Dependents of Civil War Soldiers

Assistance Granted To Relation Soldier Company Date
ABANILLA, Manuela Wife of Benito GONZALES Barkers Co.  
ADAMS, Lucinda Mother of 2 sons Army ------------ 10/16/1863
AGUILERO, Juliano Mother of Jesus SEGURA Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
AGUIRRE, Dorotea Mother of Vicente GONZALES Navarros Co. 04/29/1864
AJUARA, Levrada Wife of Jose AJUARA Dunns Co. 04/01/1864
ALANIS, Francisca Wife of Isidro ESQUELA P. Cevallas Co 07/15/1863
ALMANZA, Martina Sister Juan ALMANZA Rosenheimers Co. 05/12/1864
AMELUNG, Antonio Wife of Otto AMELUNG Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
ANEROM, L.J. Wife of Jacob ANEROM Stevens Co. 06/03/1863
ARREDONDO, Guadalupe Mother of Domingo FLORES Capt. Penalozas Co. 06/10/1863
ARRENDONDO, Guadlupe Mother of Justo FLORES Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
ARROCHA, Gertrudes Care of ch Venino ARROCHA Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
ARROCHA, Jesusa Pena de Mother of Alexandro ARROCHA Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
ARROCHA, Rita de Chapa Wife of Fran CHAPA A. Navarros Co. 09/04/1863
ASHLEY, Victoria Wife of Wm. ASHLEY Gen. Greens Brig. 12/04/1863
BALL, Maria Mother of Jos. BALL Capt. Foxs Co. 06/03/1863
BALLEW, Nancy Wife of David BALLEW, McMahons Bat.  -
BARGAS, Gabriela Wife of Felipe BARGAS Panelozas Co. 06/03/1863
BARGAS, Locario Mother of Felipe FLORES Lytles Co.  -
BARRERA, Andrea Mother of Juan CASTANON Trevinos Co.  -
BARRERA, Julia Cadena y Wife of John BARRERA Navorros Co. 06/03/1863
BATTLE, Elizabeth Wife of Wm. BATTLE Dardens Co.  -
BELL, Tomasa Wife of George BELL Capt. Daldermans Light 04/01/1864
BENNETT, Virgenia Wife of David BENNETT Stevens Co. 06/03/1863
BERGMAN, Caroline Wife of Chas. BERGMAN Nichols Co.  -
BERNAL, Theodora Sanchez Mother of Leandro BERNAL Cevallos Co. 06/03/1863
BIRD, Lusd. A. Wife of Jacob BIRD Hurts Co.  -
BOEHME, Emilie Wife of Wm. BOHM, (?) Co. A. Duffs Reg. 06/10/1863
BOYLES, Lidy Mother of N. BOYLES Davidsons Co. 08/06/1863
BROOKMANN, Eliza Wife of John BROOKMANN Capt. Tools Co. 07/01/1863
BUCHANAN, Mary Wife of Thos. B. BUCHANAN Newtons Co. 3rd Reg. 06/10/1863
BUCKLEY, Mary Ann Wife of Chs. BUCKLEY J. Bennetts Co. Artillery 10/02/1863
BUNDA, Ascen Lopez de Wife of Juan BUNDA Barkers Co. 04/29/1864
BURKETT, Sarah Wife of Alex BURKETT McMahons Bat.  -
CADENA, Mariana Wife of Juan NAVARRO Benvides Co. 07/15/1863
CAPPS, Eliza Jane Wife of Ransom CAPPS Tools Co. 06/03/1863
CAROLUS, Charlotte Wife of J. CAROLUS Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
CASSIAS, Perez Santa Wife of Santos CASSIAS Penalozas Co.  
CASTILLO, Neoimunceno Mother of Severiano CASTILLO Penalozas Co. 10/02/1863
CAVENDAR, Wilhelmina Wife of Green CAVENDAR Stevens Co. 06/03/1863
CERVANTES, Prudencia Wife of Juan N. CERVANTES Navarros Co. 09/04/1863
CHACANCO, Tiburz Mother of Juan FARIAS Capt. Davis Co. 07/01/1863
CHALDERON, Beatrice Wife of Ramon CHALDERON Cevallos Co. 06/03/1863
CHAVARIA, Clemca Wife of Pedro LOPEZ Davidsons Co.  
CHAVARIA, Venina Wife of Mariano MONTOJO Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
CLICKE, Ladith Wife of Albert S. CLICKE Capt. Georges Co. 07/29/1863
COBRAN, Refugia Wife of COBRAN Dashiels Co. 04/29/1864
CONWAY, Jane Wife of J. L. CONWAY Rabbs Co.  
COPELAND, Eliza Wife of Thomas COPELAND McAllisters Co. 08/06/1863
CORTINEZ, Antonia Mother of Jose CORTINEZ Capt. M. Poors Co 06/17/1863
CORUM, A. Luvisa Mother of Herod CORUM Cokes Co.  
COY, Antonio de los Santo Mother of J.M. & Ygnacio PEREZ Navarros & Ragsdales Co. 03/06/1863
COY, Castillo Candalario Wife of Anto. COY Panelozas Co. 06/03/1863
CROW, Melissa A. Wife of Isaac S. CROW ------- 05/12/1864
CROWLEY, Bridget Wife of Thos. CROWLEY McManns Co. 06/03/1863
CURVELLO, Emelie Wife of Gregorio ARSENIEGA Capt. Taylors Co. 06/17/1863
DELGADO, Jesusa Wife of Thomas PEREZ Navarros Co. 05/12/1864
DENYS, Johanne Wife of John DENYS Ingrams Co. 06/03/1863
DERR, Wilhelmina Wife of Henry DERR McAllister Co. 06/03/1863
DIAS, Refugia Wife of Juan MONTEZ Capt. Navarros Co. 07/29/1863
DOYLE, Marian Wife of Thos. DOYLE McAllisters Co. 06/03/1863
DRAPER, Mary Wife of John DRAPER Beards Regt. 03/01/1864
DRYER, Wilhelmine Widow of H. DRYER Ed Cunninghams Co. 06/24/1863
DUGLER, Fred Wife of B. DUGLER Confed. Army  
DUNALP, Mary J. Wife of Thos. G. DUNLAP Tools Co. 06/03/1863
DYCKMAN, Sarah Sister of James FISK Col. Lucketts Regt. 02/05/1864
EBERHART, Albertino Wife of Robert EBERHART Capt. Newtons Co. 06/10/1863
ECKINROTH, Maria Wife of Michael ECKINROTH Fields Co. Duffs Reg. 06/03/1863
ESPARZA, Refa Wife of Man. GALLARDO Alderetes Co.  
PARMER, Fanny Wife of Jack FARMER Giddings Co. 02/17/1864
FELDER, Anna Wife of Blasins FELDER Capt. Newtons Co. 06/10/1863
FERGUSON, Eizabeth Wife of Isham FERGUSON Tools Co. 06/03/1863
FISH, Catharina Mother of Jacob FISH Mechlings Co. 06/03/1863
FLORES, Canderlia Wife of Manuel FLORES Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
FLORES, Francisca Wife of Regugio REYES Penalozas Co. 03/01/1864
FLORES, Gusta Herrera de Wife of Feliz FLORES S. Lyttles Co. 06/24/1863
FLORES, Hacintha Wife of Antonio SOTO Tools Co. 06/17/1863
FLORES, Made de Jesus Wife of Pedro FLORES Trevinos Co.  
FLORES, Maria de Jesus Wife of Incente GARCIA Capt. A. Navarro Co. 06/24/1863
FREEMAN, Mrs. R. Widow Willes FREEMAN Adams Co.  
GALLARDO, Refugia Wife of Manuel GALLARDO, F Gibsons Co. 03/01/1864
GALLINDO, Martha Wife of Clemente GALLINDO Navarros Co. 04/01/1864
GALVAN, Petra Sierra y Wife of Dolores GALVAN Cevallos Co. 06/03/1863
GARCIA, Cecilia Wife of Panjedas GARCIA Navarros Co.  
GARCIA, Feliciana Martine Mother of Rafael & Bernabel GARCIA Ragsdale Co. 06/03/1863
GARCIA, Juana Wife of Angel REYNA, Capt. Tools Co. 07/01/1863
GARCONA, Jesusa Woman of Jesusa VILLA Fox Co. 08/20/1863
GARZA, Alexandra Wife of Jose GARZA Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
GARZA, Andrew Soto de Wife of Francisco GARZA Penalozas Co.  
GARZA, Estefana Wife of Antonio DURAN Barkers Co.  
GARZA, Lucia y Guerrero Wife of Claudio GUERRERO Capt. Davidsons Co. 06/17/1863
GARZA, Luz Wife of Salvador RODRIGUEZ Penelozas Co. 06/03/1863
GARZA, Ma de Jesus Wife of Jesus PEREZ Trevinos Co.  
GARZA, Narividas Care of ch Simon MAMIJAC Penaloza Co. 10/02/1863
GARZA, Rosalia Wife of Simeon GARZA Capt. McAllisters Co. 06/10/1863
GAULY, Mary E. Wife of John ESQUIVAL Alderetes Co.  
GERADINO, Catharine Wife of John GERADINO Tooles Co. 06/03/1863
GERNARDINO, Elizabeth Wife of Joseph GERNARDINO McAllisters Co. 06/03/1863
GIL, Jesusa Wife of Rafael CADENAS Navarros Co. 06/03/1863
GILLETT, Mary Wife of Covil G. GILLLETT L. Maverick 06/03/1863
GLAESER, Frederike Wife of Ehrenfried GLAESER Capt. Foxs Co. 06/03/1863
GOMEZ, Antonio Mother of Jose CASILLOS Duffs Rgt. 06/10/1863
GONZALES, Catharina Mother of Seralto RAMON Penalozas Co. 06/03/1863
GONZALES, Celso Wife of Hypolito CASTILLON Dunns Co.  
GOODENA, Margareth Wife of George W. GOODENA Taylors Batt. 07/06/1863
GORREL, Julia Wife of Adam GORREL Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
GORRELKA, Josepha Mother of Valentine GORRELKA Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
GORSAGE, Lucinda Widow of Ewd. GORSAGE Michands Co. Buford Rg. 02/05/1864
GRAVES, Mary L. Wife of M. W. GRAVES Roarks Co. 04/01/1864
GUALDARAMA, Maruguita Mother of Cleophus VILLAREAL Penalozas Co 06/03/1863
GUERRA, Antonia Mother of One son soldier POORS Co.  
GUTIERREZ, Ana Mother of Isidro GUTIERREZ Woods Regt.  
HAMMER, Magdaline Wife of John HAMMEL,(?) Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
HAMPTON, M.W. Wife of Jas. HAMPTON Stevens Co. 06/03/1863
HAMPTON, Winiford Wife of J.H. HAMPTON J. K. Stevens Co. 06/03/1863
HANNAN, Marg. Wife of Michael HANNAN Edgars Co.  
HARRIS, Elizabeth Mother of 2 sons in Army -------- 02/05/1864
HARTMAN, Catharina Wife of Louis HARTMAN Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
HAYS, Amanda M. Wife of A.F. HAYS Hurts Co.  
HEILIG, Maria Wife of Francis HEILIG Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
HENSON, Mary Wife of A. HENSON Weymans Co.  
HERAL, Nancy Mother of Geo. & Albert HERAL McMahons Bat.  
HERNANDES, Erenia Wife of Crec HERNANDEZ Gibsons Co.  
HERNANDEZ, Antonio Aunt raise J. ADDICKS &
Ragsdale Co. 06/03/1863
HERNANDEZ, Feliciano Wife of Ed HERNANDEZ Ragsdale Co. 11/17/1863
HERNANDEZ, Franca B Wife of Jesse HERNANDEZ Cevallos Co. 06/03/1863
HICKS, Anna Wife of William HICKS J.K. Stevens Co. Woods Rg 06/03/1863
HIGGINS, Nancy Wife of George HIGGINS Jeffersons Co. Woods Reg. 06/03/1863
HILER, Mary Wife of W. S. HILER Stevens Co. Woods Regt. 02/05/1864
HOEFFLNIG, Dorothea Wife of Wm. HOEFFLNIG Co. B 3rd Reg. 07/15/1863
HOGAN, Catharina Wife of Andrew HOGAN McAllisters Co. 06/10/1863
HOWARD, Eleanor Widow of K.L. HOWARD Chas Pyrons 2 Regt. 06/03/1863
HUMMEL, Maria Wife of George HUMMEL G.H. Sweets Co. 06/03/1863
ICKE, Anna Wife of Fried ICKE Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
IMMICKE, Caroline Wife of Ph IMMICKE Capt. Moyes Co. 06/10/1863
INGLE, Apolonia Wife of Wm. INGLE Capt. David Co. 01/14/1864
IRVIN, Margaret E. Wife of Wm. H. IRVIN Duncans Co. 11/17/1863
JACKSON, Lucinda Wife of Wm. JACKSON Ed Steves Co. 06/03/1863
JACOB, Teresa Widow of Wm. JACOB Rabbs Co.  
JAIMES, Jose Widower ----- ----- Navarros Co. 03/01/1864
JENISON, Frederika Wife of Rufus JENISON Edgars Co. Artl. 06/03/1863
JOHNS, Elizabeth Wife of Philipp JOHNS Newtons Co. 08/06/1863
JUAHARDO, Theodoria Wife of Gonifacio CHAVARIA Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
JULIAN, Sarah Widow of Benj. JULIAN Confed. Army  
JUSTE, Mary Wife of John JUSTE Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
KINCAID, Bettie Wife of David KINCAID G.H. Sweet Rgt. 06/03/1863
KOCH, Louise Wife of Bonifacio KOCH Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
KOEPPLER, Anna Martha Wife of Jacob KOEPPLER Capt. Newtons Co. 06/10/1863
KRAUSS, Elizabeth Wife of Johann KRAUSS Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
KUHLMANN, Caroline Wife of Hy KUHLMANN Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
KUNZ, Catharina Wife of Bernh KINZ, (?) Newtons Co. 10/16/1863
LANGHANS, Charlotte Wife of Henry LANGHANS Capt. Newtons Co. 06/17/1863
LANGREBE, Sophie Wife of Henry LANGREBE Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
LEAL, Isabel Mother of Juan CALLAGEAN S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
LEAL, Juana Mother of 2 sons M. Poors Co. Pyrons Regt. 06/03/1863
LEAL, Maria Mother of Nepom AROCHA M. Poors Co. 06/03/1863
LEDESMA, Jesusa Wife of Antonio GARCIA Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
LEONHART, M. Wife of Valentine LEONHART Capt. Moyes Co. 06/03/1863
LOGAN, Sarah B. Wife of John B. LOGAN Capt. Tools Co. 10/16/1863
LONGORIA, Rosa Mother of Romas ROBASTO Dunns Co.  
LOPEZ, Clemce Chavaria y Wife of Pedro LOPEZ Davis Co.  
LOPEZ, Francisca Serna de Mother of Andreas & Manuel LOPEZ Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
LORILLARD, Hannah Wife of Wm. LORILLARD Capt. McAllisters Co. 06/17/1863
LOZANOS, Gertrudis Mother of Felipe ENRIQUET Capt. Davis Co. 07/08/1863
LUNA, Franca de Wife of Jas. M. UVANO Trevinos Co.  
LUNA, Guadalupe ----- ----- ------ Gibsons Co. 08/20/1863
LUNA, Josefa de M-in-law Mateas YBARRO Wilsons Co. 05/12/1864
LUNA, Santa Sister of Jose LUNA Dunns Co.  
LUNTZEL, Mary Wife of Max LUNTZEL Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
MACKINTOSH, Sophie Widow of Wm. MACKINTOSH Confred. Army  
MAHAVIA, S. Ann Wife of Jas. MAHAVIA Gordons Co.  
MAINZ, Sophie Wife of Chas. MAINZ McAllisters Co. 06/03/1863
MARKGRAFF, Henrietta Wife of Anton MARKGRAFF Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
MARTIN, C. Mother of Geo. MARTIN Browns Co.  
MARTIN, L. Ann Mother of Moses & John MARTIN Confed. Army  
MARTINEZ, Clara Wife of Nicholas DIEGO Trevinos Co.  
MARTINEZ, de la Cruz Ceca Mother of Miguel MARTINEZ Hardemans Co.  
MARTIZ, Serafina Wife of Antonio RAMIREZ Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
MARUP, Juliana Mother of F. M. LUCERO Trevinos Co  
MATA, Margarita Wife of Andreas MATA Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
MAVORICIA, Juana Wife of Jesus GONZALES Navarros Co.  
MCCANN, Ma. Wife of Peter MCCANN Teels Co.  
MCMAHAN, L. M. Mother of Ben & James MCMAHAN Davis Co.  
MCOMBER, Isabel Sanches Wife of Joseph MCOMBER Sol & 1 son Sol 12/04/1863
MEADOWS, C. Widow of David MEADOWS Freemans Co. 02/16/1864
MENCHACA, Genobeba Wife of Bernabe MENCHACA Poors Co. 06/03/1863
MENGES, Margaretha Wife of George MENGES Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
MILLER, Anna Wife of John D. MILLER Fox Battery 02/05/1864
MOCZYGEMBA, Carmel Wife of John MOCZYGEMBA Maclins Co. 06/03/1863
MONDRAGON, Maria (?) Wife of Francisco MONDRAGON Capt. Navarros Co. 06/10/1863
MONJORAS, Maria Wife of Benito MONJORAS A. Navarros Co. 09/04/1863
MONTEYUMA, Isabela Mother of Nepomucino GARCIA Penalozas Co. 06/03/1863
MONTEZ, Francisca Wife of Gernardo de la CRUZ P. Cevallos Co. 06/10/1863
MURPHY, Catherine Wife of John MURPHY Marmions Co. 06/03/1863
MURPHY, Harriet Widow of David MURPHY Allisons Co. Durnille Rg. 02/05/1864
NAVARRO, Angelita Wife of Jose M. ESCALERA Benavides Co. 07/15/1863
NAVARRO, Josefa Mother of S. & N. HERNANDEZ Duffs & Penelozas Co. 06/03/1863
NAVARRO, Refugia Sister of Marcial GARCIA Trevinos Co  
NEAL, E. R. Mother of A. H. NEAL M. Nolans Co. 08/20/1863
NEUGEBAUR, Beata Wife of Jos. NEUGEBAUR Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
NOEL, Delila Mother of Wm. H. NOEL Capt. Levy Co. 2 Reg. 06/17/1863
NORDHAUS, Hanna Wife of A. NORDHAUS Capt. Lyttles Co 07/01/1863
OLLAS, Manuel de Luna Wife of Francisco OLLAS Capt. Poors Co. 07/22/1863
ORITZ, Clara Telles de Wife of Luz ORITZ S. Ragsdale Co. 06/17/1863
ORITZ, Ignacio Wife of Leonardo LOPEZ Dunns Co. 04/01/1864
ORTIZ, Manuela Rodriquez Wife of Monico ORTIZ S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
ORTIZ, Modesta Curvasco Wife of Jesus ORTIZ S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
OSUNA, Jesusu Castonola Wife of Hilario OZUNA, (?) Cevallos Co. 3rd Rg. Inf. 06/03/1863
OSWALD, Sophie Wife of George OSWALD Capt. Weyman 07/08/1863
OWEN, Luke Widower ----- ----- Capt. E. Tools Co. 06/17/1863
PACHECA, Guadalupe Wife of Anto. DE LEON Navarros Co. 07/15/1863
PALACIO, MaVict Menchaca Mother of Eclato & Jesus PALACIO Confd. Service  
PARK, Tennesse Widow of Danl. PARK Sweets Co.  
PATCHING, Cath. Wife of Geo. PATCHING Mitchells Co.  
PEIPER, Johanna Mother of Julius PEIPER Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
PEREZ, Antonia de Jeffrey Wife of Henry JEFFREY Penalozas Co. 06/10/1863
PEREZ, Estefana Wife of T. CASTENADA Trevinos Co.  
PEREZ, Josepha Mother of Ygnacio PEREZ Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
PEREZ, M. Menc. Mother of Cervelo PEREZ Gibsons Co.  
PFEIL, Dora Wife of Jacob PFEIL Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
PODERA, Francisca Wife of Conrad MOOTH Sam W. Barkers Co.  
POLLUCK, Catharine Wife of Franz POLLUCK Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
POWELL, Nancy E. Wife of James M. POWELL M. Poors Co. 06/10/1863
PURDOLA, Francisca Wife of Martin PURDOLA Davidsons Co. 06/03/1863
QUINONES, Santos Gallardo Mother of Francisco QUINONES Fox Co. 06/03/1863
QUINTERO, Francine Sosa y Wife of Francisco QUINTERO S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
QUINTERO, Soto Y Antonio Wife of Thomas QUINTERO S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
RAMIREZ, Rosalia de Garza Wife of Venzerlao GARZA S. Lyttles Co. 06/24/1863
RAMON, Concepcion Wife of Juan RAMON Gibsons Co.  
RAMOS, Concepcion Mother of Alcario RODRIGUEZ Penalozas Co. 06/03/1863
RAY, Antonita Wife of Juan RAY Capt. Davidsons Co. 06/10/1863
REA, Ilitha Wife of E. G. REA Capt. Whites Co. 07/08/1863
REYES, Oshoa Guad. Wife of Ant. de los REYES Trevinos Co.  
RICKEN, Mary Jane Wife of D. C. RIKEN (?) C. Burns Co. 10/16/1863
RIEGEL, Auguste Widow of John RIEGEL Capt. Buquors 06/24/1863
RIPPSTEIN, Dorothea Wife of Clements RIPPSTEIN Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
RITTMANN, Barbara Wife of John RITTMAN Capt. Posers Co. 06/24/1863
RIVAS, Catharina Wife of Eduardo RIVAS Navarros Co. 06/03/1863
RIVAS, Menchaca Gertrudes Mother of Geo. RIVAS Poors Co. 06/03/1863
ROACH, Fanny Wife of Marcus ROACH Holdermans Co. 06/03/1863
ROBINSON, Rebecca A. Widow ----- ----- ----- 06/17/1863
ROBLES, Gertrudes Mother of Leonardo de OLLOS Tobins Co. 06/03/1863
RODRIGUEZ, Ariolas Dolore Wife of Simon RODRIGUEZ Trevinos Co.  
RODRIGUEZ, Ma de Jesus Mother of Bartholo HERNANDEZ Capt. Navarros Co. 06/17/1863
RODRIGUEZ, Petra Wife of J. M. RODRIGUES Navarros Co. 06/03/1863
RODRIGUEZ, Teresa Mother of Concepcion GONZALES Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
RODRIGUEZ, Theodora Mother of Juan XIMENEZ P. Cevallos Co. 06/10/1863
RODRIQUEZ, de Herrera Ade Wife of Gregorio HERRERA Alexanders Co. Bairds Reg. 02/16/1864
ROSE, Susan Wife of Joseph ROSE Dr. of J.K. Stevens Co. 10/02/1863
ROWLEY, Elizabeth Wife of Chas. ROWLEY Holdermans Co. 06/03/1863
RUIZ, Ger Sister of Gabriel RUIZ Davidsons Co.  
SANCHES, Francisca Mother of Mauricio NAVARRO Panelozas Co. 06/03/1863
SANCHES, Geronenia Wife of Leonardo BERNAL Dunns Co.  
SANCHES, Mariana Mother of Esteven CASTILLON Dunns Co.  
SANCHES, Rafaela Ollos de Wife of Justo SANCHES Alderetes Co. 04/29/1864
SANCHEZ, Nieves Mother of Bruno, URIEGUS Davidsons Co. 03/01/1864
SANDERS, Elizabeth Widow --- ---- Fox Co. 06/17/1863
SANDOVAL, Richarda Wife of Ignacio SANDOVAL Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
SAUREZ, Jeses Ma Wife of Isabel SAUREZ Penalozas Co.  
SCHMID, Johanna Wife of Martin SCHMID Co. F. Woods Rgt. 06/10/1863
SCHMIDT, Joseph Father of SAPIR & SCHMIDT Kampmans & Newtons Co 06/10/1863
SCHNEIDER, Frederika E. Wife of Louis SCHNEIDER Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
SHAW, Margitta Wife of Ed SHAW Fox Co. 06/03/1863
SINZ, Margaretha Widow of Philip & Joseph SINZ Sibleys Brigade 03/24/1863
SISNERO, Petra Mother of Crescencio FERALES Capt. Halls Co. 06/03/1863
SMALL, Salome Wife of Lucurgus SMALL Morrill Poors Co. 06/03/1863
SMITH, Fanny Wife of Chas. SMITH Capt. E. Tools Co. 06/17/1863
SMITH, Francis A. Wife of Charles SMITH Capt. Tooles Co. 07/29/1863
SMITH, Mary Wife of Isaac SMITH Giddings Co.  
SMITH, Rebecca Mother of Wm. SMITH Stevens Co.  
SOMMERS, Mary Wife of Christopher SOMMERS Tools Co. 06/03/1863
SOSA, Andrea Wife of Guillermo SOSA Capt. S. Ragsdale 07/08/1863
SOSA, Refugio Wife of Juan de Dios SOSA S. Ragsdales Co. 06/03/1863
STEELE, Melinda Wife of Harden STEELE E. Stevens Co. 11/04/1863
STEELE, Rosa Wife of David STEELE Stevens Co.  
STEWART, Martha Wife of Jno. STEWART Tooles Co. 06/03/1863
STUTER, Teresa Mother of Robt. STUTER Conscript  
TOMLIN, Elizabeth Wife of Wm. TOMLIN Tools Co. 06/03/1863
TONY, Refugia Wife of Jasper TONEY, (?) Sutherlands Co.  
TOUDIK, Ellen Wife of Jos TOUDIK, Capt. Davis Co. 06/17/1863
TRAINER, Rebecca Widow has 2 sons in Army Tools Co. 02/16/1864
TUDYK, Mariana Wife of Anton TUDYK Capt. Davidsons Co. 06/10/1863
UHR, Auguste Wife of Carl UHR Sweets Co. Duffs Regt. 06/03/1863
URON, Guadlupe Wife of Thos. SALAZAR Ragsdale Co. 06/03/1863
VALADEZ, Cecilia Wife of Franco VALADEZ Barkers Co.  
VALDEZ, Dolores Wife of Ignacio BORAGO Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
VALDEZ, Vicente Mother of Tomas MORENO Duffs Regt.  
VARAS, de Cruz Concepcion Wife of Florenzo VARAS Davidsons Co. 09/04/1863
VASQUEZ, Lazara Wife of Antonio VASQUEZ Dunns Co. 03/01/1864
VASQUEZ, Maria Grego Mother of Christobal VASQUEZ Capt. Navarros Co. 06/17/1863
VASQUEZ, Perez Mag de Wife of Noberto PEREZ Penalozas Co. 02/16/1864
VELASQUEZ, Felipa Mother of Vicente HERNANDEZ Capt. Davis Co. 06/24/1863
VELASQUEZ, Francisca Mother of Juan GARZA Barkers Co.  
VELTEN, Louise Wife of Michael VELTEN Foxs Co. 06/03/1863
VIEGAS, Pampla Mother of Estevan HERNANDEZ Trevinos Co.  
VIESCA, Juana Sister of Gabrino BRITO Gibsons Co.  
VIGARAR, Elena Wife of Sirido MALDONADO Duffs Battalion 06/10/1863
VITELA, Teela Sister Feliz & Severo VITELA Penalozas Co. 04/29/1864
WACBACYK, Lena Wife of Jacob WACBACYK Conscript  
WALDRUP, Sarah Wife of Jas. S. WALDRUP Storys Co.  
WALTERS, Lucinda Mother of Richard WALTERS Sweets Co. 02/16/1864
WARD, Cecilia Wife of William WARD Giddings Co. 05/12/1864
WARNER, Mariana Wife of Chas. WARNER Cunninghams Co.  
WEGENER, Elizabeth Wife of Wm. WEGENER Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
WEIL, Susanna Wife of Wm. WEIL Kampmans Co. 06/10/1863
WELTIN, Christina Wife of Herman WELTIN Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
WENTZEL, Auguste Wife of Gust WENZEL, (?) Capt. KAMPMANNS Co. 06/24/1863
WERNER, Johanna Wife of J. M. WERNER Newtons Co. 06/03/1863
WESTERMANN, Sarah Wife of Chas. WESTERMANN Tools. Co. 06/03/1863
WHEAT, Eliza Ann Wife of John WHEAT 4TH Ams Regt.  
WHITE, Elizabeth Widow has 2 sons in Army ------ 02/16/1864
WHITE, Mary Ann Widow of H. WHITE Davidsons Co.  
WHITE, Nancy Wife of W. P. WHITE Pyrons Regt. 03/01/1864
WICHMANN, Maria Wife of John WICHMANN Capt. Newtons Co. 06/24/1863
WILBACHER, Johanna Wife of Wm. WILBACHER Kampmans Co. 06/03/1863
WILKENS, Cath. Wife of John WILKINS, (?) Kampmans Co. 10/16/1863
WILKINS, Mina Mother of Henry WILKINS Boes Co.  
WILSON, Clarissa Wife of Chas. WILSON Robinsons Co.  
WURZBACK, Mary M. Wife of E. J. WURZBACK Duncans Co. 06/10/1863
WYATT, Sabran Widow of J. WYATT McCamys Co.  
XIMENES, S. G. Mother of Jesus XIMENES Yturras Co.  
ZACHMAN, Sophie Wife of Philip ZACHMAN Kampmans Co 06/03/1863
ZAMORA, Petra Wife of Francisco ESPARZA Ragsdale Co. 06/10/1863
ZERDA, Jesd. Galdo Wife of Pedro de la ZERDA Navarros Co.  
ZERDA, de la Jeste Mother of Pedro & Nemancio ZERDA Navarros Co