1891 City Directory "W"

This city directory information may contain spellings of surnames that are not as we know them to be today. As we do our genealogy research, one must remember the education level of the person who gathered the information and the person who gave the information. There were also other factors to consider of these individuals. One of those factors is that they may not have been familiar with the ethnic group of which they were interviewing. The differences in languages plays a large role in the different spellings you will see.

For the best results in your search, please check all possible spellings (including phonetic spellings) of the surnames you are interested in. My last name today is known as "Lothringer." During my 20+ years of genealogy research, I have found at least 10-15 spelling variations of that surname. Some were not even close to the original.

I want to thank Myra B. and Barbara G. for all of their time and hard work in putting this together. They did it solely so you could be able to access this information via the Bexar County site.

The format you will see for each letter of the alphabet is: last name, first name, occupation and residence. If you see "(c)", this notates an African-American individual.

Wach, Frederick, boot and shoemaker, 16 N. Alamo, h cor. Olive and Wyoming
Waddell, Jane Mrs., N/A, h 626 Perez
Wade, Frank W., (c), cotton and wool sampler, Efron & Co., h 214 N. Comal
Wade, Jefferson, porter, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h -- Chestnut
Wadenpohl, Peter J., market gardener, h 312 N. Laredo
Wadenpohl, William, dairyman, h 1317 N. Comal
Wadzeck, Richard C., car repairer, S. A. & A. P. roundhouse, h 14 Comal
Waelder, Ada (wid Jacob), N/A, h 212 Jefferson
Waelder, Jacob, clk., E. B. Chandler, h 212 Jefferson
Wagenfuehr, Charles, carp., b 213 Madison
Wagenfuehr, Ferdinand, clk., F. T. Johnston & Co., h 213 Madison
Wagenfuehr, Frederick A., trav. slsmn., Ronse & Wahlstab, h 709 Ave. E
Wagenfuehr, Gustav, gardener, h 1240 S. Presa
Wagenfuehr, Henry, butcher, Frank Roden, h 1701 W. Commerce
Wagenfuehr, Henry D., expman., h 217 Madison
Wagenfuehr, Hermann, stonemason, h 213 Madison
Wagenfuehr, Katie Mrs., N/A, h 1701 W. Commerce
Wagenfuehr, Lena Miss, N/A, r 320 Goliad
Wagenfuehr, Lina Miss, N/A, r 320 Goliad
Wagenfuehr, Louisa Miss, N/A, r 320 Goliad
Wagenfuehr, Milda Miss, N/A, h 709 Ave. E
Wagner, Adolph, crockery and glassware, (Wagner & Chabot), h 118 Guenther
Wagner, Annie Mrs., boarding house, 16 N. Presa
Wagner Anton, brtdr., Frank Umschied, h 55 S. Alamo
Wagner Bros., (George and Henry), furniture mfrs., 220 E. Houston
Wagner & Chabot, (Adolph Wagner and Charles J. and Geo. A. Chabot), crockery and glassware, cor Commerce, Navarro and Crockett, T 200
Wagner, Charles H., paymaster, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h Prospect Hill, T 345
Wagner, C. Louis, agent Waters Pierce Oil Co., T 214, h cor. Buena Vista and Navidad, Prospect hill, T 556
Wagner, Elise (wid Herman), N/A, h 620 Ave. C
Wagner, Frank, clk., S. Rabe, b 423 Dallas
Wagner, Frederick F., baker, Louis Dietzel, h 6 Duval
Wagner, George, furniture mfr. (Wagner Bros.), 220 E. Houston
Wagner, Goodwin, emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h 731 Austin
Wagner, Henry, clk., district court, h 620 Ave. C
Wagner, Henry, furniture factory, (Wagner Bros.), h cor. N. San Marcos and Leal
Wagner, Henry C., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 70 Utica
Wagner, Herman H., emp., Harry C. Miller, h 423 Dallas
Wagner, J. H., N/A, h 620 Ave. C
Wagner, John, tinner, H. Schultze Sr., h 423 Dallas
Wagner, Julius, grocer, h 202 Blum
Wagner, Louis, painter, (Ullrich & Wagner), h 410 Sixth
Wagner, Otto, slsmn., Wagner & Chabot, h 118 Guenther
Wagner, Paul, clk., Paul Wagner, h 908 Nolan
Wagner, Paul, toys, notions and fancy goods, 22 to 26 W. Commerce, T 137, h 908 Nolan
Wagner, Paul J., bkpr., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 23 Madison
Wagner, Peter, lab, San Antonio Street Car Line, h 11 Narp
Wagner, Richard, slsmn., J. Wagner, h 202 Blum
Wagner, Robert A., trav. slsmn., Thos. Goggan & Bro., h 234 Goliad
Wagner, Sigmund, slsmn., J. Wagner, h 202 Blum
Wagner, William, turner, Wagner Bros., h 220 Presa
Wagner, William G., meat market, cor N. Flores and Marshall, h cor. N. San Marcos and Morales
Wagner, William T., painter, h 731 Austin
Wagner, W. S., messenger, Wells Fargo Express CO., r cor. Ave. E and Third
Wagoner, E. P., mgr., J. T. Bratton's grocery store, h 714 E. Commerce
Wah, Jim, laundry, h 539 Austin
Wah, Sam, laundry, 505 Austin
Wah, Sing, laundry, 211 Navarro
Wah, Ung, restaurant, 3 N. Flores
Wah, Yeng, laundry, 342 Dolorosa
Wahlstab, Adolph, wines and liquors (Ronse & Wahlstab), h 328 S. Presa
Wahrenberger, James, architect, 250 W. Commerce, h cor. Garden and Pereida
Wahrmund, Otto
Waiss, Theodore, emp., Pauly & Dielmann, h cor. Center and Indianola
Walder, Frederick, hostler, Fritz Steiner, r 28 Ave. D
Walff, Herman, saloon keeper, Cincinnati Ave. between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Walker, Benjamin M., laundryman, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 228 Dolorosa
Walker & Brash, (Eugene A. Walker and John A. Brash), Texas Supply Co., 203 Bowie
Walker, Carmel Mrs. (wid A. A.), N/A, h 315 Live Oak
Walker, Charles, foreman, West End Lumber Co., h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Charles, policeman, h 315 Live Oak
Walker, Charles, yardman, Gahwiler & Simmang, h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Daniel, lab., h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Dett, clk., J. T. Brown & Co., b 228 Elmira
Walker, Eugene A., Texas Supply Co. (Walker & Brash), h 203 Bowie
Walker, Fred B., foreman, Aransas Pass Water Works, h 18 Fest
Walker, George, driver, Gauss & Johns, h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Harold E., machinist, Alamo Iron Foundry, h 820 Ave. D
Walker, Hattie Miss, N/A, h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Ida, (c), h 209 S. East
Walker, Jackson D., pastor, Alamo Baptist Mission, h 318 Blum
Walker, James, slsmn., Smith and Redmon, r 301 S. Flores
Walker, John A., operator, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 318 Blum
Walker, Joseph, (c), porter, Menger Hotel bar, r Menger Hotel
Walker, Josiah, Christian scientist, h 309 Ave. D
Walker, L. A., (c), blacksmith, h 2 North
Walker, Maggie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Walker, Martha A. Mrs. (wid W. J.), N/A, h 1305 W. Commerce
Walker, Minnie Mrs., boarding house, 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, Nannie Mrs., N/A, h 228 Elmira
Walker, P. B., bkpr., J. T. Brown & Co., h 228 Elmira
Walker, R. Blanche Mrs., teacher, Santa Clara public school, h 321 Blum
Walker, Robert S., carp., h Virginia Ave. between W. Fifteenth and W. Sixteenth
Walker, Thomas, clk., W. U. Tel. Co., h 228 Elmira
Walker, Thomas B., day clk., Western Union Tel. Co., b 228 Elmira
Walker, Wiley, (c), blacksmith, h 223 N. Walnut
Walker, William, stockboy, L. Wolfson, h 820 Ave. D
Walker, William, yard driver, West End Lumber Co., h 997 N. San Marcos
Walker, William H., slsmn., Vogler's Trunk Factory, h 820 Ave. D
Walker, William W., lab., West End Lumber Co., h 209 Lopez
Walker, W. P., blacksmith and wheelwright, 328 E. Commerce
Wall, Josephine Miss, N/A, h 329 Hidalgo
Wall, Lewis, P., Post blacksmith, h 9 Duval
Wallace, C. A. Miss, (c), teacher San Pedro public school, h 217 Zavalla
Wallace, Frank, N/A, h 62 Santos
Wallace, Frank B., N/A, b 1001 W. Commerce
Wallace, Henry, (c), porter, Charles Rum, r 302 Live Oak
Wallace, Lee, collector, L. Wolfson, h 310 Hidalgo
Wallace, Milton W., clk., H. Romine, r 419 E. Houston
Wallace, O. E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 614 W. Houston
Wallace, Ovid B., inspector, Francis Smith & Co., h 207 S. Alamo
Wallace, Rhoda, (c), h 811 N. Salado
Wallace, Richard, (c), lab., h 424 Crockett
Wallace, Richard, (c), teamster, h 712 Ruiz
Wallace, Robert B., emp., car shops, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 207 Burleson
Wallace, Robert E., machinist, h 11 N. Leona
Wallace, Sallie G. Mrs. (wid Willis), boarding house, 311 Oakland
Wallace, William, (c), lab city, h -- Victoria
Wallace, William, (c), porter, Charles J. Langholz, N/A
Wallace, William A., saloon, 1001 W. Commerce, h 1005 W. Commerce
Wallace, Willis, (c), lab., b 413 Acequia
Waller, Alford, (c), lab., h 7 Lafitte
Waller, John, (c), lab., h 7 Lafitte
Waller, William A., car repairer roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 1220 S. Medina
Wallhoefer & Gimbel, (R. Wallhoefer and A. Gimbel), dry goods, notions, etc.. 319 E. Houston
Wallhoefer, Robert, dry goods, (Wallhoefer & Gimbel), b 225 E. Nueva
Walling, W. Wolle, asst city attorney, 5 and 6 Kampmann Bldg., h 24 Mill
Walls, Louis, (c), porter Carrie Anderson, h 999 S. San Saba
Walls, Olivia Mrs., (c) cook, Carrie Anderson, h 999 S. San Saba
Walls, Winnie Mrs., (c), h 404 N. East
Walsh, Edward, contractor and builder, h 693 N. Flores
Walsh, Frank T., feed store (F. T. Walsh & Bro.), h 695 N. Flores
Walsh, F. T. & Bro., (Frank T. and John C.), feed store, 19 Ave. D., T 484
Walsh, James, N/A, h 693 N. Flores
Walsh, J. H., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor Burleson and Olive
Walsh, John C., feed store (F. T. Walsh & Bro.), h 695 N. Flores
Walsh, John J., bricklayer, h 814 Macon
Walsh, Patrick, contractor in stone work, h 695 N. Flores
Walsh, Thomas P., cornice and iron roofing (T. P. Walsh & Co.), h 416 Maverick
Walsh, T. P. & Co. (T. P. Walsh and M. B. Ownby), cornice and iron roofing, 502 Evergreen
Walter, Albert, policeman No. 38, h cor Leona and Vera Cruz
Walter, Ellis F., meat market, 222 Monterey, h 1018 S. Laredo
Walter, George, clk., Rafael Diaz, b 12 N. Presa
Walter, Harry, foreman, I. & G. N. roundhouse, h 907 W. Houston
Walter, John E., fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 907 W. Houston
Walter, Louis, meat market, 14 Galan, h 1009 S. Laredo
Walter, Nannie B. Mrs., boarding house, 301 N. Pecos
Walter, Teresa Miss, N/A, h 1010 S. Laredo
Walter, William H., foreman, roundhouse I. & G. N. Ry., h 907 W. Houston
Walters, Bettie Miss, saleswoman, L. Wolfson, b 12 Belvin
Walters, George, clk., R. Diaz, h -- N. Presa
Walters, Henry, butcher, h 1219 S. Medina
Walters, Henry, clk., Welton & Co., h 17 Travis
Waltersdorf, Adolph, N/A, h 28 Lafitte
Waltersdorf, Anne Miss, N/A, h 28 Lafitte
Waltersdorf, Bertha Miss, N/A, h 28 Lafitte
Waltersdorf, Emma Miss, N/A, h 28 Lafitte
Waltersdorf, Herman, carp., G. A. Reiman, h 28 Lafitte
Waltersdorf, Herman, tailor, h 28 Lafitte
Walthall, John, city slsmn., F. T. Johnston & Co., h 426 Dwyer Ave.
Walthall, Leonidas N., attorney at law, fourth floor Kampmann Bldg., h 426 Dwyer Ave.
Walthall, Permelia Miss, teacher, St. Mary's Hall, h 246 Dwyer Ave.
Walthall, Sallie Miss, teacher public school No. 7, h 426 Dwyer Ave.
Walton, Jennie Miss, N/A, b 501 S. Concho
Walton, E. W., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Olive nr bridge
Walzem, Andrew, saloon, 701 Ave. D, T 517
Wambol, Ida Miss, N/A, h 204 S. Laredo
Wandra, Vincent, wiper, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h -- Austin opp. depot
Wandre, Euvesevia, emp., Edward Steves & Sons, h Heye Hill
Wanke, Louis, lab., r 814 S. Frio
Ward, Jeremiah, prop., Alamo Book Store, 523 W. Commerce, T 570, h 231 San Pedro Ave
Ward, John, clk., Alamo Book Store, h 231 San Pedro Ave.
Ward, Joshua T., clk., J. Ward, h 231 San Pedro
Ward, Lee, shirt mfg. (LeLand & Ward0, b 618 Ave. D
Ward, Thomas, emp., F. Kalteyer & Son, h 222 Starr
Ward, Thompson, clk. Alamo Book Store, h 231 San Pedro Ave.
Ward, Whyte, dentist, 254 W. Commerce, r 305 Madison
Warden, Otto, emp., O. T. & N. Bastian, h 623 S. Flores
Warden, William, clk., Francis Smith & Co., h 340 S. Laredo
Ware, William, (c), barber, E. S. Austin, h 506 Leona
Warhaddo, Wakeen, N/A, h 20 S. Laredo
Warner, C., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 603 Ave. C
Warner, Charles, carp. and millwright, h 9 Victoria
Warner, Sarah Miss, teacher, St. Mary's Hall, 225 Martin
Warner, William, (c), first lieutenant excelsior guards, N/A
Warren, George, (c), emp., E. J. Gallagher, h 11 Starr
Warren, Gerald J., day clk., Globe Hotel, b 403 W. Commerce
Warren, Gerald P., prop., Globe Hotel, 403 W. Commerce
Warren, Green W., broom maker, h cor San Marcos and Laredo
Warren, Isaac B., (c), teamster, h Lyons, between W. Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Warren, John F., fireman, I. & G. N. R. R., h 12 S. Salado
Warren, Josephine Mrs., millinery, 5 W. Commerce
Warren, Susan, milliner with Mrs. J. Warren, 5 W. Commerce
Warshaw, David, clothing, 410 W. Commerce, h 28 Pecan
Warshaw, Louis, clothing and men's furnishing goods, 320 Military Plaza
Wart, Thomas, drug clk., b 222 Starr
Wash, Samuel, barber, Sam Johnson, 509 Austin
Washburn, J. C., condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1009 Ave. C
Washburn, J. E., slsmn., S. B. Wood, h -- Dignowity Hill
Washington, Albert, (c), porter, Menger Hotel bar, b -- Dawson
Washington, Flora M. Miss, box clk., San Antonio Post Office, h 500 Ave. B
Washington, Florence, (c), cook, John Owens, h 1 Grant's Alley
Washington, George, (c), lab., U. S. Govt. headquarters, h 921 N. Comal
Washington, John, lab., h 220 Flores
Washington, John, (c), buggy washer, M. F. Kehoe, h 402 N. Flores
Washington, Lawrence, engineer's corps. city engr., h 500 Ave. B
Washington Life Insurance Co., Jas. B. Day, mgr., H. Godwin Mitchell, genl. agt. S. W. Texas, N/A, 34 and 35 Kampmann Bldg, T 402
Washington, Lila Mrs., (c), h 315 Zavalla
Washington, Nellie, (c), washing and ironing, h 315 Center
Washington, O. A. Mrs., N/A, h 500 Ave. B
Washington, Sarah, N/A, h 500 Ave. B
Washington Theater, C. Shacklett, prop., N/A, 639 W. Commerce
Washington Theater Restaurant, Agustin Agular, prop., N/A, 2 N. Laredo
Wass, Lorenzo, barber, h 814 Refugio
Wasson, Gretta C. Mrs., N/A, h Crockett between Pine and Olive, T 554
Wasson, Harry R., bkpr., Staacke Bro., h Crockett between Pine and Olive
Wasson, James H., insurance clk., Charles L. Sauer & Co., h Crockett between Pine and Olive
Water Works Co. (The), Geo. W. Brackenridge, prest., N/A, 12 San Pedro Ave., T 15
Waters, Clarence, brtdr., Cap's "S.A.P." Saloon, r 10 Probandt
Waters, James, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 618 Ave. D
Waters Pierce Oil Co., C. L. Wagner, agent, N/A, cor Monterey and Medina, T 214
Waties, Louis, butcher, h 1006 S. Laredo
Waties, William, notary public, 2 Smith blk., h 201 Jackson
Watkins, Albert, brtdr., Revolving Light Saloon, N/A
Watkins, Annie Mrs., dressmaker, h cor N. East and Chavez
Watkins, Arthur C., machinist's helper, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h cor Lamar and Pine
Watkins, Christian M., blacksmith, h 532 S. Laredo
Watkins, Edward B., porter Maverick Hotel, b same
Watkins, Henry H., waiter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Watkins, John M., carp., h 317 Chestnut
Watkins, Peter L., carp., h 601 N. San Marcos
Watson, Albert, lab., h nr cor Ruiz and Colorado
Watson, Barney, brick mason, contractor, h 827 Ave. D
Watson, Clara, cook, William McDonald, h Ruiz nr Colorado
Watson, David, driver, F. Herff, Jr., b 306 Ave. C
Watson, Eliza, (c), washing and ironing, h 413 Lavaca
Watson, Hattie M. Mrs., rooms to rent, h 422 Ave. D
Watson, James, N/A, b 1029 San Fernando
Watson, John Jr., N/A, b 1029 San Fernando
Watson, John Sr., N/A, h 1029 San Fernando
Watson, Mary E. Miss, teacher public school No. 8, h 1029 San Fernando
Watson, Milo, slsmn., Morin Bros., 4 218 S. Flores
Watson, Sarah Miss, (c), cook, h 803 N. Comal
Watson, William E., hostler, M. F. Kehoe, h 16 S. Flores
Watson, William P. Dr., real estate New England Land Co., h Lake View
Watts, Albert, waiter, Maverick Hotel, b same
Watts, Albert, waiter, Southern Hotel, b same
Watts, David W., clk., L. Wolfson, h 1121 W. Commerce
Watts, D. M., car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, N/A
Watts, G. Graham, physician and surgeon, 3 Ave. C., h 28 Pereida
Watts, H. P., (c), actor, Old Gary Mule, b 701 Commerce
Watzlavzick, Aggie Miss, dressmaker, Mrs. A. Hill, h 340 S. Alamo
Watzlavzick, Henry, saloon keeper, 403 E. Commerce, h cor Crockett and Pine
Watzlavzick, Jacob, stonemason, h 208 South
Watzlavzick, John, driver, Mission oil wagon, h 208 South
Watzlavzick, Stephen, driver, L. Wolfson, h 208 South,
Watzlavzick, Theodore, clk., L. Wolfson, h 285 S. Laredo
Watzlavzick, Thomas, shipping clerk, Geo. Dullnig, h 208 South
Waufield, Jane Mrs., (c), h 710 Ruiz
Wautzloeben, Frederick G., surveyor, h 22 Cassiana
Way, Henry, trav. slsmn., h 42 Washington
Weathers, Lucien V., physician and surgeon, h 227 Elmira, T 118
Weaver, David, porter, F. T. Johnston & Co., h cor. Refugio and Labor
Weaver, W. R., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 624 Austin
Webb, Eugene, clk., Harry Hines, h 316 E. Houston
Webb & Finley, (J. E. Webb and W. P. Finley), attorneys at law, 22 and 23 Kampmann Bldg.
Webb Hotel, Mary A. Webb, proprs., N/A, 316 E. Houston, T 464
Webb, James E., attorney, (Webb & Finley), r 403 St. Mary
Webb, James M., mgr., Co-Operative Alliance S. W. Texas, h 420 S. Flores
Webb, Jehu, meat market, cor E. Nueva and S. Presa, j 330 Garza
Webb, Mary A. Mrs. (wid William), proprs. Webb House, 316 E. Houston
Webb, Thomas, dairy, h Broad Ave., Laurel Heights
Webb, William H., slsmn., b Webb Hotel
Webber, Edward, restaurant and saloon keeper, 617 W. Commerce, h 16 Pecos
Webber, Julius, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 312 Grand Ave.
Weber, Adolph, feed dealer, h 440 N. Laredo
Weber, August, driver, Otto Rock, h 307 S. Laredo
Weber, Barbara Miss, saleswoman, G. A. Duerler, h 440 N. Laredo
Weber, Catherine Mrs. (wid John), groceries and saloon, cor Goliad and N. Santa Clara
Weber, George, mgr., Harnish & Baer, b 18 North
Weber, Ignatz, saloon, 18 Ave. D, h 714 S. Walnut
Weber, Jacob, alderman third ward, h 421 Villita
Weber, J. & Co., (Jacob Weber and Frank Krisch Sr.), Krisch Hall and Saloon, 409 W. Houston
Weber, Jacob J., Krisch Hall and Saloon (J. Weber & Co.), h 614 N. Flores
Weber, Matilda Miss, N/A, h 440 N. Laredo
Weber, William, candymaker., G. A. Duerler, h 440 N. Laredo
Wechsler, Ellen Mrs., washwoman, h 508 S. Pecos
Weckter, H. A., brakeman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 1001 W. Commerce
Week, James, printer, Maverick Printing House, h 220 Burnet
Weeks, G. H., Lieut. Col., Q. M. dept., U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Weeks, Lee, (c), lab., San Antonio Street R. R., 4 201 Zavalla
Weeks, William, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 309 Grand Ave.
Weeks, W. T., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 309 Grand Ave.
Weemes, William, barber, Bowsky's parlors, h -- Salinas
Wefing, Frederick R., genl. mdse., h 359 S. Laredo
Wefing, Louis J., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 241 Soledad
Wegeman, Alexander, emp., Lone Star Brewery, h 820 Camden
Wehrhahn, Adolph, clk., Elmendorf & Co., h 8 Mill
Wehrhahn, Ernest H., gardener, h 8 Mill
Wehrlen, Eustacius, expressman, h 202 Camargo
Weichelt, Herman, cook, Southern Hotel, b same
Weidenheimer, Joseph, carp., h 501 Trenton
Weidner, Henry, deliveryman, L. Kunkel, h 516 Ruiz
Weightman, George, laundryman, Maverick Hotel, b same
Weihs, Carl, miller, Guenthers Lower Mill, b 22 King William
Weihs, William V., painter, h 221 Soledad
Weik, John, saloon and restaurant, 318 S. Flores
Weil, Rosa, dressmaker, C. Dreyfus, r 206 S. Alamo
Weimer, Max, foreman machine shop, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 619 Ave. C
Weiner, Jacob, groceries and saloon, (L. H. Gilbert and Co.), b 509 San Pedro Ave.
Weinert, Anton, grocery, h cor Monterey and S. San Saba
Weingartz, Frederick, vegetable peddler, h 217 Barrera
Weinhagen, F., civil engr., Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Co., h 508 Augusta
Weinhold, Ernest Jr., N/A, h 48 North
Weinhold, Ernest Sr., carp., h 48 North
Weinhold, Lizzie Miss, N/A, h 48 North
Weinstein, Charles, peddler, h 219 Goliad
Weinstein, Isaac, bookseller and stationer, 4 E. Houston, h 218 Goliad
Weir, Francis J. Mrs., N/A, h 1002 San Pedro Ave.
Weir, Hal B., clk., auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 1018 San Pedro Ave.
Weise, Albert, grocer, cor Plum and Nevada
Weisel, John, N/A, h 211 Bowie
Weiser, Frank, manager, Alamo Cement Co., h 218 Lavaca
Weishaupl, Ludwig, wheelwright, Anton Mayer, h 1136 S. Laredo
Weiss, Chas. H., shipping clk., A. B. Frank & Co., h 236 Market
Weiss, Constantine, shoemaker, H. Rilling, h 516 North
Weiss, Hannah Mrs., N/A, h 914 W. Houston
Weiss, L. M. Rev., pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, h 211 Camargo
Weiss, Susan Mrs., N/A, h cor. W. Commerce and N. Comal
Weiss, Theodore, stone mason, Pauly and Deilmann, h 301 Center
Weiss, William H., manager, A. B. Frank & Co., r Laurel Heights
Weitzel, Albert, carp., Snodgrass and Cade, h 21 Center
Weitzel, Carrie Miss, N/A, h 21 Center
Weitzel, Gustav, miller, Guenther's Upper Mill, h 243 Austin
Weitzel, Jacob Jr., carp., Snodgrass and Cade, h 21 Center
Weitzel, Jacob Sr., packer, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 21 Center
Welboan, Lou Mrs., N/A, h 219 Oakland
Welch, August, carp., b 222 Starr
Welch, August, errand boy, Joe W. Gensler, h 216 N. Flores
Welch, Augustus F., exp. wagon, h 216 N. Flores
Welch, Charles, N/A, h 813 S. Pecos
Welch, Elizabeth H., boarding house, 216 N. Flores
Welch, Frank, cook, Southern Hotel, b same
Welch, Frank, works, G. H. & S. A. round house, h 15 Brooks
Welder, Catherine, rooms to rent, h 709 Ave. D
Welder, Clara, N/A, h 709 Ave. D
Welder, Fred, Fireman, Boelhauwe's Planing Mill, h 709 Ave. D
Welder, Joseph, switchman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., N/A
Welder, Leonard, brtdr., Crystal Saloon, h 506 Ave. D
Welder, Taylor, brtdr., Sholz Garden, h 823 Ave.. D
Welker, Alphonse, driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, r San Antonio Brewery
Welker, Thankmar, clk., G. A. Gibbons, r 1 Madison
Wellage, Joseph, lineman, Electric Light and San Antonio Gas Co., N/A
Weller, Samuel B., crockery and glassware (Newton & Weller), T 304, h 615 N. Flores
Bellman, Frederick W., printer, b 333 S. Flores
Wellons, Alonzo, carp., b 400 Colorado Ave. West End
Wells, Cora Mrs., N/A, b 222 S. Laredo
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, C. C. Hazleton, N/A, 6 E. Commerce, T 157
Wells, Henry, driver, City Sanitary Works, r 606 W. Commerce
Wells, John, N/A, r 222 S. Laredo
Wells, John C., boot and shoe fitter, Thos. H. Abbott, b 17 Travis
Wells, John C., fruit store, 417 S. Flores, h 423 S. Flores
Wells, John M., harness maker, D. Heye, h 222 S. Laredo
Wells, Joseph, N/A, r 222 S. Laredo
Wells, Edward, lab., h 415 Lavaca
Wells, Samuel, clk., W. J. B. Wells, h 251 E. Commerce
Wells, William J. B., produce commission, 26 Ave. D, h 251 E. Commerce
Welsh, Ella Mrs., N/A, b 213 S. Alamo
Welsh, William, carp., h 801 Jackson
Welter, Leonard, saloon keeper, h 906 Ave. D
Welter, Theodore, brtdr., Scholz Garden, h -- Ave. D
Welton & Co., (Louis M. Welton and Joseph F. Nichols), grocers, 301 and 303 E. Houston, T 51
Welton, Edward, driver, W. L. Richter, h 264 Acequia
Welton, Louis M., grocer (Welton & Co.), h 717 Ave. C
Wendland, Henry, N/A, h 24 South
Wendling, Louis, pastry cook, Maverick Hotel, h 214 Blum
Wenderoth, Olga E., clk., Bayly Bros., h 107 Sadie
Wenderoth, P., carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h 307 Sadie
Wenke, Agnes Mrs., N/A, h 309 Ave. D
Wentworth, Robert, clk., B. K. James & Co., b 140 Nogalitos
Wentworth, Robert, special delivery messenger, San Antonio P. O., h E Dignowity Hill
Wenz, J. H., harness maker, Chas. J. Langholz, h 337 Blum
Werner, August, blacksmith, h 925 N. Comal
Werner, Charles, carp., Gustav A. Reimann, h 9 Victoria
Werner, Christian, soda water maker, G. A. Duerler, h 416 Goliad
Werner, Emil, tinner, Geo. White, h 18 Chavez
Werner, Valentine, contractor and builder, h 564 N. Flores
Werner, William, carp., h 13 San Saba
Werner, William H., carp., h 2 Beitel
Wernette, Adolph, carp., r 224 Center
Wescott, Anna S. Miss, teacher, h 14 Reynolds
Wescott, Emma C. Miss, teacher public school No. 2, b 14 Reynolds
Wescott, Fannie D. Miss, teacher private school, b 14 Reynolds
Wesenberg, Charles, secy. San Antonio Rifle and Gun Club, h 632 Nolan
Wesenberg, Ernest, saloon keeper, cor. Acequia and Houston, h 811 E. Houston
Wesenberg, Gustav, printer, h 505 Live Oak
Wesp, F., mineral waters (Maggott & Wesp), cor. Soledad and Romana, T 196
Wesp, Joseph, cellar emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h -- Brewery Ave.
Wessells, H. W. Jr., captain, 3d cavalry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Wesson, Don, carp., Pacific Planing Mills, b 497 N. Flores
West, Duval, attorney (Green & West), h -- Soledad
West, Emmett A., supt., San Antonio Gas Co., h 20 N. Laredo
West End Lumber Co., Gahwiler & Simmang, N/A, 612 N. Flores, T 377
West End Meat Market, Gustav Krisch, prop., N/A, cor. Fredericksburg Road and Garza
West End Planing Mills, C. H. & H. C. Morehouse, props., N/A, 601 to 607 Perez, T 566
West End Saloon, Herman Wolff, prop., N/A, Cincinnati Ave. between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
West End Town Co., Geo. W. Russ, prest. and genl. mgr., L. W. Florea, secy. and treas., real estate, ground floor Kampmann Bldg, T 136
West, George, bkpr., Charles E. Hicks, h 330 Soledad
West, George W., lumber dealer, (G. W. West & Co.), b Southern Hotel
West, G. W. & Co., (G. W. West and Chas. E. Reed), agts. for lumber, shingles and lath in car lots only, 37 Soledad
West, Irvin C., trav. man, h 474 Acequia
West, Mary Miss, (c), chambermaid, M. Jordan & Son, r 306 Military Plaza
West, Mary Mrs, N/A, r 323 East
West Side Novelty Works, C. H. & H. C. Morehouse, props., N/A, 601 to 607 Perez, T 566
Western Bakery, W. J. Lemp's, St. Louis, Mo., T 465, Charles Horn Sr., agent, N/A, 60 Mill
Western Meat Market Lecroy & Breedlove props., N/A, 1114 W. Commerce
Western Star Saloon, C. H. Inselman, prop., N/A, 713 W. Commerce
Western Tin Cornice Works, A. Alsbury, prop., N/A, 119 Marshall
Western Union Telegraph Co., Jerry L. Newton, mgr., N/A, 238 W. Commerce, T 105
Western Wood and Coal Yard, Howell & McCleary, props., N/A, Morales between Comal and N. San Marcos, T 487
Westmoreland, James, (c), plasterer, h 306 Goliad
Wetens, Edward, grocer, h 462 Acequia
Wetzel, Gustav, miller, h 243 Austin
Wetzel, Harry, slsmn., B. Smith & Son, h Nueva between Presa and Alamo
Weyel, Albert, plumber, Shafer & Braden, h 18 Bowie
Weyel, Charles, tinner, b 137 Warren
Weyel, Jacob, whitewashing, h 18 Bowie
Weyel, Louis, carp., h 135 Warren
Weyel, Theodore H., stone cutter b 137 Warren
Wheadon, John I., clk., St. Leonard Hotel, b same
Wheat, Jane, A. Mrs. (wid Marvin), N/A, h 416 N. Flores
Wheeler, Bruce, emp., San Antonio Street Ry. Co., h 1189 N. Flores
Wheeler, Christopher, hack driver, h 1034 San Fernando
Wheeler, George, coach painter, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 518 Chavez
Wheeler, J. H., (c), lab., b 459 Soledad
Wheeler, Luis Miss, N/A, b 212 S. Concho
Wheeler, Royall E., mgr., Maverick Printing House, h 591 Baltimore
Wheeler, Willis, painter, h 518 Chavez
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine, L. R. LeLand, agent, N/A, 311 E. Houston
Wheeling, Charles S., cashier for receivers, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 625 S. Flores
Whelan, Michael, night watchman, San Antonio Brick Yard, N/A
Whipker, Henry G., frt. condr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 125 Twelfth
White, Alfred, gas fitter, San Antonio Gas Works, r Gas Works
White, Austin C., hackman, h 315 N. Pecos
White, Belle Mrs., (c), h 620 N. San Saba
White Elephant Clothing Store, L. Wolfson, prop., N/A, 313 and 315 Main Plaza
White Elephant Lodging House, Thos. J. Payne, prop., N/A, 316 S. Flores
White, Ernest A., foreman, Johnson Bros., b 318 Blum
White, Frank, porter, C. M. Aiken, h cor. East and Chavez
White, George, hardware, tinware, roofing, etc.., h 21 St. Mary
White, George L. Mrs., hair goods, h 23 St. Mary
White, George W., tinner, George White, h 227 Seventh
White, Hannah, (c), seamstress, h 319 N. San Saba
White, Jackson H., condr., San Antonio Street Car Co., h 315 N. Pecos
White, John Sr., brick layer, h 218 El Paso
White, John A., stockman, b Alamo Flats
White, Louis W., (c), fireman, San Antonio Gas Co., h 999 Hidalgo
White, Mary L. Mrs. (wid J. R.), N/A, h 1009 Ave. C
White, Phillip, (c), porter, Mahncke Hotel, r same
White, Raymond G., stockman, h 315 N. Pecos
White Republican (The), Jas. P. Newcomb, editor and prop., N/A, 26 Soledad
White, Reuben H., lab., h 304 S. San Saba
White, Samuel, (c), porter, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 11 Starr
White, Samuel, machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 623 Austin
White, Samuel, slsmn., Goldfrank, Frank, & Co., r 232 and 234 W. Commerce
White Sewing Machine (The), Mrs. H. W. Erps, agent, N/A, 408 Ave. E
White, Thomas, farmer, h 508 N. San Saba
White, William, (c), stoker, San Antonio Gas Co., r Gas Works
White, William, N/A, h 315 N. Pecos
White, William W., N/A, r 1901 W. Commerce
White, Willis E>, teamster, h 810 N. Frio
Whitecotten, French, stockman, h 144 Marshall
Whitefield, Anna Miss, N/A, b 215 S. East
Whiteley, Estelle Mrs., dressmaker, r 309 Third
Whiteley, Frank, emp., Dreiss, Thompson & Co., r 309 Third
Whiteley, H. A. Miss, N/A, h 604 Matagorda
Whiteley, J. M., N/A, h 604 Matagorda
Whiteley, John C., sheep raiser, h 604 Matagorda
Whiteley, Oscar, N/A, h 604 Matagorda
Whitney, Edward, (c), driver, Geo. Pearson, h 9 N. Flores
Whittaker, John A., stockman, r 319 S. Flores
Whitworth, William, carp., h 405 Acequia
Wick, Antonie F., emp., Sunset Machine Shop, h 496 Camden
Wicks, Edwin D. L., capitalist (Adams & Wicks), 211 Alamo Plaza
Wickser, George W., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., b 214 N. Cherry
Wiedel, Frederika Mrs., N/A, h -- Vance
Wiedenfeld, Emil, contractor and builder, h 723 Nolan
Wiedman, Anton, emp., San Antonio Brewing Association, h cor. Duval and Austin
Wiemer, Max, foreman, repair shop, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 619 Ave. C
Wiemers, Folket J., stock dealer, h 1728 W. Commerce
Wiemers, Fritz, N/A, h 1728 W. Commerce
Wiemers, Gustav, stockman, h 728 W. Commerce
Wier, John, hackman, h 309 Hidalgo
Wiermann, Daniel, shoemaker, Jacob Markwell, h 27 S. Alamo
Wiest, Harry S., machinist, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shops, h 418 Duval
Wieting, O. L., Capt., Twenty-third Infantry, U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Wietzel, Charles, carp., Snodgrass & Cade, h 21 Center
Wietzel, Jacob, packer, Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 21 Center
Wilcox, Alva N., real estate (Wilcox & Chadbourne), b 303 Ave. E
Wilcox, Belle Mrs., (c), h 312 N. Concho
Wilcox & Chadbourne, (Alva N. Wilcox and Louis H. Chadbourne), real estate, 407 E. Houston, T 528
Wilcox, G. N., brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 624 Austin
Wilcox, J. M., slsmn., Young and Arnold, r 242 W. Commerce
Wilcox, Oswin W., reporter, Daily Express, h 4 Omaha
Wilcox, Sylvanus B., foreman, job office, San Antonio Daily Light, h 4 Omaha
Wild, Augustus J., granite cutter, Frank Teich, h Fredericksburg Road nr N. Flores
Wild, Charles Mrs., brtdr., h 10 Medina
Wild, Fredolin, trav. slsmn., Hugo & Schmeltzer, h 211 Lavaca
Wild, Isaac, tailor, h 206 S. Alamo
Wild, J. Miss, Milliner, Ben Moke, h 211 Lavaca
Wildenstein, C. H., bkpr., Wm. Cameron & Co., h cor. Dakota and Walnut
Wildenstein, Hermann, emp., wine dept., San Antonio Brewing Association, h cor. Dakota and Walnut
Wilder, Charles H., bkpr., Alamo Cement Co., h 529 Chavez
Wilder, Edna Miss, N/A, h 529 Chavez
Wilder, Nelson, prop. sand pit, I. & G. N. depot, h 529 Chavez
Wilder, Nelson A. C., confectionery, 27 Alamo Plaza
Wilder, Percy, N/A, h 529 Chavez
Wilder, Walter L., condr., I. & G. N. R. R., h 333 Dwyer
Wiles & Brown, (S. F. Wiles and J. T. Brown), real estate, 31 Acequia
Wiles, S. F., real estate (Wiles & Brown), h -- Hill
Wiles, Solomon S., real estate, h 487 N. Flores
Wiley, Jane, (c), washwoman, h cor. San Luis and Concho
Wiley, Lee, insurance, b cor. Convent and Martin
Wiley, Robert, (c), porter, Mahncke Hotel, h 316 N. Concho
Wiley, Sidney J., lab., b 16 Cevallos
Wiley, William C., carp., h 16 Cevallos
Wilhelm, Henry, hardware (Curry & Wilhelm), T110 h 5 San Juan
Wilhelm, Henry, solicitor, Alamo Fire Insurance Co., San Juan between Presa and Camargo
Wilke, Adolph A., slsmn., R. J. Hofheinz, h 547 Garden
Wilke, Frederick, hack driver, h 6 Center
Wilke, Henry Jr., driver, Joske Bros., h 238 Water
Wilke, Henry Sr., saloon and hackman, h 238 Water
Wilke, Lena Mrs., N/A, h 6 Center
Wilke, William M. Dr., specialist, 228 Dolorosa h 226 Arceniega
Wilker, John, hack driver h 39 Live Oak
Wilkins, Burton, N/A, h 528 S. Laredo
Wilkins, Elsie Miss N/A, h 723 Ave. C
Wilkins, Joseph, N/A, h 322 San Luis
Wilkins, Werner, shipping clk., George Koerner, h 26 Market
Wilkinson, B. S. Miss, correspondent, San Antonio National Bank, b Webb House
Wilkinson, F. C. & Co., N/A, grocers, cor. Romana and San Pedro Ave.
Wilkinson, F. C., grocer, (F. C. Wilkinson & Co.), h cor. Romana and San Pedro Ave.
Willard, Wells, Capt., subsistence dept., U. S. A., h Govt. Hill
Willey, John A., confectionery, 209 Evergreen
Williams, Albert, brtdr., h 814 N. Flores
Williams, Alexander, (c), whitewasher, h 913 San Fernando
Williams, A. S., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1013 Mesquite
Williams, Benjamin F., principal, Alamo City Business College, r 219 Blum
Williams, Carl, driver, Dr. Amos Graves, h 52 Goliad
Williams, Catharine Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 26 Sanchez
Williams, Celeste Mrs, N/A, h 504 N. Leona
Williams, Charles, carp., h 211 Lamar
Williams, Charles, (c), barber, Jas. R. Davis, N/A
Williams, Charles, (c), lab., b 723 N. Frio
Williams, Charles, (c), porter, Thos. Goggan & Bro., N/A
Williams, Charles V., lab., h Eighteenth between Garza and Culebra Ave.
Williams, Coleman, (c), lab., h 569 S. Flores
Williams, David, (c), prop, barber shop, 334 E. Houston and Menger Hotel Tonsorial Palace, h 211 Camaron
Williams, Edward, (c), hackman, h cor. Dallas and Baltimore
Williams, Elizabeth Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 7 Dawson
Williams, Eugene B., storekeeper, S. A. & A. P. Ry., r 316 Main Ave.
Williams, Flora Miss, N/A, h 232 East
Williams, Francis, emp., E. Wesenberg, H cor. S. Alamo and Villita
Williams, George, (c), carp., h 611 S. Leona
Williams, Hannah, (c), h cor. Robertson and W. Fifteenth
Williams, Harmon, carp., h 209 Matamoras
Williams, Henry, (c), plasterer, h 401 N. Laredo
Williams, Henry, pantry boy, Elite Restaurant, h418 Seventh
Williams, Horace, barber, b 314 Live Oak
Williams, Horace G., (c), barber, Menger Hotel Barber Shop, r same
Williams, Isaac, (c), lab., h 811 Ave. D
Williams, James, (c), barber, R. H. Glenn, h 203 Cherry
Williams, James, (c), lab, Shafer & Braden, h 666 Crockett
Williams, James, (c), lab., h 804 Macon
Williams, James, cook, Lang's Restaurant, r 19 market
Williams, James, water hauler, h cor. Pine and Paso Hondo
Williams, Jennie Mrs., N/A, h 2 Chavez
Williams, John, (c), hack driver, Fritz Steiner, h 312 N. San Saba
Williams, John, (c), works Water Works Co., h -- Yndo
Williams John C., car repairer, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h 309 Burleson
Williams, Joseph, (c), h 207 Salinas
Williams, Joseph, (c), sawyer, Frank Teich, h 211 Salinas
Williams, J. R., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h cor. Sherman and Mesquite
Williams, Julia, (c), h cor. Lombrano and N. Colorado
Williams, Lizzie, (c), h cor Lombrano and N. Colorado
Williams, L. S., N/A, h 1020 Austin
Williams, Lucy Mrs., N/A, r 414 Dolorosa
Williams, Mary Miss, (c), emp., Mrs. Vance, b cor. Travis and Navarro
Williams, Mary Mrs., (c), h 212 Matamoras\
Williams, Mary Miss, N/A, h 823 N. Comal
Williams, Minnie Mrs., (c), h 17 N. Pecos
Williams, Nellie Mrs., washwoman, h 723 N. Frio
Williams, Nelson, (c), barber, Robert H. Glenn, b 201 Zavalla
Williams, Nelson, (c), lab., r 219 Zavalla
Williams, Paulina, N/A, h 814 N. Flores
Williams, Robert, (c), driver, Gustav A. Reimann, h 416 Goliad
Williams, Robert, porter office bar, b Eagle Restaurant
Williams, Samuel, cook, Mrs. W. V. Hubbard, b 357 S. Flores
Williams, Scott, porter office bar, h 22 N. East
Williams, S. R., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 309 Grand Ave.
Williams, Sudie Miss, N/A, h 823 N. Comal
Williams, Susan Mrs. N/A, h 823 N. Comal
Williams, Tena Miss, N/A, h 205 S. Laredo
WILLIAMS, T. G. Mrs. Col., N/A, h 330 Soledad
Williams, Wiley, (c), fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry. shop, h cor Dawson and Live Oak
Williams, William, carp., h Eighteenth between Garza and Culebra Ave.
Williams, William H., (c), driver, h 211 Starr
Williams, William H., stock dealer, (Russ, Stanford & Williams), h 823 N. Comal
Williams, William J., slsmn., Ripley & Bronson, b 51 Jackson
Williamson, John A., coppersmith, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Shop, h 11 Duval
Williamson, William D., engr., Pacific Planing Mills, b 497 N. Flores
Willis, George, (c), purifier, San Antonio Gas Works, r gas Works
Willis, Henrietta, (c), washwoman, h 309 Water
Willis, H. S., lab., b -- Yndo
Willis, Jefferson, (c), cook, h 407 Matagorda
Willis, John, buggy washer, M. F. Kehoe, h cor. Elm and Burnet
Willis, Nellie Mrs., (c), washing and ironing, h 407 Matagorda
Willis, Oscar, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 624 Austin
Willis, Stephen, (c), teamster, b 206 Cedar
Wilnke, Mary Mrs., N/A, b 221 Madison
Wilson, Arthur T., agent Galveston News, H 412 S. Presa
Wilson, Benjamin J., porter, Menger Hotel barber shop, h 215 S. Center
Wilson, Bobbie Miss, (c), h 504 Leal
Wilson, C. H., clk., h 828 S. Presa
Wilson, Charity Miss, (c), h 504 Leal
Wilson, David W., tailor, G. A. Gibbons, r 21 South
Wilson, Effie Mrs. (wid), (c), h 50 Sanchez
Wilson, Emma Miss, N/A, h 5 S. Concho
Wilson, Frank, (c), plasterer's helper, Thomas B. Murphy, h 1626 Zavalla
Wilson, George I. Jr., druggist, (McLernon & Wilson), h 542 E. Commerce, T 200
Wilson, Gillie Mrs., (c), h 504 Leal
Wilson, Israel C., (c), porter, Harmony Club, h 316 Chestnut
Wilson, Jennie (wid David), milliner, 227 Alamo Plaza, b Alamo Flats
Wilson, Jessie Miss, actress, Washington Theater, h 1015 W. Commerce
Wilson, John, boiler maker, I. & G. N. roundhouse, h 1 S. Leona
Wilson, John, emp., H. D. Kampmann, b cor. Ave. E and Fourth
Wilson, John, N/A, h 1216 S. Medina
Wilson, John E., stockman, h 521 N. Flores
Wilson, Joseph, (c), blacksmith helper, Geo. Eckenroth, h 216 South
Wilson, Lucy Mrs., N/A, h 442 N. East
Wilson, Mary, (c), washing and ironing, h 407 South
Wilson, Mary P. Miss, (c), h 505 Leal
Wilson, Millie Miss, (c), h 504 Leal
Wilson, Minnie, (c), washing and ironing, h 20 Perez
Wilson, Mollie, (c), cook, Alex. Varga, h 614 N. Laredo
Wilson, Randolph K., slsmn., Wilson & Rote, r 316 Soledad
Wilson & Rote, (W. W. Wilson & W. P. Rote), grocers, cor. W. Houston and Soledad, T 93
Wilson, William W., grocer, (Wilson & Rote), h 316 Soledad
Windsor, William A., (Dupuy & Windsor), h 22 Garden
Winfield, James B., bkpr. and Slsmn., Russ, Stanford, and Williams, h 2 Van Buren
Wing, Ah, cook, Quong Man Yuen, b 8 W. Houston
Wing, Fong, laundryman, Ley Horn, h 7 W. Commerce
Wing, Tom, restaurant, 3 W. Houston
Winkler, Albert, driver, Wagner & Chabot, h 18 Victoria
Winkler, Bertha Mrs., N/A, h 50 South
Winkler, Charles, confectioner, 425 E. Commerce
Winkler, Charles, slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 50 South
Winkler, Hans, yardman, Lang's restaurant, h 310 Sixth
Winkler, William, packer, Wagner & Chabot, h 230 Lavaca
Winner, John, (c), driver, Riedell & Co., h 409 E. Houston
Winslow, Richard, N/A, h 8 W. Nueva, T 436
Winstead, Edwin M., chief clk. genl. pass office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 201 Pecan
Winter, Richard, night checker, Western Union Tel. Co., h 200 Hidalgo9
Winter, Samuel, foreman, Water Works street gang, h 200 Hidalgo
Winter, William L., printer and publisher, 206 Soledad, h 517 Oakland
Winters, Daniel, (c), lab., h 527 Ruiz
Winther, Mary V. Mrs., dressmaker, h 574 Buena Vista
Winzer, W. T., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h N. Cherry between Burleson and Sherman
Wipff, John L., machinist, C. G. Boelhauwe, h 328 Blum
Wipff, Sophy Mrs. (wid John), N/A, h 328 Blum
Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Co., F. Weinhagen, civil engr. agt., N/A, 413 E. Houston
Wisda, Rosie Miss, rooms to rent, h 219 Losoya
Wisdom, Elijah, carpenter's apprentice, b cor. Hidalgo and N. San Marcos
Wise, Benjamin T., N/A, b 220 San Pedro Ave.
Wise, Frank J., attorney at law, (Summerline, Wise, & Haltom), h 220 San Pedro Ave.
Wise, Laura Mrs., (c), h -- Chestnut
Wise, William H., N/A, b 220 San Pedro Ave.
Wissler, John, messenger, Wells Fargo Express Co., h cor. Avenue E and Third
Witchell, Samuel B., boots, shoes, and furrier, 31 Soledad, h 310 Acequia
Withers, John Jr., N/A, b 261 S. Laredo
Withers, John Sr., cashier, San Antonio National Bank, h 261 S. Laredo
Withers, William F., clk., b 216 S. Laredo
Withoff, Charles, driver, Jacob Dullnig, h 412 San Luis
Witmer, Emma, milliner, Jennie Wilson, h 25 Live Oak
Witmer, Joseph C, contractor and builder, 213 St. Mary, h 625 Live Oak
Witte, Edwin H., bkpr., Joske Bros., h 4 College
Witte, George, real estate, 30 Soledad, h 4 College
Witting, George, N/A, h 299 S. Alamo
Woelfel, Fritz, brewer, Alamo Brewing Association, r Alamo Brewery
Woeltz, August, groceries and saloon, cor. N. Pecos and Chavez, T 525, h 407 N. Pecos
Woeltz Joseph, groceries and saloon, cor. Perez and N. Frio
Woerner, August, blacksmith, John Illg, h 925 Lopez
Woessner, Gottlob, driver, San Antonio Brewing Association, N/A
Woh, Yeng, laundryman, Yeng Wah, h 342 Dolorosa
Wohlfarth, Jacob, dry goods, groceries, and saloon, 900 N. Flores
Wohlfarth, Reinhold, beer driver, Anheuser-Busch Refrigerator, h -- Presa
Wokohn, Charles M., prescription clk., L. Orynski, r 302 S. Flores
Wolcken, Christian M., blacksmith and wheelwright, 320 S. Flores
Wolf, Edward, moulder, San Antonio Foundry Co., b Aransas Pass Hotel
Wolf, Leopold, slsmn., Mayer & Schmelter, h -- South
Wolf, Louisa Miss, N/A, h 1118 Ave. D
Wolfe, Bert, compositor, Maverick Printing House h 214 Fourth
Wolfe, Edward, barber, "Gus & Chris" barber shop, h 225 Arciniega
Wolfe, Edward M., carp. and builder, h 320 Sixth
Wolfe House, P. H. Wolfe, prop., European plan, --Alamo
Wolfe, Hugo, apprentice, David Kirkwood, h -- Olive
Wolfe, Nathan F., slsmn., B. Smith & Son, h 316 Blum
Wolfe, P. H., prop., Wolfe House, -- Alamo
Wolff, Abraham A., dry goods and clothing (Wolff & Marx), h 302 Goliad
Wolff, Ernst, carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry. car shop, h 216 Milam
Wolff, Henry, saloon keeper, -- Garden
Wolff, Herman, prop., West End Saloon, h cor. Cincinnati Ave. and Fourteenth
Wolff & Marx, (Abraham A. Wolff and Daniel Marx), dry goods and clothing, cor. E. Commerce and Alamo, T 343
Wolfram, Frederick, brtdr., h 319 Tenth
Wolfson, Leopold, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, millinery and notions, men's furnishing goods, furniture and carpets, 313 to0 321 Main Plaza, 15 and 17 Acequia and 27 Soledad, T 203, office 585 Broadway N. Y.
Wolfson, Samuel, resident mgr., L. Wolfson's store, T 203, h 415 Ave. C., T 99
Woltersdorf, Hermann Jr., machinist, G. A. Reimann, h 28 Lafitte
Woltersdorf, Hermann Sr., merchant tailor (J. Kuehn & Co.(, h 28 Lafitte
Wolyniewicz, John S., Rev. Father, Priest St. Michael's Polish Catholic Church, h 320 South
Wood, Andrew, hostler, W. R. Story, h 15 Acequia
Wood & Co., (G. D. Wood and L. Epstein), saloon, 29 Military Plaza, T 508
Wood, E. C. Mrs. (wid R. B.), rooms to rent, h 825 Ave. C
Wood, Edward, (c), messenger, h 390 S. Flores
Wood, Ellen Miss, assorter and marker, Alamo Steam Laundry, h 423 Milam
Wood, George D., saloon keeper, (Wood & Co.), h -- Salinas
Wood, L. A. Miss, N/A, h 10 Hidalgo
Wood, Mamie Mrs. N/A, h 10 Hidalgo
Wood, Sidney B, general mdse., 341 E. Commerce, T 38, h 395 S. Alamo
Woodall, Leon, (c), emp., San Antonio Rifle Club, b 401 San Pedro Ave.
Woodapple, Charles, mail driver, Carter & Mullaly, b 14 Crockett
Woodard, Dudley K., (c), postal clk., b 342 Live Oak
Wooden & Compton, (James Wooden & William Compton), bakery, 234 Oak
Wooden, James, baker, (Wooden & Compton), h 234 Oak
Woodfork, Armstead, (c), teamster, h cor. Albert and W. Fifteenth
Woodhull, J. T., cashier, T. C. Frost, h 457 Acequia
Woodhull, Oliver J., stockman, h 411 Poplar
Woodhull, Samuel J., stockman, h 411 Poplar
Woodruff, Dennet Miss N/A, h 623 Ave. C
Woodruff, George, depot ticket agent, I. & G. N. Ry., h 623 Ave. C
Woodruff, John, N/A, h 317 Ave. B
Woods, Charles, (c), porter, Ranch Saloon, h 406 N. Flores
Woods, Frank, (c), lab, r 1569 W. Houston
Woods & Lauraine, (Robert A. Woods and William V. Lauraine), real estate, 209 Alamo Plaza
Woods, Robert A., real estate (Woods & Lauraine), h 304 Dallas
Woodward, C. L., R. R. employee, h 225 Ninth
Woodward, David J., slsmn. and buyer, C. O. McClure, h cor. Macon and Upson
Woodward, Ernest, bill clk., Wagner & Chabot, h 15 Washington
Woodyard, R. F., N/A, h 311 Austin
Wooldridge, E. C., poultry dealer, h 308 Matagorda
Wooldridge, Powhatan, clk,. auditor's office, S. A. & A. P. Ry., h 25 San Pedro Ave.
Woolgrowers Exchange Saloon, Albert Persch, prop., N/A, 250 Market
Woolley, Albert, draughtsman, A. Giles & Guindon, h West End
Woolley, Richard, capitalist and mgr. San Antonio Mining and Milling Co., h Cincinnati Ave., West End
Woolley, Thomas, wool buyer, G. Hellemans & Co., r Berg's Mill
Woolls, Maud Miss, stenographer, Denman & Franklin, h 249 E. Commerce
Woolman, H. M., real estate, (Woolman & Adams), b 232 Ave. C
Wooten, W. S., soliciting agent, Frank Teich, r 1104 W. Houston
Worcester, W. W., contractor and builder, h 313 Cincinnati Ave., West End
Word, Thomas, (c), blacksmith helper, g. H. & A. P. Ry., h 28 Elm
Worden, George, lab., h N. Brazos between Ruiz and Lopez
Worden, Joseph, brtdr., Duck Rische, h -- S. Flores
Work, I. A., clk., A. T. Hensley & Sons, b -- S. Flores
Worley, Fram M., tinner, J. T. Cone & Son, b 722 E. Houston
Worley, James, real estate, r 1009 Ave. C
Worrell, J. D., carp., G. H. & S. A. Ry shop., N/A
Worth, D. F., fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 1124 Ave. D
Worth, Frederick, fireman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., r 1124 Ave. D
Wortham, Louis J., insurance, h 213 Richmond Ave.
Worthy, Henry C., engr., G. H. & S. A. Ry., h Sherman between N. Hackberry and Olive
Wottlen, Herbert, shoemaker, A. Ziemonteck, b 227 Blum
Wottling, Otto, wiper roundhouse, S. A. & A. P. Ry., r Lachapelle between Applewhite and Probandt
Wren, John, electrician, b 231 Villita
Wren, Robert, (c), lab., r 313 Cincinnati Ave., West End
Wren, Thomas B., bkpr., Leroux & Cosgrove, h 237 King William
Wren, William W., clk., b 410 Romana
Wright, A. E. V., stenographer, Hunt & Booth, h 30 Market
Wright, Belle Miss, seamstress, Alamo Star Shirt Factory, h 446 Soledad
Wright, Claude, emp., Thornton, Wright & Co., h cor. Travis and Navarro
Wright, C. M., Crystal Saloon, r 314 Dwyer Ave.
Wright, Daisy D. Miss, N/A, h 200 Hidalgo
Wright, Dannie Mrs. (wid J. W.), dressmaking, h 201 Goliad
Wright, Delta Miss, N/A, h 307 N. Leona
Wright, Ella Mrs. (wid James), N/A, h 411 Lombrano
Wright, Hattie Mrs., N/A, h 814 Ave. C
Wright, James, saloon keeper, h cor. N. San Saba and Chavez
Wright, James W., saloon, h 306 S. Laredo
Wright, John W., abstractor, Hildebrand & Stribling, h 302 Third
Wright, Joseph E., fireman, I. & G. N. Ry., h 307 N. Leona
Wright, Martin, clk., Henry Wulff, h 307 N. Leona
Wright, Nathaniel P., N/A, h cor. Pine and State
Wright, Oliver C., engr., Texas Steam Laundry, h 446 Soledad
Wright, Priscilla, (c), washing and ironing, h 315 Fourth
Wright, Ray, tinner, Vodrie & Co., h 21 South
Wright, Sarah Mrs., dressmaking, Mrs. M. Givens, h 1628 Zavalla
Wright, Sarah A. Mrs., N/A, h 814 N. Flores
Wright, Thomas, painter, h 200 Hidalgo
Wright, Thomas A., lab., h 681 N. Flores
Wright, T. L., slsmn., Joske Bros., h 613 Jackson
Wright, W. F., lab., h 307 N. Leona
Wright, William, stockman, h rear 715 Buena Vista
Wright, William B., attorney at law and banker (Thornton, Wright, & Co.), h cor. Travis and Navarro
Wripps, Mike, carp., h cor. San Marcos and Laredo
Wroblewsky, B., brtdr., Elite Saloon, h 305 S. Elm
Wuall, Laurence, barber, h 303 S. Alamo
Wulfe, Edward, barber, Little Parlor Barber Shop, r 225 Nueva
Wulff, Antoine F., alderman at large, h 7 King William
Wulff, Edward, slsmn., Haas & Oppenheimer, h 7 King William
Wulff, Henry F., stationer and saloon keeper, 20 and 22 Military Plaza, h 7 King William
Wulff, John H., expman, h alley nr. cor. Zavalla and Callaghan
Wunch, August carp., Alamo Iron Works, h 222 Dawson
Wurz, Clara Mrs., dressmaker, h 708 Buena Vista
Wurzbach, Alexander, brakeman, G. H. & S. A. Ry., h 328 Eighth
Wurzbach, Charles J., surveyor, G. H. & S. A. Ry, h 316 Eighth
Wurzbach, Charles L., county judge h 306 Eighth
Wurzbach, G. D. Mrs., N/A, h 328 Eighth
Wurzbach & Goeth, (William A. Wurzbach and Charles A. Goeth), attorneys at law, 26 Soledad
Wurzbach, Theresa Mrs., boarding house, 224 Center
Wurzbach, William A., attorney at law (Wurzbach & Goeth), 26 Soledad, h 308 Eighth
Wyatt, Carrie Miss, seamstress, h 209 S. East
Wyatt, James, painter, Charles King, h 529 N. Medina
Wyatt James R., N/A, h 645 N. Flores
Wyley, Thomas, (c), lab., h cor. Macon and Maple
Wyman, George W., contractor and builder, h 202 San Pedro Ave.,
Wynant, Almira M. Mrs., N/A, 4 327 Hildago