia, bkpr., Lone Star Brewery, h 420 Laurel, T 483
Simpson, William, engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1000 W. Houston
Simpson, Williard L., bkpr., h cor. Elmira and Lexington Ave.
Sims, Henry C., lab., San Antonio Foundry Co., b Fest Hotel
Sinclair, Hattie Mrs., (c), h 518 Hidalgo
Sinclair, William, porter, b Central Hotel
Sing, Lee, laundry, 364 Dolorosa
Sing, Sam, laundry, 301 Acequia
Singer, Lottie Mrs., clk., M. Beck, h 617 W. Commerce
Singer Mfg. Co., Hesse H. Booth, mgr., sewing machines, 12 W. Commerce
Singer, Rudolph, supt. Joske Bros., h -- Bowie
Singleton, Cora Miss, N/A, 11 Monterey, T 523
Singleton, Dinah Miss, (c), emp. G. Schmeltzer, b 415 Water
Singleton, Paulina H. Mrs., furnished rooms, h 11 Monterey
Sinks, Haywood, (c), property man, Old Gray Mule, r 701 W. Commerce
Sinnott, Owen Mrs., N/A, h 1 Herff
Sise, Domingo, N/A, h -- Green Ave.
Sitterle, Joseph F., emp., Berlin Iron Bridge Co., h 303 Soledad
Skalski, Joseph, lab., Alamo Iron Works, h 112 Nevada
Skillman, Henry, (c), emp., electric Light Co., h 401 Perez
Skinner, Robert L., machinist apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h--Pine, Govt. Hill
Skinner, S. L., asst. master mechanic, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Pine between Garcia and Garza
Skirls, Charles, tailor, h 8 E. Houston
Skirving, James S., carp., h cor. Rivas and N. Brazos
Skirving, Maggie Mrs., N/A, h 219 Losoya
Skues, Frederick, cook, Maverick Hotel, r same
Skwortz, Joseph Jr., real estate, h cor. Cedar and Pereida
Slack, Samuel C., painter, h cor. Buena Vista and Trinity
Slager, Marine C., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1201 W. Commerce
Slater, William, brick mason, b 357 S. Flores
Slattery, John, lab., h 321 N. Flores
Slayden & Clarkson, (Jas. L. Slayden and Wm. B. Clarkson), cotton buyers, 24 W. Nueva, T 335
Slayden, James L., cotton buyer, (Slayden & Clarkson), h 327 Martin
Slevin, Charles, B., dry goods mcht., (Slevin & McGill), h 508 Dallas
Slevin & McGill, (Charles B. Slevin & George McGill), dry goods and millinery, 202 W. Commerce cor. Navarro, T T0
Sloan, Joseph, cabinet maker, h rear 315 Fifth
Slonecki, St. V., civil engr. and architect (Salter, Slonecki & Co.), r -- E. Commerce
Small, Claud L., emp., F. Kalteyer & Son, h 233 Ave. C
Small, Frederick V., route agent daily Light, h cor. Goliad and Walnut
Small, Gustav, car inspector, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 130 Lachapelle
Small, Henry, bridge foreman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 915 Ave. D
Small, John, car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 1216 N. Hackberry
Small, Louisa Miss, N/A, h 57 North
Small, Lycurgus, exp. wagon, h Virginia between Labor and Peach
Small, Monty, car inspector, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h Virginia between Labor and Peach
Small, P. M., turner, Snodgrass & Cade, h 29 Soledad
Small, William, lab., h 20 Nogolitos
Small, William M., barber, 29 Soledad, h 233 Ave. C
Smallwood, Louis, (c), boiler maker's helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 604 Elmira
Smasal, Lena Miss, N/A, h 323 North
Smasal, Louis, brtdr., George Lehr, h 323 North
Smasal, Louis, painter, h 323 North
Smasal, Mary Miss, clk., G. A. Duerler, h 323 North
Smith, A. J., (c), saloon keeper, h 203 Chestnut
Smith, Albert, contractor, h 312 Bowie
Smith, Alice, cook, J. E. Young, h Pennsylvania Ave. between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth, West End
Smith, Alice, (c), h rear 13 N. Laredo
Smith, Alice J. C. Miss, N/A, h 1623 Zavalla
Smith, Alma Miss, N/A, h 818 N. Comal
Smith, Andrew G., hackman, h 305 N. Pecos
Smith, Anna, N/A, h 439 S. Flores
Smith, August, apprentice, Mike Lindell, h 418 Ruiz
Smith, Augustus, condr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1623 Zavalla
Smith, Barnett Mrs., Eagle Clothing Co., (B. Smith & Son), h 439 S. Flores
Smith, B. & Son, (Mrs. Barnett and Michael), clothing, 44 W. Commerce
Smith, Calvin, driver street car, b 523 E. Commerce
Smith, Carrie T. Miss, dressmaker, Mrs. Caroline Dreyfus, h 305 N. Pecos
Smith, Charles, clk., b 439 S. Flores
Smith, Charles, mgr., B. Smith & Son, h 439 S. Flores
Smith, Charles, moulder, San Antonio Foundry Co., b Aransas Pass Hotel
Smith, Charles C., real estate, (Charles P. Smith & Co.), h -- Jones Ave.
Smith, Charles H., car repairer roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 22 Fest
Smith, Charles M., stock dealer, (Smith & Redmon), 4 301 S. Flores
Smith, Charles P., real estate (Charles P. Smith & Co.), h --Jones Ave.
Smith, Charles P. & Co., (Charles P. and Charles C.), real estate, 212 E. Houston
Smith, Charles T., hackman, h 46 Vera Cruz
Smith, Christopher Rev. Father, priest, St. Mary's Catholic Church, r 2 St. Mary
Smith, Clarence V. D., candy maker, Mrs. R. B. Smith, h 216 E. Houston
Smith, C. W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1124 Cherry
Smith, Daniel P., land and livestock broker, h 527 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, David, lab., h 411 Lombrano
Smith, Dora Mrs. (wid Philip), dressmaker, h 317 N. San Marcos
Smith, Edward, (c), lab., h cor. Menchaca and W. Fifteenth
Smith, Edward G., collector, Tel. and Telephone Co., h cor. Frio and Vera Cruz
Smith, Elijah B., team owner h 411 Lambrano
Smith, Elijah T., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1124 Ave. D
Smith, Eliza Mrs., dressmaker, h 423 Ave. D
Smith, Elizabeth Mrs., N/A, h 1048 San Fernando
Smith, Ella, cook, Prof. M. N. Brown, h 404 Zavalla
Smith, Ella Miss, (c), h 219 N. San Saba
Smith, Ella Mrs., rooms to rent, h 1124 Ave. D
Smith, Emil E., butcher, Wm. Smith, h 25 Acequia
Smith, Ernst, N/A, h 40 Macon
Smith, E. T., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1124 Ave. D
Smith, E. W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 327 Ninth
Smith, Florence, (c), h rear 13 N. Laredo
Smith, Francis, mortgage loan broker (Francis Smith & Co.), r San Antonio Club
Smith, Francis & Co., (Francis Smith and H. P. Drought), mortgage loan brokers, 8 Yturri
Smith, Francis H., dairy kitchen and lunch counter (Abraham & Smith), h 322 Acequia
Smith, Frederick, hostler, Bryan's livery stable, r 216 St. Mary
Smith, Gaylor B., delivery clk., Jacob Dullnig, h 615 Morales
Smith, George W. W., policeman, h -- S. Flores
Smith, Hal, (c), coachman, L. Politzer, h 421 Nolan
Smith, Hector B., carp., h 441 S. Presa
Smith, Henry, brtdr., E. D. Webber, h 308 N. Flores
Smith, Henry, (c), lab, San Antonio Brickyard, h Lyons between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth
Smith, Henry, (c), lab city, h 76 Santos
Smith, Henry, lab., b 799 Jackson
Smith, Henry, wiper roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 1 Lover's Lane
Smith, Henry T., (c), lab., 9 Bonham
Smith, Hinton, mail carrier No. 8, h 319 Blum
Smith, Howell, N/A, b 523 E. Commerce
Smith, Ida H. Mrs., N/A, h Castro between N. Comal and N. San Marcos
Smith, Jackson, (c), porter, Washington Theatre, h 508 Zavalla
Smith, James B., N/A, h 411 Lambrano
Smith, James E., Prof., supt. public schools, h extension Ave. B
Smith, James E. K., caller, I. & G. N. dispatcher's office, h 1623 Zavalla
Smith, James F., dentist, 213 E. Houston, T 357, h 501 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, Jeremiah H., N/A, h ---Division
Smith, J. Ernst, messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., h 40 Macon
Smith, John, baggageman, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Smith, John, clk., A. T. Hensley & Son, h 1 3/4 Main Plaza
Smith, John, contractor and builder, h cor Mesquite and Dawson
Smith, John, driver, Adams House, h West End
Smith, John, lab., F. F. Collins mgr. Co., b Dalton House
Smith, John Mrs., saloon, 437 Nacogdoches
Smith, John B., (c), driver, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 219 San Saba
Smith, John H., clk., F. T. Walsh & Bro., h Lambrano nr. N. Flores
Smith, John H., driver, Walsh Bros., h 1 Beitel
Smith, John R., N/A, r 24 South
Smith, Kailup, N/A, h 1047 San Fernando
Smith, Kitty Miss, N/A, h 214 N. East
Smith, Larkin T., cashier, John Twohig's Bank, h 17 St. Mary
Smith, Laura Mrs., (c), laundress, h 315 Soledad
Smith, Lawrence D., clk., St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Smith, Leopold Jr., dry goods, h 311 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, Lillie Miss, Territory opr. S. W. Tel and Telephone Co., h cor. Frio and Vera Cruz
Smith, Lizzie, (c), cook, h 421 Nolan
Smith, Lizzie Mrs., N/A, h 819 Ave. C
Smith, Mac F., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., b Webb Hotel
Smith, Macull Miss, N/A, h 305 N. Pecos
Smith, Martha J. Mrs. (wid W. J.), dressmaker, h 219 Villita
Smith, Mary Elizabeth, N/A, h 1623 Zavalla
Smith, Max, cutter, B. Smith & Son, h 439 S. Flores
Smith, McFarlan, emp., Aransas Pass Office, b 410 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, Meyer, clk., A. Kohn, h 317 N. San Marcos
Smith, Michael, mcht. tailor (B. Smith & Son), h 439 S. Flores
Smith, Minnie Miss, N/A, h 411 Lombrano
Smith, Minnie Miss, N/A, h cor. N. Laredo and Obraje
Smith, M. J. Mrs., restaurant, 513 Austin
Smith, Morris, slsmn., M. Rhein, h 317 N. San Marcos
Smith, N. Ben, baggage checker, I. & G. N. Ry., r 819 Ave. C
Smith, Nelson, (c), cook, h 911 San Fernando
Smith, Newton M., insurance, (Smith & Son), h 316 Soledad
Smith, Nicholas, foreman, San Antonio Foundry Co., h 570 Presa
Smith, Oliver, N/A, b 1047 San Fernando
Smith, Oscar B. B., carp., r 7 Morales
Smith, Percy F., engr. I. & G. N. Ry., h 1121 W. Commerce
Smith, P. Joakim, slsmn., N. T. Custead, h 311 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, Pio C., clk., L. J. Smith, b 311 San Pedro Ave.
Smith, Rachel Miss, emp., Mrs. Bracey, b 221 St. Mary
Smith, Rebecca B. Mrs., confectioner, 216 E. Houston
Smith & Redmon, (W. L. Smith and George Redmon), live stock commission, 301 S. Flores, T 303
Smith, Reuben, slsmn., Smith & Son, h 439 S. Flores
Smith, Robert, baker, h 310 Starr
Smith, Robert, (c), emp., C. G. Boelhowe, h 219 Zavalla
Smith, Robert H., frt. condr., h 249 Austin
Smith, Roland R., carp., b 129 Lachapelle
Smith, Rufus O., slsmn., Wilson & Rote, r 316 Soledad
Smith, Sadie Mrs., N/A, h W. Houston, between N. Laredo and N. East
Smith, Samuel, notions, 14 E. Houston
Smith, Sarah M. Miss, (c), teacher Santa Clara public school, h 219 N. San Saba
Smith, Sarah B. Mrs. (wid Sam S.), N/A, h 303 N. Laredo
Smtih, Stella Miss, N/A, h 1047 San Fernando
Smith & Stone, (Newton M. Smith & James Stone), fire and marine insurance, 273 W. Commerce, T 275
Smith, Susan Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 423 Lavaca
Smith, Temperance Mrs. (wid), N/A, h 523 E. Commerce
Smith, Thaddeus W., county clerk, office court house, T 103, h 409 N. Flores
Smith, Thomas, hackman, h 403 N. San Saba
Smith, Thomas, helper round house, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 403 E. Houston
Smith, Thomas, lab., h 423 Ave. D
Smith, Thomas M., hackdriver, A. G. Smith, h 305 N. Pecos
Smith, Thomas R., mechanic, h 129 Lachapelle
Smith, Virginia B., dressmaker, h 615 Morales
Smith, Walter A., painter, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1124 Cherry
Smith, W. H., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
Smith, Wiley G., carp., b -- S. Flores
Smith, William, hackman, M. F. Kehoe, h Carr Hill
Smith, William, laundryman, Troy Steam Laundry, h 50 Santos
Smith, William, prop., City Meat Market, h 25 Acequia
Smith, William, real estate, h 317 Oakland
Smith, William H., (c), stone mason, h 219 Zavalla
Smith, William L., live stock commission (Smith & Redmon), h 901 S. Frio
Smith, William S., attorney at law, (Devine and Smith), h 520 S. Flores
Smye, Mary Mrs., N/A, h 63 North
Snell, Victor J., brtdr., William G. Snell, r 419 S. Flores
Snell, William G., prop., Geo. Horner Saloon, 268 W. Commerce, r 419 S. Flores
Snelling, James, driver hack No. 69, stand Main Plaza
Snider, Laura Mrs., N/A, h 899 S. Flores
Sniffin, C. C., major, pay dept. U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Snilling, Tomas, carp., h 18 El Paso
Snisher, Antonio Mrs., N/A, h 513 Monterey
Snodgrass & Cade, (T. E. Snodgrass & W. H. Cade), props., Excelsior Planing Mill 22-26 Ave. C, T 274
Snodgrass, Tilghman E., Mechanics' Planing Mills (Snodgrass & Cade), h 598 S. Presa
Snodgrass, W. C., slsmn., W. K. Beretta & Co., h 305 Martin
Snook, David L., barber, (Ewald & Snook), h cor. Mason and Frank
Snow, Samuel E., carp., h cor. Burnett and Logan, Woodlawn Addition
Snowden, Mattie Miss, N/A, h 823 N. Comal
Snurper, Otto, baker, Philip H. Langsdorf, h 1302 W. Commerce
Snyder, Frederick, moulder, San Antonio Foundry Co., b Fest Hotel
Sobieski, Adolph J., carp., h 210 Indianola
Sohl, Frederick, cabinet maker, 191 Sherman
Sohl, William J., pressman, Daily Light, h 1111 Mesquite
Solar, Meliton, barber, E. Yzaguire, 205 S. Flores
Solass, John, N/A, h 13 Austin
Solcher, Emily Mrs. (wid Henry), baker, h 417 Austin
Solcher, Fannie Miss, saleswoman, Wm. L. Richter, h 417 Austin
Solcher, H., N/A, h 218 Ave. B
Solcher, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 417 Austin
Solcher, William J., driver, Crystal Ice Co., h 4 Milam
Solice, Anasette, lab., h 15 N. Laredo
Solice, Aniceto, shoemaker, S. B. Mitchell, h 15 N. Laredo
Solms, Mary L. Miss, dressmaker, Miss Mary Klockenkemper, h 309 N. Leona
Solms, Otto, dairyman and bkpr., h 203 S. San Saba
Soltner, George, teamster, h 107 Smith
Soltner, Louisa Miss, cook, Joseph Mechler, h 107 Smith
Soltner, Rosa Miss, nurse, h 107 Smith
Somd, Robert, pantryman, Southern Hotel, b same
Sommers, Arthur, bkpr., Goldfrank, Frank & Co., h 325 Soledad
Sommers, Francis, concert garden and saloon, 306 Tenth
Sommers, Frank, clk., Elmendorf & Co., h 310 Tenth
Sommers, James, fireman, San Antonio Brickyard, b Trinity between Hidalgo and Perez
Sommers, William, pound master, h 201 Zavalla
Sommerville, Alexander, N/A, h 337 Soledad
Sommerville, Richard H., physician and surgeon, 1 Soledad Block, h 206 Dallas, T 70
Sonnen, Adolph, lab., I. & G. N. Roundhouse, b 6 S. Salado
Sonnen, Albert, meat market, cor. San Pedro Ave. and Macon
Sonnen, Sabina Mrs. dressmaker, h 6 S. Salado
Sonnen, Otto, N/A, h Castro between N. San Marcos and N. Colorado
Sonnen, William, N/A, h cor. Nolan and Hackberry
Sookins, Gabriel, (c), emp., Govt. Hill
Sookins, Samuel H., (c), driver, F. T. Walsh & Bro., h 204 S. Center
Sorgenfrei, Herman, wheelwright, Peter Schiffers, h 11 Austin
Sornberry, B. B., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 917 Ave. D
Sosa, Vincente Jr., slsmn., Solomon Deutsch & Co., r 332 Soledad
Sotelo, Pabalo, N/A, h 1 S. East
Soto, Leocadio, porter, Ed. Kotula, h 56 Sanchez
Southall, John W., (c), porter, train master's office, I. & G. N. Ry., h 708 S. Leona
Southern Hotel, W. E. Jones & Co., props., S. W. Barret, day clerk, Cecil Hardy, night clerk, N/A, cor. Main Plaza, Dolorosa and Military Plaza
Southern Hotel Bar, W. E. Jones, prop., N/A, 27 Main Plaza, T 192
Southern Ice and Cold Storage Co., Chas. A. Zelker, mgr., N/A, foot of King William
Southern Pacific Hotel, A. E. St. Claire, prop., N/A, 327 Austin
Southern Pacific R. R. Co., George F. Lupton, ticket agent, N/A, 209 Alamo Plaza
Southern Tailor (The), D. Quasso, N/A, 221 W. Commerce
Southern Watch and Jewelry Co., Leonard Howlett, Mgr., N/A, 22 and 23 Kampmann Bldg.
Southwestern Telephone and Telegraph Co., W. Milburn, mgr., N/A, 231 E. Houston
Sowerby, Frank W., city mgr., Singer Mfg. Co., h 332 Soledad
Spaedy, Elizabeth Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h 558 Garden
Spaeth, Ferdinand, chief engr., San Antonio Brewing Association, h 1030 River Ave.
Spahn, Elizabeth Miss, N/A, b 230 E. Commerce
Spahn, Jacob, stockman, h -- Conception Road
Spahn, John, driver, Alamo Brewing Association, N/A
Spahn, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 230 E. Commerce
Spahn, Louis, grocer and baker, 230 E. Commerce
Spangler, George W., engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 1024 Hidalgo
Spangler, Henry, blacksmith, h 741 N. Flores
Spangler, Susan N. Mrs., N/A, h cor. Zavalla and N. Presa
Sparks, Elizabeth Mrs., N/A, h 200 W. Sixteenth, West End
Sparks, George, lab, h 505 W. Houston
Sparks, Isaac, (c), stoker, San Antonio Gas Works, r Gas Works
Spaulding, L., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 312 Grand Ave.
Spear, Walter E., asst. cashier for receivers, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 625 S. Flores
Specht, Rudolph, clk., R. J. Hotheinz, h 214 Narp
Speer, Adolph, painter, h 313 Crockett
Speer, James H., N/A, h 313 Crockett
Speer, W. Arthur, painter, h 525 Lexington Ave.
Speiler, N/A, peddler, h 25 South
Speilhagen, Gus, clk., Wagner & Chabot, b 324 Garden
Speirs, Wilhelm, saloon, b -- Pereida
Speiser, C., butcher, Christian Speiser, r 207 Narp
Speiser, Christian, meat market, -- E. Commerce, T 515, h 21 Mill
Spellessy, Thomas J., S. A. & A. P. drug store, b 641 S. Flores
Spellman, John W., foreman, Texas Steam Laundry, h 29 Center
Spence, Alvin A., tailor, H. Fahlbusch & Co., h 209 El Paso
Spence, James Jr., engr., Western Wood Yard, r Morales between Comal and N. San Marcos
Spencer, Adah Mrs., N/A, h 710 Live Oak
Spencer, Andrew, (c), lab., h 208 N. Cherry
Spencer, George, (c), emp., Water Works Co., h 205 Matamoras
Spencer, George, emp., San Pedro Park, r same
Spencer, Maria, (c), h 207 N. Cherry
Sperling, Jacob, watchmaker, Michael Loan Co., h 428 Cameron
Sperring, Wallace, laundryman, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 9904 Buena Vista
Spicer, Cora Mrs., (c), h 447 N. Flores
Spieler, Felicia Mrs. junk dealer, h 283 S. Laredo
Spieler, Hermann, optician, 326 Military Plaza, h South between Alamo and Water
Spielhagen, Gustav R., head clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 324 Garden
Spiers, Artemus, N/A, h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Augustus, watchman arsenal, h -- Pereida
Spiers, Dovey A. Miss, N/A, h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Doyle, lab., h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Henry T., lab., h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Ira, N/A, h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Lavonia Miss, N/A, h 417 Lombrano
Spiers, Marcellus, lab., h 417 Lombrano
Spill, Joseph, brtdr., August Rehberg, h 279 S. Alamo
Spindle, Samuel E., messenger, I. & G. N. Ry. frt. dept., h 1119 W. Commerce
Spintig, William, musician and wirer, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 215 Oak
Sprague, Frank J., prop., San Antonio Broom Factory, h 1155 Perez
Sprague, J. E., emp., Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Sprigall, William E., civil engr., h 131 Warren
Spring, John V., physician and surgeon (Spring & Terrell), b 804 San Pedro Ave.
Spring & Terrell, (Dr. J. V. Spring & Frederick Terrell, M. D.), occulist and aurists, 277 W. Commerce
Springall, W., clk., Bradstreet's Merchantile Agency, h 131 Warren
Springer, Henry, policeman, h 571 S. Laredo
Spruill, Andrew J., prop., Dalton House, 1104 W. Houston
Spruill, Lula B. Miss, N/A, h 1104 W. Houston
Spruill, Rosa Miss, N/A, h 1104 W. Houston
Spruill, Walton, N/A, h 1104 W. Houston
Spurrier, George L., blacksmith and wheelwright, h 410 Fifth
Staacke, August E., wagons and carriages (Staacke Bros.), h 357 Soledad
Staacke, August F., retired mcht., h 357 Soledad
Staacke Bros., (Aug. E., Herman G., and Rudolph W.), wagons and carriages, 37 to 39 W. Commerce, T 166
Staacke, Herman G., wagons and carriages (Staacke Bros.), h 357 Soledad
Staacke, Rudolph W., wagons and carriages (Staacke Bros.), h 357 Soledad
Staats Zeitung, Jos. Kurs, publisher, N/A, 12 Crockett
Stabner, Frank, emp., Lone Star Brewery, h 401 Seventh
Staege, Gustave, compositor, Texas Staats Zeitung, h 12 Soledad
Staffel, Eugene, clk., San Antonio Brewing Association, h318 S. Presa
Staffel, Ferdinand, stenographer, Caie & Ryan, h 25 Jackson
Staffel, Otto, attorney at law, 256 W. Commerce, h 220 Arceniega
Stafford, Christopher P. Jr., prop., Texas Stockman and Farmer, r cor. Dwyer Ave. and Main Plaza
Stafford, Mattie Miss, N/A, h 1210 S. Medina
Stafford, William S., N/A, h 1210 S. Medina
Stagg, Thomas h., secy. and treas., Troy Steam Laundry, N/A
Stagner, Joseph W., cook, Elite Restaurant, h 301 Main Plaza
Standard Warehouse Co. (The), W. C. Robards, prest., J. E. Cawthon, mgr., N/A, 24 W. Nueva, T 335
Stanfield, Richard L., county sup. public instruction, h 418 W. Houston
Stanford, Edward T., Traders' Stock Yards (Russ, Stanford & Williams), h Fredericksburg Road
Stangle, Bert, machinist's asst., G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shops, h 624 Austin
Stanislaus, Pfaendla, brtdr., Two Brothers Saloon, h 514 Matagorda
Stanley, David S., Brig. Genl., U. S. A., commanding Dept. of Texas, h Govt. Hill, T 156
Stanley, Lula Miss N/A, b 215 S. East
Stanton, W. G., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 318 Austin
Stapp, Achilles P. Jr., carp., h 1621 Zavalla
Stapp, Achilles P. Sr., carp, h 1621 Zavalla
Stapp, B. C., carp., h cor. Plum and Iowa
Stapp, Edward M. Jr., clk., claim dept., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 716 Nolan
Stapp, Darwin M., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 323 Navarro
Stapp, Edward M. Sr., commercial agent, h 716 Nolan
Stapp, Elijah A., condr., h 1621 Zavalla
Stapp, John, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 1028 Ave. D
Stapp, William L., carp., h 456 Camaron
Stapp, Lula G. Miss, N/A, h 1621 Zavalla
Stappenbeck, Charles, carp., h 1533 W. Houston
Stappenbeck, Herman, carp., h 1533 W. Houston
Stappenbeck, John, deputy county clk., Bexar county, h 905 N. San Marcos
Stappenbeck, Mary L. Mrs. (wid Charles), N/A, h 232 Blum
Star Livery, Feed, and Sale Stables, Robinson & Evans, props., N/A, 9 and 11 W. Houston
Star Restaurant, Mrs. Rosa Drummer, Proprs., N/A, nr. W. Commerce
Stark, George, carp., h 1008 S. Laredo
Stark, George, N/A, h -- Rehmann
Stark, John, butcher, Lyford, Tuffly & Co., h Raymon nr. San Pedro Creek
Stark, John F. , butcher, h -- Rehmann
Starkey, August, butcher, L. Walter, h -- S. Laredo
Starks, Ida Miss, N/A, h 297 S. Laredo
Starling, Frank, messenger, Wells Fargo Exp. Co., r cor. Ave. E and Third
Starnes, Greene J., physician and surgeon, h 231 Blum
Staten, David W., liquors and tobacco, h 815 Ave. C
Staten, D. W. Mrs., proprs., Ozark Hotel, 421 Austin and Green Front Restaurant, 3 N. Flores, N/A
Staudt, Edward, messenger, F. I. Meyer, h 38 North
Staudt, George, N/A, h 307 Austin
Staudt, Gustav, brtdr., John Guhmann, h 307 Austin
Staudt, Peter J., N/A, h 406 Sixth
Stauetz, Howard, clk., h 38 North
St. Clair, Georgie Miss, N/A, h 314 N. San Saba
St. Claire, Alphonse E., prop., Southern Pacific Hotel, 327 Austin
St. Claire, Hattie J. Mrs., N/A, h 518 Hidalgo
St. John, William, prop., San Antonio and Aransas pass Hotel, nr. S. A. & A. P. pass. depot, h same
St. Joseph's School and Orphan Asylum, Sister Madeline, superioress, N/A, cor. Camaron and W. Commerce, T 278
St. Leonard Hotel, P. P. Lounsberry, prop., N/A, 214 Main Plaza, T 282
St. Louis Arkansas and Texas Ry., (Cotton Belt Route), N/A, N/A
St. Mary's Church Monthly Journal, Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate, publishers, N/A, cor. College and St. Mary
St. Mary's College, Rev. Father Francis Feith, Director, N/A, 6 College
St. Mary's Hall, Rev. J. G. Mulholland, Principal, French and English boarding school for young ladies, 225 Martin
St. Peter Claver School, Mrs. J. B. Murphy, Principal, Catholic free school for colored children, 701 Nolan
St. Pierre, Rev. Mother, Community of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in charge of Santa Rosa Hospital, N/A
Steagall, Asbury H., N/A, h 221 Ave. C
Steddick, Frank, confectioner, G. A. Duerler, h 423 Water
Steddick, Ina Miss, N/A, h 423 Water
Steddick, Theresa Miss, N/A, h 423 Water
Stedman, Benjamin P., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., McAllister Block, S. Alamo
Steed, William, dispatcher, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 21 Fifth
Steele, Harvey, chief clk., S. A. & A. P. frt. depot., h 461 Soledad
Steele, Harvey Lee., bkpr., L. Wolfson, r 221 Ave. C
Steele, J. C., N/A, r 221 Ave. C
Steele, Rosa Mrs. (wid David), N/A, r 308 S. Concho
Steeneken, Diedrich, clk., Mahncke Hotel, b same
Steffen, Frank, N/A, h 233 Oak
Steffian, Refugio Mrs. (wid Peter), N/A, h 208 Garden
Stegall, Jennie Miss, (c), h 414 Dolorosa
Stein, Annie Mrs. (wid Frank), N/A, h 226 E. Nueba
Stein, Frank, Fisherman, h 430 S. Presa
Stein, Henry A., N/A, h 315 Austin
Stein, Hilmer R., examiner, L. Wolfson, h 226 E. Nueva
Stein, I. A., bkpr., International Fair Association, b 272 E. Commerce
Stein, Joseph, baker, b 430 S. Presa
Stein, Joseph, waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Stein, Justine V., N/A, h 438 Acequia
Stein, P., druggist, Mission Drug Store, S. Alamo nr. Mission Garden, T 424
Stein, Victor, clk., C. Villemain & Bro., h 438 Acequia
Steinbach, Frederick, brtdr., San Pedro Springs Saloon, h 222 Martinez
Steinbach, Eliza Mrs., N/A, h 222 Martinez
Steine, H., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 315 Austin
Steiner, Abraham, slsmn., H. Morris & Bro., h 212 Goliad
Steiner, Adolph, mcht., H. Morris & Bro., b 212 Goliad
Steiner, Eliza Mrs., (c), h 614 N. San Saba
Steiner, Fritz, livery stable and hack line, 28 Ave. D, T 306, h 223 Crockett
Steiner, Henry, (c), emp., San Antonio Gas Co., h 614 N. San Saba
Steiner, William, brtdr., Turf Saloon, r 445 N. Flores
Steinert, Charles, apprentice, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 302 Sherman
Steinfeldt, John M., music teacher, r 1 Travis
Steinhardt, Julius, trav. slsmn., J. Oppenheimer & Co., b 315 Ave. D
Steinhardt, Otto, cashier, D. & A. Oppenheimer, h 12 Crockett
Steinhart, S. N., trav. slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank & Co., h 2 Garden
Steinmann, William Rev., pastor German Lutheran Mission, h 215 Fourth
Steinmetz, William, janitor German English School, h Alamo between E. Nueva and Arceniego
Steinruck, Alexander, baker, J. A. Bryant & Son, b 215 Blum
Steinwitz, Annie Mrs. cook, S. D. Scudder, h cor. Bandera and San Antonio Aves. West End
Steinwitz, William, hostler, S. D. Scudder, h cor. Bandera and San Antonio Aves., West End
Stell, William H., (c), lab., h 611 Main Ave.
Stellborn, Jackson M., lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry. roundhouse, h 615 Goliad
Stendelbach, Anton, N/A, b 236 Water
Stendebach, Eliza Mrs. (wid Joseph), N/A, h cor. Plum and Wyoming
Stendebach, Ida Miss, clk., Joske Bros., h cor. Plum and Wyoming
Stendebach, Joseph, lithographer's apprentice, Maverick Printing House, h cor. Plum and Wyoming
Stenzel, Oswald O., pattenmaker, Alamo Iron Works, h 410 Olive
Stephan, Otto, porter, Geo. Koerner, N/A
Stephen, James M., hostler, Robinson and Evans, r 9 W. Houston
Stephen, George, lab., h cor. Robertson and W. Fifteenth
Stephenson, Bonaparte, abstracts and real estate (B. Stephenson & Son), h 648 N. Flores
Stephenson, B. & Son, (Bonaparte & Eugene), real estate and abstracts of title, 10 Soledad
Stephenson, Eugene E., abstracts and real estate (B. Stephenson & Son), h 648 N. Flores
Stephenson, Frederick, driver, J. A. Bryant & Son, b 215 Blum
Stephenson, James, N/A, h 314 Crockett
Stephenson, Maria Mrs., dressmaker, h 314 Crockett
Stephenson, Moses B., stockman, r 228 Dwyer Ave.
Sterling, William H., N/A, h Bandera Ave. between Sixteenth and San Antonio Ave., West End
Stern, Samuel, slsmn, Joske Bros., h 28 S. Presa
Steubing, Charles F., saddler, Theodore Steubing, h 223 South
Steubing, Henry T., teamster, h 1010 Camaron
Steubing, Theodore, saddler, h 49 Goliad
Stevano, Louis, laundryman, h 13 Monterey
Stevens, Adelle Miss, N/A, h 26 Rusk
Stevens, Amon R., real estate agent, 212 Main Plaza, h 311 Sixth
Stevens, Andrew T., city inspector weights and measures, h -- Ave. B
Stevens, Charles F., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1904 Pine
Stevens, Ella Miss, N/A, h 314 N. East
Stevens, E. O. Mrs., N/A, h 4 Lafitte
Stevens, James, brkpr., bank Exchange Saloon, h -- Burnet
Stevens, James, (c), night watchman, Mrs. T. C. Claiborne, h 313 Bowie
Stevens, Jesse, (c), stone mason, h 432 Dawson
Stevens, John, boarding house, cor. Ave. E and Third
Stevens, John A., apprentice, Snodgrass and Cade, h 222 Burnett
Stevens, John J., notary public, h 313 Martin, T 340
Stevens, M., brtdr., Mike McDermott, h 222 Burnet
Stevens, Oliver, call boy, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 26 Rusk
Stevens, Rose A. Mrs., dressmaker, h 213 E. Houston
Stevens, R. R., 2nd Lieutenant Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill,
Stevens, Thomas E., brtdr., Bank Exchange Saloon, h cor. Ave. E and Third
Stevens, Thomas S., teamster, h W. Sixteenth between Granado and Kentucky Ave, West End
Stevens, Vick Mrs., N/A, h 319 East
Stevenson & Beard, (F. W. Stevenson and Geo. S. Beard), real estate, 302 E. Houston, T 276
Stevenson, Frank W., real estate, (Stevenson & Beard), h 144 Marshall
Stevenson, James D., attorney at law, 50 and 51 Kampmann Bldg., h 604 Ave. C
Stevenson, N. E., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Sherman and Mesquite
Stevenson, Philippa G., N/A, h 604 Ave. C
Stevenson, William H., painter, h 37 Sabine
Steves, Albert, Calcasieu Lumber Yards, (Ed Steves & Sons), h 504 King William, T 387
Steves, Ed & Sons, (Albert and Ernest), props, Calcasieu Lumber Yards, cor. E. Commerce and S. Walnut, T 205 and 931 Buena Vista, T 167
Steves, Ernest, Calcasieu Lumber Yards, (Ed. Steves & Sons), h 509 King William
Steves, James, N/A, h 220 Burnet
Stewart, Enos R., slsmn., J. W. Crate & Co., b Maverick Hotel
Stewart, Harvey L., brakeman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 214 S. San Marcos
Stewart, James, clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 14 S. Alamo
Stewart, James, stock dealer, h cor. Lopez and N. Brazos
Stewart, James W., bkpr., F. T. Johnson & Co., r cor. Dwyer Ave. and Main Plaza
Stewart, Mattie, dressmaker, h 301 El Paso
Stewart, Thomas, bus driver, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Stieren, C. A., real estate, h 407 E. Houston, H 484 S. Alamo
Stieren, Hedwig Mrs., N/A, h 484 S. Alamo
Stiffel, Haiene, N/A, h 220 Arcienega
Stillwaugh, John, driver, Turner Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1, r 15 Ave. C
Stinchcomb, William A., mgr. and secy., The Times h 2205 W. Houston, Prospect Hill
Stild, Joseph, peddler, h 10 N. Medina
Stocking, Austin L., stockman, h 408 San Pedro Ave.
Stokes, Everett, contractor, h 227 Eighth
Stokes, Lawrence, driver, Froboese & Santleben, N/A
Stolle, Adolph, driver, Otto Ewart, h 221 Morales
Stone, Frederick, boots and shoes, h 627 E. Houston
Stone, Frederick W., dealer in leather (Stone & Stone), h 268 Market
Stone, H., clk., R. R. Supply Co., h 1227 Olive
Stone, Harry H., dealer in leather (Stone & Stone), h 268 Market
Stone, Henry, fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1600 W. Commerce
Stone, Henry, porter, Progress Saloon, h 610 W. Commerce
Stone, James, insurance (Smith & Smith), h 228 Dwyer Ave.
Stone, Lizzie, emp., Ung Wah's Restaurant, h 401 N. Flores
Stone, Richard, N/A, h 421 Perez
Stone & Stone, (Fred W. & Harry M.), leather and findings, 268 Market
Stone, William, (c), cook, Eagle Chop House, h 324 N. Frio
Stookey, James M., carp., h 812 Nolan
Storbeck, Caroline Mrs., rooms to rent, h 228 Blum
Storbeck, Robert, clk., h Rivas between N. Comal and N. Laredo
Storbeck, Robert, music teacher, h 228 Blum
Storck, Herman, N/A, h 319 N. Laredo
Stores, William, (c), lab., h 824 N. Frio
Storey, Bettie Mrs., (c), h 619 S. Leona
Stork, Adolphus, printer, Volks Zeitung, b -- Beauregard
Storms, Arthur, slsmn., Nic Tengg, h Refugio between Matagorda and Indianola
Storms, Gerard, apprentice Ramsay and Ford, h 314 Lavaca
Story, Henry, carp., h 10 S. Frio
Story, William H., bkpr., W. R. Story stable, b 624 Augusta
Story, William R., livery and sale stable, 15 Acequia, T 216, h 624 Augusta
Stoudt, Minnie Miss, nurse, San Antonio and Aransas Pass Hotel, b same
Stoudt, Philip J., coppersmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 604 Sixth
Stough, Charles A., coach painter roundhouse, S. A. &. A. P. Ry., b 6 Simpson
Stout, Augustus, brtdr., John Guhman, b -- Austin
Stout, Jacob, tinner roundhouse, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 406 Sixth
Stout, J. F., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1121 Ave D.
Stout, J. H., N/A, h 323 Pecan
Stout & Kenney, (W. H. Stout and J. W. Kenney), emigration and real estate exchange, ground floor Kampmann Bldg.
Stout, William H., real estate (Stout & Kenny), h Pleasanton Road
Stovall, Claborn, lab., Crystal Ice and Mfg. Co., h 203 Matamoras
Stovall, Eugene, lab., h 314 Live Oak
Stowe, James, tinner, h 216 N. Flores
Stowe, Mary, chambermaid, San Antonio House, h 1306 W. Commerce
Stoe, W. H., plasterer, h Virginia
Stowers Piano and Furniture Co., N/A, dealers in musical instruments and furniture, h 233 W. Commerce
Stradley, Harry, carp., b 997 N. San Marcos
Strahorn, Richard, clk., Silver King, N/A
Strassburger, Carl, carp., h 25 South
Straus, Jacob A., mgr., L. Frank, h 407 San Pedro Ave.
Strauss, Isadore, bkpr., A. Cohen & Co., h 329 San Pedro Ave.
Straw, Blanch Miss N/A, h 819 Perez
Straw, Hattie Miss, N/A, h 819 Perez
Straw, John B., frt. condr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 819 Perez
Strawn, Jno. M., emp., Pacific Express Co., h 408 San Pedro Ave.
Strayhorn, Richard, N/A, h rear 17 Kingsbury
Street, Parke W., paper hanger, h 315 Richmond
Streitz, John, carp., h 704 E. Houston
Stremmel, Oswald, emp., San Antonio Foundry, b 12 Turner
Stribling, Benjamin A., abstractor, Hildebrand & Stribling, h 5 Pecan
Stribling, Benjamin E., N/A, b Laurel Heights, French Place
Stribling, Elinor Mrs., N/A, h Laurel Heights, French Place T 346
Stricker & Froelich, (Julius Stricker, Henry Froelich), Plating Works, 209 St. Mary
Stricker, Jacob, slsmn., John Stricker, h Camden and Main Ave.
Stricker, J. H., saloon, 480 Acequia, h 423 Lombrano
Stricker, John J., grocer, cor. Camden and Main Ave., T 441
Stricker, Julius, plater, (Stricker & Froelich), h 2 Kingsbury
Strickland, William L., carp., H 518 S. Pecos
Strine, John J., clk., b 454 Acequia
Strobant, Peter, boiler mkr. helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 329 Ninth
Stroebel, Ida Mrs., cook, J. T. Fitzsimon, h 505 Hidalgo
Stroehmeyer, Rudolph, plumber and gasfitter, Morgan & Co., h 207 Martin
Strohmeyer, Emil, N/A, h 207 Martin
Strohmeyer, Harriet Miss, milliner, Joske Bros., h 207 Martin
Strosser, Robert, blacksmith apprentice, Henry Spangler, b 741 N. Flores
Stroud, Jennie R. Mrs., N/A, h 204 Diaz
Stroud, Selina C. Miss, N/A, r 221 Ave. C
Struve, Marcus, N/A, h 654 N. Flores
Struve, Mary Miss, N/A, h 654 N. Flores
Stuart, Jas. K., real estate and abstracts, h 233 Soledad
Stubbs, Francis M., N/A, h 501 S. Flores
Stubenrauch, Charles, engraver and die sinker, 317 E. Houston, h 38 South
Stucke, Charles, gen'l store, h 301 E. Commerce
Stucke, Henry, dry goods, groceries, hardware, cor South and Newton
Stucke, Ida Miss, N/A, h 301 E. Commerce
Studebaker, Andrew J., barber, J. C. Studebaker, h 311 Monterey
Studebaker, John C., barber shop, 230 Dolorosa, h 311 Monterey
Studer, Benedict, shoemaker, 104 Crockett h 402 Crockett
Studer, Rudolph, blacksmith h 319 Live Oak
Stuebben, Christian A. Jr., clk., Christian Stuebben Sr., h 706 Live Oak
Stuebben, Christian A. Sr., furniture dealer, 24 Ave D., h 706 Live Oak
Stuebner, August, music teacher, h 24 North
Stuetz, Gottlieb, N/A, h 14 Jefferson
Stumberg, Dora E. Mrs., N/A, h 350 S. Flores
Stumberg, George R., genl. mdse. (Geo. R. Stumberg & Co.), n h 409 Romana
Stumberg, H. H. Mrs., N/A, h 409 Acequia
Stumberg, George R. & Co., (Geo. R. Stumberg and Frank W. McAllister), genl. mdse., 310 to 316 S. Flores, T 281
Stumberg, Louisa Mrs. N/A, h 621 Main Ave.
Sturdevant, Lellia, boarding house, 301 Ave. C
Sturm, Peter, harnessmaker, Chas. J. Langholz, h 337 Acequia
Stutesman, Cornelius, carp., h 128 Lachapelle
Stutz, Gottlieb, prop., City Steam Laundry, h 14 Jefferson
Suaste, Florentino, emp., Ed. Steves & Son, h -- S. Laredo
Subira, Juan A., prop. grocery and saloon, 420 Dolorosa, h 210 S. East
Suchy, Franz, groceries and saloon, 500 S. Presa
Suddarth, Howard, waiter, Maverick Hotel, h same
Sudhoff, John F., ruler, Maverick Printing House, h 517 Ave. B
Suhr, George, Sunset Garden, h 328 Austin
Sullivan, Andrew M., waiter, Elite Restaurant, h 508 N. Flores
Sullivan, Belle Miss, N/A, b 503 S. San Saba
Sullivan, Daniel, banker, (D. Sullivan & Co.), h 404 Ave. C
Sullivan, D. & Co., (Daniel and William C. Sullivan), bankers, 251 W. Commerce, T 265
Sullivan, E. A. Miss, N/A, h 404 Ave. C
Sullivan, Eliza Mrs. (wid Thomas), emp., Miss Kate Twohig, h 1 St. Mary
Sullivan, George R., boots and shoes, 245 W. Commerce, T 325, h 41 Macon
Sullivan, James, engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Sherman and N. Cherry
Sullivan, James O., real estate agent, 407 E. Houston, r 26 Main Plaza
Sullivan, J. D., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Sherman and N. Cherry
Sullivan, John, N/A, h 404 Ave. C
Sullivan, M. E. Miss, N/A, h 404 Ave. C
Sullivan, Riley, (c), driver, Froboese & Santelben, N/A
Sullivan, Thomas J., slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, b 207 S. Alamo
Sullivan, William, waiter, Commercial House, h 508 N. Frio
Sullivan, William C., banker (D. Sullivan & Co.), h 404 Ave. C
Sultenfuess, L. J., driver, Ronse & Wahlstub, h 346 Camarago
Summerhayes, J. W., Captain, quartermaster's dept., U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Summerlin, Robert L., attorney at law (Summerlin, Wise, and Haltom), h 409 S. Flores
Summerlin, Wise, & Haltom, (Robert L. Summerlin, Frank J. Wise, and Edmond Haltom), attorneys at law, 226 W. Commerce
Summerville, John, (c), porter, S. A. & A. P. frt. depot, h 221 Dawson
Sumpf, Rudolph, N/A, h cor. S. Sabina and Buena Vista
Sunagar, Louisa, N/A, h 1704 W. Commerce
Sunset Brick and Tile Co., H. L. Degener, prest., N/A, cor. Dawson and Chestnut, T 319
Sunset Concert Garden, Geo. Suhr, prop., N/A, 328 Austin
Sunset Drug Store, Jno. U. Bodenmann, prop., N/A, 533 Austin, T 52
Sunset Hose Co., John Welles, foreman, N/A, Milam between Austin and Oak, T 37
Sunset Livery Stables, Wm. Harlam, prop., N/A, back of Jonas' Garden, T 244
Sunset Private School, N/A, N/A, 10 Burleson
Sunset Route, (S. A. & A. P. Ry., and Southern Pacific Co.), J. McMillan, commercial agent, Geo. F. Lupton, Ticket agent, N/A, office 209, Alamo Plaza, T58
Sunset Saloon, M. McDermott, prop., N/A, 521 Austin
Sunset Stock Yards, Wm. Bell, prop., N/A, near Sunset Depot, T 7165
Sunset Wood Co., Lum & Fry, props., wood yards, cor. Lamar and Walnut, T 81
Surran, Edward, lab., h 318 N. Laredo
Surran, George, clk, H. Schultze, Sr., N/A
Sustaita, Alberto, sawyer, Walter Scott, r opp. round house
Sutcliffe, John, foreman, Frank Teich, r 16 Travis
Sutor, Maximilian, solicitor and collector, Freie Presse fuer Texas, h 1006 Ave. B
Sutton, Margarett Mrs., wash woman, h 1715 W. Commerce
Sutton, Samuel J., (c), principal, San Pedro Public School, b 516 Chestnut
Sutton, S. L., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., b San Antonio House
Swan, Frank, hotel waiter, h 1015 W. Commerce
Swan, Nellie Mrs., actress, Washington Theater, h 1015 W. Commerce
Swanson, George, waiter, Commerical House, h 28 Acequia
Swanson, I., groceries and saloon, 497 N. San Saba
Swart, Edwin W., civil engr., r 13 South
Swart, E. W., collection agency, (Swart & Holt), r 38 Soledad
Swart & Holt, (E. W. Swart and E. D. Holt), collection agencies, 38 Soledad, T 575
Swartz, Chas., mgr., Froboese & Santleben Transfer Dept., h 629 Chestnut
Swasey, A. J., receiving clk., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 446 Ninth
Swasey, H. A., N/A, r 446 Ninth
Sweeney, Adela Miss, N/A, r 226 Center
Sweeney, John F., compositor, G. F. Sigmund, 1 North nr. Santa Clara
Sweeney, Joseph J., N/A, h 12 Burleson
Sweeney, W. W. Mrs., N/A, h 226 Center
Sweet, Charlotte Mrs., N/A, h 303 Pecan
Sweezy, F. A., real estate, Sweezy and Newman, h cor. Gordon and King William
Sweezy and Newman, (F. A. Sweezy and W. C. Newman), real estate, 423 E. HOUSTON
Swenson, John, saloon keeper, h 204 Acequia
Swiss House, E. B. Fuqua, prop., N/A, 211 Soledad
Synington, Robert C., deputy county clerk, h 611 Nolan