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July 21, 1994 Ms. Paula Allen
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I was interested in the question in last Sunday's paper referring to Southton, Texas and thought I would write and tell you that my grandfather, Claude DeMunbrun, was Superintendent of the County farm at Southton from 1923 until sometime during World War II (approximately 20 years). He died in 1959.

My father, Marlowe, tells me that they moved to Southton in 1921, and then to the farm in 1923. My grandfather and my grandmother Selma (Mae) lived in the small red Superintendent's cottage where we visited several times.

The farm, which included a dairy was started in 1915. Right next to my grandparent's house was the old juvenile home that had been used to house wayward boys until the Southton Boys Home was built in the 30's further down Southton Road. Also on the farm was the home for the aged and the county tubercular hospital. During the Depression, the abandoned juvenile home was used to house transients who helped as laborers on the farm.

Southton had a cotton mill with many workers' houses, a post office and several businesses. The town of Southton was, there before the county farm was built.

A railroad traveled through town from Pleasanton and in to Port Aransas. My father commuted from Southton to Brackenridge High School until he graduated in 1928.

Very truly yours,

Richard R. DeMunbrun


Note: The 1930 U.S. Census for Bexar County, Justice Precinct 7, Enumeration District No. 15-190, beginning with Sheet No. 1-A, backs up this info with 10 pages under Bexar County Home for the Aged listing everyone living on the property -- very interesting read. Also, a very sad read ... especially the young boys ...

Letter re Bexar Co Farm 

Submitted by Elaine DeMunbrun