Bexar Co. Poor Farm & Hospital

In 1916, the county's poor farm was relocated from Jones Ave to the Southton location, as the Bexar Co. Home for the Aged. The Bexar County Farm and Home for the Aged had a cemetery located north of the buildings. All the paupers and indingents in the area were buried on this land outside of the city. The cemetery is no longer there.

Over the years several institutions were located on this property... Southton Sanitorium, Home for the Aged, Bexar Co. Boy's Home,Bexar Co. Girls Home Bexar Co. Poor House, Southton Convalescent Home, Southern Boy's Home, Bexar Co. Home for Boy's, Bexar Co. Home for girl's, Southton Tuberculosis Hospital, and Bexar Co. Convalescent Sanatorium. The reason for this is because the county believed it would be easier to keep all the 'undesireables' in one location.

The property has been abondonded since 1972. Currently Bexar Co Police use a portion of the property for training. The land is managed by Bexar County Public Works.


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