8th & 9th Grade Morrill High 1919

8th & 9th Grade Morrill High 1919

Dated April 1919. My grandmother, Lillian Jewett, is the girl on the top row, right end, wearing the locket. She was in 8th grade at Morrill High.

1929 Sophomore Class

8th and 9th grades of Morrill High School.
April 7, 1919

Top Row
Pruett Jones
Edward Diggs
Wilbur Lerry
Dimple Gardnir
Ella Nuenberger
Rosa Kirby
Lavana Williams
Lorine Handley
Lillian Jewett

Second Row
Miss LeRoy (teacher)
9 Emil Eicholtz
9 Christine Macpherson
9 Eloise
9 Dillard McCullum
Loren Beatty
Margaret Buckholdt
Rose Swindler
Ruth Kring

Bottom Row
9 Lloyd ____
Forest ____
Adolph Scheh
Cleo Froster
William Abbott
Elsie Herbert
Lois Callahan
Adele Poor

If you notice I have some names wrong please let me know. I wasn't able to read those on the top right.

Contributed by Melody Kreitlow.