1891 City Directory "V"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Vaele, Francisco, N/A, r 719 S. Pecos
Vaga, Pedro, N/A, h Zavalla between N. Frio and Medina
Vail, Charles, N/A, b 340 martin
Vail, Charles, slsmn., S. E. Gillett & Co., h 10 De Vilbiss
Vail, Theron, carriage and sign painter, h Cassiana between S. Flores and Nogalitos
Valaes, Felix, lab., h -- Yndo
Vallandingham, David, engr., I. & G. N. R. R., h nr frt depot
Valasquez, Manuela Mrs., grocer, 215 Cameron
Valderas Felipe, N/A, h Ridley between Leigh and Devine
Valdez, Abraham C., editor and proprietor, El Heraldo, h 604 San Fernando, Carr Hill
Valdez, Antonia Mrs., N/A, h 407 S. Concho
Valdez, Antonio, N/A, h 501 S. Pecos
Valdez, Beryinia Miss, N/A, h Lopez between N. San Marcos and Colorado
Valdez, Jesus, teamster, h Lopez between N. San Marcos and Colorado
Valdez, John, fruit stand, h 215 S. Frio
Valdez, Leon A., city jailor, h 314 S. Pecos
Valdez, Loques, lab., h 212 N. East
Valdez, Maria J., N/A, h Lopez between N. San Marcos and Colorado
Valdez, Mary Miss, N/A, h 516 S. Pecos
Valdez Mates, hostler, Robinson and Evans, h 429 Perez
Valdez, Oppolonia Mrs, N/A, h 20 Cevallos
Valenbin, John, harness washer, Bryan's Livery Stable, r 216 St. Mary
Valenica, Jacob D., tailor shop, h and shop 636 W. Commerce
Valencia, Raymon, teamster, h -- Yndo
Valentino, Bartola, brtdr., P. Nigra, N/A
Valenzuella, Dario, stockman, h 405 Zavalla
Valla, Ismile, lab., h 108 San Fernando
Vallareal, Blas, lab., h 244 S. Laredo
Vallego, Patricio, condr., San Antonio Street Ry., h 504 Buena Vista
Valley, Mary, (c), washing and ironing, h 31 Victoria
Valparaiso, Dominick, brick layer, r 814 S. Leona
Van Aken, James P., groceries, cor. Buena Vista and Nueces, h 418 Laurel
Van Alstine, William N., saloon, cor W. Houston and Soledad, h 403 Acequia
Vance, F. A. Mrs., N/A, h cor Travis and Navarro
Vance, Paul, yardman, Gauss and Johns, r 318 S. Flores
Vancoat, Isaac, (c), lab., h 425 Lavaca
Vander Hoeven, Elizabeth T. (wid Thos. T.), N/A, h 317 Madison
Vander Hoeven, Thomas T., attorney at law and notary public (Shook & Vander Hoeven), H 404 Fifth
Vander Straten, Adolph, floor walker, Joske Bros., h 449 S. Presa
Vander Straten, Joseph, saloon keeper, 348 E. Commerce, h 5 Santa Clara
Vander Straten, Richard, slsmn., Joske Bros., b 6 Fourth
Vander Straten, Theodore, stone mason, r 22 Wyoming
Vanderveer, Amelia N., emp., L. Wolfson, h 306 S. San Saba
Vanderveer, Charles C., carp., h 306 S. San Saba
Vandross, Jane Mrs., (c), h 609 S. Leona
Vanekner, George, brtdr., Black Elephant Saloon, r 231 S. Flores
Van Gilder, George H., condr., S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 101 Lachapelle
Van Landinghan, James, engr., I. & G. N. Ry., h 11 S. Salado
Van Riper, Charlas T., N/A, h 226 Martin
Van Riper, James E., clk., Rucker, Hartwell, & Co., h 226 Martin
Van Riper, James M., real estate, h 226 Martin
Van Riper, James T., painter, b 140 Warren
Van Riper, William H., painter and deputy U. S. Marshall, b 140 Warren
Van Siegergen, Nicholas, laundryman, Texas Steam Laundry, h 555 Beitel
Van Vleck, Edward A. pass. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
Van Wert, Mary Miss, opr. Southwest Telegraph and Telephone Co., h 12 Fannin
Vanznola, Selso, carp., b 1035 San Fernando
Varga, Alexander, agent, Lone Star Saddlery Co., h 614 N. Laredo
Varga, Benjamin J., saddler, L. Frank, h 142 Marshall
Varga, Howard, N/A, h 614 N. Laredo
Varga, Hulda Miss, N/A, h cor Granado and N. San Marcos
Varga, John, saddler, C. J. Langholz, h cor. Granado and San Marcos
Varga, Joseph, saddler and harness maker, L. Frank, h 142 Marshall
Varga, Lionel J., saddler, Lone Star Saddlery Co., h 614 N. Laredo
Varga, Ludwig, saddler, Chas. J. Langholz, h cor. Granada and N. San Marcos
Varga, Rosa Miss, N/A, h 142 Marshall
Vargas, Francisco, mfg. wax figures, h 1539 W. Houston
Vargas, Nicanor, lab, city, h 201 Matamoras
Vargas, Phippe, tailor, A. Pancoast & Son, h -- Lavaca
Varquez, Victoriano, lab., b cor. Durango and Concho
Vasmer Elizabeth H. (wid E. H.), N/A, h 603 Laurel
Vaughan, James V., carp., h 327 Hidalgo
Vaughan, Joseph W., saddler, Chas. J. Langholz, h Third nr. Ave. E
Vega, Mecardio, lab., h 1 Luna
Veith, Leopold, chief slsmn., D. & Oppenheimer, h 232 S. Presa
Veith, Moses, trav. slsmn., D. A. Oppenheimer, r 321 Goliad
Velascos, Juan, lab., h N. Colorado between Delgado and Lopez
Velasquez, Manuella Mrs., grocer, 215 Cameron
Velten, William, gardener, h -- River Ave.
Veltmann, Joseph, grocer, h 41 North, T 442
Venners, Frank, driver, H. Vogler & Co., 223 Alamo Plaza
Venthier, Charles, head cook, Southern Hotel, b same
Vera, Francisco, painter, h 559 S. Flores
Vera, Louis, restaurant, 327 E. Commerce
Vera, Maximino, tailor, B. Smith and Son, r 44 W. Commerce
Veramendi Saloon, Harry Collman, Sr. prop., N/A, 26 Soledad
Verastequi, Anastacio, lab., r 215 S. Frio
Vernor, Henry E., attorney at law, h 206 Garden
Verstefa, Leonard, lab., San Antonio Foundry Co., h -- Probandt
Veteran, Michael, cook, F. Helmholz, N/A
Vetters, Edward D., painter, Sam Black, h 305 S. San Saba
Vidal, Adolfo, jailor, county jail, b 318 N. Concho
Vidal, Eloise Miss, saleswoman, M. Vidal, h 426 S. Laredo
Vidal, Manuel, genl mdse., h 426 S. Laredo
Vigilio, Biasiolli, lab., h 702 S. Frio
Vihl, George, clk., G. A. Duerler, h 407 N. East
Villa, Diego, dishwasher, St. Leonard Hotel, r same
Vila, Jose, lab., h N. Frio between W. Houston and W. Commerce
Villanueva, James, saloon, 365 Dolorosa
Villanueva, Santiago Jr., pawnbroker, 402 Dolorosa, h 153 Park Ave.
Villanueva, Santiago Sr., prop., El Arco Azul Saloon, 345 Dolorosa, h 313 Park Ave.
Villareal, Blas, N/A, h 209 S. Laredo
Villareal, Bonafacio, lab., h 1544 W. Houston
Villareal, Fortunato, city slsmn., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h rear 324 Pine
Villareal, Jose, chief sawyer, Walter Scott, opp round house S. A. & A. P. Ry.
Villareal, Jose, driver, Froboese & Santleben, h 409 Concho
Villegas, Eugenio, waiter, Mahncke Hotel, b some
Villemain, Aloise, blacksmith, John Illg, h 18 Concho
Villemain, C. & Bro., (Edward and Celeste Villemain), genl. mds., 1102 W. Commerce
Villemain, Celeste, gent. mdse. (C. Villemain & Bro.), h 605 N. Flores
Villemain, Edward, genl. mdse. (C. Villeman & Bro.), h 5 S. Pecos
Villepigue, J. B., clk., Metropolitan Shoe Co., b 328 Nacogdoches,
Vinck, John B., bkpr., Wolf & Marxs, h 304 Lavaca
Vinck, Joseph, clk., Paul Wagner, h 304 Lavaca
Vindquest, N. N., N/A, h 29 Water
Viney, William M., physician, h 23 Victoria
Vinnedge, Edwin A., compositor, Daily Light, r 25 Rusk
Vischer, Philip H., foreman, San Antonio Brewing Association, h 400 River Ave.
Viseur, Emile, agent boarding house and saloon, h 1311 W. Commerce
Vodrie & Co., (H. F. Vodrie, A. H. Shafer and Ed. Braden Jr.), cornice works, 31 W. Commerce, T 279
Vodrie, Henry F., cornice mfr. (Vodrie & Co.), h N. Mesquite between Dawson and Nolan
Voelcker, Eliza Mrs., N/A, h Castro between N. Comal and N. San Marcos
Voelcker, Frank, live stock agent, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 811 E. Houston
Voelcker, Rudolph F., trav. man, h 230 Madison
Vogel, A., bricklayer, r 1104 W. Houston
Vogel, Ernst, machinist, Alamo Iron Works, h -- Austin
Vogel, Franics C., undertaker and livery: livery 20 - 24 Blum; undertaking, 228 E. Houston, h Crockett nr Pine
Vogel, Henry, bricklayer, h 1104 W. Houston
Voges, Ernst, slsmn., L. Wolfson, r 229 Salinas
Vogler H. & Co., (H. Vogler), trunk factory, 113 Alamo Plaza
Vogler, Herman, trunk mfr. (H. Vogler & Co.), h 220 Ave. C
Vogt, Gustav, peddler, h 31 Maverick Grove
Vogt, Max, baker, Flamm & Filbert, b 305 and 307 E. Houston
Vogt, Paul, blacksmith, F. M. Gloeckner, h 415 Crockett
Vigtlaender, Augusta Mrs. (wid Louis), N/A, h 325 Burnet
Volino, Joseph D., saloon keeper, Turf Saloon and Theater, h 216 Monterey
Volino, Mike, prop., Turf Theater and "Mike and Joe" Saloon, 216 Monterey
Volks Zeitung, J. Holten, editor and prop., N/A, Beauregard between Mill and Madison
Vollbrecht, William, business mgr., Martin and Schryver, r 228 Blum
Vollert, Arthur G., slsmn., L. Wolfson, N/A
Vollrath, Edward, compositor, Daily Times, h 334 S. Alamo
Vollrath, Fred H., blacksmith and wheelwright, h 9-5 Monterey
Vollrath, Hermann, blacksmith, Fred H. Vollrath, h 505 Monterey
Vollrath, Louis F, blacksmith, Fred H. Vollrath, h 309 Lavaca
Volmer, John, clk., b 2 49 Austin
Volmer, Louie, clk., b 249 Austin
Volpert, George, clk., C. H. Gemble, h cor. Water and Refugio
Volz, Victor E., N/A, h cor. Nebraska and Cherry
Von Armin, E. A., stockman, h 269 Garden
Vondreck, Franz, emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h cor. S. Presa and Vance
Von Koehring, H., physician and surgeon, 229 Garden, T 476
Von Walder, Joseph, lab., G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 4 Probandt
Votaw, Cynthia J. Mrs., furnished rooms, 239 Market
Votaw, Elijah, N/A, h 239 Market
Votaw, Eliza, N/A, h 339 S. Flores
Votaw, M. E. Mrs, dressmaker, r 318 Nueva
Votaw, William, stockman, h 504 Ave. B