William Henry

Online USGenWeb records show that on 14 June 1866 PVT William Henry was buried/reburied in section D, grave number 799, of the San Antonio National Cemetery. Is PVT William Henry the same person as William Robertson Henry (1821-1862)?

William Robertson Henry was born about 1882 (Virginia) and he is the grandson of Patrick Henry (1736-1799) the famous orator.

William Robertson Henry left home when he was 17 years old. As a private of the 2nd Dragoons, in a company commanded by the celebrated Captain (now a Colonel) Benjamin Beale, William Robertson Henry discharged the duties of a good soldier with honor to himself and credit to the country. In the year 1844, the Florida war being over, he immigrated to Texas.

William Robertson Henry’s next step in a rapid succession of military services was to join General Scott at Vera Cruz; but not being able at this point to volunteer as a soldier under the banner of freedom, he took employment in the Quarter Master's department as wagon-master. However, whenever as opportunity offered, he entered the ranks of his old Florida regiment, the 2nd Dragoons, actively participating in the capture of Vera Cruz, the storming of Cerro Gordo, the siege of Puebla, the battle of Amahasoc, and the many hotly contested skirmishes which occurred with guerilla companies that infested the public roads of Mexico. After the close of this remarkable campaign, “Colonel” William Robertson Henry returned to Texas by land, traveling through the entire Mexican territory, and having more than one encounter with parties of robbers, so numerous upon the highways of that ill fated country.

On 11 December 1850 William Robertson Henry married Consolacion Urrutia, daughter of Juan Antonio Urrutia and Maria Antonia Sandoval. They were married by a “Priest of San Ant. De Bexar” as attested to by Sam S. Smith, Clerk, County Court, Bexar County.

In 1854 William Robertson Henry was elected Captain of a volunteer company for the protection of the frontier against Indian depredations. In 1855 he organized another company and marched across the Rio Grande to offer his aid to General Santiago Vidaurri in the revolution against the arch tyrant Santa Anna.

William Robertson Henry is listed in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census. On 05 July 1860 W.R. Henry (born Virginia) was 42 years old (born about 1818) and lived at 754 South Houston, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. He lived at that address with his widowed mother-in-law (42 year old Maria Antonia Sandoval Urrutia), wife (25 year old Consola­cion Urrutia de Henry), two sons (ages 6 and 2), and one daughter (five year old Virginia Martha Henry). The property (754 South Houston) was owned by Maria Antonia Urrutia and valued at $2,500.

There are many more stories that can be told about William Henry Robertson.

William Robertson Henry died 15 March 1862 in a well documented shootout (Powder House steps, northwest corner of Commerce and Soledad Streets, San Antonio, Texas) with Captain Adams over which of them should command a company of Confederate troops then being organized for service against the Yankees.

If anyone can confirm that PVT William Henry and William Robertson Henry are one and the same person, please contact John J. Arechiga